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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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good morning, america. as we join you this black friday, severe weather threatening to derail the trip home from the holidays. black friday winter whiteout. messy holiday travel. a rare sight, snow in southern california. the major storm moving across the country bringing icy conditions, high winds, dangerous flooding and heavy rains opening this sink hole on the side of a major freeway in california. we're tracking the latest before you make your travel plans for the weekend. the president's stealth visit. trump secretly traveling to afghanistan for thanksgiving spending the holiday with our troops and saying peace talks with the taliban to end the 18-year war are back on months after he broke them off. tragic accident.
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a top american climber killed, plunging to his death in mexico. what went wrong? the details this morning. switched at birth. the woman who made national headlines after a hospital swap when she was days old, what happened when she learned her parents were not her biological parents? she's speaking out 26 years later. the questions that still haunt her. ♪ and they're off. the black friday frenzy kicking into high gear nationwide. shoppers lining up looking for those doorbuster deals. our experts are here. the best bargains in stores and online with fewer days until this christmas. will this year be a boom or bust? ♪ and good morning, america. montell jordan, great way to start your friday. >> every friday. >> throwing it back. good to be here on this black friday. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.
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t.j., how did the bird turn out? >> perfect as always. i was running out of here to get to it yesterday because it was alone with my wife and that's a problem. >> oh! >> oh. >> stop. stop. >> it's national tv. >> you will be sleeping on the couch, buddy. >> it's a nice couch, though. a lot of folks have another holiday today, black friday. a lot of folks gearing up for the big shopping day. you have to find a way to make it home after the holiday as well. that can be a problem. >> this morning, heavy rain and blizzard-like conditions sweeping the nation and begin with rob marciano tracking the latest on that major storm. it's not even winter yet and there is snow in southern california. >> hard to believe. this is a remarkable storm. winds over 80 miles an hour. in the mountains, four feet of snow, video at 3,000 feet just north and east of los angeles and you can see just how tough that is. we had snow levels that were down below 2,000 feet and brought a lot of roadways and
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highways into play so travel especially in the west was difficult to say the least. in the west, it's a black friday whiteout. snow north of los angeles dropping visibility and making road conditions treacherous. >> it's scary. a lot of hydroplaning and a lot of stop and go. >> seen a couple of cars that jackknifed so it's dangerous out there. you got to be careful. >> reporter: a rare sight in usually warm so cal this section of los padres national forest white with snow after it was charred by wildfire only a few days before. many travelers from out of state in awe of the unusual winter weather. >> we've been coming here since we were kids for years and seeing it like this grown up is like a winter wonderland. once in a lifetime experience. >> from snow to heavy rain, flooding an rv park in la mesa, california. a collapsed drain causing a sinkhole on the side of the 10 freeway trapping one car in mud. san diego also seeing intense rain. this man and his cousin thankful to be alive after being trapped
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in this flooded parking garage. >> you were screaming help? >> reporter: they used kegs to stay afloat before being rescued by neighbors. in colorado a charter bus with 50 passengers on board losing control on the icy roads of i-25 rolling over. five people rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. >> the party was traveling at minimum of 55 miles an hour which with these road conditions was way too fast. >> this is a storm that's been slow to move but finally it is on the move east. look at these alerts we have posted. now a winter storm warning and new blizzard warning for parts of the northern plains again as this train of storms continues. here's what we expect, southern california, rain and snow moving out today. in some of the mountain areas, we'll see two to four feet of snow. southwest, parts of the desert could see flooding rains as well and tomorrow night, maybe some severe storms across parts of the south. blizzard conditions across the northern plains and a lot will get into cold air across the northeast on sunday when a lot are traveling back home. this will at least start out as
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a wintry mix. could be slick across parts of new england. tom, back to you. >> rob, thank you for that. now to president trump traveling to afghanistan in secret. a holiday surprise for american troops and also making a headline declaring that he will resume peace negotiations with the taliban which broke down about three months ago. rachel scott has more from mar-a-lago this morning. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: tom, good morning. yes, this secret mission was kept under wraps for weeks. it required president trump to sneak out of his mar-a-lago resort here in florida and go off the grid unnoticed for hours. this morning, president trump arriving back in the u.s. after secretly traveling to afghanistan for a thanksgiving day surprise. on air force one, lights out, cabin windows shut. the few white house officials on board stripped of their cell phones. the leader of afghanistan only notified shortly before president trump landed. and as for those thanksgiving tweets you saw on the president's twitter feed, those were scheduled ahead of time. on the ground the president
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greeting american troops and announcing renewed peace talks with the taliban. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they want to make a deal. it's got to be a real deal but we'll see. >> reporter: negotiations with the taliban have been stalled after president trump suddenly broke off the talks three months ago. after 18 years of fighting, 13,000 american troops are still in the country. the president said he'd like to see that number dropped to about 8,600 or even lower. >> i know we can do much better. we can go much further than that because of new weaponry and technology we're able to do more with fewer troops. >> reporter: president trump all smiles as he served the troops their dinner joking he didn't even have time to finish his own meal. >> i never got to my turkey. the first time in thanksgiving that i've never had anything, cold turkey, but that's okay. >> reporter: it comes amid tension between the president and some military leaders over his intervention in war crime cases, the latest of which led to the firing of navy secretary richard spencer.
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spencer writing in a "washington post" op-ed, the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices. second visit to a combat zone, his first in afghanistan. t.j. >> thank you so much. we turn now overseas to kong hong where police found thousands of gasoline bombs on a university campus. that campus was the site of a 12-day standoff with protestors. ian pannell has the latest for us. hello to you, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, t.j. that's right. the siege is final over and police have cleared the campus after this 12-day siege. this is where we've been reporting from and that standoff between police and protesters there saw some of the most intense and sustained clashes since this pro-democracy movement erupted almost six months ago. police have been displaying some of the homemade weapons they found at the campus including, get this, almost 4,000 gasoline bombs and more
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than 1,300 explosive items. overnight thousands of protesters took to the streets aithis tto congress and the american people for supporting hong kong. this came after president trump signed legislation strengthening the position of the protesters by threatening sanctions and penalties if china meddles with the city's rights and freedoms. >> ian, we only imagine what the response has been from the chinese government to seeing this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, t.j. in one word beijing is furious. the american ambassador was summoned with china saying it strongly protests threatening countermeasures. this comes of course at a sensitive time when both economic superpowers are engaged in highly sensitive talks to end the long-running trade war. if beijing thought it could marginalize the demonstrations that's out the window. with america backing the movement what we should expect is more protests and potentially more violence. >> ian pannell, thank you so
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much. eva. to black friday, one of the biggest money makers for retailers and biggest bargains for shoppers. gio benitez is at the best buy in new york. gio, it's the calm before the storm right now. >> yeah, that's right, eva, good morning. this store will open up very soon. we're already seeing great deals on electronics. these tvs, 200 bucks off. this one behind me, $800 off. this year so many of these shoppers did their black friday shopping on a thursday. >> all: three, two, one. >> reporter: the black friday frenzy has begun. millions of holiday shoppers around the country racing to the stores before the thanksgiving dinner is even cold. >> you said you've been out shopping this morning. what are you looking for? >> i was the first one. >> reporter: shoppers taking their appetite for holiday bargains to the street. >> this is one of the traditions of thanksgiving as well. >> reporter: bracing the cold waiting in line for hours to be the first in store to jump on those exclusive black friday deals.
