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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 14, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the deadly school shooting. authorities say a 16-year-old on his birthday opening fire.lking, pulling out a gun. at least two dead. others hit. the chilling text messages sent to parents from children hiding. the classrooms -- chairs piled up against the doors. also tonight, two major headline in the impeachment showdown. speaker nancy pelosi now using the word bribery, pointing to a possible bribery charge against president trump. and tonight, news a second person overheard the president on a possible second key phone call. the community on lockdown today. the sighting. a u.s. marine wanted for murder. his rv now recovered. they now believe he's on foot tonight. authorities asking for your help this evening after images captured on this doorbell
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camera. a chilling scream, a car pulling away. the state of emergency in venice. historic flooding that's now turned deadly. tourists with luggage floating in the water. people using pitchers to scoop out the water. james longman in the floods. the race for 2020. the new candidate jumping in just today. this after michael bloomberg made news. and now hillary clinton saying, never say never. the school lunch outrage. a worker seen taking hot lunch off a student's tray because their balance was not paid. the backlash, and what's happened now. and the stunning image tonight. they should look down.mming rigm in the water. good evening. great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. we begin with the news that broke again today, a deadly school shooting. this time police say a student on his 16th birthday opening fair on fellow students in santa clarita, california, north of los angeles.
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at least two dead tonight. authorities say the teen gunman opened fire at saugus high school in what's called zero period before classes began. students brought out in long lined by heavily armed police. the text messages so many sent while hiding. the suspect who police say shot himself is mow in custody and news tonight on the students who did in the survive. matt gutman leads us off from the scene. >> reporter: it was just before 8:00 a.m. this morning at this school north of the los angeles when authorities say a teen walked up with a backpack and started opening fire. >> we've got an active shooter, saugus high school. we need all units to respond. >> reporter: dozens of cruisers and swat teams racing to the saugus high school. >> male asian wearing black hat and blue jeans. >> reporter: students were congregating in the quad, right near the entrance, when the alleged gunman, also a student, approached and opened fire.
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>> detectives reviewed the video at the scene, which clearly show the subject in the quad withdraw a handgun from his backpack, shoot and wound five people, and then shoot himself in the head. >> reporter: killing a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, and officials say today was the suspect's 16th birthday. >> i have one down inside the office, and i need paramedics right now. >> reporter: first responders racing the wounded to ambulances. some of the 2,000 students there barricading rooms with chairs. others running for their lives. >> we heard what sounded like binders happen, because that happens. >> or birthday balloon popping. >> especially by the library where everything echoes, but then there was still something in our gut that told us that it was wrong. >> that doesn't sound exactly like a balloon. >> so everyone went quiet and then we heard two more and that's when -- >> we all realized something is aong. ther pause and three
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more and we just ran. >> i just yelled at my teacher, i said we just got to lock the doors right now. >> reporter: 17-year-old hayden trowbridge's parents had been preparing him for this since he 4 years old, he said. >> i did have my water bottle just in case, it's like a deadly weapon. >> reporter: choir teacher kaitlin holt was just feet away from the quad. >> i had another student hold pressure. we laid her down. she was responsive. >> reporter: k-9 units checking abandoned backpacks for possible additional weapons or devices. hundreds of students led out with heavy security, some with their hands in the air. you can see how many fire crews and rescue crews and police officers are behind me. dozens and dozens here including s.w.a.t. teams at the school. parents and others just standing by waiting to pick up the last of the kids. >> my daughter texted me, i love you mom. i hope i get to see you again. so, yeah, it was heartbreaking. amidst the swarm of rescuers
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and journalists were parents, hands on mouths, faces streaked with tears. >> my hands were shaking. i was crying. i didn't know what to say. i didn'tno io k? >> reporter: waiting for what seemed like an eternity for news and for those embraces. >> as parents, you go to work every day to provide for these kids, and the last thing you want to hear is they've taken a bullet. they're just kids trying to get an education. >> reporter: in the aftermath, outside the suspect's house, police taking up positions. guns drawn, peering through the window with automatic weapons. >> parents hug their children yet again. matt gutman joining us life from the scene. what do we know about the alleged shooter? >> reporter: he's in the hospital, david in critical condition. we are told by law enforcement sources he was a troubled young man. his father died of a heart attack two years ago. they are interviewing his mother and ex girlfriend. apparently g.o.a.t. are cooperating. investigators are also looking into at least one online post
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from the suspect in which he seemed to suggest something would happen today at school. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. thank you. as all of this was playing out today we took note of the other image coming in the walmart in el paso re-opening of a gunman killed people there. the manager said 400 people worked at the store before shooting. almost all of them have now returned. now to the other scare today. the community on lockdown after the sighting of a marine wanted for murder in virginia. they believe the suspect may be on foot tonight. >> reporter: investigators searching for suspected murder michael alexander brown today finding his rv, opening up the wallace of the vehicle to secure the scene and look for clues. >> mr. brown has not been located. we do believe he is on foot.
