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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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hi, everybody. it's a new era of baseball, the giants have named capler as their new manager. i'm kate larson. tonight a resolution passed to lower the speed limit on all city streets in san francisco. her words her way, the controversial plaque. tonight a plan that would affect every single driver in san francisco. a group of concerned citizens fighting to lower the speed limit to 20 miles per hour on all city streets. >> supporters say it would help build a better bay area by
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making our streets safer. abc 7 reporter kate larson live with the details.% >> reporter: speed limits on how fast 80% of drivers are going in a safety area. but drivers here in san francisco say that needs to change. when you stand on a san francisco street corner it's pretty clear cars drive too fast, so we double-checked and took a speed gun to a posted broward street. a mile away on broadway mile hour zone, those numbers mayut i does when you factor in speed and light. >> if that vehicle is goes 40 miles per hour which i think to most people doesn't even sound that fast, right, you have a 20%
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chance of survival. >> reporter: she showed up to city hall for this advisory committee meeting where a resolution was approved to set maximum speed limits at 26 trafs year. 16 of those deaths have been pedestrians including the man killed over the summer in the tender loin when the driver of this tesla blew through a red light. >> 20 feet in the air and landenlanded on my side and had traumatic brain injuries. >> reporter: he thinks san francisco needs more signage and other physical reminders to slow down. >> his speed was a factor in the severity of the injuries i sustained. >> reporter: so the resolution will now go to the board of supervisors who may take it into consideration as they try to eliminate all traffic fatalities in san francisco by
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their policy. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. new at 11:00, a school district that shutdown due to the kinkade fire now faces a teachers strike. 110 teachers and staff at the high schools will take part in the strike. the district serves around 1,800 students. the main sticking point in negotiation is pay. new developments in the off-duty police officer shooting with accusations the officer got preferential treatment at the cime scene. >> reporter: eric died sunday night shot during an argument over a parking space. now a new image of him is out showing his body moments after the shooting. attorney alissa knoll is representing the family and posted the photo. she says it shows the man who
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killed him. the richmond police sergeant standing over the body appearing to take video or pictures. >> he shouldn't have been standing there, he disrupted a crime scene. >> vuhe would not comment on the shooting saying he has not yet been fully brief but he says he wants to see changes. >> my number one priority is the preservation of human life and building community safety as well as officer safety and also having accountability within our system. >> an investigation of the shooting one that's not led by the vallejo police department. new developments in a major reversal. the once synonymous woman was sexually assaulted while she was
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unconscious. abc 7 news reporter chris . oual that ntemlavede a it's betil place. and whatreality of the pain andt that took place there. >> reporter: the garden now sits on the site where miller'slace. brock turner was convicted of the crime in 2016. stanford originally agreed to the plaque but rejected miller's chosen words from her victim impact statement. in part it said you took away my worth, my privacy, my own voice until today. the university's own administrators said the quote was not supportive of a healing space. >> stanford should have put that plaque in the ground three years ago. so every day that goes by they're failing to show the kind of integrity that students and faculty have the right to expect
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them to show. >> reporter: this year stanford conducted a campus climate survey. the results felt that students fult they were happening too often in their community. in a statement the provost said it provides a clear message, we need to confront sexual violence openly and aggressively at stanford. >> i think it's long pastime for them to install a plaque. and as of right now what i see is just more promises but still no plaque. airbnb is responding to a claim at a party about a vallejo rental property on halloween. that's the same night five people were shot and killed at an airbnb party in >> reporter: dozens of people in
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costumes arriving halloween night paying to attend a party, never mind the sign outside that said no loud talking, music or noise after 8:00 p.m. the homeowner says he had no idea the party was taking place. >> there were brand new guests on the platform, they were coming for one night and that's all we know. >> reporter: chris young said the booking guests reached out to him the next day to report some small damage, saying she fell and her heel went through the wall. here's a pictures of that hole. >> and the house smelled like marijuana, and we're like orb okay, there's a bit more to this than what's being represented. >> reporter: so he checked the home's ring security cameras. >> it became evident this was a full on house party. >> reporter: complete with a hot pink stripper pole guests installed. >> scratches in the ceiling, you have a handprint over here. >> reporter: but the most disturbing thing young says he discovered, party goers talking about the airbnb party and fatal shooting that happened the same
