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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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hayward bart station 90 mens ago there was a fatality on a train. the coroner a arrived a short time later. there's a heavy police response in the area. not clear what exactly happened. to the person that died. but we are looking into it as are the police. >> the station was closed just before 2:00 p.m. it's been about two hours since the incident was reported. >> we have been working on sorting out exactly what happened. joining us live now from the south hayward bart station. what have we learned? >> we're awaiting for confirmation on everything from the police chief. just stepping up to the microphone to explain what happened. let's go over to approximately
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received calls into the dispatch center of a fight in progress involving two males on a train. just leaving the station. the fight continued through our hayward station. which point -- the two males. as the train approached, police partners responded to the call. along with the police department. and we detained we were on the platform and determined that there was a victim on the train that was bleeding and possibly the victim of a stabbing. our partners at the police department along with officers had a good description of the suspect. we conducted an area search and they were able to stop a suspect matching the description a block from here. our victim unfortunately
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deceas deceased as a result of the incident. this is very tragic. it's rare on bart. it's not something we get a lot of. i want to assure ridership that bart is safe. and we're continue to reassure them by providing presence in the system and continue to ride safely. >> how can you say it's safe. >> the thing about this it wasn't a random attack. it was a fight involving two individuals that engaged each other. the knife was -- >> so again you're hearing the police chief describe what happened this afternoon. on argument between two men on a bart train that started at bay fair. and a knife was drawn. one man died on board the train of the knife wounds. fled from the bart station and
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was app he rended a couple blocks away. we have a great video of the encounter. five witnesses that saw this man who apparently discarded his shirt on the way to the location. and those witnesses one by one were brought by to look at the suspect. and to identify him positively. somehow. that man was whisked away by police. we understand there may have been cell phone video taken. of the encounter of the confrontation on the train. and a bart police video technician may have walked away with that cell phone. police may have a very good look at this fight. on a train a short while ago. we'll have a lot more for you coming up at 5:00. as we put the details together. >> all right. we will see you at 5:00.
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we sent out a push alert. when there was a fatality on a train. down load the news app and enable push alerts fo get the latest news. >> new information on the potential power shut off looming tomorrow. pg&e announced many bay area counties will not be deenergized. >> portions of 16 counties received 24 hour notice today in the bay area 51,000 customers in napa could have their power shut off starting tomorrow. customers in alameda, contra kos tra, and were notified yesterday they might lose power. pg&e is saying weather conditions improved and power will not be shut off in those counties. >> we have team coverage on the potential outages. we have the forecast. and begin with reporter who spoke with pg&e. >>
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car outside when the power is out. it charges the battery. so you can charge an iphone up to 30 times or something. it's really cool. >> talk about being prepared. during the last power shut off. she was without power for four days. this battery and this portable solar panel became a savior. >> for a couple people yes. >> for this potential power shut off she was ready with a special lightbulb. >> it activates in the event of a power outage. >> so the kids don't have a black room. >> a couple hours ago they announce that will not be necessary. for at least six bay area counties that were initially under list. >> we're going to continue
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monitoring the areas. >> the utility confirmed 181,000 customers could be affected throughout northern and central california. in the bay area the number is smaller. 51,000 customers. counties on the list. >> this is not a decision we take lightly. we understand how much it impacts customers. and we only do this out of safety. >> officials with the emergency department said they remain ready in case weather conditions change. >> we'll information that we don't expect the county to be affected at this point. >> the utility said they began the notification process by text. e-mail and phone call. in the counties. thank you. let's head to a look at what we expect in the proposed outage
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area. >> the concern is about the dry gusty wind developing in the area in the north bay. wind gust animation 11:00 tonight gust range from 25 to 35 miles per hour. over this region. stronger in the early morning hours. 40 miles per hour. or higher. in some locations. throughout the day tomorrow the wind gusts will remain in the range. good news is early thursday morning the wind will calming down and taper off. and expect the fire danger to diminish. i'll have more later. >> we sent out push alerts as pg&e decides if and where it's shutting off power and we'll do that as soon as they start taking action. get latest news sent to you through the app. it is free. >> in the east bay more reaction to the decision not to file charges yet against the five men arrested in the halloween night shooting. >> was the investigation done correctly? were those arrested really the suspects in the case.
