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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 21, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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a protest at uc berkeley ends in more than a half dozen arrests. >> and new video of officers taking people into arrest there. good morning. it's thursday, november 21st. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> great news. red flag warning is canceled early. we have a little bit of a breeze. 37 at st. helena to about 20 in the oakland hills to 17 on mount tamalpais. you can see the camera bouncing
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a bit. where it's not windy, it's cooler. we are starting to get that fall to win thor flavor in the forecast. 41 to 47 at 7:00. 57 to 60 as the breezes taper at noon. 57 at the coast. 63 to 64, close to average for our bay and inland neighborhoods. temperatures will drop rapidly once the sunsets. low to mid 50s by 7:00. tracking several chances of rain next week. we'll talk about that coming up. here is jobina. >> good morning. i want to start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are not on. but a three-car crash is reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge. all three cars are in the center divide. moving over to san lorenzo, a crash between a big rig and one car, southbound 880 at hesperian. cal strains shtrans is shutting
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because there is fuel spilled. this will impact people trying to get on to 880. southbound 101 past cesar chavez, a two-car crash there. seven people have been arrested at a speaking pir appearance by anne coulterment. >> lauren martinez joins us live with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things are quiet now, but last night a university spokesperson says seven people were arrested including one inside the event. look at video from last night. sky 7 was overhead. a crowd as you can see people were combative with each other and with officers. last night berkeley college republicans organized anne coulter's speech, which was called "adios america" and focused on immigration. media was allowed to record the
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question and answer portion. coulter was asked about her thoughts on an immigration moratorium. >> we need some time to assimilate the ones already here, i do believe that anyone can become, i think, i hope, anyone can become a great american. >> reporter: uc berkeley police tweeted that multiple masked protesters were arrested. from the video it looks like some of them tried to conceal their identity with bandannas and other things. last night's protest was a lot less violent than the one we saw two years ago when another speech was shut down. reporting live from berkeley, lauren martinez, abc7 news. developing news today, the house intelligence committee will hear one more day of testimony in the public impeachment hearing. it follows yesterday's bombshell testimony from u.s. ambassador to the eu gordon sondland. sondland confirming a quid pro quo saying that everyone was in
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the loop. megan tersargsyan has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. even though ambassador sondland donated $1 million to president trump's campaign, the president is now distancing himself from the ambassador. the most anticipated witness in the impeachment inquiry living up to expectations, delivering the most explosive details yet. u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland confirming there was a quid pro quo regarding ukraine. and implicating several top officials including vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo. >> everyone was in the loop. >> reporter: republicans hammering sondland whether the president explicitly told ambassador aid was contingent on
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the investigations. >> nobody else on this planet told you that donald trump was tying aid to these investigations. is that correct? >> i think i already testified -- >> no, answer the question. >> yes. >> reporter: and new this morning, details on the time line on when ukraine knew aid was being withheld. top pentagon official laura cooper testifying the ukrainians were aware that the u.s. was withholding military aid as early as july 25th, the same day of that phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. this contradicts the republican argument that ukraine didn't know about the delay in aid, so there couldn't be a quid pro quo. the timing of when president trump told this to ambassador sondland matters here because it was after the white house was officially informed of the whistle-blower complaint. megan tersargsyan, abc news, capitol hill. >> abc news will carry the public impeachment hearing in a live special report that will begin at 6:00 a.m. we'll also be streaming the hearing live on you have options. because if you don't wish to watch the impeachment hearing you can still watch us.
