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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. and now at 5:00, treacherous holiday travel. a live look at sfo where some flights have already been canceled this morning. an alert for drivers, the concerning thing that's happened more than 40 times since february. >> and grab your umbrella or rain jacket before you go out the door. wet weather is finally moving
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in. it is dry right now but that will not be the case later today. good morning on this tuesday, november 26. >> and mike has been tracking that rain, pinpointing when it wi will. >> hiit's a borderline three. it's going to come in a very small window late this afternoon through the evening hours but it will be heavy during the commute. a wind advisory so 12 hours of gusts possibly up to 50 miles an hour coming out of the south so opposite of our normal advisories. we have a flash flood watch on those burn scars, 2:00 to 10:00 this afternoon and this evening. so at 7:00 this morning partly cloudy. rain into the north bay by noon.
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it's heavy everywhere at 4:00. heaviest at 7:00. >> few people will be more relieved by rain than those living in the north bay. as you know they've been hit by fire and the threat of fire for months. >> amy hollyfield is live in marin county where people there are preparing for that rain. good morning, amy. >> reporter: here is what officials are worried about since we're having a fall storm. all the leaves that have fallen on the ground they want to keep out of the storm drains. we have seen city crews busy trying to clear the leaves out of the streets, out of the storm drains and from clocking the streets. they've been asking people to please not blow your leaves out into the street. bag them up and get them out of there. people have been rushing in to
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get ready for the storm. >> patch material, you name it, everyone is coming in for it. >> reporter: they say the rain will help keep their trees fresh as they get them into place, expecting a busy weekend. talking rain and not power outages. they really need those lights to get everyone in the festive move. the chp putting out the word that everyone needs to slow down and drive very carefully. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. at the live desk i'm tracking how winter weather will impact thanksgiving travel plans. a live look from sfo, this morning so far 12 flights at the
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airport have been canceled. several of those flights involve routes to and from denver. the rockies are expected to get a foot of snow. people are preparing early. >> i have chains for my car. >> wine. >> lots of wine and a bulldozer. >> sounds like you're set. >> i think so. >> be careful traveling. we expect a storm to move in today. los angeles expects about an inch or two. reggie and kumasi? >> thanks, jobina. for the fourth time in less than a week some type of projectile hit a vehicle in monterey county. a family of six was in this van heading south. and this is the 42nd incident. a car was hit on saturday.
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in last night's case, no one got hurt. >> we saw a hole in the left passenger side of the back window shattered. >> projectiles hit two other vehicles last friday including a bus of football be players. they were heading to a game in san jose. the chp is not sure what is hitting the cars but it is not gunfire. >> two pedestrians were killed within just six hours. >> both are streets that are priority corridors for san jose where we see a lot of our fatalities. >> safety advocates are pushing for change. so far this year 52 have died in
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san jose. city transportation officials say there's often a spike in deadly crashes in the fall and winter because of the daylight and the weather gets worse. a fight the spike campaign to urge drivers to slow down. san francisco bakery has reopened its mission district location after a rodent infestation. in a post on instagram the bakery apologized for letting down customers for not holding themselves to the highest level of cleanliness. they say they have been dealing with ongoing setbacks of operating in an older building. the bakery shut down on friday after they failed a health inspection. investigators found mice droppings in a prep room and on top of bags of flour. >> let's talk about your weather. this shows you where the flash flood watch is from 2:00 this afternoon to 10:00 this evening for the kincade fire burn area.
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moderate to heavy rain which means rock slides and debris. we have that to deal with, also. what's going to happen in the north bay, increasing clouds. there may be a few pockets of light rain. once we get to noon it is full on and that's when you know the rain is getting heaviest because it's pulling cold air from the middle parts down to the ground with it. low 50s until noon and our rain from noon on with the heaviest from 3:00 and windy around 7:00. temperature will drop down to 49 degrees. for san francisco we're dry through at least 11:00. there could be a small area of light rain on and off up until then and you could see from noon on it just gets heavier and
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heavier. it's going to be a rough evening commute. let's talk to jobina. thank you, mike. this morning it is looking good. we'll start off with a live look at the bay bridge because a couple things i want to mention, a high wind advisory. also that work i was talking about on the upper deck has all wrapped up. if you are heading toward the toll plaza there is a car that's experiencing some issues there and it's blocking the middle lane right before you get to the toll plaza. it's causing a slight backup. looking at the cash lanes and it does look full there as well. now looking live at san rafael here, 101, a smooth ride this morning for everyone. you can see our camera. overall a nice ride. chasy to duplin. remi and kumasi? a tesla surveillance system
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captures another breakin that caused hundreds of dollars of damage. the types of parking lots thieves are targeting. and free hot air balloon rides. why
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we're coming up on 5:12. and if you're just joining us here are the 7 things to know this morning. the first one is your commute this morning a breeze. it's green.
