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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  November 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, everyone. it is sunday, novembeth. i'm liz kreutz. i hope your morning is getting off to a good start. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. good morning, frances. >> good morning, liz. the satellite image is showing us very clear conditions, a few low clouds in some spots. a live view from mt. tam on your east bay. just a few clouds out there. temperatures in the 50s right now. lots of sunshine for everyone. that's going to allow temperatures to be a little warmer today compared to yesterday. so we'll be well above average today. mid-70s to upper 70s in the inland areas around the bay. look for low 70s this afternoon. and at the coast, we'll see some mid-60s during the warmest part of the day. clear skies tonight, temperatures dropping. then we're tracking possible fire weather mid-week. i'll tell you about that coming up, liz.
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>> thanks, frances. developing news out of san francisco, a park ranger is recovering this morning after being stabbed on a freeway. police say on on-duty park ranger followed a suspect's car onto the freeway after seeing the suspect yelling at other drivers. the suspect crashed into the center divide of the connector ramp near the 7th street off-ramp. as the ranger was getting out of the car, the suspect stabbed him. passersby helped the ranger and detained the suspect until police arrived and arrested him. the suspect was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the ranger was treated and released on the scene. a series of key witnesses are set to testify in an another major week in the impeachment inquiry. meanwhile house democrats released new transcripts from witnesses who testified behind closed tors ed doors. one raised questions on whether the white house omitted key details from that infamous phone call between president trump and his ukrainian counterpart.
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abc news's david wright has more. >> reporter: mark sandy from the appeared saturda under dget subpoena, a career civil serv t servant, answering questions about the administration's decisions to briefly withhold $100 million in military aid to ukraine. democrats are trying to prove the president froze the money to pressure ukraine to investigate his political rivals. the commitee also released transcripts of two other witnesses, one of them jennifer williams a staff member of vice president mike pence. she was on the july 25 call in which trump repeatedly brought up investigating the bidens and the 2016 election. she testified she found the mention of those investigations unusual and inappropriate. she also told the committee she noted down a specific name that came up, burisma. that's the ukrainian energy company where hunter biden served on the board while his
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father, vice president biden, was the obama administration's point person on ukraine. notin >> look, biden and his son are stone cold crooked. >> reporter: but the summary of the call released by the white house, the centerpiece of the defense, makes no mention at all of burisma. williams is the second person to testify about the omission. li vindman of the national security council, who was also on the call, also noted it down. another transcript released saturday was of tim morrison's testimony. he's a former nsc staff member who described a shadow foreign policy serving the president's interests. quote, there was the normal process, where decisionmaking went through the duly appointed personnel, and there was this second track, chiefly led by ambassador gordon sondland where rudy giuliani's name would come
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up. morrison testified sondland told him he was not going rogue. quote, he related to me he was acting -- he was discussing these matters with the president. david wright, abc news, washington. house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the impeachment hearings this morning. she says president trump has undermined our national security and has dishonored his oath of office. >> his transcript of a phone call is tucked away in a high, highly sensitive compartmentalized intelligence server so we can't see that. if he has information that is exculpatory, that makes taking away blame, we look forward to seeing it. i think the american people had a good week. i think truth has had a good week. i think patriotism has had a good week. and i think the constitution has had a good week. i don't think the president has had a good week. >> on "face the nation," speaker
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pelosi says she doesn't know how long the hearings will go. abc 7 will be part of the a presidential candidate for number southern california. five candidates will participate in the forum which is focused on immigration issues. they'll be questioned by a panel of journalists including abc 7 o news reporter lyanne melendez. you can watch right here on abc 7. developing news out of the south bay, a child hit and killed by a train in santa clarita along the union pacific traction along lafayette street and laurel wood road not far from highway 101. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more. >> reporter: santa clara police confirmed the boy made his way onto the tracks. in this video we can see santa
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clara police officer along the union pacific tracks. the train that hit and killed the boy was a passenger train operated by amtrak. santa clara police confirm amtrak police are conducting a joint investigation. it's unclear how the boy was able to access the tracks. >> we received a 911 call of a young male juvenile walking near the train tracks in the area of lafayette street over the 101 overcrossing. as our officers were responding to that call, we received a subsequent phone call informing us that the train had struck the male juvenile. upon arrival we did find the young male juvenile deceased. >> reporter: even though tunkno santa clara police confirmed there was no indication of this being a death by suicide. they're ruling it an accident. we got confirmation from santa clara police that the boy's family was contacted after this