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>> i bought the apple watch series 3 for 129. i think i hit the jackpot. >> in all honesty i did bring every card that i could think of but i'm hoping to keep it under a thousand. >> reporter: while stores saw thousands rush in, some retailers said black friday just isn't as hectic as it once was. >> the guests in stores are way less than in previous years because our digital channels have been amazing. >> most people just buy it online so the store is empty. >> it's not that crazy. >> reporter: according to savings website retailmenot, 85% of consumers plan to shop across black friday and cyber monday this year but only 47% of thanksgiving weekend shoppers say they'll do it the old-fashioned way in stores. and there are some deals in store because here right now we're seeing deals on kitchen appliances. this air fryer almost 50% off. we're also seeing good deals on gaming consoles. but if you're looking to buy toys, bedding, even furniture
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experts are telling us, hold off. you might get better deals closer to christmas. t.j. >> all right, gio, i hope i get you as my secret santa. you're in a good spot right now. i'll see you soon. if you're going to go out to the stores, it would help if you knew which store to go to to get the best bargain. for that we go to becky worley in our super savings command center. >> today is a great day for finding those discounts as gio just told us. new doorbusters, best buy, 8:00 a.m., they'll have a 65-inch hisense tv, $200. it is an off brand tv, 65 inches for under $300, new this year. only in store. i want to show you another in-store-only deal. you can net up to a $400 target gift card with the purchase of a samsung phone, only in store. you have to activate it and set it up. those are two good deals today, t.j. >> top items when talking about electronics.
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>> one i really like, roomba vacuum cleaners, $675 is $199 at lowe's. 100 bucks off the manufacturer's price and now let's talk about a gift for kids or tweens. this is a chromebook from best buy, $89, $100 off retail. great gift. >> okay. gift cards, do we do it now or later? >> you know, today is an incredible day to buy gift cards because they're discounted. you can find a $100 card for 80 bucks at best buy. look for these discounts in all the stores, 15% 20% off. it's kind of like free money. >> gift for the kids, do you wait or grab them now? >> super saturday, last saturday before december, best deal, but must haves, well, how about baby shark from walmart. ♪ baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ >> 25% off and they sing. you know you want this, right, t.j.? >> i'm not sure what you said. all i heard was baby shark doo, doo, doo, doo.
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becky, thank you for all these bargains. we'll see her later. all she's you can find on our website g.m. >> i have that at home and now at work. thanks so much. now let's check in with the country's largest online retailer. amazon spokesperson kate scarpa is here to tell us about the hottest trends and hottest black friday deals to come so far. so, kate, start us off. what is really hot this season and flying off the shelves? >> so far this season we've seen customers really love shopping fashion and seasonal styles, toys for the kids and electronics from tvs to headphones and our own amazon devices have been super popular so far. >> what are the best deals right now? if people really want a single item that they're looking for, what are the biggest discounts? >> we have thousands of incredible deals today at so some of the deals are 40% off samsung, sony and lg tvs. up to 40% off levis for the whole family. $40 off our new echo device and 44% off kitchenaid items and 30% off l.o.l.
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surprise toys so that's a small sampling of the incredible deals. >> l.o.l.s are huge with kids. i know that much. this is the shortest shopping season because thanksgiving and christmas are close together. what do you recommend as far as shipping? >> we offer customers a variety and we've grown our fulfillment network to bring the hubs close story customers to deliver faster and more efficiently. prime members have one-day delivery on millions of items this year. >> i ordered three packages but don't have them yet. do you know when they're coming? >> i could check on that for you after that. >> kate, thanks so much. >> did you just ask her to track your package for you, tom? we turn to a big question. you ate until you passed out, you shopped till you dropped so let's sit in a dark movie theater. that should work. diane macedo is here with what's at box office and we have early award contenders as well. good morning to you. >> that's right. good morning. the holiday season is great for many things but movies is high on that list.
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so if you're ready to trade in the turkey for popcorn here are some must see movies of the season. if you thought your family gathering was tense -- >> reporter: -- be glad you're not in this family. "knives out" opening this weekend is a whodunit about the mysterious death of a family paia >> i suspect foul play. >> reporter: if you were stuck under an avalanche last week and missed it, "frozen ii" is breaking box office records left and right. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ >> reporter: maybe the best way to warm it up -- >> reporter: -- don your cardigan and see tom hanks in "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." garnering award show traction in theaters, "ford v ferrari," aka damon versus bale. more oscar contenders opening soon. >> hr is on the phone. >> reporter: "bombshell" with attention-grabbing performances
7:16 am
with nicole kidman as former fox news anchor gretchen clson, charas megynelly. a new version of "little women" getting big buzz. also in december, the controversial film version of the musical "cats" and, of course, a galaxy far, far away is finally near. "star wars: the rise of skywalker" ends the nine-movie skywalker saga. >> taking one last look, sir, at my friends. >> and one more film to put on your radar. oscar nominee daniel kaluuya from "get out" is getting buzz from "queen & slim," a romantic thriller about a first date that turns into a run from the law so many movies to choose from. get your elastic waistband pants out and enjoy. >> leggings. all the leggings. check this out, the detroit lions play football every year on thanksgiving but it's not every year that the power goes out. take a look at what happened during the halftime show. that's not a mistake.
7:17 am
that was a technical glitch, the power going out. a few notes into brothers osborne's first song,t. they just lost power. luckily after a few awkward moments you see the crowd celebrating, the power came back on and so did the show. >> all right. >> as you know, robin roberts isn't here today but her presence looms large as i am now required to tell you about an update about her beloved new orleans saints. the saints, yes, they actually put on a pretty good show yesterday but they also are the first team to clinch a playoff spot, congratulations, robin, but the saints quarterback drew brees, the superstar says this isn't enough. they are looking forward -- oh, poor matt ryan. we should replay that. but they say they have bigger fish to fry. they are looking towards a possible super bowl. matt ryan was sacked nine times then had that moment. check out this turkey dance from one of the guys who sacked him several times. >> he has a turkey leg in his
7:18 am
hand. >> how did they get a turkey leg onto the field? >> who dat nation very happy. looking for revenge. >> happy, robin? >> she is. we're following a lot of other stories including that fatal fall. a top american climber's tragic accident in mexico. the details coming in. the woman switched at birth speaking out. the questions that still haunt her 26 years later but first let's check back with rob and the weather. >> a lot of people thinking about traveling back saturday, sunday, another storm coming into the west during the day sunday. not quite as strong but a slow mover as well. two-day event with rain along the valleys and snow along the mountains. time for your weekend getaways.
