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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 20, 2019 2:41am-4:00am PST

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samantha mccall, for the charge of murder in the first degree, i find you... not guilty. [ exhales sharply ] ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, come on. flo: don't worry. you're covered. (dramatic music) and you're saving money, because you bundled home and auto.
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don't make this harder than it already is. i just had a very intense conversation with scott baldwin. i know. he told me. did he tell you what it was about? yes. why did i have to hear about it from him? if you knew that franco saved me when we were kids, why didn't you tell me? oh, i-i didn't realize there was already a renter. there is. [ chuckles ] i'm hayden. oh, hi. kim. nice to meet you. yeah. please, please, come -- come on in. i'll show you the place. [ chuckles ] so, do you own this? i-i do. um, i was going to sell,
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but, uh, lucy told me that it was a buyer's market, so best if i just rented. oh, i think i got the same speech. i dropped off the rent check and picked up the keys. i hope i didn't come too soon. uh, no, no, no. no, it's fine. um...are -- are you moving in today? no. no, i'm just here to take some measurements for furniture. but i'm glad i caught you. is there anything i should know about the place? it-- it's a great apartment. [ exhales sharply ] it's -- it's spacious, it has beautiful views, and, um... i just hope you will be as happy here as i was. another medical mystery solved, courtesy of the brilliant hamilton finn. well, it's always a team effort. can't you take a compliment? mm. no. it was -- it was tj that first thought of rat poison. rat poison? yeah. rat poison. we're still trying to figure out how alexis ingested it. oh, god. oh, don't worry. i have it on good authority that alexis doesn't dine at pozzulo's, so you're safe. [ laughs ]
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speaking, congratulations on rescuing charlotte. oh, well, in the same way as you diagnosed alexis, it was a team effort. jason arrived in a very timely manner, and charlotte -- she was very impressive. just, you know, a-a lot of children would have been too frightened to have made a move, but just -- when she saw her chance, she didn't hesitate, and it was a thing of beauty. because? because...cassandra -- she was distracted, and then charlotte just bit her. no kidding. yep. i would have loved to have seen that. yeah. i thought cassandra was gonna have a stroke. you know, she was so worried about infection. [ laughs ] well... i shouldn't take so much satisfaction in it because...the woman is most certainly dead. well...i won't pretend not to be relieved. right. i would just like to know for sure who arranged to kill her. well, wouldn't it be valentin? so, i've been writing dante two or three times a week,
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ever since -- writing him where? the wsb won't even tell us where he's being treated. well, i send the letters to the wsb offices in manhattan, and today, finally, out of the blue, i-i got this back. i have been making some back-channel inquiries. i went to prep school with a couple guys who work in the intelligence and defense industry, so maybe the wsb is finally willing to give us some answers. yeah, but that was months ago. so, you're telling me that he's -- he... he's been getting treatment for ptsd? [ sighs ] maybe he's -- he's recovered enough to tell us what's going on, right? that's why i asked you to come over here, sonny. okay. we're his parents. i think we should open this together. judge madrigal: ms. miller, please advise your client that court has not been adjourned. of course, your honor. apologies. wait, what's going on? the defense has made a compelling case for extenuating circumstances. mr. archer's history of violence
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against the defendant and her family were undeniable. the court finds that ms. mccall did not act with premeditation in the death of mr. archer. however, the court is not persuaded that she acted solely in self-defense, nor that she exhausted her duty to retreat. evidence and testimony both indicate that mr. morgan was more than capable of defending himself, that his life was not in jeopardy, and that had ms. mccall not chosen to fire the flare gun, mr. morgan could have subdued mr. archer alone. for all those reasons, samantha mccall, on the charge of manslaughter and negligent homicide, the court finds you guilty. [ exhales sharply ] ♪ to hide my symptoms of depression.