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live with what happened now in the case. >> in a nutshell strange happenings in a high profile case. first of all the sheriff office using what some consider a controversial type of arrest warpt. in this case, one that didn't stick. >> most of the street side memorial at the fountain in the center of town is gone. so are most of the former suspects arrested just last thursday. all but one of the five were released yesterday. a fifth is still in jail on a separate charge. a strange twist in the case. ten people shot, five fatally. at a large party in a rented house halloween night. district attorney spokesperson. >> we need information. the investigation is ongoing. it's a complex and sensitive case. that left five people dead. we need more information. and the investigation is
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ongoing. >> the case made more sensitive because of the arrests and releases. attorney represents three of the victims families. >> you arrested these people and given everyone the impression there was evidence to convict them of murder. they couldn't last two days. >> the sheriff office says it used warrants to make the arrest. former san francisco chief assistant district attorney. >> arrest warrant. police can arrest a suspect based on probable cause. listed in an affidavit for a raymy warrant. >> they turn it over to the district attorney. prosecutors need much more than probable cause to make a case stick in court. >> when the district attorney gets the case they have to look at credible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. and that's where the rub is. >> the investigation was handled is questionable. >> what's curious the district
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attorney office wasn't involved as part of the investigative team. that usually saves these problems. >> meantime the sheriff office says it stands by the investigation and they add the persons arrested will be held to account. one footnote. we call the city to find out if they did anything with the street side memorial. and they told us they didn't touch it. and don't know who did clean it up. another footnote we're here at the library. the city counsel will vote on restricting the use of the airbnb in the city. that happens tonight. >> we're following t conservative commenter set to speak at berkeley tomorrow night. the u.s. immigration system and the danger. a small group of students gathered calling for a protest
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of the visit. they don't expect any problems. >> over the course of the last two years this campus hosted 13 conservative speakers without a problem. no reason that can't happen again. >> colter cancelled a visit in 2017 over security concerns. earlier that year protestors incited violence before a scheduled speech. and that event was cancelled. >> public hearing the sektd week of impeachment hearings kicked off today. downtown dreams building a better down the effort to create a new city center in fremont. google game is out.
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day three of testimony in the impeachment inquiry. close to wrap up. four witnesses testified today. starting with vind man and jennifer williams. he told ukrainian officials to stay out of u.s. politics. >> it is improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and political opponent. >> both were on the july 25th call between president trump and ukraine new president. where trump pressed for investigations into the 2016 presidential election as well as joe biden and his son. the afternoon session featurede. morrison testified he was concerned about potential political fall out if the
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contents from the july 25th call were leaked. volker testified in retro spect he sees president trump was using the military aide to pressure ukraine to investigate bidens. >> two guards responsible for monitoring jeffrey epstein the night he killed himself. charged with falsifying prison records. accused offend neglecting duty by failing to check on jeff for eight hours on the night he died. >> the wheels are in motion to finally approve a settlement dating back several years between san francisco and academy of art university. we have a look at what san francisco will get. why it took so long to reach a deal. >> the academy owns 40 buildings in san francisco. between the year 2000 and 2011 the university doubled its real estate holdings. the planning commission quickly determined that the academy was violating the city's land use law. >> illegal conversions of
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residential housing. and single occupy si hotels. to uses that are priblted under the plans code. >> in 2016 the city sued them and a few months later they settled. unable to meet some of the demands of that settlement the plans commission and city hall agreed to consider a new proposal. the university would give the city $58 million. here's the break down. 20 million to pay for permit fees, fines and a payment to the fund to purchase rent control properties controlled by the city. the bulk of the money 38 million would provide money for affordable housing in the city. the academy agreed to avat certain properties like this one on pine street. that was once a residential hotel. and converted into student housing. >> we'll try to right that wrong. in this settlement. and put more affordable housing back online.
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that san francisco sorely needs. >> the settlement has to be approved by the commission and the plannings commission before it reaches the board. the academy didn't offer a statement. >> still pending is another case brought forward by the federal government alleging the university used illegal tactics to enroll students from 2006 to 2010. >> as she mentioned the academy will vacate certain properties including student housing. it has 17 in all. it was founded in 1929. around 11,000 students are now enrolled. >> lower interest rates are credited for a big jump in home prices.