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incident. in santa clara, luz pena, abc 7 news. and take a look at this. we're getting a new look at the damage left behind by that fire that forced seven people from their homes early yesterday morning. the fast moving fire moved through several apartment buildings in san francisco's castro district between 18th and market streets. the cause of the fire is still unknown. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard said residents had just minutes to get out. >> reporter: flames lit up the morning sky on castro street. two apartment buildings were fully engulfed. >> they said get up, get out, the house is on fire. >> reporter: they grabbed what they could and got out. >> i got my i.d., my phone, social security card, shoes. >> i think about putting a towel over my face or something. >> reporter: the fire broke out directly across the street from the historic castro theater,
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luckily no damage here. but these two buildings were not so lucky. the fire department saudi one tenant was trapped on the second floor. >> that individual ended up escaping out the back window. >> reporter: investigators say the fire likely started in the back of this bar and spread to the sushi restaurant next door. >> the fire wanted to push out into this building and this building. >> i opened our back door and saw a wall of flames between our building and the building next to me. >> reporter: michael mallory escaped the fire with just the clothes on his back and a pair of sandals. he was later allowed back into his place to grab valuables and found extensive smoke, fire, and water dabbling. both buildings were yellow-tagged by the city. it's unknown when displaced rest can return home. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. get ready, pg&e is monitoring weather conditions to access whether to turn off power
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to parts of the bay area. pg&e emphasizes a lot depends on the water. a large swath of the bay area could be affected as well as the sierra foothills and northern part of the state. the east bay's only winter shelter for homeless seniors opens tomorrow. shelter officials say it's opening two weeks early to meet the urgent need in the community. it will be at st. mary's center in oakland. it can house 30 men and women 55 years and older per night. it will be open from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. seven days a week through april. frances, when we talk about possible power shutoffs, are we tracking a red flag warning this week? >> we might see one earlier in the week. we're expecting a system heading our way to bring us some gusty north to northeast winds mid-week. but for today, we've got sunny conditions. much warmer than average temperatures. i'll let you know what your neighborhood forecast will be. >> sounds good, thanks, frances.
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in the east bay you're invited to celebrate the life of kaiser ceo bernard tyson. he passed away unexpectedly.expx
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he built the company into the world's largest health care provider. the celebration will be held at frank ogawa plaza. you can find more details on our website. friends, family, and loved ones killed or injured in traffic accidents will march in san francisco, the fifth annual world day remembrance for traffic victims. the goal is to celebrate the lives of people who are victims of or survived traffic crashes. now colin kaepernick and the media circus his tryout for the nfl has become. abc 7 news reporter caylee harden has >> reporter:aernick owin off his t h s,itwn cama r rng in front of teams, the media and fans, the
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polarizing quarterback throwing passes for 40 minutes on this high school football field. >> i've been ready for three years. i've been denied for three years. >> reporter: he moved the location of an nfl-sanctioned workout 59 miles from the falcon practice facility a half hour before it was set to begin. >> my mbiggest theme today was making sure we would have transparency. we weren't getting that elsewhere so we came out here. >> reporter: he said multiple disagreements with the nfl caused the change in plans. the nfl said, he informed us of the decision today along with the public. >> i think it angered the nfl. but colin kaepernick was not going to cooperate with a body, an entity, that hadn't cooperated with him for the past three years, when he has allowe. >> reporter: his impressive throwing performance comes three years after he opted to take a knee during the national anthem
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to protest racial inequality. him out of the league. >> we're waiting for the 32 owners of 32 teams, roger goodell, all of them, to stop running from the truth, stop running from the people. we're ready to play. >> reporter: the league says 25 teams showed up for the planned workout. then the plans changed and just 18 teams were at the high school football field. colin kaepernick told the staffers of teams who didn't come that he would love to visit them and answer any questions they may have. protesters are showing support for daca students as the u.s. supreme court considers whether to let president trump move ahead with his plans to end the program. you can see images of that happening here. the obama era program allows
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nearly 700,000 students without legal status to work and in the u.s. without fearing deportation. daca protections are expiring for people between last month and june of 2020. supreme court arguments last week. >> from now until a decision is made, to continue to raise awareness. we have been and will continue to be a fabric of society. >> a ruling by the supreme court is expected by the end of june. the owner of an ice cream shop in san francisco's mission district is offering a $2,000 reward for information after his shop was vandalized for the second time. both incidents were captured on surveillance cameras. here is abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez has more. >> reporter: he's passionate about t ice cream he makes. as you enter the shop, you can't help but see damage.