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(all) whoa! (vo) happy holidays from verizon. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." the police have arrested five suspects they say fired shots at the freemont hub target store. officers say that one of them fired the gun after security guards caught them stealing video games just as the black friday was starting. after a short car chase, they took five people into custody and two minors and luckily, no one was hurt. good morning, everyone. we areal following this issue in okland right now, and a single car crash here, but it did catch fire and this is southbound 13 before redwood road. the speeds are improving and clearing up which is a good sign. quickly, the mass transit here, because different scheduled changes and modified service for
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now, the accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we have temperatures up in the north bay and what concerned me is that there is fog around here and it turned into black ice in bridges and overpasses which is more likely. and the frost advisory in the south bay and along the coast and now continuing through 9:00. the first atmospheric event is 1-4 inches of rain possible. if you have outdoor plans, keep the app handy with doppler 7. and in fact, just move them in right now. more chances of rain next week. with the flu season picking up, we have a look at how quickly germs can spread and what you can do to protect you and your family. we have another abc7 news update
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to 30% off nike for the family! sale ends saturday! jcpenney! ♪ love that music. welcome back to "gma." we're taking a stroll down memory lane in a galaxy far, far away. "star wars" releasing this new video overnight. behind the scenes footage from almost 40 years ago. you see mark hamill, harrison ford. the world is counting down to the highly anticipated conclusion of the saga "star wars: the rise of skywalker." 20 days to go. more of that coming up in "pop news." amazing how long ago that was. time flies. >> all these years later we're seeing something for the first time. pretty cool. a lot of headlines ahead but first let's give you this. we are following black friday, of course and have a winter whiteout on black friday. a rare sight. what you're seeing there, southern california. the dangerous conditions there to roads as americans head out and head home after the holiday.
7:31 am
also right now president trump landing back in the u.s. after his thanksgiving trip to afghanistan. he spent some time with the oop peace talks with the taliban are back on months after he broke them off. and we have a winner to show you here. the winner of the national dog show. that is thor. if you have ever seen a thor, that's a thor. the bulldog is taking home the top prize. the 2-year-old pup beat out about 1900 other dogs for the top honor. >> nice to see a bulldog win. >> you never see a bulldog win. that's awesome. >> i'll take your word for it. >> very proud. turning to that fatal accident. a top american climber killed. the 31-year-old falling to his death in mexico. will reeve is here with the story. good morning to you, will. >> reporter: good morning, eva. just days ago we told you about the near-fatal fall by champion climber emily harrington. today another elite american climber has fallen, this time to his death. fellow climbers remembering brad gobright as one of their very best. this morning, tragedy striking one of the world's most
7:32 am
accomplished free solo climbers. 31-year-old brad gobright killed after falling nearly 1,000 feet from a climbing spot in mexico. >> i do experience fear, but i've learned to deal with it. ti, gobright was featured infet" >> it's just kind of about the beauty and simplicity of moving up a rock wall by yourself. >> reporter: with him at the time of the fall his partner, aidan jacobson. the pair suspending from elle sendero luminoso. both choosing controls while rappelling. jacobson injuring his ankle. gobright sent into a free fall. >> he thought out the things he would do. the more dangerous and the more large the climb was, the more time he would spend thinking about what he was going to do. >> i'm a sport hobbyist. it's my passion, my life. i want to look back and ab super proud. >> reporter: in 2017 he and jim reynolds set a record on the
7:33 am
national park, climbing the 3,000-foot route in 2:19. the same peak where emily harrington survived a fall earlier this week. one of her rescuers, alex honnold, the climber profiled in the academy award winning documentary "free solo." >> emily was attempting a very difficult goal which is to free climb el capitan on a route that no woman has successfully free climbed. >> reporter: friends and family in mourning over a life lost too soon. honnold posting a tribute saying he was such a warm, kind soul, one of a handful of partners that always loved spending a day with. >> i want him to be remembered as someone who lived a full, enjoyable life filled with incredible adventures with people. >> mexican officials said the area where gobright fell was virtually inaccessible. a tragic story, tom. >> a sad story all around, really for that tight community. all right, will. thank you for that.
7:34 am
now to the little girl switched at birth more than four decades ago now grown up and speaking about that story that made worldwide headlines. "20/20's" deb roberts has more. deborah, good morning. >> who can rg ts astonishing ory wt tuoncerner two babies who were switched at birth, their lives forever changed. well, today all these years tem the baby swap was no accident. >> kimberly mays. >> kimberly mays. >> kimberly mays is suing her biological parents for divorce. >> it was like a three ring circus. >> my name is kim mays, and i was switched at birth. >> reporter: it was the week of november 26, 1978. two families came to a small florida hospital to have their babies. for bob and barbara mays, it was their first, a girl they named kimberly. ernest and regina twig had their
7:35 am
sixth, a daughter, alaina. three days after delivery a nurse handed regina her baby. >> she said, i don't think this is my baby. this baby is darker in color and the nurse said, no, mrs. twigg, this is your baby. you're a little nervous about everything. and so regina was sort of pressured by the nurse to accept that, in fact, she was getting the right baby. >> i never dreamed, not for a second on this earth, that they had given me somebody else's baby. >> reporter: but that's exactly what happened. the twiggs only learned ten years later when arlena who was born with a heart defect needed surgery. >> in preparation for the surgery arlena's blood was typed. >> reporter: the blood test revealed arlena could not be the twiggs' biological child and a genetics test confirmed it. >> i went into total shock and my husband turned white. he almost passed out. i'm going back into this shock and just try struggling through all this horror of oh, my god. no, no, no. the whole gamut of thoughts went through my head. she has to be mine.
7:36 am
she has to be mine. >> reporter: arlena died shortly after surgery and her grieving mother vowed to locate her missing child. >> what we want most to happen right now is to find our biological daughter. >> reporter: the twiggs were soon locked in a court battle with bob mays who was raising a girl who had been born around the same time as arlena in the same hospital. the twiggs wanted a genetics test. eventually, after more than a year of resistance, mays agreed. >> genetic tests prove that kimberly mays is really the daughter of regina and earnest twigg. >> reporter: they finally had some visits together. >> this is little kimberly. >> reporter: but suddenly, bob mays canceled them, and things heated up. >> today a teenage girl has begun the painful process of trying to divorce her biological parents. >> reporter: in 1993 at age 14, kimberly made worldwide headlines when she tried to legally end her ties to her biological parents. >> if you could be granted one
7:37 am
wish that would make you happier than anything else in the world, what would that be? >> terminating their parental rights and getting my life back. >> reporter: 26 years later here's what kimberly has to say now. >> i regret divorcing the twiggs. >> reporter: she spoke with barbara walters before the trial. >> tell me about your daddy. what's he like? >> he's really fun, really nice, really charming, outgoing. miss twigg said my father called me names, and none of that is true. >> reporter: what the child couldn't say, the adult is now admitting. >> my father would call me stupid. he would call me an idiot. he would call me dumb. that was my father figure. i looked up to him. as a child looking through my eyes, i thought that was normal. he could have treated me different and loved me a little different. >> reporter: kimberly is coming to terms with the traumas in her life, but the switch still haunts her.