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according to real estate firm u.s. home sale prices increase 5.4% year over year in the month of october. the median price rose to $313,000. the larnlest increase since july 2018. video taken by a security camera is proving holding an open house can be a rocky road. the open house saturday so they decided to check the home security footage and found disturbing behavior. >> it showed this couple walking into the garage. opening cabinets and the female opening the refrigerator door, taking out something. putting it in her large handbag. >> so it turns out they found a container of ice cream was missing from the freezer. a similar looking couple attended other open houses last year. where candle sticks and pain medication went missing. >> a new art exhibit is focusing
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colorful attention on the housing crisis. port officials dedicated the welcome tower today at pier 14. the art work is a replica of the tower constructed out of the multi-color doors. the message is the city needs to be welcome and affordable for others. >> we welcome spencer christian. >> i'm welcoming the increasing wind gusts are developing already. the high fire danger is expected to go into effect. tomorrow. the wind is increasing now. here's a look a live view. can't tell from this view. perhaps it is windy. you see the clouds thin clouds moving along swiftly. it's 59 degrees in san francisco. 61 oakland and san jose. 59 redwood city and gilroy. 55 half-moon bay. the view at clouds offshore. west ward. 64 degrees.
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we have 67 fair field. livermore 59. and the golden gate north ward and at mainly clear skies. you can see the flag blowing in the breeze. it's breezy already. forecast features dry gusty winds continue to develop over night. increasing fire danger of course. through thursday morning. thus the red flag warning. and this mild dry -- it will get calmer on thursday. it will be a mild dry and calm pattern thursday afternoon. and continuing into next week. our red flag warning will be in effect from 4:00 a.m. tomorrow through 7:00 a.m. thursday. the knot bay mountains east bay hills and the range generally during that period of time wind out of the north northeast gusts ranging from 35 to 45 miles per hour. possibly up to 60 miles per hour. or higher. occasionally in the higher elevations. surface wind that is strong. 38 miles per hour. here in san francisco.
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33 miles per hour half-moon bay. lighter winds speeds in other locations. but they'll continue increasing over night. low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s over night and highs tomorrow will range from about 60 at the coast. to mid-60s around the bay shoreline. and upper 60s to 70 in the areas. climate prediction center issued a precipitation out look for next week. eight it 14 days. on the bay area you can see we're expecting chance of light rain. late next week. which probably will put arou around thanksgiving. wind diminish thursday morning and expect the red flag warning to expire. starting friday continuing through the weekend into early next week sunny days. dry and mild. no rain in sight. again the climate prediction center saying over the next
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eight to 14 days we might get right rain. that would be around thanksgiving. >> a completely dry november. almost. >> almost no measurable rain at all. hundredth of an inch here and there. >> bay area athletes stepping up to help teens go to a championship game. >> our grandparents didn't make the best choices at all times. we have become better people. we have become better people. >> the story behind the story as how do i use better than bouillon? i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on... sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better. warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back.
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couple nfl players helping a youth football team from compton go to the national youth championship in florida. 49ers star defensive back richard sherman donated $5,000 to a go fund me for the hub city football team. the raiders added $2,000.
4:25 pm
both grew up in compton. the effort raised more than $29,000 so far. that is nearly double the original goal. so those kids are going to the championship. >> wow. all right we are just days away from the opening of frozen 2. the first frozen broke box office records in 2013. >> actress bell hopes the sequel will empower young girls. we spoke with her about what's new in frozen 2. >> what makes this story so special to people. >> we were proud of the first one because most movies are about romantic love. ours was not. that was in the background. we made a movie about self-love. and which i think are more important than romantic love. >> the past is not what it
4:26 pm
seems. >> we can learn from history. we all can. our grandparents didn't make the best choices at all times we have become better people. and that's sort of what el sa and anna are discovering face the worltd in the movie. >> what do you like it bring to this one that you didn't to the last one? is it just you're three years older in this? >> i really wanted anna to deal with her codepend si. so what she's supposed to do when she's got to only think about herself. that idea of exploring self-love and confidence in self-esteem and we did a good job of it. >> it will be huge. it opens friday.
