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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  November 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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in a matter of days parts of the bay area could be plunged back into the dark. pg&e says weather conditions could result in more planned power outages. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live tonight. and you asked pg&e exactly where these power outages could happen. what did they say. >> reporter: i did and pg&e offering new details about a possible power shutoff which could happen they say wednesday or thursday. no specific areas have been identified, and no customers have been notified. but locals who have lost power before, gearing up to leze electricity once again. >> okay, i'm sorry to hear the news. >> reporter: it's not what anne woodward and her husband george expected to hear the week before
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thanksgiving, another pg&e public safety shutoff could happen by midweek. >> we had no power, and we use lanterns, but we had no hot water. >> reporter: farmhouse local was busy serving sunday brunch. but during october's power shutoff the restaurant was forced to close and lost thousands of dollars. the manager doesn't want to relive that. >> you know, throwing away everything we have in the restaurant especially things like dairy or seafood. >> reporter: pg&e says its watching a weather system which could increase the risk of wildfires midweek. >> right now we're monitoring the forecast for wednesday, november 20th and it shows the potential for dry and windy weather in the see era foothills and north bay areas. the utility says lack of rain is not helping. pg&e says the approaching weather system could be similar to one which prompted a psps on
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october 23rd impacting about 180,000 customers. >> i'm sure it's for the best of, you know, why they're doing this. i hope so. >> reporter: but others aren't so sure. >> i think it's years of mismanagement coming home to roost. i think the public just has to be ready to deal with this for a few years. >> reporter: pg&e says if a psps is need it will try to give customers a 48-hour warning. the utility says its website which crashed during the last major power shutoff has been improved to handle increased traffic. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> all right, a story we will follow closely, cornell. thanks. now let's get a better understanding of the upcoming conditions pg&e thinks could contribute to our wildfire danger. abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma joining us with a look, and let's talk about the winds. >> yeah, the winds will be the main driver of this heightened fire driver, but remember we
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haven't seen a soaking storm in months or vegetation. this is extremely dry right now. what we're watching is wednesday, and an area of low pressure is going to drop into california and strengthen, that counterclockwise flow around an area of low pressure drives offshore winds right across the entire bay area. and soph shore winds are very dry, and they increase our fire danger. it is for that fact we do now have a fire weather watch in effect for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and diablo rain. we could even see gusts in spots close to 60 miles per hour along our ridge tops. we're going to take a much closer look at these winds and show you when they finally calm down in a few minutes. >> now, we do have power outage updates at our website, as well as a link to the pg&e website that has the latest information about the
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upcoming shutoff. in other news now a possible case of road rage ended with the stabbing of a park ranger on a san francisco freeway. san francisco police say an on duty police officer, a park ranger rather followed a suspect's car onto the freeway this morning after seeing the driver yelling at other drivers. that suspect crashed into the center divide and as the ranger was getting out of his car, that suspect stabbed him. people driving by helped the ranger and held the suspect until police arrived and arrested him. as the chaos unfolded police dispatch audio has one caller indicated the suspect threatened her life. that suspect was taken to the hospital. the ranger was treated on the scene and is expected to be okay. meantime, family, friends and coworkers and local leaders gathered for a public memorial
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today to honor kaiser permanente ceo. today's tribute marked the only time members of the general public could pay their respects to the 60-year-old tyson. a private memorial service will take place tomorrow inside san francisco's chase center. tyson died unexpectedly in his sleep sunday. he was considered to be an advocate in increasing access to health care for all patients. a man who helped create san francisco's national aides memorial grove has died. this is jack porter in 2016 receiving an award for his years in dedication and service. porter lost his partner to aides and for more than 25 years he volunteered in support of the memorial. a bill spearheaded by congresswoman nancy pelosi made the grove the only federally nationally designated aids m
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memorial in the united five democratic presidential hopefuls focused on issues impacting california's latino community during a forum in los angeles. our sister station in los angeles co-hosted today's event at california state university los angeles, and our very own reporter abc 7 news reporter lianne melendez served as a panelist. >> will this plan also include undocumented people? >> and the answer is, absolutely, of course. when we talk about medicare for all, a-l-l, it means all. >> california senator kamala harris and the other candidates shared their vision for immigration reform. >> we need a president who's very clear that she will sign a bill as soon as it comes to her desk. >> there has to be a legislative
