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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> at midnight, we pull the trigger and the computer shoots a beautiful show. >> the pyrotechnics experts, they're putting together a big show for new year's eve. what you may not know about is the so-called deadman's trigger, just in case something happens to go wrong. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. we are just hours from new year's eve and the big celebration in san francisco. thousands are expected to come to san francisco for the fireworks show. >> and the police say they are ready. luz pena live at peier 50 where the producers are gearing up for tomorrow. luz? >> check it out. this is where everything is being set up as we speak. these are the crews who are putting all the fireworks inside the shells you see right there. this is maybe one of the last times we're going see the barge up and close before tomorrow's show.
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tomorrow that brj barge is going to be maybe a thousand feet in the bay. before the big show, tons of preparation going to make san francisco's skylight up. >> we'll start loading the shells. they'll fill it full of fireworks. then we attach the fireworks to the network which is attached to the computer, and then at midnight, we pull the trigger. >> and when he says trigger, he really means it. this is a dead man's switch. one of these crewmembers will be given the responsibility to keep san francisco's show going. if they let go, the show is over. >> 15 minutes, 25 seconds. it's actually longer than that because there is a preroll. it's actually 16:25. and boy does that thumb get tired. >> he promises this year's show will be different with new designs and fireworks that will reach up to 1800 feet in the air. >> we're also using some equipment that we haven't used on this display before. so we've got much more angles
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that we can play with. >> along the embarcadero, the barricades are ready and so are san francisco police officers. >> we're going to be patrolling the city on bike, on foot, in vehicles. we have plainclothes officers. we have a heavy uniform presence. so we're ready to go. >> sfpd is asking party goers to avoid certain areas during the new year's eve celebration. >> avoid treasure child this year. i know it's a popular spot, but there is a heavy construction going on so it's limited access. >> and to sign up for emergency alerts around you, you can sign up by texting nyesf to 88777. i kind of which i could handle that trigger, but obviously i can't. live here, luz pena, abc7 news. >> thank you, luz. 16 minutes is a long time to keep your thumb held on it. i've seen people stop on the bay bridge because the fireworks show is so spectacular. you're driving along. people don't do that. keep going, keep going. otherwise you'll make the news
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in the wrong way. >> there is a time and place for everything and that's not it. >> that is correct. fortunately, it's not a time or place for rain. all the rain has gone away. this is a beautiful view. this is the beach at santa cruz. let's check on the conditions with spencer christian. what will we see at midnight tomorrow? >> things might not look much different from how they look right now. here is a look at live doppler 7. mainly clear skies around the bay area right now. check out this view from sutro tower under blue skies over the bay. and even as we look northward from the golden gate we see lots of blue skies there. however, some high clouds are on the way. let's see how that might or might not complicate things as we look forward to the fireworks tomorrow night. starting with forecast animation, 6:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see a few high clouds around 8:00 in the morning, maybe a wave of high clouds moving through 2:00 in the afternoon another wave. and a lot of clear manage the early evening tomorrow 6:00 p.m. or so. but then later tomorrow night,
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as we approach midnight, here comes another wave of high clouds. but as we look at conditions as we expect them to be, at midnight tomorrow night, mainly clear skies. just a thin, thin veil of high clouds which should provide us good fireworks viewing conditions. i'll take closer look a little later. larry? >> thank you, spencer. different fireworks from last night. heart rates starting to come down today after last night's thrilling win by the 49ers in seattle. the victory giving the niners their first nfc title since 2012. the niners defense with a huge stop. seconds left and the hit at the goal line by drake greenlaw to preserve a 26-21 win. quarterback jimmy garoppolo says this was an emotional win. >> nerve-racking, anxiety. every game we've had lately it seems like it's come down to players. we're resilient. over the past two years we were put in this situation. it didn't always turn out the
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best for us. this year we've had a couple of tough ones, but sticking with it the whole time. it's really paid off for us. >> the significance of that win. the nine verse a buy next week. that means two play-off victories at levi's stadium would put them in the super bowl. now the niners' first play-off game will be on saturday, january 11th. kickoff for that game is at 1:35 p.m. >> and some 49ers fans are of course stocking up on more merchandise for the play-offs. but it's not just about t-shirts and jerseys. >> i'm looking for a 49ers necktie to wear to a wedding. >> because when is the wedding? >> over the divisional weekend. i didn't expect play-offs. >> so are you having second thoughts about going to the wedding? >> i have to say no for people watching. >> but he means yes. >> i wonder how the bride and groom are going to feel about that tie. >> it's going to be great. >> we checked out dick's sporting goods in daly city after last night's big win. the last time the 49ers won the nfc west was in 2012. they went on the lose to the
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ravens in the super bowl. a different outcome this time. we're going all the way. that was harbaugh versus harbaugh. this will be a whole different deal, and it would be in miami. so we wouldn't mind that trip, some of us. >> of course. >> think about the last five games that the niners have played. ravens, saints, falcons, rams, seahawks, all coming down to the final frantic seconds. and they win last night. it's so big to be the one seed as opposed to the five seed. if you're the five seed, you're playing this weekend, wild card weekend on the road in philadelphia. instead, the niners have a week off to heal up, get some guys healthy, maybe even quan alexander, who has been out with a torn pec. >> the home crowd. >> stay at home, and then two home games, assuming you can win the first one. may end up facing the seahawks in that first play-off game. we'll see. that could be an exciting showdown game. but huge, huge to get the one seed and have the rest. >> so it's great for the 49ers.