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we'll continue to stream from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. so we invite you to come over there. in the east bay, parents and teacher also rally for student safety. they'll picket at all 12 schools in the dublin unified school district around 7:45 this morning. they're specifically concerned about conditions at dublin elementary school. teachers say the school is in dire need of new school board members have voted to postpone the bay area air quality management district has hired an engineering firm to help determine what is causing certain smells in milpitas. the technology can detect odors far beyond what humans can smell. >> we're looking at laboratory
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grade instruments to detect what these chemical compositions are. and trying to fingerprint them to the facilities. >> researchers will track air quality over the course of three seasons and then try to find answers. let's look at what's going on with temperatures. you can see we're all over the scale because of the breezes or the lack thereof. in healdsburg, 38.petaluma, loon canyon, san francisco and richmond in the 50s. 41 in palo alto and santa clara. 39 in pleasanton. we have microclimates in san francisco. look at this. upper 40s, ocean beach, sunset, sunny side, lake merced. low to mid 50s elsewhere. let's look at what's going on. breezes in the ferry building and at the golden gate they're blowing out at 16 miles per hour. glasses, you will need them if
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you're out and about today. clean air, no need to worry about spare the air. may be a little dust because of the breezes. bay, breezy early then it calms down. east bay, 45. some temperatures cooler than that. we'll be near 60 at lunch. mid 60s before dropping down to 55 at 7:00. peninsula, high pressu47 at 7:0. low to mid 60s 1:00 to 4:00, then 56 at 7:00. you can see a bell curve in the south bay, 47 at 7:00 to mid 60s from 1:00 to 4:00. down to 55 at 7:00. we do actually have a warming trend for the weekend. we will slam those temperatures come next week. i'll show you that coming up. good morning. i'm bringing back the bay bridge toll plaza here, there's a few issues i want to talk about. there is a high wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. there's a hit and run. no injuries reported. that crash is just before the
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metering lights there. there's a three-car crash before treasure island on the upper deck of the bay bridge in the center divide. all of those are out of the range of our camera. going over to san lorenzo, southbound 880, we have a crash between a big rig and a car. there's fuel on the on-ramp. hesperian is closed right now. over in san francisco, a crash southbound 101 past cesar chavez. that's blocking the left two lanes. speeds are low at 11 and 20 miles per hour. thanks. coming up, 7 things to know as you start your day. a high school bus driver in paradise arrested and facing several charges. and look up. the meteor shower expected to light up the sky tonight. right now we take you outside. look, clear skies. no fog over san fran
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it's 5:12. here's the 7 things to know this morning. the winds have calmed down but thousands of people in the north bay are still without power this morning. pg&e cut the power to customers in napa, solano and sonoma counties as a precaution. crews have to inspect the power lines before turning them back on. with those winds calming down, the red flag warning is over. we still have heightened fire conditions because of the winds that are still gusting up to 38, we're not at red flag territory anymore. number three, the suspect accused of stabbing another
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b.a.r.t. passenger to death during a fight on a train is expected to be in court today. jermaine brim had walked away from an area hospital and was listed as a missing person at risk when he wandered on to the train. number four, at least seven protests were arrested as demonstrators surrounded a building at uc berkeley during a talk by conservative author anne coulter. the speech was called "adios america" and focused on immigration. number five n about 45 minutes, the house intelligence committee will start the final day of testimony in the public impeachment hearing. it follows yesterday's bombshell testimony from gordon sondland. sondland confirmed a quid pro quo by president trump saying that everyone was in the loop. number six, we're seeing a few issues on the bay bridge. first off, there's a high wind advisory. there is also a hit and run, no serious issues, but it's right before the
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br athre cra center divide before treasure island. number seven, thanksgiving is a week away but the travel rush is practically here. sfo is saying it's busiest day will be tomorrow. altogether nearly 27 million people are expected to hit the airports nationwide for thanksgiving, which is up 4% from last year. this morning students who go to paradise high school are reacting to their school bus driver being arrested for driving them home drunk. the chp has identified the woman as des'ree abrams. police say last friday they pulled over the 33-year-old high school bus driver after students and parents called 911 claiming abrams was speaking loudly, being inappropriate towards students and smelling like she had been drinking alcohol. >> she was talking to everyone. slurring her words. she was stopping people and asking them questions like what's your middle name. how old areare looking pretty gg
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today. >> she faces several charges including child endangerment and downtowno station are ventsreom expected to open next month. starting in january trains will operate more frequently. smart trains will depart about everyone half hour from all stations during peak commute times. right now there's a 90-minute gap for some evening commuters. smart is planning to run more trains on the weekends and holidays. >> star gazers could be in for a treat tonight. some scientists are predicting a rare and intense meteor shower. it's called a unicorn meteor storm because hundreds of shooting stars may be visible near the couldn't corn constellation. the outburst is thanks to the dusty tail of an unidentified comet. if it happenst wlas only
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an ngfo shooting stars at about. >> okay. okay. that's good. .>nd wherehet? >> you lookp at stars. >> clearly up. i would look off to the east. that's a start. >> i'm learning so much today. >> that was so wrong of me. that's how much i adore you now. you're a part of the family. i can give you a hard time. start off in the east. the thing that worries me, when we head deeper into the night, that's when fog may roll in. >> we'll be asleep. >> yes. we'll watch as we come in, by then it's too late. hi, everybody. here's a look at that fog i was talking about that will roll in later tonight. temperatures, you'll need to bundle up. if you head out in the early evening hours, low 50s by 8:00, 9:00, 40s by 10:00.
