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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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than the unified voice of the american people. . mystery in marin county. a developing story right now. the search for a couple that seems to have just vanished. new images of a mountain lion in the south bay. is it the same one that officials now confirm attacked a little girl? a rare update from apple. why the company's bottom line is taking a hit. and a new tool to go after car thieves. the south bay legislator says he has a solution to try to stop an epidemic. on the road to a dubious distinction. what could be a bay area first in more than 150 years. and which club would you use to send a golf ball out of oracle park? >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7 news. >> a helicopter looks high and low while an army of searchers
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looks on the ground. all eyes are on the lookout for a local couple vacationing in marin county. they have not been seen since friday and it's a big misery. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> the search for carole kiparsky and ian irwin is expanding. the couple was staying at an airbnb in inverness. >> search and rescue crews are looking in the area including point reyes national seashore. >> anser hassan is live at the county's sheriff's office with the latest. >> good evening. the marin county sheriff offices say there is no evidence of any foul play. they say the hikers stayed at the airbnb before. they know the area. they're avid hikers. there is a sense of urgency as more days go by. search and rescue crews spent the day searching near point reyes national seashore for these two, 77-year-old carole kiparsky and 72-year-old ian irwin. they've been missing since friday. >> considering that the last
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time they were spoken to or had contact with family was on friday, i think it definitely increases the urgency of our search. >> sergeant brenton snider with the marin county sheriff's office says the couple were vacationing at this airbnb in inverness. the owner called police when the couple didn't check out on saturday. sergeant snyder says the couple may have gone out leaving behind their cell phones, wallets, and car. >> considering the amount of personal effects left behind, i that they intended on coming back to the residence. >> search crews stepped up efforts on monday since fog limited their search on sunday. 136 search and rescue volunteers tracked the dense vegetation along the vast hills, assisted by drones. >> you can get tired, you know, and take it easy. but otherwise should be able to get to the road at one point. >> he hiked these trails a lot. they were surprised to hear about the missing couple. they say the area is popular with hikers, so even if someone
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gets lost, hikers will usually run into people who can help. >> we hike all the time. we go very far away, sometimes more than 15, 20 miles on foot, right, and we find someone. >> sergeant snyder says the couple are avid hikers and know the area well. he remains optimistic that they'll be found. >> we still believe that there is a strong likelihood that they could be alive. and that's why we have so many ground searchers out here looking for them. >> we're told one of the hiker, mr. irwin hurt his ankle before this trip, which may limit how far he can walk or hike. we're also told that family members are flying in to help in this search. reporting live, anser hassan, abc7 news. >> thank you. this couple rent at least homes in their home in pennsylvania. tenants say they have gone hiking in the past, but it's unlike them to vanish in the way they did at point reyes. >> they like camping. they usually go for a couple of days or so. but usually they've always been back on time, or at least just
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email if the plans are going change or something. >> that tenant says he last heard from them on wednesday. the couple sent an email to the renters before they left for point reyes area with instructions to bring in the paper, turn on the porch lights. that message ended with happy valentine's day. developing news in the south bay. a day-long search for a mountain lion is still under way right now after a 6-year-old girl was attacked sunday morning. the incident happened along wildcat canyon trail in cupertino county. david louie is live at the park with details of how dna is going to help identify that mountain lion. david? >> hi, ama. this park happens to lie within the natural habitat for mountain lions. roughly, once a week trail cameras capture a mountain lion passing by. dna evidence taken from the clothing and the wound of the girl who was attacked will help to pinpoint the exact animal that attacked her.
