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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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he was a giving person. he was a loving person. he was in so many words. he didn't need to die like that. >> you could feel the emotion there from family members of oliver tyrone williams. he was the man killed on b.a.r.t. while he was trying to help somebody else. good afternoon, i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. this is hours before the suspect and his killer appeared in court. jermaine brim was arraigned in court today. he tried to steal shoes from another passenger on b.a.r.t. >> laura anthony was in court today joining us live with the latest developments. laura. >> reporter: hi larry. this is an extremely brief court hearing. we were allowed in with still
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cameras. but the suspect, jermaine brim hid behind a will or hid his face the entire t he did not enter a plea. he's been charged with five felony counts, including carjacking, murder and theft. there are special circumstances attached for great bodily injury and the use of a weapon among other things. he was arrested tuesday afternoon in a gas station parking lot not far from the south hayward b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. police say he got into a fight on a b.a.r.t. train headed through hayward, grabbed that man's knife and killed him. oliver tyrone williams, the family told us that they are devastated by his loss and wondering why no one came to his aid during an altercation that lasted for the time it takes to travel between two b.a.r.t. stations. >> my heart is truly broken over this. it breaks my heart that this goes on on b.a.r.t. trains.
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just going to miss him, truly. >> he was the one that kept our family together. he was the one that made sure that he kept in touch with everybody. he's always told me to always tell me that you loved him buff hang up the phone. you never know when you're not going to see him again. >> the williams family is in the process of making funeral arrangements. they've set up a go fund me. that information is on our website on as for brim he did not enter a plea here today. he will be back in court in two weeks. in dublin, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, we learned that brim walked away from a san leandro hospital. it appears he was out on bail from a san francisco case. what more do we know about him? >> reporter: larry, we're trying to get that information from san francisco.
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that was in the complaint that was released this afternoon from alameda county. the district attorney's office. among the special circumstances is this allegation that this all occurred as the murder on tuesday while brim was on his own recognizance from a case pending in san francisco. we understand he is supposed to be in court on that case next month as well. >> laura anthony, reporting live for us. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, we'll look at rider safety on b.a.r.t. abc 7 news reportr kris reyes rode b.a.r.t. for hours today. we'll show you what she discovered. the i team that -- the trial for two teens -- the lawyer for finnegan alder informed our dan noise that the trial has been fastrakked. alder and gabriel natali are charged with the fatal stabbing
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of a rome police officer in july. a car crashed into a dollar tree store in vallejo. the car is really far inside this building. they tried to close the trunk there. this happened on sonoma boulevard in the vallejo plaza shopping center. the driver was inside that store. one customer told the paper she was getting ready to walk out the door and was inches away from getting hit. >> pg&e is making progress to restore power to customers impacted by the power shutoff. 88% of the nearly 50,000 people who lost power now have power back. 53% of customers in napa county have been restored. 59% in solano county and 97% in sonoma county. pg&e expects all customers to be restored by tonight or sooner. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman went to the north bay where people hope the power
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shutoffs are at an end for the entire year. wayne? >> reporter: for the entire year and maybe fort rest of all-time as far as they're concerned. we're in downtown st. helena where the lights are on and business as usual. this was the seventh outage in the north bay this year. they're beginning to feel as common around here as traffic jams. dare we say that people are adjusting but reluctantly. >> we're the first to get it and the last to go back on. >> reporter: or so they say in calistoga. one of the dark spots on the power grid where the lights came back on at 1:00 p.m. unlike other outages, these residents almost took the shutdown in stride. in st. helena, the power never did go off downtown. though residents worried about it. >> i don't honestly really blame anybody. i just think we've got a problem and i hope it appears it's being dealt with seriously and will be
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dealt with seriously. >> residents suffered outages in the suburbs, but maybe the difference between this time and previous ones, a population explosion of generators now silent. john grant powers his house with one and also his wine collection. all is well that drinks well. its temperature never varied. >> it's not necessarily the duration of time for which it's heated, although that is important. it's the actual temperature fluctuation itself. >> reporter: only in the napa valley do you go to over a power outage and learn how to store wine when the power goes out. according to pg&e, the 10,000 customers in napa county right now, about 50% of the roughly 5,000 have their power restored. those who haven't yet, they're hoping to have it back on by tonight. the people who don't have power are in pockets according to pg&e. live in st. helena, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> at least they're making