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that means no worries but the evening rain heavy. ponding, hydroplaning and winds across our east/west bridges that could gust up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. number two, if you have a flight to denver or in the midwest be ready for the storm system that made it windy here is causing travel trouble. several flights have been canceled. we do have a high wind advisory. our commute is looking good. it's the quiet before the storm. >> number four a new wildfire north of santa barbara. firefighters hope the rain coming later today will help. number five, chaos inside a california mall. two young men shot forcing shoppers to run. police say it started as a
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fight. the vix are expected to be okay. >> for the fourth time in less than a week a projectile hit a vehicle in monterey county. a family of six was in their van yesterday when they were hit. and this is the 42nd projectile incident. >> images of a mountain lion roaming around a neighborhood early yesterday morning in a driveway in pacifica. they say if you happen to see one of these cats, don't run. try to stay calm. don't turn your back. several police cars and officers are in the area of santa clara and 7th streets in san jose. >> reporter lauren martinez joins us now live with what we know. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and kumasi. police shut down this intersection. i want to show what you we're seeing right now.
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police taped off east santa clara street and all we can see is there's a car illuminated by a light. i talked with one officer. all co-tell me, they approached this car and they approached. i don't know what that means. they're not releasing any more information right now. so far officers have been around that car taking pictures of it and surveying the area. so for the moment san jose police have shut down the intersection and there's just a lot of police activity each side of the street right now. people are walking and driving and having to turn back around for the time to remain here on scene and continue to just stand by while officers are just surveying this area but, again, that car right now seems to be the focus on their investigation and, of course, we will continue to bring you any updates as we
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receive them. reporting live in san jose, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> captured on camera, a suspect seen breaking into this tesla model three. this happened thursday night in front of a restaurant off el camino real. thieves are hitting up large parking lots near freeways and expressways because it's so easy to get out of there. people get their shopping done. >> the end of every one of these reports and cases is a victim who lost something that's very valuable to them and we understand that. we need their help and their eyes and their awareness to help combat the crime. >> this year the santa clara police department was one of five to get $750,000 each from the state to help prevent smash and grabs. this cat nearly ended up having its last meal. this video shows an officer
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rescuing the kitty after it got its head stuck in a peanut butter jar. they had to use tactical medical scissors to get the cat out. happening today free hot air balloon rights. the movie hits theaters before it's available on prime video on december 20th. today's cross-country fair is from 3:00 to 8:00. you have to preregister for the event. when we last checked tickets were still available but organizers are closely watching the rain and wind and, mike, we have to defer to you on this. >> it's not going to happen. absolutely not. >> it should should not happen. >> that's true.
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i was supposed to go up on it for midday live. nope. it's going to be raining by 3:00. raining heavily from the 3:00 to 8:00. it sounds like a real neat event. i'm sorry, folks. >> got to be safe. >> yes, we need to be and that's the key. a good point for everybody today. we haven't driven in wet weather in more than 190 days. the best thing to do is slow down today even if you didn't have time to get your tires changed or wipers fixed. just slow down. look throughout the rest of the day. we will continue all the way through the evening hours. even colder today. 54 to 58 degrees. that's it. you can see tons of rain in the afternoon hours.
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look at the snow, the diablo range. let's talk about my storm concerns and for the first storm of the season they're pretty aggressive. the rain rates will be so heavy. outside of the areas that flood because the drains are clogged. a wind advisory. flooding on the roads. debris flows and mud sidelines on the kincade fire burn scar. so here we are at 9:00, everything is good. by noon light to moderate in the north bay. moving into the bay and that will continue throughout the evening commute. we are getting nailed at the worst time.