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the search area is in steep terrain about two miles from the main parking lot. four dogs from the department of agriculture are being used to track the mountain lion that scratched a 6-year-old girl saturday morning and left small indentations where it tried to bite her in the calf. the girl's name has not been released. a ranger said she is in good spirits after the attack. >> we had analysis from the clothing and bandages of the young girl. and we confirmed with our forensic people that a mountain lion was responsible for transferring dna to her clothing and her wounds. >> department of fish and wildlife officers will then try to match the collected dna to any mountain lion they're able to catch. normally mountain lions are active at night. the attack happened mid morning on sunday while the girl was hiking wildcat canyon trail with four adults and three other children. one of the four trail cameras in the park captured this image of
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a mountain lion just before 5:00 this morning, but it's not known if this is the animal they're trying to find. >> we know we have a mother that tends to stick around here quite often. but we don't know the sex of this cat. it could be a big male moving through, or another lion passing trough the area. >> less than six years ago, another 6-year-old, a boy, was attacked bay mountain lion along the ridge from rancho san antonio. it took four days to track that mountain lion. verifying the dna will take several hours involving a lab in sacramento. once the animal is found, no decision has been made what the fate of the animal will be. meantime, this county park will remain closed until it is safe to reopen. the dogs will be back out searching in the morning. live near cupertino, david louie, abc7 news. >> thank you, david. and a family of mountain lions was seen at this same park
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last august. take a look. hiking trails were closed for a time until park officials were able to lure the mother cat and her three cubs away from the back country trails. as many as 6,000 mountain lions roam california. they're also known as cougars, panthers and pumas, and mountain lions are not considered endangered or threatened. so what should you do if you see a mountain lion in your neighborhood? we have video outlining the steps on our website, new developments from china as apple now says it will not meet its revenue guidance for the quarter because of the coronavirus outbreak. apple says work is resuming, but it's a slower return to normal than originally anticipated. this worldwide iphone supply means it will be in short supply. apple says the health of each person who makes apple products is its top priority so that's why they're taking their time. within the past hour, china reported more than 1800 new cases of coronavirus. four u.s. citizens confirmed to have the disease are now in a
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hospital near travis air force base. throw others have also been hospitalized after developing symptoms. they were all previously quarantined on a cruise ship off the coast of japan and just landed back in the u.s. today. we spoke with a man on that flight who doesn't have the virus, but will now be quarantined at travis for the next two weeks. >> it's tough, you know. i'm losing essentially a month out of my life. 14 dines ship and now another 14 days. >> it's not easy. if anyone in quarantine at travis displays symptoms, they will be taken to an off base hospital for treatment. now to the south bay and a new effort to find a solution to car break-ins. a state assembly man is calling for tougher penalties agains those committing the crimes. chris nguyen has the a look at how the lawmaker hopes it will help build a better bay area. >> chances are you've either been the victim of an auto burglary, or you know of someone who has had their car broken
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into. assembly member chu wants to do something about it. >> we've seen the increase of the smash and grab for the last five years. >> chu plans to introduce legislation this month that would increase penalties on those committing auto break-ins and property theft. more specifically, these crimes would be considered a felony if electronic devices with personal information were stolen. >> personal devices, a cell phone, a laptop or anni pad, it will automatically become a felony. >> chu says the personal data on the devices should be considered when determining actual losses. >> tougher prosecution, definitely will put a dent to this problem. >> last summer chu secured $2.75 million from the state to help five bay area police departments with combatting the auto break-in epidemic. many have since launched crime campaigns to remind drivers to remove valuables out of sight.
