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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 11, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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the lawsuit is asking the court to enforce t historic boundary. a walk in san francisco this weekend raised more than $1 million for the alzheimer's association. >> organizers say more than 3,000 people took part in the walk to end alzheimer's. this was at pier 27 on saturday. abc7 news is a proud sponsor of this event. we had a team take part. >> there they are. now at 5:00, kaiser >> look at you. employees reverse course on a planned strike following the mike and jobina, you guys are out there. sudden death of their ceo. look at those pictures. how bernard tyson is being >> isn't that sweet? >> i love it. remembered this morning. >> your shirt, mike. and give yourself some extra looks like a wonderful event. time if you're on the road this >> that's my mother-in-law who morning. look, fog has taken over some passed away last september a parts of the bay area. year ago last september from this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. complications of alzheimer's and mike is tracking all of it. dementia. that's why that was my wife, the >> be careful out there on this shorter blond that you saw monday, november 11th. there. that's why we walk. that's why we walked with nearly >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. and i know you're talking about 4,000 people. >> that's great. that fog this morning, mike. >> to raise over $1 million. >> i am. the sad part is you would see let's look at what's going on. someone -- you carry a different it's not hitting many of our flower if you saw someone with a reporting stations. that's how isolated it is. blue flower, that means they
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when you drive into it, it's were battling alzheimer's. thicker than it was last week. you knew they weren't going to right now it's hitting half moon win. bay, a bit harder than it is any because there is no cure. that's the problem right now. of our other reporting stations. that's the issue. >> so good to see so many people here's 880 near the coliseum. out there trying to raise there's nothing there. once you to the macarthur awareness, coming together to support people. >> we're getting closer. we're getting closer. some day somebody will carry maze, you can see it's thick. that white flower meaning under here t just cuts off. they're a survivor. with your help, thank you very it's clear the rest of the way. much. let's talk about what's going on that's how highly isolated it weather-wise. san jose there, a little cloud is. dress for temperatures in the mid to upper 40s this morning. cover. not nearly as foggy as what mid to upper 60s for the coast we're dealing with in oakland and bay. mid 70s inland by noon. and parts of the north bay. the coast staying in the 60s. where we have fog that will turn the rest of us hitting the 70s ov twarmer. with high clouds and sunshine. tonight, less fog and a seasonal here is jobina. chill. look at this, above average >> good morning. we are starting off with a live temperatures, then average, then look at our emeryville camera. above average the next seven you can see the glow from the days. here's a look if you're looking lights. that's the fog resting over our for sunshine, watch how quickly camera now. fog. by noon, it is completely gone. sts isolated. very heavy in downtown oakland even at the coast we're seeing and the bay bridge toll plaza. pockets of sunshine that will as soon as you head into san last into the afternoon francisco it's all gone. a live look now the a the
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richmond-san rafael bridge, you hoursment lethours. can see it's very clear here this morning. let's see what it does to our also heads up for everybody temperatures, 76 at santa cruz. because of the niners game 71 at richmond. tonight. i know that many people are oakland, 73. rooting for them as they take on fremont, palo alto, 75. the seahawks, there are some san jose, 78. alerts, especially for vta. concord, 79. 77 in san rafael. tonight, you can see a lack of the idea is that they hope you lower clouds, but high clouds will take their light rail will be over top of us. service. that canopy of high clouds will they have free park and ride keep us in the upper 40s to low lots at light rail stations and and a few mid 50s. transit stations. >> this morning workers at here's my accuweather seven-day kaiser permanente were planning to start a five-day strike. forecast. the coolest days thursday and they postponed it after the friday. sudden death of the company's most of us in the 50s and 60s. ceo. >> bernard tyson died in his sleep early sunday morning at the age of 60. the 70s to near 80 return by sunday. >> thanks for walking this liz kreutz joins us live weekend, jobina. >> i was happy to be there. starting off with a look at fremont. >> roughly 4,000 kaiser fremont. permanente behavioral health southbound 880 at thornton workers that planned that avenue. just until 6:00 a.m., so just a five-day strike say they will postpone it out of respect. little bit longer. there is complete low sure paw so many people saddened and just shocked by the sudden passing of of caltrans work going on there. mr. tyson. please just a heads up for