7:38 am
>> it's the past, and it's made me who i am today. but how did i get switched and why? why was i switched? i wanted to know what happened. >> reporter: that's always going to be the big question. kimberly now a mom of six children admits she's had a difficult life over the years. we'll give you details on "20/20" about how she struggled to hang onto jobs and relationships, and she tells us that she's no longer involved in any life of any of the folks on either side of her family. it's just her life is really taken a tough turn. >> as you were telling us it was a domino event of traumatic events one after another. >> you wonder what would have happened if that switch wouldn't have happened. one child was lost sadly but what might her life have been is the big question. >> so much more to the story. the two-hour "20/20" airs tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. deb, thanks so much. coming up here, it's flu season, it's picking up. we have a look at how quickly those germs can spread and also some simple stuff you can do to
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7:43 am
oh. >> reporter: you see those bright spots? those could be germs. look at yours. they're all over these kids. you have it all in your hair. >> the genre we talked about yesterday. >> reporter: just a few hours earlier not a trace. "gma" teamed up with miss shazma's fifth grade class at southwest chicago christian school to demonstrate how rapidly germs can spread. we use a harmless powder called glo germ and pulled these two students out of class without the other students knowing. we do that and look what happens. it comes on me. that's how germs spread. we follow the students' every idhe water less than a minute fountain. the water fountain, a popular spot for students. one study tells us up to 2.7 million bacteria per square inch are on the spigot. it has more than 800 times the amount found on a toilet seat and essentially is now ground zero for the spread of the
7:44 am
powder. once in the classroom both aidan and mckenzie use this smart board pen that every single kid in class touches. after an hour i head into the classroom while the kids are at recess to check for any signs of the glo germ. i feel like a crime scene investigator. >> that's funky. >> reporter: the pen is covered in powder. the students move on to the library and we reapply the glo germ. next they go to music then back to their classroom where they don't know what's coming. hello, everybody. my name is t.j. holmes and i am a correspondent with the show called "good morning ameri." we check the students. oh, my goodness. 8 of the 26 students in the class not including aidan and mckenzie have several spots on their hands and faces. >> your ears. >> reporter: and on their desks and chairs. >> oh my goodness. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: which miss shazma
7:45 am
says is a hard place to keep down, disgusting. >> reporter: now the kids tell us they'll be more careful. >> wash more thoroughly and make sure you're not touching anyone. >> no, we're not touching hands, man. >> it's a very simple thing. have you had your flu shots? >> yes. >> not yet, no. >> i know. >> i haven't either. >> i don't mess around. >> the simple things, we talk about washing hands and sanitizers, which do help, but you've got to wash. it's that simple. wash your hands and do it thoroughly. a lot of kids, i got a 6-year-old at the house, a little bit of this, no, take your time and teach them to sing the happy birthday song and that's good for adults as well. don't spend all day touching your face. >> don't touch your nose, mouth, eyes. it's tough. >> they do and they're just nasty. they're just nasty. >> the germs, not the kids. >> sure. well, coming up, the new mother who went into labor on a plane. it's our "play of the day." ♪ baby love it's our "play of the day." ♪ baby love labor on a plane. it's our "play of the day."
7:46 am
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7:49 am
♪ baby love ♪ baby love back now with the "play of the day" and one family will have another seat at their thanksgiving table next year, a baby seat. flying to their holiday celebration in pennsylvania, norita said she felt a pop in her back. already a mother of two she knew exactly what was about to happen. she was 38 weeks into her pregnancy but doctors had told her it was okay to fly.
7:50 am
>> so sweet and she helped me through my breathing and everything. >> and luckily there was help on that flight. the pilots made an expedited landing at charlotte douglas international airport and not a minute too soon. first responders met her as she got off the plane and her healthy baby girl was born moments later. the newest member of the family is appropriately named sky and we're sure she'll hear this story for the rest of her life. you know your momma always says you took however long to be born. that baby is going to be hearing that forever. >> telling that story, incredible. absolutely. well, coming up more deals. we'll find the biggest black friday bargains. stay with us. welcome back to "gma." biggest black friday bargains. stay with us. stay with us.
7:51 am
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welcome back to "gma." here's your moment just northeast of boulder, colorado. take a look at this little pup enjoying snow. you have to have it in slo-mo when you're chomping on snow in midair. there will be more of that as the snow comes to the east. sglfrjt sglfrjtsz. coming up on "good morning america," where to get the best deals this morning and garth brooks breaking records and sellin this weekend at ross, say yes for less... gifts storewide... 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores open friday at 7am... ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> hi, i'm kumasi aaron, and mike nicco has our forecast. >> yes, still cold in places likeand 40s elsewhere. we have the freeze warning in for if east band the south bay and the coast as well. my forecast is drenching rain this beakend. good morning, everyone. i wanted to give you a update on the car fire that we are following on oaklanded on southbound 13 near redwood road. that is cleared now. and the golden gate is a smooth ride and seeing that all across the bay area. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. this morning on "gma," we will show you the best bargains for
7:57 am
this friday. we will have another update in about 30 minutes. and as always, you can find more updates on our app abc7
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. black friday winter whiteout. snow in california. flooding coast to coast. heavy rains opening this sinkhole on the side of a major freeway in california. the major storm moving across the country bringing ice, high winds and even more flooding making the roads treacherous. we're tracking the latest before you make your travel plans for the weekend. breaking news, a major incident in the heart of london. police responding to a man with a knife on london bridge. reports of multiple injuries. what we know right now. black friday is here. doorbusters at midnight. cybersales round the clock. d woeyasedng for megabarga and for yourself.