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our other bay area, can i call them a bay area team? >> not anymore. they're las vegas' team. the oakland raiders they lost naturally two-point play. it goes bad. the broncos beat them. the raiders finished 7-9, and missed the play-offs. today players were cleaning out their lockers. some die-hard fans showed up in alameda. >> of course they did. wayne freedman spent the day at raiders headquarters and joins us with more with the goodbye. wayne? >> good evening. thank you very much for giving the r5iders after hearing all the great stuff about the 49ers. this is still raiders headqarters in alameda, at least for the time being. we don't know how much longer. the team is not saying. but their leaving for las vegas does mark an end of an era. technically, it would be the end of two eras in oakland. it is a study in contrasts nfl style. inside oakland raiders headquarters and outside, where stephanie bravo of newark had dreaded today. >> so this is the end of it. they're going clean out
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everything and hit the road, go back home. >> any player can talk about the memories contained in sweaty workout clothes or piles of shoes. but what we saw here this morning will never be again as the team abandons oakland for new digs in las vegas. any sentiments about leaving oakland? >> i mean, we'll miss it. but we're still here in the off-season. we're not going anywhere yet. >> so tell that to the diehards p>> bittersweet, but i'll still be a fan. >> and the question is why. >> it was just the vibe. >> the vibe passed down through generations in some cases. why else would frank gonzalez take this day to travel all the way from modesto with his 5-year-old son who he named -- >> raider. >> your name is raider? >> yeah. >> was that the plan? >> for him to be raider for life? yes, it was. my wife didn't want it too much. my mother-in-law didn't want it too much. but something we had to do. >> like today being something else they just had to do, joining other citizens of the raider nation, say thanks one
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more time, and maybe get an autograph. >> that's wide receiver keiland doss signing. >> you're not going let them him they can that football in the parking lot, are you? >> no, no. this is going to go in his room somewhere. >> and unlike the team, it will stay a while. and unlike the die-hard fans, the die-hard fans stayed until the very last car left. some of the fans are still here, taking photographs outside the building. so the raiders have not left the building yet. but they're going to. kind of like elvis. live in alameda, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, did you sense any bitterness out there? >> i think the people who are left here have no room for bitterness. they say they are raider fans until you die. they say a raider fan has nothing to do with the city. to quote frank, who named his son raider, he said, quote, they left before and then they came
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back. maybe they'll do it again. we asked frank if he was dreaming. he admitted that he probably. so they're sad. and they don't like the niners. >> well, some things never change, no matter where the raiders play. thank you. the new year will bring some monstrous waves, in excess of 35 feet are expected to break near mavericks in san mateo county. that's on wednesday night. sky 7 giving us a preview. it flew past pillar point earlier in the day. surfers very excited. a loft big-time surfers are flying in to try to catch some phenomenal waves. the national weather service is warning of dangerous sneaker waves that could pull unsuspecting people out into the ocean. breaking news now out of san mateo, where police officers are investigating a shooting in the area of la hacienda market. sky 7 was over the scene. officers responded to reports of an incident in the parking lot at 2:31 p.m. one person suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and is in
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stable condition. a judge has postponed ruling on whether two homeless oakland moms can stay in the home they've been occupying since november. this morning dozens of people gathered outside an alameda county courtroom waiting for that decision. but now they'll have to wait a little longer. abc news reporter julian glover has more. >> a lot of anticipation inside the courtroom today that the judge would make a ruling after issuing a temporary stay back on november 17th that allowed the moms to stay inside the oakland home they've been squatting in a little longer. but judge patrick mckenny decided not to rule from the bench but instead deliberate on the information presented in court and come back with a ruling soon. look at the outpouring of support for the two moms. they all marched in solidarity together as the proceedings started. in court this morning, attorneys representing moms from the group moms4housing attempted to bring forward two expert witnesses on the extent of the housing crisis
