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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 2, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. happening now in america this morning, the winter storm taking aim at the northeast. more than a foot of snow in some areas. big cities from philadelphia to new york and boston bracing for treacherous conditions hours after a 58-car pileup on the highway and this plane crash leaving nine people dead including two children. what to expect today. the second amendment up for discussion at the supreme court today. the regulation at issue and what the justices could do as they hear their first major gun rights case in nearly a decade. cyber monday celebration. the record deals for online what's different this year. vacation nightmare. the mother who says her daughter was attacked by dolphins at a mexican resort.
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brady's bad night. the patriots falter in houston meaning there is a new number one in the afc. and from the apple that can last one year in the fridge to the baby crawl competition with an unexpected turn to baby yoda taking over the internet, all the trending stories to kick off your monday morning. good monday morning, everyone. i'm kenneth moton. >> and i'm elizabeth hur in for janai norman. we begin with the relentless winter storm pummeling the east coast. let's check the radar right now. the storm is already blamed for several deaths after marching across the country. >> people in 30 states have been facing travel delays after the holiday weekend and the worst is yet to come for several major cities. this morning winter weather alerts for millions of americans getting back to business after the thanksgiving break.
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the deadly storm that hit the west coast and midwest is now making its final stand on the east coast. several major cities will see the first snow accumulations of the season today including new york, philadelphia and boston. >> drivers should use extreme caution if they need to be on the road, and they should avoid traveling if they can in areas of heavy snowfall. >> reporter: people in albany, new york, are bracing for up to a foot of snow. abc's stephanie ramos is there. >> the state university of new york here in albany is just one of several colleges cancelling classes on monday, taking some of the pressure off of students struggling to get back to campus after the thanksgiving break. >> reporter: in niagara falls this car pinned beneath a truck. icy conditions likely to blame for the crash. this plane skidded off a taxiway as it arrived in buffalo. and overnight snow pummeling the airport outside hartford, connecticut, one of several airports across the country reporting delays and cancelations. >> the drive to get here was absolutely crazy. i've never seen the airport quite this bad.
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it was backed up all the way on 294. if you come to the airport, leave early. >> reporter: in south dakota, blizzard conditions turned deadly when a plane carrying 12 people crashed shortly after takeoff. nine people were killed including two prominent business executives from idaho, two children and the pilot. in minnesota snowdrifts buried these cars in duluth after more than a foot and a half of snow. plows struggled to keep up as drivers abandoned their cars on the highway. in maryland fog being eyed as the cause of this 58-car pileup. in the meantime, a new storm is building on the west coast already dumping snow in parts of washington state. quite the scene there, and we will take a closer look at the forecast and snow totals in less than five minutes. well, a manhunt is under way for four teenagers who escaped from a juvenile detention center in nashville. two of the teens are murder suspects. they escaped on saturday night reportedly slipping into an elevator and running away when their supervisor was distracted by a fight. nashville police say the teens
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got a 35-minute head start before officials noticed they were gone. well, today the supreme court will hear arguments in its first major gun rights case in nearly a decade. at issue is a new york city regulation that prevented licensed gun owners from taking their handguns outside the city. the justices decided to hear the case even though new york already repealed the regulation. gun control advocates are worried the court's conservative majority will use this case to strike down gun restrictions across the country. now to the race for 2020. democrats hoping to unseat president trump are crisscrossing iowa with the first primary votes only two months away. former vice president joe biden has kicked off an eight-day bus tour. pete buttigieg is surging as he takes on the party's progressive wing, and a question from a young voter brought elizabeth warren to tears sunday. abc's ines de la cuetara has more from the campaign trail. ines, good morning. >> reporter: kenneth and liz, former vice president biden is
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trying to regain momentum in iowa with that bus tour while mayor pete buttigieg who is surging in the polls is facing fresh attacks from the more progressive wing of the party. with the iowa caucuses just two months away, democrats are going all in in the hawkeye state. former vice president biden in the midst of an 8-day, 18-county, 800-mile road trip. he's calling it the no malarkey bus tour. >> we're going on the last two months here, we're going down the stretch, and the time to, as they say in iowa, the time to peak is right about now. >> reporter: biden still leads in most national polls, but the latest state polling in iowa shows him trailing mayor pete buttigieg, and he's statistically tied with senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the candidates also flooding the airwaves. over 5,000 ads airing just this week including this one about the buttigieg plan to limit tuition-free college. >> there's some voices saying, well, that doesn't count unless
