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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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part of the hospital and there are repairs und y.ok at the viof the roof. medical staff along with first responders tried to move medical equipment out of the way. the spokesperson for the hospital says a water line in tower three, which is the oldest portion of the hospital failed causing minor water damage near a service elevator. he says it occurred in an administrative area. now, they also said no patients were affected. reporting live in san jose, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thanks. the time is 40k 30. if you're just joining us, a quick update of weather and traffic where you live. mike, we see lauren out there. >> she's drenched. >> you need the wet weather gear
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this morning. you can see around curtner avenue headed up towards san jose, moderate showers. it's mild out there. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. fairfield at 47 and los gatos at 49. the atmospheric river takes away the cold and brings in the rain. an inch and three quarters so far out of the system of rain. steadier rain this morning. showery by noon. so it will be off and on. heaviest in the mountains where it will remain steady throughout the day. we go from the low to mid 50s to near 60 at noon and 4:00. mid and upper 50s by 7:00. let's get back to frances. >> we have some flooding reported in the concord area on the connector ramp from highway 4 to 680.
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look out for some of these puddles as you drive to work. those taillights are moving southbound there, past geary. traffic is moving slowly but it's looking good here so far towards highway 24. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see those flags blowing, there's a high wind advisory. you can even see a tow truck in the parking lot. there's a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge and the one for the dumbarton bridge has been canceled. there's a crash westbound 580 approaching 680. >> thanks y you. nasty weather took a toll on travel plans for millions of people. >> on the road and in the air people heading home after thanksgiving break found themselves stuck. at san francisco international airport 60% of the flights on sunday were either delayed or flat out canceled. windy weather and low visibility cut the runway capacity in half. that led to lengthy delays for
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flyers like travis preston who was trying to get home to new hampshire. >> we left new england to get away from the snow, it's been pretty cold here. three days in california i've seen snow. wasn't expecting much of that. >> drivers also faced delays on the road. wet weather and people heading home caused congestion along several bay area freeways. in the sierra snowfall is making driving treacherous. chain controls are in effect on interstate 80 between kingvale and truckee. on highway 50 chains are needed from twin bridges to meyers. you can always keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc7 news app. track the rain on live doppler 7 and get updates from mike nicco and the rest of our weather team. an elderly concord couple is in the hospital this morning
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with serious issues because police say they were attacked by their son. officers ended up shooting and killing him. it happened on oasis drive in concord just before noon yesterday. police say a 90-year-old man and an 85-year-old wife called police to report their 60-year-old son was acting erratically. they said he had a knife and a plastic gun. officers found the man in the front yard. they tried to talk to him, but he went back inside the house. >> our officers went inside located the son straddling his mother while holding a knife. >> the officers opened fire fatally wounding the man. police have been called to that home before but investigators have not said why. today marks the third anniversary of the ghostreuse f. 36 people died when the warehouse went up in flames. a memorial for the victims was held at a church in oakland.
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anser hassan has the story. ♪ >> reporter: tonight's memorial concert for those who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire was focused on the victims and their music. edwin bierbaum spoke about losing his son, jonathan. >> it was devastating. >> reporter: but he's thankful his son's legacy is being kept alive through his art. jonathan's work was featured during the memorial. >> for me and my parents it's been really -- events like this are really healing. and getting a chance to have his work out there and shared is something that's really comforting. >> it's a real marker in the year. >> reporter: judy and brian huff lost their son travis. they're grateful for these types of programs and happy the victims' work is being shared. >> we see video and get to relive that over and over. >> it's pretty special. >> it's a blessing.
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>> reporter: pastor pamela kirk says the memorial is also about holding the city of oakland accountable. >> it's a good reminder that the city needs to continually be responsible for the lives of all the people who live here and the artists especially who are particularly vulnerable. >> reporter: anser hassan, abc7 news. >> the families of many of the ghost ship victims filed a lawsuit against the city of oakland and other defendants. the trial is set to begin in may. derick almena is expected to be retried on involuntary manslaughter charges. a jury deadlocked in a trial earlier this year and the judge declared a mistrial. jurors acquitted the co-director. in the east bay around two dozens will hold a rally over what they claim is inhumane treatment of homeless. 22 people were arrested last
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week when they opened a tent city in front of city hall. organizers claim the city is committing civil violations. the rally starts at 9:00 a.m. happening now, cybermonday sales are under way. according to cnet shoppers may spend a record amount of time online. macy's, walmart and other stores are offering deep discounts. cybermonday sales began early this year. many retailers started their online deals last week before black friday. shoppers are forecast to spend nearly 1$144 billion online ove the course of the holiday season. house democrats are moving closer to impeaching president trump. the two major developments we're waiting for this week. a data breach exposes millions of text messages. the sensitive information that aeenage get nds of hackers.