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and attempting to inform the court how significant the homeless crisis is in the bay area creating needs like dominique walker to occupy the home they've been in since november. attorneys for wedgewood, the owners of the property maintained their position. while they're sympathetic to the moms' plight they broke into the home and i they don't have a right to be there. the moms are just happy the fight is not over yet. after the court, the women returned to the oakland home, and here is what they had to say. >> we're not going anywhere regardless of what the legal system says, because this is a moral issue. >> alameda county denied me housing. this is bigger than me standing up here talking about i'm taking this. i'm taking this buzz you did not help me. alameda county. >> the real estate firm wedgwood said it wants to sell the home to a first-time home buyer. it's unclear when the judge may rule on this case.
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reporting in hayward, julian glover, abc7 news. up next, saturday's stabbings at a rabbi's house on the last day of hanukkah has put the jewish community on alert. also, remember that chinese doctor who performed gene editing on a patient? we finally know his well i didn't choose metastatic breast cancer. not the exact type. not this specific mutation. but i did pick hope... ...and also clarity... knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it.
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and have a pik3ca mutation... ...ask your doctor about piqray. the jewish community is on high alert after an attack near new york city over the weekend. there have been a string of attacks targeting jewish people. the latest came during a hanukkah celebration at a rabbi's home on saturday night. police say 37-year-old grafton thomas entered the house, stabbing five people with a
4:16 pm
machete. >> i spoke to a holocaust survivor last night, and he told me, just as he did when he was a kid in germany, he packed a suitcase and has his passport on top of that suitcase in case he has to run because they're out to get the jews. >> grafton's family says he has a long history of mental illness and hospitalization. he has no history of violence or known anti-semitism. now to the latest developments in a texas church shooting where a gunman killed two people and wounded three others. the gunfire sparked panic in the pews, but just six seconds later, members of the church security team returned fire. jack wilson fired the shot that killed the shooter. wilson is a former reserve deputy. he had been teaching members of the congregation to shoot as part of the church's security measures. more than 240 people were in the church at that time. a chinese scientist who helped create the world's first gene-edited babies has been sentenced to three years in prison. researcher he jiankui claimed in 2018 he altered the dna of three
4:17 pm
embryos to reduce the risk of the babies contracting hiv. a court has ruled he and two others did not obtain papers to practice medicine and violated medical research. jimmy carter has appeared in public for the first time since undergoing brain surgery last month. he and his wife attended services at the plains georgia church where he worships every sunday. parishioners prayed for the carters. carter is the nation's oldest living former president. he had surgery last month to relieve pressure on his brain that was caused by bleeding from a fall. and spencer is here. i know you are close friends with them. >> i was at his 95th birthday celebration? august of this year. he is a strong and resilient guy, and he'll fight it. he'll fight his way back. we're rooting for him. we're also rooting for clear skies for new year's eve. >> that's true. >> we might have them. here is look at live doppler 7. we have mainly clear skies right
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now. there are a few passing clouds moving by, high clouds. but you can see right now skies look clear over san francisco in this view from sutro tower. current temperature readings are on the seasonably cool range, about 55 degrees here in the city. 57 in oakland. redwood city 59. 57 at san jose and 54 apiece at gilroy and half moon bay. and we see nothing but blue sky looking northward from the golden gate. it's a little milder right now in some of our inland area. 61 at santa rosa, and low 60s at fairfield. upper 50s at petaluma, napa and livermore. the view from mount tam looking down into the bay. you can see a little haze here. some very thin clouds moving through the area. again, skies are mainly bright. these are the forecast features. look for passing high clouds through new year's eve. we'll have a dry start to 2020. and just a slight chance of rain over the weekend. very slight at the moment. of greater concern right now is rough surf. we have a beach hazard statement that will be in effect from 1:00 p.m. tomorrow to 9:00 p.m.
