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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  February 22, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends sunday. they were like, thank god you found us, we were so happy. >> a couple in their 70s survives a week lost in the marin county wilderness. >> happening now, we're getting the latest results from the nevada caucus. a contest that could reshape the race among democrats. >> and a different kind of testing taking place today at an east bay high school. this one focusing on the safety of students. crews called it a recovery mission, thinking there was no chance two hikers would be found alive. >> crews discovered carol and ian breathing and conscious. >> they were found in a drainage ditch near inverness.
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cornell bernard is live with new developments in the story. what a story? >> you're right about that, dion. just an amazing story here in inverness. lots of sell brecelebrations go today. the survivor skills likely kept them alive. >> a rescue helicopter pulling two missing hikers to safety. carol and her 72-year-old husband ian irwin found alive, in a steep ravine at the point reyes national sea shore. the rescue team along with a search dog named grute found the couple alive. >> thank god you found us, we are so happy. >> carol and ian are doing okay.
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>> they were found wearing light jackets, but alive and talking. the couple was found about 3 to 4 miles from the house they were renting in inverness. they had been missing since valentine's day. >> they left for a hike on valin timing's. they got lost in the dark, and they don't know what happened after that. the reason they're most likely alive, is because they were drinking from a puddle that they found near where they were located. >> ian injured himself in a fall which likely prevented the couple from walking out. >> our prayers had been answered. >> neighbors feared the worst. dozens of dedicated search and rescue personnel never gave up, trying to find carol and ian. >> in speaking with a search manager we have who has been doing this for 40 years and also speaking with the family, this is a miracle. >> yeah, a mirk a.m. is right.
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some of the search teams say the brush where the couple was found was so thick and so dense, they actually had to crawl in to find the couple. i spoke with the couple's son by phone a short time ago. this is the best news ever. and so grateful to those search teams. live in inverness, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> minutes ago, the sheriff tweeted this photo of ian and carol in the hospital both in good spirits. the sheriff relaying a message from the two, saying they are in great spirits. >> a renowned survival experts say the couple defied the odds. thomas coin says this is a miraculous story that rarely happens, coin says the moist environment benefited the
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couple. >> you can go a long time without food, but not long without water, this is a wet area, there's plenty of trickling streams. dew will collect enough on the vegetation. the landscape was so rugged, teams had to belly crawl around obstacles. shortly after they found the couple, an apt was sent by alert. friends and family of a woman who died one year ago today came together for a memorial. 22-year-old kyra sunshine scarlet was walking her dog at the popular sport remains were found bodied. >> she had this great sense of
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humor, sarcastic, she loved music, and she loved this beach, this was one of her favorite beaches. >> parents say they are immenseimmense ly thankful for those who came to help their daughter after the landslide. the nevada caucus, here's a live picture from las vegas. 36 delegates are up for grabs in the state. and the results could have a major impact on the race. here's a look at the results, bernie sanders is in the top spot, joe biden in second place. elizabeth warren currently at 9.5% of the vote. pete buttigieg is in the fourth spot file followed by tom steyer and amy klobuchar. >> reporter: with the democratic primary moving ahead, it's nevada's turn to be heard, the candidates making their last minute push to win over
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undecided voters. >> this is the moment in history that we have been called to. the moment to choose courage over fear. >> i'm asking you to help me to caucus for me. >> we can take a different approach, and that's what i'm offering. >> there are 36 delegates at stake here. that's snosh bernie sanders who has a projected double-digit lead. he faced tough questions this week that russia was trying to boost his campaign. >> they're trying to cause chaos and hatred in america. it's an ugly business and all of us have got to say sorry, you're not going to do this in this election. >> top intelligence leaders told members of congress russia was trying to take steps to interfere in the election. >> do nothing democrats, they said today that putin wants to be sure that trump gets elected.
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here we go again. did you see it? >> concerns growing over possible russian influence in this year's election. >> what i'm surprised about is why the intelligence community didn't tell me and other people what's going on. >> one candidate not on the ballot, a former new york city mayor michael bloomberg, who announced he would release the three women from nondisclosure agreements after being pressed to do so. nevada is the first real test for how these candidates fear for minority voters. 29% of the population here is latino, 10% is black. in the east bay, air and soil testing are underway at oakland's high school after a cancer causing chemical was found in nearby groundwater. district officials want to know if tce seeped into classrooms and other buildings. classrooms were abruptly cancelled last week for the students that attend the school.