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solution so that they're not vulnerable to the whim of a president. >> the government would obey international law and understand that asylum seekers have the right to seek asylum. >> i will immediately by executive order find a way to protect our dreamers and also to protect their parents. >> the candidates also faced questions about issues like california's affordable housing crisis. well businesses dabblinged in a fire yesterday in san francisco can get some free help. that story is coming >> i'm very amazed. i feel very lucky. >> you don't expect to hear that from a patient in the hospital. we'll take a look at a grand opening today that had patients and hospital workers excited. also what collin kaepernick's agent is saying about the quarterback's chances of getting signed after his work out yesterday. and then conway west at sunday service. he found
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new details now about a fire in san francisco's castro district. we learned today that financial help is available for damaged businesses. the city is offering assistance through its small disaster relief fund. they can apply for up to $10,000 each. no word yet what caused yesterday's fire that forced several people out of their homes. one person suffered burns. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. stanford health care welcomed patients to its state-of-the-art hospital today. abc 7 was in palo alto where the
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ribbon cutting was held. patients were transferred over a sky bridge connect today the old building. it features hi-tech operating suites and 368 added beds. it also features four acres of gardens, original art, walking trails and a meditation trail. we spoke to a patient who needs a lung transplant. he says the new room was a silver lining. >> it was fun. all the nurses and orderlies, everybody pfls all jumping and screaming around and i'm all yay, i don't know what everyone was all happy about but it was kind of fun. >> i'm glad he's in good spirits. the hospital had been in development for more than a decade. colin kaepernick's agent says he's doubtful the former in the nfl and eight teams sent scouts to watch him.
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now our sister network espn reports kaepernick's agent says he's pessimistic after speaking with all the nfl teams, that is because none of them have expressed any interest in kaepernick. he triggered a national debate when he refused to stand for the national anthem while playing with the 49ers. a bay area tech company is making it easier to get into the game. just ahead a look into the future of video games. one thing analysts say could make-or-break the new cloud gaming service that makes you play without discs or down loads. and we're tracking a warm start to the week tomorrow before our winds pick up on wednes
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kanye west sold out a very different kind of show today. a sunday service alongside
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pastor joel olstein at his event in texas. scalpers were selling tickets outside for around a hundred dollars a piece. talking about the journey to faith. >> it's all up to god. he's providing these opportunities right here.% when we go to the prisons, when we go and do an interview with joel, it's overwhelmingly positive response. >> west just released his ninth studio album last month titled jesus is king debuting number one on the billboard music charts. google is launching a new gaming service this week. the tech company will unveil stadia in 14 counselees a service for streaming and playing games without owning a hard copy or console. analysts say content will make-or-break stadia. people will have to buy a
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special subscription bundle for $130 if they want to play this year. a look ahead to the warping conditions and also the windy conditions. >> temperatures some 5 to 15 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year. and that warm weather will continue for another day tomorrow. live doppler 7 along with satellite, it is a clear picture. no drops of rain. unfortunately, it has been weeks even months since we've seen a substantial storm, and that is just adding to the fire danger later on this week. the picture this evening from our emeriville camera, that sunset before 4:00. but you notice with this sunset, you cannot see fog on the coastline. it will be a mainly clear night for a lot of us later on tonight. right now it is mild. still 70 in santa rosa, 74 in redwood city. 66 in oakland, 1 degree shy of 70 right now in san jose. you look at the 24-hour temperature change and we are warm everywhere compared to this
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time yesterday. 3 degrees in concord, and we're going to hang onto these warm temperatures for another afternoon tomorrow. overnight tonight mainly clear skies, just some limited patchy fog along the coast. that's about it. low 40s to low 50s over the next 12 hours. if you liked today, the warm temperatures, you're certainly going to like tomorrow as well. almost a carbon copy forecast. hit about 71 in the city, 76 in san rafael, 71 in richmond. even along the coast we'll be in the upper 60s. 68 for half moon bay. live doppler along with satellite, high pressure still in control. it remains in control for tomorrow, bringing us the dry, warm conditions. but then it begins to break down tuesday and wednesday. this pressure will move b responsible for increasing those winds especially wednesday. woo do have that fire weather watch that will go into effect and areas shaded in orange for those winds out of the north,
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northeast, let's time out those winds for you. future weather we'll get you into your wednesday morning. 9:00 a.m. wednesday and you begin to see the winds ramp up through the delta and parts of the north bay gusting over 30 miles per hour, and it remains breezy especially as we head towards wednesday night. and you see those offshore winds coming off of land into the open ocean. that is dry wind and racing over 30 miles an hour in a lot of spots, and we could see wind gusts peaking close to 60 miles per hour in our highest spots. we'll keep an eye on these winds but just know wednesday and early thursday morning those winds will be very high in our hills. rainfall with this system unfortunately it looks like cern california we'll get some drops on that low pressure. right now the current track will keep northern california completely dry and just windy. sunny and warm tomorrow, cooler, cloudier tuesday as the winds ramp up into wednesday.
