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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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forew father who waulz ts always tryi help people. he was killed while trying to help someone. his family said they're not surprised. >> he got killed in the process of trying to help somebody, but i'm not shocked he tried to help him. that sounds just like him. >> this is the man accused in the killing, jermaine brim. he gave an address of living in sacramento. police say he was shoeless and trying to steal the shoes off of a sleeping b.a.r.t. passenger when hodges stepped in. they got into a fight. police say hodges pulled out a knife in self-defense. police say brim got ahold of the knife and stabbed hodges to death. police say brim ran away and tried to steal a car. he was arrested about a block away. he's charged with carjacking and murder. reporting live from dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you for>>wenow a lot o
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might be concerned for their safety after in stabbing, but the general manager of b.a.r.t. says the system is safe. >> i want to reassure the public that system. >> b.a.r.t. told us there are 168 sworn officers and 45 supervisors and the goal is to hire 105 more officers over the next five years. it is 4:31. if you're just waking up, good morning. a quick update on your weather and traffic with mike nicco. >> good news if you weren't with us a few minutes ago, red flag warning is gone. winds are calmer down at the surface. 12 miles per hour, napa is as fast as it gets. light to variable and an offshore breeze. we don't have any clouds or fog to talk about. sutro tower is as clear as can
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be. mid 40s through sunrise. around 57 to 60 with breezy conditions, tapering. so it will feel comfortable this afternoon. temperatures will hang out at 57 at the coast. 63 to 64 for our bay and inland numbers. we'll drop off rapidly at 7:00, 52 to 56. let's get back to jobina with a check on the traffic. >> starting off with the drive times. tracy to dublin, already slowing down this morning, this is 35-minute ride. dublin to mission boulevard, 14 minutes. and highway 101 to cupertino, 15 minutes. want to head down to san jose, we're looking at 87 here. very clear this morning. happy to see it. usuallies that what it looks t like tstime. san mateo bridge is busy. all these brake lights moving westbound here. no issues on the bridge to report. at least seven protesters
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were arrested as demonstrators surrounded a building at uc berkeley during a talk coulter. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> one protester was arrested inside the event. berkeley college republicans organized the speech which was called "adios america."america." the crowds made it difficult for people who get inside the event. at the live desk, i'm tracking the public safety power shutoff. pg&e has been monitoring weather conditions all morning long to see if it's safe to restore power. this is what we want to pay attention to, the magenta icons. if you tap it, it highlights the area impacted and once you click that, it pulls up more information about who has been
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impacted and the restoration time as well. you can see estimated restoration for this area is 3:00 p.m. this is northwest of napa what we're looking at now. in the bay area, thousands of customers in napa, sonoma and solano counties are without power. pg&e says as of 12:30 this morning crews restored power to one-fifth of the 11,000 customers in the dark in napa county. aout one-third of the near 8,000 customers affected in sonoma county have their power back. in solano county, pg&e restored power to 1% of the estimated 130 customers who lost power. the democratic candidates for president faced off in a fiery debate in atlanta last night. the candidates clashed over health care, foreign policy and taxes. as trevor alt tells us, all ten candidates agreed on one thing. >> reporter: after the impeachment proceedings in washington, ten of the presidential democratic candidates sparred over who can
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challenge president trump. >> we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump. if we are, you know what? we'll lose the election. >> reporter: the candidates largely agreed on impeaching the president. >> we have to establish the principle no one is above the law. >> donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. that's pretty clear. >> reporter: there was plenty of disagreement on other issues including the legalization of marijuana. >> this week i hear him literally say that i don't think we should legalize marijuana. i think you might have been high when you said it. >> reporter: the candidates once again clashed on health care. >> the first week of my administration we'll introduce medicare for all. >> the fact is right now the vast majority of democrats not support med kicare for all. it couldn't pass the united states senate. >> reporter: biden is getting the most attention for his gaffe when talking about his support from carol mosely braun saying the only black woman ever elected to the u.s. senate endorse him.
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he said that with senator kamala harris standing feet away from him. >> the only african-american woman elected to the united states senate. a whole range of people. >> no, that's not true. the other one is here. >> biden clarified that he meant to say braun was the first black woman to be elected to the senate. this may have been the last time on stage for some of the candidates. 6 of the 10 qualified for the next debate happening next month. and happening today, former president barack obama is visiting the bay area. the 44th president will give a keynote speech at the dreamforce conference at the moscone center this morning. then he will attend a democratic fund-raiser in los altos hills. also speaking today is megan rapinoe. building a better bay area often means honoring cultures and tradition. in fremont one resta g the art of making
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noodles by hand alive. and apple has a release of a movie in theaters, but now no one may see it. >> and the plan to spend billions of extra dollars. >> first it is 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast good morning, mike. >> good morning, kumasi. hi, reggie. here's what's going on as far as our temperatures. we knew once those winds started to back off that dry air and the clear conditions would allow us to drop significantly. that's what we're doing in most places. peninsula right now, menlo park, 41 degrees. from redwood city, san mateo, half moon bay, mid to upper 40s. 52 in pacifica and in daly city. 58 in san bruno. 57 in san francisco. some of the warmer spots. 58 in san rafael. you can see what the winds are
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doing there. snta rosa at 36. 47 at concord and san ramon. here's your commute. there's a little bit of a breeze across the bridge for the morning. we'll call it fair. otherwise everything is good as the breezes taper and we go from cool conditions to seasonal this afternoon. 44 in north bay, mid 60s from 1:00 to 4:00. back down to 51 degrees by 7:00. east bay, 46 at 7:00. 60 at noon. mid 60s from 1:00 to 3:00. 55 at 7:00. it's going to cool rapidly this evening. san francisco will make a charge to 60 at noon. hanging out there through 4:00. 57 at 7:00. good news, fire threat is over. tracking the chance of rain next week. i'll tell with you thyou about up. >> you have all the good news. >> i don't envy being in your shoes. a lot of times the only thing you have to report is -- >> something not positive. >> right. >> i know, but i'm just so glad to hear it.
