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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we're all just confused whch what's going on, why is this happening? >> it is a question posed by the jewish community and gripping our nation tonight. an attacker with a knife wounded five people during a hanukkah celebration in new york. a man has now been charged in that case. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the latest developments. >> reporter: with his head down wearing a white jumpsuit he pleaded not guilty to stabbing five people during a hanukkah celebration at the home of arab ae. police say around 10:00 p.m. saturday he entered the home in new york which is right door to the rabbi's synagogue. several people were hurt, witnesses describing the horror. >> he took out his knife and
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started hitting people back and forth. he went to the dining room and hit a few people there and went to the kitchen and hit one guy there and came back to the dining room. >> reporter: police say thomas ran from the house and was later apprehended in manhattan. prosecutors say nypd officers noticed blood on his clothing and smelled bleach. new york's governor andrew cuomo condemning the attack. >> these are terrorists in our country perpetrating terrorism on other americans, and that's hw we should treat it. >> reporter: the town of munsey still on edge. >> we were scared but we were not surprised because this is not the first incident in new york. >> the suspect has no previous criminal history. bond has been set at $5 million. thomas is due in court again next friday. stephanie ramos, abc monsey, new york. >> cornell bernard live in
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emeriville where people are gathered tonight. you talked to jewish leaders about the violence. they say it's got to end. >> reporter: we did and we are here at the emery bay shopping center. folks getting ready to light this menorah on the last night of hanukkah, and lots of songs are being sung. but on this holiday many across the bay area are reacting to violence. >> we're living in very, very turbulent times in the world. >> the rabbi lights candles on his menorah, but on this last night of hanukkah there's sadly little to celebrate during the festival of lights. >> what we just saw in new york are some people just out of touch and a lot of hatred, a lot of heartache, and they go out and raise havoc. >> he denounced saturday's violence.
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new york's governor said it was the 13th anti-semitic attack in the united states in three weeks. >> we have to be vigilant. we have to have security. >> the location on 6th street is more than visible. this place of refuge and worship has increased security since last year's shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. so has the congrugration on california street. >> enough. i'm angry. >> reporter: david is the security director and member of this congregation. he declined to say how security has increased. but with violence targeting jewish communities sadly this house of worship >> not only was it attack on jews but an attack on the holidays, a celebration. >> we have to realize with a message of hanukkah that a
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little light pushes away a lot of darkness. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom tweeted the attack that occurred at monsey was a horrific, cowardly anti-semitic as the final hanukkah candle is lit tonight maybe all will be reminded how light drives out darkness, and we must continue to push back against hatred and bigotry of all forms. the celebration here in emeriville will continue for the next hour. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you very much for that. to developing news now out of texas where two parishioners shot and killed a gunman outside a church. it happened at the west freeway church of christ near fort worth. a live stream of the service shows a man opening fire and then another man shooting the suspect. this is video of the service just moments before the shooting occurred. all the victims are men. investigators have not yet released any other details. and breaking news now from capitol hill, congressman john
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lewis of georgia revealed a short time ago he's suffering from pancreatic cancer. the 79-year-old democrat says he'll keep serving while undergoing treatment. he first gained national attention as a civil rights leader in the movement during the 1960s. it was a soggy mess out there. abc 7 news meteorologist tracking the showers and we were just talking about how long the rain's going to last. >> yeah, fortunately not too much longer, we could certainly use more of the rain. and the satellite radar image looping over the past few hours. we did get some moderate rain. those areas of red and orange were the moderate rain falling through. in fact right now it's headed south and this system is on its way out so we have some heavier rain through monterey and also along i-5 right now just east of gilroy and also more moderate
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rainfall across clover dale, middle town, knoxville. but it's not going to last too much longer. here's our forecast an mission. in fact over the next few hours it'll turn into scattered showers and start to clear overnight. i'll talk about your new year's eve forecast coming up as well. >> you can get the latest on the rain's arrival with live doppler 7 on our website and the abc 7 news app. track the wet weather by clicking the live blue bar at the tom of the app. >> copies of a local newspaper sold out quickly also b.a.r.t. recently ramped
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happening now, a community's coming together to mourn the loss of three dublin high school students who died in a car crash on christmas. 16-year-old twin brothers michael and anthony along with their friend javier all died at the scene. a 16-year-old who was critically injured and a junior at dublin was also hurt. both were ejected from the vehicle. chp officers say the teenagers vehicle veered out of control and hit a utility pole and a tree along foothill road in pleasanton. readers picked up the final edition of the martinez news gazette. the paper began publishing in 1858, 161 years ago. one woman has written for the