8:01 am
sia's thanksgiving surprise proving she is the greatest, stunning shoppers by telling the cashier she would pay their bills. the music superstar going unrecognized until a fan blew her cover. the ultimate way to give back. ♪ garth brooks is having fun. the seven-time cma entertainer of the year is filling stadiums, setting records and his new single "dive bar" is a smash hit. this morning he tells us what happened during his performance at the cmas. >> we were laughing so hard when we started. >> that he's still laughing about it, and he's saying -- >> hey, everybody. mr. yearwood here, saying good morning, america. >> mr. yearwood. a reference to his wife, trisha yearwood,who he refers to as the queen. >> all right. that's good to know. thanks for spending your friday morning with us. we're taking you behind the
8:02 am
scenes with mr. yearwood, aka garth brooks. >> and if you noticed that great camera movement, scott snyder getting us going at 8:00 a.m. flawless. flawless right there. >> pressure on him this morning. >> that big interview coming up from eva. we look forward to that. we hope had you a wonderful thanksgiving. coming up, jennifer aniston's friendsgiving. we'll find out why she's holding this tray of enchiladas. a lot of people were talking about this on social media. we'll find out about it in "pop news." >> we have a friendsgiving and thanksgiving and now it's time to get to black friday. becky worley is back. she'll dig deep for the ultimate discounts. she is literally digging. >> oh, my gosh. >> you got to love her. she goes out of her way for you folks. she's bargain hunting. >> looking forward to that all. first, we have a lot of news to get to this morning, starting with that wicked weather causing chaos on the roads all over the country. rob marciano tracking it all for us. rob, what can we expect? >> becky covered in black coal dust there, this is covered in
8:03 am
white across southern california. can you imagine this? this has been a very slow-moving storm. sheets of snow coming down. about 3,000 feet. we've had snow levels below 2,000 feet so difficult travel to say the least. outside of san diego, a debris flow. they had their wettest thanksgiving on record in san diego. this will finally start to move out, but we have a number of alerts that have just been posted including flood alerts for much of phoenix, heavy rain in arizona this morning. very heavy snow across parts of the rockies. blizzard conditions across the upper midwest today and tomorrow, strong storms across parts of the south. i-10, i-20, i-40. it will be a problem sunday evening. this gets into colder air. likely a winter mix, maybe snow accumulating into monday. could see over 6 inches so sunday and monday will both be difficult travel days across the northeast. turning now to breaking news for our viewers in the west. a major incident on london bridge and we want to turn to ian pannell with what we know right now. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. it looks like a serious incident and this is a rapidly developing story as i'm talking to you
8:04 am
right now. these are the facts as we know them from the london metropolitan police. they say several people were stabbed at an establishment close to london bridge. london bridge is one of those key bridges that kutszcuts acroe river themselvfrom north to sou. it started shortly before 2:00 p.m. local time. we understand that a number of people were stabbed. people were then reporting scenes of a scuffle, of a fight taking place on the bridge itself. armed police were rapidly on the scene. the police are saying that a man has been detained but multiple eyewitnesss are saying they heard at least two shots being fired. this appears to be filmed from multiple angles. that bridge was absolutely rammed at that point. a number of double decker buses, those classic red london buses that you can see there on the scene, it looks like a citizen takedown. more details yet to emerge. t.j. >> ian pannell for us in london
8:05 am
with the very latest, thank you so much sglfrjt. coming up, giving back to families who give so much. the surprise for the guest of honor at disney world. and becky worley just won't stop. she's mining for the best black friday deals. don't break that tv. we'll see what she finds. we're also going behind the scenes with two country music superstars, garth brooks and brad paisley, and we have got a great live audience. hope they're looking forward to seeing us as much as we're looking forward to getting upstairs and seeing them. we'll right back, folks. "gma's" morning menu sponsored by u.s. bank. sponsored by u.s. bank. (bunsen) hey portal, answer. (kermit) oh, hi guys. (piggy) kermit! (all) kermit! (kermit) i sure do miss you. but, you know, snowed in in la. what are the odds? (rowlf) yeah that's life for you. sometimes we're together and sometimes we're apart.
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8:10 am souswelcome back to back to b thanks for joining us on this black fridaycaeleaf. >> this crowd is loud. if you're looking for the perfect christmas tree, five things you need to know to make sure that tree is healthy enough to make it through the season, important stuff. but first, pop news with diane. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to start things off with some celebrity thanksgivings and first up is will smith who appeared to run into a little snag while rushing home with pies for his family. check it out. >> it definitely must be thanksgiving when you got a damn turkey in the road. my dude, get out the street. he must have escaped. get out the street, man. [ cheers ] >> that will delay the meal, right?
8:11 am
a little specu kw r re but thanks to will smith for getting us in the spirit. he writes, why did the turkey cross the road? why did he do this? i'm trying to get the fam some pies. we think the pies made it. happy thanksgiving to the whole smith family. to another celebration of thanksgiving or rather a friendsgiving. jennifer aniston was the ultimate host inviting her best friends over including jason bateman, courteney cox, even ex justin theroux. jimmy kimmel was there. it turns out he had a very specific request for his meal. last year on his show, jimmy told jennifer that she should make enchiladas for her annual thanksgiving dinner and, well, this year she delivered. [ cheers ] here's jimmy seeing those for the first time getting a good chuckle out of the whole thing. and let's get to my favorite celebrity thanksgiving moment. sia proving she really is the greatest. she decided to spread the thanksgiving cheer at a walmart
8:12 am
by walking up to people who were paying for their groceries, and she decided she would get the tab. after paying for their groceries, she would call out, who's next? [ applause ] sharing the holiday spirit one aisle at a time and now we're just a few weeks away from the debut of the final "star wars" installment, "the rise of skywalker." [ applause ] it's called the conclusion of a story over 40 years in the making. now, disney is taking us on a walk down memory lane with a new featurette that includes behind-the-scenes footage from the lucasfilm archives. check out what a young mark hamill had to say after they wrapped filming on "a new hope." >> if this doesn't work out we're sort of finished, but hopefully it will justify it as a series. make you say, gee, what happens next? >> mark, i think we can say it worked out. >> that's wild. >> 40 years later, we still can't wait to see what happens next. it includes behind-the-scenes footage of daisy ridley and john
8:13 am
boyega, the movie lands in theaters december 20th. [ applause ] finally take a look at every kid's nightmare. shoveling the driveway. check out peyton in colorado caught on home surveillance camera working on eight inches of new snow. i'm not sure if you can tell but he's not exactly enjoying this task, and finally he decides he has had enough. [ cheers ] but not everyone feels the same way about shoveling snow. check out this woman in nevada taking her chore and making it magical wearing a unicorn costume to get the job done. i think t.j. was going to wear that to work this morning. >> i actually did. you just weren't here yet. i changed before you came in. >> that's "pop news," everyone. [ applause ] we are going to turn now to our "gma" cover story. giving back to families who have
8:14 am
given so much, this is on family volunteer day at disney world honoring those who have gone above and beyond for their communities. our adrienne bankert was there for, what else, the magic. ♪ >> how would you like to be the very first kids on the block to give it a shot? [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> reporter: this special group getting a rare sneak peek of the new "star wars" attraction, rise of the resistance at disney world before the experience opens to the public next month. the visit to the theme park is a thank you to five families who have become heroes, rays of hope in their communities putting service above self as volunteers. >> at disney we believe in the power of one individual or one family to really do some good in our local communities and we believe that whether it's an
8:15 am
individual or a family, great things can happen. >> when families volunteer together they strengthen their bond with each other, but they also strengthen their connection to their community. >> reporter: standing out, the aguirres, from texas, disney's first ever volunteer family of the year. a chance encounter with a homeless man inspired young emily who along with her family, founded emily's meals which serves food every day to 40 people living in the streets and helps them with resources and a second chance. >> we're homeless, not hopeless. >> reporter: the four other finalist families volunteer for an array of causes including autism therapy and foster care. the "star wars" adventure capped a one-week trip to disney world >> that was awesom for their selflessness and disney donated $40,000 to the organizations each family volunteers for.
