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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 25, 2019 12:37am-1:08am PST

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♪ well, love, love, love ♪ she loves me ♪ love, love, love this is "nightline." tonight, forever family. the couple redefining what it means to raise a full house. adopting nine foster kids, all at once for a family of 15. how long before you called mom and dad mom and dad? >> the second we got here. >> not true. it was like the second day. >> plus -- ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ >> mr. rogers revisited. a beautiful day in the neighborhood with your best friend, now on the big screen. >> hello, neighbor. >> now his wife, sitting down with the leading man. >> how do you think your husband would have reacted by being portrayed by this guy?
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>> revealing what it was like to be married to a television treasure. >> and, twas the night before christmas when all through the house. >> a christmas tradition with whoopie goldberg. first the nightline 5. >> this is charlie not coughing because he took delsyn.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. they are home for the holidays. in the spirit of the season, one couple in arkansas giving the perfect gift to nine foster siblings -- a home, and a loving forever family. >> hi, girls, get up. rise and shine. >> reporter: it's 6:40 a.m. in rural arkansas. >> time to get up for school, baby. want to wear this? >> reporter: here in this tight, makeshift five-bedroom home live enough kids to fill a baseball team. >> dawson. >> kendall. >> lacy. >> lana. >> arya. >> nixon. >> corgan. >> and april. >> and we're the hawthornes. >> reporter: these toddlers, these sisters and their brothers began living together as foster children. terry and mike hawthorne took them in. high school sweet hearts,
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married 36 years. they'd already raised four adult biological kids giving new meaning to the phrase big happy family. while mike earns a living landscaping, it's 54-year-old terry whose full-time job is to care for the extended brood. >> we searched all over for that yesterday. >> reporter: why did you end up with this gigantic family? >> we started fostering and went through about 80 children. we got corgin, knew we couldn't let him go. and they try to keep sibling groups together. we found a larger sibling group, we thought there were only three. then we found out there was five. then a little brother, six. it kept on going from there. >> reporter: how do you make room in your heart for that many children? >> it's something the good lord does. i don't know how else. >> reporter: life has been far from easy for these kids, but in
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some ways, they are lucklucky. more than 690,000 children were in foster care in 2017. bouncing between state homes and foster families for an average of two years. >> y'all have a good day. >> you, too. >> reporter: the sibling group of seven were separated and uprooted for three years. dawson, the eldest, lived with his biological parents the longest. >> you would always worry about food, wonder what would happen when you got home. i'm just glad it's over. then i probably was upset a lot. i was praying that stuff would change. >> reporter: now that you're here, do you feel your prayers were answered? >> this is the first time i have ever slept on a bed. >> >> reporter: you slept on a pile of clothes. >> or in a closet.
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>> we have someone to take care of us. >> how long before you called mom and dad mom and dad? >> like the second day. >> reporter: why was it so easy? >> because they felt like a mom and dad. they were caring and lovable. >> reporter: when did you first allow yourself to dream of being adopted by the hawthornes? >> probably about a year after being in foster care. when my sisters told me about them and told me how nice they were and i saw them at visits. i really just wanted to get adopted by them. >> reporter: it would take this group six months and require the help of the state senator to make it official, to become a forever family. so you are the hawthorne 15? >> yes. hawthorne 15. >> reporter: micah is terry and mike's youngest biological child, now 21. >> i remember the day clearly.