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you go even further, unless it's free for the kids of millionaires but i'm the only one to make promises that we can keep. >> reporter: that drawing fresh attacks from the progressive wing of the party. senator warren switching up the way she campaigns taking more questions from voters and sharing an emotional moment on sunday. >> i was wondering if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn't accept you as much. >> yeah. the truth is you got to take care of yourself first and do this. give me a hug. >> and senator kamala harris is also in the state. "the new york times" reports her campaign is in turmoil with a top aide leaving to go join mayor michael bloomberg's team and calling harris' campaign disorganized. kenneth and liz. >> all right, ines, thank you. president trump and his lawyers are refusing to participate in the next public impeachment hearing set for wednesday. the president has called the
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investigation ridiculous tweeting that he will be in london at the nato summit and the white house counsel questioned whether the hearing conducted by the house judiciary panel will be fair. but democrats are moving forward. tomorrow the house intelligence committee is expected to approve its impeachment report accusing the president of abusing his power for political gain. security is tight in london ahead of that nato summit just days after the deadly terror attack on london bridge. police fatally shot the attacker after bystanders confronted him with makeshift weapons including a fire extinguisher. they say he had ties to al qaeda and had been released early from prison after serving only half a 16-year prison sentence. that's prompting calls for british sentencing guidelines. meanwhile, witnesses are praising the bystanders who fought the attack before police arrived. >> they used fire extinguishers. they used chairs. they used these narwhal tusks
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ripped off the wall in the heat of the moment. they were determined it wasn't going to go on and did exactly what they had to do. >> the two victims who were killed have been identified. both were in their 20s and were graduates of cambridge university. a brutal crackdown on protesters in iran has claimed the lives of nearly 200 people and the final death toll could top 450. it is the deadliest political unrest in iran in 40 years triggered by a sudden increase in gas prices in a country already struggling in the face of u.s. sanctions. "the new york times" says 2,000 people have been wounded. 7,000 have been detained. as promised let's turn back to the weather and take a closer look at your forecast for this monday. good monday morning. we continue to track this powerful winter storm off the northeast coast. this is going to bring heavy snows and rain to the region. it's going to extend all the way from eastern p.a. up into new england. we're talking 12 to 18 inches of
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snow from the catskills toward the coast of maine by the time all is said and done into our tuesday afternoon. out west some active weather as well. heavy rainfall with this atmospheric river moving on in and it's going to lead to snows in the mountains as well. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, pat sajak makes his first appearance in public since his medical emergency. but first the online shopping records being set today on this cyber monday and the best deals available right now. plus, a developing story this morning. why hundreds of millions of text messages may have been
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we're back with a reward being offered by police in new orleans investigating a mass shooting just outside the famed french quarter.
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ten people were shot. two of them suffered critical injuries. a person of interest was taken into custody but no arrests reported. it came as tens of thousands of college football fans gathered in the city for the bayou classic. a similar shooting followed the same game three years ago. well, online shopping is expected to smash all records on this cyber monday. one survey predicts 77% of consumers will shop today. "the wall street journal" reports foot traffic in stores on black friday was down 6% as more people used their phones to make purchases online. as a result more retailers are using their in-store workers to handle online orders. abc's trevor ault takes a look at some of the biggest deals available today. >> reporter: brand name smart tvs for under $300 at walmart. this 50-inch samsung tv now $347 on amazon and also this ipad model now 30% off at target.
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wayfair, which relies entirely on online sales, offering steep discounts up to 70% off living room seating and slashing prices for appliances. this ge refrigerator usually $2200, now half off. >> well, experts say travel is another area where buyers can find big deals with discounts today on everything from amtrak tickets to disney cruises. the personal data of millions of americans has been exposed in a security lapse. researchers say a database housing millions of private sms text messages was left open and unsecured. it contained access information to online medical services along with passwords to websites like google and facebook. cybersecurity experts are blaming the texas company true dialogue which uses text messages to send marketing materials. no immediate comment from the company. well, at the movies this weekend, "frozen ii" set another box office record. it is now the highest grossing
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thanksgiving movie ever. it took in more than $132 million between wednesday and sunday. "wheel of fortune" host pat sajak is clearly feeling better after emergency surgery. he showed up at the washington capitals hockey game with his daughter. his first public appearance since his medical emergency caused by an intestinal issue. he joked on social media that he's been watching "the great british baking show" while he recovers. >> good for him. well, coming up, a new number one in the nfl this morning. but first actress lori loughlin's daughter speaking out for the first time since the college admissions scandal broke. why she's back on youtube. and how a little girl was reportedly attacked by dolphins while on vacation in mexico.