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now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn? ♪upbeat musieverything was so fresh in the beginning. [sniff] ♪ dramatic music♪ but that plug quickly faded. ♪upbeat music luckily there's febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. [deep inhale] breathe happy with febreze plug. alex isn't just at taekwondo practice. she's at taekwondo practice showing off how strong and confident she's becominnng! the new yoplait smoothies. for big little wins. your honor, if i may? ms. mccall requested a bench trial
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to expedite proceedings. shouldn't we accommodate her wishes and move to sentencing immediately? your honor, naturally, we intend to appeal this verdict. sentencing at this juncture of the proceedings would be premature. well, your client is well within her rights to appeal. however, prosecution's point is well made. the court is prepared to hear arguments for sentencing. you know, what i say doesn't leave this bar. understood? understood. no, i mean it. so do i. what made you so pissed off you closed the place? [ clears throat ] my, um, associate and i -- we, uh, had a disagreement. a "disagreement"? mm-hmm. you were staring daggers at the guy. mm. well, maybe he deserved it. ah. see, we're involved in a very...high-stakes situation. reputations are at stake. family loyalties. love, even. it's the kind of stuff that money can't buy, you know what i mean?
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i know all about families -- the giving, the taking. i spent many years making sure my path didn't cross my nearest and dearest. like a black cat breaking a mirror under a ladder, you know? one of us was definitely bad luck for the other. huh. bad luck. [ chuckles ] that would be an understatement. see, my associate, he, uh... he can't be trusted to hold up his end of the deal. so, why risk getting burned? get out while you can. terminate the partnership. [ sighs ] you know... you took the words right out of my mouth. can -- can we at least do this in private? okay, i hate knowing everyone who sees us has already jumped to the conclusion that i'm in the wrong. forget everybody else, brad. i'm your husband, the man who loves you. so talk to me. what does obrecht have on you? okay, that -- that witch has nothing on me. but that's not gonna stop her from inventing more lies
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and mess with us. okay, liesl is a miserable woman who resents the hell out of me. why? uh...for starters, her own daughter prefers me over her. oh, so this thing that she's lording over you, it's about britt? [ scoffs ] no, but... obrecht's just trying to make me look bad in front of you, same as julian did. why is everybody after you, brad? i-i don't know! be-- be-- because they're -- they're jealous, okay? i -- your father's relationship history has been a minefield, and -- and liesl, she's been alone forever. okay, they both hate me because they're -- we're happy and they're not. right? lucas? we're happy, aren't we? [ sighs ] what exactly did scott tell you? that franco and i shared a part of our childhood and that we lived in the same house with a man named jim harvey, who was sexually abusing franco.
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[ sighs ] franco pushed me down a flight of stairs 'cause he was trying to help me out. he was trying to protect me, 'cause that's when i was injured and i was sent off to a state home. at the time, everybody just figured that franco was disturbed, but that's because they had no idea what was going on with jim harvey. i considered telling you, but i chose not to, because i didn't think it was my place. if i told you about jim harvey, i'd feel like i was betraying franco, betraying his trust, and i hope you can understand that. so, after everything you did, all your fighting to get franco back, there was a line that you wouldn't cross because you loved him that much? i still do. i always will. samantha mccall shot david henry archer in the back. she didn't fire a warning shot. she didn't tell him to stand down.
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she didn't even give him a chance to surrender. in her words and her actions, ms. mccall considered herself david henry archer's judge, jury, and executioner. she has an extensive criminal record -- multiple charges of fraud and larceny. she was a grifter -- a way of life that first put her in the path of mr. archer, not to mention her ties to the criminal underworld to this day. the people request that she receive the maximum sentence. your honor, several weeks ago, a fellow prisoner -- a vicious woman named cassandra pierce -- injured a guard in an escape attempt. when she had the chance to escape, ms. mccall chose to stay with that guard until police and paramedics arrived. i ask you, is that the action of a criminal?