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thank you. you didn't make it, you're telling me about it. >> embrace the messenger, don't shoot the messenger. >> i'm embracing the messenger this morning. >> all right. as mike mentioned, unfortunately it's something not positive we're talking about in daly city, this is southbound 280 at john daly bld, this happoulevara pedestrian on the john daly on-ramp, but now we are learning that serious injuries have been reported. so emergency crews are on the way here. your drive times now, tracy to dublin, 37 minutes. antioch to concord, 13-minute ride. san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes there. now over to san rafael, we v.hh1 101 looking nice and clear. our camera is not wanting to hang out with us. we'll look at 80, nice and
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in the pictures, you can see the crazy weather around southern califoria where they won't hit theairports.owhest tv vall.ratures in the mid 60s
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scattered snow showers for yosemite and tahoe. and here's a look at my seven-day forecast. time to break this back out. some of the ski resorts are trying to open up. they're making snow at night with temperatures in the teens and 20s. single digits by wednesday. look at that. more snow tuesday and wednesday. a new report finds california will have a $7 billion surplus for next year's state budget. analysts say it is still a reflection of a positive outlook for the state's economy. governor newsom says our state is now doing more than ever before to provide opportunity for all california families, especially those not equally sharing in our nation's prosperity. the governor will propose a plan for the 2020/2021 budget in january. a major change when it comes to wood burning in the bay air
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monitors year-round when pollution levels were at dangerous levels. for the past month abc7 news has been embedded in the city of fremont. >> this week we're bringing you the stories about solutions to problems we all face and a big part of building a better bay area is making sure the economy of a city is thriving. a cbd shop is the newest business to open in the community. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony last night for fremont botanic botanicals. members of the chamber of commerce were there to show support. >> fremont has been great about welcoming new business owners as well as building a great business community. our chamber is very, very strong. >> fremont's chamber of commerce is more than 1,000 members
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strong. keeping cultural traditions alive is another one of fremoe front fremont's strengths. >> we are introduced to a restaurant where they still make noodles by hand. my name is che. this restaurant was opened january 1, 2017. but we began to cook and the reason to open this restaurant is langonese, a famous city in china where we cook noodles. it's a home-town feeling to introduce such chinese traditional noodle to here in u.s. in the restaurant we have seven types of noodles. the typical soup for the noodle
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is be so we ensure that the noodle to be cooked by our hand tastes very good. the soup is very good. the noodle with the soup is very tasty. because the noodle is thin, we cook it fast and you eat fast so you can keep the flavor. the noodle puller is an expertise that is not easy to find. it's like a chinese traditional cultural treasure. >> those noodles are making me hungry. >> any time they show food at this hour, it's a problem. for us, for no one else. >> that's cruel and unusual. >> it is. let's look at what's going on from our roof camera. there are still breezy spots. look at the flags on the ferry building. that will bring us plenty of
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sunshine and dry air today. that will warm back to seasonal levels after being in the 30s and 40s. i think it will be cooler tonight thanks to all of us having calm conditions, patchy clouds and fog, where those form that will keep the temperatures up. the extended goes from mild to cool weather, unsettled weather rolls in next week. unsettled weather right now, this area of low pressure sitting and spinning over vegas, drawing in that dry air. as it moves away from us, the pressure gradients we lax, that's why winds will taper today. we'll have low to mid 60s. 61 at half moon bay to about 66 in concord and morgan hill. the only lone spot even warmer, 68 in santa rosa. so richmond today, 62 along with oakland, 63. san te sos nighsteatur,s in the knot bay vnorth bay valleys bay valleys. 60s to near 70 for tomorrow. saturday and sunday we'll have a
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slight offshore breeze. temperatures will warm back above average. look what happens tuesday and wednesday. been warning you it will get cold. it's just how much rain are we going to get with those highs in the 50s? i'll show you that coming up next. here is jobina. >> thank you, mike. we have a new issue that's popped up in san francisco. we are looking at a two-car crash, this is southbound 101 past cesar chavez. we know one lane is blocked now. you can see that slowdown forming, that orange and yellow line extending back. speeds down to 21 and 25 miles per hour in that area. just heads up as you head out the door. checking in on the drive times, tracy to dublin, 37 minutes. antioch to concord, 40 minutes. also now a live look in san jose, this is 280, nice and empty for anyone heading out the door down there. and also richmond-san rafael bridge, starting to see some cars on the bridge now, definitely looking good.
