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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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it's sold out. >> you can't go. you're not invited. but you're invit ed to make a detour. >> kumasi said she will get in there some way somehow. let's look at what's going on. we have a high fire weather watch for wednesday and thursday. we'll talk more about that heading throughout. let me get you out the door. you can see how clear it is the offshore breeze pushing the marine layer and the clouds. you can see the wind flow, the particles there pushing offshore. that will keep it away, which means another warm day with possible record high temperatures with 60s at the coast. the rest of us, 68 to 72 at noon. then 73 to 77. this is going to be the last push this season of extremely warm to record high temperatures. the transition is what will cause the fire danger. i'll talk about that coming up. here is jobina with your
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commute. >> jobassi is the new power couple. >> i think i will take this next break off and i will regroup. i'll come back and -- my gosh, i'm so sorry. >> that's all right. >> good morning, everyone. we will start off with an issue that we are following in the east bay. we have a deadly crash in albany, two cars involved here. this is eastbound 80 before westbound 580. you can see the backup is on the eastbound and the westbound side right now. we do know a traffic break is being run just south of the crash site. 9 miles per hour approaching the site of the crash. on the westbound side, 37, 21, 17 miles per hour as a part of this slowdown. this is going to be impacting people. we're sad to hear someone has passed away. so, also just want to let everyone know coming out of the central valley, ace 1, a delay,
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more than 25 minutes for ace train 1. >> reggie and kumasi. >> i'm so sorry. >> it's okay. all right. president obama, megan rapino, tim cook, all the headliners coming to the dreamforce conference this week. >> most of us did not get an rsvp, but if you travel at all in downtown san francisco you will likely be affected. liz kreutz has all the details. >> you can see this national park theme they have going on here. dreamforce taking over the mosconi center. you guys said it. check out the names coming here. former president owe became ma, seth and ishia curry, david beckum, gretchen carlson, that's to name a few business leaders and actor
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>> howard street will be closed between 3rd and 4th. there will be extra congestion during the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> it's always a pain to get through the area this week, but the energy is fun. >> dreamforce is the world's largest software conference. salesforce says there are more than 170,000 registered attendees. tickets are sold out. if you are coming, salesforce recommends taking public transportation. keep in mind it does get crowded around here as well. it can also be hard to find an uber and a lyft. liz kreutz, abc7 news >> you can find out much more information on how dream force is impacting traffic and a link to the speakers and other events at the conference, it's all at
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developing now, pg&e is warning about another round of potential power shutoffs this week. so here's a look at the counties in our area that could go dark on wednesday. the list includes lake, mendocino, napa, solano and lake counties. pg&e said they will start warning customers as early as this morning. after days without power last month, some north bay cities are trying to prepare if their traffic lights go dark. according to the marin independent journal outside of san rafael, 11 of the town's traffic lights went oun during the planned outages. now leaders are considering a roughly $63,000 plan to link the lights to backup power generators. other areas like novato are thinking through their backup plans like putting reflective tape on traffic lights or e i'ing temporary stop signs. tracking the latest escalating violence in hong kong. this is a live look at what's happening there right now. clashes have been going on today at a college campus protesters occupied the university for days. earlier today riot police worked to corner those trying to escape
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arrest. this is video of that incident. police blocked entrances to the university and deployed tear gas. a large fire could be seen burning on a pedestrian bridge connecting the buildings at the university. police say they arrested 154 people over the weekend. demonstrations have been going on for five months. a private memorial service will be held at chase center today honoring kaiser ceo bernard tyson. family, friends, coworkers and local leaders gathered for a public memorial yesterday. tyson's flag-draped casket occupied a place of honor in the oakland rotunda. he died unexpectedly in his sleep last sunday. he was considered to be an advocate and increasing access to health care for all patients. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and a big issue is pedestrian safety in san francisco. just this year there have been 17 pedestrians killed, this is according to walk sf. yesterday families and city
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leaders walked to remember those victims. they went through some of the city's most dangerous streets in the tenderloin. posters mark where pedestrians were hit and killed. >> i want change to get the legislation to give us power to slow down the change of speed limits, make more people accountable for their actions. >> red light cameras, automated speed enforcement, the sfpd focusing on those high injury networks, we're doing engineering changes. we're trying to slow traffic. >> earlier this month san francisco supervisors declared a state of emergency regarding dendyclist deaths. there's a city campaign to reach zero traffic fatalities by 2024. it's another big week of testimony ahead in the impeachment inquiry. at least eight witnesses are set to speak in front of congress. first up is an aide to vice president mike pence. jennifer williams was on the july 25th phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. she will testify tomorrow.
