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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 19, 2019 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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from all of >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, margot robbie, governor john kasich, and music from white reaper. and now, with all due respect, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, how are you? happy holidays. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thanks for coming. i appreciate it. [cheers and applause] that's very nice. i can feel the holiday spirit. christmas is coming, whether we're ready for it or not. last night in washington nancy pelosi roasted the president's
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chestnuts pretty fogood [cheers and applause] democrats in the house made donald trump only the third person, president ever to be impeached. this morning he woke up on the floor next to his tanning bed and tweeted the words "i got impeached last might." yes, and our long national mightmare continues. not a single republican voted for impeachment, which means they either really like donald trump or really hate mike pence. but the debate went on well into the night. trump was in battle creek, michigan when the vote happened, pepping himself up with a rally. and this is what the president was talking about when the impeachment vote was coming in. >> the dish washer, you press it. there'd be an explosion. five minutes later, you open it up, the steam pours out, now you press it 12 times. women tell me, again, they give
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you four drops of water, and they're in places where there's so much water they don't know what to do would it. >> jimmy: okay, fwrand mgrand ,e to hang up the phone now. trump also lashed out at debbie dingell from michigan. she's the widow of john dingell who died in february. trump last night at the rally made a joke, suggesting that congressman dingell went to hell because his wife voted for impeachment. trump believes that since he graciously allowed the flags at federal buildings toab be lower to half-mast his widow should have voted not to impeach. in other words, another quid pro quo. he really doesn't seem to know what he's in. maybe that's why he's so angry. he did a lot of ranting and raving last night. so we slowed him down to half
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speed for a shocking personal revelation in tonight's episode of "drunk donald trump". ♪ [ applause ] >> my wife thinks i'm a ♪ >> jimmy: might be the first true thing he said all year. got it in just under the wire. the president is so desperate for approval, this morning he replied to a tweet that called him the best president ever, even though this tweet was posted in sent ptember of last year. i don't know if he searched "best president ever", and that's what he came up with, it's like digging up old love letters and going, wow, this chick's got the hots for me. this is the president's calendar for the day. at 4:15 and 8:15, the president and first lady and he present
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remarks. no tweets. some seven nearly-forgotten democrats take the stage for debate number six. good luck to them. all they're doing with these debates is throwing fuel on the comedy inferno known as mike pence. >> going to watch that debate? i mean, it was kind of hard to watch. i mean, those people were standing so far on the left i thought that stage was going to flip over. democratic party has gone so far to the left i think that stage is probably going to about turn over. in that last debate i saw on tv, those people were standing so far on the left i thought that stage was going to tip over. those people were standing so far on the left side of that stage i thought it was going to tip over. those people were standing so far on the left i thought that stage was going to tip over. >> jimmy: all right, so that's what happens when you forget to
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reboot him. hopefully we'll get a little break from all that next week. there are only six days until christmas. >> and only three days until kanye dreidle dreidle, deedle, deidle. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> happy hanukkah, everyone! >> jimmy: all right. what did i tell you about this, gary? >> i'm not gary. i'm the hanukkah unicorn who spreads joy to all the jewish girls and boys. >> jimmy: i'm sorry, every year he comes in as this ridiculous character. >> don't persecute me. >> jimmy: you're the one persecuting me. how many years have you
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disresultdi disrupted the show? >> a comedy that was supposed to last one year has lasted six! [ applause ] >> jimmy: and i know you want this very badly. but the hanukkah unicorn is not catching on. >> don't be an shmeggeg. everybody believes. do you guys believe? [cheers and applause] then be sure to watch the hallmark channel on december 22nd at 3:00 a.m., that's when my hanukkah movie >> jimmy: hallmark gave you a hanukkah movie? >> roll the tape! >> in hanukkah town, if you don't watch your step, you may -- whoop! >> fall in love. shalome, i'm the hanukkah
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unicorn. >> i'm ver on caonica. i'm in town for the hanukkah parade and all the hotels are booked up. >> because sometimes it can reignite old feelings. >> just a little thank you for letting me stay here. >> oh. >> haunting memories rise to the surface. >> what's wrong? >> my wife, haba, she died in a menorah fire. no! i'll never celebrate hanukkah again. >> with seth green. >> hanukkah unicorn, if you don't bring toys to children, i'll have to cancel hanukkah, all eight nights. >> i've got just the thing to lift your spirits. >> miracles can happen. when you least expect them.