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is that the action of a con? ms. mccall fired that flare gun to save the life of jason morgan, her ex-husband, the father of her son. she's got two young children at home waiting for her. she's got strong ties to this community. incarcerating her now accomplishes nothing. allowing her to return to her place as a productive member of society benefits us all. ♪ (av(man) do you ok to watch a movie?e? (woman) yes. i'll pick. (avo) imagine what you can do with more migraine-free days. (woman) here, catch! (avo) when you're not fighting through migraine, imagine the possibilities. once-monthly emgality is a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. it's specifically developed to help give you more migraine-free days. with emgality, about 60% of people had their migraine days cut in half or more.
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ever since i woke up in port charles, people have been weighing in on franco -- the good, the bad, everything in between. yeah, everyone has an opinion about him in this town. and i didn't give them much thought bstg stranger. i-i don't remember much about my life before i was sent to the state home. just a couple of random names and some faces, and... ...bobby was one of them. and to find out... ...that he saved me, that he made it possible for me to have a life where i was -- i'm a seal. i love being a seal. he made it possible for me to meet kim... love her. and we have a child together. there's a lot about my life to love.
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it's not my life, is it? this life belongs to franco. and it's time for me to give it back. i've been camped out at my sister's. oh. it's gonna be nice to have my own space again. oh. well, you really lucked out with your neighbors. really? mm-hmm. tell me. give me the dirt. well, upstairs, you have mrs. ackers, and, um, she's hard of hearing, so you can watch movies or listen to music as loud as you want. nice. yeah, next door, you have mr. toomey, and he pretty much just keeps to himself. how is he on the noise front? um... he's pretty tolerant. i just wouldn't play metal. how does he feel about nursery rhymes? oh. you have a child. yeah. little girl. i'm a single mom, and i thought this apartment would be the right size for the two of us. yeah, it's, um, it's cozy, but, um, it's not too small that you're on top of each other.
3:02 am
i can tell this place meant a lot to you. it did. [ chuckles ] it was home. and now it's yours. so if you, uh, have any questions, you just have lucy reach out to me, okay? okay. will do. oops. shoot. you're a mom. so, tell me about your travels. what do you want to know? you any closer to finding alex? uh...i went to the marick estate in hungary, and i went through all her records, and then i followed her trail from paris to singapore to dubai, and i'm more convinced than ever that she is less of a spy, more of a dilettante. mm. and she just goes where the wind blows her or where the money beckons. and i guess... for six months, i've been looking for answers, and really, i just -- i just have more questions.
3:03 am
so, what made you come back? oh, i, um, i hit a dead end, you know? no more leads, and i really didn't have anywhere else to go. oh, i...i see. do you? mm-hmm. sure. i was the -- the default. no, you idiot. my life is here with you. i came back to be with you. you and sonny probably want to read this in private, and i have to call the probate lawyer anyway. thanks. i'm almost afraid to open it. i'll do it. let me see. please. [ sighs ] ♪ ♪ i'm sorry, olivia. what? what?
3:04 am
they sent them back. what? ah, just... ♪ you mean they never even sent these to him?! hold on, hold on, hold on. hold on. what's this? what? is it some kind of a form letter? "we regret to inform you that we can't send your letters to your son in a top-secret facility because god forbid he should know that his family still cares about him"! it's not a form letter. it's for you. ♪ [ sobbing ] it's from dante. it's alright. he wrote me after all. [ sniffles ] "mom... stop sending me letters." [ sobbing ] ♪
3:05 am
thank you both for your well-considered arguments. i sentence the defendant, samantha mccall, to two years in prison. your honor, i strongly -- i am not finished, ms. miller. of course, your honor. apologies. the sentence is neither the minimum nor the maximum. there are substantial mitigating factors, including the threat posed by the late david henry archer and ms. mccall's heroic actions during cassandra pierce's escape. accordingly, the court will recommend the parole board consider an early release. this would allow ms. mccall to serve out the remainder of her sentence on probation and/or on parole. until such time, the prisoner is remanded to pentonville penitentiary, effective immediately. [ gavel bangs ] court stands adjourned. come on.
