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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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see you guys. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> congratulations. congratulations to garth brooks and to all of tonight's winners. thank you all for being a part of country music's biggest night, especially my amazing guest hosts, dolly and reba. >> good night, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> tonight's cma awards were determined by the 7,400 industry members of the country music association. the ballots were tabulated by the professional services organization of deloitte and the results are revealed for the first time tonight. ♪ ♪ "jimmy kimmel live" is all new with mean tweets, music edition.
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plus ray romano, the zac brown band, and more. late night tonight. ♪ ♪ a raucous night in oak lnld as a school board meeting gets
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hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. i'm cornell bernard in oakland. protesters forced school board members to move to another location. students replaced them in their
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seats. >> the latest vaping related death occurred, the first in the bay area. we setup in downtown san jose to ask people about one kind thing they've done today. abc 7 news starts right now. chaos at the oakland school board meeting tonight. >> protesters upset about school closures disrupt asked then took over the meeting forcing the board to leave. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, i have covered a lot of school board meetings, but i've never seen anything like this. protesters derailed tonight's meeting upset about school closures. it took only minutes for protesters to disrupt the oakland school board meeting.
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>> which side are you on? >> reporter: many parents and teachers are upset about the closure and consolidation of several school, a cost saving measure. the president london tried to keep order. then this happened. the entire room turned its back on the school board. at the october 23rd meeting protesters clashed with police inside the meeting room after a protester jumped over a barricade separating them from the school board. several arrests were made. >> not one apology. nobody has accepted responsibility. >> reporter: she says she was injured that night. she wants the district to stop spending money on its police force. >> that could be used to save our public schools and keep them open, which is all we're asking for is let our children have their education. >> reporter: minutes later she
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confronted the district spokesman. board members were forced to leave and continue to their meeting in an up stairs room, no public allowed only by video camera. kids then take their places at the meeting. >> we were hopeful that the board meeting could continue as planned in the boardroom but obviously that didn't happen. >> reporter: no, it didn't. the superintendent says an outside investigator is going to be brought in to find out how the meeting in october got out of hand. protesters say they will be back for the next school board meeting. they demand that all schools stay open. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. breaking news, b.a.r.t. is being sued after an officer detained a man who was eating a sandwich on the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. platform. video of the incident went viral last week as you saw probably. the lawyer representing steve
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foster, the man in the video you see here in the blue shirt said b.a.r.t. officers engaged in racial profiling. a battle over the oakland colosseum complex. the city is dropping its lawsuit against alameda county. oakland had been trying to prevent the county from selling its half ownership stake. the a's want to regdevelop the land while pursuing a new stake in the howard terminal. new at 11:00, a pickup truck fire closed several eastbound lanes in the bay bridge tonight. check out this video a bus passenger shot just before 8:00 p.m. firefighters were able to knock down the flames about 15 minutes later or so. the pickup truck's driver was
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transported for some smoke inhalation but the passenger was not hurt. that fire also got dangerously close to homes. tonight a look right in the thick of the fire fight with video from the vallejo firefighters association. this video shows four different angles of the flames around the home. this home is located east and up the hill from the maritime academy. flames were quickly encroaching from at least two sides of the house when firefighters arrived. less than half a minute later they're pulling the hose off the truck. but within a minute smoke starts to surround the home and cameras, embers flying everywhere. within just another 30 seconds flames come even closer to the patio burning over the wall. from another viewpoint you can see firefighters are still there trying to get it under control. as the smoke starts to clear you can see one firefighter come
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across that porch. what may be surprising, how much didn't burn. the patio wall and some furniture still intact. here you can see a firefighter on the roof of the truck spraying water on the home. they also appear to go in more later with more hose. the house was relatively unscathed. it firefighters tell us it had some broken windows, and the fence line. one building at the property was destroyed. the health crisis you've heard so much around the country because of vaping hits home. a woman from vackaville is the first in the bay area to die because of complications related to e-cigarettes. >> reporter: marin county health officials say the 45-year-old died frump complications related to e-cigarette use. >> we know that in talking with her family that she had started vaping six months ago and had
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been aware of some of the communications we've been offering about the harms of vaping and had tried to quit herself. >> reporter: she was treated at nevado community hospital where she died last friday. previously healthy she's now the first to die in the bay area from vaping related conditions. >> she had symptoms of a cold for the previous few days, presented to the emergency department, rapidly progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, was placed on a breathing machine, sent to the icu and succumbed within 24 hours. >> reporter: her death is part of an unfortunate trend. she's the 40th person to die in the u.s. from an e-cigarette related illness. an contributing factor in many of
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the cases. the coroner says the autopsy and toxicology tests have been scheduled for thursday. the official cause of death will be determined after the exam. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. public transit is an integral part of building a better bay area. and tonight we've learned a bus system is delayed. a spokesman for the project is citing unmarked utilities and underground obstacles. it's now expected in march. the ort will run from downtown oakland to san leandro. san francisco supervisors have voted to allow the removal of nearly 200 trees in san francisco's laurel heights neighborhood in order to build a mixed use development. it includes 744 homes and affordable senior housing. opponents say it will ruin one of the last open green spaces in the neighborhood.
