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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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covid-19 really can get one. but you have to this is kind of a first... for all of us. but maybe this is a time to put other things... first. and when the day comes, when we're no longer looking at our worlds from the inside out. it will be what we did in here that will make us stronger out there. eveso we can stillg a answer your calls. now. and we are monitoring our system 24/7 to ensure that we have a fast reliable network, keep the customers connected, and making sure people are staying safe. and we're still on the road. solving critical issues as they arise. go to
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thank you. you see the sign right there, a north bay town where everyone or close to everyone will be tested for covid-19. >> tomorrow is 4/20, a day that authorities are urni authority urging everyone to stay home. >> and tracking showers before warmer weather comes. all of th accu-weather. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> a north bay town is about to make national headlines. they plan to start testing everyone who lives there tomorrow morning for coronavirus, thanks to some private funding. testing is supposed to start in san francisco's mission district later in the week. it's part part of the ucsf
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project. abc 7 news reporter jr stone talked to some of the people behind it. >> everybody wants it and now it's happening. >> reporter: yuri is talking about something that might seem too good to be true. free covid-19 tests for everybody. it is true. and it is about to happen on a small scale in the north bay town of bolinas where there are fearly 2,000 residents. >> it turns out once you start looking into it, it's not that difficult, it's just nobody was doing it. >> a venture capitalist, who along with had the idea. they both live in bolinas. testing will happen monday to more than 1600 people who have signed up. >> we don't feel like we're taking any tests away from anybody who might otherwise need one. >> scsf says this is part of a study to learn more about the
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virus in all areas. a rural town like bolinas and urban setting like san francisco's mission district. >> we don't know if there has been a lot of people infected. we don't know that. we don't actually know if we don't have much immunity. we have no idea. >> there is a hope that the results from these tests will help on a broader level, an learn to more city, county, and statewide testing. >> we asked ourselves, could we do this in a way that wasn't going to take resources away from county departments of public health and other critical testing programs and we did our homework and found out the answer is yes. >> and let's try it and if it works maybe it will inspire others to do the same. >> you are looking at the dozens of signs that will be set up at this testing facility come monday. volunteers will start arriving at 730 on monday morning. testing will start at 9:00. in bolinas, jr stone, abc 7 news. face coverings are now part of the bay area's new normal during the pandemic. san francisco, contra costa
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county, marin, san mateo, almeda and sonoma counties will all require face masks for most activities outside the home. today, a new youch reach effort in san francisco launched to make sure people who need a mask can get one. >> we are trying to get it to the people who really need it. >> a big outreach effort in the heart of san francisco's tenderloin. face masks and hand sanitizer, two vital tools in the fight against covid-19 were being handed out for free at the corner of jones and eddie streets. diane thomas sello is trying hers on. >> if i have to go to grocery shopping, therefore, this comes in handy for me. because i can rewash it. >> neighbors are getting information about covid-19. >> we're not expecting like this. >> reporter: the supervisor matt hany was totally surprised so many people showed up. check out the line. it was long. >> this shouldn't be something that people don't have access to. everybody should have one ofes
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so i'm committed to getting a mask to everybody in this community who needs one. >> reporter: hany is collecting donations to pay for the masks and sanitizer on this gofundme page. more than seven grand so far. he is teaming up with organizations like united playas who is helping to pass them out. >> it is only right that we take care of our people. they're not forgotten. >> did you have a mask before today? >> debra cooley is feeling safety. >> and coughing and gagging in front of your face. >> and homeless advocates say people living on the streets can always protect themselves. >> people who are housed, they can go inside and take on off the masks and don't have to be wearing them but for folks who do not have that option, they will have to be using them a whole lot more. >> the mask ordinance requires people to wear a mask in public but not when exercising or going for a run. >> when you're in line to go to a store, in a store, on public transit, wear a mask, you're required to wear a mask. >> supervisor hany says volunteers passed out more than
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a thousand masks today, but it wasn't enough. they ran out. he says volunteers will be back next weekend, in the tenderloin, passing out even more to those who need them. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. it looks like san francisco is divided about wearing a a public face mask is essential. with handfuls of people uncovered faces while jogging and walking dogs and some say it is too hot and uncomfortable to wear a mask exercising and sweating and others had their faces covered with homemade cloth masks. everyone we talked to agreed on one thing, if you're going to be near other people, covering your face is the right thing to do. >> so we feel like if we can do our little part to help, to keep it from spreading, we'll do it. >> of course, we will. >> when you come in close quarters with people, and out on a run, usually not next to
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somebody for a while, i probably won't wear it. >> san francisco will begin enforcing the face mask requirement on wednesday and you will need one to enter an intention business such as a grocery store or bank. workers at some of san francisco's largest companies are eligible to receive what is the k effect on us friday and stipulates employers with more than 500 people have to pay 80 hours if a worker has to miss work because of covid-19. and uber, lyft, door dash, san jose has a similar measure. the richmond city council is considering an emergency order to suspend rent and mortgage payments. the order would apply to residents as well as small businesses and many landlords. the authors behind the emergency order say it's unfair to expect people to pay their largest bills while they cannot work. the proposed order also calls for establishing a city service to assist small businesses and landlords filing for government assistance.
