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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 7, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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igt eighth of a mile visibility. santa rosa, petaluma, napa. half moon bay, oakland, santa rosa and it's getting thicker as we speak. san rafael, look at how thick that fog is. 46 degrees there. here's 280 at 17 in san jose. it's really thick there also. dress for temperatures in the mid40s to 50s. 73 to 77 inland. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. i want to show you the map of what we're following in sunol. we have a deadly head-on crash involving two cars. it's koopman road at pleasanton sunol road. if you're traveling down southbound 680, exit 22, if you get off there, it will take you on to koopman road. that's a better perspective for people familiar with the area. now a liveook s m
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bridge. it's b morning. hopefully it will progress that way. we're seeing fog all over the bay area. take your time and be aware this morning. want to leave you with mass transit updates. we have b.a.r.t., the warm springs line is on a ten-minute delay. smart trains have extended their free service until friday, november 8th. >> thank you. building a better bay area requires having adequate infrastructure. in san jose a big hidden pothole is a big pain for a lot of drivers on 101. >> dark spots on google maps show you where the puddles have formed. this is in the southbound carpool lane approaching the ape lapd road exit. so many people are complaining about it that we decided to look into it. the problem is harder to solve than just a simple patch. >> lauren martinez is live in san jose.
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>> standing water hides this massive pothole, and one san jose resident tells me it's been there for o td exit. from the oakland road overpass during the height of the evening commute it's easy to see the drivers maneuvering through the dip. the reason for the standing water? caltrans says just below the surface of the pothole is a water table. >> the area has to be cry and then we'll go ahead and do like our normal maintenance if we have to shut down a lane or whatnot to where we can do a filling. we are concerned about that. our maintenance team will be going out and addressing that pothole as well. >> if you're wondering if the area of 101 is maintained, caltrans says yes, daily m they say maintenance crews monitor
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the location seven days a week and they have a contractor in the process of trang t water routes to mitigate leaks. they say areas like this, they like to do overnight work so they don't disrupt commuters. it depends on the severity of the situation. lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thank you. some of the nine americans killed in mexico will be laid to rest today. >> people from as far away as north dakota have driven to mexico to attend their funerals. drug cartel gunmen attacked a mormon family on monday. the victims, three women and six children are dual u.s./mexican citizens. now mexican officials are saying the attackers may have mistaken the large suvs for those of a drooif rival gang. they also say a man arrested on tuesday was not involved in the massacre. two escaped inmates are back in custody after three days on the run.
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you can see video of them here. santos fonseca and jonathan salazar were caught at the u.s./mexico border but they were trying to come back into the u.s. the men escaped from the monterey county jail sunday morning. they cut a hole in the facility's ceiling and crawled to freedom. airbnb is promising worldwide changes following the deadly shooting at a rental in orinda. one of the major changes the company will spend the next year verifying all of its 7 million listings. it's launching a 24/7 neighbor hotline. right now the city of orinda is working on a temporary ban on unhosted short-term rentals. omar taylor jr. was one of the men killed in the halloween shooting. the mother of his daughter says she also wished police had responded earlier to noise complaints at the house. >> i wish the party had more security, or had security. you know, i wish when the police first got the call that it was too noisy that they would have came.