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wednesday we have increased fire danger. thursday morning the winds relax and fog returns friday and saturday. but nonetheless all eyes on wednesday. again, we're dealing with an offshore wind event and no rain in the next seven days. >> i guess the silver lining, it's not prolonged the rest of the week. >> sounds good. chris alvarez joining us live right now from levy stadium. there was an awful lot of exclamation points in your next script. >> reporter: you look at the script, it was crazy game here at levi's, but the niners come all
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well, welcome to sports here. the 49ers in unfamiliar territory playing the cardinals. of course they had that tough loss on monday night against the seahawks and the game against arizona didn't start out great. here we go, 49ers running out on the field thatch arizona dominates the first quarter. murray to cooper, and just like that 16-0 arizona after one. but the niners respond scoring 17 straight. early third jimmy g to ross, he is second touch down of the game. kittle out again. niners let kittle out. earthy fourth quarter niners
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down again after a field goal, garoppolo. and they went for two and missed. midway through the fourth a designed run for murray and how about the number one overall pick. he's barely touched speeds on into the end zone. 26-23 arizona. but niners driving in cardinals territory, and this, you can't do this. garoppolo passes behind and picked off by jaylen thompson. but the niners defense stood up, gave jimmy g. the ball back, and 30 seconds to go, and he is running the daylight into the end zone, 30 to 26, 49ers take the lead. and niners win by 10. they're 9 and 1 because they didn't panic after that early deficit. >> so just come out and play our game and execute our calls.
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>> we know we've got to win by any means. we knew it's going to be a battle. that's a team that continues to get better every week. >> actually reminded me a lot of monday night, to where there's some things we got very excited about and then felt like he blew it a number of times where you kind of get crushed and the guys are just resilient and kept coming. and we were able to finish off the right way like we did last week. >> across the bay cincinnati fans come with bags on their heads. i don't know about that idea. early in the game the moves, cincinnati's first touch down of the year. 7-0 and raiders score the next 14 points. third and goal, derekcar looking to throw in trouble and scrambles for 3 yards, and he's in there. 14-7 silver and black. and raiders win 17-10 and 6 and
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all new on abc 7 news at 6:00, making the streets safer for bicyclist and pedestrians. the rally going on right now and the demands being made in one city. and one of silicon valley's original companies is the subject of a take over attempt.
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the huge offer made to to to too packard. >> the giant panda is leaving the zoo in washington, d.c. on tuesday. he's heading to china where he'll take part in a breeding program. 4-year-old bebe enjoyed his ice cake. adorable. who doesn't love a panda? >> lines out the door. >> it's so cute. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. for all of us here, we'll see you right back here tonight at 6:00.
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tonight, several major headlines as we come on. president trump calling out another impeachment witness, after the transcript of her secret testimony revealed she was on that infamous phone call, calling it unusual and inappropriate. the president lashing out, calling her a never trumper as the televised hearings enter week two. breaking tonight, the violent standoff in hong kong. police even threatening deadly force. our team in the middle of the violent clashes. a full day of battle. unclear how it will end. royal confrontation. the extensive interview. britain's prince andrew pressed about his friendship with jeffrey epstein, denying he had sex with the teen in this photo. the gospel according to kanye. the superstar and the pastor at one of the country's most popular megachurches. his new mission.


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