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the most highly anticipated testimony is set for wednesday when eu ambassador gordon sondland is expected to squeak. last week a u.s. diplomat in ukraine said he overheard sondland speaking to mr. tru trump about his political rivals. reversing course on
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neighborhood temperatures down in the south bay, most of us in the mid to upper 40s. 42 in santa teresa. 54 in alameda. 57 in san francisco. the rest of us in the low to mid 40s. sfo is clear, not expecting any delays. bay play, beach play, our last day to wear our summer clstalm . the breezes will bring in a change starting tomorrow. 47 at 7:00 for the north bay. near 70 at noon. 57 at 7:00. for the east bay, we'll be 49 at 7:00. 59 at 9:00. 68 at 11:00. low to mid 70s from noon to 4:00. 60 at 7:00.
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san francisco 54 this morning to near 70 for a couple hours this afternoon. let's get back to jobina. >> all right. thank you. we will start off with a live look at our emeryville camera. if you look inside that red circle pulled up here for everyone, that is where those flashing lights are and this deadly crash. this is a sigalert. i'll bring up the map so you can get a better idea of where this is. earlier the chp was saying it was in albany, now they are saying this is definitely berkeley. eastbound 80 between gilman and hoffman. two cars involved here. one person has died. we do not know the conditions of the other people. speeds are down to 9 miles per hour as you approach the crash on the eastbound side. on the westbound side, speeds down to 37, 31, 17 miles per hour. that backup, eight miles long expending past richmond on the
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welcome back. this morning we are learning president trump abruptly changed his mind on his wish to ban most flavored e-cigarettes. the "washington post" reports trump officials were ready to announce the ban earlier this month after the president said he was considering the move in september. the night before the planned news conference president trump switched course. one adviser says he feared the ban would lead to job losses and hurt his re-election chances in battleground states. five democratic presidential hopefuls focus on issues impacting california's latino community during a forum in los angeles. our abc sister station in l.a. co-hosted this event. this was at california state university los angeles. leann melendez served as a panelist.shd sanders about his medicare for all proposal. >> will this plan also include undocumented people?
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>> the answer is, absolutely, of course. when we talk about medicare for all, a-l-l, it means all. [ applause ] >> california senator kamala harris and other candidates shared their vision for immigration reform. >> we need a president who is very clear that she will sign a bill as soon as it comes to her desk. >> there has to be a legislative solution so they're not vulnerable to the whim of a president. >> the government would abate international law and understand that asylum seekers have the right to seek asylum. >> i will immediately by executive order find a way to protect our dreamers and to protect their parents. >> the candidates also faced questions about issues like california's affordable housing crisis. for the first time in three years, former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was given a sho to try out in front of nfl teams. but this morning some are debating whether he was given a
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fair chance. an colin kaepernick moved the tryout 60 miles away. >> we have dry, breezy conditions. 2 to 6 inches below average from san jose up to santa rosa, everything is still bone dry and still at critical condition. for today, we'll have a day a lot like yesterday. possible records once again under sunshine and an offshore breeze. high fire danger with a faster wind wednesday and thursday. we'll have calmer and milder conditions for the weekend. here's a look at the cold front. this is the one that will usher in the change from the record
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temperatures. i don't see that happening anymore this season. that's it. this is our last run of extremely warm fall weather. it will bring snow to the sierra. that's also the storm ushering in the winds that bring us fire danger. today, 72 in oakland. 78 in concord. 79 santa rosa. that's where i think we'll have record highs. mid to upper 70s inland. now, around the state. mid to upper 70s through the central valley. los angeles and palm springs at 90. the beginning of the change is tomorrow with the sea breeze coming back. look at the cloud cover. we'll be mild. 47 in santa rosa, 54 in fremont. 4:00 wednesday morning, 7:00 thursday morning, 27 hours of critical fire conditions. you have today and tomorrow to get ready. my accuweather seven-day forecast, after today, 50s and 60s rule our forecast. jobina? >> thank you. i will bring everyone to a live look from our emeryville camera of the deadly sigalert that we are following. this is in berkeley.