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progress. let's get to spencer christian and a look at the weather. what's ahead. >> i'm happy to point out what's -- wind speeds under 10 miles per hour all across the bay area. it remains bone dry. that still keeps fire concerns rather elevated. here's a view from sutro tower francisco under sunny temperature readings in the low 60s. san francisco oakland, redwood city. san jose and gilroy and half moon bay. a clear one from emeryville. current temperature readings in the mid-60s. petaluma, 64. this dry mild pattern is continuing into the weekend. guess what? rain is coming our way next week. i'll give you a closer look at that in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> thank you, spencer. you can get the forecast from the abc 7 news app. tap the weather button at the bottom. people lined up for hours to see former president barack
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obama speak at dream force this morning. this video was tweeted out. cameras were not allowed inside. salesforce marc benioff shared the stage. they talked about the top three issues he thinks this generation is facing. climate change, extreme inequality within and between nations and the rise of social media. new information this afternoon on last night's massive demonstration against conservative commentator ann coulter at uc berkeley. >> [ bleep ]. >> police arrested five people during the protests that drew more than 1,000 people on the cal campus. protesters talked about her -- ahead of her speech entitled adios america. seven people have been arrested. parents, students, teachers rallied outside dublin schools today urging the district to put money into campuses that need it the most. last week the school board voted
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to post phone -- funded by measures h and c. dublin elementary is the oldest school in the district. students and staff want to send a message to the board. >> we had a roof collapse last year. how bad does it have to get before you get the money you deserve? do you want your kid going to school with mold and potential other hazards? if there are osha signs on the campus, what does that say? >> dublin said district staff recommended allocating $33 million for improvement that are needed at dublin elementary school. the board made a decision not to move forward with those recommendations. the district will address the issue again once directed by the board. local commercial dungeness crab season will be -- the season will likely be further delayed until december 15th for the area south of the mendocino, sonoma county line. it was start last
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wek but was postponed because of the whale migration along the bay area coastline. an official announcement is expected tomorrow. public hearing, the latest heated impeachment hearing testimony in washington, d.c. fremont exodus. many say it's a great place to live. why are so many leaving? a mental mystery. the new book looks at a research project that
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tto harrison, the wine ftcollection..ys. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. now to washington. wrapping up a marathon week of impeachment hearings.
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fiona hill and david holmes b b testified today. >> fiona hill warned of a fictional narrative about the 2016 narrative. >> legitimizing an ultimate narrative that the ukrainian government is -- ukraine, not russia attacked it in 2016. >> that message from hill served as a direct contrast to what the top republican on the intelligence committee said one day earlier. >> the thing that the democrats have been unwilling to accept is that their operatives got campaign dirt from ukrainians in the 2016 election. >> hill, a former senior white house official who reported to john bolton, said bolton had serious concerns about the role of the president's personal attorney. >> in the course of that discussion said that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up. >> pointed him in an alleged
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pressure campaign against ukraine. pressure the president repeatedly denied. david holmes gave lawmakers his take. >> my clear impression was that the security assistance hold was likely intended by the president either as an expression of dissatisfaction with the ukra e ukrainians who had not agreed to the buries mass bide investigation or increase the pressure to do so. >> he overheard the phone call that stood out. >> he is actually having the contact with the president, hearing the president's voice and talking about this issue of the biden investigation. >> the president's message to his party has been clear. he believes that the hearings are unfair. the democrats say they're moving forward with this investigation with or without the cooperation of the white house. rachel scott, abc news, capitol hill. the state supreme court unanimously ruled today that president trump will not have to disclose his tax returns to
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appear on california's primary ballot in march. the court ruled that the law, the first of its kind in the nationunconstitutional. that required them to file copies of personal income tax returns dating back five years. it's a critical time for tom steyer, the bay area billionaire appeared on the stage during the debate in atlanta last night. but he has yet to qualify for next month's debate in los angeles. the 62-year-old told reggie aqui why he got into the race. >> he said from the beginning, this is the most corrupt president in american history. it's a matter of right and wrong. he has to be held to account under the constitution. neither party wanted us to pursue this. but those 8 million people dragged washington, d.c. into public televised hearings which is what we've asked for from the beginning to show the american people how corrupt mr. trump is
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and to let us make up our own mind about that. running for president for very good reason. the government is broken. it's been bought by corporations and we need to take it back. climate change is the number one priority. we need to deal with it on an emergency basis. no one else will say those two things. i'm different. there's a reason i'm running for president. it's not to be president. it's to do things as president. and that's very different. >> steyer says voter turnout will likely be the deciding factor to win the president next year. michael bloomberg is taking mother step to launch a democratic -- another step to launch a democratic president. to norm formally create a committee. it allows him to bid and raise money on a 2020 campaign. susan woe jis ki made a sizable donation to the hamilton families. >> she was inspired by one of her daughters to find a solution to homelessness.