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>> we have this horrendous kind of graffiti and scratching the green doors. we have this acid they put on the windows. >> reporter: that apparent acid is now etched all over the storefront and the suspects who did it were caught on camera. >> the guys that did it were well dressed, not just any kids. they were adults. they were young adults. >> reporter: these young adults tagged the storefront in august of 2018, and they didn't stop there. he says the same kind of tagging could be seen from 17th street all the way to caesar chavez. >> we're not the only ones. we are in fact the ones that suffered the most damage. >> reporter: in september of this year, the shop was vandalized again. >> he actually took pictures of himself to show his friends. >> reporter: he says they will replace the windows next week which will cost them from 2 to $5,000. >> we get a lot of moms with
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their kids, you know. >> reporter: the suspect glued the front door with some type of seal and but youed t glued it's offering $2,000 for information that leads to an arrest. >> we'll have a big party when we get him. >> reporter: in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. new details, we're learning how much fuel was lost in that explosion and fire at the new star energy facility in crockett last month. nearly 280,000 gallons of ethanol were lost along with 161,000 gallons of renewable diesel and nearly 2,000 gallons of jet fuel according to a new report released by nustar. investigators are working to determine what sparked the fire. in the south bay, demolition is well under way on a popular
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mall. abc news went by the shopping mall in cupertino. you can see the large section of the structure has been knocked down. we didn't see anyone working when we were there. but it was a much different scene than thursday. a video captured crews in action and the dramatic moment there, a section came toppling down onto the street below. it kicked up all that dust and some insulation, making for quite the spectacle. the company in channel told abc 7 news there was no safety risk for the public. however, it is going to review the contractor's work. now a check of the weather with frances dinglasan. >> hi, liz. looked like a safety risk to me. much less fog today, very few clouds out there right now. you can see it's fairly clear. a fee coastal clouds out there. as we look at mt. tam, we can see we do have winds in the higher elevations, that will die down this evening. you can see the camera bouncing.
9:21 am
check out redwood city, still at 49 degrees. san jose at 56. we have quite a range of temperatures right now. and this is really pretty as well, from the east bay. we're looking out towards mt. diablo. we saw valley fog, that's dissipating early compared to yesterday. petaluma, 52. we see some upper and mid-50s through fairfield, concord and livermore. this time we're looking from emeryville towards the bay in san francisco in the distance. it's going to be sunny and we'll today. we're going to be well above average. so go out and enjoy that sunshine, because things are going to change mid-week. a system moves through, it's going to bring us some cloudier weather, much cooler temperatures. and it's also going to bring us a possibility of some critical fire weather. i'll show you that with the forecast animation. here is the satellite radar in the last six hours. high pressure is in place and we're getting an offshore breeze
9:22 am
helping to clear away the clouds. because of that extra sunshine, little bit more. but here's this area of low pressure sweeping through tuesday into wednesday. that will bring us cooler weather and the threat of fire weather as well. so wind gust animation, 7:00 tuesday night, we see the strong sea breeze here. that's going to bring us the cooler temperatures. then check out what happens throughout the day on wednesday. the winds shift as the area of low pressure moves through. we'll get this offshore north to northeast flow. these are those dry winds that will be coming through the bay area wednesday, wednesday night into thursday. that's where we see the critical fire weather. and the national weather service might issue a fire weather watch soon. so we'll keep an eye on that and keep you posted. for today, if you want to go out there, it's going to be a perfect beach day. if you want to head over to pacifica or half moon bay. it will be nice and sunny,son fran 70.