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you can see those taillights. that's the eastbound side. westbound side is where you see the headlights. the backup on the eastbound side extends back to emeryville. a four-mile westbound de,htupmorning. do know that som died. we do not know the conditions of anyone else involved here. two cars blocking the left three lnes. you can see eastbound 80 between gillman and hoffman, checking out the speeds, 7 miles per hour approaching the crash site. on the westbound side, 22, 16, 14 miles per hour. so this is continuing to get slower. we do not have an eta on when this will reopen. we know an evidence tow truck has been called out to the scene. new at 6:00, the actress who says surgery left her with a musical brain. and the fallout from a stunning interview with britain's prince andrew. he addressed his relationship with jeffrey epstein.
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let's look at the winds. i want to get you a timeframe for when they'll be the most dangerous. 4:00 in the morning, the fire danger begins. look how they spread to the south and southwest, by the late afternoon and evening hours, we have some gusts just about everywhere. we wake up thursday morning, you can see after 7:00, they taper rather rapidly bringing us an offshore breeze. that gives you an idea tomorrow. wednesday evening and wednesday night, that's when the winds are fastest. the royal family in damage control this morning after a stunning interview with prince andrew. >> the prince is answering questions for the first time about his relationship or friendship with convicted s.e.c. offender, jeffrey epstein. now earlier this year epstein died of an apparent suicide in jail awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges. prince andrew told the bbc he had no initial regrets about his friendship with epstein.
6:24 am
>> do i regret that he conducted himself in a manner unbecoming? yes. >> unbecoming. he was a sex offender. >> i'm being polite in the sense that he was a sex offender. >> prince andrew denies that he had s.e.c. with aex with an all victim of epstein's. coming up on "gma," hear from the interviewer who interviewed the duke and see if the queen approved. >> it did not go over well in the uk. people are not seeing it as -- i think he thought it would clear the air and make it better for the family. it doesn't seem to have done that. >> i don't think so at all. can you read this one? >> thank you. mary steamvirgin developed a knack for song writing because of a surgery complication. >> she talked about it with indy wire. she said she had a minor operation on her arm in 2009, but then she said when she woke up her brain turned musical.
6:25 am
conversations she had were musical. street signs appeared musical. she said she struggled with the change psychologically until she decided to embrace it and then she decided to write music. she signed with universal to become a songwriter. one of her latest compilations was released earlier this year. >> i want that, too. >> thanks. >> i never heard of that. >> i know. >> amazing. >> i wonder what it's like to see -- >> you think it would be annoying? >> yeah. i think it is an adjustment. >> yeah. >> like is everything just music? >> right. now she's making money off of it. good for her. use your talents. >> true. coming up next at 6:30,s building a better bay area. all this week we're taking a closer look at fremont to see how it's addressing problems that we all face. are you ready for another round of power outages? it's a possibility this week. we'll tell you where coming up
6:26 am
next. plus a manhunt for a killer. the search this morning for the person who opened fire at a fresno home and left four people dead. right now it's 6:26. we go outside -- that's a nice look at pier 15. the sun is starting to come up. we'll be r
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and now get $250 off when you buy a new samsung phone during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. plus, you can save up to $400 a year. click, call or visit a store today. now at 6:30, pg&e warns that the power could go out again. >> i think it's terrible. i think it's -- we're not venezuela. this is california. >> hundreds of thousands across the state preparing to be in the dark. when pg&e will make a final decision. a mass shooting at a family's home in fresno. >> they were at a football party. this was a family gathering. >> at least ten shot. four are dead. the shooter is still on the run. >> fire tears through four
6:30 am
castro district businesses, now we're learning the owners could receive help to recover from the city of san francisco. and abc 7 is spending a week looking at how fremont is working to build a better bay area. this morning, the fascinating history that makes it unique. good morning, everyone. happy monday. it is november 18th. >> time to wake up. jobina will talk about traffic in a second. we start with mike and a look at our weather. >> we'll start with the fire weather watch coming at us. it's not until wednesday morning at 4:00. you have until today and tomorrow to get ready for another round of critical fire conditions that will last 27 hours. north to northeast winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. i know you're thinking it's november, temperatures will be cold, but everything is so dry, a fire could spark easily and spread rapidly. look at the clouds being chased away from us.