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>> we were just days away from building our better bay area fremont week. we'll be looking at issues that impact housing, job creation and much more. tonight the talk around town in washington, d.c. all about the impeachment hearings. democrats called two key witnesses about claims the trump administration pressured ukraine for political purposes. the latest now from washington. wednesday, president trump on the defensive. dismissing the first public hearing in the impeachment investigation as a, quote, witch hunt. >> i hear it's a joke. i haven't watched. >> the first two witnesses the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, bill taylor, and a senior state department official george kent testifying side by side. both men publicly stating the president withheld nearly $400
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million in military aid. >> it was illogical, could not be explained. it was crazy. >> reporter: taylor since revealing since his closed door testimony weeks ago the career diplomat telling congress on july 26th, one day after the president's controversial call with ukraine's president his staffer overheard the president asking u.s. ambassador to the eu gordon sondland over the phone about, quote, the investigations. >> the member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what president trump thought about ukraine. ambassador sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden. >> reporter: an effort both men say was orctrated by the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, who they say was conducting a shadow diplomacy counter to american national interests. >> what interests do you believe he was promoting, mr. kent? >> i believe he was looking to dig up dirt on a potential
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opponent in the next election cycle. >> did they get aid in >> yes, sir. >> reporter: dondland didn't mention a july 26th phone conversation with president trump. sondland will have a chance to address that allegation when he publicly testifies next week. >> the hearings resume on friday, and abc news will carry them live so you can watch the testimony as it happens. coverage begins at 6:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. i'm amanda del cas how the south bay is celebrating world kindness day. what standferred researchers just revealed about their massive heart study. cloudy and cool tonight. introducing some drizzle for your morning commute. i'll have a full look at the
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forecast coming up. first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> please watch our show tonight. >> you're 52 now, right? >> i'm 52, yeah. >> aren't things happening?
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in our effort to build a better bay area we certainly cannot over look the lack of being kind to one another. >> and today in the south bay and around the globe many supported world kindness day. did you find a lot of kindness in the south bay? >> reporter: i absolutely did, and i also learned it truly takes some sequencing to get
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people comfortable enough to celebrate their own kindness. today was a good reminder it doesn't take a grand gesture to be a good person. for our story on world kindness day, we knew we needed to right equipment. and then we needed takers. people to answer the question what is one kind thing you've done today. so we set up searching for people in downtown san jose. >> i held the elevator door and saying good morning to everybody who came in. >> i kind of take it as a point to buy coffee in the morning for the first person, one of my coworkers that i see just because we all have hard days. >> for me i recently lost my dad within the past year so whenever i smile i extend that. >> reporter: what is it, how would you define it? >> something that brings a smile to someone's face whether you're bringing joy to someone or if
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you're helping them out. just making them happy in a certain way. >> the charm, the love. >> reporter: and in some cases the thing some need to be reminded about. one of our producers was recently at a local bakery and ran across this sign. it asked for customers to be kind to employees. >> fundamentally or baseline should always be nice. and you shouldn't have to ask this at all. >> reporter: you heard it from the expert himself. back to the photo, a few weeks later the sign had to be removed. the manager told us it had caused too many complaints. so here's today's reminder, be kind, you have it in you. >> it's all about kindness in our hearts, every day, every moment. >> kindness, caring for another person is what defines us as a species actually. that is our default mode. >> reporter: he elaborated on