9:23 am
santa rosa, 15 degrees above average, high of 80 degrees expected today. a comfortable 73 in oakland for the raiders game. 75 in san jose. overnight lows cooler. low 40s in parts of the north bay, 50s around the bay, as well as upper 40s. enjoy the warmer temperatures on the seven-day forecast. we're coming up a few degrees for everybody compared to yesterday because we had all that thick fog yesterday morning. today we'll see the sunshine earlier. that's allowing temperatures to get even warmer. mild and sunny tomorrow. possibly a degree or two cooler at the coast with a little bit of that sea breeze. then mid-week, we're watching critical fire weather. >> we definitely are watching that and these possible power shutoffs. today much less foggy than yesterday. >> yes, a spring-like beach day. enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures while it lasts. >> we will, thanks, frances. ahead, the brainchild of two stanford grads pairing students
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and seniors.
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welcome back. a love this story. a new app by a stanford grad is pairing students with the elderly. a woman heard a talk about the app and wanted to try it.
9:27 am
for $25 an hour, a student who shares a similar interest comes and spends time with the senior. that's how ruthy met laura. they visit museums, and have lunch together. >> for somebody who's been teaching for a decade, now she's a student. the elderly person being talking about the taught by the young person. it's really nice. >> the creators of the app said they were inspired after hearing from students that they wanted flexible jobs that had a positive impact on their community. love that. five people are dead in a murder-suicide in a san diego home. what police say may have led to the incident. why actress lori loughlin is becoming increasingly nervous.
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good morning, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. it's a gorgeous day ahead. clear conditions, blue skies around the bay area. we did start off with some patchy, dense fog, but not as widespread compared to yesterday. here is your 12-hour planner for today. still dealing with a few clouds, temperatures mainly in the 50s. the clouds are going to mix out very quickly, some of the fog already gone in some spots. lots of bright sunshine early on, temperatures well above average. we'll see mid- to upper 70s for inland areas, even near 80 in some locations. look for low 70s around the bay. at the coast, mid- to upper 60s in some areas as well. it's going to be a clear night. we have a gorgeous day ahead. enjoy the warmer temperatures, because things are going to chang quickly mid-week, liz. fr. three children and their parents are dead, killed in a murder-suicide in a san diego home. police were called out to the home after reports of a shooting yesterday morning. they found six people had been
9:31 am
shot. five are now dead. and the sixth victim, a young boy, is recovering from surgery. the children included are 3, 5, and 9 years old and their 29-year-old mother and 31-year-old father. police say the father came over to their home using a handgun to shoot his family before turning the gun on himself. >> just pray for, you know, that family and, you know, just hope everything comes out and, you know, it's just a tragedy. >> police say the mother had filed a restraining order against the father but it was unclear if that order had been served. if you are or someone you love is dealing with domestic violence or mental health issues, we have resources on just a very sad story to san diego. new insights this morning into the state of mind of lori loughlin, the actress from "full house" not caught up in the college admissions scandal. she's fighting the charges "has reportedly taken notice of the fact that a parent who pleaded
9:32 am
guilty received the longest sentence thus far in the case. abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: lori loughlin prepares for the next step in her high profile legal battle. >> lori is struggling a lot, this case is her number one priority. >> reporter: the star and her husband, mossimo giannulli, one of the parents accused of paying half a million dollars to get their two daughters into usc by posing them as elite athletes. the couple pleaded not guilty and now "people" magazine reports they're closely watching other defendants' jail sentences to gauge their own potential fates. >> they're feeling really discouraged and concerned. >> reporter: that reaction reportedly in response to last week's six-month prison sentence for another apparent, toby mcfarland, who pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and fraud.