6:31 am
waking up to sunshine, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. mid to upper 60s at thes coast today. 68 to 73 around the bay. 72 to 77, a second consecutive day of record highs are possibl possible. >> wedly sigalert. the flashing lights there, this is eastbound 80. the backup right now in berkeley extends 4.5 miles to emeryville. there's also a backup on the westbound side extending over 8 miles to hercules. here's what we know. i will bring up the map so you can get a better idea of where this is. we can zoom in for you. we have two cars involved in the crash blocking the left three lanes. this is eastbound 80 between gillman and hoffman. if we check out the speeds, you can see how slow it is approaching the crash on the eastbound side down to 7 miles per hour. on the westbound side, down to 22, 16, 14 miles per hour.
6:32 am
and an evidence tow truck is on the way. we expect that to get stuck in the backup because it is not easy to get through there. for others around the bay area, we'll check out the drive times. walnut creek to dublin, 15 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, one hour and five minutes. just changed to seven minutes. a slowdown there. and highway 1 to los gatos, 21-minute drive. pg&e could shut off power again this week. in a few hours the utility will start letting customers know. >> for many of the people who could be affected by this possible round of power shutoffs, it's not the first time. the warning is going out to pg&e customers in lake, mendocino, napa, solano counties. amy hollyfield is live in napa with more details. good morning. >> good morning. people are having a hard time believing that this could be happening again. especially this late in the season. they so vividly remember the
6:33 am
struggles of the last outage and what they went through. that's very much on their minds. here we go again. pg&e has been turning off conditions to prevent their equipment from sparking wildfires. officials at the utility say they realize it's late in the season to be talking about fire. they say it's because the warm weather is sticking around. residents tell us they feel better prepared now than they were a month ago. >> i have a 97-year-old father in my house. i was without power for four days. they turned it on on the fifth day. so, i went to them, they showed me people that had the same problem. it was just our problem to fix it. i got a generator now. and we'll be running that for powering the house up. >> reporter: this possible outage could impact 250,000 customers in the sierra foothills, the north valley and
6:34 am
the north bay, that would include sonoma, napa and solano counties in the bay area. pg&e says it hopes to let people know this morning whether their power will be going out wednesday. reporting live from napa, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. abc7 news is tracking all of the new developments on this latest round of pg&e power shutoffs. you can get the latest to your phone as we learn new information. just download the abc7 news app. right now the at live desk, we're following the latest updates from the scene of a mass shooting in fresno. at least four people are dead, and seven were shot at a football watch party. >> still a big police presence out here. look behind me. you can't tell this whole area is taped off. on my left-hand side the street
6:35 am
is so packed with police cars and investigators that notars ar getting through any of this area this morning. it's up on my right-hand side. this is the home in question. we've seen investigators in and out of these houses talking to witnesses, neighbors, trying to determine exactly what happened. here's what we do know so far. police responded to reports of a shooting, that's on lamono avenue near caesar around 8:00 last night. about 45 people were at the house watching a football game. that's when the suspect came into the backyard and opened fire on ten people. the other 35 people inside the home, several of them children, were not hurt. we know five of the victims are being treated at community regional medical center in downtown fresno. another victim is at st. agnus medical center. two victims are in critical condition this morning. three are critical but stable. police have not released a description of a suspect or a motive but they say they are using mass casualty protocol in this shooting.