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>> police say their officers were outside orinda helping respond to a mutual aid call. the kincade fire is 100% contained and this morning one man is thanking firefighters for helping to save a lifetime of memories in three minutes. >> jeff thompson's dream home was up in flames when firefighters arrived. when they looked inside they motused pictures on the wall and other personal items. they gave themselves three minutes to save what they could. captain john nelson and his crew from grass valley told us why they took such a calculated risk. >> i kind of thought about it as if it was my house. i would want pictures that were still on the walls. >> it was above and beyond the call, you know. >> that is so true. they were keepsakes including a 200-year-old family bible. before the firefighters left they put what they saved inside a pump house that did not burn. now jeff has those mementos on the backseat of his pickup
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truck. former first lady of san francisco, kimberly guilfoyle will be on "the view" today, she is appearing with her boyfriend, donald trump jr. she is a former san francisco prosecutor. she was married to governor newsom in the early 2000s. she is currently the senior adviser to the trump 2020 presidential campaign. today also marks a huge milestone for "the view." it's the 5,000th episode. you can watch it at 10:00 this morning on abc7 news and then "midday live" at 11:00. abc7 news is focused on building a better bay area including nurturing ideas and innovation with small business and tech entrepreneurs. >> now legendary bay area recording artist mc hammer is supporting a new space to foster creativity. he was in richmond last night to celebrate cobiz, a 9,000 square foot coworking space and business incubator. people can teach classes, record
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podcasts and host seminars there. it is centrally located at the richmond b.a.r.t. station. >> expand downtown, bring the spirit of creativity to richmond. >> a lot of great things happening in richmond, things are in isolation, now they have a hub and meet other like-minded people and build on what they're doing. >> the project is funded by a grant from chevron. an investigation finds uber's self-driving cars have a major flaw that may have led to one death. and at 6:00, an iconic san francisco drag queen says she is ending her hit show and leaving the bar she helped to found. what's next. and weather-wise, fog is the big story. not in the -- it's in the usual neighborhoods but also spreading to other areas. we can barely see sfo. we'll talk about how low the
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some foggy spots in san francisco, the temperature from ocean beach and financial 49 to about 50 in the bayview, park presidio and crissy field. let's look at our other neighborhoods. 50 in richmond. 51 in belmont, palo alto, 42 in
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pleasanton. american canyon at 47. here is richmond. you can see on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, it is foggy here. to coalm for kite surfing, but nice day if you like to swim in the bay, some of you do we have cloud cover through 9:00, sunshine by lunch. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 61 this evening. peninsula, in the cloud cover through 9:00. in the 50s also. 70 at 3:00. grab a coat this evening, 59 at 7:00. south bay, cloud covers and 50s through 7:00. quickly dropping to 61 at 7:00. weekend forecast coming up next. here's jobina. >> thank you. good morning. we're following a deadly head-on crash in sunol. i want to show you specifically where it is because it is a county road that we're looking at. koopman road at pleasanton sunol road this morning. two cars involved here in this head-on crash.
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they are ner co coroner to come out to the scene there. pleasanton sunol road looks like it will be shut down in both directions and they may run a traffic break on southbound 680, if you come down southbound 680, you get off exit 22, you will run into this crash. now a live look of emeryville, this
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. at the live desk, a new ntsb report fines uber's self-driving suv could not anticipate the actions of jaywalkers when it was involved in a deadly crash last year in arizona. a 49-year-old woman was killed while pushing a bike across a street. the report says though the system detected the pedestrian, nearly six seconds before impact, it never classified her as a pedestrian because she was crossing at a location without a crosswalk. in addition, the vehicle initiated a one-second braking delay so the suv could calculate and alternative path or let the safety driver take control. the attorney's office has not decided whether to file charges against the driver. uber vehicles had significantly
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revised software when the company resumed testing. in the east bay, there's a new way to pass the time while waiting for a flight at oakland international. this is one of two short story dispensers that print free stories on demand. in the first two weeks the machines printed nearly 2,000 stories on eco-friendly paper and they include tales for children and feature the works of more than 9,000 authors. one college student just got out of paying tuition. >> it's all because of a great half-court shot. the half-court shot won reese york free tuition for a year. it happened during the wolfpack season opener. so his senior year next year at university of nevada reno is paid up in full. i know he's happy and his friends are probably jealous because they have to pay student
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loans. >> i had dreams about that when both of my kids -- >> about a half court shot? >> yes, even the one who's not athletic. you can do it, please. you can do it. >> just try. >> just give it a try. >> oh. >> the other one, i was like you can do it also. and neither got the opportunity. >> but they couldn't. they couldn't do it. >> no. >> now i'm broke and still working. >> now you got that magic clicker paying for it. >> i do. another decade and a half of work ahead of me. let's look at what's going on. let's talk about what's going on. 48 degrees above the fray of fog. mount diablo off in the distance, this is what it looks like from our perspective. looking up at it or trying to look through it. 49 degrees at our exploratorium camera at pier 15. thicker fog this morning. high pressure is moving in bringing us a warmer afternoon. especially inland today.