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there's so much more. like all this. it's where we work, live and love. all of our cities big and small are facing the same problem and everyone is looking for solutions. that's why we're looking for answers. and inspiration. in communities throughout the region. and revealing how they're tackling the same big problems. how is fremont working to build a better bay area. >> it is one of the largest cities in the area. but has no downtown business district. fremont is hoping to change that. >> taking steps to create a unique urban center starting from the ground up. the plan taking shape. >> at this ground breaking celebration last month. a new chapter in history. event center and civic plaza will be the center piece of a
4:31 pm
town town from scratch. fremont founded in 1956. when five smaller cities merged into one city. today the center ville, niles, mission and warm springs districts each have their own urban center. the city as a whole has lacked a central identity. >> it's important for a city to have a gathering place. a social heart. more interaction and services. >> fremonts mayor says the new downtown was four decades in the making. the project has 110 acres. bounded by fremont boulevard. and walnut avenue. >> this is the place we have the festival arts. we have festival india. july 4 parade. it's creating a sense of place making. and as the buildings go up and more resources are available, such as the downtown event center. it solidifies that. >> fremont lacks a downtown.
4:32 pm
we're the fourth largest city in the bay area without a downtown. >> when complete this new downtown will provide housing, offices and retail space. all within walking distance of bart. >> 2,500 new residential units which will bring 12,000 new residence to downtown. as well as 2.5 million square feet of retail and commercial space. >> the current project hasn't come without hiccups. the city and developers had an opportunity to fine tune the project. >> we were picked in 2008 to be the master developer. and we said nothing will get built for five years anyway. take this time and plan this district. >> that includes flexibility to adjust to market demands. >> if the market for housing is in the tank developers can build office. if there's a bad office market we can build housing. >> the mainstream will be here
4:33 pm
on capital avenue. the city broke ground in 2015. since completed this street. steps away from future stores. there's plen of work to be done. momentum is quickly pick up steam. >> now the private nstment is coming in. we have multiple projects already under way or well into our development pipeline. >> they have engaged local business to encourage them to make downtown a destination. >> i want people to know this is a location for dining and entertain. we're here to help them make it happen. >> with work under wa on the new event center. fremont is closer to becoming a reality. >> to see it coming on the rise it's like jack in the bean stalk. plant a seed and watch it grow. >> interesting. some film buffs might tell you. it's known for hollywood
4:34 pm
history. >> several silent movies were filmed there in the 1900s. five chaplain films. >> we look back at how they're keeping history alive. >> the district is considered by the city a historic district. and niles museum is an example of that. in a historic 1913 theater. >> welcome to the niles silent film museum. >> it's a unique combination of a silent era movie thooter in a historic town. it had a movie company from 1912 to 1916 that made 350 films. where charlie chaplain made the trump and where the people who were part of that movie company
4:35 pm
came to this theater to watch movies. so he sat in this theater. we have a research library with rare books in it. we have posters, photographs. we have silent era movie equipment. we used some of the equipment to make our own silent films for special occasions. we have a film collection of over 10,000 prints. we use the original projection booth to show silent film. every saturday night with live piano music. it's just a unique place to see what silent films were all about. >> the film company that came here in 1912 was headed by bronco billy and der son. who was the first movie star cowboy in silent film. niles was a small railroad and farming community. but the thing that they had
4:36 pm
going for movie making was niles canyon. bronco billy was interested in san francisco. he loved that city. but niles was the place finally that he recognized as the place he wanted to be. and they made over 350 films. i think the important thing is to remember what happened here. which is why we form the museum in the first place. silent films are their own entertainment medium. you have an audience watching a screen that has no dialogue. you're getting your information from the images. and you have a live piano player or other musician. playing for them. so you get an interaction between the film, audience and music. i think the experiences is close to the original. it's a satisfying thing to be here and preserve the history of
4:37 pm
niles and fremont and the film company and silent film. you can't i think find that anywhere else. >> wow. so cool. >> who knew. >> the live piano. >> wow. nature lovers enjoy the don edwards national wildlife refuge in fremont. the first wildlife refuge in the u.s. > a look at the importance of the refuge. >> i'm here with the u.s. fish and wildlife service pio. he's going to tell us what is the mission of the refuge? >> all national wildlife is 600 in the united states. this is federal land that was set aside for the protection of the endangered species and habitat.