8:16 am
what's been your favorite part, mia, about giving and volunteering and bof ec t p >> mfavorite part is seeing the look on people's faces after we do it because it gives us a sense of like not pride but like joy that we got to make them happy and give back to them. >> reporter: the families coming from different cities all across the country were able to spend quality time sharing dreams and aspirations to continue making the world a better place for all of us. [ applause ] >> our parent company disney and nonprofit partner points of life, thanks for bringing those stories. a lot spend so much time to give back to others and it's nice for them to be honored. black friday in full swing. this morning, nobody digs deeper and finds the very best bargains for you than our very own becky worley. in fact, she has gone underground for us. [ cheers and applause ]
8:17 am
becky, can you hear me down there. >> yes, yes, faintly i can hear you. i've gone so deep to mine for the best black friday deals i fear that transmission could drop so i'm going to blow out our first deal, everybody, ready, three, two, one. yes. it's an ipad for just $249 at target. this is the 32 gigabyte seventh generation model. normally $329. savings of $80. here's another apple product. here we go. boom. the iphone 11 at best buy up to 500 bucks off with trade in and activation. you have to do it in stores, eva, can you hear me back there? have you got me? >> i can hear you. my mom always likes to buy me appliances because she wants me to cook. any small alliances down there? >> yes, yes, i do. here we go. whoosh. the ninja blender, yes, it's $69 at sam's club this morning. that's $30 off and it comes with the big pitcher and two mini smoothie cups which i use to make salad dressing when i'm not down here deep in the mine.
8:18 am
yes. yes. >> headphones, airbuds seem to be a hot gift. what discounts are you finding? >> here we go. i'll push the blender, boom. powerful deal on powerbeats. $199 at amazon, normally $249. wireless airbuds meant for workouts as well as everyday use. grab them soon. we do expect the prices to go back up like above ground, eva. >> really selling that. she's committed. >> this weekend is about the big savings on big ticket items. t.j. over here has been eyeing televisions. >> yes. do you have any big ticket items on sale? >> oh, yes, yes, here we go. ready, everyone, for the big ticket items. boom. i feel like i need to make the sound of explosions. maytag dishwasher, $478. that's from home depot, 36% off,
8:19 am
and you want to invest in these big ticket items so i'm going to -- whoosh. another deal for you. this is the dyson cyclone v10 vacuum cleaner. that's $299, $200 off. i'm going to have my mining assistants bring me this vacuum cleaner because it's very nice and, guys, i just got to tell you it's very dusty down here so i'm just going to clean up my mess, okay? >> anybody else, would you be upset if your husband bought you a vacuum and a washing machine? >> my husband once bought me a robotic mop for christmas. it didn't go too well. >> i think that's a great deal. i'm too practical in my search for tools and appliances. >> i'm sure someone out there wants it. all these are listed on our website, let's check in with rob with the weather. hey, rob. >> hey, guys. i mean, that may be my most
8:20 am
favorite bargain segment of all time. becky, looking amazing down underneath the ground. we'll take you down under the equator for our most favorite video of the day. here's your "gma" moment. take a look. border collies famous for contraption is a cow. so they're going after it there. it's actually a mailbox. this person gets a lot of mail. i think they eventually calm down but you know they slept in last night like most of us did after eating all that turkey. hope you gave some to your pups at home for thanksgiving.
8:21 am
garth brooks on top of the world again fresh off another cma entertainer of the year award breaking records in the middle of two tours and had time to talk to you. pretty amazing, right? >> i was so excited about this. he's taking us behind the scenes in a two-night special on a&e called "good morning d morn brooks: the road i'm on," and we sat down to talk about it all. he is the seven time entertainer of the year and there is no sign of slowing down. >> i'm having so much fun. >> thank you for letting me get to do this. >> reporter: the country legend is currently rocking out not one but two tours. >> i'm the captain of my own ship. ♪ put her on the line >> reporter: all while shattering record after record most recently in knoxville, tennessee.
8:22 am
giant stadium tour and just kept breaking records. just broke another record in knoxville. 84,000 people. >> so sweet for them to show up. everyone was scared of the weather. i was scared of the weather and the day before it was gorgeous. the morning of it was gorgeous and just started seeing ticket sales go up, go up, go up. it's going to be a fun night and it could not have gone better. >> when you see all those people show up, some of them multiple nights in a row, do you look out at them and go, holy cow. how did they all show up for me? >> you go, why. i get it if i'm billy joel. i get it if i'm james taylor. just a kid from oklahoma, guy from oklahoma that loves playing country music. to hear 80,000 people singing, that just makes you weep a river, and sing "friends in low places." it's a fun, fun gig. ♪ >> reporter: brooks recently debuted his new single "dive bar" with blake shelton on this
8:23 am
year's cma awards. the song is off his upcoming album, "fun." you collaborate with blake shelton on this album or at least for one song. >> yes, ma'am. >> that had to have been fun. he's an oklahoma boy. >> yes, he is an okie and carrie and reba are introducing us. okie, okie, okie. he goes, yeah, there's four of us. i said, must be hell being the weak link in the chain. he started laughing. i started laughing and i totally missed the intro, i was a sentence or two behind in the whole song before i could catch my breath. we were laughing so hard when we started. ♪ here's a toast coast to coast ♪ >> reporter: over 30 million views on facebook in five days so decided to take the song on the road with his "dive bar" tour. you've done five cities. two left. where are you going next? >> philly is coming to market.j.
8:24 am
we declared these dive bars but are they? >> are you going to do more dive bars? >> you think about these places that are just home for you, these little dive bars and kind of where you started, right so it would be nice to complete the circle and go back. i'm not sure the dive bar is over to tell you the truth. we'll make our announcement pretty soon. >> your favorite dive bar song, not your own? >> "piano man" they sing along with "fish in the dark." you can just keep going. >> come on! yeah! >> reporter: through all his success brooks recalls those early college days hearing george strait on the radio for the first time. you discovered him on your own. you talk about that in your special. what did your parents say when you said i want to be george strait. >> my mom was a singer. she encouraged it. dad was a realist and said you'll never make a living that way so there's two lives you'll lead. one is a what if life. i'm suggesting everybody don't
8:25 am
do it. just don't lead that kind of life. just go after it and if it's not supposed to be, there's something on the way to there that you are supposed to be doing. that's how fate works. [ applause ] >> iheanng i himoth. mh of who he is. his seven-album collection is available and the stadium tour picks back up february 22nd in detroit, and who knows about this dive bar tour? >> how do we get tickets? if give us the scoop. >> he didn't know where the next ones would be so i -- >> clearly holding out on us. >> we'll talk more. why brad paisley and carrie underwood are off-roading in the mud only on "gma." >> jesus, take the wheel. >> announcer: "gma" wednesday, pentatonix is in the house performing live. ♪ god only knows >> announcer: wednesday only on "good morning america" presented by carmax. on "good morning america" presented by carmax.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i'm litz from "abc7 mornings," and we are getting brand-new video of the scene at the freemont hub, and this is after the police arrested five suspects at the target store there last night for allegedly firing shots as the black friday shopping started. one of the officers saw them stealing video games and luckily nobody was hurt. >> and good morning. everyone, following a sig alert, and this is the caltrans on the scene at northbound 101 connector there, and two lanes open, and this is a three-car crash, and there are three vehicles in this, and one
8:28 am
motoyc a one flipped over on the
8:29 am
now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> freezing cold in spots after record lows this morning. the coolest is 26 in santa rosa, and 42 in hayward and san francisco and keep everything protected through 9:00 when this frost and freeze advisories are going to expire. we have an atmospheric river this week and one to four inches of rain. >> thank you, mike.