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may we have just a moment, please? i'm sorry. this is just a setback, right? the parole board's gonna make sure i get released. i'm gonna do everything in my power to persuade them. okay, diane, what about an appeal?
3:12 am
look, i was under the impression that judge madrigal was fair and impartial. i doubt there will be any grounds for an appeal. i will do my best. so...this is real? i'm actually going to prison? for the time being, yes. but there are many other avenues i can pursue. can you just give us a moment? absolutely. why did i do this? i should have opted for a jury. don't -- don't -- you had valid reason to choose a bench trial. i know. i wanted to do this because i wanted to be home with scout and danny, and now i'm gonna be in prison for two years. jason, two years! okay -- don't -- don't think... don't think about two years. okay? don't even think about two months. you got to just focus on what's right in front of you. that's how... that's how you get through this. that's how we're gonna get through this, okay? just one day at a time. [ sighs ] you know, you're a good listener. what can i say? it's a gift. no, no.
3:13 am
it really helped to get that off my chest. helped to clarify things. so... [ clears throat ] you go. what's this for? hey, time is money, right? i mean, let's face it, you could have earned more elsewhere if you weren't here lending me your ear. take it. you earned it. you're paying me for my time? do you think i'm a hooker? hey, listen, i'm not judging. heard you on the phone with your boss. you, uh, said he doesn't own you. you just want what you're owed. you're damn right no one owns me. and no one pays me for my time, either. keep your money. i hope your partner screws you over royally. ♪ [ door opens ] [ exhales sharply ] damn. i can't put this off any longer. you don't think i'm happy in our relationship? i don't know. are you?
3:14 am
all i've ever wanted is you and wiley. if anybody seems unhappy, it's you. i don't remember the last time you went a full week without being stressed out or snapping about something. i'm sorry. [ exhales sharply ] being a father has completely changed my life. and what you and i had, when it was just us, it-- it-- it's grown. it's grown into something bigger. we're a family now. like we always wanted. and a family is only as strong as the trust that it shares. it's why it hurts me so much to think that you're keeping things from me. [ scoffs ] god, you have no idea what i've done for this family. the -- the choices that i've made or the -- the price i've paid. yeah, i mean, o-obviously not, so -- so clue me in, brad. what have you done for our family that you couldn't do with me? i don't understand. i'm volunteering for dr. maddox to start the procedure.
3:15 am
i really hope it brings franco back to you. [ exhales sharply ] but what about you leaving town and starting over with kim? kim... yeah, k-- uh, kim needs... ...she has to heal. i'm not someone who can help her with that. you told her that? i want to be with you, too, but i can't. w-what do you mean? kim, i have nothing but love for you in my heart, but i'm going to have that procedure reversed. all i know is that i can't stay here and watch and hope that the procedure doesn't work out. i need to leave because of me, because without you and without oscar, there is nothing left for me in port charles.
3:16 am
i told her that i owed it to franco to do everything i could to try and get him his life back. and she said that no matter how it turned out that she was gonna leave port charles. so... i guess i am, too. just in a different way. ♪ i missed you. i missed us. i missed us, too. yeah, you did? yeah. forgive me -- i can't help wondering, though, if, uh... if another lead on alex comes up, are you gonna be taking off again? i don't know what i would do if i had a chance to find alex, because i really do want to settle things once and for all so she won't just come blowing back into town and claim peter as her own. i understand, you know? you-- you've already committed to peter and accepted him as your son.
3:17 am
you've been good to him. i mean, you've shown him there's a life after faison. she could undo all of that. mm. you know? i mean, if she comes and tells him that she is his mother, whether she has proof or whether it's empirically true... i just feel like she would ruin everything. mm. well, it's just a thought, you know, but... you know, maybe if you... you spend more time... with peter, you know, and you have more of an influence on him, it'll lessen alex's impact on him. so, maybe instead of chasing after her, you -- you want to maybe... commit to spending, you know, a little more time here. [ chuckles ] here's changed a lot, though, since i've been gone. you know, when i left, you were my fiancé. and you're still my fiancé, right? and now you have a daughter -- violet.