4:38 pm
open space in a country that's seeing less and less of that. that's a very important to have the space here. in a crowded urban area. >> can you tell us also what environmental education programs do you have here. and what makes this place so unique besides the fact it's gorgeous. >> this is the first urban national wildlife refuge. so here in this very densely populated area, we have about 30,000 acres of open space. preserved. and a lot of visitors. we have 600,000 folks who come here from fremont and other communities. to do hiking and biking. fishing and hunting. two and a half months of the year we have hunting. educational programs for adults. and children. we have school bus trips to come here. a lot of puppet shows and interactive programs. a lot of fun. and for adults we have yoga on the refuge.
4:39 pm
fishing day. nature drawing classes. a whole range of activities. it's a very vital part of the community. >> it makes it so unique for visitors to be able to come out and be one with nature. >> especially now. with the increasing development in the bay area. the pressures of development. to have these spaces that will be open. for many years to come. for people to enjoy not just for the wildlife and the benefits from that in terms of water quality and that important diversity. but for the recreational oriented activity. for folks to come out and be in nature. whether for a bike ride or a hike. we encourage folks to come out and enjoy the activities we have. >> great. thank you so much. >> all right. thank you. they have a will the of wind. >> we are dedicating the week of
4:40 pm
our building a better bay area coverage to fremont. issues that impact the bay area fourth largest city
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it's time sleep numbermate sleep360 smart bed.on the you can adjust your comfort on both sides - your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster?
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4:43 pm
about it. what am i seeing here and why is it important? >> usually video games has a box. doing the computing power in the home. google has their box on the end of their internet connection. and you're tapping into it from your phone. computer or a chrome cast device they sell. >> this is live and realtime. i guess when ever you're in the situation let's say we're playing against each other in different locations. tlauls the concern about lag and if i do something is it going it show up there before you do something back. >> larry cheating. >> you're the expert. explain. >> there's lag to all this technology. google is doing its best to combat that. the controller here is different. it has wi-fi build in. it communicates with your net work to google is faster than traditional blue tooth
4:44 pm
controller. the experiences is tailored on google with intelligence. to in some ways interpret what you might do next. sort of like a black box of technology. but by and large this is not the same as playing at home. you'll feel difference. >> are you chasing the dog? >> watch out. don't hurt the dog. he seems friendly. we're playing assassins creed. is this a big difference? i know the mechanics behind it are big. why am i inclined to play it on the google system than something else? >> you wouldn't have to own something else. that's the big pitch. because of that they're charging pretty cles close to retail price for the games. $60 for the standard edition of like the most expensive tier. they have different publishers
4:45 pm
with special items bundled in. that can be $100. some games are ten to 20 as well. >> i pushed a child. on accident. >> look how fast he did it. this is impressive in realtime. >> i'm sorry. >> selling point obviously. you're having so much fun. is able to throw your game from one device to the other. you're playing on the tv and want to say go into the bedroom or somewhere elsewhere yu don't have gaming set up. you can throw it over there. >> a lot of animals in the game. are there enough games to make it worthwhile? >> just shy of two dozen right now. >> that's not that many. >> there's a good range. the question is do you want to
4:46 pm
play old games. that is the vast majority. want last game or two. they have one new game. it's not a system seller. so there are plenty of games. but enough the answer gets complicated. right now the audience is letting google know they want more. >> what did you do? >> now we have a conversation goingen. people tune into that. some other time. >> thumbs up thumbs down. >> it's dead center in the middle. neutral. for me i would not buy it. the technology works. i give them credit. >> chris may buy it. >> chris will practice.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. new york filed suit against e cigarette maker one day after the state of california took similar action. attorney general announced the lawsuit claiming the san francisco based company used deceptive marketing contributing to a youth vaping epidemic.