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we do not have school on monday for the students here or anywhere else. trying to figure out where to put them starting tuesday. we're hoping to get back to some semblance of normal by tuesday. results should be back late next week or early the following week. the global coronavirus outbreak could put a damper on some wedding dreams. you may see even more demand for that overhead luggage space the next time you fly. details on the luggage fee hike and how you could avoid paying it. a live look outside from emeriville. here's a special report. the most of any ear campaign, he was riding into this contest with a wave of momentum, ready to prove that he has some staying power in this race, he will be heading into
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the next contest in north carolina in seven days as the front-runner to beat. >> bernie sanders the winner of the nevada caucus. from the data we're seeing, sanders got stronger in the second alignment, essentially meaning he was the second choice for a lot of voters whose initial candidate didn't reach a threshold. that last column, that's the most important. >> if you look at those numbers, you see that bernie sanders went into the room with a certain amount of support, and that grew when other candidates were forced to drop out. the sanders campaign is going to point to that as evidence that he's a consensus candidate. it's not just the loyal base, it's other democrats that were increasingly confident he could beat donald trump. the slightly different metric, we're going to determine a winner. he might not surrender through the rest of these contests. >> we're seeing a pattern from iowa, new hampshire and nevada, entrance polls showing us electability and health care.
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the most important factors. it's clear bernie sanders is the front-runner. >> if you drill down into the health care numbers, you see a signature policy of bernie sanders is quite popular among voters. 62% of folks say they support the single payer medicare for all that many bernie sanders has made a centerpiece of his campaign. a lot of labor unions are skeptical. he's able to make the argument he's not just hijacking a party, he's taking over a party that wants to be led in a certain direction. >> if you're just tuning in, bernie sanders, we'll have much more on abc we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york, we now return to our regular programming. in other news now, registration began today for a conference in san francisco that's feeling the impact of the corona virus. >> three large sponsors, verizon
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and at&t pulled out of the conference. >> 40,000 people are expected to travel into the city for the event. the mayor is urging people not to be anxious about the event. shortages caused by the corona virus outbreak, american bride ol says 80% of the world's western style gowns are produced in china. factories had to temporarily shut down because of the virus. the production delay could leave some sellers unable to deliver custom dress orders on time. >> abc 7 news will bring you any updates on air and online on the corona virus. we have information about risks and symptoms on abc 7 a new airline trend targets our wallets. that's next. service alert, a commute
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change this weekend involving caltrain. i'm true too many ma. clouds for some, sunshine for others. it's a brisk end to the weekend tomorrow.
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this is the first of what will be six upcoming weekends with no caltrains service in san francisco. they're closing the caltrain tunnel through the city. that's where passengers can hop on a free bus too continue their journeys to and from the caltrain deep poe at 4th and king streets. the closure continues through the last weekend in march. a new trend is emerging in the airline industry, charging more for checked bags. united airlines is following jet blue's lead by increasing baggage fees by $5. the first checked bag is now $35 each way for domestic and short international flights. you can avoid the increase by
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paying for bags 24 hours before your flights. the price hike goes on march 6th. jet blue raised their prices last month. >> we have frozen the price of drew tuma's forecast, what it was prebaggage fee levels. >> i wish we could unfreeze this pattern, we need some rain. we haven't seen it all month. live doppler 7 right now showing you it is a quiet sweep. we've been completely dry this entire month, and we'll tack on another day of that today. a lot of cloud cover out there, depending on where you're at right now, a live look from your emeriville camera showing us rays and breaks in the clouds right now. otherwise, these clouds are associated with a storm, phoenix and vegas right now. what it did for us locally, it
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cooled us off. temperatures right now. it's a chilly start to the weekend. 54 in the city, 59 in redwood city. 59 the current temperature in movado, you compare that to what it was like 24 hours ago, and we are much cooler across the board by double-digits. we're 13 degrees cooler now in the city. 14 degrees cooler in oakland, 11 degrees cooler in napa 12 degrees cooler. part of the reason why, we have this wind direction. we have this on shore breeze coming off our ocean water. when that happens, it tends to keep our temperatures cool. the wind moving in from the ocean water and inland. it's breezy out there, winds right now generally between 10 and 20 miles per hour, and that will also continue tomorrow keeping that cooler air mass in place.