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30s in the valleys. in the north bay and the east bay and the rest of us in the 40s tomorrow morning. here's a look at what's going on. fire danger is over. yes. we have a slightly warmer weekend before chances of wintry weather next week. today's temperatures, low to mid 60s. that's it. that easy. 61 to 66 is our spread today. 68 in santa rosa. here's the trouble with next week. this is the gfs model. this is the american medium range model. it is pretty dry. even compared to yesterday's run. europeans, we'll embrace you once again like we did last time. look at that. talking maybe atmospheric river-type rains from a half inch to an inch and a quarter. this is the one we want, it just falls tuesday, wednesday,
5:18 am
thursday, friday, saturday. right in the heart of the thanksgiving holiday. temperatures will be in the 50s. >> good morning, everyone. sh,,, nish in san francisco. some progress has been made. a two-car crash southbound 101 past cesar chavez blocking the left two lanes. if we check out the speeds here, the backup and you can see where everything is, 20 miles per hour as you approach the crash site. 10 miles per hour once you get there. and you speed up coming out of it at 34 miles per hour. showing you a live picture right now at the bay bridge, there is a high wind advisory here, metering lights are not on yet at the toll plaza. i've been watching the video. it's very stacked up out there. divide before you pass treasure
5:19 am
island. before you get to the metering lights, there's a hit and run crash there. no injuries reported there. >> thanks. a new center on treasure island is helping people continue their battle against substance abuse. >> mayor london breed toured the facility yesterday. the city's health right 360 program runs the center that provides 72 beds for patients in recovery. breed called it a critical step in helping people successfully return home. >> how do we provide an opportunity for them to rebuild those relationships with their friends and family members so that they can continue to focus on their sobriety? this is the opportunity to do just that. >> the facility is part of mayor breed's campaign to expand the number of beds available for mental health services across the city. coming up, dirty germy, but you may be surprised to find out where a lot of people still put them.
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>> okay. and football fight fallout. the player who did this is appealing the nfl's decision to suspend thanksgiving? i'm michael finney. this is a 7 on your side quick tip. this is going to be a very crowded year on the road. they expect another 1.6 million of us traveling. that means 55 million on the road over the long weekend. so when should you travel and when should you not? if you go on wednesday afternoon, it's going to take you a lot longer to get to where you're going. that's when the traffic is heaviest. aaa says it will take you about three times longer to travel then if you're here in the bay area. the worst times to travel, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. so when is the best time to travel? next monday and on thanksgiving itself, thursday. very light traffic. coming home on sunday, again, extremely
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this video from southern california. first major snow of the season. this is from san bernardino county. one resort says they expect to open to skiers and snowboarders this weekend. mountain high said they will make that official opening announcement sometime today. what about us? next tuesday through next friday. we have a chance of rain and showers even thunderstorms are possible with gusty winds monday and tuesday. and then it could be cool enough that if we do get scattered showers, they bump into our mountains, a little bit of snow for us. >> all right. thanks. cleveland browns defensive end miles garrett is awaiting appealing his decision. >> garrett was suspended indefinitely for ripping off
5:24 am
mason rudolph's helmet and clubbing him in the head with it last thursday night. yesterday garrett and the nfl players association met with league officials in new york. his representatives cited the 2013 punishment for former texans defensive end, antonio smith. he was suspended for two preseason games and one regular season game for swinging his helmet at another player. >> the nfl p.a. and miles garrett's representatives are arguing this punishment is excessive and unprecedented. they want that reduced. they also don't like the fact it was an indefinite suspension which to them amounts to a lifetime ban. they say he has f e ment a ty dt a hotel in japan is offering a room for $1. of course there's a catch. you have to give up your privacy. >> guests who stay in the iv st and okay with it.