4:17 pm joined in. >> that will help families transition away from homelessness. >> even with two incomes, the reality is that families can sometimes end up on the streets. >> people who have been working minimum wage jobs are not able to find affordable housing in the bay yar. >> the nonprofit ma'am i will ton families has an emergency shelter and helps place families into permanent housing. that inspired this woman who -- >> as i listened to her questions and her reactions, i realized i didn't have a lot of answers for something that was so important and affecting so many families in the bay area. >> the obvious place to come to get the big picture was hamilton families. last year the nonprofit helped 700 families. according to their records, when they leave hamilton, 87% of families are stabilized after
4:18 pm
one year being placed in permanent housing. so she got the information she needed for her daughter and today she and her husband paid it forward. donating $500,000. also gave another $850,000. >> for a total of $1.35 million to boost the work of hamilton families. >> the national alliance to end homelessness estimates that a chronically homeless person costs taxpayers more than $35,000 a year. but those costs are re-duesed by 50% when they are placed in supportive housing. >> at the end of the day, opportunities like this give us hope. it reminds us that this is not just a moment but a movement. >> hamilton says donations like those help transform outcomes for future generations. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. every dollar counts. it's sorely needed. let's turn to the forecast now. i don't know if you noticed
4:19 pm
this. i saw a gleam in spencer's eyes. a case of wine was delivered maybe. >> i'm sure it was. >> friday around the corner. it's because the wind calmed down and although we have a lovely weekend coming up, it's going to be bone dry. but there is rain develop in the forecast for next week. plus the gleam, get out umbrellas. but not yet. a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies across the area right now. it's cooled down several degrees in most bay area locations since this time yesterday. no change in san francisco. half moon bay about the same as yesterday. here's a view from sutro tower. mainly sunny skies. it's 61 degrees in the city. also low to mid-60s in oakland. redwood city. 58 at gilroy. the view from emeryville looking westward where we'll soon see the setting sun. not quite yet. temperature readings in santa rosa, petaluma.