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mr. tyson up until recently anybody headed out that way. appeared to be quite healthy. albany to the maze, four these photos he tweeted out on minutes. fremont to san francisco, 14 saturday of him at the afrotech minutes. highway 101 to cupertino, ten event in oakland. minutes. nice green ride through those he has been with kaiser, based areas. check this out. in oakland, for three decades this is our brand-new camera, where he helped to build the good morning, oakland. company into the nation's we're looking at 880. largest non-profit health care the whitehead lights are headed provider and was known as a southbound. this is just near oracle arena trail blazer in health care and a giant in the community. for everybody. >>tyson is a person who once you get through this area, if you're headed further north, you will run into that dense fog that mike was talking about this impacted how we think about is tremendous and the morning. >> all right. thank you. in today's "gma" first look, legacy is more tremendous. the american father who lost his >> that was the ceo of ymca san wife and two sons in an ambush in mexico is breaking his francisco. so many others offered silence. statements of condolence. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, an abc news exclusive. mark >> every one of my children that survived that are living miracles. >> from the tragedy in mexico, a curry thanked tyson on twitter story of heroism after the for all he stood for. he is survived by his wife and ambush of his family's caravan, three sons. live here at the kaiser david langford's 13-year-old son permanente in fremont, liz devon hit the injured members of
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his family in the bushes and kreutz, abc7 news. walked 14 miles to get help. we are getting brand-new video in to the live desk right >> my boy is a hero because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters. >> his determination helping to in hong kong. save seven of his brothers and look at all of this. sisters, telling us about his it's just really incredible the painful thoughts along the way. >> if there wasn't anybody else out there trying to shoot me or gather as these months of following me or about the -- fighting seem to be reaching about my mom and my two brothers their worst. video shows a police officer shooting a protester and then that died. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll putting them in critical hear much more about this brave condition. the democrat strarts are calling for political reform and police 13-year-old's powerful story and how he wants his mother accountability. we are also getting reports of a man being set on fire. remembered. >> so tough. a group of robbers in texas video posted online shows him targeted the wrong jewelry arguing with a group of store. the store owner had a gun and protesters before someone douses shot two of the suspects. him with a liquid and strikes a surveillance video shows the smash and grab on sat. lighter. all of this happening during the monday morning commute. the masked robbers who sreme ha we are keeping an eye on this. we will give you the latest as it comes into our newsroom. the glass showcases and ran out when the owner brought out his >> okay. thanks. san francisco police are gun. >> i stood up. investigating what they call a when the three came through the door and started busting the
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suspicious death. the body was found on a golf cases, i started firing shots at course in the richmond district. them. officers searched the lincoln >> one suspect was shot in the hand. another shot in the butt. park golf course for clues saturday afternoon. deputies arrested four suspects that's when the body was discovered near the 13th hole. total and recovered the stolen golfers tell abc news the body jewelry. a temporary fill-in for may have been a baby. the san francisco medical "wheel of fortune" as pat sajak examiner will conduct an autopsy is recovering from emergency and other tests hoping to pinpoint a cause of death. surgery. and a man who bought developing news out of san francisco, growing outrage in the chinatown neighborhood after the beating and possible robb of senior citizens. >> this happened sad night. cornell bernard has the latest on the investigation. >> i was extremely disturbed. extremely upset. >> reporter: strong reaction from chinatown residents over this disturbing event caught on video. a group of four male suspects beat three men and tried to rob them on clay street and walter lum place. you can see one of the victims is punched right in the face and falls to the ground. >> he was out cold. >> reporter: betty lily watched
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chinatown merchants association. >> we are trying to make it a visitor-friendly destination and at the same time you get these thugs who come in and they just beat up people randomly for no reason whatsoever. it's a hate crime. >> reporter: two other victims are seen being punched and knocked to the street. moments later the suspects take off down clay street in a black suv. over the summer two senior citizens were brutally attacked in chinatown in broad daylight. a 19-year-old oakland man was arrested for one of the assaults. >> what we saw last night is not going to be tolerated. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin says police tell him the same suspects were spotted november 8th. >> we know the same car, presumably with the same individuals was involved with a robbery that was an aggravated purse snatching on the 700 block of jackson on friday night. >> reporter: saturday night's
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attack happened at the entrance to support smith square, where senior citizens gather day and night. betty lily wants all chinatown residents to be safe, especially seniors. >> we can't get enough law enforcement behind this to at least tell these people they can't come to chinatown and do this. >> reporter: police say all three victims are recovering from their attack, luckily with minor injuries. supervisor peskin says police all right. are following leads and could be let's talk about the big game close to making an arrest. tonight. the only undefeated team left in cornell barnard, abc7 news. the nfl, our niners. they're at home taking on the seahawks. in the east bay, contra you know how hard it is for them costa county will take up a to wrangle the seahawks. proposed ban on vaping products 5:15 070, dropping dropping tomorrow it would cover vaping products and the sale of menthol and other flavored tobacco down to 60. products. first it was straws, now it would only apply to single-use coffee cups are on unincorporated parts of the their way out. >> the chronicle reports more bay area coffee shops a moving county.