3:18 am
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preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ oh, it's so good, [ "i feeit's so good ♪ smith ] ♪ it's so good, it's so good ♪ ♪ it's so-oh good for all the supper stars, we're thinking of you. ♪ cheerios are made with whole grain oats. simple, trusted and heart healthy. ♪ multigrain cheerios. 5 whole grains, a hint of sweetness, and a lot of good. ♪ you know, i... i think we can put off the discussion about violet, you know, just for tonight. uh...i don't think we do ourselves any favors by avoiding it. it's -- it's huge, finn. i mean, she is going to change your whole life. she already has. see? yeah. you know, it all happened so fast. i'm just -- i'm not even clear on all the custody arrangements. oh, yeah. but i...
3:22 am
i know i'm gonna need your help to figure all that out, and...violet's gonna need you, too. she doesn't know me. not yet, but i want her to. ♪ thanks. um...this is a great apartment for a kid. i'm sorry i've kept you. oh, it's okay. no, you were on your way out the door, and i held you hostage, measuring things. no, it's -- it's fine. it was good for me to say a second goodbye to this place. you should give it a proper send-off. oh. before you go. oh, no, no, no, no, no. it's -- oh. no, that's okay. yeah, yeah, i was just gonna put it in the fridge and then open it once we were all moved in. let's open it now and share a toast. from one mom to another. so, if you could put me in touch with dr. maddox, hopefully, we can start this procedure sooner rather than later. well, what about you? i mean, are you -- d-do...
3:23 am
do you want to take some time for yourself? alright. so, after months of fighting... and insisting that i have this procedure, after taking me to court and trying to have me declared incompetent, now you're trying to talk me out of it? no. no, i, uh, i want you to have the procedure. i just realized it was never my choice to make. it's yours. what did franco tell cameron to tell you? [ voice breaking ] that he loves me and that he'd be back. because that was his intention. because franco wants to come back to you. to his life with you. he's already decided. he's already made this choice to have the procedure.
3:24 am
i'm just choosing to get out of his way. lucas: talk to me, brad. tell me what's eating you. you don't have to go it alone. we're a team. well, that's the idea, right? but...not the reality. the truth is... i've been the one shouldering the burden. i've been the one making the sacrifices and taking your hits. what are you talking about? oh, god. you can't even see it, can you? no. so let me in. i am! i'm telling you right now how i'm feeling. why is that not good enough for you? because you're not being fully transparent with me! you're clearly keeping secrets from me. no! no, no. i am keeping our family together. and if you can't accept that and if you -- you keep looking for problems, lucas, then you're gonna break us up. is that what you want? ♪
3:25 am
[ door opens ] [ door bangs ] ♪ liv...what's going on? don't worry. dante's not dead. we're dead to him. [ sighs ] dante doesn't want you to write him anymore. i'm so sorry. sorry. i mean, i get it. intellectually, i do. i-i do. it's not just that he's fighting the ptsd. he's ashamed of breaking. you know, so -- so he feels like he has to protect his family, so he's pushing us all away. i get that. he's dug himself a terrible hole, because he can't get better if we can't reach him. and he's refusing to let that happen. ♪
3:26 am
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yeah. of course i will. and tell them i'll call them as soon as i can. okay. and don't bring them to see me, please. i just don't want them to be scared. w-we're gonna -- we're gonna figure this out. we'll figure it out. i love you. i love you, too. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] [ door closes ] i wish i could see into the future. and here, i thought you were all about the unexpected. well, yes, to a point, but not where my children are concerned. mm. and you're about to find that out for yourself. already there. right? yeah. now that violet's a part of my life, i'm...