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his definition of kindness saying it's a positive act towards another without any metivation. simply seeing a person who may be in distress or not and just simply being nice. >> all right, amanda, thank you. what have you done today in honor of world kindness day? share your good deeds by going to our facebook page. new developments tonight. we're getting our first full look at the results from apple's massive heart study. stanford researchers found the apple watch was 80% reliable in detecting an irregular heartbeat. researchers note the study did not use the most recent apple watch that has a special sensor to detect heart issues. more than 400,000 people signed up for the study funded by apple. one fan took video in line and says they got word of the
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ca cancellation just 10 minutes before. the theater posted online around the doors were supposed to open martinez was sick and the show had been postponed. she says she's heartbroken not to perform. okay, well let's talk about the weather forecast. the show must go in the weather department. >> exactly. they have been a little cold out there in line, sandhya. >> it was cold outside. today temperatures 5 degree cooler than yesterday afternoon. you will notice it was a combination of fog and higher clouds that really created a drearily day today. and tonight that marine layer has stretched out. it's about 2,100 feet deep. so tomorrow morning do expect some slick spots. if you're driving this is your morning commute planner, it will be damp in spots. fair skies and watch out for some patches of drizzle out there as that marine layer has
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deepened. do want to show you what's ahead. tomorrow morning expect that drizzle. as we head into tomorrow afternoon you will notice those temperatures are running lower than they should be and brighter and warmer weather awaits just in time for your weekend plans. live look from our emeriville camera. visibility is good, but it has been hazy and we have the clouds around on live doppler 7. we're going to see that again tomorrow as well. that's holding the temperatures up. they're actually running higher than yesterday. numbers right now in the 50s. beach hazard statement has been issued tomorrow. that system kicking up the waves so there's an increased risk for sneaker waves for west-northwest facing beaches. definitely look out. with that drizzle you might need a little extra time to get to work or get your kids off to school if you have them. we'll keep it on the cloudy side
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across the bay area and definitely cool. most areas will be in the low to upper 60s unless you're in clover dale. 70 degrees there. spotty drizzle tomorrow followed by a little more sun on friday. and those temperatures up as we head into the weekend. mid to upper 70s inland. if you like that weather you'll certainly enjoy monday, and after that temperatures are dropping a few degrees tuesday and wednesday. dan and ama? >> thank you, sandhya. >> tomorrow on good morning america spencer goes behind the scenes at
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to your childhood and today in pittsburgh it became the theme of world kindness day. the hospital welcomed the wife of the late fred rogers with the rendition of won't you be my neighbor. and also dressed the newborns in a cardigan. mr. rogers neighborhood was actually produced in pittsburgh
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future of the giants is starting to take shape. earlier this week scott harris named your gm.
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last night kapler replaces the future hall of famer bruce bochy. he spent the last few seasons -- as he gets ready for another stint as major league manager. >> i think one thing important to know about me is i really care a lot about people, and i am passionate about baseball, and i'm passionate about competing between the lines. and i'm passionate about winning every single day and even winning conversations individually, but i don't think that is more passionate than i am about developing people and working to develop people. >> more of our interview on right now. warriors lakers, anthony davis. lakers up 15, in the second paschal and nice finish. and the steal and the buckets. warriors down 10. hey, there's clay. nice to see him. lebron james, he's the king and he can fly. crowns that one in.
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game high 23. paschal going at lebron, 15 points off the bench. and remember mcgee, the former warrior, he also is tall and can throw it down. dubs are 2 and 10 this year. after a grueling overtime loss to the seahawks a quick kittle is the offense top offensive weapon and struggled in the offense monday night with a lot of pressure on those receivers to step up. >> whenever there's jobs it takes a guy throwing the ball and catching the guy. obviously i can throw it better to make it easier on those guys. and those guys work their [ bleep ] off. they really do. and when your number gets called you've got to take advantage of the opportunities because in this league you don't get many of them. >> this abc 7 sports report
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