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past paper cups and are asking happening today, we'll see the new general manager of the customers to bring their own cup san francisco giants give his or rent one if they want their first thoughts since being hired drink to go. to run the team. scott harris was hired an oakland non-profit called for yesterday. the redwood city native was the here play estimates a typical former assistant gm of the cubs. cafe uses up to 4,000 the first order of business is finding bruce bochy's coose week.tome replacement as team manager. let's look at what is going centnu fra sup ttou on. se tola where they do have. have you experienced that? in san francisco, temperatures >> i haven't. in the 50s. there's some fog out there, but what did you think. >> i was like what is the $2 in that will give way to sunshine and higher temperatures. 61 at 7:00 tonight. in oakland, we have fog this money back. just surprised me. it was fine. morning. that will hang around for a >> i think it's good. or you can have your own if you couple of hours then quickly go enough. it could be your thing. >> reusable cup. dissipate. it is widespread. a change is coming to wheel of fortune that we've seen once it's just not a solid deck like we dealt with last week. before. >> long-time co-host vanna white will fill in as the main host we'll hit the middle 70s. here's the north bay. because she's filling in for pat some fog this morning, high
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sajak because he had emergency clouds and sunshine and mid to upper 70s. surgery. taping was suspended on thursday we drop to 60 as we head into the evening hours. here's the bay bridge toll because he underwent emergency plaza, you can see how thick the surgery for a blocked intestine. fog is through there. you can't even see the maze. the maze was just a murky, scary you can watch vanna white mess this morning driving hosting episodes starting on through. that's how thick the fog was. december 9th. you can see wheel of for veterans day activities. cool this morning, comfortable this afternoon. warmer than average. every night after "jeopardy." if you're exercising, no spare so madonna is in some legal the air today. let's get back to jobina. trouble. >> thank you. >> all right. a florida man is suing her good morning. this is a live look at the saying that her concert starts golden gate bridge. there is a fog advisory and also too late. a fog advisory for the bay the concert is set for december 17th at the fillmore in miami bridge as well. really dense fog in that area, especially in parts of oakland beach. originally it was supposed to and emeryville. start to 8:30. this is a live look at the san e cce is expected rtbactihos. mateo bridge, nice and smooth, especially as people head hess action lawsuit nate westbound towards the peninsula. glad to see that happening down there. and also we can move over to our hollander claims he spent $3,000 mass transit updates here. for the three tickets. i do have two things to mention. one, we do know today is he said the val you'll of tue os
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veterans day. the meters are still up and went down because of the time change. running, everybody. please pay as you park your car. madonna has not issued a response. she started at 10:30 when she was here at san francisco and golden gate theater. we have revout reroutes for vtae >> did she tell people she would be there at 8:30 and then start of veterans day activities. at 10:30? of course america is saying >> originally it was supposed to thank you to all who have served be 8:30, then she issued a change and she gave people a little bit of time to let them our country because toe todayda know it would be at 10:30. veterans day. is it really late? in new york, president trump will take part in the veterans yes, it is. is it madonna? dayparade. yes. she can do what she wants. he will participate in a wreath >> i don't agree. laying during the opening he made plans, he bought ceremony. most city, government and tickets. she should have said it was at banking offices are closed 10:30 to begin with. including court houses, public >> she changedmind. libraries and the dmv. >> so did he. u.p.s. is delivering today as better to tell people it starts well as fedex. national parks are open today with free admission for veterans at 10:30 than just show up at and active duty military members. malls are also open. 8:00. we're coming back with coming up next, 7 things to another full 90 minutes of news including a big change to instagram. celebrities reacting to the know as you start your day. decision to hide the likes. andt oond there was a shooting in
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now at 5:30, a man is dead following a confrontation with an off-duty police officer. we're live with the latest from vallejo. they served with honor and distinction. today the nation says thank you to our military veterans. and it is a foggy start to the work week. mike and jobina are telling us what you can expect as you head out the door. the 49ers try to keep their perfect winning streak alive tonight. the only thing standing in their way is the seattle here's 7 things to know before you go. this is coming out of the maze. >> who are you looking forward you can see the fog in the bay bridge toll plaza. in the maze, i have never driven to seeing? she wants to see russell's main through such thick fog on my way lady, ciara. >> and you're looking forward to