3:31 am
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3:32 am
i'll take good care of your place, kim. i am sure you will. good luck out there. it's nice to meet you. you too. ♪ [ door closes ] ♪ you alright? there are just a million things that i want to say right now, and -- and all i can... come up with is "thank you." i know what a sacrifice you're making. no. however it turns out, i'm ready. i guess i-i will call dr. maddox for you. thanks. mm-hmm.
3:33 am
alright. i'll talk to you soon. ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ or rattles hey. julian, open up. [ knock on door ] hey, come on! i know you're in there! julian! [ scoffs ] you want to let me in? hey, what are y-- hey, i-i need you on this! okay, we -- we -- we can help each other, okay? i -- we just need to stick together. julian! hey! [ pounding on door ]
3:34 am
♪ well, i guess i'll just shred these, burn them -- something. there's no need to hang on to them anymore. olivia, olivia, olivia, don't do that. what? someday, dante's gonna come back to us, and when he does, those letters are gonna mean something. and what am i supposed to do till then? thoughts and prayers? just keep writing him more letters? for how long? as long as it takes. you said yourself -- dante's protecting us, which means he still loves us. means he's coming back. he's gonna -- he's gonna come back home. you understand? you know what they say -- home is where they have to take you in, no matter what. [ exhales sharply ] [ sighs ] whose brilliant idea was it to tear up the front of the house? you're ruining the aesthetic, and i almost broke my ankle getting back here. brook lynn.
3:35 am
hi, daddy. i'm home.
3:36 am
conduct 30-minute inmate checks and falsifying inmate records to make it look like they had. thomas allegedly telling a supervisor, we messed up, we don't do any rounds. prosecutors say video surveillance shows the guards sat at their desks and appeared to have been asleep, at times browsing the internet. for furniture and motorcycles. epstein had just been removed from suicide watch but was left for eight hours before he was found with a noose around his neck. those guards have pleaded not guilty, their union blaming staff shortages. the director of the bureau of prisons grilled by senators
3:37 am
about epstein's death. >> do you concur with the opinion that it was a suicide? >> that was the finding of the coroner, sir. >> okay. do you have any evidence to suggest otherwise? >> i do not. >> reporter: the pathologist hired by epstein's family to investigate has said that the evidence points to homicide. federal prosecutors say that security footage shows no one entered the area where epstein was housed that night. those cameras cover the hallways of the jail. the only time epstein would have been monitored by cameras around the clock was while he was on suicide watch. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to eva. add new york to the states suing juul for allegedly targeting young people. >> the state says juul's marketing campaign glamorized vaping and featured flavors that appeal to kids. california and north carolina are also suing the company. juul stopped selling most flavored products last month.
3:38 am
meanwhile the american medical association is calling for a complete ban on all vaping devices. we are seeing more flu cases than usual for this time of year. the cdc reports flu activity in 30 states, the most in a decade. three states -- california, louisiana, and maryland -- are seeing widespread activity. an expert says this year's flu shot is so far a good match. social media this morning has found its newest hero in the impeachment hearings. >> during lieutenant colonel alexander vindman's testimony, all of a sudden a woman at the right of the screen tilts her head back and downs a giant cup of coffee. it looks like she checks her cameras before doing it again. >> gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp! >> go girl, chug, chug. emma dumain has confirmed she is the coffee lover. she said she had no idea she was in the shot. look, she's just trying to make it through the day, it was a long day.
3:39 am
>> it's a long hearing, nine hours. >> you go, girl, yes. >> the thing actually just ended a few minutes ago. no, 8:30, apparently. >> that is so funny. >> she is like, whatever you've got to do to get through it. >> i'm not mad at her. >> she was downing that coffee. she actually got it from -- >> i just saw it. >> you weren't here, but we had a whole discussion about how you actually pronounce -- this is a big chain. >> pret a manger. >> something. very popular up here. >> pret a manger. >> what? >> i don't like that sound coming out of your mouth. >> just like when i ask for my grey poupon. >> we are so fancy in french. >> we really are. >> i'm done. coming up, bidding bye-bye to bei bei.