9:33 am
the toughest sentence yet handed couple will face.judge the >> there a aot of larities. so lori andthis point, what does that mean for them? they have additional charges and they pled not guilty. if they are convicted, it's likely their punishment will be very severe. >> reporter: laughlin reportedly watched felicity huffman's case closely. the actress is now serving community service after being released early from her 14-day prison sentence. huffman's husband told the judge it strained her relationship with her daughter. sources told "people" magazine that was not the case with loughlin's family. >> there were rumors that the family was divided and there were issues between lori and her daughters but our sources say the family has never been closer. >> reporter: loughlin and her husband face 45 years in prison if convicted. "people" magazine reports they have no regrets about their decision to plead not guilty, saying the couple stands by their defense that they did
9:34 am
nothing wrong. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. many peoplehink oakland, and san jose. but there's so much more. like all this. it's where we work, live, and love. all of our cities, big and small, are facing the same problems and everyone is looking for solutions. that's why abc 7 is looking for answers and inspiration in communities throughout the region and revealing how they're tackling the same big problems. how is fremont working to build a better bay area? >> that is the question we're working to answer this coming week. we have embedded reports in fremont for the last month to look at their solutions. we have a lot of great stories to bring you. abc 7 news report louie has a preview. >> reporter: as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're focusing for an
9:35 am
entire week on fremont. the issues here are facing many cities except that fremont's approach is unique. building a better bay area fremont week begins sunday night on abc 7. here is what we have in store. >> fremont, east bay or south bay? >> east bay. >> it's south. to me it's always been south. >> reporter: but you say? >> i say east bay. >> reporter: fremont, yes, is in the east bay, nestled around silicon valley. the city was officially formed in 1956 and is now extraordinarily diverse. it's also a hub for tech manufacturing. >> where better to look than in your own back yard for some of the solutions to your own sustainability questions or challenges? >> reporter: as the city works to build public/private partnerships, tesla remains the city's largest employer with its main that factory and every day i would
9:36 am
say, that's my dream, that's my goal, that's my career. >> reporter: as some industries are booming, fremont is also dealing with growing pains. for years, city leaders have been working on a plan to build a downtown. crews broke ground last month on a plaza that will be the centerpiece. >> it's important for a city to have a gathering place, a social heart, an opportunity for people to have more interactions and dynamic services. >> reporter: city leaders also are trying to figure out traffic in this downtown area. locals stay away from the congested roads made worse by navigation apps taking drivers through the area. >> i'm not getting a lot of people coming into the business. it's all this traffic, no one actually stops in. people think it's busy but it's actually not. >> reporter: a homeless navigation center is also under construction. fremont has the third largest homeless population in alameda county behind oakland and berkeley. >> i think they're doing what >>orte ao ith an awareness of home to families from all over
9:37 am
the world. >> my parents are from afghanistan. but i'm born in america. and i'm a triplet. >> reporter: the afghan communie of afghanistan. building a better bay area fremont week starts night. in fremont, david louie, abc 7 news. >> as part of our coverage in fremont we'll also be holding a live town hall tomorrow evening, talking about challenges and successes. it will be streamed live on our website,, as well as on facebook and youtube. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," figuring out how to feed your kids can be tough for new parents. there are so many challenges. the precious little boy who led two women to step in to help other parents. here a live look at pier 39, the sea lions just hanging out on the pier. i love watching them play around or take naps.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. own christmas tree this year, you can for $10. the mendocino national forest just started selling permits. they can only be used by one person per household. trees can only be chopped down in designated areas. a government initiative also exists for fourth graders to bring home a tree for free to encourage wildlife conservation. today on the peninsula, patients will be transferred to the new stanford hospital as it opens its doors today. the entire day will be dedicated to moving current patients from the existing hospital into their new rooms in the new building. it features 28 state of the art operating rooms which allow rotating teams of doctors to treat a single patient without having to move them. the first patient will be escorted to the new hospital at 9:00 this morning. and i know we're talking
9:41 am
about some potential high winds, maybe some fire danger later this week, but today it will be a nice day. >> for today you can put all your worries away. we've got lots of sunshine, warmer weather in store for us. you can see why with this beautiful live shot from mt. tam looking clear across the bay. temperatures will be 5 to 15 degrees above average. i'll talk about those changes coming up as well mid-week with the potential of fire groundwoo. also next, the golden bears able to beat the trojans and become bowl eligible, coming up in sports.