5:14 am
to work. dense and it's isolated but there's fog out you're invited to come any time midday live, jimmy g. there. >> number two, yes to all of >> i'll be watching for the that dense fog in areas in oakland aell as emeryville. football. this is our camera here. you can see some of that fog. >> kumasi doesn't know a thing. number three, police are >> i'll smile and wave. >> hi, everyone. investigating why an off-duty >> we'll move on and talk about richmond police officer shot and that fog. >> yes. killed a man at a gas station parking lot in vallejo. >> it was really getting to the this happened around 5:30 last maze and getting through the night. maze was an ordeal. detectives have not officially that's where the fog was released the victim's name. >> number four, the bay area thickest. that's where the fog was as i business community is came in from the east bay. remembering kaiser permanente's around half moon bay, you can see most of the reporting ceo bernard tyson. stations are okay. he died in his sleep yesterday the fog is ninfactou c a morning. >> and number five, chesa boudin erdi is heaig will become the next district ou in th-lat we'll. attorney. whether the mayor will appoint him before the term begins in january is still up in the air. and the nation is honoring our veterans today. i think we'll be warmer, 72 president trump will speak at can watchhe te seahawks on abc7 around the bay, 78 inland.
5:15 am
50s and 60s by 7:00. here is jobina. >> thank you. good morning. this is a live look at the bay news. our coverage begins at 5:00. bridge toll plaza right now. you can see that fog in the area a mix of fans and protest is also very thick in the maze. greeted donald trump jr. at also in downtown oakland as ucla. he was there to promote his new well. so please drive with caution this morning. book. conservative non-profit turning point usa hosted the event. it's been light and i'm assuming that's because of veterans day. there were also protesters and there's a parade in the inside as trump jr. and his south bay. girlfriend talked about the book. >> it's okay. there will be rerouted routes listen, guys, it's still for vta. regular service for buses and america. it's okay. we're willing to hear them. ferries and meters will be working. they're usually not willing to if you're parking, please pay. hear us. >> his girlfriend there is let's check in on the drive former san francisco first lady times. and fox news host, kimberly -we walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 48 guilfoy guilfoyle. ucla police officers were also minutes. highway 101 to los gatos, 21 there for crowd control but there were no arrests or physical confrontations. minutes. developing news this morning in vallejo, police say an off-duty officer shot and killed francis mcdid ormand and jo a man. >> the shooting happened at a cohen are suing their neighbors. gas station last night. they claim their are
5:16 am
amy hollyfield is live with the latest. ignoring a historic boundary and >> good morning. we have some of the radio intruding on their land. conversation that happened last year they belt. between dispatchers and vallejo police officers right after the shooting happened. >> units en route, there's going to be a gunshot victim in front of j.j.'s. he's saying he is a pd officer. unknown from where. >> we need the parking lot locked down. cars stay and people stay for now. >> yeah. an officer from the richmond police officer got the call just before 5:30 yesterday afternoon. that off-duty police officer with the richmond police department, they say he did stay at the scene. investigators say he shot and killed someone at the gas station on fairgrounds drive in vallejo. the person who was shot died at the scene. they have not said why this happened, why the officer shot him. they have not said anything about an arrest or what happened to the officer. the vallejo police department is
5:17 am
investigating along with the solano district attorney's office. they have not released the name or anything about the person who was shot. they say this investigation is in its early stages. reporting live in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. kaiser behavioral health workers postponed a planned five day strike after the death of chairman and ceo bernard tyson. around 4,000 workers were set to picket today over concerns about access to care. a new date for the strike has not been announced. as the kaiser vice president takes over in the interim, faith, business and community leaders are remembering bernard tyson as a business pioneer. kaiser made the official announcement yesterday saying that he passed away in his sleep. tyson appeared at events as recently as saturday. he tweeted from afrotech in oakland speaking about technology and equality in health care. there's been an outpouring of reaction to the news.