4:19 pm
wednesday. wave heights are increasing. and as i said, the surf is a bit rough. there is the risk of rip currents and sneaker waves, and breakers may reach heights of 25 feet. we'll be on the lookout for that. here is our forecast animation, such as it is. starting at midnight tonight, going to midnight tomorrow night. notice mainly clear skies. we'll see waves of high clouds moving through in the early morning hours, about 8:00 a.m. or so. and around mid afternoon, about 2:00 p.m., we'll see more high clouds passing through. mainly clear skies in the early evening tomorrow, going into the late night hours of new year's eve. but then we'll see some high clouds forming around 10:00 p.m. so between 10:00 p.m. and midnight, which is what we expect to see fireworks, we'll see that next wave of high clouds move through, giving us probably pretty good viewing conditions for fireworks. that' how it looks at the moment. overnight lows mainly in the low 40s of the coast. bay shoreline look for upper 30s. a little chillier in the inland valleys. tomorrow temperatures mainly in up the 50s everywhere.
4:20 pm
santa rosa high there, expected to be 62. and down at san jose, about 60 degrees. most locations will top out at 58, 59 degrees. wednesday, new year's day we start the new year on a dry and relatively mild note with high temperatures mainly in the low, mainly low to mid-60s. thursday same range of highs. and on friday, all the skies will be bright. it will start to cool down a bit as we head into the weekend. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. again, look for a fairly mild conditions on wednesday, new year's day and thursday. slightly cooler on friday. increasing clouds on saturday. and there is a slight chance of maybe some light showers, primaryfully the north bay on saturday. perhaps even into sunday morning. and then on monday, get sunny skies again. and it looks like we're going go into a cooling trend early next week. >> a pretty clear week. dry start to the new year. thanks, spencer. still ahead now, you can live like a hobbit, if that's your thing.
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the perfect airbnb for fans of "lord of the rings." >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. coming up, i'm going to s
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when temperatures get lower, your hot water usage probably gets higher. >> yes. but there are ways to save on your water bill. 7 on your side's michael finney is here. >> i don't think most people think about this, but water heating is one of the biggest expenses in your home. now that's according to the u.s. energy information administration. so here is some ways to keep your water bill lower. if you want to save money on your utility bill, cut your hot water use. using hot water to shower, to do laundry and the dishes is one of the biggest expenses for households. but you don't have to sacrifice comfort to save. saving is as simple as taking a shorter hot shower and shutting off the shower while you soap up. but there is more you can do. consumer reports says these three tips can help you lower
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your hot water bill. tip number one, don't rinse dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. it's not energy efficient. all you really need to do is scrape the food off. tip number two, use cold or warm water for your laundry. consumer reports says its tests show clothes still get clean. also, use the washer's faster spin cycle for less drying time. and tip number three, buy energy efficient appliances. consumer reports says energy star washing machines and dishwashers use a third less water than standard models. and here is an added bonus. new dishwashers are much quieter these days. you wouldn't know it by my kitchen. it's loud. what is that? >> i always want to scrape everything off. it's hard. >> do they really get clean with the newer ones? >> they get cleaner because the dish washing detergents are set up to eat away at food. and if you don't do that, if you
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scrape all the food it eats away at the dish, mainly your glasses. so you're better off to have some food on there. >> it's like retraining. we have to be trained. >> training is slow. >> thanks, michael. >> sure. up next, the new laws going into effect this wednesday on january 1st. a lot of people will be getting a raise. we'll look at the new minimum wage. what bart is doing to reduce number of fare evaders in the system. we'll be right back.