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a 1 for wednesday and thursday. more wet weather saturday, sunday and monday. good morning, everyone. we are looking live right now at the richmond/san rafael bridge where things are pretty good right now. i'm expecting things to look different. echoing mike to please take your time on the roads. we don't want to see anyone getting hurt and as few crashes as possible. people making their way down the ramp into the city. we have tracy to dublin. reggie and kumasi? >> today's "gma first look" the search is on for the thief who stole from a museum in germany. >> the stolen jewels are called priceless. in this morning's "gma first
5:20 am
look" new details from what's called a billion dollar art heist. swords, pearls and diamonds swiped in a matter of minutes out of the museum in dresden, germany. two ax wielding thieves smashing their way into cases containing diamonds and gemstones. >> the objects extremely precious because of their value. >> reporter: a blackout was created. the thieves entered through a smashed window heading straight for the display kais. we'll have a full, live report coming up. with your "gma first look," abc news, new york. >> that is wild. >> and then what, though? >> what do they do with it? >> put them on in the mirror.
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>> kumasi. do i need to be looking through your stuff? were you in germany? menlo park based facebook wants to pay you, how to get paid up to $600. >> hannah and alan. >> i don't even know what's happening. >> okay. >> oh. >> former bachelorette hannah brown is a new dancing with the stars champion but it is the commercial that aired during t
5:22 am
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by noon our best chance of measurable rain will be in the north bay because that's where the steady rain will be moving in. the rest of us getting scattered showers. by the beginning of the commute around 5:00, some of us into the heart of the commute, measurable rain to the south bay. up to around three quarters in santa rosa. by the time we get to this
5:24 am
evening and striking midnight we're already a half inch to nearly an inch of rain. this is a very potent storm. facebook users can make up to $600 a year. there is a catch. >> you have to fill out surveys and give feedback on the research app called viewpoints. the terms of service says users will accumulate points for participating in surveys and other tasks. those points can be redeemed for money paid via pay pal. earlier this year, we should note, facebook shut down another one of its apps after critics said it was basically spyware, collecting about people's browsing history and to track competitors. two new champions of "dancing with the stars." >> new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- hannah and alan.
5:25 am
>> and that's that and her partner alan bersten took home the mirror ball trophy. the couple danced their way to victory. >> i was in total shock, but i think it's because of the pieea i feel that i did grow in this experience. >> i have never been this happy in my life. this is amazing. i am so proud of you, hannah. thank you to everyone who voted for us. >> all the celebrities will be on "gma" live. they will stop at the paramount theater in oakland in april of next year and tickets are on sale through ticketmaster. now as for what's next for hannah b., she could get back together with pilot pete, maybe, maybe not. >> she paid him a visit in a new promo that aired last night. >> i'm so confused. what are you doing here? >> making decisions for my heart
5:26 am
because i know there's still something there and i would do anything for a relationship. >> hannah brown, what would you say if i asked you to come be part of that? >> oh. we need somebody. >> i don't know what's going on. >> all i hear are screams. >> he's the new bachelor. >> pilot pete. >> she was the bachelorette. >> who knows? >> what happened? oh. >> he was a contestant on her season and somethingratiened. there was some drama. we'll figure it out. >> he doesn't wear his shirt very much. does he not have shirts? >> he might. people apparently thought this was dramatic because that aired during "dancing with the stars." what is going to happen? >> he's kissing a lot of girls. >> that is what the show is about. >> it premieres on january 6.
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another full 90 minutes of news. >> reporter: the rain is coming. are you ready? people are preparing. >> getting a degree debt
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now at 5:30, the first storm. >> we are getting ready for it. >> mike is tracking the time line today and we are live with how you can prepare. the search for a man stealing from yoga studios around the bay area. >> they know what they're doing. >> how he tricked the employees. the end of an era in napa. why this family owned restaurant is closing after nearly 40 years in business. the gift money cannot buy. one thing a lot of people say they wish they could give someone this holiday season.
