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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 8, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the watches up in several states as a major storm slams much of the country. more than a foot of snow in some areas. the firefighters battling flames in single-digit wind chills. freeze warnings from louisiana up to new york. and right behind this, an arctic blast that could break more than 100 records. also playing out as we come on the air, the deadly highway explosion. several dead. traffic backed up for miles on the interstate. there is major news tonight in the impeachment showdown. after republicans argued why is this behind closed doors, tonight president trump saying these hearings should not be on tv. and the other phone call he now says he might release. also, the president's former national security adviser john bolton. his attorney now signaling he knows plenty about meetings and conversations on ukraine. the middle school plot.
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authorities say three middle school students are charged, allegedly planning to kill fellow students and teachers. new developments tonight. the search for that missing col. tonit, tuspeow under arrest. found in the woods. what could be a major sing tg illness epidemic. the cdc now believes it's found the specific ingredient, the common thread for so many patients. the deadly chemical accident inside a restaurant involving a powerful cleaning agent. an employee trying to help get rid of it all, collapsing and dying. images coming in now. the major train derailment tonight. and the american speed skater under arrest after an alleged assault on a plane. the plane forced to make an emergency landing. good evening. great to have you with us here on a busy friday night. we'll start with a major storm, and the second system that could
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bring in record cold right behind it. a dangerous fire in wisconsin, firefighters battling the flames in single digit windchills. freeze warnings, and what could be record cold right behind it. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, behind that powerful storm that covered roads with more than half a foot of snow, the coldest air of the season is now pouring in to the lower 48 states. >> current gusts in philadelphia, 22 miles per hour. so it feels even colder when you factor that on in. >> reporter: in the philadelphia area, it feels more like january than november. temperatures 20 degrees below normal. >> it's cold. i'm not ready for this. >> too much, too cold, too fast. >> reporter: in eau claire, wisconsin, a massive fire breaking out at this eye clinic thursday evening. single-digit windchills there making for some tough conditions
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for firefighters. >> we have been putting out salt and sand and things like that to try to keep the surfaces from being too slippery while we're trying to fight the fire. >> reporter: that same system bringing heavy rain and slick roads to the south. in talladega county, alabama, this vehicle ending up in the median of highway 280. its front end smashed. now they're bracing for their first freeze. here int will feel like 19 degrees in the morning. officials have declared a cold blue, opening up shelters for the homeless. and an even colder blast coming next week. >> thank you. and let's get right to rob marciano, from atlanta. where they're under a freeze warning as well. >> reporter: that's right, this round of cold is nothing like what's to come. freeze warnings from north carolina to northeast louisiana. it will feel like the teens, new
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york to chicago. and a cold saturd, t next round, some snow preceding it. mostly rain, we think, along i-95. but the next one will feel like below zero from green bay and minneapolis, and the heaters are humming here in atlanta. >> rob, thank you. and we're also following another scene late this afternoon, a deadly collision and explosion on i-35. a major highway north of dallas. multiple vehicles involved, including an 18-wheeler, carrying propane tanks. here's marcus moore from texas. >> reporter: tonight, this massive inferno erupting on a major highway in north texas. an 18-wheeler carrying tanks, exploding. you can hear the sound of propane escaping the ruptured tanks. the fire department confirming
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three others hurt. ramble to contain the out of iin control fire. firefighters on the scene in denton spraying down the charred cab of a truck. some of the tanks seen scattered across the highway. and you can see a burned-out car next to the truck. the multivehicle crash shutting down interstate 35 in both directions for hours, leaving miles of traffic. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. some lanes have been reopened, but traffic is still a major issue. and authorities tell us that speed is something they're looking into. >> marcus, thank you. major news in the impeachment showdown. republicans saying why is this behind closed doors? tonight, president trump saying the hearings should not be on tv. and he now says he may release
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another call with the ukrainian president. and john bolton's attorney signaling that bolton knows plenty on meetings and conversations about ukraine. here's terry moran. >> reporter: for weeks, president trump and republicans blasted democrats for holding impeachment hearings behind closed doors. but now that the public hearings will begin next week, trump is far from satisfied. >> they shouldn't be having public hearings. this is a hoax. this is just like the russian witch hunt. this is just a continuation. >> reporter: the president insisting he's got nothing to worry about. >> i'm not concerned about anything. the testimony has all been fine. for the most part, i never even heard of these people. i have no idea who they are. all that matters is one thing, the transcript. >> reporter: but the witnesses to trump's dealings with ukraine may matter, too. and today, john bolton, his former national security adviser, made clear he's got something to say. in a letter sent to congress, bolton's lawyer says his client "was personally involved in many
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of the events, meetings, and conversations" that investigators have already heard about, "as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed." bolton wants a court to resolve whether he should follow white house instructions not to testify or obey congress' subpoena. but democrats are moving fast. releasing today another transcript from a key witness, lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a ukraine expert inside the white house. vindman, who was on that call between trump and the president of ukraine, was asked if he had any doubt trump was asking for investigations of his political opponents. "there was no doubt," vindman said. president trump, even as he proclaims that call to be perfect, is also distancing himself from key witnesses. like his ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland, a trump loyalist who raised $1 million for the trump campaign in 2016, and who the president once called a really good man and a great american. and who has now testified that trump was seeking a quid pro quo with ukraine.
