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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 5, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, from washington, the coronavirus spreading in the u.s. the death toll rising. and now word from the vice president lanoteugh test kits. off california tonight, the operation all day to bring tests to a cruise ship. helicopters hovering. thousands of american passengers and crew now being held onboard the "grand princess" cruise ship. nearly two dozen people possibly infected. passengers say they were told to stay in their cabins. in new york city tonight, the number of cases growing quickly. authorities say the majority of them tied to one man who is in the hospital. new york city's mayor calling it worrisome. in washington state, the number of cases doubling today in seattle. some schools closing. dr. jen ashton is here tonight, and we ask, how long does the virus stay on surfaces? and can you catch it simply breathing it in if someone
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coughs or sneezes near you? the other major headline tonight, elizabeth warren dropping out of the race. and what she said today that made news. and tonight, hillary clinton on joe biden. severe storms set to hit several states tonight. rob marciano on the new threat. late developments tonight in the missing children case. their mother extradited back to idaho. the fbi releasing new images. her children at yellowstone. what they revealed about the photos and when they were taken. there is also news tonight about harvey weinstein. the disturbing video of a violent arrest in new york city. a young man smoking marijuana. and the driver who did not see the train coming. authorities say she is lucky to be alive tonight. and good evening tonight from washington. and we begin tonight with growing concern over the coronavirus here in the u.s. the numbers jumping in the new york city area today. the mayor calling it worrisome.
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the numbers doubling in washington state. and off california tonight, thousands of americans are being held on a cruise ship. and here in washington, d.c. a short time ago, vice president mike pence acknowledging the u.s. does not have enough tests to meet the demand going forward, at least not for now. that first case confirmed in washington state in late january. tonight, there are now 162 confirmed cases across 18 states. cases doubling in new york and washington overnight, as i mentioned. and now a state of emergency in california. that cruise ship idling off the coast tonight after the death of a former passenger with coronavirus. the coast guard delivering test kits so current passengers can now be tested. and in new york state, so many of the cases, they believe, are tied to that one man who took the train in from westchester to grand central station in new york city. he's now in the hospital. his family members and his neighbor have all tested positive. we have it all covered tonight, and we begin this evening with the scene unfolding on that ship off california at this hour. the governor declaring a state of emergency. abc's chief national
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correspondent matt gutman from san francisco tonight. >> reporter: 100 miles off the coast of california, a pair of national guard choppers today hovering over the deck of the "grand princess" cruise ship. dropping kits to test the dozens of passengers potentially infected with the novel coronavirus. just hours ago, passengers telling us all 2,400 of them are now ordered to confine themselves to their rooms. >> the cdc has recommended that guests should remain in their state rooms for the remainder of the cruise. >> reporter: it comes just a day after the state's first death was linked to the ship. officials say the 71-year-old passenger had symptoms before getting off the ship two weeks ago. yesterday morning, this notice slipped under the doors of passengers like debbie loftus, who is traveling with her parents who are in their 80s. >> we're just a little bit alarmed. if we've been exposed, we've been exposed and there's not much we can do about it. >> reporter: 62 passengers from
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that earlier cruise remained on the ship for a second consecutive cruise and some are showing symptoms. the cruise line says all are being tested. >> the longer we're kept in this confined space, the more likely we're going to catch the virus, just because there's nowhere else for us to go. >> reporter: the "grand princess" operated b company that ran the "diamond princess" cruise ship, where 700 of the 3,700 onboard were infected off japan. thousands quarantined on the ship for weeks. in washington state today, where the virus has killed 11 people, the governor declaring a state of emergency. the number of cases jumping from 39 to 70 in just a single day. >> this is a period of substantial anxiety in our state. it's real. it's significant. and we need to recognize it. >> reporter: in seattle, dozens of schools closed. millions of residents urged to work from home, including employees at facebook, amazon and google. pike place market, usually packed with tourists, today a
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ghost town. for days outside the lifecare nursing home where six residents have died, families have been begging for answers about their loved ones. people like pat herricks, whose mother lived there. >> i got a phone call this morning that she passed at 3:30 in the morning. she wasn't sick. she'd been really well. as far as we knew, she wasn't sick. >> and matt, wait to get back to what you reported there. passengers say they've now been told to stay in their rooms. one family member back on land saying she's concerned that her parents onboard are in their 80s. any idea how long they could be all held on that ship? >> reporter: david, authorities tell me that they won't make that decision until all of those kits are tested. that's expected to happen at some point tonight. at that point, they'll decide whether to keep that ship offshore, offload it here at this pier or maybe quarantine it. in the meantime, you mentioned it, all those passengers not only staying in their rooms, taking their meals in the rooms. and nobody is using that dreaded word, but it certainly looks