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now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> several new laws will go into effect in california in just two days, among them an increase to the minimum wage. >> abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom with some of the other new laws and the impact they'll have. lyanne? >> well, look at it this way. lawmakers spend month, even years listening to their constituents on issues that affect them, and of course all of us, right? well, they introduce these bills, and some do or don't get past. the governor must then sign them. so in a way on january 1, lawmakers get to see the fruits of their labor. >> by 2023, the state minimum
4:29 pm
wage will finally reach the $15 an hour mark. for now, as of january 1, it will fluctuate between $12 and $13 an hour, depending on the number of company employees. >> united we'll never be defeated. >> since we're on the topic of employees and wages, another new law, assembly bill 5, the so-called gig worker bill will require companies that hire independent contractors to reclassify them as employees. lyft and uber drivers have been the most vocal supporters. this now means they will be guaranteed a magic along with both employee and state benefits. >> probably will put me out of business. >> but not everyone is happy. a few months ago, greg manna told abc7 news that his trucking business will suffer. unable to meet these requirements, some businesses have started to pass on these costs to their clients. another law, ab 1532 requires that all employees dealing with food preparation be trained and
4:30 pm
certified in food allergy safety. the bill was introduced following the death of a 13-year-old orinda girl who had a severe reaction to peanuts at a summer camp. california, which tends to lead the nation in adopting new laws will become the first to outlaw racial discrimination based on a person's hairstyle. the issue got national attention when a referee forced a new jersey high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match. and that referee was eventually suspended. many who fought for that bill say african americans have been especially targeted because in some cases, they were denied employment or even promotions. now join me at 6:00. i'll talk of other new laws, rent control, granny flats and microbeads. microbeads. you know that tiny stuff, that little stuff in your toothpaste or face wash that gives you that extra scrubbing power, banned. gone. who knew?
4:31 pm
in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> a lot to know for the new year. and as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we have been reporting a lot on bart as well as passenger safety. >> right. and one of the big problems that we've been documenting is fare evasion. ppeople just saunter through th turnstiles. they jump over them. they squeeze through them. bart has been looking at solutions to try to combat fare evaders, and it appears they have found a solution that is working. chronicle insider phil matier is here. you wrote about this yesterday. >> that's right. it's a case of a little bit of less is more. in this case, what we have is a problem at bart. it's a big problem. they estimate that fare evaders cost the system 25 to $30 million in unpaid tickets. but they also bring bad behavior on to the system. you've been on it. you kind of know who jumped the line and jumped the gate. whether they're sleeping in the chair or they're eating or they're doing something else questionable. a lot of times it's fare evaders. so bart is trying to crack down
4:32 pm
on them. in the past, what they've done is sweeps where they've gone and checked for tickets. and if you don't have one, you're subject to a $75 fine. well, there is some questions raised about that. one of them is whether or not they were being profiled or not, whether they were fair. it turned out of the more than 12,000 tickets that were given out over a year period, almost half went to african americans. but still, they said look, we targeted everybody. we set up a line and target everybody, kind of like a dui checkpoint. but nonetheless, i think the results were disturbing to some people. bart started something else in setember, going down and going through each train individually. but this time rather than handing out citations which would criminalize the behavior and subject you t a fine that. >> just said beat it. get off the train. get out of the station. you get a pass. just go. you didn't have your ticket. okay. we're going give you a pass on the fine, but get out of the station. and that has resulted -- whether it's correlated or not remains
4:33 pm
to be seen in a 5 to 7% drop in the quality of life complaints about people riding on barts. they're doing it on the first trains as they go out of san francisco. they come up through the peninsula. sometimes the homeless hop on. they're going to figure they're going to take a ride all the way out to dublin. nope. embarcadero station and during the commute hours calls of questionable behavior have dropped. >> but lot of people, they want to make sure that their bart train is on time. that slowing them down? >> they manage to do this. what they do rather than start at the back and go forward, the bart cars line up. they take a cop and fare inspector and walk on each train. so only one fare inspector, one train, you can do it in three to five minutes. and since it's not slowing up and since they toss about 75 to 100 people a day off. they're expanding them. they've decided that it's worth it to try to do it to more trains in order to, one, get the message out that to the public that safety is being a priority, and getting the message out to the fare evaders, you can get
4:34 pm
on, but you're going to get off just as quick. >> that's interesting. because once you get tossed off the first time, let's say i'm a fare evader. i'm trying to save myself a few bucks. and i get thrown off in the middle of nowhere. i have to come up with a plan b. what about people say this is not that big a deal. in fact, for teenagers kind of a rite of passage, cool, jump the thing and i'm on bart. >> if it's a rite of passage and you jump the thing and it's kind of cool and you and your friends do it because you've seen the videos of people hopping over it. all right. you get caught, you get tossed. you could have gotten a $50 fine. how would that go over with mom and dad, you know? not real well. >> i don't think we're telling mom and dad about everything we do. >> so then you risk the problem of just getting in more trouble if you're at that age. but it's interesting because the other thing that bart is trying to do is make it tougher to jump over the gates. >> right. >> and you saw the pictures of that. they look like saloon doors, these new ones.