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oth house. how she tried to get in that did not quite work out. we'll get to those stories in a few moments. first it's 4:37. mike, we saw lauren getting rained on in her live shot. we're probably trying to figure out howl this will stick around. >> the better part of the morning it will be steady and then off and on during the afternoon hours. i have a couple of dry days for tuesday and wednesday before another storm moves in for wednesday, thursday and friday. let's look down in the south bay, rain showers have been strong here. the heaviest of the rain is moving up through alum rock and the mountains. period ps s of rain everywhere. san jose, the water standing there, the rain falling. that's going to continue. caution no matter how you're commuting today. let's look at some of our best
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times for rain on the peninsula. 7:00 to 9:00. then it becomes more scattered for the afternoon. for the south bay a chance through 11:00. another chance from 3:00 to 5:00, we'll reach barely 60 this afternoon. north bay a chance of wet weather for all 12 hours of the planner. for the east bay, a bit of a scattered in nature day. san francisco, drizzle, then rain possible up to 5:00. in the east bay valleys through 9:00, a break midmorning, another chance of wet weather throughout the afternoon hours. while the steadiest is this morning there will be plenty this afternoon. back to frances. >> you were telling us about the standing water, you will find sme of it in the south bay. this is a live shot of highway 87 for taillights moving northbound. check out the water splashing as cars drive through there on the bottom of your screen. be extra kaur icareful and give
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yourself extra time. this is interstate 880 going past the coliseum. it looks good here. as mike was mentioning, we're getting these showers so you can be clear, then a downpour and fine again. a live shot of the san mateo bridge, things flowing smoothly. there is a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. if you're in an suv, keep both hands on the wheel. drive time on westbound 580, from tracy to warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel.
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let's look around. you can see live doppler 7 active everywhere. it will be damp no matter where you are. i want to focus further to the south. that's where the atmospheric weather set up. big sur up to south lake tahoe where we have the snow just continuing to pile up. it's a heavy, wet snow. going down to southern california, it will be dry today. upper 60s to near 70. from santa barbara northward it will be wet. we have plenty of snow coming not only today but plenty friday, saturday and sunday. >> thanks. it is your voice your vote. another democrat has dropped out of the presidential race. montana governor steve bullock
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announced this morning he's ending his campaign. he said it's become clear he won't break into the top tier of candidates.. the remaining democrats are going all out in iowa. former vice joe biden leads in most national polls. he's in the middle of an eight-day road trip that covers 18 counties and 800 miles. >> we're getting down to the stretch. the time to, as they say n iowa, the time to peak is right about now. >> it is still a tough fight for biden. the latest poll in iowa shows him trailing mayor pete buttigieg and basically tied with senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the next primary debate is december 19th in los angeles. the impeachment showdown enters a new phase this week. the house intelligence committee is expected to vote on the report tomorrow evening. the committee chairman says the report will show president trump leveraged military aid for investigations into his
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political rivals. the house goo begin also. four people were hit by gunfire and two died. people are investigating whether there is a link to shooting on sunday where ten people were struck by gunfire. it happened in the french quarter. officers swarmed the scene within seconds finding victims on the ground. ten people were taken to local hospitals. two are in critical condition. police took a person of interest into custody near the scene, but it's unclear if that person was involved. the. a teenage girl in arizona is safe this morning after having to be rescued from her friend's chimney. nicole was with her friend jasmine, they found themselves locked outside of jasmine's home in phoenix.
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this was on wednesday. instead of trying to call a parent or trying to pry open a window, nicole decided she was going to climb down the chimney and it didn't quite go the way she thought. >> she was like get me out! get me out! she was panicking. she was like i don't know what to do. call 1911. i don't know what we were thinking. >> oh. she was like oh. neither of them realized the chimney does not go all the way through to the fireplace. the firefighters were called and had to hoist her out. jasmine has her whole face makeup and nails done she's probably covered in soot. >> she said nicole's okay, i guess. i'm glad nicole is okay. my goodness. >> friends. don't you ever let me do that. >> never. >> was this a youtube dare or something? really, come on. was it? >> nearly 2 inches of rain in
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walnut creek. you can see light rain falling now. periods of rain, steadiest this morning. becoming more scattered this afternoon. just scattered showers for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the atmosphere will be so moist we could have a shower erupt randomly. let's look at your temperatures today. they'll be mile e mild with tha southerly flow. near 60 in laces like oakland. tonight, pretty mild once again. upper 40s in santa rosa, antioch, livermore, morgan hill, yucaipa. the rest of us 50 to 52 degrees. this is the area that induced the atmospheric weather. thunderstorms will be the worst over the ocean. we've seen the heaviest of the storm move behind us. as we head through the morning, it becomes rather random in nature as we head towards 12:00. lunch time. we head in the sunshine this
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afternoon. we could irritate the atmosphere enough for moreing the evening commute. overnight waves of showers. we wake up tomorrow, it gets a lot quieter, doesn't it? we'll look at the rainfall potential out of this storm. i want to show you, yes, there's a light on every day but tuesday, wednesday, thursday will be our driest days. friday may be bumped to a 2. here's frances. >> we had about a half dozen accidents already this past half hour. it's a wet ride. slippery out there. ponding on the roadways. this is a live shot of 280 and highway 17 in san jose. as you're coming out of the santa cruz mountains northbound 17 at the redwood estates there's a car spun out blocking the left lane. that might be difficult to see. here is interstate 80 through emeryville. headlights moving westbound here. and a new crash on westbound 80 making your way through the cordelia junction and highway 12. chp is en route there.
