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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 15, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PST

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two weeks after the rorinda halloween party shooting, how and where the arrests took place. in san jose new video shows a sea of bicycles broken and destroyed. now nearby neighbors are demanding action to get rid of these so-called bike chop shops. celebrating sustainability, diversity and inclusion, which san francisco businesses will take home this award. abc 7 news at 11:00, starts right now. >> today we just want to tell people we love them. >> well, it's happened again tonight. grief after a student opens fire on a campus in south california. two classmates dead, three wounded. >> during to the turmoil
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families were receiving text messages like this one. everyone saying there's a shooter on campus, i don't know what's going on, but i love you and dad so much. this was at saugus high school in santt the shooter shot himself and was taken to a hospital. hospital. >> reporter: gunfire erupting just as the school day was beginning. >> i have one down inside the office, and i need paramedics right now. >> reporter: the horror unfolding in the quad, a popular out door gathering spot for students. the alleged shooter, a student at the school. >> detectives have reviewed the video at the scene which clearly show the subject in the quadwithdraw a handgun from his backpack, shoot and wound five people and then shoot himself in
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the head. >> reporter: the motive still unclear merchandise. >> he's identified as a 16-year-old male whose birthday is today. >> reporter: canine units checking abandoned backpacks for other weapons, authorities clearing the building, hundreds of students led out amid heavy security, victims transport today a nearby hospital. >> there are more victims than just the ones in the hospital. there are family, classmates and the community. and we'd like to offer the hospital as a resource. >> reporter: the community now in work every day to provide for these kids the last thing you want to hear is they've taken a bullet. they're just kids trying to get an education. >> reporter: the high school remains closed. in the meantime residents have been coming and placing flowers in memorial for the victims. in today in el paso, texas, a wal-mart reopened more than three months after 22 people
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were shot and killed at the store. there are also upgraded security measures including new cameras and gates at the entrances. developing news now, s.w.a.t. officers with guns drawn raiding an apartment complex-lengthed to the party shooting that left five people dead in orinda. >> five people were arrested in four cities. >> reporter: the halloween night shooting at the orinda airbnb was two weeks ago tonight and evl since then the community and the victims' families have been waiting for justice with no arrests until today. in a series of coordinated raids teams of heavily armed police went to four bay area cities including this one in marin city. >> it looked like something you'd see in a movie.
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it was police everywhere. >> and how they came here this morning, the level of humiliation and degradation that commenced, there is nothing that could justify that. they arrested five men in connection with the shooting at the orinda party. they were all arrested on murder and conspiracy charges and are being held without bail. 21-year-old devon williamson of vallejo was arrested on a accessory charge. he's being held in lieu of half a million dollars bail. five people were killed at this orinda house during a party advertised online as an airbnb mansion party. the dispute may have stemmed from rival gangs including san francisco. now the cona st sheff says the evidence shows two of the people who died inside the
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oinda party were actually armed themselves. he says that may have played a role in the the families of e victims in that orinda shooting will be filing a lawsuit against airbnb and the property owner next week. >> five people are dead but three of them we represent that frankly the environment that was put in place was put in place that allowed for this to occur was by airbnb as well as the owner of the facilities. >> burr says the families are pleased with news of the arrests today. last week the family of another victim filed a wrong death lawsuit against airbnb, the city of orinda, the homeowner and the party organizers. new developments in san jose where a man now faces charges with sexually molesting a 13-year-old girl. on the left you can see a picture of him. on the right is a sketch that police shared after a man approached the victim five different times. he's accused of inappropriately
