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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 3, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the historic next step. the 300-page impeachment report revealed. saying president trump abused his power. the house intelligence committee saying the president, quote, placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the united states. laying out the evidence today. and tonight, the new mystery phone calls revealed. and now, the vote this evening. where this goes next and how quickly. meantime, president trump tonight overseas, his reaction, furious. calling it all a hoax. as he's received by the queen and then heads to downing street. and what he said to the french president, who replied to the president, "let's be serious." also breaking tonight, kamala harris drops out of the race. in other newshe second sc this time, authorities say a
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student stabbing a school officer. the officer then opens fire. the new surveillance out tonight. fourteens after their escape. two accused of murder. authorities are putting out this video, asking for the public's help. the scare at boston's logan airport. the man who got through security and got into a cargo hold on a jet plus plane. the chicago police chief fired, breaking his si afternc b eing found in his suv. the actress tonight saying they are lucky to be alive. 13 members of her family marking the holiday. two went to the hospital. what was discovered. they then got everybody out. and the consumer alert this evening. ready to eat salads and sushi and the new recall tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin with this historic next step tonight in the impeachment inquiry. the house intelligence committee revealing late today its
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300-page impeachmevening, the c now voting on it. all of this as president trump and the first lady are on the world stage, meeting with nato leaders at 10 downing street in london and welcomed to buckingham palace. here at home, the democratic chair of the committee, adam schiff, before the cameras today, saying the investigation found the president, quote, placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the united states. and he laid out evidence, including new phone calls in this investigation. so, tonight, the vote. and where this goes next. all moving very quickly. and the president is now responding. abc's terry moran leads us off from the hill tonight. >> reporter: a historic moment in the capitol. adam schiff stepping before the cameras to lay out the case for impeachment, accusing president trump of subverting u.s. national security through a scheme to exploit ukraine's desperate need for u.s. military assistance in their fight against russian-backed separatists. >> at the same time, there was something president trump desperately wanted and believed
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that he needed. and that was an investigation that would damage the rival that he feared apparently the most, joe biden, as well as an investigation into a debunked ukraine, not russia, that was interfered in our last election. >> reporter: schiff said the ev ceenid amassed says that the president uedntne taikrhose "sham investigations" and he was willing id widit fhholald lyne anthers neevidce sce e inlligence committee's public hearings, schiff said. phone records between the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, and the office of management of budget. >> certainly the phone records show that there was considerable coordination among the parties, including the white house. >> reporter: and, in a surprise development, the 300-page committee report accuses some of those closest to president
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trump, including vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney of being "knowledgeable of or active participants" in the president's scheme. schiff pointing to this moment, mulvaney acknowledging in the white house briefing room that there was a quid pro quo. >> and i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: if we do, schiff warned -- >> we are signaling to any future president they can engage in any corruption or malfeasance or negligence and they are beyond accountability. >> reporter: tonight, republicans who already released their own 123-page report, fired back. >> they're having one big problem, and the big problem is, the president did nothing wrong and they can't prove it. >> so, let's get to terry moran, live on the hill tonight. and terry, the house intelligence committee is voting this evening to send this report to the judiciary committee. that committee already set to begin hearings tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right, david. those hearings will give the committee a chance to take a look at this report and decide whether to charge the president
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with impeachable offenses. articles of impeachment. they're looking at abuse of power, obstruction of congress and obstruction of justice. but they are moving fast. votes are expected in the committee and maybe in the full donald trump by the end of the year. david? >> terry, thank you. a furious president trump reacting to the impeachment report rimeinister at 10 downing street. and that wasn't the only headline he made today. there was the moment with french president emmanuel macron. what he said to him, macron replying, "let's be serious." abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl traveling with the president. >> reporter: as democrats released their impeachment report, president trump was heading into a reception at number 10 downing street, hosted by the british prime minister. on the world stage, with impeachment very much on his mind. >> i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats to put on a performance where they do that. i do. i think it's a bad thing for our
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country. >> reporter: later, the president made a severe personal attack on the man leading the impeachment charge for the democrats. >> i think adam schiff is a deranged human being. i think he grew up with a complex for lots of reasons that are obvious. i think he is a very sick man. >> reporter: the president has blocked his top advisers from testifying in the house impeachment inquiry, but today, he said that will all change in the trial that would follow in the republican-led senate, following a vote by the house to impeach. >> so when it's fair -- it will be fair in the senate, i would love to have mike pompeo, i'd love to have mick, i'd love to have rick perry and many other people testify. but i don't want them to testify when this is a total fix. >> reporter: today, the president also had harsh words for the president of france, who recently suggested that the nato alliance was becoming braindead. >> that is a very -- very, very