4:35 pm
they're like out of new york. but that costs something like $150 million to put in. your eyes just bugged out a little bit. >> it's kind of a lot of money. i'd rather toss people. >> they came up with this in the meantime. we'll see if this works. but this was a little more economical, and a little quicker, because it was going to take years to get the other one going. what they're trying to do is make the impression on the fare evaders and on the public in general. because it's one thing to build a better bay area, but you have to maintain it once you built it. and that takes ongoing work and ongoing vigilance. >> anything that improves the overall bart experience, they've got to ned that that direction. if this is it, then we're head do you think the road. you can read phil's columns in "the san francisco chronicle" every wednesday and sunday, and phil is going to stick around because he'll be joining us for 4 at 4:00, some interesting segments ahead. >> that's right. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. always share them by joining our
4:36 pm
better bay area group on facebook. >> i think it's a better bay area when spencer doing weather. >> i think so so too. >> i have to agree with that. live doppler 7, we have mainly clear skies right now. expect a few passing clouds overnight and over in the central valley, maybe even a patch of fog will develop. overnight lows mainly in the upper 30s in the inland valleys to low 40s around the bay and the coast. tomorrow look for a bright mostly sunny day. but once again, periods of passing high clouds. highs will be -- whoops, almost dropped the clicker. a narrow range, about 58 to 60 in most locations tomorrow. and on we go to the accuweather seven-day forecast. expect a dry start to the new year. so wednesday is looking a little cloudier, but we're not expecting rain. high temperatures will be in the low 60s inland and around the bay, even milder on thursday and friday than on saturday. we have our chance for the first rain of 2020. but it's expected to be very light and confined mainly to the north bay. so things are looking pretty good for the week ahead.
4:37 pm
but what's even more important, they're looking better for tomorrow night's fireworks view. skies are looking mainly clear. >> thanks, spencer. up next, time for four at 4:00. the 49ers having their best season since 1997. we'll talk about what comes next. also, steph curry is the star, but his daughter, she stole the show again. >> riley. and would you want to stay
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s. time for four at 4:00. four stories we want to get you thinking about today. a tie this year for the most admired man in the u.s. it was spencer and phil. no, my mistake. that was my poll. >> it should have been. >> president trump and former president obama tied for the top spot. this is according to gallup's annual poll. they've been doing this since 1948. each earned 48%. first time for president trump. 12th year in a row for mr. obama. meanwhile, the survey found michelle obama leads as the most admired woman at 10%, and melania trump came in second place at 5%. people polled also named relatives, loved ones as the person they admire the most. >> that's right. well, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise. polls tend to be driven by the media, and the media tends to be driven by polls. and who is in the news the most? donald trump. you figure he is going to be up there in the top. barack obama is sort of the other side of donald trump. so you have one seen picking
4:41 pm
their most valuable player, the other one playing theirs. that didn't come as too much of a surprise. i found it interesting. you're right. about one out of ten mentioned a relative or a friend. >> so they could have picked spencer. >> or phil. >> or phil. >> but 25% said nobody. >> so nobody won? >> nobody won that. so the top one was nobody, which gave me new respect for it. >> that's awesome. admiration is not what it used to be. >> i thought it was -- it's tough if you can only get 10% for michelle. i would have thought she would have been through the roof. more popular than either of the guy. >> she certainly was when she was still first lady. she had big numbers then. i think saying the first lady is the most admired woman is sort of a default position for lots of people. >> yeah. >> now question. this has been going on since 1948. who do you think is the number one woman who holds being in the top ten the longest?