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touching the girl when she walked her dog along the creek trail. those attacks took place during september and october. in the south bay residents living near downtown san jose are demanding action. they say well-established along popular trail. and they're concerned it's attracting more criminal behavior. amanda del castillo joining us now with more details. >> reporter: we're talking about a sea of bikes broken and destroyed. this is in the gardener neighborhood of san jose. with the growing chop shop there's growing concern. this video shows what many describe as a bicycle shchop sh. anthony didn't take the video but he lives nearby. he feels for the homeless people pointing to circumstance blaming the lack of affordable housing and lack of action by city
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leaders. >> i hope they'll invite the people here first to come talk. >> reporter: others say it's criminal behavior. >> it's crazy. i've walked in these places. there's tents. there's places with prsprockets and bicycle parts. >> reporter: surveillance footage shows the moment someone stole his book. he then scoured homeless encampments and area chop shops. this is how his bike was returned. we contacted the councilman's office about this issue. his office said this was the first they heard about it adding we encourage neighbors to report criminal actifvity in their neighborhoods to our police department and work with them on combating these type of issues. but residents question whether their reports will turn into real action. >> recently we had a shooting in the park. we actually met the day before and told them it was going to get bad, and unfortunately the next day somebody got shop which
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is a block, two blocks away from where the chop shop is. >> reporter: resident greenwood says in his search for his bike he came at least four chop shops, and he says the location in the gardener neighborhood is one of the more sizable operations he's seen. in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. did you pull out your umbrella today? from orinda to berkeley we saw our first showers and drizzle in months. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. >> all dry. >> yeah, looks pretty good. so what can you expect for tomorrow's commute. let's get over to meteorologist sandhya patel. take a look at live doppler 7. here's the next system very weak heading in our direction. tomorrow morning expect some spotty drizzle or isolated shower as you take a look at the rainfall totals today.
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san francisco 0.2, and half moon bay just under 0.01, and we'll be seeing similar amounts as we head into tomorrow. i'll be back with a full look at the forecast. >> keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. you can get updates from our weather team and monitor live doppler 7 on the go. a confrontation over a breakfast sandwich has now turned into a lawsuit. >> turn around now. >> a b.a.r.t. police officer detained steve foster last week for eating a shand which on the platform. this was at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. foster's girlfriend was with him and recorded this video. his attorney says the officers were engaged in racial profiling and selective law enforcement. >> you can see he wanted me to put me in cuffs. >> this is case where a slight
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admonishment could have easily occurred, but yet was denied. >> b.a.r.t.'s general manager apologized to foster but says eating in a paid area was banned and foster had refused to provide identification, cursed at officers and made homophobic slurs. absolute mayhem in the nfl. have you ever seen a player club an opponent in the head with his helmet? we saw it tonight. old dogs, new tricks. why researchers are seeking 10,000 furry volunteers. i'm dion lim and -- ♪ that story is coming up next >> first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> stay tuned for a lot of pizzazz. close your eyes.
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building a better bay area means recognizing visionaries and the most celebrated entrepreneurs. tonight it was a celebration of the very best businesses. why those awards come at a much needed time. >> reporter: it's a night of fanfare, jubilance and performance all recognizing san francisco businesses that exemplify diversity, inclusion and more. >> when was the last time a chinese restaurant got nominated? it's really an honor and it's really nice to be recognized. >> reporter: for nearly three decades the san francisco chamber of commerce has hosted the excellence in business award. hundreds are nominated and compete in the finals against nonprofits like the neighborhood development corporation. >> we want to make this a better city. >> reporter: tonight is more than just a celebration.