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paper since the 1960s and believes its exit will leave a void. >> we need a local paper, and the martinez news gazette in this day and age was the only paper that sent a reporter to city council and school boards. >> things like newspapers are not being read as much >> the city of martinez also saluted 93-year- she's been the news gazette's legal editor for the past 88 years. well, smash and grab suspects didn't get far with stolen loot in concord. police posted photos of social media shortly after today's death theft. you can see some items police recovered there on the car. they say the thieves led them on a pursuit. police used spike strips to stop the car on highway 4. b.a.r.t.'s early morning
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sweeps appear to be working when it comes to stopping fare evaders. b.a.r.t. began those sweeps aboard eastbound trains and last month b.a.r.t. says complaints for quality of life issues fell 5% compared to november of 2018. that includes reports of disorderly conduct and pan handling. b.a.r.t. now plans to plan the e sweeps. and a train has now left the station. high rail fans of the bay area in one museum. and a cold front has moved through the bay area. i will have your new year's eve forecast. it's looking pretty good out
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well, if you need a way to get around on new year's eve, several bay area transit systems will let you ride for free. in san francisco you can ride
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muny for free beginning at 8:00 p.m. new year's eve until 5:00 in the morning new year's day. san transand cal trans will be free as well beginning 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve. cal trans free rides will last until 2:00 a.m. and all rides on vta are free from now until new year's eve. well, for many people their inner child will have to wait until april to enjoy sights brought to life by a group of railroaders in the east bay. nbc news was in richmond for the final operating day of 2019. one model train enthusiast explained why he thinks the museum such a special place. >> i think they're in awe when n they walk in and see all the different trains. kids will come and they'll leave -- they don't want to
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leave kicking and screaming at the end of the day. >> one lay out simulates the journey trains take between the bay area and the summit. a winter storm brought 8 inches of snow to california's high desert. take a look. this is sun rising friday morning over the trees in pioneer town near joshua tree national park. the national weather service says a winter storm watch remains in effect for that area. travelers should expect snow snowy and difficult conditions. for us, wet roads, maybe a little ponding out there. but even that's going away, right? dempt. we're at the tail end of this system and it's starting to move south and east and out of our way. you can see here so that more moderate rainfall has moved south of san jose just east of gilroy as well but we are still pick up some showers in parts of the north bay.
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san francisco and i can tell you what you can expect today. so you have the rain that's going to taper off this evening and tomorrow morning is going to start off cloudy, mostly dry and then we're going to be getting sunshine in the afternoon. and if you have new year's eve plans out, it's going to be dry as well. you won't need an umbrella and temperatures right now mainly in the low 50s, oakland 53 and cool spots in parts of the north bay and 49 degrees. as we look outside we'll still see some light rainout there as we look from emery vil out towards the bay bridge and san francisco lots of low clouds. we're at the tail end of the system. the storm ranks a 1 out of 5, so this is light system. we're just going to get some scattered ice lalted showers through the rest of the evening and all in all the totals will be anywhere from
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more in the coastal ranges, maybe a little over an inch. for the next few hours you see the system starts to move southeast. by midnight pretty much almost gone and a few isolated showers and tomorrow morning we'll wake up to clouds, maybe some fog. and by the afternoon, maybe by lunchtime we'll get plenty of sunshine as high pressure builds once again. overnight lows will be in the 40s and san francisco 44, and oakland 44 and mid to upper 30s through santa rosa, lake port, clover dale, and san jose in the low 40s as well. now, tomorrow with the sunshine and high pressure building, temperatures are going to warm up to just a little bit above average in some areas, so lots of upper 50s around san francisco and oakland and san mateo and even see some low 60s through some parts of the north bay and inland areas like concord. clover dale up to 62, san jose
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59 degrees. now, here's the new year's eve planner. so on tuesday it will be mostly cloudy, temperatures in the 50s. at noon mild in the afternoon. so temperatures even a little bit warmer. and then it'll be cooling down by 8:00 and then dry as well for midnight temperatures dropping into the 40s so that's why you'll need a jacket, and then clouds will start to increase into the next day. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. so we have a gorgeous day ahead tomorrow we still might deal with a few sprinkles and by the early morning hours that all be gone. it'll be dry new year's eve and temperatures will be mild even new year's day and into the rest of the week. and we were tracking a chance of rain on friday but it looks like its going to miss us, but we will see increasing clouds and a partly cloudy weekend, and temperatures really like near 60 degrees. i can't believe it for some inland areas, so it's going to we mild for thes the weekend for the start of 2020.