4:20 pm
and the blue skies over the golden gate and freely flowing traffic and these are our forecasts. mild sunny days through the weekend. wind gusts relax. this persists for a few days. much-needed rain likely next week. beach hazard statement 4:00 a.m. tomorrow to 4:00 a.m. saturday. up to 6 to 8 feet. increased risk of sneaker waves. west, northwest waves are in question here. let's look at the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice overnight, a few high clouds passing by. not much in the way of coastal fog. a mainly clear night coming our way. overnight lows will generally be in the low to mid-40s in the inland areas and near the bay. except in the north bay valleys, lows in the upper 30s in spots. it will be a bit chilly up there. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. highs ranging from 60 at the coast to mainly lower and mid
4:21 pm
60s along the bay shoreline. mid and upper 60s inland. milder on saturday and sunday. looking ahead, highs in the low 70s inland on saturday. pretty much the same picture on sunday. minor cooling on monday. mainly near the coast and the bay. that leads us to this. the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice beginning next week, it's breezier. a little bit cooler. we start to see an increase in clouds late monday into tuesday. there's a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. middle of next week, early to midweek. both days the intensity of the systems ranks only one on the storm impact scale. we'll take a bunch of ones. >> at least it's on there. >> i've forgotten what the scale looked like. >> forgotten how to spell it. >> thank you, spencer. alaska's arctic wilderness is coming to san francisco in a new immersive experience. it's about more than learning about animals. the political message also on
4:22 pm
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alaska's arctic wilderness is coming to san francisco in a new immersive experience. giant screens and mirrors surround with majestic scenes of the arctic refuge. videos from about 20 filmmakers capture migration and polar bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat. the wilderness society created the exhibit. >> right now it's severely threatened with oil and gas development. upcoming months, we anticipate that the trump administration leasing off the coastal plane of the arctic refuge. >> it includes a section for visitors to take action to prevent oil drilling in the area. the exhibit is located at 3073 17th street in san
4:25 pm
francisco and it runs through the weekend. frozen 2 opens tomorrow featuring new challenges in the kingdom of aaronville and new characters. >> janet davies caught up with the two actors. >> how did you get in the forest? >> the -- >> impossible. >> where did you learn magic? >> i heard that you both had to do singing auditions. really? >> really with your names? >> i know. it's a hot commodity here. >> indeed. >> you can have a name but if you can't sing, what difference does it make. >> we want it to be right. we want it to be magic. >> did you both see the first one? before you were cast? >> oh, yes. >> did anyone not see the first one? >> you're melting. >> i saw it. i took my son to go see t we had a wonderful time. he was only two at the time. he's eight now. >> the sequel is set to create a
4:26 pm
new generation of young frozen fans. they may not know what these actors look like, but they'll know the sound of their voices. >> you ask them to close their eyes and start speaking and they light up. i have to remember this. >> that's cool. i'll have to do that too. >> there's this voice. voice? what does that mean? >> head for the cliffs. >> i got you. >> janet davies, abc 7 news. >> exciting. frozen 2 opens tomorrow. disney is the parent company of abc 7. fremont gets high marks from residents for quality of life. as part of the bay area's fourth largest city, a lot of people are still leaving fremont. we'll tell you why.
4:27 pm
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many people think of the bay area as just san francisco, oakland and san jose. there's so much more. like all this. it's where we work, live and love. all of our cities, big and small are facing the same problems and everyone is looking for solutions. that's why abc 7 is looking for answers and inspiration in communities throughout the
4:30 pm
region and revealing how they're tackling the same big problems. how is fremont working to build a better bay area? >> all week we've been digging into what the city of fremont has been doing to build a better bay area. what are some of the things the city is doing right are pushing people away? luz pena is looking at more. >> fremont is a great place to grow up. low crime and diversity but all the things that make it a great place to grow up are making it an expensive place to live. young people wonder if they can afford to stay in fremont. central park, a new generation is starting to see what fremont has to offer. >> it's a community area, lots of culture, you can learn from a lot of different people, see lots of different aspects of life. >> even at this early age, parents here worry about whether
4:31 pm
fremont can continue to be a great place to raise a family. >> i hope they have a childhood like i had growing up, being able to play with kids on the block, being able to have friends in the neighborhood. >> though fremont is rgt city, growing up here feels much smaller. >> fremont over the years has really expanded, but i still feel like i'm in a small town girl. >> high school senior karen lee is looking forward to the next chapter heading to college and out of fremont. >> but some ways i feel like we're a public community. i feel like we don't have the same hardships as you will in other communities across the nation. >> she wants to get out of that bubble but doesn't rule out coming back. >> i think coming back to fremont after a couple of years exploring the world would be an option for me. >> the big question is, will she be able to? >> how much longer will you be here? >> if everything goes right, less than six months. >> what?