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>> it's a dreidle dog! >> you've restored my sense of wonder. and saved hanukkah! >> from the producers of shmearical on 34th street, and "no, virginia, there isn't a santa claus". >> hey, we're under the matzleto e! >> rachel billson and the hanukkahcorn, only on the hallmark channel. >> look, everybody. during the trailer, i won a chosen people's choice award. >> jimmy: all right, congratulations. >> hold this, i got to give a speech. i'd like to thank moses, my bubby and zeidi. barney greengrass. the sturgeon. i love you all!
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>> jimmy: all ♪ oh, no. we are going to get sued. put his head back on, guillermo. that was the hanukkahcorn. you never know who's going to show up around here. >> oh, my goodness! [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: i can hardly believe it. hello! >> jimmy. >> how are you? >> jimmy: how are you? it's will ferrell and julia louis-dreyfus. look, everybody. it's will farrell and julia louis-dreyfus. [cheers and applause] it's will and, yeah, okay. >> they all know who we are. >> jimmy: right, right.
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>> sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt your show, but we in the neighborhood. we just thought we might pop over and interrupt your show. >> jimmy: oh, what were you doing in the neighborhood? >> julia louie and i have a standing thursday-night date where we meet at the wetsels pretzels and share all the hot hollywood goss. >> did you happen to know that xavier ghosted tiffany? >> jimmy: i did not know that. who are xavier and tiffany? >> the manager of wetsell's pretzels. can you say drama? >> jimmy: that's really hollywood goss. thanks for stopping by. >> well, we're not leaving. >> jimmy: oh. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't really -- [cheers and applause] but i really don't have time for a visit right now, because -- >> oh, really?
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but you had 12 minutes for the hanukkah saurus thing? >> jimmy: that was not my call, and it was the hanukkahcorn. >> oh, yeah, that's a lot better. >> let's keep it simple and maybe just ask us some questions and we'll just chat. >> sure. >> jimmy: you doing anything for the holidays? >> what am i doing for valentine's day? great question. >> jimmy: that wasn't my question, really. >> i'm not sure, julia, are you doing anything? >> yeah. >> for next valentine's day? >> oh, will, do you mean february 14th, 2020? i have plans to make love to my husband. >> oh. well, i have plans to make love to your husband. >> oh. >> but afterwards, we're going to go and see our new movie, "downhill." >> our new movie "downhill", that comes out on valentine's
11:47 pm
day? >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> that is the one, will farrell, that is the one. >> since you asked, jimmy, it's a biting comedy, in which we play a married couple who are forced to reevaluate their lives and relationship after a close call with an avalanche during a family ski vacation in the alps. >> jimmy: oh, that's fantastic. did you want to show a trailer or something? >> oh, no, no, no. we just wanted to stand and yap all night with you. what are you talking about? of course we want to show the trailer. my god. >> wunderbaar. >> please look into the camera. please just smile. >> you want us to keep doing close up. i don't know. ♪ >> maybe we ski the beast after lunch. i don't think it will be that challenging. it will be fine.
11:48 pm
>> is that okay? >> yeah. it's fine. >> it looked like it was going to kill us. >> for a moment. >> the kids were screamg, because it felt like we were going to die. >> pete! >> and i look over at pete, and he had grabbed his phone. ♪ >> i didn't leave you to be buried. i ran to get help. ♪ i'm gonna win ♪ >> i love my family. every day is all we have! >> how could i have run away in ski boots, can you run in ski boots? >> not very well. >> boom, exactly. >> regardless, i wouldn't leave my family to die. that's boom! >> you have a right to be angry. it's black and white. >> no, it's black and white. >> how old are you? >> 30.
11:49 pm
>> oh. >> there's only one thing i have to worry about right now. and that's going ♪ >> i don't understand why there weren't any warnings posted anywhere. >> there was a warning. >> what? >> posted on hotel receptions, bars, soda machines. >> we didn't see any of that. >> well. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: valentine's, well, that looks great. >> yeah, doesn't it? >> jimmy: yeah, it does. >> normally, i'm not a huge fan of will farrell movies. >> i know exactly what you mean. >> i know, laa. >> when does this open? >> valentine's day. >> jimmy: well, thank you, will farrell and julia louis-dreyfus, everybody. thank you for stopping by.