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welcome back. we wanted to show you a live picture of lake tahoe. look how beautiful and clear it is up there this morning, such a beautiful shot there. clear skies, almost ski season for so many of you getting ready to go up there and hit the slopes. let's talk about the sports. both the raiders and 49ers are at home this afternoon. the niners face the cardinals for the second time in three weeks, kickoff is at 1:05 at levi stadium. the raiders take on the winless bengals at 1:25. it's officially big game week. cal and stanford will battle for the ax next saturday. golden be battled usc at member aerial stadium. abc 7 sports anchor chrissal var es has the
9:45 am
highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. it has been a roller coaster of a season for cal, they opened the season 4-0, quarterback chase garbers was injured, they lost four straight, now the optimism returns after coming off a win over wazzu and the returning of their starting quarterback on saturday night. garbers back in action and go. in those sweet cal uniforms on saturday night. california got the call to start, marched right down the field, collins from five yards out, 7-0 bears off the jump. early second quarter, garbers tackled hard right here and lands on that left shoulder that caused him to be out for a month. that's going to end his night. sideline and off the field for number 7. tough scene there. tied at 10 in the final minute of the first half. usc's slovis out of the shotgun, steps up, to michael pitman jr., 33-yard connection, 17-10 trojans at the half. early third, going deep again, st. brown, 50 yards inside the 5
9:46 am
and they punch it in, take a 24-10 lead. the cal offense looks lost again. davon modster picked off twice, this one by greg johnson leads to another usc score. cal loses 41-17 they need to beat stanford or ucla to become bowl eligible. moving on to stanford trying to snap a three-game losing street. costello out again. look at this anthony gordon zipping it to winston, 19-0 cougars in the second. stanford on the road back, late second quarter, third and nine, davis mills to conner wedding ton, 45 yards but look at this again. pass interference, look at that, watch the one-handed grab as he pins it against his chest and makes a catch. cardinal trail 22-14 at the break. third quarter their favorite red zone play, the fade and you can't stop it. after two-point conversion it's a three-point game.
9:47 am
but on the ensuing kickoff does anyone want to tackle harris. look at him again. he is traveling all the way deep into the red zone, would go 83 yards to the 10, stanford never recovered. 49-22. the cardinal must beat cal and notre dame to become bowl eligible. hockey now, this youngster hoping to watch the sharks win their sixth straight. tied at 2, sharks on the power play, sweet pass from labanc to erik karlsson. who finds the back of the net. his 700th career game. 3-2 sharks. in ot martin jones he came up big right there, nice stop, we go to the shootout, first man up, labanc scores, the sharks feeling good. lasts chance for detroit. dylan larkin with the puck and jones says access denied. six straight wins for the sharks, they are 10-10-1 this year. both the raiders and the niners have home games later today, the warriors will be in new orleans.
9:48 am
have a great sunday. a check of the weather now with frances dinglasan. hey, frances. >> hi, liz, good morning, everyone. a great day to be outdoors today. we'll have lots of clear skies, plenty of sunshine. you can see live doppler 7 and the lack of cloud cover in the satellite image as well. as we look from mt. tam, you can see clear across the bay right there. it's a little bit breezy in some of the higher elevations. temperatures are starting to climb up. check out half moon bay. it's already at 70 degrees right now. san francisco and most other spots still in the 50s. san francisco, 53. oakland, 58 degrees. we are going to warm up quite a bit. this time we're looking from the east bay out towards mt. diablo. you see some of those hazy conditions as well. an that rosa, we did have very thick, dense fog earlier this morning. that's mixing out earlier. it's currently 53 degrees ow there, napa 53 as well. from emeryville, looking out towards the bay,stance.
9:49 am
for today we're expecting moderate air quality with a slight offshore flow. but that offshow flow is going to bring us sunnier and warmer weather. temperatures climbing up a few degrees for everybody compared to yesterday. the thing we're looking at out for is a system moving our way mid-week. it's going to bringing us cloudier and cooler weather as well as an offshore flow, the strong offshore flow brings a potential for critical fire weather. that's something we'll be keeping a close eye on. i want to show you the wind animation starting on tuesday night as the system starts to move through. we'll see a stronger sea breeze. this is going to bring us cooler temperatures. as the day progression on wednesday and the system moves through, we'll see the shift in winds, winds from the north-northeast. these are those dry, gusty winds we worry about. we aren't expecting much rain with the system. that's why we're keeping a lookout for possible fire weather. for today, it is just going to be gorgeous, so enjoy the sunshine.