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tonight we'll have some fog out there once again. i don't think it will be quite as widespread as this morning. it will be close. dry and mild pattern will persist. every day i come in and look at the computer models. we look a day deeper into the future, every day we go nothing. so let's talk about what's going on with the fog. you can see it will try to evaporate faster. it will still be hazy over the bay and at the coast. 63 at half moon bay. san francisco and richmond, 66 and 68. everyone else is warmer than average, low to mid 70s. 70 to 74 around the bay. 74 to even some 80s showing up inland. most of us will be around 77 and 78. you can see the cloud cover tonight, temperatures in the low to upper 40s. a slight offshore breeze tomorrow. the warmth will increase. that offshore breeze hangs around but tapers saturday and sunday.
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veterans day, weather is looking fantastic. cooler and closer to average by the time we get to wednesday. have a good one. >> good morning. we're continuing to follow the deadly head-on crash in sunol. we have some new information from the chp. they are working on choosing koopman road and the intersection of koopman road and pleasanton and sunol road. they may be running a traffic break as well. both cars in this crash will be towed for evidence. want to take you to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:18 this morning. you can see the fog there. as mike and i have been mentioning, it's everywhere across the bay area. visibility is low, take your time. drive times here, santa rosa to petaluma, 19 minutes. castro valley to the maze, 14 minutes. 280/680 to highway 85, 14-minute ride. "good morning america" is
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coming up. >> and ginger zee has a live look at what's coming up on the show. good morning. coming up here on atic air. we went from arctic to saying polar. by saturday morning, if you're traveling east, you will feel subfreezing, even as far south as georgia. also by next tuesday, i don't want to tell you about the numbers. also this morning, the bombshell interview with the girl that's accused of posing as a child and terrorizing their adoptive family. she is speaking out for the first time to dr. phil and he is here to share that exclusive first on "gma." plus we are in the holiday spirit. we'll show you how to cash in on the new shopping holiday because forget black friday, we have something called cashback day. it starts this morning. plus some great deals and steals that include christmas trees. it's that time. you can get started crossing some of those names off your
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list. and finally, get ready, the great john evecena is here live. you start the actual christmas buying process? >> i'm so late. i'm the worst. like three days before. >> that's my lady. >> no. no. >> really bad. >> if it doesn't say december 22nd -- >> i've already bought my brother's flight to come visit us. that's done. >> now i knefeel you have done r pre-planning. the kids can get -- >> we give them old toys they already have. we are worried that adrian will go to school and say did you get anything new? i always get my old toys wrapped up. >> you know what's that called? that's called recycling. that's called loving the earth.
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>> a reason why i like ysoon. wants t rseutras a tay they'll try to get that hike approved. ♪ ♪ i took the ela test, i'm 100% ♪ >> what inspired
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as expected, delays announced at sfo due to the thick fog that is taking over not only here but our bay area neighborhoods. more on that coming up. >> when fog comes in, sfo is havoc. all right. the city of las vegas just approved what many call a controversial homeless ordinance. >> the ordinance makes it a misdemeanor to sleep or camp on the street in 12 downtown districts, all of them residential areas and within 500 feet of a food processing facility. the person will not be cited if all 1,300 beds are full. the city council passed the
6:26 am
ordinance after hours of debate and public comment. >> this is the first step. we wanted to do something. we've been waiting 20 years. >> all this does is add one more law that is -- that can be used by police and prosecutors to criminalize people who are stuck on the street. >> similar ordinances in other cities have been ruled unconstitutional. the city plans to start enforcing the ordinance in february. new at 6:00, a popular san francisco drag queen is taking a break from the spotlight. >> hecklena said she decided to end her show "mother" at club oas oasis. she said she came to the decision after some soul searching. she wants to spend more time in palm springs. she'll announce a final date for her last show soon. the drag queen legend is also known for her golden girl shows. there are no plans to close oasis. i hope you have a great time in palm springs. coming up next at 6:30, still too close to call.
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the election results still coming in. a heroic save on the b.a.r.t. tracks, and now we're hearing from the man who had
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what are you searching a version of myself who doesn't make decisions based on fear? no, what streaming apps are you searching for?