11:50 pm
mab maybe i'll join you after the show. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] you see guillermo, lock that door also. >> yeah, sure. >> jimmy: one more thing as we forge ahead on our last show of the decade, let's take a look back at the best of the bleeps. it is this year in unnecessary censorship. >> good evening, and thank you so much for joining us. we are going to begin with breaking news. in a city which leaks like a [ bleep ]ing faucet. >> we've got that wind advisory that began just a couple minutes ago. it's not going to stop my wife and i from [ bleep ]ing this afternoon, though. >> did you or did you not, the world wants to know, [ bleep ] with the queen? >> i did not, but i had a great relationship. >> and happy national [ bleep ] sucker day. >> oh, that exactly. >> it is. >> that explain it is. >> for you it's almost always
11:51 pm
[ bleep ] sucking day. >> when i first saw a black [ bleep ], i was stunned. >> hey, hey, hey. come on, let's go. everybody. let's go, let's go! woo! >> without a woman, mother who beat off a [ bleep ], fanlebulo story, you ladies can't wait to get a little [ bleep ] on your faces. >> donnie! >> floppy [ bleep ]. >> yeah, yeah. >> the letter c. >> oh, c is for [ bleep ]. i said [ bleep ], c, c, [ bleep ]. i said [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: all right. all right, it's been a dumb decade. we've got a good show tonight. music from white reaper. governor john kasich is here and we'll be right back with margot robbie. [cheers and applause] ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. tonight, he is a former congressman and governor of ohio. now he is an author too. his new book is called "it's up to us: 10 little ways we can bring about big change." john kasich is here. then, making their late night television debut. their album is called "you deserve love." white reaper from the mercedes-benz stage. our first guest is a very talented person who had a very good year. she is a new golden globe-nominee for best supporting actress for her role alongside charlize theron and nicole kidman in "bombshell." it opens everywhere tomorrow. please welcome margot robbie. [cheers and applause]
11:57 pm
♪ >> good. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> you, too. >> jimmy: i don't know if you remember, last time you were here, you and brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio walked right in the theater. >> how could i forget? >> jimmy: and the audience, some of them are still screaming. it was crazy. >> it blew out my eardrums. >> jimmy: it must be hard for the three of you to go to the mall together i would imagine. >> which we do together. it's a nightmare. i think it's just crazy enough to have one of them in the room, let alone both of them. >> jimmy: you think it's exponential when they are together, when you guys are a group, it suddenly becomes a bigger thing. >> yeah, i don't know how much i'm elevating the situation, but definitely, brad and leo, people lose their minds.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: trust me, you elevate all situations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: congratulations on your golden globe nomination. >> thanks! [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: first was for "i, tonya". and your other big film, "once upon a time in hollywood" is nominated, too. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: you have a dilemma, you have to decide whether to sit with your "once upon a time in hollywood" cast or "bombshell" cast. who will you sit with? >> i hadn't thought that through. >> jimmy: have you thought about initiating a competition, they can compete to see which table you will sit at? >> i should, i should do that, whoever's got the most interesting conversation happening. i'll just jump between the two. >> jimmy: do you think one would be insulted if you sit with the other one? >> i don't know. i'm actually a little anxious now. i hadn't thought that far ahead.
11:59 pm
it runs on the seats. >> jimmy: i'm glad to bring a little anxiety into your life. >> thank you. it's great to have that this time of the year. >> jimmy: when you were nominated for the oscar, who did you bring to the oscar with you? >> i brought my mom. >> jimmy: you brought your mom. >> you know, you got bring your mom. [cheers and applause] and we had a great time, and she was so happy to be there, and i did the, you know, i sat her down beforehand and said, you know, be cool, don't go up to anyone. like everyone's having a nice night, play it cool. >> jimmy: did that work at all? >> yeah. so we get there, and i turn around for five seconds, and i turn, i was like, where is she? and she's front row talking to nicole kidman who i hadn't worked with at that time. and i didn't know, and i was like, mom, mom, get over here right now! she was like, she talked to me first! >> jimmy: is that true? >> do your parents do that? >> jimmy: and they always say they talked to me first. yeah, because you're sitting in the doorway of her dressing
12:00 am
room. >> yeah. literally can't get past. yeah, it turns out nicole, who's an absolute sweet heart had asked someone what my mom's name was and had in this instance talked to her first, called her over and just wanted to make her feel comfortable. >> jimmy: what does nicole kidman mean to an actor from australia? >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: is she like -- >> yeah, she's like our queen. yeah. it's insane. she's the best. >> jimmy: do you get over that quickly when you're working sno together? >> no, i'm still a little [ bleep ]. and it's nicole and charlize. yeah. it's quite surreal. >> jimmy: you are playing, well, you play kind of an amalgamation of characters in the movie. charlize plays megyn kelly. and nicole plays -- >> gretchen carlson. and i play a fictional character but made up from a number of women and their experiences at fox news.