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it comes as san francisco businesses are closing at astonishing rate. >> last year was the first year we had more restaurants close than open. >> reporter: rising rents and lengthy permitting is to blame for a whole host of businesses closing in this past year. in addition to putting together a new small business agenda they use it as a way to boost small business. >> it comes as an advertising campaign we do on behalf of the businesses to help promote them and help drive business in their direction. >> reporter: not only a night for winners. >> we're so excited because it really is a testament to our community involvement. >> reporter: but hopefully building better bay area business for years to come. in san francisco dion lim, abc 7 news. >> and we are just days away from building our better bay area fremont week. we'll be looking at issues that impact the bay area's fourth largest city. vice president mike pence
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promoted a plan to return to to aims research center today. today mr. pence met with engineers working on nasa's artemis program. nasa plans to put a man and the very first woman on the moon in the year 2024. >> not only to plant our flag and leave our footprint but to establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars. >> the vice president also checked out the world's largest vertical motion flight si simulator. this sunday abc 7 will air a democratic presidential candidate forum. five candidates bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, kamala harris, tom steyer and julian castro will be questioned. you can watch the candidates forum sunday 10:30 a.m. right >> can old dogs teach us new
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tricks? some scientists are hoping so. they're looking for 10,000 dogs for the largest ever study of aging in canines. mostly the scientists will just be collecting data, but a small group of dogs will test a pill that could slow aging. researchers say what they learn could lead to advances in human health. the project is a joint effort btween the university of washington and texas >> huge change in the weather, actual precipitation, drizzles. >> sandhya? >> we're going to be seeing more of the droplets or sprinkles in the morning, larry and ama. i want to show you a time lapse in between all the cloud cover and cool weather today, we capture this beautiful sunset at 4:59. and it was still parts of the bay area were still under gray
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skies. but we definitely had a little bit of drizzle and a few isolated showers. and as you look at the morning commute planner, doing all that over again. use caution if you're driving. there's going to be some damp areas, light chop if you're taking the ferry across the bay. and if you are walking there will be some areas of drizzle. in case you're not going to be here let me show you the forecast for tahoe. brighter skies for saturday, 57, and 61 on sunday. but notice the mornings will be cold in the mountains in the mid-20s so pack accordingly. a live look from our kgo roof camera. still no signs of any strong breeze to clean out our air, but certainly heading in the right direction in terms of getting moisture in here. so live doppler 7 looking for that moisture to head into our region. numbers right now 40s, 50s, held up by the clouds and you can see the view here in san francisco.
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we have a beach hazard statement in effect for tomorrow. there's a higher risk of sneaker waves. current wave heights not that high. temperatures first thing in the morning in the low 40s to low 50s. and once again watch out for those slippery spots because of the drizzle. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at 68 in livermore, 63, san francisco. 68 in san rafael, a little more sun and temperatures respond 66 in san jose. if you want brighter skies and warm weather the weekend will be your chance. morning gray and drizzle tomorrow and we'll go from fog to sunshine. that warming continues sunday and even into monday around the bay and inland with above average temperatures in the low 80s. don't get too used to that idea. look at tuesday going from 80 to 68. cloudier, much cooler. wednesday, models all agree
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there's going to be a system that's going to skirt down the california coast bringing us that cloudy sky again. remains to be seen as to whether we'll see any showers. >> that's a decent temperature swing, though. >> absolutely, big time. >> don't forget the impeachment hearings resume tomorrow ever since darrell's family started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. ah, honey! isn't that the dog's towel?
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just before the deadline. during the summer they elected to keep the ten year veteran hoping the giants could get that mad card. if he signed elsewhere the giants could receive a compensatory draft pick in return. homecoming for smith. and more baseball the angels star 45 homers this season and led the majors in on base percentage. marcus simeon was third in the voting. and bellinger won the national mvp. to the ice we go, sharks four game win streak on the line taking on the ducks. a goal in all four games make it five. a wicked wrister top shelf, and ahead to the third period on the penalty kill. 4-2, 44 seconds left. the break away and sharks win
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5-3. they've won five in a row. hosting long beach state and the gales have been lifting clearly. opening the second half a barrage of threes. and then a whole bunch of tommy cusy. he goes for 20 and the gales win 81-63. and steelers and browns these teams do not like each other. baker mayfield erratic at times but throws a strike to steven carlson, great catch. and then mayhem on the final play. miles garret and mason rudolf wrestle on the ground and then you're going to see right here he smashes him in the head. unbelievable. the steelers went nuts. this was a brawl. suspensions will certainly
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all right, thanks for watching, everybody. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us.
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♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night >> tamron: hi! hi! hello! what's up, hello! welcome, welcome! hi! it is day four of "love & relationship week." have a seat! uber, who has taken uber before? what about falling in love in a


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