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>> propositions 47 and 57 had very good intention, they also had some unintended consequences. >> kim peterson says holding criminals accountable is the key. >> criminals feel like they have carte blanche to feel like they can come into our cities and take whatever they want out of our vehicles. so i think this is a healthy discussion. >> and while it's unclear when the legislature may take up chu's proposal, many say the conversations surrounding it is worth having. chris nguyen, abc7 news. new at 5:00, keeping the piece when it comes to rentals like airbnb. how a local lawmaker is going after party houses in quiet neighborhoods. and chalking it up to frustration. how personal ads have this people fired up. warm enough to hit the beach today. i'll let you know when it will cool off, coming up. it's not every day you see a championship trophy in the middle o
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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salvage crews towed away a boat that ran aground at baker beach in san francisco sunday afternoon. three people had to be rescued off the boat. all were okay. firefighters tied the boat to rocks on the beach until the slvage crew arrived today to pull it back into the water. protesters targeted facebooks at mark zuckerberg's know valley home this morning calling out what they call hate and disinformation that's being spread on the platform. they say facebook's policies have been detrimental to our elections. >> this is not how democracy is supposed to work. we are supposed to see what our opponents put up and what the people we agree with put up and be able to discuss it. this is a way to hide and do utive politics out of view. >> prosecutors called on facebook to do to do more to
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remove false content. zuckerberg was not at home today. he was in brussels meeting with european union officials on proposed artificial intelligence regulations. over the weekend he said tech companies like his should be treated like a telecommunications company and a newspaper. >> i think we need to make sure that the internet can continue to be a place where everyone can share their views openly, and where the legal framework around this is one that encodes democratic values and open values. >> the eu says it will not allow facebook to influence how it regulates big tech. instead, the eu says facebook must adapt to their standards. a bill intended to deter party houses at short-term rental properties will be introduced tomorrow in sacramento. the legislation from east bay senator steve glaser will allow smaller cities to levee fines of up to $7,000 on local rental hosts who violate the laws. the law comes more than four months after five people were killed at a house party in
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orinda that was frequently rented out for events. >> what we're doing today is honing in on those who are renting their property, typically in residential neighborhoods, that they are held to account for ensuring the tranquility of which they live. >> right now smaller cities can only fine homeowners a maximum of $11,000. gaser says the co-sponsor of his bill is now working on legislation that would target rental platforms. a lot of people headed to alameda's beach today. you can see someone using a metal detector. that's always fun. a couple of guys sitting on a log and a family off to the right. >> but the sunshine underscores a big problem on this holiday. drew is live to explain. drew? >> ama and dan, we're in the midst of this dry stretch. we wanted to know have we ever gone the entire month rain-free. take a look at this graphic. we dug into the record books. way back in 1864, yes, more than
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150 years ago, san francisco went rain-free the entire month of february. what was even happening in 1864? look at this. crissy field, where i am standing right now what was not even here. that was filled in the 1870s. the golden gate bridge was still 70 years from being opened, and the nation was in the middle of a civil war. from a wildfire risk perspective back here, a dry february followed by a wet march is not always ideal because you get those seasonal grasses that rapidly grow, but our rainfall deficit has really primed older vegetation to burn. look at this time lapse. we had a wildfire in tahoe national forest. this is about 120 acres. and it's called the antelope fire. it's a little bit unnerving to see this kind of activity so early in the year. now i'm going bring in meteorologist sandhya patel. she is going to try and find any
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changes headed our way in the next seven days. >> i wish i could tell you it's definitive. we have rain coming. i'm going to tell you why it's not so definitive. check out this live picture from our santa cruz camera where people are enjoying president's day in santa cruz. it's really unseasonably warm here in santa cruz and other parts of the bay area as well. lots of sunshine right now. we should be seeing rain. it is one of our wettest months. 63 degrees in san francisco right now. 73 in oakland. 71 in redwood city. san jose 69. currently 57 in half moon bay. from our kgo roof camera, the wind, we do have a few wispy clouds, all int the upper 60s from santa rosa to concord. we do have 63 in petaluma. today san jose managed to get up into the low 70s. well above where it should be for this time of year. tomorrow you're going to see little bit of a drop. average temperature is 65 degrees. we're going up wither 60s the next two days. as we head towards the end of
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the week and into the weekend, we will see the numbers falling closer to average, and even below early next week. a live picture right now from our golden gate bridge camera seeing a gentle bridge and sunshine and high clouds. if you want to do some barbecuing, look, we can't change it. 5:00 p.m. still comfy. 50, 60s. a few high clouds during the evening hours. once the sunsets, it will get chilly. a few high clouds on live doppler 7. typically we should be seeing rain. january 16th was the last soaking storm, and the first 17 days of this month still dry. as we look at a live picture from our east bills camera, the hazy sun, a little cooler tomorrow. dry mild pattern the next few days and a slight chance of showers coming your way. tomorrow morning 30s, 40s, mix of high clouds. maybe a patch or two of fog near the coastline. for the afternoon, it is a little cooler. temperatures will be in the low to upper 60s. 68 in santa rosa. santa rosa.