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>> chris is here with sports. >> coming up it's the final nfl sunday this season and of the decade. do you believe that? a wild day of action across the league. the raiders had a chance to make the playoffs, but
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the raiders enter the day with a really small chance to make the playoffs. they need a lot of help and most importantly they need to take care of their own business and john gruden trying to fire up the troops in denver. oakland missed opportunities
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early. hunter renfroe ruled short of a touch down. you be the referee so they have to go for it fourth and goal andalic ingle stopped short once again. and fakes the jets sweep, rolls right and finds andrew before halftime. 10-3 broncos at recess. they catch a break here, unnecessary roughness. you see the flag. that'll back up the broncos. 57-yard field goal, just wide right. so the raiders are alive. drive it down the field, 10 seconds to go derek carr to hunter ren foe, they decide though to go for two and the win. carr to pass, and that's how the season kind of went. broncos win by one. the raiders finish losing five of it last six. they're 7-9 and here's coach gruden. >> it's a meaningful place to me, oakland. and the raiders is why i'm here. we're here for the raiders and i'm building our team and i've
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been saying that for a while. we're going to have a good draft and we'll get better and better and i believe that. >> fourth quarter new england trenton and miami by three and patriots up 24-20. and remember miami not that good and lately ryan fitzpatrick and magic and 24 seconds to go miami wins and kansas city celebrates because they take the two seed and drop to tlo three and set to host a wild card game next week. they'll take on tennessee and houston will host buffalo. all right, nfc now, tied at 3, carson wentz rolls right, finds josh perkkens across the field. it's 10-3 philly and this was a close game throughout, and giants down three, low snap and
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fumbles it and fumble again. fletcher cox recovers inside the 2 and next play punches it in. eagles win by 17. host the loser at the niners a seahawks game next weekend. and the carolina running back as the only players in the league yesterday and a thousand yards rushing and receive in the same year. saints beat the panthers 4 #-10 and bucks and falcons and in over time he throws a pick six, deon jones wins it for atlanta. 30 plus touch downs and 30 interceptions. the 3030 club. of course the niners and seahawks just got started in seattle and a whole lot more niners can win and they'll have
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a first round buy. >> thank you, sir, appreciate it. a little boy takes on oath in
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, police catch a suspect just moments after a car burglary. how they were able to make this arrest so fast. and a festival of lights for everyone. where you find this hands-on exhibit designed to brighten the holidays. join us at 6:00.
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well, standing before a judge is not typically where someone wants to be but it's become a holiday tradition for children in one indiana city. yesterday at the courthouse in south indianapolis, 20 children showed up with their parents to take a symbolic pledge to take good care of their toys. >> always be good to him. okay, i'll let you adopt sharky. here's your certificate. >> this tradition started in the 1980s during the cabbage patch doll craze and you get a certificate saying you were going to take care of your cabbage patch doll. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, acts of faith shattered by violent attacks. the breaking news from texas. the church service disrupted by gunfire. an active shooter opening fire. sparking panic, taking at least one life before other parishioners take him down. and the hanukkah stabbing horror in new york. a machete-wielding attacker slashing people celebrating the holiday. the suspect under arrest for what the governor is calling an act of domestic terrorism. breaking news. deadly plane crashes. a small plane slamming into a maryland neighborhood, damaging a home and cars, killing the pilot. it comes after the louisiana crash that killed at least five. new details of the disaster just one minute after takeoff. the pilot never radioed an emergency.


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