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like a quarantine. david? >> yeah, some unsettling days, perhaps weeks ahead, for so many families. matt, thank you. and as i said at the top of the broadcast tonight, the number of cases doubling in the new york city area overnight. the mayor today calling the spread unpredictable and worrisome. many new cases tied to one man who took that train into the city and tonight, another major move. the city asking residents who have recently traveled to any sort of hot spots around the world to self-quarantine. abc's whit johnson from new york city tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the number of coronavirus cases doubling in new york to at least 22. most linked to a lawyer who frequently commuted out of grand central terminal, one of the busiest train stations in the country. >> the community spread dynamic is unpredictable and worrisome, so we're watching carefully. >> reporter: his case causing a remarkable ripple effect. health officials saying he spread the virus to his wife, their two children, another family and a neighbor, who all went on to infect others. at least 18 people in all, traced back to one man. the city now reporting more than
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2,700 people ordered to self-quarantine. gillian steinberg is one of them. >> ideally, we'll be back in school next week. >> reporter: she teaches english at sar academy in the bronx, where one of the lawyer's children attends school. it's now shut down. what is your biggest concern now as this outbreak spreads? >> i think there are vulnerable populations who genuinely have to be worried for their physical health, but i think that we just have to be careful not to overreact. >> reporter: tonight, mayor de blasio telling any new yorker who recently returned from five hard-hit countries to immediately self-quarantine. governor cuomo activating a statewide emergency operation center in albany and two outposts in westchester county. >> what is going to happen is, the number will continue to go up. it must, because we are continuing to test more and more. >> reporter: and now a health care worker in new jersey testing positive. a man in his 30s, recovering in the hospital, one of two cases
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in the garden state. with the virus spreading around the world, people now asking serious questions about whether it's safe to fly. major airlines waving fees and canceling domestic flights. delta and alaska airlines disinfecting and scrubbing down planes, especially those high-touch surfaces. >> and whit johnson outside that hospital in new york where that initial patient is still being treated. and whit, the mayor calling the situation worrisome, as we've mentioned here tonight. now the city taking several preemptive steps to try to stop the spread in new york city? >> reporter: david, the health commissioner is now ordering all teachers, first responders and medical workers employed by the city of new york to be tested for the virus if they show any symptoms. and there will be consequences if they don't comply. david? >> all right, whit johnson again tonight. whit, thank you. we know many of you at home have questions on this. so, let's get right to dr. jen ashton, our medical editor, and she was here in washington in the last 4 ho24 hours, part of that small group meeting with
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the vice president. and jen, i know you're aware of this, a small study out of singapore, that looked at the rooms of patients, bedrooms and bathrooms of the patients, it showed a significant amount of the coronavirus in the rooms, when they tested, this number got our attention, 87% of the surfaces testing positive. somewhat alarming. but then, after being disinfected, that was a bit reassuring. >> reporter: it went down dramatically, david. showing that surface cleaning does exactly how long this strain of coronavirus can exist and live on hard surfaces like glass and metal, but from other coronaviruses, the range could be anywhere from two hours to nine days. >> so, in addition to how long it lasts on surfaces, jen, i know a lot of people have been asking, can you catch it simply breathing in the air if someone coughs or sneezes near you? we've tackled this before, but because so many people are asking, i just wanted to hit that again tonight. >> reporter: such a common question, and it's really unknown. there is a suggestion that three to six feet of distance is kind of your buffer area, but it is thought also the closer and longer the exposure, the greater the risk.
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>> and jen, just to button this up, you have said right here on the broadcast in the last couple of nights to wash your smartphones down. that's getting a lot of pickup, really, in newspapers here in this country and around the world, because that's something that's changed in our culture since the last time we've seen one of these spreads. >> reporter: that's probably the major hot spot, david. so, wipe those phones down and wash your hands. >> all right, great advice, jen. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. the global impact growing as well, tonight. images coming in. italy now reporting 41 new deaths from the coronavirus just today. the death toll there, now 148. the most outside china. italy taking the major step of closing all schools nationwide. school closures in 22 countries now, affecting nearly 300 million children worldwide. and this image tonight, the usual scene at the ground mosque in mecca, saudi arabia. just a handful of muslim pilgrims there now. and another volatile day in the financial markets here at home. the dow falling nearly 1,000 points, losing 3.5% out of growing sense that the outbreak will continue to take a toll on the economy.
