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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and clean up all the debris that's left behind. for every i will leem dumping trouble spot hike this one, there's hundreds more. >> we've been down this road before. done dozens of story about the plague of illegal dumping. a messy problem with no ready solutions. >> we use the 3 e strategies, education, eradication and enforcement. >> why should we believe state and county leaders now when they say they're going to make a difference. $750,000 to combat illegal dumping? >> we're trying to move an agenda that's going to increase sanctions and counties for illegal dumping and provide the resources to follow-up on that. >> many of the stories we've done center around oakland and the pervasive dumping problem. >> people are cluesless, careless and malicious. >> reporter: but it's also happening in contra costa
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county, especially along bailey road, rural bypasses, where it seems there's an appliance, a couch even every few hundred yards. >> we're looking at lighting, cameras, making sure that people that are supposed to have garbage service are actually subscribing. we're making sure that we are looking at the way we do outreach for those folks that need to know how to get rid of a mattre or chemicals. >> reporter: the teeth of this new program will be enforcement, hiring, sworn officers in each county to identify and then prosecute folks who do things like this. leave mattresses where they shouldn't be. in concord, laura anthony, abc 7 news. oakland had a six-month pilot program to address illegal dumping. how did that work out? >> dan, they did have a six-month program. they identified two key problem areas. they focused a lot of enforcement on those areas.
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they were told by nate mile i they made 500 arrests when focusing on the two locations. they say that the funding ran out and thanks to this new pilot decision with money from the state, they'll be able to continue that program. >> interesting. laura anthony reporting. >> transit is a key part of building a better bay area. getting from a to b has become increasingly difficult. today, fran's mayor named a new man in charge. reporter vic lee found this is about a lot more than bus routes. vic lee from market street. hi, vic. >> reporter: hi, ama. it is. the san francisco municipal transportation agency covers a lot of territories. one of the city's biggest departments and he has a lot of experience. more than 20 years in transportation management and planning. now, mayor london breed introduced with some words of
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advice. mayor london breed introduced jeffrey tumlin with words of advice. >> we need to do better. >> the reality of public transportation in the city and the challenge facing the new transportation director. but jeffrey tumlin says he's ready. >> i've long been a rather outspoken proponent of changing core practices in my industry. >> tumlin says his first task is to listen. he doesn't know all the answers yet. we asked muni riders what message they'd like to send him? >> i'd like the buses to come at regular intervals, rather than chaotic timing. >> they're always breaking down. that's one thing >> the quality of service overall i'd improve. >> thr other problems, e-scooters and ride shares. deferred maintenance and infrastructure repairs overdue. even the new railcars have
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design issues. there's a lack of parking. nowhere is that more evident than on van ness avenue. a project for express bus and traffic lanes is years behind schedule. the construction driven small business owners out of business. this man may lose his market as well. >> almost 60% of the businesses gone. >> all these issues facing the new transportation czar. not to mention a labor shortage of muni operators. last year alone, 400 vacant psitions. tumlin says that's a critical problem. >> i want to have conversations about how do we make sure that we are paying every sfmt employee a living wage. >> reporter: well, the board of directors will formally appoint tumlin on monday at his meeting. vic lee, abc 7 news. thank you. a project to build a better oakland has been delayed again.