5:18 am
>> it's a loss to not only us personally but all of our friends, our entire community and to the nation.our future is bernard tyson. >> tyson spent more than 30 years at kaiser and helped build the company into the nation's largest non-profit health care provider. he leaves behind a wife and three sons. tyson was 60 years old. your voice your vote. the latest numbers released show chesa boudin is slightly widening his lead in the district attorney's race. interim d.a.suzy on saturday. boudin is ahead by about 28 votes. the question now is whether mayor london breed will appoint him to the position before his term begins in january. there's a tighter race for the supervisor spot in district five. it covers inner sunset, western edition and cathedral hill. dean preston has picked up a few more votes in his thin lead over valley brown. he declared victory on saturday but the elections department has not made it official.
5:19 am
another democratic presidential candidate has a campaign office here in the bay area. elizabeth warren's office in oakland is the first in california. it opened over the weekend as she campaigned in south carolina. warren has seen a recent surge in her poll numbers. the office is located at 9th and alice street. not too far from downtown. happening today, the nation is honoring the men and women who served our nation in the military. it's veterans day today. but san francisco got a jump on the holiday. ♪ abc7 was at fisherman's wharf as a group of vets on motorcycles led the annual veterans day parade yesterday. a british tourist offered some insight. >> i think one that always strikes us is how much more you seem to value the veterans in the u.s. than we do in the uk.
5:20 am
it's great to see everybody and everybody looks so smart, uniforms so sharp and the marching bands. >> this year marked the 99th veterans day parade in san francisco. >> other bay area cities are honoring veterans including petaluma's parade. the parade starts at noon. tanks and huey helicopters will be included in that one. in santa rosa, there will be a flag raising ceremony at 10:30 in front of the sonoma county administrative building. it is the big showdown in the nfl. >> the san francisco 49ers will try and stay the only undefeated team in pro football and jobina is here with all the details. everything we need to know about the game. >> i cannot wait. this will be huge tonight as we know. the seahawks have been undefeated on the road. their last four games, also they are undefeated in the division. so, there's a lot of talk here about will happen. the seahawks are behind the niners. they've been that way all year long. quarterback russell wilson is
5:21 am
one of the early contenders v s mvp. in terms of the overall team, the 49ers have not shown much of any weakness. the defense has been one of the best in the league all season long and they'll get an added boost from the 49ers faithful at levi stadium with that home field advantage. also tonigt, 27 military families will attend the game as special guests of the niners. the team hosted them yesterday. that was at their practice facility. the 49ers provided us this video. >> the fact we could give back to them, let them come out for a little bit and experience what it's like to be on an nfl football field. it's fun to talk to these families. >> it means a lot, they would take the time out of their day to spend quality time with us. >> each family was assig player to get a firsthand look at how nfl teams prepare for a game. yo action on abc7. it starts at 4:00. espn's monday night football between the 49ers and the
5:22 am
seahawks begins at 5:00 p.m. after the game, it's "dancing with the stars," "the good doctor" and then abc7 news at 11:00. there's a lot to see tonight. ciara possibly. >> you're claiming it. >> i'm from atlanta, she's fabulous. i just have to put it out there. >> okay. >> since russell will be there. >> assuming. >> i'm assuming she will come down to support. >> sure. >> we're here supporting the niners. >> yeah. >> we'll see what happens. >> okay. >> one-two step. >> for the niners. thanks. the power is back on for homes and businesses on treasure island. but these repeated outages are coming at a cost. >> protesters armed with sandwiches after this video went viral. why some b.a.r.t. riders are outraged. >> and a live look outside at the embarcadero and the bay bridge. mike is looking at the fog around the area. >> yeah. not nearly as widespread as it was last week. where it is, it's dense out
5:23 am
there. we could barely see the bivou a light and dry offshore breeze. temperatures are cooler this morning. right now 40 in rohnert park. floating with the 30s there. guerneville, 41. 43 in petaluma. novato, san rafael, american canyon, warmer in napa at about 54. 51 in alameda. here's how it looks in walnut creek. you may see a bit of fog on 24, not like it was last week. watch out around the macarthur maze. for mass transit, grab the jacket. east bay valleys, we start at 47. high clouds coming in and keeping us in the upper 70s to near 80. if it wasn't for those high clouds we would be in the
5:24 am
our last stop will be the south bay, starting at 49, those high clouds cap us at 3:00 at about 75. we're down to 64 at 7:00 coming. >> what are your predictions for tonight? >> i'm afraid they might lose. it's one of those trap games, they're 8-0. the seahawks are the big nemesis. russell quarter. >> oh. if not now, they have harder games coming down the schedule. >> we're pulling for them. >> yeah. >> while we're talking about the niners, i will get some issues that you may experience with the traffic. the game starts at 5:15 tonight. the vta is advising people to not drive if you can and check out their light rail service. there's free park and ride lots. there's service to levi stadium tonight. check it out. also now want to get to a crash
5:25 am
in the south bay here. we have two-car crash, southbound 101 before oakland road. blocking one lane at the moment. be aware if this is a part of your commute. hopping up to road work on southbound 880 at ndut6: a.m. just a heads up for everybody here. golden gate bridge, we have a fog advisory and a fog advisory for the bay bridge as (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter.