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we sat down at the table and they were like, you know, this is a really big commitment. it's a big commitment for our age, for this many children and even bigger with their behavior issues. >> reporter: within aspiring actress she was weeks shy of moving to hollywood. >> i knew then what i was going to do. i think the reason why is because in that industry, it's not a guarantee. it's not a for sure that i'll make it. what was a guarantee was knowing i could stay home and give nine kids a mom and dad, help them be together and have a family that loves them. >> reporter: was that a tough sacrifice for her, do you think? >> i think it was a major sacrifice. i couldn't do it without her. it's amazing. the children adore her. she's just genuine. i'm blessed. she's wonderful. >> reporter: while the older children are at school, micah tends to the toddlers. both have extensive
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developmental delays and receive therapy several times a week. even with all the kids occupied, there is no down time for terry. >> we are headed to the grocery store to pick up groceries for today. when i go shopping i have to buy multiple cans of vegetables, fruits or whatever. tonight it will take at least four cans. looking for the best bargain i can. i save every penny i can. >> reporter: back at home their attention to every cent is on display. >> the laundry room is small. we bought a new washer and dryer. >> reporter: it's organized. look. light, dark, pink, towels. how many loads do you do? >> at least three a day. >> reporter: three a day. >> this is the kitchen. it's very small for this many people. >> reporter: but it works. >> that's right. the pantry and catch-all. it's very small. >> reporter: pretty good. i love how you organized. everything is labeled.
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>> that saves me from having to do 20 cups between now and lunchtime. i have to wash my dishes by hand because our dishwasher doesn't work. for the last 15 years i just used the dish strainer. >> reporter: the kids took us to a group home where they used to live. >> i was in the back house behind that building. >> reporter: a far cry from where they are now. >> how do you say thank you to somebody who's shown their love. >> show them your respect, love. >> respect them and love them. >> reporter: have you ever told them thank you? how do you -- what do you say to them? >> normally i say thank you and mama is like, for what? just taking care of me. for everything. she'll be like, oh, well, you're very much welcome. >> reporter: that sounds like your mom. what do you say to people who say, are you crazy? or does no one say it?
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>> they say it all the time. we laugh and say yeah. we were told we're absolutely crazy. >> reporter: you can get more information on foster care at >> reporter: up next, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood with mr. rogers on the silver screen. ♪ b less with dawn ultra. it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster. making easy work of tough messes. dawn is a go-to grease-cleaner throughout the kitchen, too. keep a bottle in the laundry room to pre-treat greasy stains. and keep dawn in the garage to lift grease off car rims. it's even gentle enough to clean wildlife affected by oil. dawn's grease cleaning power takes care of tough grease wherever it shows up. scrub less and save more... with dawn. yeah right. iand the earth is flat. ahhh!! treat your cough seriously with robitussin cf max.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa mr. rogers was known as soft-spoken but strong, unflinching in his countless messages of love and acceptance. now, the tv host's life explored in a new hollywood film.
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♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful day >> reporter: for 33 years he welcomed everyone to his neighborhood. ♪ it's a neighborly day >> reporter: blazer off. sweater on. sneakers tied. a routine both comforting and mesmerizing to millions of children, making mr. rogers one of the most cherished figures of all time. ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪ ♪ hi, neighbor >> reporter: now tom hanks is putting on the cardigan to recreate "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." ♪ >> reporter: the two-time oscar winner and the real mrs. rogers, joanne sat down with us. how do you think your husband would react to being portrayed by this guy? >> i think he might have been speechless. >> reporter: what do you think he saw in tom?
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>> i'm sitting right here, you know? >> reporter: we might ask you a question or two. >> putting her on the spot. >> what i can say is what i think of tom. easy to be a friend. >> you know, if people said of me what they have all said about fred, i would be the luckiest man in the world. >> reporter: the film explores fred's brand of radical kindness. >> mr. rogers, i'm here to interview you. >> it is so nice to meet you. >> reporter: told through the story of a jaded magazine journalist, played by actor matthew reese. >> everyone, this is lloyd voe g -- vogle; he's a wonderful writer. >> reporter: and the way mr. rogers helped him with his troubled past and fraught family relationships. >> this piece will be for an issue about heroes. do you consider yourself a hero s . >> i don't think of myself as a hero, not at all. >> reporter: the story is loosely based on the real life relationship of fred rogers and
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a journalist profiling mr. rogers for esquire. >> he had this intuitive understanding of what people needed in that moment, at the moment. >> reporter: born in 1928 in pennsylvania, fred rogers was an ordained minister. in 1968 he developed mr. rogers' neighborhood. for a long time he was the only grown-up on television who spoke directly to children. >> it's not so much what we have in this life that matters. it's what we do with what we have. >> reporter: providing answers to their eternal questions about pain, bullying, anger, and sadness. >> i know a little girl and a little boy whose mother and father got a divorce. and those children cried and cried. >> the great episode, award winning if you want to put in that super la tlativsuperlative
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about the death of his dog when he was young. >> my grandmother heard me crying and she put her arm around me. >> he says, i was really sad for a while. part of being alive is to be sad. ♪ the very same people who are sad sometimes ♪ ♪ are the very same people who are glad sometimes ♪ >> reporter: for all the goodness mr. rogers radiated on screen, you might be surprised to hear it didn't come easy for him. >> how does it feel to bea livi >> you know, i'm not fond of the term. if you think of him as a saint then his way of being is unattainable. he works at it all the time. it's a practice. he's not a perfect person. he has a temper. >> i think he was perfectly human. imperfectly human.