5:30 am
and here's another look at live doppler 7. i know. there's not much going on here but that is going to change in just a few hours and you want to make sure you have your your or rain jacket. >> it's going to change rapidly. that's the thing you need to know you can go from right there, nothing to rain. winds gusting up to 15 miles an hour and rainfall up to 1. a moderate storm but it's at the top of the storm scale. if we were to get a little bit more rain this would be a 3. our first issue for the kincade fire burn area. wind advisory above 1,000 feet where the gusts could get up to
5:31 am
50 miles an hour. that's a window from 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow morning. a high surf advisory this evening. plus we have kings tides today. move pablo bay thanks to the southerly winds as you move to the north. lw to mid-50s. the heavy rain moves in after the lunch hour. jobina? >> thank you, mike. metering lights came on. be aware of that. moving over to san rafael right now a live look at 101 things are looking very clear. haven't seen any issues this morning which is good. also want to let people know about our commuter alert for b.a.r.t. please expect there to be two
5:32 am
less trains in the morning. additional trains going towards the airport so just check the schedule here. lots of changes because of the holiday week and thursday, thanksgiving, operating on a sunday schedule. reggie? >> people are clearing blocked storm drains and covering outdoor furniture. >> amy hollyfield is live in marin county where preparations are well under way. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first big rainstorm since may so people are definitely getting ready for it. stores like the hardware in novato have been busy dealing with a rush of people trying to prepare as they rush to get tarps, roof patch material and rain gear. christmas tree lots say they are
5:33 am
ready to welcome the rain. they say their trees will love the storm. >> i'm happy to see the rain. it's cold and they're really happy and they come to california and we have bright sun. >> one issue could be all the leaves that have dropped the last few days. they are trying to clear them out. we did find some leaves in the north bay and this is the request city workers have. bag your leaves up so you can keep them from clogging the drains. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> pg&e says crews are ready for storm related power outages and will activate emergency centers.
5:34 am
have flash flights and radios with fresh batteries ready. unplug sensitive electronics in case there's a power surge when you get the power back. you can access on your phone through our news app. download it now so you're ready. this is a live picture between 7th and 9th street. in our last half hour we saw lauren martinez and she told us san jose police are focusing on a car parked in the area. in the last few minutes police confirmed that this is now a death investigation. we're still working to get more information whether it's a homicide. lauren martinez is staying on the scene.
5:35 am
wildfire season is not over yet. a new fire in santa barbara county. this is new video. firefighters said the fire grew to 3,300 acres. two spot fires in the area. >> 15 gusting to 30-mile-an-hour winds, some spots even higher. >> the chance of rain tonight could help gain control of this fire. i'll bring you the latest throughout the morning. reggie and kumasi? >> thanks, jobina. now to the chaos inside a california mall. two young men were shot forcing shoppers to run for their lives and the entire scene was caught on cell phone video.
5:36 am
bakersfield police say it started as a fight between t groups last night. the victims are 15 and 20 years old. they are expected to be okay. a worker at the mall said she heard shots, at least 20 of them. >> told us to duck down we're really going to get shot up. i was scared. i thought i wasn't going to go home. >> the mall was placed on lockdown while police searched store by store for the shooter. a rally to demand justice for two men shot and killed by police. family members of eric reason will join the justice coalition of vallejo for the rally. an off-duty richmond police officer shot reason earlier this month after an argument over a parking space. family members of foster will be there. foster was shot and killed by a vallejo officer last year. the rally starts at 1:00 this afternoon. >> yoga studios are stepping up security.
5:37 am
a thief has been stealing from customers in at least three counties this is the man police are looking for, christopher damon newton from oakland. police say he stole personal belongings in downtown berkeley. th hella yoga said her studio was hit the same month but it's not clear if newton is she says a man came, pretended to sign up for a class and took off with her clients' belongings. >> it's unfortunate because we were hit by a professional. we had no clue when the gentleman came here. >> police are asking anyone with information to contact berkeley police. a pilot program is working to keep some streets in san francisco clean. the big push to expand it. this napa restaurant that's been part of the community for nearly four decades is closing. what the owners are saying. that's all ahead.
5:38 am
first, we're talking about the weather today and mike says it's a 2 officially but it could be considered almost a light 3, right? >> in some spots, in some areas, overall moderate for most of us. pretty dicey to deal with. first the bay bridge toll plaza. driving dangerous during the commute. caution as it will be blustery and wet and breezy if you're taking mass transit. an umbrella will not work to keep you dry today. starting at 38. once the rain moves in we drop down into the upper 40s by 5:00 and 6:00. 40 to 52 by 11:00. the rain moves in and we drop down to 50 as it gets heavy.