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miles. >> actress shelly morrison has died at the age of 83. she played rosario the maid on "will & grace." >> morrison was originally signed for just one episode but stayed for the rest of the show's run. morrison's career spanned more than 50 years. we turn to actress lori loughlin's daughter speaking out for the first time since her parents were charged in the college admissions scandal. >> loughlin and her husband are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their daughters into usc, and now one of them is making a return on youtube. this morning the daughter of "full house" star lori loughlin is breaking her silence posting on her youtube page for the first time since march when her parents were charged in the college admissions scandal. >> hi, everybody, it's olivia jade. welcome back to my youtube channel. >> reporter: in the two-minute clip released to her nearly 2 million followers, olivia jade
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chose her words carefully, not addressing the charges leveled against her parents. >> obviously i've been gone for a really long time, and as much as i wish i could talk about all of this, it's really hard for me to say this just because i know that it's something that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: loughlin and giannulli are among 35 wealthy parents accused of paying large sums of money to get their children into prestigious colleges. prosecutors say they paid $500,000 to get olivia jade and her younger sister admitted into the university of southern california posing them as fake athletic recruits. >> thank you so much for your patience or if you stuck around for nine months just waiting. it's so hard because i'm not trying to like make this about me or like how i've been because it's not the point of this. >> reporter: olivia jade is the first student to speak on camera following the scandal, and she and her sister are no longer enrolled at usc. prior to the charges olivia jade
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built a brand around herself posting video blogs documenting her life as a child of fame. >> i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> reporter: the 21-year-old was a social media influencer landing lucrative makeup deals with tresemme and sephora. both companies have since cut ties with her. loughlin and giannulli could face years in prison if convicted. a family on a dream vacation to cancun say their trip turned into a nightmare when two dolphins went on the attack. laura yeo tells "the british sun" that her 10-year-old daughter lexi was swimming with them when they tried to drag her underwater and the dolphins ignored the trainer's commands to stop. the girl managed to cling to her body board until she was pulled to safety. >> those dolphins can get very frisky. the sexual drive in dolphins is very powerful, and when the hormones take over, they can become unpredictable and in turn very dangerous.
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>> lexi suffered bites, cuts and bruises. the tour company blames poor sea conditions for stressing the dolphs and says a male dolphin should not have been inside the pen. a big scare for people at this winter carnival in houston. a metal beam fell from that ferris wheel crashing down to the ground. thankfully no one got hit. passengers were safely removed. well, in sports the ravens are the new number one seed in the afc after the patriots lost in houston last night. quarterback deshaun watson led the texans over new england by throwing three touchdown passes and running for another. houston gave tom brady problems all night.nal score, 28-22. >> and the dolphins used a trick play to score against the philadelphia eagles. miami's victory had eagles fans signing an online petition calling their team an embarrassment and demanding they be forced to walk home from florida. the team did not listen and they definitely flew. up next in "the pulse," fresh fruit, the new apple that can last for one year. >> also ahead, how baby yoda from "the mandalorian" is taking
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♪ "the pulse" we now check and this story i love. that's my best yoda impression. we begin with baby yoda taking over the internet. >> a new character on the "star wars" series, "the mandalorian," looks like a younger version of yoda. in the most recent episode, baby yoda is casually sipping soup while life goes on around him. the image quickly became a meme. >> one person on twitter captioned the picture, every mom on christmas morning watching you open presents. another person wrote, me watching a couple break up loudly on the street while i sip my latte inside the starbucks. everyone loves baby yoda so much. hey, you've heard of an apple a day. how about an apple a year.
4:24 am
>> the new cosmic crisp apple is hitting grocery stores this week and it can reportedly keep its texture for longer than a year in the refrigerateer. >> it took 20 years to develop. farmers in washington have exclusive growing rights. okay, well, next a bride-to-be is not feeling the love from one of her bridesmaids. >> that is because she is ditching the wedding for elton john. the bridesmaid texted, i have good news and bad, the good news, front row seats to see elton john. it's june 20th. i think that's your wedding, right? >> most people online agree with the bridesmaid. one said it's elton john's last tour, and there is a 50/50 chance the marriage will fail. >> ouch. finally a bunch of babies on the basketball court but not an nba player. >> it was the baby crawl competition during the new orleans pelicans game. it was a close contest when the players weren't goofing around. enticed by a minnie mouse doll number 6 came close but suddenly turned back the other way. >> number 5 eventually won.
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making news at 4:27, the powerful weekend storm will not give up its grip in the bay area. live doppler 7 is lit up in yellow and orange. mike nicco is tracking where the wind and rain is now. and it's not rain that created a wet mess inside a south bay hospital. crews are at it right now cleaning up. forget black friday, happening now, bargain hunters are staring into computers, tablets and phones searching for those cybermonday s.alde it's monday, december 2nd. glad you're starting your week off with us. we have live doppler 7 behind us we are tracking this storm. >> frances is tracking issues on the road as well. we know with the rain comes those problems. >> everybody heading back to work and school today, it's going togi yourself lots of exte
4:28 am
this morning. happening now, regional medical center in san jose is still recovering from flooding inside the hospital. >> we have new video of water pouring inside the building. lauren martinez is live in san jose with more. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. a public information officer says this occurred in an older part of the hospital and there are repairs und y.ok at the viof the roof. medical staff along with first responders tried to move medical equipment out of the way. the spokesperson for the hospital says a water line in tower three, which is the oldest portion of the hospital failed causing minor water damage near a service elevator. he says it occurred in an administrative area. now, they also said no patients
4:29 am
were affected. reporting live in san jose, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thanks. the time is 40k 30. if you're just joining us, a quick update of weather and traffic where you live. mike, we see lauren out there. >> she's drenched. >> you need the wet weather gear this mo


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