5:25 am
so these are pictures of the hotel. so to get the room for $1, you have to agree to appear on the youtube channel $1 hotel. there's no audio. you can turn the lights off. the restroom will not be live streamed. that's out of the camera's range. when no one is in the live streaming rooms, the feed shows the owner working in his office. this is the owner working in his office. >> this is a live picture? >> yes. >> hello to you, sir. >> the 27-year-old said he got the idea from a previous guest who broadcasted his stay on youtube. did we want to see that? >> can he hear us? >> no. >> that thing says what's up, yo. he can hear us. >> is he getting paid for advertising that? you have to make all kinds of streams. >> i like there's a sign that says no lewd acts. >> what's up. >> all right.
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let's be honest. how often do you clean your smartphone? >> not often enough. a new survey finds people don't wipe their phones down ever. most people take their phones everywhere they go and i see you -- i hear you in the bathroom when you're on the phone. >> that's a lot. >> who are those people? >> reggie -- >> they're talking on the phone. >> what if you're mid conversation. >> get off the phone. yeah. i'm going to call you back in a minute. >> it's a really good story. you have to go. >> no. >> okay. no. >> anti-bacterial white light company called vital vo did this survey. and the goal was to find the cleansing habits of 1,200 phone units. it found more than 20% have never actually cleaned their phone. researchers say some smartphones have more germs than an entire household bathroom. if that's not enough to gross you out, just over 40% of people admit to having put their phone in their mouth when their hands
5:27 am
were full. >> what? who are these monsters? >> you know what? aveberee in your it wass. >> f won? >> because i had a lot of stuff going on. >> where is it where is the phone? >> this is a long time ago. i'm better now. i wiped my phone down the other day. reggie? >> take it. take this. i don't know what this will do. but i feel like this is holy water on your phone. i'm going to do it to this, too. >> i feel judged. you survived all this time. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including if shopping the day after thanksgiving is your thing, there's an app for that. the man accused of a stabbing death on b.a.r.t.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. the man suspected of a deadly stabbing on b.a.r.t. due before a judge today as we learn more about the victim who lost his life. >> tyrone was a beautiful man. >> the huge life event he was reportedly weeks from celebrating. >> my point is -- >> that's not true. >> the other one is here. >> democratic presidential candidates face off in atlanta. the one thing all of them agreed on in this latest debate. a big unveiling from palo alto based tesla today. the new vehicle it will show off that's like nothing we've seen before. a bunch of oprah's friends are joining her 2020 tour. the a-listers she's bringing to san francisco. good morning to you on this
5:31 am
thursday, november 21st. >> i'm excited about oprah and her friends. >> are you going? >> i don't know yet. are you going? >> i don't have tickets. >> you might be late. >> you are both too late. sorry. >> okay. >> somehow yn salesforce. >> true. >> even though it was sold out. >> i'm trying to make it happen today, too. president obama will be there. and megan. >> megan rapinoe. >> thank you. >> we were waiting for you. her name will be pronounced correctly today. >> good. good. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise. good news to talk about. the winds did taper overnight as we talked about yesterday. and the national weather service, they canceled the red flag warning. we still have heightened fire conditions because of the breezes out there. it's still so dry. the fastest gusts about 34 on top of mount st. helena. in the valleys, calm to 10 miles per hour. we are barely 41 to 47.