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nasty statement to essentially 28, including them, 28 countries. >> reporter: but trump himself has had harsh words of his own for nato. >> nato is obsolete. it's old, it's fat, it's sloppy. >> reporter: there was also this uncomfortable moment between trump and macron when the issue of what to do with isis prisoners in syria came up. >> they're mostly from europe. would you like some nice isis fighters? i can give them to you. you can take every one you want. >> let's be serious. it's true that you have foreign fighters coming from europe, but this is a tiny minority of the erprlem have in the region. >> jon karl unpacking a very busy day from london. and jon, the president also making news tonight and moving markets, suggesting he could put off a trade deal with china? >> reporter: the president has recently said that a trade deal with china or suggested it could be imminent, but today, he said that he may want to wait until after the presidential election,
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david. that comment sent stock markets reeling around the world, losses the president dismissed as, quote, peanuts. >> jon karl with us from london. jon, thank you. and we should note that news will carry the start of the judiciary committee meetings tomorrow on abc. we move on now. senator kamala harris announcing she's dropping out. once drawing huge crowds, one of the top candidates on the democratic side. so, what happened? what she said today in her very candid message to her supporters. abc's linsey davis on if campaign again tonight. >> reporter: a campaign that started with so much promise -- >> kamala! kamala! >> reporter: -- brought to an abrupt end today even before the first vote was cast. >> i'm not a billionaire. i can't fund my own campaign. >> reporter: senator kamala harris, who sought to be the first black female president of the united states, calling the decision one of the hardest of her life. >> i can't tell you i have a path forward if i don't believe i do. >> reporter: she shot to the top
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tier early, famously taking on biden for his previous position on mandated bussing to integrat california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bussed to school every day, and that little girl was me. >> reporter: but harris started to plateau in the polls, often struggling to defend her record as a prosecutor. when you had the power, why didn't you try to effect change then? >> so -- there have been -- there have been -- i'm glad you asked me this question. i made a decision that if i was going to have the ability to reform the system, i would try to do it from the inside. was i able to get enough done? absolutely not. >> reporter: over the weekend, signs the campaign was unraveling. "the new york times" on staining a resignation letter from a harris aide who said, "i no longer have confidence in our campaign or its leadership." >> and for those at home keeping track of the numbers, the democrats now 15 candidates,
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only seven had qualified for the next debate, harris was one of them. that brings it down to six at this point. and you have learned from inside the campaign that they put their heads together, they really thought about this over the holiday? >> reporter: senator harris told her staff today that throughout the thanksgiving holiday, she worked round the clock to try to figure out how they could make this work, but after doing a campaign audit, she said she did not have the money to five forward. >> linsey, thank you. we turn next tonight, and to the second school scare in 24 hours in wisconsin. this time, an armed student allegedly stabbing an officer at a high school. the officer then opening fire. abc's alex perez is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, panic and fear rippling through another wisconsin high school. >> i believe i have a very bad wrist injury. that was bleeding very bad. i got one student i believe is shot. >> reporter: at 9:12 a.m., a call coming in from a school resource officer at oshkosh west
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high school. police say a 16-year-old student armed with a sharpened object attacked the officer. >> the student produced a weapon and stabbed the officer, at which time the officer fired on the student, striking the student one time. >> reporter: the school on lockdown. some students evacuating the building in the chaos. >> it was really scary. they said lockdown, but everyone was running out of the school. >> reporter: anxious parents waiting in line for hours to be reunited with their kids. >> super scary for a parent. i'm very relieved that both of my kids are okay. >> reporter: this less than 24 hours after this 17-year-old student was shot in another wisconsin school. tonight, authorities releasing an image of officers giving the wounded suspect medical attention. police now saying he was aiming a pellet gun he brought to settle a dispute with another student. and investigators say he had a handgun in his backpack. and david, investigators here do not believe the two shootings are connected. the injuries to the teacher and
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student in today's incident are not life threatening. it's been a tough 24 hours for a lot of people here in wisconsin. david? >> no question about that. alex, thank you. and there is an urgent hunt at this hour in nashville and beyond after this newly released surveillance video tonight. four teenagers escaping a juvenile detention facility. two of them accused of murder. authorities releasing this footage, showing the teens sprinting from the building. they're asking for the public's help. and tonight, new reporting on how they were able to make that escape. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: juvenille authorities in tennesee are releasing these security camera videos of four teenagers seen here escaping from a detenition center in nashville saturday night. >> we had some youth escape from the juvenile detention center. >> reporter: even though they're underage, police are identifying all four. two of them, 16-year-old decourios wright and 17-year-old morris marsh are accused of murder and were awaiting trial. authorities say all four of the boys should be considered dangerous. the teens escaped during a work detail, when a security guard
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left a multipurpose room to respond to a fight. "in doing so, she left the four youth in the recreation area unsupervised," according to a report. as they're running out the door, you see two of them throw off their safety vests. >> there's approximate 35 minutes between them escaping and us being notified. >> reporter: several staff members have been placed on adminsitrative leave while authorities continue to investigate how this happened. all of the teens are still on the run. steve osunami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. and that powerful nor'easter that moved up the coast still hammering parts of new england tonight. and look at what the storm left behind. this is albany, new york. slammed with more than 22 inches of snow. that's the most since 1993. unbelievable. and on i-90, this tractor trailer jackknifing overnight. sliding right off of the highway. and in scituate, massachusetts, massive waves crashing into homes on the coast there. so, let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all again tonight for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david.