4:32 pm
>> yeah. >> grew up in fremont. now he's looking to leave because he can't afford to stay. >> i love fremont. it's opinion a great place for me. i've made lifelong friend here. i became the person i am here. but as with most of the bay area, fremont is not the place it was. >> you'll see data home prices in fremont have skyrocketed in the last ten years. appreciating nearly 60%. the median price of a home in fremont is over $1.1 million. for many young people like sammy, that puts ownership out of reach. >> i'd love to buy a house, yeah. i've always believed that that's how you kind of secure your own future. how you build your family. you have that stability. >> until he can afford to buy a home, he's been renting this house in north fremont. he admits he's getting a good deal for a three bedroom, two bath house. he pays $2300 a month. similar homes in this neighborhood are renting for
4:33 pm
3300 d. zillow estimates homes in this neighborhood sell for around a million dollars. million dollar houses did not used to look like this. >> no. they were not necessarily mansions, right? but they were large. >> reality is that you are renting a million dollar house. do you feel like a millionaire? >> definitely not. >> sammy tells me he doesn't want to leave the bay area. he's held out as long as he can. >> i'm the last one of my friends still here we had a large group of friends from high school. the closest one, only one left in castro valley. >> he will join his friends as someone who used to live in fremont. >> there's a lot of people here i know that are struggling. a lot of people that won't come back because they don't want to struggle. >> he's planning to move out of the area to tracy. in fremont, luiz pena, abc 7 news. keeping cultural traditions
4:34 pm
alive, one of fremont's strength. >> introduces us to a restaurant where they still make noodles by hand. >> ♪ ♪ hello. i'm the shinry lambian owner. it was open on january 1st, 2017. we began to cook and sell the lamian. >> the reason to open the restaurant is -- it's a very famous city in thailand where we have the noodles a lot. it's a hometown feeling to introduce very famous chinese traditional noodles here in u.s. >> in shinry restaurant, we have seven types of noodles. the typical soup for the noodle is beef. it's also traditional chinese.
4:35 pm
we ensure the noodle to be cooked by our hand. tastes very good. the soup is very good. you pair the noodle with the soup. it's very tasty. the noodle, we cook it very fast and you eat it fast so that you can keep the flavor. the noodle puller is really expertise and that we cannot easily to find. because it's like a chinese traditional treasure. >> that's great. we're focusing on building a better bay area coverage on fremont all week. we're looking at issues that impact the bay area's fourth largest city. dl including housing, diversity and other aspects. job training that could be used as a model nationwide. >> we keep running these food pieces at like 4:30 in the afternoon. >> come on. coming up on dinner. >> not close enough. only a couple hours away.
4:36 pm
we're more than a few hours away from the rain. several days away. at least it's -- it's there, spencer christian. >> right. it wasn't even on the seven-day forecast a couple days ago. it is now. let's get past this. this is how dry it is right now. overnight, we'll have dry conditions. chilly up in the north bay valley. a few passing high clouds. low temperatures mainly in the low to mid-40s. up in the north bay valleys, upper 30s. tomorrow, another sunny and dry day with highs ranging from 60 at the coast to mainly low and mid-60s in the bay shoreline. generally mid and upper 60s inland. here's the 7-day forecast. it looks like midweek next week, temperatures will start dropping off on monday. starts to get cooler. we get a few clouds moving in. on tuesday and wednesday, we expect light rain or showers both days. now, on the storm impact scale, these storms rank only 1. storms of light intensity. but we need the rain. we'll take any intensity we can
4:37 pm
get. light though it may be. >> no chance of rain spilling into thanksgiving? >> it might. the showers could linger. at the moment, the system is taking shape. it's not clearing defined. there's a reasonable expectation of rain. just as reasonable a chance it could linger into thursday. >> of course, it may be substantial. but the first decent rain comes when everyone is hitting the road for thanksgiving. >> let's hope it's tuesday and wednesday. >> and maybe again on friday. >> black friday will become rainy friday. >> thanks, spencer. >> thank you. the undercover mission that changed psychiatry forever. we're going to talk with the author behind the great pretender. plus -- >> alex, i'm lauren. i'm jane. >> the san francisco mother and daughter reaching out to jeopardy's
4:38 pm
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4:41 pm