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apple is canceling the premiere of its first big movie in a move that surprised a lot of people. >> a survey finds a lot of people are doing holiday shopping at work. apple answers the premiere of its first major original movie citing concerns made by a rlative of one of the characters. "the banker" stars samuel l. jackson is based on the true story of two black real estate entrepreneurs. apple says it is looking into the matter but offered no further details. and amazon could be planning a big expansion of its cashierless stores. >> the company uses the go technology and a smaller pop store, but bloomberg says amazon wants to use it in larger supermarkets, shoppers grab what they want and the items are scanned as they walk out the door. a warning for bosses during the holiday season. more than half of your employees are likely to be shopping online rather than working. wi be work shopping s 52% o
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this season. those are your tech bytes. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> me either. it's the holidays. >> all these people who work in these companies, they get their hair cut there. they work out on campus. they swim. did you know they're swimming? >> yes. >> i just found that out. so we'll shop. >> okay. we can have that. thousands of patches of cloth symbolizing love and loss. the aids quilt is coming home. and walmart is upping the ante in its food fight with amazon. the changes you will see in the grocery aisles. the happiest place on earth turns
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we talked about a major pattern shift next week. i've been guaranteeing highs in the 50s. this is what is harder to guarantee. how much rain and showers we'll get. the atmosphere is set up for thunderstorms, which could produce hail, and temperatures will be cool enough if some of these random showers bump into our mountains they could dust them with snow. i'll show you a timeline coming up. the aids memorial quilt is returning to san francisco where it began. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and other members of congress were on hand for the announcement that the quilt will move from an aids awareness foundation in atlanta to the national aids memorial at golden
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state park. more than 50,000 panels tell the story of the aids crisis and honor those who we have lost. >> it will help humanize the aids pandemic from the people we lost and the families they touched. >> other biographies, photographs and news clippings related to the quilt will move to the library of congress in washington twaug. walmart is giving its produce aisle a makeover. walmart is making the aisles wider and adding new signs highlighting low prices. there will be other merchandise bins to create an open-market feel. organic items will be grouped together and moved to a single area. people living in one bay area city will spend more during the holidays than anywhere else in the u.s. palo alto has an average household budget of about $3,000 for gifts and other splurges. that's according to wallethub.
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sunnyvale and mountain view crack the top five. wallethub looked at income and the average amount that is being saved every month. experts predict overall spending to jump 4% this year. it looks like we should move to palo alto. >> that's where we need to go. as gift receivers. i'm not trying to spend $3,000 on gifts. >> what's your budget? >> what's my budget? >> for gifts for the holidays. you last minute, probably be like $25. >> whatever we can pick up at the end, mike. >> i was going to say, you're overnighting everything. that could get expensive. >> or it just arrives later. >> here's next tuesday. going from noon up until midnight, increasing chances of rain. look at that snow. a cold system. this is wednesday, it turns over to scattered showers. some of those temperatures dropping down to freezing in the mountains. scattered showers for
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thanksgiving day. black friday looks dry until we get into the aeron evening hours. then another chance of rain starts to roll in. there are a lot of chances, and possibly this model has doubled its rainfall from yesterday. we were looking at a quarter to a half inch, now maybe a significant rain event. we need it. good morning. so i want to start off with an issue in san lorenzo, a crack between a car and a big rig, this is southbound 880 at hesperian. the crash is on hesperian and caltrans is working to shut that down because fuel spilled all over the trying to get out of san lorenzo and on to 880. a two-car crash blocking one lane near caesar chaesar chavez. this is the merriest time of
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the year at the happiest place on the earth with thousand of guests ready to start their celebration at disneyland. >> new this year is mickey's happy holidays, bringing holiday magic to guests. it is an experience that keeps families coming back year after year. >> it gets you in the season. it gets you, everybody is here. it gets you festive. >> because it makes the happiest place happier and the attention to detail is so much fun, to look at the lights. everybody is happier. great memories for when the kids were small. awesome. >> i think she needed a cup of coffee on that one. the holiday celebration at the disney resort runs through january 6th. disney is the parent company of abc7 news. >> she had a long day at the park. next at 5:00, why parents and teachers will rally at a dozen east bay schools. and bus driver arrested. what she did that led to students calling 911. and a mystery smell in
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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a protest at uc berkeley ends in more than a half dozen arrests. >> and new video of officers taking people into arrest there. good morning. it's thursday, november 21st. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> great news. red flag warning is canceled early. we have a little bit of a breeze. 37 at st. helena to about 20 in the oakland hills to 17 on mount tamalpais. you can s


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