8:30 am
we will have another abc7 news update in 30 minutes and ♪ got to blame it on the juice welcome back, everybody, to "gma." glad you could be with us this morning. the day after thanksgiving. holidays and we had family around us but there are a lot of folks who are far away from their family right about this time and, rob, this is where you pick things up. >> i love this. our sponsor has a great way of keeping us connected no matter how far the distance is. it makes you feel like you're in the same room even when you're miles apart so you don't want to miss those everyday moments that are so important. take a look. >> hi, mommy. >> tyler and emily moore may call new york city home but a part of their hearts will always be in louisville, kentucky,
8:31 am
where they grew up and their families still live. >> between family and friends and just memories, that's really the place where weur ho hometown so we love to go back to share those experiences with the girls. >> reporter: for tyler's 800il between them are measured in missed moments with their two granddaughters, 4-year-old mabel and 2-year-old matilda. >> i think the older that they get, the sense of missing a lot becomes more profound. i think about those memories of my grandmother and i want my little granddaughters to have those same types of memories. >> reporter: many of the special memories from janice's yearly visits are tied to these dolls. >> one is named audrey ann. the other is bonnie rose. >> they travel with me with all their accessories. >> it is fun to see sort of how this extension of my mom has turned into this tradition. >> reporter: with the help of portal from facebook, the family
8:32 am
can now fill in the gaps between those special visits. >> hey, portal. call nana. >> hi, mabel. hi matilda. >> giving both families their own devices to use in their separate homes. the new redesigned portal and portal tv. portal has special features like a smart camera that automatically adjusts to keep users in the frame. >> how does mine look? >> good. >> i love it. that is beautiful. >> interactive story time. >> this is the story of the three little pigs. i'm mr. wolf and i smell someone new in my neighborhood. >> reporter: and a super frame that shows off family photos bridging the distance in a new meaningful way. >> momma called the doctor and the doctor said -- >> no mormon kis jumping on the bed. >> i felt like she was right there next to us. >> it was amazing how we could see that we were staying in the frame even when the girls moved.
8:33 am
>> they may nots that they're creating, they'll carry their lifetime. >> i love you, girls. bye-bye. >> how about that? psyched for the technology. tyler and emily moore are here. good morning, matilda and mabel, of course. how great has it been. >> it's been incredible. i feel like it's transformed how we video chat as a family because we can turn it on and our fabric of everyday life continues so between singing and dancing and just doing things together, the grandparents are able to enjoy doing that he get this? >> they've been using it every day since we got it. >> you guys enjoy talking to nana and grandpa. >> yeah. >> today you were planning on doing it again so later today, right? >> no. >> you don't want to do it later today? come on. i got something better. maybe, you know, you may want to see them face-to-face. how does that sound?
8:34 am
we've got a special surprise. nana and grandpa, come on out. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we are family ♪ getyban sing ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me >> what a fabulous after thanksgiving day surprise. were you expecting this? >> no. >> we're so glad you're here. i know you're getting emotional. >> oh, my gosh. >> welcome to new york? thank you. >> you were fantastic driving the conversations with your kids. it's so much fun watching you interact. i everyone will get a chance to do this? how does that sound? if you want to connect with your loved ones no matter how far th portal minis from facebook.
8:35 am
to help you connect with your family. you guys going to enjoy new york together? how about that? the moore family, everybody. coming up, the breakout star of "mixed-ish," arica himmel is here. happy thanksgiving, everybody.
8:36 am
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all right. folk, back here on "gma" and this is a name if you don't know it, they need to know it.
8:38 am
arica himmel. talented actress who plays the younger version of tracee ellis ross' character on "black-ish." eva beat me out. you won. >> she's impressive. super impressive and she may be young but making a big name for herself on the new sitcom "mixed-ish." we sat down to talk about that and what this show actually means to her. she's the breakout star of abc's new show, "mixed-ish." >> what are you weirdos mixed with? >> what's mixed? [ laughter ] >> reporter: 14-year-old arica himmel plays rainbow johnson. a young version of tracee ellis ross' character from "black-ish." >> you grew up in a cult. it's amazing i ever met you. >> well, we actually wouldn't have ever met if the elders hadn't gotten arrested. >> wait, what. >> reporter: set in the 19 0s, she and her family recount the challenges of adapting to life
8:39 am
in the suburbs after leaving behind their former reality in a hip pi commune. >> my peaceful world had been taken away. >> what's your favorite part about playing rainbo he. >> i'm playing the younger version of someone else. it's kind of cool to match what they're doing but at the same time add my own flavor to the character. >> with the set dressed to play up the '0s, himmel born in 2005 didn't recognize a lot of props. >> the other day i had to deal with a boom box and had to put the tape in and i put the case in and the director was like, we're going to need to teach you how to put a tape in a book box. so, yeah. >> this show tackles uncomfortable topics. >> yeah, like the hair episode. >> our clothes will be pressed. and our hair will be neat. i repeat. our hair will be neat. >> like that's one thing i've always had to deal with. my hair because people don't
8:40 am
really notice you until you straighten your hair when you have your curly hair so meant a lot to go through that. >> the message behind the show. >> it's important to be yourself not just for everyone else to see but for your mental health and you don't have to be mixed to watch the show. this is meant for anybody who feels out of place. >> she's really wise to be as young as she is and she has beautiful hair. >> you gave us a head's-up. she didn't know how to use a boombox. >> one didn't know how to use a telephone. mariah carey sings the theme song and tells her she wants to guest star on an episode. that will be crazy. >> mariah usually gets her way. "mixed-ish" airs tuesday at 9:00, 8:00 central here on abc on december 10th. >> does your daughter know how to use a boombox? >> she doesn't know what it is. she she's hearing it for the first time. >> she's going to need a smaller
8:41 am
boombox. a special message from tiffany haddish and rose byrne, the stars of "like a boss." >> and like a boss we celebrate lifelong ride or die best friend. >> "gma" wants to hear about your ride or die pal and why we should honor your friendship with a hometeen vip screening of "like a boss." >> send a brief video message by december 6th at the address on your screen. tell us why you love your bestie. >> there it is. it sounds great. the contest winners will be announced the week of january 6th and you can check out like a boss in theaters >> let's get over to tom. i mean diane. >> thank you for with a hilario
8:42 am
>> off-roading with carrie underwood. goofing out with the jonas brothers and more of his famous hi and paula faris caught up with him to chat about it. >> reporter: he's the chart topping country megastar but this holiday season brad paisley is doing something a little different. hosting a holiday special called "brad paisley thinks he's special." does brad paisley think he's special? >> not anymore. not after this. >> reporter: he invites some of his closest friend, carrie underwood, peyton manning, tim mcgraw, the jonas brothers just to name a few to roast him. >> everybody is expecting you to lose. >> they are? on my own show. >> yes. >>. >> everybody is going to give you a hard time. >> i think so. >> reporter: you'll see carrie underwood take him on a crazy mudding trip. >> i have known her a long time and i've never seen that side. that scary hillbilly, you know, off-road side. >> aren't you supposed to be asking questions. >> yeah.