you can't accept that's given as status quo. that's what i learned from this book. >> your motivation is somewhat personal. you experienced i would call a mental health disorder that they had a hard time figuring out. it turned out to be a rare neurological disease, correct? >> yes. i wrote a book about it, called brain on fire. it was an autoimmune disease misdiagnosed as schizo-affective disorder. >> that's the problem with things. it's not that easy to figure out what's going on. >> you're basing things on signs and symptoms, not blood tests and analysis. it's a lot of gray area in these topics, yes. >> so let's get back to the experiment for a second. one interesting note. the psychiatrists, they kind of bought what these eight people were selling. they thought you have these eight symptoms, let's get get you to a facility. when a number of the people were checked in, the actual patients
4:42 pm
were being treated, realized you're a fake. you're an actor. they knew what was going on. the doctors couldn't figure it out. >> eight people went undercover in psychiatric hospitals and none of the doctors knew they were faking. the patients would come up and say you're an undercover journalists, you're a reporter. they were more clued in than the staff. >> how can that be? >> it shows you there's a lot we don't know, definitely. >> what impact has this experiment -- again, this was 1970s. >> yes. >> what impact has it had on mental health today? >> i mean, you can't kind of overestimate the affect that this study had. it was published in science, which is one of the most premiere academic journals. it's basically confirmed what a lot of the lay public thought about psychiatry and engendered a lot of this trust and helped lead in part to the institutionization movement and we're seeing rampant home lows
4:43 pm
necessary and people sick in jails. >> this study was conducted almost 50 years ago. how much has diagnosis and treatment improved since then and actually really my bigger question, could you do this study again and could you fool doctors again? >> no it could not be done again. we're 95,000 beds short of need in this country. >> well, you wouldn't have the beds available. >> could the doctors be fooled again? >> that's an interesting question. i think probably yes. but it's conjecture. the bigger issue is we don't have places to treat people who are really sick now. >> that's the sad part. you're going to be speaking at the commonwealth club tonight and obviously talking about the book. what's your overall message. we need to focus more on mental health solutions. >> what i've taken from this. my doctor who saved my life
4:44 pm
tells his residents. you have to look backwards to see the future. i hope the reassessment of this groundbreaking study allows us to move forward. >> you found two of the same people that went in. how sane are you if you're checking yourself into a hospital. it's an incredible story. the great pretender. susanna, have a great time at the commonwealth club tonight. i hope people take an interest in the book and learn about a fascinating interest. i don't know how you get eight people to check themselves into a mental hospital. >> thank you so much. nice to meet you. >> you too. ama? >> two sweet stories. one east bay business is getting a new look to a local favorite. the unusual -- extraterrestrial sugar. i'm michael finney. we're one week from thanksgiving. th
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
scientists are predicting a rare meteor outbursts dubbed the unicorn. the best views in south america, eastern north america, wester europe and northwestern africa.
4:48 pm
the meteors are radiating from a constellation named after the greek word for unicorn. nasa scientists say they found sugars in meteorites that crashed into earth billions of years ago. that could give clues to the origins of life. scientists say extraterrestrial sugar might have contributed to the formation of rieb owes, it helped build proteins for our bodies. >> it's alien. another e. coli outbreak in eight states possibly linked to romaine lettuce. michael finney has more. >> more questions than answers on this one. >> this is a concern coming up with thanksgiving, all these meals. >> being prepared. federal officials say 17 people have been sickened. including two in california. the centers for disease control says it can't point to one food that explains all the illness. preliminary information suggests
4:49 pm
tainted romaine lettuce in a packaged salad kit may have caused two of the illnesses in maryland. the new jersey-based company has recalled 75,000 pounds of salad products. but none of them were ever shipped to california. >> we don't know what happened, but the streaming service appears to be working again. some users experienced service issues today. it's happening all around the world. people taking to social media to complain or to ask questions. netflix later tweeted saying the issue was fixed. the los gatos streaming service apologized for the inconvenience. your thanksgiving day dinner will cost you more this year. not much more. every year the american farm bureau federation figures out the price of a traditional thanksgiving dinner. now, this year a 16-pound turkey will cost you $20.80. that's 91 cents less than last year.