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oh. because you have xfinity flex. it puts your apps in one place, and it comes with your internet. try it! kung fu panda. ah. you have kids? nope. xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $29.99 a month for 12 months and add a flex 4k streaming device on us. click, call or visit a store today. that dramatic rescue on b.a.r.t. caught on camera. >> i just remember jumping in the air. i got caught in midair. i wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for that man. >> now we're hearing from the man pulled from the tracks
6:30 am
seconds before he was hit by a train. did spies working for twitter give your personal information to saudi arabia? the federal investigation under way this morning. pg&e wants to raise your utility rates. today it tries to convince regulators it's the right idea. a major milestone in the fight against the kincade fire. the flames now 100% contained. and the new limit on gaming. one country telling kids to put down the controllers or else. at 6:30 this morning, we're tracking this fog. this is our live camera. you can see what it's like out there. the visibility is low. we've been seeing a lot of issues on the road. >> jobina will update us on that in just a second. first we'll talk to mike. >> crazy about the fog out there
6:31 am
considering it hasn't rained out there. 71 minutes are the flight delays at sfo. looking at hayward across the san mateo bridge to the pins, you can't see it. that fog is thick. visibility is about a mile or less in oakland and award, san jose and half moon bay. less than a quarter mile in napa, petaluma and santa rosa. here's a look at the exploratorium camera. what you're seeing right there is a lot of fog in san francisco. let's see if i can pop up 280 at 17. you can see a lot of fog there also. temperatures in the 40s this morning. stuck in the 50s at the coast. we'll break out in the 60s to the 70s around the bay. inland where we have the most sunshine, mid to upper 70s. let's get back to jobina. >> a look at our traffic
6:32 am
here. all of that gray is the fog. there is a deadly head-on crash in sunol. emergency crews will be there for a while. they need to get the two cars towed for their investigation. this is koopman road at pleasanton sunol road. we do know that pleasanton sunol road is shut down in the northbound direction. highway 84 is open. don't get off on exit 22 coming on southbound 680 because you'll run into this. in hayward, another crash involving two cars, this is southbound 880 past whipple. quickly want to show you another live picture of all of the fog. this is san rafael, 101, take it slow. we are seeing so many issues on the road this morning. >> that is thick. thank you. happening today, the oakland raiders are honoring the b.a.r.t. employee who rescued a man from being hit by a train on
6:33 am
sunday. >> amy hollyfield is in alameda with that and with what the man who was pulled from the tracks is now telling us. >> he is a raiders fan, reggie. he was at the game on sunday. he said he got separated from his group, so he was looking for them at the b.a.r.t. station and then this happened. we have the incredible video of when he was rescued. that is 33-year-old rayshon jackson falls on to the tracks and then a man grabs him and saves his life. it happens right before a train comes. jackson is now speaking out for the first time. he explained that moment. >> i knew i only had a couple seconds. i heard the train, i heard the vibration on the rails, and i could see the light. as soon as i seen the light, i jumped up, trying to get out of the way. i missed my first jump. i did it again.
6:34 am
mpyee,ohly felt like -- the man nn.ed at the raiders game tonight. he told jackson afterw jackson says he will. he said this entire experience has taught him how precious life is. reporting live from alameda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. >> before being honored at the game tonight, we'll have him on "midday live" beginning at 11:00 a.m. we're excited to chat with him. forevers won a big victory against the kincade fire. this morning it is no longer a threat. >> cal fire says the fire is 100% contained. firefighters have been battling it for two weeks. flames scorched more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county. 174 homes were lost. a public health order prohibiting neighbors from cleaning up their burned property remains in effect because of theoxic m
6:35 am
an assistance center in healdsburg is set to close today. this morning they are still counting ballots in san francisco. some races are still too close to call. >> one of them is a big one, district attorney. interim d.a. suzy loftus increased her lead with 51% of the vote. public defender, chesa boudin, has almost 49% of the vote. more than 2,200 votes separate the two. we should get another update on the vote count later today. cell phone video taken at boudin's election night ceremony is going fire. some shouted out derogatory chants at the police officer's association. i believe we're obscuring this because she's also doing hand gestures. boudin said he was not in the room at the time and that it was language that many san franciscans think. >> the p.o.a. is disconnected
6:36 am