12:01 am
>> jimmy: it's almost hard to believe when you watch this movie that this was really going on. >> yeah. yeah. for as long as it did, as well. the movie's pretty, it's incredibly entertaining. it's very fast paced and you get to the end. you're like, oh, my god, i wasn't ready for that to end. but it seems to be really affecting people. people really want to talk afterwards. it's been quite fascinating. >> jimmy: yeah and i wonder if the gang at fox news is going to go and see it and discuss it amongst themselves or if they'll even talk about it on the air or try to pretend it didn't happen. >> i know. >> jimmy: i imagine there won't be a white house screening of this particular film. >> probably not. probably not. yeah. i wonder if trump will see the movie. i mean, he's in it in places, so. >> jimmy: well, if you tell him he's in it in places he'll go see the movie. he likes stuff he is in. what's the first awards show you ever went to?
12:02 am
>> in australia we have the logies. which is the equivalent. >> jimmy: if you need upholstery done. >> are you serious? i always thought you were talking to you guys in the break. >> jimmy: why are they called the logies? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: sounds like loogies. >> the logies are the funnest award shows ever. i haven't been for a decade now, but when i was 18 and it was the first one i went to, it's like the wild west. >> jimmy: why are they -- >> it's a big piss-off, everyone gets absolutely hammered. >> jimmy: oh, they do. is it on tv? >> oh, yeah. people are drunk the next day going to work. >> jimmy: on tv. >> generally the two big shows,
12:03 am
"neighbors" and "home and away". you have to work the next day after the logies, people show up in their gowns, still drunk. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, a famous talk show host did the morning show wasted. and australia loved him more after that. [ laughter ] they loved it. >> jimmy: wow, is it really, it's not as, like here, it's frowned upon a little bit if somebody's -- >> no, no, very much embraced. i mean, i don't know what it's like now, but back then, i was, lake i said, i was 18, so of o course i was very excited to be at the logies, and the second year i went i got so drunk i passed out. it's held in the casino, big crown casino, huge, huge casino in melbourne, and i passed out in one of the toilet stalls, like a cubicle. >> jimmy: what? >> and i woke up and i came out, and it happened to be the one hour that the casino closes to
12:04 am
be cleaned. and there's no people there, and i didn't know it ever closes, it's full of thousands of people. i came out and it was such a weird, surreal experience, there was no one around. and for a second in my drunken state, i was like, did i die? is this purgatory? am i, am i in between heaven and hell right now? this is so weird. >> jimmy: wow. were you did you ever figure it out? >> no, eventually, i found someone who was cleaning. they were like, what are you doing in here? and i was like, what time is it? i have to go to work. i think i showed up in my gown. and the nurse at work gave me oxygen. i felt great after. >> jimmy: when you have a nurse at work you know you have a more fun job than most everyone else. >> her busiest day is the day after logies for sure. >> jimmy: queer' going we're go break and come back with a clip from "bombshell "as many as. >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by kelley bluebook.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. oh, my gosh. i can't get fired. this is the only job i have ever wanted. i don't want to be on tv, i want to be on fox. >> uh-huh. >> my family, every day, every holiday, like, especially holidays. they watch fox news.