6:36 am
this is a developing situation. we'll keep you updated on all of this. >> a san francisco park ranger is expected to be okay after he was stabbed while trying to help an angry driver. police say the ranger followed a man's car on interstate 80 after seeing him yell at other drivers yesterday morning. the driver crashed into the center divide near the 7th street off-ramp. police say as the ranger got out of his car to try to help, the driver stabbed him. people passing by helped that ranger out and they held the suspect until the police got there. the suspect was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries and the ranger was treated on scene. new details about a weekend fire in san francisco's castro district. the owners of four businesses damaged by the smoke and flames will be eligible for financial help from the city. s the four businesses can apply for up to $10,000 each. no word yet on what caused saturday morning's fire that forced seven people from their homes. one person had burns. a firefighter wen the
6:37 am
hospital. he is expected to be okay. building a better bay area one community at a time. this morning the history that makes one east bay city so unique. the countdown to dreamforce. the big impact you can expect in san francisco even if you are not going to the conference. >> right now a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange, starting up this morning. oh, that changed. down about a point and a half. >> still time to make it up. first, here's a look at traffic with jobina, is that where we're going? >> that is where we are going. i understand now just two lanes are blocked in this deadly sigalert. the left two lanes there. there is progress as far as the cle cleanup. this will impact people coming out of the east bay. this is eastbound 80 in berkeley. the backup extends 4 1/2 miles all the way to emeryville. where you see the headlights, that is the westbound side. we are looking at a more than 8-mile backup all the way past el sabronte.
6:38 am
this is eastbound 80 between gillman and hoffman. the speeds down to 7 miles per hour as you approach the crash. 22, 16, 14 miles per hour as you move down on the westbound side. unfortunately we do know someone died. an evidence tow truck is still on the way there. hopefully they can get things cleared up for you soon. the ferries, no delays. no delays for b.a.r.t. 53 trains are running wrighrigh. coming out of the central valley, that's where you will have problems. ace 1 is on a 30-minute delay right now because of equipment issues. ace 3 and ace 5 are running on schedule. we're seeing a lot of delays out there on the roads. >> for a monday, nobody wants that. >> i know. i know. i'm hearing fire danger as well. we have a lot going on. >> will anything change as we get deeper into fall? yes, it will. but the change will be the fire danger that comes with it.
6:39 am
all right. thank you, jobina. 47 in foster city. 49 in belmont. 46 in redwood city. 43 in menlo park. pacifica at about everywhere else. 51 in hayward and san rafael 50. let's look at your commute. the san mateo bridge, looking off towards the east and you can see it's clear out there. that's the case for your commute planner. cool to mild if not warm for mass transit. our last calm day out on the bay. for the east bay valleys, we jump 10 degrees from 7:00, 45. 9:00, to 11:00, then noon. 62 at 7:00. here's the peninsula, same thing. we hit 70 at noon. hanging out in the low to mid 70s through 4:00. down in the south bay, 58 through 9:00. 681 at 11:00.
6:40 am
62 by 7:00. when we come back, we'll look at that fire danger. first, here's some more high temperatures where you live sponsored by disney's "frozen 2" in theaters friday. >> the kingdom is not safe. >> this friday -- >> go north across the enchanted lands. and into the unknown. >> promise we we'll do this together, okay? >> i promise. >> from disney -- >> elsa, get out of there! >> you can't follow me into fire. >> then don't run into ithere's my career...'s more to me than hiv. my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress.
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many people think of the bay area as just san francisco, oakland, and san jose. but there's so much more. like all this. it's where we work, live, and love. all of our cities big and small are facing the same problems and everyone is looking for solutions. that's why abc 7 is looking for answers and inspiration in communities throughout the region and revealing how they're tackling the same big problems. how is fremont working to build a better bay area. for the last month abc 7 news has been embedded in the city of fremont. this week we'll bring you the stories about community solutions about problems we're all facing. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz has a closer look at fremont itself and it's fascinating history. >> reporter: olet's ta a. if you're not from there, maybe
6:44 am
you don't know that much about it. maybe you're like, wait, where is it again? fremont, east bay or south bay? >> east. >> east bay. >> oh! >> it's south. >> to me, it's always been south. >> but you say -- >> east bay. >> why? >> reporter: fremont is here. yes. in the east bay at the end of the b.a.r.t. line in south alameda county nestled around silicon valley. it's actually a pretty cool place with some fascinating history, which, spoiler alert, has to do with hollywood, but we'll get to that in a minute. the first thing to know about fremont, it's huge. nearly 92 square miles. almost twice the square footage of san francisco and in terms of population, the fourth largest city in the bay area. it's also relatively new, it wasn't officially formed until 1956, more than 100 years after san jose. when five separate towns, centerville, niles, mission san jose, warm springs and irvington merged into one. that said, life has been there for years. seriously.