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>> city schools in roanoke closed after a report brown was seen in the area. overnight knocking on his grandmother's door. later seen this afternoon. >> he could be walking around and no one noticed. >> reporter: residented are urged to she woulder in place. >> a lot of us are stuck inside with our kids right now, trying to convince them and explain to them why they can't go outside. >> reporter: the 22-year-old marine is wanted for the murder of his mother's boyfriend, just weeks after he deserted his post at camp lejeune. police say said he took weapons from the home of the victim. >> we have reason to believe he may be armed and dangerous. and if he is confronted or pushed into a position where he feels like he has no other alternative, then he may use force. >> they're just get, ready to pull that rv out of the way here. police are urging residents to make sure they lock their outside sheds and car doors and and homes and remain vigilant.
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if they see any sight of him, call 911. schools are set to be in session tomorrow, but that could change. >> adrian, thank you. major new developments in the impeachment showdown. tonight nancy pelosi using the word bribery. what this might signal. pelosi explicitly accusing president trump of bribery and what she heard in the hearings, saying, quote, the cover-up makes what nixon did look small. this comes after news a second person heard the president on a phone call. mary bruce on the hill are reporting. >> reporter: speaker pelosi saying president trump committed bribery, a major step for the speaker was bribery is in the constitution as an impeachable offense. >> the crime is military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake
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investigation into the elections. that's bribery. >> reporter: pelosi saying that what trump did is worse than what forced richard nixon out of office. >> the cover-up makes what nixon did look almost small. >> reporter: the democrats' top witness bill taylor testified he had a quote, clear understanding the u.s. was withholding $400 million in military aid until the ukrainian president announced a public investigation into the bidens. taylor said one of his staffers heard trump discussing it with the ambassador to the eu gordon sondland. >> following the call with president trump the member of my staff asked sondland what president trump thought about ukraine. mr. sondland responded that president trump cared more about the investigations of biden. >> reporter: that staffer now a new witness set to answer questions behind closed doors
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tomorrow, and tonight, the associated press now reporting a second state department staffer also heard that call. president trump denies it ever happened. >> do you really conversations? >> no, not at all. not even a little bit. >> reporter: republicans are dismissing taylor's testimony. >> you weren't on the call with you? >> i did not. >> you never talked with chief of staff mulvaney. >> i never did. >> you never met the president. >> that is correct. >> reporter: democrats say they want to talk to firsthand witnesses including the president's acting chief of staff and former national security adviser john bolton, but trump is blocking them from testifying. >> few fl stronglywe ot pus whi let you speak to those firsthand witnesses like bolton and mulvaney? >> i want to hear from -- in the whistle-blower's complaint he says this -- over the past four months i have talked to more than half a dozen officials. i want to hear from the whistle-blower and the officials
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he or she talked to. >> reporter: but why not bolton and mulvaney, why not the firsthand witnesses? >> that's their call. these are close advisers to the president. >> reporter: unmoved by the officials who have come forward. >> is any of it inappropriate to isn't it true. >> are we having a hearing about inappropriate for are we having an impeachment inquiry. >> mary bruce live on the hill. the hearings resume tomorrow. marie yovanovitch set to testify. also key and behind closed doors after that, the lawmakers will hear from the new witness who heard president trump on the phone call. >> reporter: that staffer david holmes will be pressed on what he heard the president saying on the phone call with ambassador sondland. lawmakers may want to question the other staffer who reportedly also heard the phone call. >> mary, thank you. the ousted ambassador marie
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yovanovitch will testify tomorrow morning. i'll be joining george for live coverage. it's 9:00 a.m. eastern on abc. the other news, the record breaking cold across much of the country. hundreds of records shattered from new mexico to maine. after dropping 60 degrees in some places the rebound. dare we ask for how long? rob marciano has the answer for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. just one more day of rebound and then it's back into the freezer. warmer in the east by ten degrees. boston in the 50s. chicago, detroit, that's leading the next round of cold air. zero in buffalo, teens and 20s on i- 5. gulf of mexico storm going to create rain in the southeast tomorrow. saturday we are not sure what it does as far as how close it gets to the u.s. could be messy here and points to the east some sunday and
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monday. >> thank you rob. great to have you. authorities investigating a meese mysterious call for help. a scream and the car pulling away. here's abc's will carr. >> somebody help me! >> reporter: tonight, a mystery behind that terrifying call for help, police say a possible kidnapping, caught on a doorbell camera in los angeles. watch again. >> somebody help me, please! somebody help me! >> reporter: after that blood-curdling scream, you can see a white prius with its trunk open race away as panicked neighbors run outside. >> i'm shaking now just talking about it. like, her screams. i can't forget it. >> reporter: neighbors say listen closely and you can hear a man saying, i'm sorry. >> help me! >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: detectives scoured the area, going door to door, looking for more information and more video.