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in the meantime, we move onto the other news tonight. elizabeth warren dropping out of the race for president, speaking outside her cambridge, massachusetts, home today, revealing her decision, promising she will stay in the fight. the democratic contest now a two-man race, but warren said what she said today about endorsing when it comes to bernie sanders and joe biden. and hillary clinton making news tonight, as well. what she said about biden. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: closing out her campaign, elizabeth warren today spoke her mind, but revealed very little about whether she'll endorse one of her rivals. >> not today. not today. i need some space around this. and want to take a little time to think a little more. >> reporter: progressives are urging her to back bernie sanders, but warren made clear she and her supporters won't be boxed in. >> you know, i was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking that there are two lanes. a progressive lane that bernie sanders is the incumbent for and a moderate lane that
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joe biden is the incumbent for. and there's no room for anyone else in this. i thought that wasn't right, but evidently, i was wrong. >> reporter: joe biden and bernie sanders are both now courting her supporters. >> and today, i would simply say to her supporters out there, of whom there are millions, we are opening the door to you. we'd love you to come onboard. >> reporter: sanders spoke to warren today. and so did biden, who's now racking up endorsements. hillary clinton hasn't made it official, but she's sounding close. >> i think people know he is a deeply decent person. he doesn't take cheap shots at people. he doesn't insult people as a way of, you know, trying to put people down and lift himself up. he is such the opposite of what we currently have in the white house. that i think -- i really think a lot of people -- [ applause ] you know, had a chance to think about it.
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>> reporter: with warren's exit, it's now a two-man race. warren today recalling all those pinkie promises -- >> girls run. girls win. >> reporter: -- she made to little girls. >> one of the hardest parts of this is all those pinkie promises. and all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years. that's going to be hard. >> reporter: and she was asked what role gender played in this campaign. >> gender in this race? you know that is the trap question for every woman. if you say, "yeah, there was sexism in this race," everyone says, "whiner." and if you say, "no, there was no sexism," about a bazillion women think, "what planet do you live on?" i promise you this. i will have a lot more to say on that subject later on. >> some powerful words from elizabeth warren today. mary bruce with us live here in washington tonight.
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hillary clinton has had warm words for elizabeth warren, but mary, joe biden has to be pleased with what he heard from the democratic candidate in 2016, what hillary clinton said about him overnight. and the former vice president also getting an endorsement today from michigan's governor, gretchen whitmer, very popular in her state, where both biden and sanders are now headed. >> reporter: david, the michigan primary will be a critical test on tuesday, as these candidates battle for working class voters. now, bernie sanders is of course hoping for a repeat of his win there four years ago, today canceling a planned rally in mississippi so he can spend more time in michigan, instead. david, it's a clear sign he's now going all-in on the midwest. david? >> all right, mary bruce with us again tonight. mary, thank you. and we turn next to the deadly tornadoes that struck tennessee in the middle of the night while families were sleeping. we now know it was an ef-4 tornado with 175-mile-an-hour winds that struck putnam county, east of nashville. most of the 25 people who died lived there. and tonight, more severe storms and heavy rain are now on the way in the south before it moves up the east coast.
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it will affect travel tomorrow up and down the coast. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all for us again tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. we're actually looking at a complex combination between a northern storm and the one in the southeast that we're still dealing with tonight. show it to you on the radar. heavy rains falling across the carolinas, still a flash flood watch up for georgia, that will be dropped. but thunderstorms could become severe across south georgia and north florida, including jacksonville tonight. as the low pulls offshore, it gets pulled back in by this great lakes low that will bring snows in to the interior northeast. mostly rain along the coastline until these two merge. really wind up the winds, could gust to 50 or 60 miles an hour. could see a few inches of snow along cape cod. this will become a powerful cyclone tomorrow that we'll be watching closely. david? >> all right, rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thank you. and harvey weinstein making he's now been transferred to rikers island in new york city. the disgraced movie producer was moved from bellevue hospital more than a week now after being found guilty of criminal sexual assault and rape. abc news confirming he underwent a procedure last night, doctors inserted a stent in his heart.