5:39 am
53 at 1:00. steadier rain at 3:00. we could have a rogue shower where it's clear and dry. the heavy and steadiest rain, by 11:00 we should be getting light rain in some areas. heavy around 3:00. for the east bay dry through the lunch hour and a look at the temperature drop by 5:00. the same thing in san francisco up at 53 and we drop down to the low 50s as the rain gets heavy. jobina? we are starting off with a live look at the san mateo bridge where we do have a high wind advisory. that's really it which is great news because i know tomorrow we
5:40 am
are bracing for a dangerous commute so please be careful out on the roadways here. san jose nice and clear and looking good for our tuesday morning commute. highway 101 to cupertino a quick ten-minute ride. the abc 7 storm impact scale, today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app.
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and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. we'll get to you, mike, in just a second. >> wait one second. >> sorry, sorry. >> our approaching storm could cause problems for drivers who haven't seen rain in months. >> the first big rain of the year means extra slick pavement. so abc 7 news went to a driving expert to get some advice. he demonstrated what to do if your car could enter a slide or a deep puddle at freeway speeds. >> try to cut through it straight because inertia wants your car to go straight. you trying to change direction causes the problem. >> also, check the wear on your tires. the bar should be deep in the
5:44 am
grooves and some common sense tips we can forget, slow down, watch your speed. if it's wet enough to use your windshield wipers, turn your headlights on, too. now it's your turn, mike. >> these the easiest and cheapest thing to do is slow down. and the rain will make you slow down. it will come down that heavily. so eager to tell you if you're traveling around look at today through tomorrow. everywhere will be touched by rain or snow and gets even heavier saturday and sunday. leaving and returning, the two heaviest times for rain and snow. today caution. i do not recommend travel wednesday, saturday, sunday. it's going to be dicey thursday and friday. that's why it's still yellow here. traveling through the high country, i wouldn't do it if you don't have to. >> opponents trying to stop the navigation center near oracle park are evaluating after
5:45 am
another league setback. the city says it expects the center to be open by the end of next month. a homeless man attacked a woman outside her apartment building right next to the location. a san francisco supervisor is asking the city to fund ten 24-hour bathrooms. the public toilets are a part of the pit stop program. over the summer three public bathrooms were kept open for 24 hours as a part of the pilot program. the supervisor says that just is not enough. the mayor's office says it's using funding to keep the pit stops open but will cost $3 million a year, something the mayor's office says is not a part of this year's budget. >> it's the end of an era in napa. a restaurant is closing after nearly 40 years in business.
5:46 am
the restaurant owner and his wife tried to extend the deal. the owner says the toughest part is leaving his employees without jobs and saying good-bye to their longtime customers. >> watch out jeff bezos and bill gates. they could be replaced as the world's richest man by this guy. this is bernard arnault the ceo of the parent company of louis vuitton which just purchased tiffany's and company. his net worth more than $106 billion. gates has a net worth of $107 billion. bezos with a fortune of just under $110 billion. well, it's not always the gifts but the thought that counts. >> not for those men. a new survey found half of americans wish they could give intangible gifts.70% whood heal
5:47 am
mind. other popular well wishes include more time, more patience, more rest, and less stress. >> that's good. >> preach. >> preach. >> you can give a gift that can help them with that. >> like what? >> a massage or a stay-cation. just quiet time sometimes. >> a nice cup of tea. hi, mike. >> do more of the chores around the house. >> i'll take that. >> exactly. i wish i could give and receive a lot of those things you just talked about. maybe that will be a new year's resolution. a look at san rafael where it's quiet right now and one of the first areas that gets rain, the strong cold front brings us rapid changes once we get to lunch outside of the north bay. your rapid changes after 9:00. moderate to heavy steady rain. showers and thunderstor mounin . wednda ando dot aga
5:48 am
sarday and sunday. temperatures today as we talked about hanging out in the mid-50s until the heavy rain moves in and then we drop into the upper 40s and drop all the way down into the mid-30s to mid-40s tomorrow. snow in the diablo range, hamilton, mt. diablo itself snow. in the lake county where we have that winter weather advisory for up to possibly a foot of snow. hydroplaning is the number one concern and flooding on the roads right behind me because the rain will be coming down that heavily that the drains aren't going to be able to handle it. downed trees and power lines we have a chance, a wind advisory. all stream flooding moderate.. at 9:00, nothing. look by noon. rapidly changing. steady rain starting to move into the heart of the bay where it will be light to moderate. the downpours start showing up.