9:50 am
have the sunscreen handy. near 80 degrees in gilroy. if you want to head to the beach, santa cruz will hit 77. on the lower part of the peninsula, 73 at palo alto. at the beaches, upper 60s downtown in san francisco, 70 degrees as well as south san francisco if you're headed to the 49ers game. look for near 80 as well in santa roserose rosa. we'll see 72 in hercules all the way to 74 in fremont. in the interior areas we'll also see some upper 70s to near 80. look for 77 san ramon. livermore hitting a high of 78. overnight lows will be dropping into the low 40s for parts of the north bay where we could see patchy, dense fog in santa rosa and napa. low 50s to upper 70s tomorrow morning around the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy the sunshine and
9:51 am
the warmer temperatures. mild and sunny, so we hold on to the warmth tomorrow. it could be a little cooler at the coast. and then we'll see some drizzle tuesday morning as the system moves through. temperatures will really tumble quite a bit into wednesday where we'll see that gusty, offshore winds from the north-northeast. that's why we're tracking the fire weather and looking for average for the end of next week. >> when are we going to get rain? >> it's looking dry, liz. i looked at the long term models, it's looking dry through possibly thanksgiving for us. >> all right, thanks, frances. modern parents know that feeding our growing kids can be challenging at times. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz nose the struggle is real. she went looking for answers. >> reporter: if you have an infant or toddler like i do, there's good news chance you've harder of feeding littles, an online resource for parents. the creators were brought together by a precious baby named jack who passed away from spinal misular atrophy at 6
9:52 am
months old. judy was his occupational therapist. she and her co-founder teamed up. hundreds of thousands of followers on their instagram account, all looking for advice because feeding kids can be complicated. i got a chance to go in depth with megan who specializes in pediatric nutrition. she explained why feeding our kids can seem so hard at times. >> there's so much more of an emphasis on nutrition now, more so than there ever has been. i think the pressure on parents is what our parents and grandparents didn't quite experience. >> reporter: eating the rainbow, having different colors on the plate. >> right. ad parents of other generations used some of the tactics that we know now are probably not helpful like making you clean your plate, forcing you to eat certain foods. they may have gotten you to eat them in the short run but in the long run they may have turned
9:53 am
you off from those foods. >> reporter: can you get your kids to try more veggies? do you need a multivitamin? i even got megan's take on a dieting app for kids, kurbo. megan and i covered so many topics, it's definitely worth checking out. see our entire consideration on our website, next, thousands of runners are getting ready for the perkily half marperk berkeley hal
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
in the east bay more than 9,000 runners are racing through the streets of berkeley today for the annual half marathon. there are three races this morning, a half marathon, a 10k, and a 5k to support educational programs. it started at 7:30 this morning. both the 10k and 5k are under way. an awards ceremony and a festival will be held starting at 1:00 p.m. it's probably a chilly morning for a lot of these runners. >> definitely started out chilly but because of the sunshine, it's getting so warm in oakland, it already jumped up to 62 degrees. check out half moon bay, it is 70 degrees in half moon bay.
9:57 am
but we do have some cooler spots like santa rosa, 58 degrees. ukiah, 52. this afternoon, because we're getting so much sunshine earlier on, temperatures will be well above average. we'll be climbing up to near 80 degrees in a few locations like santa rosa, ukiah, and fairfield. san francisco, get the t-shirt and shorts out, near 70 this afternoon. 73 in oakland for the raiders game. 75 in san jose. and as we take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got warmer temperatures today for everybody. still pretty nice tomorrow, mild and sunny. but then things change tuesday into wednesday, cool and gusty conditions. so we'll be keeping track of that offshore flow and gusty winds on wednesday. >> we'll be firing up the potential fire risk. but the headline of the day is get outside and enjoy your sunday. >> >> thank you for joining us "abc 7 mornings" have a great day.
9:58 am
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