5:32 am
there's going to be some inland valleys at 7:00 still in the 30s. 57 to 60 as our breezes taper at noon. 57 and mid 60s close to average at 4:00. temperatures will drop quickly in the low to mid 50s by 7:00. jobina? >> thank you. i want to start off with an issue in880 at pes peerian. there's a crash between a car and a big rig. caltrans has shut down hesperian because of fuel spreading on to the on-ramp. this will continue to impact people heading out of san lorenzo and southbound 880. moving over to san francisco, southbound 101 past cesar chavez. we have a two-car crash. we know a tow truck is on the way to get this cleared up. it's blocking the left two lanes, speeds are improving. just checking in on our mass transit here. everything is on time as far as b.a.r.t., the ferries and ace one. the man accused of killing a
5:33 am
stranger on b.a.r.t. suspected to make his first court appearance today. >> we're learning more about the victim who was stabbed with his own knife. amy hollyfield is live at the santa treat jail in dublin where that suspect is being >> that's right. he is here at santa rita jail. we're learning more about the man killed in the attack. he is being called a good samaritan which his relatives say does not surprise them at all. relatives say 49-year-old tyrone hodges was known for standing up for what is right. he was trying to stop a shoeless man from trying to steal shoes from a sleeping passenger on b.a.r.t. when he was killed. the two got into a fight. police say hodges pulled out his own knife and it was taken away from him and used to kill him. his family describes him as a loving father who always tried
5:34 am
to help people. >> he got killed in the process of trying to help somebody, but i'm not shocked he tried to help him. that sounds just like him. >> reporter: police say the man accused in the killing, 39-year-old jermaine brim, he was taken to the san leandro hospital earlier this week and walked out of the hospital about 12 hours before the attack. police say when they checked his background, he was listed as a missing person at risk. the man killed was weeks away from becoming a grandfather. reporting live from dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you for that. we know a lot of people might be concerned for their safety after this happened, but b.a.r.t.'s general manager says the system is safe. >> i want to reassure the public that b.a.r.t. is a safe transit system. we are doing everything we can to get a fully staffed police
5:35 am
department moving forward. >> b.a.r.t. told us there are 168 sworn officers and 45 supervisors and the goal is to hire 105 more officers over the next five years. at the live desk, i'm tracking the public safety power shutoff. pg&e has been monitoring the weather conditions all morning long to decide if it's safe to restore power. i want to show you the outage map. if you were following us in the last power shutoff, the whole area was lit up in the magenta icons. if you tap it, it highlights the area impacted and once you click that, it pulls up more information about who has been impacted and the restoration time as well. in the bay area, thousand of customers in napa, sonoma and solano counties are without power. pg&e says as of 12:30 this morning crews restored power to one-fifth of the 11,000 customers in the dark in napa
5:36 am
county. about one-third of the near 8,000 customers affected in sonoma county have their power back on. in solano county, pg&e restored power to 1% of the estimated 130 customers who lost power. >> thanks. the democratic candidates for president faced off in a fiery debate in atlanta last night. the candidates clashed over health care, foreign policy and taxes. as trevor alt tells us, all ten candidates agreed on one thing. >> reporter: after the historic day of impeachment proceedings in washington, ten of the top presidential democratic candidates sparred over who can challenge president trump. >> we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump. if we are, you know what? we'll lose the election. >> reporter: the candidates largely agreed on impeaching the president. >> we have to establish the principle no one is above the law. >> donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. that's pretty clar. >> reporter: there was plenty of disagreement on other issues including the legalization of
5:37 am
marijuana. >> this week i hear him literally say that i don't think we should legalize marijuana. i think you might have been high when you said it. >> reporter: the candidates once again clashed on health care. >> the first week of my administration we'll introduce medicare for all. >> the fact is right now the vast majority of democrats do not support medicare for all. it couldn't pass the united states senate. >> reporter: biden is getting the most attention for his gaffe when talking about his support from carol mosely braun saying the only black woman ever elected to the u.s. senate endorse him. he said that with senator kamala harris standing feet away from him. >> the only african-american woman elected to the united states senate. a whole range of people. >> no, that's not true. the other one is here. >> biden clarified that he meant to say braun was the first black woman to be elected to the senate. this may have been the last time on stage for some of the
5:38 am
candidates. 6 of the 10 qualified for the next debate happening next month. and happening today, former president barack obama is visiting the bay area. the 44th president will give a keynote speech at the dreamforce cnference at the moscone center this morning. then he will attend a democratic fund-raiser in los altos hills. also speaking today is megan rapinoe. her keynote this afternoon will focus on her journey on being an athlete to fighting for women's equality. building a better bay area often means honoring cultures and tradition. in fremont one restaurant is keeping the art of making noodles by hand alive. and apple was banking big time on the release of its first movie in theaters, now no one may ever see it. >> first a check of your weather and traffic and jobina has a look at the roads. >> yes, i do. we will start off with a live look at our friends in san jose here. 87 looking nice and clear for everyone on the smooth ride this