from where the average san franciscoen is on values and politics. >> supervisor fewer apologized to rank and file officers but refused to apologize to leadership. the president of the p.o.a. said the association includes all members and that she can keep her apology. another close race is for district five supervisor. valley brown, a mayor breed appointee is now ahead. she now has 50.3% of the vote compared to dean preston's 49.7%. prop "d," a tax on rideshare rides also too close to call. it needs a two-thirds majority to pass, right now yes barely has enough votes at 66.7%. the registrar of votes will release updated results today and we'll have the latest on happening today, vice president mike pence is expected
6:37 am
to formally to file the papers for president trump and himself to be on the presidential ballot in november. he's speaking at callcalls republicans and eggs. several presidential contenders have already filed for the first in the nation primary. at the live desk, i'm tracking a possible break through in the trade war between the united states and china. according to china's commerce ministry, the two countries have agreed to stop tariff hikes as trade negotiations progress. the u.s. and china are in talks to reach a first phase agreement. if the deal is reached they will also cancel some tariffs currently in effect. both sides have imposed taxes on billions of dollars of goods over the past year. >> thank you. pg&e wants to raise your utility bill. today the california public utilities commission will take up the issue. pg&e has filed an application to increase rates starting on january 1st. the official amount has not been determined yet, but pg&e told the bay area news group that eltrity could cost an extra $9 a month. the utility says the money would
6:38 am
go towards wildfire prevention, risk monitoring and emergency response. two twitter employees have been accused of spying. according to federal prosecutors the two men looked up personal information of twitter users. one is a u.s. citizen and former bay area resident, he was arrested in seattle on monday. a saudi citizen is now presumably back in the middle east. one of the twitter accounts he attacked was that of a prominent saudi dissident close to jamal khashoggi. >> one of the twitter employees was paid by the saudi royal family for his services, some $300,000. the other twitter employee looked up 6,000 accounts or more all at the interest of the saudi royal family. >> twitter put out a statement that says we recognize the lengths bad actors will go to undermine our service. we're committed to protecting those who use our service to advocate for equality, individual freedoms and human rights.
6:39 am
the chinese government is cracking down on video games. they're setting limits on how much people can play. do you think it's a good idea or not? we want to know what you think. tell us by going to and a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're up 170 points. the dow rallying this morning because of that possible break through on a trade deal with china. plus -- ♪ you know this video. the east bay teacher with this viral video cover of a lizzo song. we'll find out what inspired her coming up next. first a check on your weather and traffic. here is jobina. >> good morning. so i want to start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have a fog advisory here and a fog advisory for the benicia bridge. please take it slowly out on the roads here. bringing you to the crashes, starting with a deadly situation in sunol.
6:40 am
it's a very sad incident. this is koopman road at pleasanton sunol road. head-on crash there. we know investigators are on the scene. they called out a coroner to the area. they also will be towing both cars here for evidence. as far as the roadways here, koopman road is closed. they closed the intersection of koopman road and pleasanton sunol road. 84 is open. just want to hop over briefly here to hayward. looking out southbound 880 past whipple. two-car crash, left lane still blocked. a lot of problems out there on the roads, mike. looks like it's all due to the fog. >> we've been telling people about this fog. we'll have the fog to a lesser extent tomorrow. if you're being vigilant, thank
6:41 am
you. mid to upper 40s around pacifica, half moon bay, daly city, san bruno. near 50 for redwood city, menlo park. 52 in oakland. 51 in fremont. the rest of us, except down in the south bay, low to mid 40s. 52 in san jose. south beach, you can barely see the western span of the bay bridge. here is san rafael, you can barely see 101. dangerous visible because of the fog. that's the main issue today. in the north bay, fog around until at least 9:00. 11:00, hazy sunshine, mid 70s. 56 at 7:00. it will cool quickly. a look at the east bay. cloud cover through 99:00. near 70 for the afternoon. 59 at 7:00. san francisco trying to break out of the 50s. mid 60s this afternoon, back to 56 at 7:00.
6:42 am
we're going to move ahead with a look at some of the temperatures where you live brought to you by disney plus. preorder now and start streaming november 12th. >> punch it! >> whoo! >> now! ♪ >> hang on. we like go fast. ♪
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check out this gorgeous sunrise from our east bay hills camera. about 63 degrees. much warmer than the rest of us. there's not a ton of fog in the east bay valleys, but it's out there. watch out for the kids. they'll be hard to see at the bus stops or while walking to school. dress them for 30s and 40s. 50s and 60s at 7:00. temperatures in the upper 70s to 80s in the central valley. we'll remain 10 degrees above average for the aften. mid 60s and lows in the upper 20s.