12:10 am
we're like addicts. fox is how we do church, you know, when they made the logo, his folks had fox burn the into their tv screens. that's us. >> kayla, you're not getting fired. he cannot scale his anger. he's a perpetual outrage machine. no offense to your family. no crying at fox. >> jimmy: that's march fwgogoggo and kate mckinnon. did you know much about that world of this kind of fox news feasting family? >> no, not at all. and it turns out that jay kind of, but particularly charles grew up, charles grew up in a very evangelical family, so they gave me lots of intel, but the e id idea of, i didn't know any l millennial women who were conservative and vocal with their views, so i start add fake
12:11 am
twitter account. honestly, it was so helpful. >> jimmy: so you could learn about them from twitter? >> yeah, to absorb their views. >> jimmy: how did you find them, look for someone with a profile with a picture of a flag or eagle on it? do you know, and i hate, i hope you know about this, i don't want to be the one to tell you if you didn't. "star wars" opens tomorrow, also. >> i, you're going to kill me, and a lot of people out there are going to kill me. i've never seen "star wars." >> jimmy: wow. >> i've never seen any of them. >> jimmy: that doesn't mean it's not going to open. >> i know, so i'm letting you know, go see "bombshell" instead. >> jimmy: you've never seen "star wars"? >> no, after a couple years it hadn't happened. it really upsets people, like people get really angry that i haven't watched any of them, and it's really kind of funny, so i've held off now, it particularly infuriates my husband. i've held off, it's nice having
12:12 am
it in my back pocket. if life gets a little dull i've got "star wars." >> jimmy: do you know who luke skywalker's father is? >> that one i do know. i am your father. isn't it darth vader? do you know the most i know of "star wars" is this sketch of the -- i could do that whole, that whole thing. it's so good. >> jimmy: that's the extent of your "star wars" knowledge? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'd love to sit down and watch all nine movies with you sometime. sketch it in. it's great to see you. hope you have a great christmas holiday. >> thank you. margo robbie. the movie is "bombshell". it opens tomorrow. cond life. i will win this year. i'm quite obviously the best. i judge a cat by its soul. i've got plenty of soul. come, we're about to begin.
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[cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hi, welcome back. first, buying a new car can be stressful. luckily, the folks at kelley bluebook do the heavy lifting as guillermo recently ♪ >> who dares approach the great the car wizard? >> it's me, guillermo.
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i have walked 2,000 miles up to this mountain to ask you what car should i buy? >> did you bring me a sack of gold? >> yes, right here. >> just throw it on the pile! do you want a two-door or four-door? >> four doors. >> sedan or suv? >> suv. >> color? >> yes. >> okay. we'll just leave it like that for now. >> hey, wait a second. wait, you're not a wizard? you looking at kelley bluebook? >> that's true, kelley bluebook helps you shop confidently. >> what am i doing here? i should have gone to >> the snacks, popcorn ball. >> i'm taking back my gold and going home. >> no, no, please take me with you. it gets so lonely up here on this mountain. >> okay.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. our next guest is a nine term congressman and former governor of ohio; he is also the rare republican who called for the impeachment of donald trump. his new book is this, "it's up to us: 10 little ways we can bring about big change." please welcome john kasich. [cheers and ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> good. it's a good thing i didn't try to walk through that door before it lifted. >> jimmy: you should never walk through a door before it's opened. >> you know, i tried to walk through doors most of my life that weren't open, but a lot of them i got through. >> jimmy: you're a better man than i. so you, as i mentioned in your introduction, you're one of, i don't know, not many republicans
12:24 am
who is, who supports the impeachment of president trump. i'm curious as to your thoughts on this, because i think about this a lot. why do you think that so many republicans have gone all in with this terrible dishonest man? >> the thing that's bizarre to me is, okay, so maybe you don't support impeachment. maybe you don't even support censure. but you can't look the other way and say the president didn't do anything wrong. i mean, that's just completely crazy, because look, my concern is i, i came out for this because i believe the president said to the leader of ukraine, with russian troops inside of ukraine, i will help you with military aid if you investigate my political opponent. that's too much for me. i knew ronald reagan. i mean, i was a young congressman when he was president. he was never would have done it, bush never would have done it. and i believe it's offense that raises to the level of impeachment.