4:42 pm
the person who had the most top ten place. >> oprah? >> no. >> spencer and i. >> 1948, girls. >> queen elizabeth. >> thank you. see? it shows you what's in the news. as far as the male side goes, billy graham. there you go. >> let's move it along. >> 49ers first clinched the nfc title since 2012. came down to the wire last night in seattle. 26-21. i thought i was going have a heart attack during this game. >> me too. >> the niners, they're in the driver's seat on the road to the super bowl. it's got to come through santa clara because they're off. they have a buye and they could face round two. is this a team of destiny? >> i don't know. is this our year? i feel like it can be. >> i think the fact that they earned home field is gigantic. >> it's huge. >> larry, don't they also get a bye week? that means they get a week to patch themselves up and
4:43 pm
rejuvenate. does that give them an edge going in? >> oh, huge. you can get a bunch of guys who are banged up. to win by that much. >> it was the second time that it went down to the wire. >> and a whole bunch of close games. >> if you look at the regular season records, though, the niners and the ravens, could be back in the super bowl. >> that would be a rematch. >> but this time, this time, though, we're taking it. >> we actually had fans at levi's stadium. >> exactly. >> so steph curry. we know he's got skills. but of course eldest daughter riley, she stole the show again at the warriors game saturday. warriors star was courtside before the game on saturday at chase center. stopped by to say hi to the fam. look at that, they shared that elaborate handshake before riley kissed dad's cheek. curry hasn't played in weeks because of his injured left hand. riley is a regular and has stolen the hearts of basketball
4:44 pm
and nonbasketball fans alike. >> we need a secret handshake. >> they've really done a good job. for a few years, riley was like in the spotlight. and they've kind of pulled back a little bit and let her be a little kid. >> how much longer until ststep >> the hand is healing, but they're not going rush him back for a season where they're gone or to the lottery. >> speaking of rushing, they're rushing us through this. a couple in north carolina is building an airbnb to rule them all. >> mike parish and his wife building a hobbit whole home based on "lord of the rings." it's 800 square feet, one bedroom, one bath. it's 90% underground. >> it includes a hobbit hole round door. expected to be finished in two months. they haven't decided how much they're going toe charge a night. back here in the bay area we sort of have a similar home, the flintstone house. >> i like the flintstone one.
4:45 pm
hey barney! >> i don't think airbnb it out. that's privately owned right now. it's for parties and the officials aren't too happy about it. do the furry feet come with the one in tennessee? >> that's a really good question. >> phil always has the law. >> it's good that you join us. keep us on the straight and narrow. all right. ♪ oh, oh, (announcer)®! ♪ once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like james lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) ozempic® does not increase
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it's almost that time with toasting with a fizzy glass of champagne on new year's eve. tradition for many of us, but there is another bubbly beverage in gaining popularity. it's prosecco. joining us now is someone who knows all about the wonderful world of wine. sommelier iris ronin. >> thank you so much. >> they all look so much the same, sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco. >> prosecco is from the northeastern state of the veneto. the region, prosecco superiori is the name of the style of wine. it's just south of the beautiful
4:49 pm
dolomite mountains and north of venice. all prosecco. the great variety is glara. these are all different styles of sparkling wine made with that grape. >> do i get to taste? >> oh, yes, please. >> how does prosecco pair with foote food? >> it's quite versatile. the one you're tasting right now is an extra dry which is confusing. dry actually has a little more residual sugar. >> i was going say, it has a hint of sweetness. >> just a hint. it makes it great for pairing with spicy things, a little bit of chili. but great just for quaf i -- finger on its own. >> the average price of these wines, which are of the appalachian run 10 to $20 retail. the wines are all from very,
4:50 pm
very small producers, steep-sloped and a great value at the price point. >> you mentioned docg, which is something i see on the label of italian wines often. what does that mean? how do we know what to look for when we're in the store. we're not experts and we look at the label of a bottle of prosecco. >> thank you so much for asking that, spencer. there is one thing these all share in common. it's this little docg mark. docg is the highest cru appalachian status that an italian wine can achieve. it means a controlled denomination of origin and it's guaranteed. kind of a mouthful. >> it meets all the strict requirements. >> exactly. >> bear that label. how big a deal is the glass wear that you use. does that make a difference? i know the answer, but i'm asking anyhow. >> some say more so than others. but i would say it definitely impacts the way the aroma hits your nose, and the dissipation of the bubbles. if you pour it into a big pint
4:51 pm
glass, you're not going to have the same experience as you do in a flute or a wine glass. >> speaking of pouring, is there a correct way to open a bottle of sparkling wine so the cork doesn't fly out and destroy things? >> definitely. all of these have cages on them that hold the cork in. and you definitely want to keep your thumb over the top of the bottle as you open it. it seems like it's just a little puff, but sometimes you can have quite the force behind one of those bottles. it is very important to be cautious when opening. >> hold on securely as you're loosening up the cage. you never know the cork might power play. how is a sommelier like you celebrating the new year? i bet you are working. >> i am almost always working. this year i am not working, so that is excite exciting. i'm going to be at a 1920s themed speakeasy party. i imagine drinking a little prosecco dmcg. >> it helps you speak a little more easily. thanks, iris. happy new years to you.