6:46 am
>> i'm envoying my coffee that our executive producer just delivered to us. >> it was a whole moment when this coffee cup came up here. >> complaining works. that's not the lesson. okay. >> abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area, that means bigging into big issues like infrastructure. >> right now a big pothole is causing problems for some drivers in the south bay. this is not a simple fix. abc7 news reporter lauren martinez is in san jose. >> that's right. it is not a simple patch what makes it harder to see and maintain is that it's usually submerged in water. caltrans says just below the surface of the pothole is the water table. when that water table rises, the water seeps through the cracks and comes up on the top. a san jose resident took her concerns to reddit and others
6:47 am
chimed in about close calls and the danger of it. >> somebody hitting that right o, a motorcyclist in particular, it would be -- it would be a recipe for disaster. they patch it up and it keeps breaking. i appreciate the efforts, it's clearly not a solution. >> caltrans is very aware of the problem. they installed ten pumps to direct water away to nearby creeks and rivers. caltrans says it is working on scheduling patchwork for this specific pothole, but in the meantime drivers should be aware and one driver told me it's been there for years. lauren martinez, abc7 news. traffic alerts -- or traffic affects your quality of life. that's why abc7 news spent a week looking at your commute options from apps that claim to help you avoid gridlock to the bridges that could have been built but wasn't.
6:48 am
it's all a part of our commitment to building a better bay area. you can find these stories on our website, a lot of kids love video games and in very extreme circumstances they can get addicted to them. >> but should it be the government's responsibility to limit playing video games? you can vote now by going to the reason why we're asking is because china announced new regulations for the video game industry. gamers under 18 will be banned from gaming platforms between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on the weekdays they will be limited to 90 minutes of gaming. on the weekends they'll be allowed to play three hours. there are also limits as to how much money they can spend on gaming accounts. the rules radio apply to all online gaming platforms operating in the country. the government is working with law enforcement to create an i.d. system to help gaming platforms verify users ages. officials say this will help protect the physical and mental
6:49 am
health of kids and teens. >> china is blaming video games for an increase in near sightedness in children and also saying there's a video game addiction problem. we've been asking you about this throughout the problem. here's are some of the results. 74% of you are saying that government should not limit the amount of time that your kids are playing video games. that does not surprise me. thank you for voting. a pittsburg elementary school teacher has taken a song that most kids would not want their second grader to hear but she reworked it and turned it into this uplifting song. >> it's about friendship, learning and achievement. eric thomas shows us what the teacher has done with her version. ♪ >> you're holding me down you're holding me back. >> reporter: the original hit by lizzo is about a gone bad and featured adult lyrics. >> i heard the song over the
6:50 am
summer and i loved it. ♪ >> reporter: each year this second grade teacher, dorothy mallari chooses a song to start the day with positive energy. she wanted "truth hurts." >> i knew it's not appropriate for song. >> so she rewrote the lyrics and taught them to her students, which spawned this video. ♪ it has since gone viral with viewers attracted to the energy and positive messaging about education, learning and having each other's backs. the kids like it, too. >> it makes us feel happy in the morning and makes us feel loved. ♪ >> when we sing this song we forget about all the bad things that happened. >> sometimes personal life gets crazy and as soon as we sing that song it's like it's time for us to exhale, be in that moment, feed off each other's energy.
6:51 am
>> reporter: school's out, and these children will leave with the energy compiled from singing this song and come back tomorrow morning and do it all again. >> yeah, i love this class. ♪ >> reporter: and it shows. in pittsburg, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> i don't know what's better, the kids or eric on the floor. >> crisscross apple sauce! >> yeah! >> he was holding that squat. >> he was. >> no big deal. >> i'm here. someone help me up. just kidding. just kidding. we love miss mallari. that's amazing. >> you have the coffee but you're spilling the tea. >> oh! >> no. >> no? >> i prefer chai tea. >> me, too. we have the same order. that was a fake sip to be honest. >> your order is a page long
6:52 am
when you go to starbucks, as someone who has ordered for you before. >> hi, mike, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. enjoying the warmth of this coffee. 51 there at 2280 and 17 in san jose. it's foggy everywhere. this is mount tam looking down. almost looks like summertime out there. that nice whip cream of fog that will fade away and give us a milder but hazy afternoon. rinse and repeat tonight. maybe not quite as thick or widespread. still around. dry and mild. the pattern persists. i see some changes around the 15th or the 16th, but the models have been doing that. the longer you go out, the less reliable they are. look at this, snow as far south aztecs tech texas, oklahoma, ka missouri. we have slightly warmer temperatures this afternoon.