5:49 am
the reds at 4:00. by 5:30 the down pars are right along 85 from dixon, vallejo, through san francisco, by 6:30 the downpours are in the east bay and the south bay and then by 7:30 they'r pushing out and we transition over to those showers and scattered thunderstorms. a 2 moderate today. 1 wednesday, thursday, saturday, sunday and monday. all right. a heads-up for drivers here. you won't have to pay for parking in many places on thanksgiving day in san francisco, observing and san jose. no one will be checking the meters thursday. b.a.r.t. parking lots are also free on thanksgiving. most transit agencies will run on a sunday or weekend schedule including b.a.r.t. golden gate transit, sam trans and smart train. no ferry service.
5:50 am
we have links to each agency's schedule on one page on our website that is a lot to keep up with but hopefully a smooth ride for everybody. coming up new at 6:00, a new investigation reveals a hidden cost for getting your amazon dlivery so fast. >> getting a degree debt free with college costs explodinexpl. the best way to avoid loans. >> reporter: do you know what you should buy on black friday and what you shouldn't? i'm michael finney this is a 7 on your side quick tip. the financial website wallet hub has been checking out prices and it says 18% of all items offer no discount on black friday. so where do you find a deal? toys. there will be about a 33% off. the same with jewelry, clothing and media, books, music and movies. where are you less likely to find a deal?
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5:53 on a tuesday. the morning rush hour will be your favorite today because it's going to be dry and partly cloudy. the evening rush hour, let me just get you ready for it. it's going to be rainy, heavy, ponding on the roadways. winds blowing sideways across our bridges. very difficult to get around this evening. you just have to slow down, relax and know you're going to be stuck in traffic for two or three times longer than you're used to since we haven't had rain for more than 190 days.
5:54 am
we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms starting tomorrow through thanksgiving with that snow level dropping down to 2,000 feet. above that some of our higher elevation also get dusted with a couple inches of snow. the hail is what we'll have to deal with locally. downpours not as widespread as with a we're dealing with today. good morning, everyone. the commute out of emeryville is beginning to pick up here. you can see the headlights coming in further to the bay bridge there where we do have a high wind advisory. so this is a live look for you at 80. moving to san francisco at king street, nice, clear ride. we have not seen any issues on our board this morning which is great news but we know we're expecting a tough commute tomorrow morning as mike has been mentions so careful.
5:55 am
highway 1 to san francisco nine minutes. >> electric bikes are returning a week later than originally promised. they were pulled twice this year because of problems. >> it started deploying ebikes yesterday. first up is san jose and you can see the lightning both icons on the map. fr san francisco will get e-bikes next. the first for a florida high school biology class. the class is the first to use synthetic frogs for dissection instead of preserved ones. the technology mimics the real life tissues and is better for learning. they look and feel just like a real frog and they are reusable and free of chemicals. >> now to a look at the skyrocketing costs of colleges. some schools could hit $100,000 a year in tuition.
5:56 am
rebecca jarvis has three tips on what can you do to get a debt free degree trying for more scholarships and sticking to schools you can afford. you can watch the full report on exploding college costs coming up at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. a north carolina man was tired of getting passed up on dating apps. he created his own app and he is the only one on it. >> it's called singularity. he is 31 years owed. he says he's gainfully employed in tech support. i don't know who this lady is. he says it will save women countless hours of just matching you with me. >> it's a match. didn't see that coming. >> that's cute. would you be charmed? you wouldn't? >> but, you know -- >> nice try? >> he tried.
5:57 am
"a" for effort. up at 6:00, selena gomez and her less than stellar -- some people are saying it has been less than stellar when she performed at the american music awards. >> breaking news, a death investigation happening in san jose. here is a look at the scene. lauren martinez will have a live report coming up. plus, the famed san francisco bakery is saying sorry to customers. >> first a live look at a dry
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, doesn't look like much now but it will in just a few hours. live doppler 7 is quiet as we speak. rain just around the corner. and your morning commute will be okay. make sure you are ready for a
6:00 am
rainy and wet evening commute. tens of millions of people are bracing for severe weather just before the thanksgiving holiday. good morning on this tuesday, november 26. >> of course you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike has been tracking the rain. it is almost here. >> it's going to change rapidly as we head into the afternoon hours. it's going to be a hard 2, a moderate storm. an exclusive scale to let you know what to expect. up to an inch of rain is possible. some other things, the flash flood watch today across the north bay. the fastest winds from 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow morning. trees, power lines, a lot of


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