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officials broke ground back in 2016. the buses were scheduled to start running next month. now it's looking like it won't be until march of 2020. ac transit officials say there have been a series of quote, unforeseen construction -- the subject of disruptions, protesters may try for a fourth time to disrupt a meeting of the oakland unified school district's board. last time as you can see here, police were called in. district plans to close a number of schools to save money. eric thomas is live at an elementary school where the meeting is being held. eric? >> reporter: dan, last hour we showed you this area just packed with protesters. they've moved inside. already there's been a little heat over who can make public comment when and briefly they turned off the microphone inside. they're still downstairs, inside
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the public meeting area. that's not what happened last time outside before the meeting, a coalition of parents, teachers and community activists pleaded for change. inside, the board readied for what could be another contentious battle of wills. >> there's a contingency in place in case protesters try to take over the meetings as they've done in the past. >> they clashed with police after a protester jumped over the barricade separating them from the school board. several arrests were made. >> there was to threat to the board. but there is a threat to their business because we don't want them to be closing down these schools. >> last meeting the board moved to an upstairs room and left them to watch on closed circuit tv. they're worried they're closing schools, like caser elementary. some believe the district wants
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to replace them with charter schools. >> charter schools tend to cherry pick. we don't. the district would be shooting itself in the foot to do that. >> that would be the schools go -- bypasses the district. >> reporter: well, the schools, school closures, rather, not the only thing people in there are concerned about. some of the folks inside that meeting have complained about police, the oakland unified school district police -- they'd rather see them out. there's hasn't been any reason. nobody is trying to get close to the board. only a little back and forth at this point. there have been three occasions when protesters described a meeting. you can believe the police are probably close by. eric thomas, i would think so. thanks. we dug into the ashe issues
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that teachers pace. go to smart train in seen -- we just got this in. in happened less than two ours ago where the tracks cause guernevil guerneville road. trains are making all stops at all stations. attorneys for the man accused of killing an iowa college student who grew up in oakland are trying to get the man's owe fegs thrown out. mollie tibbetts went missing this summer. a suj is hearing argument os n kwi argument. river's oir lawyer say it was coerced. >> she let him to that spot when
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he was coerced ifrmt. the attorney on trial for murder asked for her case to be thrown out. tiffany lee walked in as -- lee and her boyfriend are on trial for the 2016 killing of keith green, the father of her two children. the judge denied a request to dismiss the case. >> informs was provided on a cv to the jury that was represented to us not to be on that cv. the jury ak tessed it. it's jefd to it love not. do not consider it if any of you o. have hoed it. consider it in your dlab rations. they resume tomorrow. nut 56, chase a budy will stand in as the next devert
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attorney. he'll jake other the yooent, in turn, vuz i loftus stay like this for a little while. beau din ee is a dorner -- the latest election results on tuesday. the bay area is well-known as you know for liberal ideas and ideals. but that stereotype may be getting outdated. >> that's neither democrat or republican. look at the hearings that took place in the impeachment of president trump. cooler ♪ ♪
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vice president mike pence arrives tonight after making fundraising appearances in orange county and monterey county. this is video in monterey hours ago along with his wife karen. they're scheduled to arrive at moffitt field after 7:00 tonight. so less than an hour from now. tomorrow the vice president will speak nasa employees at nasa ames research center. today, impeachment hearings against president trump entered a new phase. you can watch it live on abc 7 this morning. for the first time, they're hearing from two key witnesses about the relationship between the united states and ukraine. mona kosar abdi has more from washington. >> tonight, president trump reacting to the first public hearing of the impeachment investigation. >> i haven't watched for one minute. >> while the president opted out, millions of americans tuned in to watch history in the making as the u.s.'s top diplomat to ukraine, bill taylor and a senior state department
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official, george kent testified. both men publicly stating their understanding that president trump ordered nearly $400 million in military aid from ukraine to investigate the bidens. taylor's revelation of a phone call he recently learned about. taylor says one day after the president's controversial call with ukraine's president, his staffer allegedly overheard the president ask sondland about quote the investigation. >> mr. sondland told president trump that the ukrainians were ready to move forward. >> rudy giuliani was orchestrating the push for the investigations. >> was mr. giuliani promoting u.s. national interests or policy in ukraine, ambassador? >> i don't think so, ma'am. >> what interest do you believe he was promoting, mr. kent? >> i believe he was looking to dig up political dirt against a