5:46 pm
he now faces up to 29 years in prison when he's sentenced next week. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. disturbing video making news this evening of a violent police arrest in new york. officers confronting a young man, allegedly smoking marijuana, appearing to kick him to the ground. there are late developments today in the missing children's case making national headlines. their mother has now been extradited back to idaho and the fbi releasing new images tonight of the children at yellowstone. what they reveal about the photos and when they were taken. and then the driver who did not see the train coming. authorities say she is lucky to be alive tonight. a lot more news ahead. ight back.ight back. ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) ♪ i want to...rock! (rock!)
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that was my business gi, this one's casual. (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. unlike ordinary memory wsupplements-neuriva? has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try neuriva for 30 days and see the difference. (vo) imagine a visibly healthier purina one.ays. natural ingredients... in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes. purina one. one visibly healthy pet. try digestive health with probiotics for dogs. there are new developments in the search for those missing children in idaho. their mother, lori vallow, has been extradited back to idaho, and tonight, the fbi now releasing new images of her children. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: the fbi today releasing new images of missing idaho kids tylee ryan and j.j. vallow. one image showing 17-year-old tylee hoisting her little
5:49 pm
brother j.j. another showing their mother lori smiling. authorities say they were captured september 8th at yellowstone national park. investigators believe tylee hasn't been seen since. and j.j., last seen on a home security camera, playing in a neighbor's yard in late september. lori vallow under a cloud of suspicion surrounding her children's disappearances, spotted today on an airport tarmac as she was being extradited from hawaii to idaho. authorities say she and her current husband, chad daybell, retreated to hawaii, where they've remained silent. mr. daybell, are the kids -- are the kids okay? >> i've got to go. no comment. >> reporter: daybell later telling abc news, quote, the kids are safe. it is all relatives of the missing children are hoping for. >> there is somebody here that knows where those kids are. >> reporter: david, vallow is expected to go before a judge tomorrow in idaho to face criminal charges related to her children's disappearances.
5:50 pm
her attorneys say the accusations against her are mere speculation. david? >> all right, marcus, thank you. when we come back, the disturbing video of a violent arrest in new york making news. a young man smoking marijuana, so, how did it lead to this? you'll see it. you'll see it. you'll sand take. it. on with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some... rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork. tell your doctor about any infections and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq.
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5:54 pm
and that story of survival after the collision on the tracks in los angeles. look at this. a driver turning onto the tracks, blindsided by a commuter train. you can see the gates are down, though. the driver did not see the train and was treated for minor injuries. unbelievable. when we come back tonight, after the disaster, the couple married 58 years found together. ♪ no matter when you retire, ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed.
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unlike ordinary memory wsupplements-neuriva? has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try neuriva for 30 days and see the difference. finally tonight, with so much news this week, we cannot forget tennessee, and tonight, the story of one couple. just days after two tornadoes ho what one community is calling a lasting love story. james and donna eaton discovered together. they did not survive. they were married for 58 years. born and raised in
5:58 pm
east nashville, they would meet when they were just kids. and they would grow up to marry. they raised their family in mt. juliet, tennessee. three children, four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren. the pride of their lives. they were found in their home, side-by-side. the mayor tonight calling them model citizens, model church members. donna eaton served the church for 25 years, there on the right. their pastor saying, "to know them was to love them." they loved their friends, a group they knew since high school. they played cards every friday night. and their grandson, jake, telling us tonight, "they exemplified what it was to love. they were our family's inspiration." james and donna remembered. and we are still thinking about tennessee. good night. off the coast of california, helicopters air dropping
5:59 pm
coronavirus test kits on to a cruise ship this morning. just minutes ago, choppers brought the tests to richmond. depending on the results, the cruise ship passengers could dock in san francisco. let me be very clear. this virus does not discriminate. >> san francisco reports its first two cases of coronavirus. see how the city is prepared to handle these patients and more. >> given the current situation, we don't know how this virus is going to evolve. >> six new coronavirus cases in santa clara county. and mao the warnings and recommendations are getting stepped up. >> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. the breaking news is the impact of the coronavirus here in the bay area. >> that's right. a news conference is happening now in sunnyvale. let's get to that news conference and listen in. >> we have seen reports that the officers performed mouth-to-mouth. that did not happen.
6:00 pm
the officers followed ems procedures when they performed cpr. while obtaining the patient's medical history, a family member advises that the patient had recently been on a cruise where two other passengers were suspected of having covid-19. although it has not yet been determined by santa clara county public health whether or not the patient had covid-19, we are taking every step possible to ensure the safety and well-being of the officers who were on the call, the members of our department, and the sunnyvale community. we have been in constant communication with santa clara county public health and the cdc to ensure we are following proper procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and our community. while we were coordinating with the