8:43 am
>> reporter: it was carrie, no the a stunt person doing all the driving. >> i feel the need. >> for what? for speed. >> no. >> jesus, take the wheel. >> are you ever going to get in a vehicle where she's behind the wheel again. >> no, no. >> do you have a message to carrie about her driving. >> carrie, get help. get help. take lessons. >> reporter: then the sketch with the jonas brothers. >> just a little confused reading for the role of nick. >> right. >> where joe -- ? i'm nick and i'm so strong and talented and can't walk normal because i have big arm. >> if i start taking off clothe, will that work for you. >> yeah, whoa. i get it. that's the best -- >> he does that a lot. >> reporter: are auditioning to be nick jonas. >> nick jonas reading for nick jonas. >> he's a great sport. i go back with these boys to i think my first ever tweet on social media was kevin who showed me how to sign up. >> while laughs flow, paisley said this touching moment was his favorite.
8:44 am
♪ i've met angels and survivors ♪ >> debut a new song that i wrote recently about how great it is to be alive right now. and in the middle of the song i thought, all right, we'll have a st. jude survivor sing a couple of lines of this song. >> reporter: fearless leukemia survivor addie pratt did more than that. >> she brought down the house. >> she walks out and she's beyonce. ♪ she upstages me just like everyone else in this show. >> she has a gorgeous voice. >> it's amazing. we brought her back in and turne oferrming and said, this is like the highlight of my life and i said, no, you don't understand. i've had some highlights in my ght of mine.s is like the ♪ alive right now >> what do you want people to walk away with? >> people can spend a night and
8:45 am
watch something where they know it's safe. the only one who stands to sort of get made fun of is me and, you know, you should walk away having laughed a lot. ♪ i'd like to see you out in the moonlight ♪ ♪ and i'd like to check you for ticks ♪ >> for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. [ applause ] >> looks so great. >> such a great time. looks like they had fun making it. >> "brad paisley thinks he's special" airs tuesday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. the hottest new shows, music to binge from eva pilgrim this weekend. [ applause ]
8:46 am
sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust youron the comfort on both sides your sleep number setting.
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can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. don't miss the final days to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free premium delivery & setup when you add a base. ends cyber monday. all right. back now with our feature from saturday calledial friday editi
8:48 am
"binge this." >> i'm not used to being this person to tell what you to binge so here goes. the first one is music. right? i have a clue for you. listen. let's hear the clue. ♪ zero zero party >> prince, right? >> give us a second to think. >> okay, "1999" this made him a superstar. it came out in 1982. i know it's 37 years old. that's right and now a bunch of new music is coming out associated with it. the family is putting out a new release remastered the old album plus 35 of the songs from the vault. that's like so much music to listen to. that's for all the people who don't want to listen to christmas music yet in i'm doing that this weekend. >> all right. so books, we know you love to read. what are you recommending? >> the book is called "the
8:49 am
family of stairs" by lisa joel. it's a mystery about a girl who inherits a fancy-schmancy mansion in london and then discovers that the mansion has a little secret. >> uh-oh. >> yes and gets very spooky. lots of people have died in the mansion. not as glamorous as she thought. >> why are you recommending this book? it sounds terrifying. a lot of happiness and family around. read something a little scary. >> your tv pick. >> two of them. we've been doing throwbacks. so the first one, how many of you guys watched "america's funniest videos" as kids. >> classic. >> so america this is you is doing 30 years of look-backs and funny stuff from their vault like the original youtube where you can see your neighbor doi doingry duch louse things. all the hosts will be back sharing stories and favorite moments from afv so you have that to watch and how many are
8:50 am
into crime dramas and court shows? [ applause ] so there is a new show coming out called "court cam:dan abrams" who we see on "gma" all the time. he w th of two gymnasts victims of dr. larry nassar at a hearing. >> i want to ask you to as part of the silencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this -- >> that is not -- >> would you do that, yes or no. >> no, sir. >> would you give me one minute. >> you know that i can't do that. that's not how our legal system. >> well, i'm going to -- >> and just so tough to watch. so many fathers and parents can imagine how that man feels.
8:51 am
what is so special about the show. >> we'll have some moments like that which are incredibly intense but part of what we're also going to do is try to provide context to it which is we're going to be interviewing a bunch of the people involved and talking to them. bringing them in and not everything is quite as intense as that. some of it is much more light-hearted. we've tried to pick moments that have been amazing from courtrooms around america, bring them to life with the videos and the interviews, et cetera, but, you know, as you can tell a moment like that is just so powerful and emotional. >> what's the craziest moment? >> we've seen a number of cases where people try to escape from a courthouse and, in fact, they often did but this is one case of christopher rudd in court and it's a little disturbing because when he seemingly tries to escape, he ends up jumping over. now, he is okay and the person that we end up interviewing on the show is the bailiff.
8:52 am
he ends up actually falling because the bailiff goes and tries to save -- when he jumps over, falls on the bailiff's foot which may have saved his life in that particular instance so, you know, there are a lot of instances like that where we'll then talk to the person involved and say what were thinking? what were you feeling, et cetera. >> a lot of charged emotions in the courtrooms. "court cam" tree meres thursday, at 9 eastern on a&e. we'll be right back. stay w when it come is a different kind of wireless network that lets you design your own data. choose unlimited, shared data, or mix lines of each and switch any line, anytime. giving you more choice and control
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>> announcer: what's better than getting great black friday deals? how about amazing cyber monday "deals & steals" and every item ships for free. only on "gma" monday. now, let's get shopping. [ cheers and applause ] thanks again to our sponsor portal from facebook. our audience very happy they'll all be going home with one of these puppies. two of them actually. you guys, you got to pay for them. >> can we show t.j.'s socks? he's the only one with boring socks on this morning. >> happy friday shopping, y'all. happy weekend. we will see you tomorrow morning. [ applause ]
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning, everybody. i'm liz from "abc7 mornings." and here is mike nicco with the forecast. >> okay. let's concentrate on the two days weighing heavy at times. it is a drenching 1-4 inches with thunderstorms possible. sunday, high wind watch, and sunday to monday, and gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and flooding in the north bay possible near the kincade fire burn area. and more rains possible monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. good morning, everyone. we were looking at the live look from the caltrans camera here, and it is coming up here, and you can see the sig alert we are following on 280 at the 101 northbound connector. % two cars and a motorcycle injury reported. and you can see that one of the cars is being turned over and the right two lanes are open right now. liz? >> tu, jobina. coming up next, it is espn college football and virginia
9:00 am
abc brought to you in part by samsung, the official tv of espn college football. they first met 124 years ago. once virginia tech joins virginia in the acc it culminated into one of the greatest rivalries in college football. one way or another the hokies have triumphed, but the cavaliers believe a new chapter begins today. the acc coastal division title. bragging rights and the cup all on the line on this thanksgiving


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