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potential rival in the next election cycle. >> but republicans in defense of the president tried to discredit and dismiss taylor by pointing out that aid to ukraine was never actually withheld. >> did they get aid in fy 18? >> yes, sir. >> have they gotten security assistance in fy 19? >> yes, sir. >> today democrats announced they've scheduled two more closed door depositions starting with david holmes, an official working in ukraine whom sources say he's the staffer that was mentioned. mona kosar abdi, capitol hill. two -- the peninsula's jackie spier and swalwell. >> he asked kent and taylor if they personally oppose president trump. >> just about an hour before the two of you sat down to testify today, the president tweeted multiple times about this hearing and he put in all caps,
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never trumpers. mr. kent, are you a never trumper? >> i am a career nonprofessionals who serves whatever president is dual elected and carries out the foreign policies as president of the united states. i've done that for three republican presidents and two democrat presidents. jackie spier spoke us to at 4:00 about why she thinks president trump has committed an impeachable offense. >> it is a high crime or treason and bribery. i am of the opinion that we have all the elements of bribery by the president of the united states. he used his office to ask for a favor from a foreign government seeking dirt on his opponent in 2020 in exchange for giving military aid. those are the elements of
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bribery and i believe that's what the president has done. the impeachment hearings resume on friday. abc news will carry them live so that you can watch it as it happens. it begins at 6:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. this impeachment process reflects the ongoing divide between democrats and republicans. here in the bay area, the two parties have some common ground. both are losing registered voters to those with no party preference. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at this growing trend. >> it's a trend that concerns republicans and democrats. in santa clara county, almost 300,000 county registered as no party preference or npp. year by year the number is growing. >> as people aren't involved in the decision-making process of the parties, as to who the nominees will be, we see more polarization and then that feeds upon itself. >> santa clara county is leading the way with a third of voters
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with no preference. with san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties close behind according to the secretary of state's office for california. no party preference voters are not shut out of the presidential primary. they will send outpost cards to let them choose a party. the state republican party decided not to allow this to prevent people from selecting a less desirable candidate to run against other party candidates. >> regardless of how they register, i think they vote their conscience what's in the best interests of interest of society. >> they'll be asked if they'd like to vote in the primary. the appropriate ballot can be printed on the spot saving the county tens of thousands of dolla dollars. >> we can pre print. >> or the voter can make that decision at the polling place.
6:19 pm
those choosing not to cross over as it's called, will have no third party on the ballot. if that process is confusing, it's estimated that one million might not participate in the presidential primary. david louie, abc 7 news. the 2020 primary election will be earlier than in years past. election day is march 3rd. voter registration is due by february 18th. request a vote until february 25th. we got the cooldown today. but is the rain ever coming? >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we did get the cooldown. we still have that. there's perhaps drizzle on the way. clouds are thickening. high, low and mid level. looks like we could get spotty drizzle near the coastlines. it's several degrees cooler, except half moon bay.
6:20 pm
we have an on-shore flow. the wind is light in most locations. it's flowing off the ocean bringing cooler marine air in. here's a view from the exploratorium camera. looking back at the skyline, temperatures in the mid-50s at san francisco and oakland. redwood city and -- mid-50s the gilroy and half moon bay. the view looks relatively clear. that's because the clouds that are in this area are a bit higher than we can detect right now. 51 degrees at santa rosa. napa 53. 60 in fairfield, concord and livermore. 61. the view at the golden gate which was looking foggy earlier. looks clearer now. these are the forecast features. spotty drizzle develops by morning. cloudy and cooler weather than average in the afternoon tomorrow and a warming trend begins this weekend. overnight, look for lots of clouds, all levels of the atmosphere. maybe some spotty coastal
6:21 pm
drizzle. over note lice mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, into the mid-morning hours, clouds will linger tomorrow. it will be relatively cool with highs ranging from about 60 at the coast to low 60s around the bay to upper 60s inland. friday it will warm up a little bit as we get a bit sunnier sky on friday. saturday and sunday, the warming kicks into high gear and it will be just about as warm as it was earlier this week. not november-like. not promising in terms of rainfall. here's the seven-day forecast. saturday, sunday and monday. look for high temperatures inland in the mid-to upper 70s. low 70s around the bay. and mid-60s on the coast. there will be gradual cooling early next week. for the seven days ahead. best chance for rain, measurable rain, spotty drizzle tomorrow. >> that's the best you can do. >> take what we can get. >> right. >> thanks very much. more than 500 movies, 7500