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night. patting down guests and explaining why. >> the folks here were aware about what went on down there. >> reporter: in an e-mailed statement airbnb tells the i-team, quote, unauthorized parties have no place on airbnb, and we have removed the booking guests from our community and are quickly working to support the host through our 1 million host guarantee. and airbnb claims they've already settled another claim with young. two weeks prior young says different guests stole the washer and dryer, television, even the coffee maker, toaster and microwave. still he calls both isolated incidents. >> they're doing the best they can right now. all i ask is just keep doing it. >> beginning december 15th
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airbnb says it will expand its manual screening of high risk reservations to all of north america helping to identy ic reservations details on a di assault over the weekend in san francisco's chinatown. one suspect got out of a black suv and ripped a cellphone out of a victim's hand. when the victim pfls friends tried to help, they were attacked as well. all of the victims in their 60s. mayor breed announced police are increasing foot patrols and a number of others are being considered for the neighborhood. investigators think the suspects are responsible for other attacks in china town. the police chief says they do have some leads in the case. the shop in san francisco's mission district has been hit again. on the company's instagram
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account it says this is the third time burglars have struck. the windows were bordered up this evening and not clear what was taken. they posted a message on the door apologizing to customers for the inconvenience. the giants have a new manager 49er colin kaepernick is getting another chance with the nfl. what the chp is saying about a possible pattern. lnched today and it may have been too successful. meteorologist sandhya patel. tracking changes ahead with live doppler 7. >> first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thank you dan and ama. people are saying tonight's show is everything.
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a rash of random attacks has the california highway patrol warning drivers to avoid a stretch of highway in the evening hours. dozens of vehicles have been hit by projectiles since the beginning of the year near prunedale about 50 miles south of san jose. the majority have been off highway 101 and highway 56. one driver suffered some cuts. most of the attacks have happened on and l of suddeny window justxpded. theastherojectiles bu they do not appear to have
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come from a gun. all quiet in washington where just in a matter of hours the first public hearings will begin in the impeachment inquiry. the nation will hear from bill taylor, the current top diplo in ukraine. he's told the administration wig held aid to ukraine. special live coverage of the impeachment hearings starts tomorrow morning. you can watch it starting at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. the 16-year-old climate activist plans to leave tomorrow morning from virginia. she arrived in the united states in august after a two-week journey across the atlantic in a zero emissionuate and helped ignite rallies around the world. lian family this go around and is headed to a conference in spain. her activism helped inspire a mural in san francisco that just
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had the finishing touches put on it. >> she is amazing. >> she is. the magical world of disney is now just a click away. >> disney launched a new streaming service today, disney plus giving access to all of disney's content, past, present and brand new all in one place. >> reporter: the streaming world just got a little bigger. >> disney plus. >> reporter: actually a lot bigger. the disney plus streaming service is now live joining the prime, apple tv >> disney actually launched a missile today, and the missile was right in the heart of the enemy territory. >> reporter: he teases entertainment business at usc.l won't mean the death of other streaming services but will be a lolow cost big win for consumers because of what it's bringing to
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the table. >> unprecedented content at an unprecedented value sure to the shake-up the industry for years to come. >> reporter: meantime at the grove shopping center, disney springing loose the simpson characters and actors from its high school musical tv series. >> the child in me, the person in me was freaking out because there's so much content and i think everybody is going to be able to enjoy it no matter what their age is. >> reporter: an early morning technical glitch knocked the sign-off process off-line. >> my mom was trying to log in and was like oh, my gosh, there must be so many people. >> reporter: a surge of subscriptions jammed up the system, the problem now solved. >> pretty exciting. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. all of that content now available. >> there's just so much. it's unbelievable. >> we're not going to be able to come to work. >> we're busy. we've got disney plus to watch.