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we're nearly done with this storm, but a lot of cold air coming in. and still snowing. lake effect snow going to be setting up. will be icy in the morning. watching another storm coming into the west. this has got higher snow levels. more of a flood threat. flash flood watches posted. the storm behind that, bigger, stronger. that's coming from nid and saturday night with more wind, more rain and more snow for california. david? >> all right, rob marciano, thank you. and one more note overseas, and from london tonight. we know the queen welcomed president trump and world leaders at buckingham palace today, but a lot of headlines on the royal who was ougt of sight prince andrew. and president trump today was asked about prince andrew, as well. here's abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell. >> reporter: tonight, the queen welcoming the president and first lady to buckingham palace. but noticeably absent, prince andrew, forced to step down from his royal duties after his disastrous interview about jeffrey epstein.
3:45 pm
the president today asked about the prince. >> i don't know prince andrew, but it's a tough story. it's a vy tough story. i don't know him. no. >> reporter: the british media pouncing, proving the president has met the prince before, republishing photos like this one at mar a lag goe back in 2000. and andrew posted an event with the president during his state visit last june. the royal family now facing fresh fallout from last night's bombshell interview with virginia giuffre, who claimed in court filings she was directed by epstein to have sex with andrew when she was just 17. allegations the prince has repeatedly denied. >> i didn't expect it from someone that people look up to and admire, you know, in the royal family. it was a really scary time in my life. i had just been abused by a member of the royal family. >> reporter: if prince andrew and the palace hoped they'd be able to draw a line under this controversy, that's just become a lot harder after this interview. david? >> all right, ian, thank you. and back here at home
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tonight, and california congressman duncan hunter has pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds. a major reversal, after more than a year of denials. the six-term republican was accused of spending more than $250,000 from the campaign. hunter called it a political witch hunt. his wife is now cooperating with prosecutors. and there still mup more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the consumer alert. ready to eat salads and sushi all part of a new recall tonight. also ahead, the scare at boston's logan airport. the man who got through security, then got into a cargo hold on a jetblue plane. the chicago police chief fired, breaking his silence today. what he's now saying after being found in an suv, reports claims he'd been drinking for hours. and tonight, the actress saying that they're lucky to be alive. 13 members of her family marking the holiday. two went to the hospital. and what was then discovered. they then went back and got everyone out. a lot more news ahead here.
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airport. a man accused of bursting through an emergency exit onto the tarmac and into the cargo hold of a passenger jet. abc's david kerley covered aviation. >> reporter: massachusetts state police raced to the logan airport tarmac. a passenger capturing the scene as this local man was found in the cargo hold of a jetblue aircraft and taken into custody. the concern tonight? how did the man slip past a tsa document checker with no signs of a boarding pass? he had no weapons, so he also got through screening. but then, in terminal c, he burst through an emergency exit, setting off an alarm, getting access to the tarmac and that jetliner. if only for a few moments before he was caught. after the arrest, police swept the area with a bomb-sniffing dog and found no threat. this was not terror-related, they say. tsa, in a statement, saying it has made "appropriate security adjustments" at the boston airport to prevent another breach. the suspect was set to be in court today, but the hearing was
3:50 pm
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those in need. and he did. joining the team at walter reed. and now this image from the george h.w. bush presidential library this week in college station, texas, sully right there, then taken inside, where they unveiled a statue to honor the bond between a president and his dog. the sculptor saying sully means so much to so many. >> he's loyal, he's noble. i just saw him again today and my heart still skipped a beat. >> america's vet dogs trained sully for president bush. >> we knew when we got the call, we had the right dog. >> reporter: the dog and the ict stue ratetrievedy task. just one of the tasks sully had been trained for. but in the end, he made a president happy. well deserved honor for sully. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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my campaign for president simply doesn't have the financial resources to continue. >> it came as a shock to supporters. kamala harris is dropping out of the presidential race. good afternoon. >> the former san francisco district attorney first announced her candidacy on good morning america that was in january. on the 21st. six days later she was in oakland to kick off the campaign. 20,000 sporters showed up. there was optimism and excitement. >> live in berkeley with more. and reaction to the announcement. >> years before that, this elementary school is where it all started for harris. today her presidential aspirations at least for now have come to an end. she made the decision over the weekend with her family. it came as a surprise to a lot