6:45 am
fremont made headlines a few years back when a trove of ice age fossils and extinct years os unearthed by a construction crew working in the city. decades earlier, in the 1940s, a group of young boys found similar fossils. today, fremont is known for a few reasons. one, it's extraordinarily diverse. it has the country's largest afghan population, and, second, it is the hub for tech manufacturing. it's where apple made its first mac commuters and where tesla has its main factory. but as some film buffs might tell you, it's known for something else. several silent movies were al filmed in fremont in the early 1900s, including five charlie chaplain films. remember "the tramp?" yep, filmed in fremont. chaplain didn't li ing. history says he didn't like it but he left his mark. the city has a museum dedicated to the history of silent films and an annual charlie chaplain celebration. a cool claim to fame, even now in modern times.
6:46 am
>> we'll be holding a live town hall this evening talking to fremont leaders about the issues that the city is facing. it includes housing, job creation and diversity. we'll be streaming the town hall on our website, as well as facebook and youtube. that starts at 5:00 this evening. it is a star-studded week in san francisco. >> thousands are here in the city for salesforce's dreamforce conference including president obama and david beckham. liz kreutz is live at moscone center. hi, liz. >> hi. i promise, i'm not in two place at once. we're here outside the moscone center. dreamforce is back this week. they mean business. the theme is trail blazers this year. hence this national park imagery around. dreamforce is the world's largest software conference. salesforce says they have more than 171,000 registered attendees this year. many of us know it can cause congestion around here. if you're traveling through the city be prepared.
6:47 am
howard street will be closed between 3rd and 4th. big names will be here, former president obama, gretchen carlson just to name a few. the event starts tomorrow, but some events are starting today. people are inside the moscone center there setting up. if you are showing up to this conference, keep in mind there's public transitio$portationtrans. here's on abc 7 mornings, we're trying something new towards the end of our show, we're pointing out two top stories on our website that you should check out before we go. so, one of our stories here,s i've been tracking this all morning long, one person has died in a two-car crash. this is going to impact a lot of people that are traveling into san francisco and out as well
6:48 am
because there's a slowdown on both sides. now, to another top story here, pg&e warning of another possible power shutoff, amy hollyfield has been talking about this all morning long. her story is attached here as well as so much more information and mike is also tracking that as well. i want to send it over to him now. we have really been concerned about this fire warning lingering well past our usual fire season. >> extl it's so dry out there, jobina. hi, everybody. we're 2 inches in san jose to 6 inches in santa rosa below average. this cold front will bring highs in the 50s and 60s, it's the fact it's such dry air and such dry vegetation. that's why we have critical fire conditions from 4:00 wednesday morning to 7:00 thursday morning. you have today and tomorrow to get ready. today will be sunny, near record highs just like yesterday. cool to mild with clouds returning tonight. that's the sea breeze that will bring us cooler weather. but the critical fire levels, that's one of my biggest concerns in the extended.