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the lapd is now reviewing that ring doorbell video, but says at this point nobody has been reported missing. david, at least one neighbor white car. david? >> former massachusetts governor after michael bloomberg signalle here's whit johnson. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, former massachusetts governor deval patrick shaking up the 2020 race, filing paperwork to get on the primary ballot. as questions swirl about whether any of the leading democratic candidates can beat president trump. is your decision to jump into the race in any way a reflection on a lack of confidence for the rest of the democratic field? >> no, that's not it. it's that i think we have this incredible moment where the public's appetite for solutions, you know that will meet the size of the challenges we're facing. >> so you see your own lane in this crowded a field.
3:45 pm
>> i do. i do. >> reporter: it comes as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg files for a slot in the arkansas and alabama primaries, hinting but still not confirming a run. >> so it doesn't mean we're going to run, but we do that to make sure that we're on the ballot if we do run. >> reporter: tonight, speculation about whether the democratic field will expand even further. >> as i say, never, never, never say never. and i will certainly tell you, i'm under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been dodging questions about whether she'd try again. >> what would it take you to run? >> i'm sorry, to run? >> to run. >> you know, i have always been a very slow runner. and, you know, i'm embarrassingly slow. look, i think i would have been a really good president. >> reporter: still, clinton says a trump/clinton rematch is not in her plans. david, governor patrick tells me
3:46 pm
he called joe biden and elizabeth warren before making his announcement. warren avoiding questions about patrick. instead taking a direct shot at michael bloomberg saying he's just a billionaire encouraged be his billionaire buddies to jump in the race. >> less than a year to go. thanks, whit. still much more ahead. the other case tonight, a former marine charged with murdering his own parents. authorities say he walked into the police station with blood on his shirt. what he did. the backlash. the school lunch outrage. a worker seen taking hot launch off of a student's tray because their balance was not paid. what's happened tonight. >> then this stunning image. take a look. they should look down. what's swimming right up to them in the water? a lot more news ahead. we'll be right back. hing oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots.
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next tonight italy declaring a state of emergency. we have a team in venice witnessing the historic floodingle tourists with luggage
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floating. now it's turned teonhtve watery nightmare conties misery. the worst floods in half a century, causing millions of dollars of damage. >> it's hard to see the businesses that are struggling and they're cleaning, and then the next day it just floods again. >> reporter: a new attraction for tourists perhaps, but for local businesses it means ruin. so, what can venice do? this is the moses barrier. it's at the mouth of the venice lagoon, and it's supposed to be a wall that rises up out of the water blocking the sea, going from there all the way over there. but after years of delay, it still doesn't work. locals blame corruption and political apathy on the failed multibillion dollar project. the government promising to get it working with hundreds of years of history at stake and the threat of sea levels looming large, venice has rarely felt
3:50 pm
vulnerable. emergency has unlocked over $20 million for immediate relief and compensation. but with more rain on the way, that may only be a drop in the ocean. david? >> thanks, james. when we come back, more on the marine charged with murdering his own parents. school lurchl outrage and the remarkable thing that's happened. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain ngal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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and safeguard tomorrow, so you're ready for anything. life insurance designed to protect generations of familie. that's the power of pacific. ask a financial professional about pacific life. to the index. a former marine charged with murdering his parents in florida. his shirt cover in the blood when he walked into a police station andconfessed. tonight a minnesota school district is apologizinger if take away lunch from a student. the student had an outstanding balance of $15 for more. the school apologizing. more than $14,000 in donations has come in to pay. footage showing a gray whale swimming up to several surfers. many unaware of their company. when we come back it can
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finally tonight here, the music ie kocons all on one stag. ♪ those memories of you still haunt me ♪ >> those memories, and last night new ones made first with three icons, dolly parton reba mcentire and carrie underwood. ♪ dreams of you trembles ♪ ♪ i call your name ♪ oh, but you're not there and
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i'm so lonesome ♪ >> soon, the number of women on that stage began wt's we you have on ♪ >> on social media fans celebrating the moment. one writing anybody else crying while watching this? another, sleek shrieking at my tv. mar tina mcbride's independence day. some of the most iconic women of country music all on stage. ♪ independence day >> hard to beat
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>> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> there have been five arrests made and there have been law enforcement agencies from throughout the bay area assisting. >> a massive response in marin city as police raid a home in relation to the deadly halloween shooting. >> five people were killed in that shooting two weeks ago. today's raid and arrest are the first major development in the investigation since the shooting. >> laura anthony first broke the story today on twitter. she joins us live on the investigation and exactly what took place today. laura. >> reporter: hi, larry, we are still awaiting details and official confirmation from the contra costa county sheriff's department but we heard from a were arrested here this morning. residents in this apartment complex told us there were several loud booms, sounded like
4:01 pm
flash bangs, and it looked like the