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at the live des from new mexico to new jersey. people are preparing for unusually cold temperatures. today is expected to be the coldest veterans day on record in chicago and minneapolis. the snowfall is making a mess of the morning commute. >> not ready for it at all. i was here year. >> it's coming too early for me. >> seven inches of snow has already fallen in north dakota. there are winter advisories in effect stretching from montana to maine. the national weather service expects nearly 150 daily record lows to be broken or tied this
5:29 am
week. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking those temperatures for us right now. >> you really get used to the snow? >> no. when i worked in those areas, absolutely not. i'm so happy to be here. thank you, bay area. >> no kidding. next time we get snow, it may be our first. no, we had snow before. but here's a look from denver to buffalo. 1350 miles. look at these temperatures. 5 below in great falls. rapid city warmed from 1 below to 2. 23 in chicago. a high of 31. 28 in kansas city. compare that to what we're dealing with, 70s and 80s. no big deal. it will be 68 in san diego. only 58 in eureka. that's warmer than average. average high is 52. we'll be in the upper 50s to 60s this weekend. . thank you. this morning treasure island is working its way out of
5:30 am
multiple power outages in just a matter of days. neighbors and business owners say they're getting upset with the aging infrastructure. power went out once on tuesday. twice more when a backup generator was installed and failed. the san francisco public utilities commission is in charge of maintaining things and residents are frustrated. >> we have to throw away all the milk and that stuff every single time to be safe. we have to go out to eat instead of cooking here. that costs more money. >> a redevelopment program is under way on the island. the power infrastructure won't be fixed for a couple of years. we reached out to the san francisco public utilities commission for comment, we have not heard back. if you see people eating sand riwiches on platforms and other paid areas to protest the actions of the transit agency's police force. b.a.r.t. police detained a man and handcuffed him, this was a week ago. officers say he violated b.a.r.t.'s rules by eating
5:31 am
inside the s refusing to provide his name and then resisting arrest and then later cited and released. that incident sparked protests like this one where people ate on the station platform over the weekend. instagram says it will start testing hiding the like counts on posts in the u.s. as soon as this week. >> this caused a debate among celebrities because it effects their money. nicki minaj said on twitter she will no longer post on instagram because they're removing the likes. she says it hurts social media influencers who depend on sponsored posts to make money. cardi b. agrees. in a video she said it's not the number of likes on posts that are the problem, it's the users who leave hurtful comment. instagram tested hiding likes in other countries. the ceo says it will improve peoples self-esteem by mro mro o
5:32 am
the urge to compete. >> i agree with that? i think it affects peoples self-esteem. i only got two likes this person got whatever. i know a lot of people make money that way, but at what what cost? >> at what cost to the rest of us, right? >> yeah. >> i don't know. the influencer culture is too much. >> mm-hmm. >> mike, you're an influencer, what do you think? >> not on instagram. not on instagram. i stick to twitter and facebook. i don't care to show you what i had for dinner. >> i'm interested. i'm kidding. >> i know you are. here's a look at what's going on from town. it's quiet. let's see if we can see -- we can't see over towards oakland where the thick fog is now. it will become partly cloudy, high clouds this afternoon. you still need the sun glass. morning fog will taper.