4:50 pm
the price of 3 pounds of sweet potatoes is up $.36. rolls cost.25 more. milk $.18. the average cost of a ten-person daner is $48.91. so were you doing the math while i was doing that? >> you lost me. >> that was one penniless than last year. saving the big money. >> turkey down, yams up. that's what i got. >> you got it. thanks, michael sdwliefrj hotel in japan is offering a room for $1. there's got to be a catch. you pretty much have to give up privacy. guests agree to be live streamed lyle there. it's a gimmick. to get the room for $1, you have to agree to appear on the youtube channel $1 hotel. there is no audio. thankfully the restroom is out of camera range. when nobody is staying in the rooms, the feed shows the owner
4:51 pm
working in his office, which which must be riveting streaming tv. >> awesome. you probably heard of church owes, you may not have seen them this way. >> east bay restaurant mastered the loop churros and dessert lovers can't get enough. we're told we don't have the churros story. we'll have to move on and try to bring it back later. >> yes. we can tell you now about a bay area mother and her daughter who are fundraising for pancreatic cancer research. they're combining their personal story and love for alex trebek the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock.
4:52 pm
to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power.
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so coming up tonight on abc 7, we have grey's anatom at 8:00. you can catch a million little things. how to get away with murder and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. we started to tell you about churros. we have to deliver for you. it's an east bay restaurant that's mastered the loop churros. dessert lovers are loving it. ♪ >> it's amazing. it's deaf niftly very good. it's unique. never seen one before. >> this is yummy. >> always freshly made per
4:55 pm
order. it's never sitting. always fresh with a nice crisp to it. >> i have pineapple ice cream. >> i thought it would be a weird combo with chocolate. it is very good. >> i love churros. >> we're here at pop churros in the bay area. >> hello. welcome to pop churros. >> it's popular culturewise. right now it doesn't have to be popular. it has to be the best. it has to be new and enhanced. most common customwise is the marshmallow fluff. has oreo crust and -- no one believes everywhere i go to any fair, any shows, any basketball games, football games, i always, always get a churros. that's where i got my love for
4:56 pm
churros. they came from spain. they do the miniature loop. we made it a little larger. the shape is different. it's like a straight-line churros. they get the center loon with soft serve ice cream. then we bring it out and start to glaze it and top it and do the ice cream and put it into at the ice cream. it has a nice loop. you can take pictures on instagram. >> i am here with my new friends at pop churros. we're going to try this delicious treat. mmm. very crunchy. still warm. tastes like heaven. >> yes. >> sweet. >> very chocolaty. that's the best part. >> this is the best thing i've ever had. >> come to pop churros.
4:57 pm
>> this month is pancreatic cancer awareness month. on this world pancreatic cancer day, a bay area woman and her daughter are turning this into a campaign to find a cure. here's deion lim. >> we love you, alex. >> to say lauren and her mother jane are fans of jeopardy, could be an understatement. >> i grew up watching jeopardy as a kid. i still watch it every night. even with my mom. >> but their love for alex has become more meaningful in the past few months after alex revealed he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when i was 12. we were inspired by his honesty after his diagnosis. >> that was back in 2004. for two years, ed mara fought with toughness and a passion to win. >> he was the type of person that would get up every day and be grateful for what he had and grateful for life.
4:58 pm
and he had a passion for it to work hard and to fight hard against his disease. >> lauren's father passed away in july of 2006. >> we miss him terribly, every day. >> every year since her father's passing, lauren and her mom fundraise fog the cause. they made this video and asked for checks for alex trebek to fund research for everyone touched by the disease. >> i hope that he would be proud of us. i think in a bay it git harder -- way it gets harder every year. >> it's one of the deadliest form of cancer with a survival rate of less than 10%. fundraising for a cure is so important. >> we don't know enough about the biology of this disease. in order to understand how to appropriately stop it in its tracks. >> question is, what's next? answer is, hopefully a successful fundraising campaign. in san francisco, dion lim, abc
4:59 pm
7 news. and that is going to do it for this news of the abc 7 news at 4:00. as always, we thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 is up next. that's with kristen and the pain and swelling.. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. b.a.r.t. riders contemplate their safety after this fatal stabbing on a train. we ride-along and conduct our own security check. >> a customers are sent flying and several were hurt. >> the lights are back on for most of the bay area. >> many are reluctantly getting used to the new normal. >> savor the sun. rain is headed our way. the storm should bring a lot of snow to the sierra. a long line of fans to see former president obama speak. they're now filled with feelings of hope.
5:01 pm
well, enjoy the sun while it's here. the storm door is cracked open just a bit bringing snow to the


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