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off to a good start. that's how to describe the launch of the newest streaming service. >> dispney +. launched yesterday to much fanfare. it's signed up 10 million somebody scribers. analysts thought it would take disney a year to reach that milestone. after 12 years, netflix has 158 million subscribers. disney + starts at $6.99 a month. that's cheaper than netflix. you can bundle it with espn, plus hulu for $12.99 perfect month. subscribers get access to the library of films and series, plus new original content made just for streaming. if you have more questions, go to we have everything you need to know. i remind you, disney is the parent company of abc 7. the newest class for the california hall of fame has been announced. the late maya angelou. one of the preeminent poets and
6:26 pm
activists. she lived in san francisco as a teenager and went to george washington high school, then dropped out to become the city's first black female streetcar conduct conductor. she passed away in 2014 and will be honored posthumously. rupaul, world cup soccer champion, brandy chastain. france a court buck. skateboarder, tony hawk. jean watt suke i. george lopez, wolfgang puck and winemak winemaker, helen ann turley. the induction ceremony set for next month. >> it's an impressive group there. pg&e shut the power off deliberately four times last month as you know. those decisions are now going to be scrutinized. >> see what regulators are looking into as part of an investigation. new information on the first bay area
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there are those who will say thatoo fat.: too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. the california public
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utilities public commission opened an investigation for -- to ensure utilities are held accountable. >> more than 1 million california customers were affected. maybe you. we went through four rounds of pg&e's planned outages last month adding up to ten days total about a third of october. >> pg&e claims the blackouts were necessary. melanie woodrow has the update for today. >> commissioner -- >> the california public utilities commission voting to formally investigate the recent pg&e public safety power shutoff. the utility proactively deenergized power lines. the investigation will assess whether pg&e properly balanced the need to provide safe and reliable services when planning and executing the shutoffs. something residents want to know as well. >> many californians are debating whether california is still safe. >>the first phase of the
6:31 pm
investigation will evaluate pg&e's internal coordination, external communication and execution of the shutoffs. >> this investigation will serve as a forum for taking evidence. >> basically we were sent back into the dark ages. >> they support and understand the shutoffs during wind events but they need to be less broad. >> what we're asking for is sensors on the lines to be more targeted and not this broad shutoff for days on end. >> in an e-mailed statement to abc 7 news, a pg&e spokesperson writes, "while we recognize that the spoke of events is unsustainable in the long-term, it was the correct decision for safety given the large scale historic weather events." moke simon -- >> an investigation is one thing, but when you investigate -- we want solutions to the problem. >> the cpuc says an enforcement phase could be opened if the commission finds nonkmiens with cpu kruchlt rules and
6:32 pm
regulations chlg they have ordered them to demonstrate why they shouldn't be sanctioned for the shutoff. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a woman from vac avaaville the first to die from the complications from e-cigarettes. she was a previously healthy woman who began vaping six months ago. this makes it 40 deaths, the fourth in california. there are more than 2,050 confirmed illnesses. lyanne melendez has the details on the local case. >> the marin county health department says this 45-year-old woman died last friday at the hospital. that increases the number of deaths associated with e-cigarettes to 40. and the fourth in california since july 2019. dr. matt willis public health officer for the county said it happened quickly.
6:33 pm
>> she had symptoms of a cold for the previous few days. presented to t emergency department rapidly progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome. was placed on a breathing machine. sent to the icu and succumbed within 24 hours. >> the centers for disease control and prevention recently reported that there seems to be a common denominator in most of the cases. >> samples were taken from 29 patients and found vitamin e acetate in all of them. vitamin e is used as an additive. >> we have over ten samples of products she was using and we're working with the california department of public health and the cdc to test those samples to know exactly what the chemicals were in them. >> in september, marin county public health sent out warnings asking that people stop using e-cigarettes. >> one in three marin county high school juniors has reported vaping on a regular basis. >> health officials say she was
6:34 pm
aware of the dangers of vaping and tried to quit. but she was too addicted to nicotine. in marin county, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. abc 7 news, as you know, is committed to finding and fixing the issues that you care about. that we all care about to build a better bay area. one of the main ones is finding solutions to address homelessness, which is a pervasive problem recent data shows one in four of those in santa clara county is a college student. they're launching a pilot program with airbnb. it will offer temporary short-term housing for homeless students attending san jose state or a local community college. >> we've got hundreds of homeless students who should be thinking about their exams rather than where they're going to sleep.
6:35 pm
>> it's all part of santa clara county's ongoing commitment to house 100 students in 100 days. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. in san francisco, there's a house that's more than a home. it's an homage. >> you'll hear from some of the musicians who are being painted into a place of honor. you hire a photographer for your big event. but you never receive the photos. photos. what can you do? to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor.