5:39 am
thursday morning. same story goes in san jose, 280, nice there as well. and our issues really at this point are in san francisco. so i'm going to take you here to this is actually a new crash that is in the same spot as the crash i was following earlier this morning. the so southbound 101 past cesar chavez, earlier there was a two-car crash blocking the left two lanes there. looks like they got that cleared up. the tow truck is out there for that. now a three-car crash pretty much in the same spot. speeds are down to about 24 miles per hour right now. doesn't sound like injuries have been reported, which is the good news. and you also have some good news for our re >> the forecast panned out, the winds dropped significantly overnight, so no more red flag warning. we're out of the critical fire conditions now, but we still have frightight heightened fireo
5:40 am
it's so bone dry, but we could have a soaking next week. look at these temperatures, 14 degrees cooler, 19 out in fairfield thanks to the lack of winds and this bone dry air and clear conditions. low to mid 40s throughout the south bay. 51 in los altos hills. you can see where it's breezier. napa, 55, san bapablo, 51. everyone else in the low to mid 40s. dress warmer this morning. here's san mateo bridge, for driving, just little breezy on some of the bridges. those will taper for the bay commute. mass transit is cool to seasonal temperatures from 55 at 9:00 in north bay to low to mid 60s from 11:00 to . drops down to 51 by 7:00. for the east bay, 46 this morning, near 60 at noon. mid 60s for a couple hours this afternoon. 55 at 7:00. san francisco will try to reach 60 to 61 from about 1:00 to
5:41 am
3:00, mainly mid to upper 50s for highs today. here's some high temperatures where you live sponsored by disney's frozen 2 in theaters tonight. the kingdom is not safe. >> this friday -- >> go north across the enchanted land lands and into the unknown. >> promise we do this together, okay? >> i promise. >> from disney -- >> elsa, get out of there! >> you can't follow me into fire! >> then don't run into fire! >>
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let's open up the doors and see what awaits those heading off to school. upper 50s, sunshine at 11:00. cooler this afternoon, 57 at the coast. 63 to 64 for the rest of usweav grapevine. some mountains to the east of l.a. and san diego. be careful driving through there. mid 60s in the lower elevation. same thing for the central valley. 52 in yosemite with snow showers today. we have snow showers in tahoe, a better chance of significant snow tuesday and wednesday.
5:45 am
>> all right. thanks. there's a major change when it comes to wood burning here in the bay area. the bay area air quality management district will ban wood burning year-round when pollution reaches unhealthy levels. until now wood burning was prohibited during spare the air alerts during february and january. the. for the past month abc7 news has been embedded in the city of fremont. this week we're bringing you the stories about solutions to problems that we all face. a big part of building a better bay area is making sure the economy is thriving. a cbd shop is the newest business to open in the community. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony last night for fremont botanicals. members of the chamber of commerce were there to show support. >> fremont has been great about welcoming new business owners as well as building a great business community. our chamber is very, very strong. >> fremont's chamber of commerce is more than 1,000 members
5:46 am
strong. keeping cultural traditions alive is another of fremont's strengths. >> we see a place where they still make noodles by hand. >> hello, my name is chelsea. this restaurant was opened january 1, 2017. but we began to cook and sell. the reason to open this restaurant is langonese, a famous city in china where we cook noodles. it's a home-town feeling to introduce such chinese traditional noodle to here in u.s. in the restaurant we have seven types of noodles. the typical soup for the noodle
5:47 am
is beef. so we ensure that the noodle to be cooked by our hand tastes very good. the soup is very good. the noodle with the soup is very tasty. because the noodle is thin, we cook it fast and you eat fast so you can keep the flavor. the noodle puller is an expertise that is not easy to find. it's like a chinese traditional cultural treasure. >> this week we're looking at issues that impact the bay area's fourth largest city including housing, job creation, diversity and much more. you can watch the stories on air and online at look at you. so excited. >> i'm ready. oprah is coming to the bay area and we are learning new details about the special guest that's coming with her. >> the former talk show queen
5:48 am
will be bringing kate hudson when she comes to san francisco's chase center in february. the appearance is part of oprah's nine-city motivational speaking tour called oprah's 2020 vision, your life in focus. michelle obama, lady gaga and j. lo are also taking part in other cities. >> when oprah is like come hang out with me on my tour, you say yes. >> i have nothing against kate hudson, but -- >> let's not go there. >> michelle obama and lady gaga and we get kateho pe not there. >> welcome. welcome everyone. >> that felt welcoming. >> i'm just saying -- i'm lo t s wherichee obama and lady gaga. >> michelle is in brooklyn.