3:40 am
but first, dramatic rescue of this koala in the middle of a brush fire. and what we're finding out about cardi b. something we didn't know before. that's ahead in "the skinny." a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time.
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this is an unfortunate sight. we're back with this badly burned koala and the australian woman who came to its rescue despite the flames from a brush fire. she wrapped the bear in her own shirt, then doused it with water. you can hear the koala making little sounds there. later that koala was taken to a sanctuary where it's reportedly doing well. it's believed this year's massive fires in australia have killed more than 350 koalas. so glad that woman was there to save that one. >> sad but encouraging the koala seems to be doing better now. back here at home a new report on the midair tragedy last year aboard a southwest air flight may soon trigger the redesign of southwest jet engines. >> federal safety officials are recommending a retrofit of boeing 737s. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it happened in an instant.
3:44 am
southwest 1380 had an engine blow apart. tammie jo shults was the 737 captain. >> it was rather radical. and it yawed and began its own descent. >> southwest 1380 has an engine fire, descending. >> reporter: part of the engine had sheared into the fuselage, breaking out a window, a rapid decompression. one passenger, a mother, jennifer riordan did not survive the accident. >> the bottom part of her ribcage was out the window. >> reporter: when engine blades break, they're supposed to be contained and ejected out the rear of the engine. in this case, engine cover parts broke away and pierced the jet's skin. ntsb is calling on boeing to redesign those covers for all the 6,800 next gen 737s in service. >> we recommended engine and aircraft manufacturers develop more robust designs. >> reporter: boeing says it's working on design enhancements, strengthening those covers which it says will satisfy ntsb's
3:45 am
recommendation. it will be months before those changes are ready, and they do have to be approved by the faa. in the meantime, boeing says increased inspections of fan blades are reducing the risk of repeat of a southwest accident. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> our thanks to david there. former "game of thrones" star emilia clarke reveals she felt pressured to do nude scenes on the show. the long-time mother of dragons recently told a podcast some higher-ups pressured her to strip down more often than she felt comfortable. she credited on-screen husband jason momoa for supporting her and being kind. >> interesting to hear her speak out now. when we come back, the new development just hours away from the release of "frozen 2." the a-list actor not a single "jeopardy!" contestant could recognize, you will not believe this. "the skinny" is next. .
3:46 am
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♪ let it go let it go i am one with the wind and sky ♪
3:48 am
time for "the skinny."u arh at we begin with news that disney fans just can't let go. "frozen 2" is finally upon us. >> finally. ahead of the movie opening, the stars receive stars together in a shared ceremony on the hollywood walk of fame, the culmination of working side by side on the "frozen" movies for years. >> some theaters have screenings of "frozen 2" as early as tomorrow night. >> they're back. >> get ready to take the kids. you have some new songs to sing. >> i can't wait. uncle k-mo can't wait. next to keeping it real with cardi b. >> what else does cardi b do? the rapper brought "vogue" magazine to what's arguably her favorite place to be, her grandmother's home in the bronx for a round of "vogue's 73 questions." while her daughter culture
3:49 am
napped she shares facts fans never knew. >> who's the real cardi b outside of the spotlight? >> i feel like i'm -- i have a really chill side. i have a brand, i can be a little crazy. but if i don't know you, i'm going to study you. i'm always to myself. i don't really hang out too much. i just be home all day. i'm boring, i'm kind of boring. >> did you see culture with her hair all wrapped? >> oh, i saw it. >> that is right. boring cardi b says her grandmother's home is her favorite place because it's always packed with family. >> i love it. you saw --t. >> the grapes back there on the counter. it's just a real home. cardi b is keeping it real there next to a stunning fail on "jeopardy!" >> stunning. for this one you have to see it to believe it, check it out. >> in a beautiful day in the neighborhood, beloved children's tv show host mr. rogers is played by this beloved actor. the film opens friday. that's tom hanks. not quickly enough, beverly,