5:33 am
we will have much drier and a bit warmer conditions. look at the offshore breeze, either way the fog much faster, by noon, even the coast is clearing out. let's see what it does to our temperatures. the high clouds will keep us from reaching our potential. santa rosa at 81. yucaipa and fairfield, 82. the neighborhoods. san jose at 78. 77 at san rafael. we have mid 70s, low to mid 70s from the coast throughout the bay. front the high clouds will keep us above average. mid 40s to mid 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at those temperatures tank thursday and friday. you know what? those 50s and 60s, that's average. not those 70s. >> good morning. looking at a crash in the south bay. this is san jose, two-car crash1 before oakland road. we're looking at a seven-mile backup now. rough situation. speeds down to 16 and 9 miles
5:34 am
per hour. want to say hello to our brand-new camera. this is a live look at 880 in oakland near oracle arena. those headlights traveling southbound. everyone else, the brake lights going northbound. going further north, that's where you will run into that dense fog. take your time on the road this morning. new at 6:00, apple's new credit card accused of being s.e. sexist. first we want to ask you a question, have you purchased your holiday travel tickets? if you've been waiting a bit, experts are revealing the best time to book. plus a little secret at the
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what are you searching a version of myself who doesn't make decisions based on fear? no, what streaming apps are you searching for? oh. because you have xfinity flex. it puts your apps in one place, and it comes with your internet. try it!
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more about tonight's big game. only the ninth game of the season. 16-game season. we're undefeated and taking on the team that got the better of us. the record against the seahawks, they won wo start getting clos. 75 at 5:15, dropping down to 60. i was looking at the long-range models. next monday slight chance of rain. not much but it's a change. >> good morning. here's the good news. the bay bridge toll plaza, very smooth, metering lights are not on. that fog that we watched all morning long is beginning to clear up a bit. progress here. a quick peek at mass transit. b.a.r.t. has 37 trains running.
5:38 am
the biggest thing we need to talk about are the reroutes with vta because of the veterans day parade that will be happening. just checking in on a two-car aven-up san jose, southbound 101 before oakland road. we're looking at 11, 12, 16 miles per hour. when it comes to holiday travel, does it pay to delay? >> a new report from aaa says yes, it may pay off to procrastinate. it looked at holiday travel during 2016 and 2018. according to aaa, people who waited to book their trip 7 to 13 days before the week of thanksgiving and christmas, they got the overall best price. people who booked a trip 61 to 180 days in advance, they paid about $40 more. get this, people who booked way in advance, 121 kay 1 day their trip, they paid up to $171
5:39 am
more. geo benitez is talking about this on "good morning america." >> this would make me nervous because i'm worried about sold-out flights. we've seen it at abc, we have a lot of last-minute work travel and we see you can get great deals. >> as long as you don't mind sitting in the middle seat by the bathrooms. >> you can watch a full report er up on "gma" at >> you know you'll be in the middle seat in the back. >> sometimes it's worth it. paying that much more? >> 40 bucks? i'd rather pay the 40. >> would you? >> than being in the middle in the back? have you seen my legs? >> you're right. have you seen the giraffe who sits next to you every day? >> they see you coming. they're like oh, god. >> bad flight. nearly 70% of americans secretly dislike some popular thanksgiving dishes but eat them any way. this according to a survey conducted by the harris poll.
5:40 am
the top offenders are canned cranberry sauce at 29%. green bean casserole, 2 out of 10 don't like it but you're still dishing it up. more than halfme ouanksving so can make sm y say tha you. you take a tiny bite, then you just ease on over to the trash can. >> ease on over. >> slowly. >> smile. >> anyone who hosts thanksgiving, i like you. >> really? it is a journey. >> so much work. it's hours and hours of work. shout out to everyone who hosted me. >> you get to eat what you want. >> i'm -- i'd rather have a tiny bit of everything. true. >> if you're making the food and buying it. coming up new at 6:00, it's
5:41 am
a knew era for giants baseball. today the team officially gets a new gm. >> i'm liz kreutz at the kaiser permanente in fremont. from governor newsom to steph
5:42 am
5:43 am
now at 6:00, the community in shock after kaiser permanente's ceo, bernard tyson, dies in his sleep. the memorials pouring in this morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we're seeing it's clear now after a very foggy start this morning. we're doing better. good morning on this monday, november11th >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike is here looking at where we're still seeing fog. >> it's going away quickly. offshore winds are making their way out of the hills and mountains and making their way to the ground.
5:44 am
and the bay bridge toll plaza, we couldn't see the water that's how thick the fog was nor the hills. now it'sosne our temperatures will be capped in the upper 60s at the coast. low to upper 70s elsewhere. starting off in the 40s this morning.
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