4:50 pm
it is working with government to combat under age use. >> the governor of south carolina -- south dakota is defending a an ad about meth. >> so what do you think? the governor says the goal of the campaign was get people talking about being part of the solution. not the problem. so when they said they're on it they're on the problem. not on meth. so the ad is getting attention. that's working. confusing. >> burger king is sued over the impossible burger and hackers are going after disney plus. >> don't mess with our disney plus. >> it's interesting. hackers are selling stolen disney plus account log ins on
4:51 pm
the black market. some began to notice they were unable to access their account. locked out. there are no reports of a breech. you maybe ask what happened? consumers are using their same old pass words and these thieves are using the ones they have stolen in past breeches. if you have used an old password on an account change it. >> the man is suing burger king over how it cooks its impossible burger. he's vegan and claims they are cooked on the same surface as beef. the lawsuit says that makes burger kings advertisement that the impossible burger is 0% beef wrong. burger king says it cannot comment on pending litigation. >> the holiday shopping season the non-profit world against toys causing harm organization has re toys of 2019. topping the list are the ner of
4:52 pm
ultra one. ice cream scented slime. and a plastic power rangers claw. the group says these toys pose high risk of injury to children. >> i was going to get the slime. >> let's get to spencer. >> i was ready for the impossible burger. conditions, mainly clear skies. clouds blowing around. over night lows in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow very windy. we have a red flag warning in effect. skies will be bright with high temperatures ranging from 60 at the coast to mid-60s around the bay. red flag warning in effect from 4:00 a.m. tomorrow to thursday. high fire danger for the higher elevations in the bay. the 7-day forecast. that windy empbt will last one day. starts to taper off thursday.
4:53 pm
thursday afternoon through the rest of the forecast. we can expect mainly sunny skies. dry and mild conditions. we have beautiful days ahead it will remain bone dry. >> thank you. get ready for the epic jeopardy show down. the trash talk is already under way. three of the shows biggest former champions get ready to go head to head to head. >> what's ahead. >> new at 5:00. deep dive into the front lines of housing battle the struggle for people living in fremont. targeting a tesla. another case of vandalism. this car owner says he has a plan it find out who did it. rent or buy electric or gas. everything you need to know about pressure washers. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry.
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tonight in prime time. we start out at 8:00 it's the conners. followed by bless this mess. at 9:00 mixedish and blackish. 10:00. and stay towned for the news at 11:00. because of today's coverage of the impeachment hearings, general hospital didn't air at the usual time. today's episode will air in its entirety. over night. starting at 2:37 a.m. >> the jeopardy match up that fans have been dreaming about. the game top champions. ken, james, brad. face off in prime time in a
4:57 pm
greatest of all time tournament. we have the details. >> the epic show down fans have been waiting for. jeopardy top three of all time. face off inform prime time. they will take the stage to determine who is the goat. >> ken has the most games. brad is the winningest in history. and james is a phenomena. it will be awesome. >> who are the eagles? >> the newcomer has changed the game. >> i have the distinct feeling that brad and ken are going to have to play james ball. hunt for the daily double. accrue a big sum. go for the throat. not aggression. >> james is already trash
4:58 pm
talking opponents. comparing the game to prowrestling. he never lost to a human. what's his record against steel chairs. and breaking down the statistics the numbers spell disaster for ken. he fired back. all proceeds go to buying james a nice sports coat or blazer and maybe a necktie. earlier this year he joked any game wouldn't be easy. >> it's inevitable. i can't get 29 year-old ken to show up. with his sleek brain. it has to be me. >> this is going to be epic. and now after all the years of jeopardy. you have to play james game. they'll face off in january. >> reminder you can get the latest news any time with our news app. it has enhanced live video. more kus mization.
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realtime and free. thanks for the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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stabbing on bart. >> pg&e skals back its plans to turn off the power. it's too late for some. >> either way people say they're taking no chances. they're going ahead with plans to go off the grid just in case. >> video shows the instant a football fan kicks a tesla. >> government points to a main cause in fatal uber crash. there's a lot of blame to go around. >> cracked glass at the bear exhibit. of the promise from the oakland zoo. that breaking news is happening at the


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