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we were so close to getting some rain in our neck of the woods for the first time in several weeks, the storm system is now pushing well to our south, it brought us the cloud cover today, the cooler temperatures, unfortunately, the rain will stay in southern california, thundershowers even popping up in the suburbs of l.a., and that storm system will keep the cloud cover in place for part of the night tonight and cooler temperatures tomorrow. where we are right now, compared to percent of historic average, we're doing okay, when it comes to our fresh water supply. you can see our largest reservoirs are well above the historic averages. the dry weather can make our lawns dry. good news there. overnight tonight, we'll see temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s. patchy fog developing in our shelter val eyes. tomorrow it's a breezy and brisk day. we'll see partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50s and
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60s for the most part. >> fog tomorrow morning, cool afternoon. in that warmer weather, it takes off. a spring preview, wednesday and thursday evening to friday. our warm spots in the 70s and 80s. we will likely finish this month without a drop of rain. >> this is a trick, though, this is like the fake spring. >> and then you come back to winter in march. >> yes. >> that's what we're hoping for. the guy who wears number 30 for the warriors is working hard to get back. >> steph curry is almost back. good news coming out of warriors practice today. curry talking about the rehab process a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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stephen curry will be back this season, he was cleared for contact, scrimmaging with his teammates for the first time since breaking his hand way back on october 30 th. he's getting used to the new normal, recovering from two surgeries and some nerve damage, but cleared for contact, said he was happy to be back on the floor with his teammates. >> it's always been march 1st. but that for me, mostly is just to give you -- like you said, a target. you have to have something to work toward, as a barometer. i hadn't had any set backs along the way, this has been a long strenuous rehab process, something i haven't been through
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before. it's nice i'm getting that type of response with everything -- every new challenge that i kind of go after. >> the march first game is a home game. cancelled due to the weather, except two, a's and cubs starting about a half hour, giants and dodgers delayed by two hours, it cleared up nice there in scottsdale. derek rodrigez getting the start for the giants. max muncie singles. and jalen davis misplaces out there in right. rodrigez goes 2/36 an inning. muncie solo shot to center. capitals take on the devils, owe vicken becomes the eighth player in nhl history to score. 00 goals. he becomes the second fastest too get to that mark. ovechkin has the most goals by
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active players. the nly other player to be in the top 25 would be patrick marleau. ove makes history. check this out from the p l pelicans and blazers. there goes about $300,000 worth of drinks. it wasn't that much, but they are expensive. mitchell irving gives her a hug. same server that lost some drinks after getting hit by lebron. that's the second time it happened. al michaels delivering one of the great calls in his career. do you believe in miracles? >> yeah, team usa a group of young amateur hockey players upset the mighty soviet union. they went on to win the gold. you'll never get tired of seeing that video. red, white and blue all the way. >> i'm thinking of that poor server who got two times bombed. >> yeah, maybe third time's the
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charm. >> maybe she gets a nice tip from the players. disney is moving onward with its plans to be more diverse. >> who will
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yourbut as you get older,thing. it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. disney has unveiled its five animated lgbtq character. >> in times of old, the world was full of wonder and magic. but times change. >> on ward will feature a
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cyclops cop named officer spector, she will be voiced by lita flaithe. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> anything to do with a cyclops cop i think sounds entertaining. >> chris pratt, right? guardians of the galaxy, spiderman. >> big disney family. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00, everybody. thank you for your time. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00 tonight.
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this is a stodream.the american it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life. so he started a company from scratch with an idea and endless hours- today, that makes him the only democrat in the race
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who's created 20,000 jobs. he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america, rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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♪ go big. bigger. go big or they'll make you go home. >> oh! >> that's been the dare from the bucks and the sixers. in a league increasingly drawn to small ball, these teams have banked their seasons that this is still a game for tall men around a tall hoop, a game of height and length and power. milwaukee has the reigning mvp, giannis antetokounmpo. the nba's paul bunyan. except unlike in all those folk tales, what giannis can do with his tree trunk


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