6:53 am
except at the coast where it will be more stubborn. 63 at half moon bay. almost spot on, 66 in san francisco. 68 at richmond. you can see around 70 to 74 for the rest of the bay. mid to upper 70s for the south bay and santa rosa. tonight you can see the cloud cover out there. we'll be in the 40s once again tomorrow morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast, strongest of the offshore breeze is tomorrow. that's also why it's the warmest. that will taper through veterans day as the temperatures will also. then we'll get a bit of an onshore breeze, wednesday, which is our coolest day. jobina? >> thank you, mike. good morning. we'll start off with a live look at our emeryville camera, this is 80, foggy conditions out there this morning as mike and i have been mentioning throughout the morning. we have several fog advisories. the golden gate bridge and also the benicia bridge and the chp is warning people of foggy conditions in belmont and in the hayward, fremont and san leandro
6:54 am
area as well there. lots of fog. here's the san mateo bridge looking foggy this morning. mass transit alert for everybody. the ferry, larkspur to san francisco, 5 to 10-minute delay due to the fog. b.a.r.t. has 57 trains running, no delays. smart train extended their free service until november 8th. kumasi? heads up if you take the richmond ferry. the pilot program for saturday and sunday trips ended last weekend. officials will look at ridership numbers before deciding on whether to continue service. the richmond ferry line first launched in august. michael bouble is coming to san francisco. he announced more than two dozen new tour dates that includes a stop at chase center may 5th. tickets go on sale in about a week and a half, that happens
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back. it's 6:57. if you're just joining us or maybe heading out the door,
6:58 am
here's the 7 things to know >> and weather-wise, the fog. that's 280 at 17 in san jose. the fog is just about everywhere. dangerously low visibility for the morning commute. look at that spread this afternoon, 50s at the coast. 70 to 77 for the bay and inland neighborhoods. >> number two,s that foggy commute, this is a live picture of emeryville. we have fog advisories for the benicia brie. and people in hayward, fremont, belmont, please be careful, very foggy conditions out there. number three, firefighters have fully contained the kincade fire in the north day. an assistance center in healdsburg will close today. number four, the race for san francisco district attorney, interim d.a. suzy loftus has increased her lead with 51% of the vote. public defender chesa boudin has almost 49% of the vote. more than 2,200 votes now separate the two. number five, a pothole on 101 in san jose near the oakland road exit is making for a
6:59 am
dangerous drive. it looks like a puddle because just below the surface is a water table making that hole difficult to patch. caltrans installed pumps to divert the water. number six, tonight the raiders will honor a b.a.r.t. employee who rescued a man who fell from the tracks. john o'connor pulled that man up just before the train arrived. and number seven, spuk st s is rolling out its holiday cups today. they're giving away free reusable red cups until supplies last. cheers. cheers to martin, our executive producer >> thank you, martin. >> we appreciate that. >> thank you, martin. >> a nice treat. i don't know why i look forward to these. >> but i love them. >> you were happy when this cup came in. >> it's the stupid little things in life. >> yes, it will make all of your
7:00 am
days. shout out to the baristas who good morning, america. and as we join you this thursday morning, a major storm and the coldest air of the season moving in for millions. heavy snow spreading from minnesota to michigan causing accidents and spinouts, even shutting down i-94. now that fast-moving storm barreling across the country. the new flooding fears and the bitter cold about to bear down . impeachment showdown. as he braces for public hearings to begin, president trump blasting impeachment inquiry overnight and new reports his attorney general william barr refused to hold a press conference to publicly clear the president's name. speaking out. relatives of the american family ambushed in mexico inviting our cameras into their home revealin


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