12:25 am
but even if you don't agree with that, and that's okay. >> you've got to respect people who don't agree with you. but to say nothing went wrong or to say this was so unfair that he got worse treatment than jesus did before uppontius pilo i was like, who comes up with that? [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: it seems to be a group of mostly men with whom i bet you thought you were aligned six years ago. >> you know, what i think is going on is the whole country is, we're divided. that's what i get out of impeachment. totally divided, i'm not saying nothing that they don't understand. however, we have to get out of our silos, jimmy. we can't just absorb things that we agree with. if we absorb only that that agrees with us, we don't grow as a person, and we have trouble finding the truth. one of my great concerns is the truth is at risk today, because you've got your things that you believe. i believe other things, and we
12:26 am
don't even agree on the basics. that's how a country gets in deep trouble. i'm worried about the culture. not just short term but long term. we've got to listen to one another, respect one another. i believe we're all made in the image of the creator, and we've got to respect one another and stop being so angry. and for politicians i can explain. >> jimmy: you did a drawing. >> it's my own art work. i did this myself. >> jimmy: you're talented, governor. >> >> here's kind of what's happening. right now there's this thing called gerrymandering. they put all the democrats in one district, all the republicans in another. so when you get elected, party is what put you there, they endorsed you, gave you support. the public, if you're in a district that is completely republican and you're republican, the public and the party agree. but, if you're in a mix ted district where it's not so close, you have a good number of democrats, a good number of republicans. the public matters more, the
12:27 am
party matters let and conscious may figure in. so party and public are over the republicans, same thing with the democrats, conscience rarely comes into play. and i sign thad fed that for yo. it's original art. i hope people understood that. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i'm going to put trump's head right here and make a dunce cap. your book is about changes we can make. i want to talk about the biggest change of all, which is climate change and another thing i find hard to understand is why the republican party line is that we are not causing it -- >> look, there is no way we should put our heads in the sand. i'm working with john kerry, my good buddy arnold schwarzenegger to develop the consensus in this country that we can't sit still. and right now we aren't making great progress, but if we keep at it, keep at it, do more research into batteries, support
12:28 am
electric vehicles. i drive a tesla, or it drives me, i can't figure out which. but that is a critical issue. but what i want to -- >> jimmy: i don't think you're republican at all. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. we all worry about the politicians. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> the politicians don't make the rules. the public demands the rules. when we think about civil rights it came from the bottom up. it came from the marches. it came from the protests, and the politicians couldn't ignore it, and they passed civil rights laws. women's sufficient rarage. you don't think men wanted to give you power. [ applause ] the environmental movement is the same way, and i'll give you one more. responsible, reasonable gun control. people need to get behind it. they need to show up. [cheers and applause] what i'm trying to say is, don't feel powerless. feel like you matter. that you were created special, that you have a purpose in life
12:29 am
and assert yourself, either part of a movement or with kindness. my little, my buddy, he's not little, my buddy elbert lexie, he's now gone. he took up shoe shining and fell in love with the idea of helping children with a hospital telethon. he would shine shoe. the doctors, the nurses would all work with him, because when he showed up he rescued them from the toughest places they were to a little peace of mind. over the course of his lifetime he put the shoe shine money in one pocket and the tip money in the other and he donated over $200,000 to mothers and fathers who could not pay their ckids' bills. >> jimmy: wow. [ applause ] >> here's the question. did albert change the world? see, every single person out here, you can change the world. i believe you were made special.
12:30 am
no one was ever made like you. same but, jimmy. i saw your monologue. >> jimmy: why are you laughing at that. >> i saw your monologue around billy, your son billy. >> jimmy: right. >> the whole country got set on fire about what are we going to do about children, the children's hospitals, resources. you see you're changing it this way, not this way, but this way. and we all have, and that's at anti-doets to all the chaos and craziness we see in washington. >> we're going to be fine when people get their confidence back. >> jimmy: well, i hope you can help us get the confidence back. >> i will. [ applause ] >> jimmy: john kasich! "it's up to us: 10 little ways we can bring about big change" is available now. and we'll return with music from white reaper. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> dicky: jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by the 2020 gle, mercedes benz, the best or nothing.
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12:33 am
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be gettin' worse and i always fall a little short ♪ ♪ in front of you yeah i always fall a little short in front of ♪ ♪ a little short in front of you all right if you still won't go ♪ ♪ tell your sister that i told her so tie that shirt onto another pole ♪ ♪ and take a dip into the stash you stole if you think i'm gonna leave that golden girl ♪ ♪ up alone all night i may have tricked myself she couldn't shake it so i guess you ♪ ♪ might be right we're gonna keep the lights down keep the lights down ♪ ♪ keep the lights keep the lights down keep the lights down keep the lights ♪ ♪ keep the lights down keep the lights down keep the lights keep the lights down ♪ ♪ keep the lights down
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keep the lights down whoa all right ♪ ♪ if you still won't go tell your sister that i told her so tie that shirt ♪ ♪ onto another pole and take a dip into the stash you stole if you think i'm gonna ♪ ♪ leave that golden girl up alone all night i may have tricked myself she couldn't shake it so ♪ ♪ i guess you might be right ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
tonight, lives cut short. >> hi, my name is jefferson. >> shouted home by police. their deaths becoming a rallying cry. now families united by grief, searching for justice. >> we really shouldn't be dealing with an assassination. >> and police under pressure. >> get down on one knee! >> the explosive look at a targeted solution. "nightline" "shot at home", will be right back.


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