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68 in san jose. i want to show you the first computer model. this is going into friday. this model wants to keep the showers out of the bay area. sierra snow showers. as you will notice, nothing right on through sunday. you look at the next computer model, and that is showing a little bit of a difference. so this one is bringing in some showers friday. sierra snow. and then on sunday, the system staying well to our north and to our east. stay tuned. we're putting in a slight chance of showers. minor cooling tomorrow. continued dry wednesday. thursday, you're going to see an increase in clouds, and then that slight possibility of some showers friday. as we get closer to friday, if that model continues to trend wet, we have some problems. if not, not looking so great. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. feeling squeezed and under incredible debt. >> a
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight fous as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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looking for a cheaper iphone perhaps? well, one may be in the work. >> and another major retail chain finds itself in financial trouble. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> a lot of empty storefronts. here is another one. another retailer is in bankruptcy court today. texas-based home goods retailer pier 1 imports has struggled with increased competition from online retailers like wayfair. pier 1 says it is now officially for sale and has lined up $256 million in financing just so it can stay in business during the chapter 11 proceedings. now you may remember last month pier 1 announced it would close 450 stores. a lot of speculation today that apple will be releasing a new budget iphone referred to as both the iphone se2 and the iphone 9. it will have a lot of technology, but apparently none of the looks of the iphone 11. instead, it will look more like
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an iphone 8, completed with a touch id fingerprint sensor and no face id. on the upside, forbes is reporting the phone could sell for as little as $449. here is some good news. consumers are better educated about their credit. usa today is reporting that over half of us are keeping close track of our credit scores. the study performed by javelin strategy and research and sponsored by transunion shows 87% of americans receive updates on the scores free of charge. you may remember only a few years ago, consumers had to pay to see their scores and few knew their importance. now with credit cards and financial websites providing the scores, consumers are more educated, and that is saving them more money. and we really see that every day now. everybody is getting it for free. people are really aware. that's good news. >> thanks, michael. the golfer who hit it out of the park. >> yeah. see what happens when you mix
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baseball with golf. that story is next. but first, we want to thank luis for this image of san francisco's ocean beach. that's incredible. he said he let the camera do a little painting. share your pictures with us, wow, with the #abc7
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all right. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, treating animal abusers like sexual abusers. >> abusing a dog, abusing an animal is the first step to human violence. >> a local criminal case triggers a call for animal abusers to be registered in california. 7 on your side's michael finney shows us how it would work. and bernie sanders rallies supporters in the bay area, targeting president trump, and only one democrat. it says a lot about the race here in california, all coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. the bay area knows a thing or two when it comes to winning sports championships, and it's going to host another one in
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may. >> what better way to get ready than to have golfer brooks koepka take his pga championship trophy for a little ride on bart. >> koepka has won two times in a row and will be in this year's field. he eventually made it at oracle park, trophy in tow to hit a few golf balls. >> koepka launched a few into mccovey's cove. had some company. he was joined by a soccer star brandi chastain and kristi yamaguchi also got in some swings. >> it almost seemed like no effort at all was going into him hitting the ball and it just flying right off of his clubs. pretty impressive. >> i'm a terrible golfer on average, but like if i could hit one good shot, i could say brooks koepka taught me that. >> the pga championship is going to be played at the tpc harding park course in san francisco. opening day is may 11. >> fun. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz.
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for all of us here, thank you so much for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> we will see you again in half an hour after 6:00. huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. yourbut as you get older,thing. it naturally begins to change, because we need an economy that works for all of us, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. tonight, americans evacuated on buses, then planes, only to learn some of those on the buses had the coronavirus. authorities deciding to keep going with the evacuation. two flights carrying those american evacuees from the quarantined cruise ship touching down in the u.s. tonight, authorities reveal how many of them have the virus and if others are at risk. all of them under quarantine here. the storm moving in tomorrow in the northeast, all the way south. what it means for millions tomorrow and their commute. and the state of emergency already. historic flooding, homes swept away. rob marciano times it out. the race for 2020. and the new battle forming. bernie sanders now saying mayor bloomberg, with all of his money, will not be enough. as the other candidates take


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