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both hands on the wheel if you're heading across the bay bridge. right now a live shot of the san rafael toll plaza, no delays but plan on a slow ride. if you missed out on the black friday bargains you have another chance to score some deals today. >> and a data breach may have exposed hundreds of millions of text messages. here's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, it's cybermonday. >> americans are expected to spend more than 9 billion today. you might save more by picking up your purchase at a store. retailers are offering incentives for shoppers who pick u in a store. the personal data of millions of americans has apparently been exposed in a security lapse. >> a database housing millions of text messages was left open and unsecured.
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authorities in australia hae a new weapon in the fight against distracted driving. >> cameras along roads can detect if a person is using their cell phone behind the wheel. during a three-month trial 100,000 drivers were detected on using their phones. >> tho are your tes. there are also some great cybermonday deals on smart tvs, but we have a warning before you click buy. the bay area marks world aids day. what makes this year's memorial in san francisco extra special.
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let's look at the rainfall potential. this is the tail end of the storm. by 11:00 tonight, just a couple of hundredths to another quarter inch in the north bay. overnight, less than a tenth of an inch. tomorrow, pretty much nothing. we'll look at friday, saturday and sunday next. before you snatch up that great deal on a warning that hackers may use tvs as a gateway into your house. cyber criminals can access your router and more worrisome the fbi says hackers may be able to
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access the micro phone and cameras built into the smart tvs. the fbi recommends placing black tape over unused cameras and keeping tvs up to date with the latest patches and panels. the first panels of the world aids memorial quilt are back in san francisco. more than 35 million people have died from hiv and aids related causes. the panels were created in 1987. get ready for a detour on one of san francisco's most scenic roadways starting today. crews will block out a section of mason street at crissy field. you will have to take a short detour through the presidio to reach certain destinations. the road work is part of a
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project to expand the native wetlands from crissy field into the presidio. the project is expected to take six months. let's look at friday, 7:00 in the morning. a storm barrelling down from the northwest. look at that. all that rain coming in friday. looks like almost an all-ight to moderate rain event. we may get a break that night and then more light to moderate rain on saturday. if you look at the rain atmospheric river. would that be back-t-back atmospheric rivers? impressive. 1 1/2 to nearly 3 1/2 inches of rain. all right. we're going to look at the roadways. it is pretty wet and slippery out there. here's a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. there was some ponding on highway 4 and 680. here is traffic flowing well southbound on the right-hand side through 680 and walnut creek. making your way through highway
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24, there was an earlier crash in the eastbound 24 direction. to the south bay, i want to show you what a tough ride it is now in san jose. this is 280 and 17 interchange. on highway 17 there was a spin out near the redwood es tigtate. that's being cleared. give yourself extra time. look at the rain coming down here at the bay bridge toll plaza and the flags blowing. there's a wind advisory for the bay bridge and also the san mateo bridge and look out for ponding on the roadway. one more shot, 101 in san rafael, also a tough ride this morning. >> thanks. if you love cars, today is the last day to enjoy the san francisco international auto show. thousands of people have packed the moscone center to check out the hundreds of new cars, trucks and suvs and electric vehicles. you can check out the latest high-end vehicles including a porsche 911. the price tag about $113,000. >> not only do you have all the
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new model vehicles, but we augment the show with special displays. we have the academy of art university of classic cars. we have hot rods, customized cars. it's affordable family fun. >> the show runs today from 10:00 to 8:00. next at 5:00, pat 5:00, pat5 on the mend. his first public appearance following emergency surgery. a relentless winter storm is causing a post-holiday headache for travelers trying to get home. the cities getting hit this morning. harry potter comes to life in san francisco. the official debut of the new two-part play and what makes it truly enchanting. and right now we are taking a live look outside. looking at the embarcadero center. all lit up this morning.
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... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. now at 5:00, expect wind and rain as you head back to work following the long holiday weekend. >> live doppler 7 is lit up in green as you can see behind us. it's monday, december 2nd. mike is tracking all that wet weather and the impact that it's going to have on roads this morning. >> definitely. it's going to have a great impact. we'll talk to frances about that in a second. let's talk about the wet weather and what you can see is on the storm impact scale, we're a 1. steady rain this morning, then more scattered showers heading into the afternoon and evening hours. the heavy rain and wind has
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tapered. flooded advisories and wind advisories are all gone from the


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