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>> have you looked up in the night sky tonight? it is a gorgeous full moon out there. yeah, we captured these stunning images from our cameras, our camera tower cameras. it's so amazing i can't even speak. >> meteorologist sanld huh patel is here with the forecast. >> i want to show you this stunning full effect of that rising full moon from our kgo roof camera. if you didn't get a chance to check it out, it was quite a sight. look at this. it's just incredible. and we'reak a look at live doppler 7. we do have extra clouds around above the fog layer. definitely watch out for that g. to aid perspe couple of systems in the pacific. the first one is going to throw some clouds our way tomorrow, bring down those temperatures, and we're going to see a repeat of that going into thursday. average high for san jose, it's
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66 degrees. even though it's going to be cooler tomorrow, you're still above where you should be at 74, just like today it's going to be warmer than average but not for long. thursday dropping down to 65 degrees and it'll be cooler oigt on through friday before those temperatures bounce back in time for your weekend plans. live look right now from our san jose camera. 40s, 50s for most of you at this hour. this is what you need to look out for. some dense fog for the morning commute. cooler weather the next two days and spotty coastal drizzle on thursday. out the door tomorrow, watch out for the fog. visibility will be low. it has already been low across parts of the bay area. temperatures will begin anywher cl wl. e have some more smoke
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filtering into the bay area.nap. i know a lot of people are wondering what about that rain? one computer is dry. this is the second computer model, and it keeps all the storms to our north until thursday, november 21st. possibly get close enough to us. we'll keep you posted. morning fog leading to a cooler wednesday. morning drizzle, even cooler weather with only 50s, 60s. you'll need to bring out the coats and jackets on thursday. and then as you will notice those temperatures do recover on friday with a warming trend just in time for the weekend. mid to upper 70s inland going into monday and then cools again on tuesday. dan and ama. >> thank you, sandhya. >> well, tomorrow
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this might be the cutest thing you see all day. a tampa, florida, couple got married this week and switched out the bridle bouquets for the wedding puppies. and they wanted to help support their local shelter. all the puppies will be available for adoption in the next few weeks and the couple even had applications on hand for their sports. >> how ht not been a thing already? and the giants think they have a great i
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yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. s t foundatio of a new less than of giants baseball has taken shape. sunday scott harris is named as gm. tonight gabe kapler has been named the manager. replacing bruce bochy becoming the 39th manager in franchise history. this will be his second managerial job at big league level. he was at player development with the dodgers following his 12-year career as a big leaguer. he'll be introduced to the media, we'll hear from him tomorrow. colin kaepernick will hold a
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work o satur 3year-on't playen the nfl since the 2016 season. kapler tweeted in part i've been in shape and ready for this for three years. sharks hosting new orleans. it was a good night for the sharks. past mike smith. 1-0, sharks early. still in the first, he shoots. cane cleans it up, putt i 2-arks up three in the second ande scores four straight games. the sharks win it 6-3. the warriors guard will be out tomorrow night's game against the lakers in l.a. the team will once again be short-handed but they will rally and keep fighting. >> it's challenging. it's been kind of the theme so far. it's not exactly ideal, but it's the realty. so you don't spend a whole lot
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of time lamenting anything. you just keep going. >> this wasn't expected for us to play with nine guys. back-to-backs, you've still got eight guys playing. that's unheard of. >> this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. tough year for the warriors. steph announced yesterday he'll be some time back in the spring and 49ers prime time game. so it'll be a night game instead of a
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and that is our report we appreciate your time as always. i'm dan ashley.
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>> i'm ama dates. from all of us here, thank you >> dicky from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, sir patrick stewart, from "dolemite is my name," da'vin and now more likely than not, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. and we send an especially warm welcome for those joining us where it isn't warm. 70% of the country is very cold right now. there's an arctic air mass, bringing record-low temperatures. schools are closed.


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