5:49 am
>> reggie reporting live from somewhere else. looking at san jose. clear conditions. temperatures in the low 40s in many of our naeighborhoods. breezes are tapering, so no more red flag warning. cooler tonight with patchy clouds and fog. mild, and then cool and unsettled next week like we see around southern california. if you're heading down that way, the grapevine can be snowy. 61 to 66. that's our spread today, low to mid 60s. 68 in santa rosa is the warm spot. tonight, if you're going out there to watch the meteor shower, do it before 8:00 before the fog and patchy clouds roll in. temperatures will be falling quickly into the 40s. on the way down to the 30s and 40s during the overnight hours. >> 70s trying to pop up inland. 60s at the coast. cooling begins monday and then there's our major winter weather
5:50 am
possibility tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday next week. more on that next. jobina? >> good morning. we are continuing -- oh, i passed it. i wanted to let you know that the issues that we were looking at at the bay bridge toll plaza have cleared. now we'll go to our issue in san lorenzo. southbound 880 at hesperian. a crash between a big rig and a car. hesperian is still closed down. we do not have an eta as to when it will be open. the slow down there on 880 as well. the crash is between a car and a big rig and some fuel has spilled over the on-ramp there. caltrans shut all of that down. drive times here-week to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 52 minutes, highway 1 101 to los gatos, 15 minutes. apple canceled the opening of one of its movies because of concerns of one of the relatives
5:51 am
of its characters. "the banker" is based on the true story of two real estate entrepreneurs. apple is saying they're looking into the matter but are not giving more details. tesla will unveil its newest vehicle today. the company has been working on an electric pickup truck called the cyber truck. elon musk tweeted that the unveiling will happen in l.a. near the spacex rocket factory. the l.a. auto show starts tomorrow. distractions at work. what more than half of people admit to doing on the job this time of year. if you're a black friday i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on... sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better.
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here's the potential for next week. what we're watching for, starting monday, breezy conditions could set the stage for another fire issue. then tuesday through friday a chance of showers, then a chance of thunderstorms, gusty winds, and then some bay area mountain snow showers possible. the gfs model flip-flopping back to dry as it's done throughout the fall season. the european model said ha. look at the half inch i forecasted yesterday, that's nothing than the inch and a quarter i'm forecasting today. let's hope this one pans out. >> good morning. taking you back to san lorenzo. the tow truck is there. looe a car rig intohecrash. the fuel tank of the big rig was
5:55 am
hesperian is shut down, but it looks like progress is being made. a live look at the golden gate bridge, things are looking clear there. over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the two issues have been cleared up as far as those hit and runs and the crash on the upper deck. a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. if you're looking to get a start on your holiday shopping, listen to this. "good morning america" has a look at the most useful apps to help you find the best black friday deals. >> it's a japanese company. theyought e-baittes. >> you have another one. slick deals what is this about? this is a crowd sourced deal aggregator. so members vote on what's a good deal. and also editors who will pick the very best deals.
5:56 am
for example, this juice pack, 14 bucks, used to be $99. >> to get the best deals, more than half of employees admit to shopping online while at work this holiday season. >> i'm not surprised. >> the staffing firm robert haft surveyed more than 2,800 workers in the u.s. 52% of them admit to shopping an hour on the clock. 44% of those say it hurts their productivity. >> it does. >> i think it increases productivity. we need to look at it as a positive point of view. >> that's not realistic. clicking, clicking, clicking, the next thing you know, it's time go home. >> i don't have a problem with it. coming up next, we're standing by for an abc news special report on the fifth day of impeachment hearings.
5:57 am
>> here's a live look at washington, d.c. where people are gathering for the hearing. they're expected to start in the next few minutes. when they do, we'll continue on the abc7 news app until 7:00 a.m. you can still watch the latest local news,
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00, this is a live look at washington, d.c. where a fifth day of impeachment hearings are set to start. >> as soon as that hearing gets under way, abc news will have a special report. we'll continue as a live stream on our news app and if you're watching the stream, you'll need to exit out of it and click the red bar at the top of your screen to keep watching this local newscast. you can also find us on a link at o>>ur homow the impeame hearing toda fiona hill and david holmes.
6:00 am
hill is president trump's former russia adviser. we expect to hear a lot during the testimony today. we'll have a full recap but it starts right now. stephanopoulos. good morning, and welcome to our special coverage of the impeachment of president donald trump. 1100 house longworth building is where they have been holding these hearings. this is what could be the fifth and final public hearing in the house intelligence committee in the committee on capitol hill. today two witnesses, dr. fiona hill and david holmes. hill, the chief russia expert, and holmes, you overheard sondland talking to the president about these


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