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>> that's it, yes. perfectly imperfect. >> how do you think he practiced being kind? >> fred was a minister. the program was his ministry. >> reporter: that's how he communicated it. >> nobody asks joanne if she got mad. >> did you get mad at him? >> oh, sure. >> he got on your nerves, like every good marriage. >> absolutely. i would come in just talking about having a hard time at the car dealership and he would say something like, well, you just don't know what that man was dealing with. you know? and i would just want to go -- >> that response is not marriage therapy 101. i don't think that's the thing a husband should do. >> hey, mr. rogers. >> what do you want audiences to take from the movie? >> i want them to enjoy it. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the
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♪ finally tonight, welcome to a "nightline" tradition. the night before christmas as read by whoopie goldberg. >> hey, it's me. every year i read "the night before christmas." sit back. relax. it goes quick. 'twas the night before christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even mickey mouse. the socks were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that st. nicholas -- also santa claus -- soon would be there. the children were nestled all snug in their beds with visions of sugplums dancing in their heads. and mama in her kerchief and i in my cap had settled our brains for a long winter's nap. when out on the lawn
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there arose such a clatter i sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. away to the window i flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. the the moon on the crest of the new-fallen snow gave a luster of midday to objects below. it means it was so bright you could see stuff. when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, with a little old driver so lively and quick, i knew it in a minute. it must be st. nick. more rapid than eagles his coursers they came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name -- "now, dasher! now, dancer! now, prancer and vixen! on, comet! on, cupid! on, donner and blitzen! from the top of the porch to the top of the wall! now, dash away, dash away, i said dash away, all!" he's very pushy.
1:04 am
up to the housetops, the coursers they flew with a sleigh full of toys and st. nicholas, too. and then as a tinkling i heard on the roof the prancing and pawing of each little hoof. as i drew in my head and was turning around, down the chimney st. nicholas came with a bound. let's think about that for a second. do you think he asked, hey, make sure the fire's out if you happen to have a chimney. i think he does. i think that he e-mails and says, turn all the chimneys down. take all the -- cool it down so i can come down there. these are the things i think about when i read this. he was dressed all in faux fur from his head to his foot and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
1:05 am
his eyes, how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry! his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry. he had a broad face the smoke encircled his head like a wreath. >> santa doesn't smoke. it's all good. he had a broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly. he was chubby and plump, no. he was plus-sized. a right jolly old elf. and i laughed when i saw him in spite of myself. a wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know i had nothing to dread. he spoke not a word but went straight to his work and filled all the stockings, except for the one for the jerk. he laid his finger aside of his nose and giving a nod, up the chimney he rose. he sprang to his sleigh to his team, gave a whistle and away they all flew like the down off a thistle. but i heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
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yo, whoopie, merry christmas, to everybody else, good night! merry christmas, y'all. ♪ >> from our family to yours, happy holidays. that's "nightline." you can catch full episodes on hulu. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america. ithere's my career...'s more to me than hiv. my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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