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here's what the president says about him. >> let me just tell you, i hardly know the gentleman. enchts terry, the president was also pressed today about another phone call with the ukrainian president. the president said he may release that call, too? >> reporter: right after zelensky was elected in april, and the president said he may release the call, and he may also hold back. but he did say i'm very transparent. nobody is more transparent than i am. david? >> terry, thank you. and president trump also making news with his reaction to news that michael bloomberg may enter the presidential race. the former mayor and billionaire had sharp words for then-candidate trump. trump firing back before bloomberg officially decides he's running. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump today dismissed the prospects of a presidential campaign by
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fellow new york billionaire michael bloomberg, offering up a familiar nickname. >> he doesn't have the magic to do well. he will not do very well. and if he did, i'd be happy. there is nobody i'd rather run against than little michael, that i can tell you. >> reporter: sources close to bloomberg say he is considering a run in part out of fear democrats may nominate elizabeth warren, who he believes would have a tough time beating donald trump. for her part, warren suggested bloomberg would try to buy the election. >> i don't think that big money ought to be able to buy our elections. >> reporter: bloomberg's move comes amidst concerns among democrats that former vice president joe biden's campaign is losing momentum. >> i have no problem with him getting in the race. and in terms of his running because of me, the last polls i looked at, i'm pretty far ahead. >> reporter: meanwhile, the
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"washington post" obtaining a copy of the book my anonymous, claiming several officials considered a midnight self-mass consider. resigning en masse, but deciding not to because it would cause chaos. the author also describes trump acting "like a 12-year-old in an air traffic control tower, pushing the buttons of government indiscriminately, indifferent to the planes skidding across the runway and the flights frantically diverting away from the airport." the white house calls the author a coward, calling the book a work of fiction. >> jon, any indication when bloomberg may make his decision official? >> reporter: indications are that he has already made the decision, and an official announcement is expected in another few weeks.
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>> jon, thank you. next to an alleged plot to attack a middle school in upstate new authorit they stopped a credible threat by three students to kill students and imhargesn state new york after police say they plotted an attack on their own school. >> the plan was to enter the middle school with explosives and incendiary devices and firearms to kill and injure students and staff. >> reporter: police say it started as a reported threat from one student to another at albion middle school near rochester. they immediately launched a full investigation. >> reporter: numerous searches were conducted and several legally possessed firearms and electronic evidence and other supporting materials were seized. >> reporter: investigators tonight say they're thankful someone spoke up. >> because of the initial report of a threat to a student, lives were saved and this tragedy was averted. >> reporter: those students, all under 16, are charged with conspiracy. authorities are telling the
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community there the school is safe. david? >> diane, thank you. there has been an arrest in the disappearance ocollege stud. the suspect found in the woods, accused of kidnapping her. here's steve osunsami now. >> reporter: with a swollen eye, the man authorities are calling a suspect in the disappearance of this missing college student, appeared today in a florida court and agreed to return to alabama to face charges. >> i understand my rights. >> reporter: 29-year-old ibraheem yazeed was arrested here, near the florida/alabama state line, early this morning. u.s. marshals found him after receiving a confidential tip. >> we saw that mr. yazeed then took off running, jumped over a guard rail into a marshy area. >> reporter: 19-year-old aniah blanchard hasn't been seen since this security camera recorded these images at a convenience store on october 23rd. police say that this is yazeed at the same store, at the same
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moment. in an affidavit, they say that "a witness identified yazeed as the individual he observed forcing blanchard into a vehicle against her will, and then leaving with her in the vehicle." investigators say that blood evidence discovered on the passenger side "was indicative of someone suffering a life-threatening injury." at this point, yazeed is charged with first degree kidnapping. police have not yet found the missing young woman. david? >> steve, thank you. and what could be a major breakthrough, the cdc identifying vitamin "e" acetate a common thread in the vaping illnesses. here's will reeve. >> reporter: tonight, after 39 deaths, a possible breakthrough in solving the vaping mystery. federal officials announcing today that for the first time they've found a common suspect in the damaged lungs of patients.