3:50 am
sorry. >> wow. one fan tweeted quote all three of these contestants should immediately be disqualified. >> yeah. >> omg. how did you not know tom hanks? >> you guys, you guys. >> come on, folks, it's tom hanks. >> yep. >> he's in everything. everything! >> everything. >> "forrest gump." "castaway." >> i love you, jenny. believe it or not it's already time to look back on the decade that was the 2010s? how is it, the 2010s? >> the 2010s. "billboard" magazine's doing 0 t number three. ♪ >> yes! frank ocean. >> yes, frank ocean performing
3:51 am
on "snl." his "channel orange" album from 2012. >> yes, it was a hit. >> number three, number three. >> my gosh. and then there's number two. ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming i worked hard i own it ♪ >> yeah, that right there beyonce's "lemonade" made it to number two. you know that has us pumped. >> finishing as the top album of the entire decade? ♪ i had to take them to the university ♪ ♪ flashlights strobe lights street lights all the lights fast lights strobe lights every night ♪ >> that's way back in 2010, my beautiful dark twisted fantasy turned kanye west and his dream
3:52 am
come true, so good. >> nicki minaj had the best verse on monster. rse on monster.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ bye bye bye ♪ just another player in a game ♪ bye bye bye ♪ just another player in a game or two ♪ ♪ you may hate me but it ain't no knock baby bye bye bye ♪ that's an old jam too. america has bid a fond -- ♪ ain't no lie bye bye bye to one of its most beloved animal friends. >> bei bei the giant panda has left its home at the national zoo for china. >> reporter: we saw these images of bei bei, the giant panda, getting ready to leave its home at the national zoo in washington, d.c., heading for china. for weeks now so many have been coming to say good-bye. >> bye-bye, bei bei!
3:56 am
>> reporter: it's part of a longstanding agreement between the u.s. and china in the effort to save the panda population. giant panda cubs in u.s. zoos go to a breeding program in china once they turn 4. bei bei. born here, and for years now we've been reporting on him. a growth chart right in front of our eyes. laurie thompson on the right was one of the first to hold bei bei and she's traveling back with him. >> i'm going to be going with bei bei to china, and on the plane i'm just going to make sure that he's well fed and that he's happy in his crate. >> reporter: a specially designed crate just for him. plenty of bamboo to eat on the way. >> it's going to be really hard to say good-bye. for me i'll be the last one of the group to say good-bye to him, so i'm sure once that really hits me i'll probably have a little cry. >> reporter: after bei bei left, the workers at the zoo hugging. >> our thanks --
3:57 am
♪ it's so hard to say good-bye >> -- to david for that report and to kevin moton for these vocals. ♪ to bei bei >> bei bei took off from dulles yesterday afternoon aboard a 16-hour nonstop, free of charge, fed ex flight to china. >> that's nice. bei bei was the only freight aboard the cargo plane. his meals will consist of 66 pounds of bamboo, two pounds of apples and pears, two pounds of cooked sweet potatoes, two bags of panda biscuits. >> sop it up with the biscuit, bei bei. >> only his parents remain at the smithsonian national zoo. the two other zoos in the u.s. with giant pandas are atlanta and memphis zoo. >> oh, hey, and we've got a live cam of the two gentle giants there sleeping soundly at the national zoo. >> bei bei's parents. so was it bei bei -- it was the panda that had all those bad kids?
3:58 am
>> it was bei bei's kids, wasn't it? ship them back to china.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, gordon sondland in the hot seat. the single most important witness in the impeachment investigation. the crucial testimony this morning and what we learned after tuesday's marathon 11 hours of questioning. where things stand right now. developing this morning, a 16-year-old girl is charged with planning to attack this church in a racially motivated plot to kill black parishioners. how police say she was caught. the major development in the jeffrey epstein scandal. what we're learning about the two jail guards on duty the night the accused sex trafficker died in his cell. what those guards are now saying. plus, the newly revealed
4:01 am
security flaw allowing hackers to spy on you through your


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