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we're hours from the cma awards. airing here on abc tonight with an iconic lineup. ♪ this year's awards show puts the spotlight on women, described as an epic opening number. joining her are new co-host reba mcentire and dolly parton. it's followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 ziefshlts some of you may
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have been lucky enough to see carlos santana in san francisco. it turns out the singer made an appearance in another part of town. the guitarist long after the music faded. richard saah goff i can't made his home a shrine after the music faded. in the mission district. the walls are covered with artists. this morning, he was adding two more. starting with bay area legend, carlos santana. >> carlos, to me, because i was here this whole time, create thad latin sound. it was carlos that put us on the map. >> to say thank you, he put carlos on the wall, timing the addition to his big concert. he finished a second portrait of long time percussionist who dropped by to check out the likeness. >> it means a lot. there's a whole bunch of words that come to mind. one is honor, first. and the others are inspirations.
6:40 pm
>> richard says donors like eagle jewelry help pay for the addition. it's used to help pay for young musicians and pass along the knowledge of latin rock. >> what you're seeing is that seed being planted of inspiration. if they see the santanas and the esco individual owes -- >> despite the collage of colors, there's room for more. >> latin rock music was created in san francisco's mission district. it's up to me to keep our legacy and music alive. >> a growing tribute to a vibrant and living music scene. >> is that fantastic? i've known richard for years. he's a terrific guy. that house -- >> cool. >> a little cooler then a warmer. >> spencer has the
6:41 pm
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we have new details on breaking news earlier in this newscast. santa rosa police shared this photo of a motorcycle ridden by someone killed in a crash with a smart train. we've learned the motorcycle was on fire. this is what's left of it.
6:44 pm
this video shows that the train also shot -- caught fire. witnesses told police that the motorcyclist was speeding down the road and ran into one of the last cars of the train. the motorcyclist will not try to stop. >> in this age of the selfies and instagram, photographer. you might want a professional for a wedding or their daughter's kwins -- >> the family never saw a single picture. >> michael finney found out why. >> this traditional celebration marks the passage to adulthood on a girl's 15th birthday. this is a heartbreak. a photographer took hundreds of photos and hours of video. where were they? a year later, 7 on your side finds out. >> she still treasures the
6:45 pm
glittery gown she wore fon fon -- >> i feel emotional when i wear it. >> they're the few keepsakes to help her remember. >> when i was little, i dreamed that i will be there with all my family. >> her parents spared no expe e expense. hundreds of guests, catered dinner, dancing into the night. >> they work really hard to make my dream. >> the photographer recorded it all. but that's where the dream ended. a year later, the family still hadn't received a single photo. >> otto tells us his contract with the limousine company, ab limousine of san francisco, included $1500 for photos and video. however, the limo company never paid the photographer, which is why the family never received their pictures. >> i feel sad because we pay for the pictures and we didn't
6:46 pm
receive anything. >> otto contacted 7 on your side and we reached out to the limousine company owner. he would not discuss the case but finally did pay the photographer. the family received this video. and hundreds of photos. >> i cried because it looks so nice and makes me remember everything. >> it's like stepping back in time. i cried when i see me and my dad dancing, also with my mom. i was telling her that thank you because you work really hard to give me that party. i know you love me a lot. i love you too. >> happy birthday. >> brings tears to your eyes. >> the lesson here. if you're having a big event with many services. consider to pay each vendor independently. don't count on a third party to pay all the contracts for you. i want to hear from you.