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vitamin "e" acetate. it's sometimes used to dilute thc oil, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. when inhaled, it can affect how the lungs work. one scientist says it's like honey. the cdc calling it a "very strong culprit of concern," saying it found the stuff in all 29 lung samples tested. more than 2,000 people have gotten sick in the outbreak, including 15-year-old zane martin. >> it's very bad. d up in the hospital. >> reporter: this, as the white house considers banning certain flavors popular with teens, and raising the age to buy vaping products to 21. on thursday, juul labs, the nation's largest e-cig company, announced it would stop selling mint flavored pods. david, the cdc says more testing is needed and it's too soon to say whether vitamin "e" acetate is causing the illnesses, but it's clear this is an important clue in solving this mystery. david? >> will, thank you. and still ahead on "world
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who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! next tonight here, to the deadly chemical accident inside a restaurant. an employee dying, 14 others hospitalized. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: first responders in hazmat suits descended on a buffalo wild wings restaurant outside boston after workers and customers were overcome by fumes from a toxic mix of cleaning products. >> at first i thought it was just the dishwasher, somebody who just poured some chemicals out. but then it just got stronger and stronger. >> reporter: it was the start of the dinner rush when an employee preparing to clean the kitchen floor became sick. the manager of the restaurant, ryan baldera, stepped in and in a desperate attempt to get rid
3:48 pm
of the chemicals, was overcome, and later died. >> the gentleman that passed away was an employee who attempted to squeegee the product out of the building. >> reporter: that fire chief saying tonight the employee cleaning the kitchen first put a bleaching product on the floor, then unwittingly added an acid-based detergent. the two reacting to emit a deadly chlorine gas, sending 14 people to the hospital. as for the manager's tragic death, a company spokesperson said "we are shocked and saddened. when we come back, news about pat sajak. a wealth of opportunities. " when we come back, news about pat sajak. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations,
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we're told taping resumed today, and vanna white stepping in as host. we wish pat well. and the ex-speed skater arrested for allegedly groping a woman on a flight. authorities say it happened while the woman was sleeping. the plane was diverted to tulsa where the passenger was arrested. the major freight train derailment in hempfield, pennsylvania. more than a dozen cars falling off the tracks late this afternoon. no word of any chemical leaks or injuries. news tonight about a deadly bacteria outbreak at a hospital in danville, pennsylvania. hospital officials says contaminated donor breast milk is linked to the outbreak, blamed for infecting eight premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. three of the babies died. the bacteria found on equipment. when we come back, the grandson that said, let's go on
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finally tonight here, our persons of the week. we all love grandma joy, her love for her grandson, and her spontaneity. you first met brad ryan and his grandma joy right here. they told us they had a goal, to visit all our national parks. embarking on their first road trip to a national park in 2015. nnessee where grandma joy spent her first night in a tent, at 85. >> she had never camped a night in her life. we arrived at 1:00 a.m. in the rain, and she held the umbrella over my head while i put the tent together. the majority of her life has been spent in this tiny little town in ohio called duncan falls.ved il across 41 states.
3:57 pm
great sand dunes national park in colorado. >> we walked across the sandy landscape and up a sand dune and then she got down on the ground. and i said, what are you doing? wn. l fun. i think it just tapped into some sense of childhood wonder in her. >> you lived! have fun getting back up. >> reporter: he brought grandma joy to the grand canyon, yellowstone, joshua tree, glacier national park, and redwood national park. >> how do you feel when you look up at these trees? >> they make you feel very small. >> does it make you feel very young? >> not me. i've walked too many miles. >> reporter: since we first met them, the pair has traveled to 20 more parks. checking in with us from texas. >> hi, david. this is grandma joy and brad coming to you from big bend ona. >> right now we're at the rio grande river at the santa elena canyon, and it is so beautiful
3:58 pm
here. orndshe sas ady for anhing. >> i'm going to hit him with my. >> reporter: and tonight, their road trip wrapping up with one last park just today. >> we've made it to our 49th and final park in the lower 48. how do you feel to finally be done? >> well, it's kind of sad to know it's coming to an end, but it's kind of great to know we finally made it. >> reporter: and what's next for grandma joy? >> i am ready to go home, kick back my heels, and sit down and rest a minute. >> i think that's well earned. good job, grandma joy. >> and so
3:59 pm
i've done nothing wrong. >> confrontation at an east bay bart station. >> the confrontation captured on cell phone video. >> this took place monday morning at the pleasantville station. what do you think? rules or rules, they have to be enforced, or there are bigger concerns? >> abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is following the story and joins us with the details. >> reporter: if you regularly ride bart you've seen the signs saying no eating or drinking in the station but there is a good chance you have seen people eating or drinking inoust this is a story of a man who says he was singled out. steve foster of concord tells me this all happened monday morning at the pleasant hill station when he was approached by a bart police officer. >> just waiting for my train to
4:00 pm
come. >> foster says the officer walked by several other people eating and drinking on the platform and confronted him. his girlfriend caught the interaction on the cell phone. >> you are detained. >> you came over and singled me out of all thaes people. >> he was even handcuffed. >> definitely upset, mad. a little -- still kind of angry. >> bart says state law prohibits people from eating or drinking in the paved portions of the station. in other words from the time you enter the turnstiles to the time you exit at your destination. bart released a statement today in response. the spokeswoman said about foster, quote, he was not arrested. he was cited for eating which is a violation of state law. she adds the man was lawfully handcuffed after refusing to