4:52 pm
up next, the pixar short about a boy who can fly. >> spencer is still talking. asking question, take a sip. ask another question, take another sip. >> we're going the take you inside pixar for a look at how an animated film came to be, and how it almost didn't happen. >> right now dan is here with what's ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, new food labels that could make it easier to get healthy this year. plus, the search for a person who used a stun gun on a security guard while robbing a best buy in san bruno. we'll have that story. and unbelievable. why would somebody shoot pets? >> neighbors in menlo park stunned that someone shot a dog on their quiet street and then rode off on a bike. those stories and a lot more
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
all right. here is a look at tonight's primetime lineup. catch spider-man homecoming and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. float is an animated short. it's from pixar about a boy who can fly and his father who wishes he couldn't. it's a metaphor, and we'll have an explanation for that in a moment. but "float" also features the first filipino character and it almost did not happen. reggie aqui with the story behind the story. >> we are taking you deep inside pixar's campus, past their iconic characters and away from
4:56 pm
incredibles budget to a tiny room covered in concepts, including that of long-time pixar artist but first-time director bobby rubio. >> here is inspiration and story boards for the story. a and this is your son. >> that is my son. that's my son alex. so these are my drawings. and they're super rough, because i knew it was going to be animated later. so i wasn't trying to make pretty drawings. i was more trying to get the idea across. >> he and producer christy are part of pixar's new shorts program. they got a small budget, a tight six-month timeline. but unlike the usual process, lots of freedom to tell a story their way. so this is the original concept, right? >> yes. >> this doesn't look like bobby. >> no, no. the characters are white. because of my unconscious bias, well, who is going to want to
4:57 pm
see filipino american? >> how does it make you feel now? >> i'm glad that i'm wrong, because float has been getting such amazing feedback. and i hope that it inspires other people of color to create characters in league position. >> wow, what a cool story. float is available on disney plus. pixar, as you know is owned by disney which is also the parent company of abc7 news. a reminder that you can get the latest news any time with our abc7 news news app. it has enhanced live video and push alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your phone, and you get it in realtime. all right. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts in just a moment.
4:58 pm
my skin hurt, i felt gross. but then i started cosentyx and i haven't really had to think about it. real people with psoriasis... look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis.
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an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. a family in shock this evening after someone shoots their dog. a search for a man who pulled out a gun while riding a bike in menlo park. targeting drunk drivers. the new push for what could be one of the toughest dui laws in the country. in concord a massive cleanup that neighbors say is a long time coming. while they now say safer, others say they're feeling left out in the cold. also this evening, the faces behind the silver and black. fans look for one more autograph as the team clears out of the bay area. and pets on planes. you could call it the fur
5:00 pm
i app a-flying. what happened to one woman who was allergic to her seatmate. >> why would somebody shoot a pet that's not bothering you? it's shocking. >> it happened to this dog in menlo park. a beloved dog. his owner hoping he will recover. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. police are searching for the person who shots the dog as it played in its yard and rode off on a bike. >> anser hassan has more on the dog's condition tonight. >> when that shot was let off, i rushed out here. it was my first instinct. and all i heard was rumble cry. >> reporter: damian young has been raising his pit bull rambo since he was a pup. he gets emotional thinking about last night. he was the one who had to call 911 after rambo was shot in the neck. >> going back inside to call 911, i was crying the whole time. >> did you think your dog may not make it? >> that was going through my mind the entire time. >> young


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