6:47 pm
my hotline is open monday through friday. the 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and beautiful. >> no wonder you like your job so much. great outcome. >> so lucky. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. >> spencer christian has the latest. >> weather is demanding our attention. a cooldown today but more warm weather is going to return. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's not with us now. we've got lots of clouds. they remain with us overnight. low temperatures from upper 40s to low 50s. in fact, it may stay through the mid-morning hours on the projection for tomorrow's highs. low 60s in the bay shoreline. only upper 60s inland. it will be cool tomorrow. lots of clouds and maybe coastal drizzle. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. here comes the return of
6:48 pm
november warmth. saturday, sunday, monday, sunny skies mainly with highs in the mid to upper 70s. low 70s on the bay. gradual cooling by midweek next week. but the most we can see in the immediate forecast future in the way of rain is coastal drizzle. spotty coastal drizzle. >> we'll take it. but we'd like more. >> we would, indeed. >> thanks, spencer. on to sports. there's a new skipper at the helm. >> thart. talking baseball, chris. feels like baseball is months away. especially with the coastal drizzle. >> it is here. the hot stove is fired up. giants have the next manager. weave go one-on-one
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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been a busy week for the san francisco giants. sunday, redwood city native scott harris. last night kapler named the manager. we caught up with the new man in town as he's ready for his second managerial job. >> i had an extended conversation with bochy during the interview process and learned a lot about him. he was kind of playful about like he's a wine drinker. i am too. one of the greatest things about being the manager of the san francisco giants is there's wine
6:52 pm
accessible everywhere. the other thing he said is he was better his second time around. that was an inspiring moment for him. obviously, i'm going to take every possible opportunity to spend time with boetsch and learn from his experiences. i think that can make me better. >> when you were a player, what kind of manager did you like? >> the one thing i liked about the manager they were even, the same person every day. i respected that. there are personality types and the leadership style doesn't fluctuate whether i was ten for ten or 1 for 40. i was going to get the same person every day. that's the type of manager i wanted. very dependable for our players. they know what they're going to get. they're going to get energy and accountability. they're going to get structure and support. >> a lot of what you talked about, how do you gain the trust of your fans. on some of the issues you talked about. >> i think you don't earn the
6:53 pm
trust of people in a press krns or in one conversation or five conversations. happens over a long period of time. it happens over sometimes several years. i think one of the things i'll fall back on, in philadelphia and in los angeles, as time went on, the fan base trusted me more and the players trusted me a little bit more. i certainly had some challenges along the way. the front office in philadelphia, the players in philadelphia, they really learned to trust me because they saw my work ethic day in and day out. they saw that i was willing to walk the walk and do what i set out to do. >> what does it mean to you to wear this uniform, the san francisco giants, be the manager of this ball club. >> a lot. it's hard to put into words. it doesn't come easily. to wear this uniform and put on this hat, it's humbling. yeah. certainly it's one of 30. it's not just that. it's the san francisco giants.
6:54 pm
and the history of this franchise and the support of this fan base, it's a lot of -- it's pressure and i love that pressure to live up to being a great leader in this town and i'm excited to take that on. >> thanks to gabe for his time. we'll be seeing him a lot over the years. after a loss for the seahawks, the niners have a quick turn around against the dard r cardinals. likely without george kittle. he's the top offensive weapon. sanders, he's questionable after injure ing his ribs. >> it takes the guys throwing and catching the ball. i can throw it better to make it easier on those guys. they work their [ bleep ] off. they come in every day with a good mind-set. when your number is called, you got to take advantage of the opportunities. we don't get many of them. when you do, you got to take advantage. the nfl would invite cal
6:55 pm
inkaepernick's workout. it may not be as widely -- >> accept e. several teams reached out of saying they won't be able to make it. the nfl won't provide a list of team representatives in ten dance, leaving some skeptical of the intent. >> disingenuous. told colin that he has the opportunity and that the league will work with him. but it's the saturday before a game. teams are traveling. what head coach or gm is going to be able to make this trip? >> that's abc 7 sports report sponsored -- that was eric reed, the former 49er. >> it's a good point. the saturday before a sunday game. >> yeah. if they're supposed to be videotaping it for teams that can't make it. we'll see what happens. it is a chance. >> we'll see. >> people on different side of the fence. >> thanks, chris. join us tonight for abc 7
6:56 pm
news at 11:00. hey everyone. amanda dell castillo on this world kindness day. i'm joined -- we're on the way to continue with this creative story we're getting into. i'm not giving you the details. you have to join us at 11:00 for this. it's surrounding world kindness day. what is one kind thing you've done today. tweet at me. respond. retweet. do whatever you need to do to get that over to me. i want to know what you're doing out there. we want to keep it going. watch at 11:00 for the story. in the meantime we're getting creative and i want to hear from you. say bye, tony. >> cute. you'll tune in for this, right? tonight at 8:00, catch the 53rd annual cma awards followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 and amanda's piece. and 11:35, jimmy kimmel live. look for breaking news on
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♪ this is the... now let's meet today's semifinalists-- a physician and health care analyst from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... a university administrator from princeton, new jersey... and an 11th grade physics teacher from new paltz, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to the last of our semifinal games. a bit of a rematch for the finals which get underway tomorrow. we have james and emma. who will join them? will it be francois, gilbert, or lindsey? let's start finding out. here we go.
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