6:49 am
for today, offshore breeze, 68 in half moon bay. low to mid 70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s i lannland. 72 oakland. 78 concord. around the state, mid to upper 70s through the central valley. monterey, 71. 77 in tahoe. for tonight, you can see the cloud cover coming back. the this is the sea breeze. it will keep ouremperature frt. thatilrihe eehere we are at 4:00 wednesday morning. as we head into the afternoon, late afternoon, evening hours, that's when the winds will peak as the sun is setting and a lot of us are going through our evening activities and getting ready for bed. that's when the critical fire conditions will peak. be ready for that. winds will relax thursday. i'm expecting a 10 to 15 degree drop tomorrow back into the 50s and 60s. that's where we stay. jobina? >> thank you, mike. we are still following this
6:50 am
deadly sigalert in berkeley. looking right now at eastbound 80, where that red circle is inside. you can see the flashing lights. we know two lanes are blocked. initially there were three. look at that backup. you can see the taillights, the cars are hardly moving now. the backup extends from berkeley into emeryville. so, more than about 4 1/2 miles back on the westbound side we are seeing that backup extends more than 8 miles all the way to past el sebronte at in point. i will bring up the map here. eastbound 80 between hoffman, speeds of 7 miles per hour going into the crash. not much changed as far as speeds and improvements there. 17, 15, 14 miles per hour on the westbound side. again, two cars involved in this crash. unfortunately someone did die. we do know that the evidence tow truck is still on the way. we imagine they are held up
6:51 am
because of the backup. we have a look at the drive times. >> thanks. get ready to see more bikes around san francisco. today transit leaders will announce new funding to double the number of bike racks being installed. installed every year, but sfmta secured new funding to install about 1,200 per year, including racks for jump and lime. the bike racks will then be put in starting later this year. on the peninsula, stanford health care is welcoming patients to its new state of the art hospital. abc7 was in palo alto for the rib been cutting yesterday. patients were transferred into the new facility over a sky bridge connected to the old building. stanford health care says the hospital features high-tech operating suites and 368 added beds. it also features four acres of gardens, original art, walking trails and even a medication room. major layoffs for wework.
6:52 am
>> they plan to cut 6,000 jobs to achieve fim snancial stabili >> let's look at the new york stock exchange. we're still hovering down a few points, about 10 points
6:53 am
6:54 am
of the new floor & decor don't miin milpitas. opening if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save s perience.ney.u ly thos ce in milpitas, ifoue walle d love you. he. i me off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. it is 6:54.
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if you're just joining us, 7 things to know before you go. police are searching for one gunman who opened fire on a football watch party at a home in fresno. four people were killed. six more were injured but they're expected to recover. >> number two, here we go again shutoff this week because of potential dry and windy weather. the utility says it will start letting customers know today if their power will be turned off. number three, a deadly sigalert in the east bay. this is berkeley you're looking at now. the a clash between two cars, the left two lanes are blocked. one person has died. this backup extends more than 4 1/2 miles on the eastbound side. number four, more violent clashes in hong kong this morning. riot police descended upon a university where protesters have been demonstrating. number five this week's dreamforce conference kicked off with some events starting today. the annual salesforce business and tech conference draws names from all walks of life but be
6:56 am
ready for traffic troubles. number six, for a second consecutive day, we're going to near record highs. high fire danger hits us wednesday and thursday. and number seven, taco bell has a new thanksgiving recipe that involves blending tacos into a soup. the rolled chicken taco bisque involves mixing the rolled chicken taco party pack with garr link, onion, broth, heavy whipping cream and cilantro. >> why do people eat these things. >> why not? >> doesn't sound good. >> doesn't it look delicious? >> i think so. >> you do, too. >> i don't believe this. y'all can't be serious. >> i want it. >> thursday and friday? >> reggie has odd thanksgiving standards. we'll leave it at that. i won't shade you. >> because i grew up on stove top and the canned cranberry sauce? >> hello, yes. >> was it a trashy thanksgiving?
6:57 am
perhaps. but that's how i was raised. >> those are our customs. >> those are my it takes a village to raise to build a bridge. to throw a baseball...
6:58 am
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good morning, america. as we join you this monday morning, a manhunt is under way after another deadly mass shooting. deadly attack. a gunman opening fire on a family's football watch party in california, killing at least four people injuring six. the manhunt right now. blockbuster week in the impeachment showdown. ambassador gordon sondland, the man at the center of the ukraine firestorm, and several phone calls with president trump set to testify and shake up the new polls showing mayor pete surging to the top of the pack. coastal chaos. a dangerous storm on the move sparking accidents across the east. this tractor trailer colliding with a bus splitting in two. and heavy storm surge battering the carolina coast.


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