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the council meets this tuesday at 6:30 p.m. now, we know you have a lot of questions during these unprecedented times, and we're here to help. take a look. we put together a completely special section of our web site, it's at abc 7 health. stocked full of resources to answer questions that you have, with questions on new mask orders and what is open and closed and local food bank information and how to help out and a fun guide to virtual entertainment online and a link to click to ask for help. head to abc 7 help. california's efforts do seem to be slowing the spread, there are new cases of covid-19 in the bay area. there are now more than 6300 confirmed cases. that's almost 220 more since last night. 17 of those recorded just this evening. 201 people have died. there are now 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus in mendocino lake county. lake has six. mendocino has five.
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and so far no one has died from covid-19 in either county. community groups and city government leaders protest the possible release of an accused human trafficker and rapist. abc 7 news was in daly city where a press conference was held to warn the public about the possible release of joshua gamos, on the right and his family operated the rainbow bright care facility and charged in 2018 with trafficking and using more than 100 filipino immigrants and tomorrow a judge will hear a motion to lower the bail from $3 million to $3,000 making his release more likely. >> this is the most egregious human trafficking case that i've ever seen. when you put people outside, treat them like animals, when you rape them, yes, we're living in covid-19, but most importantly are those victims.
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>> the motion is actually to lower the bail from $3 million to $300,000 and he faces felony weapons charges, two family members with nonviolent charges have already been released. consider yourself warned. >> don't gather up with lots of people and stuff. that's all i'm saying. >> the message coming from bay area rap legend e-40 and other san francisco leaders to those thinking of going out and gathering for 4/20. california has far more people than new york, but far fewer cases of coronavirus. we did a comparison and looked at the one thing the states did differently. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma, tracking a few showers on th
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south america europe africa asia australia antarctica let the 7 slots in this grille stand for each of the 7 continents we've put a wheel on. and today we stand with all 7 of them. together we'll make it through this.
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in the east bay the vehicle railroad crossings between 65th and 67th streets and shellmound street in emeryville are now open after a union pacific freight train derailed around 2:00 p.m. it took crews about five hours to clear three empty tank cars and three refrigerated box cars that went off the tracks a union pacific spokesperson says the oakland-bound train originated in roseville. investigators are looking to see what caused the derailment. nobody was hurt. tomorrow is 4/20 and san francisco mayor london breed made it clear that gatherings will not be tolerated. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to bay area rapper and legend e-40 how he is using his platform to encourage the community to stay home. >> i play my position as the ambassador. >> we caught up with the bay area legend e-40 over instagram live. at least seven people close to him have tested positive for
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covid-19. >> this is personal for you as well. >> yes, it's personal. and a lot of people know a lot of people that, you know, that have tested positive and has it. i know people that know people that died. i mean my boy scarface, he had it, platinum legendary recording artist. my boy slim, mc-8 these are rappers. you know what i'm saying? >> earlier this week london breed asked him to spread the emergency and remind followers that there won't be any cannabis celebrations outdoors celebrated. >> i'm asking to you stay at home for 4/20. it is not going to happen at golden gate happen. >> normally thousands gather at golden gate park. breed says san francisco police officers will be patrolling the park, and giving out citations if necessary. >> one of the main things that i was concerned about it is
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letting it be known that everybody needs to stay in the house for this particular year. cannabis association also joined these efforts. >> we put out there from 4/17 to 4/21 we would be giving out the discounts that we would have on the one day. >> there are a lot of areas celebrating, and as consumer, if you can sit at your house now and peek into 20 or 30 celebrations across the nation, actually it is kind of an interesting place to be. >> for e-40, he had more to say, especially to front line workers and health care professionaler, professionals. >> the first responders we take off our hat to you guys. >> peter lamont teaches first grade at emerson elementary school in oakland and he uses facebook live to have sts cls as he
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told the bay city news foundation his daily readings are a bit of a sensation. viewers from other parts of the. he even has fans in england and scottland. he says it's great that kids everywhere can connect over a good book. why don't we connect over a good forecast. here is meteorologist drew tuma at home with the latest for us. hey, drew. >> you know what, eric, hey, we'll find a couple of showers first thing tomorrow morning and then after that, temperatures are really off to the races. we are in store for pretty big warmup, especially the second half of the week ahead. let's show you live doppler 7 along with satellite right now, do you notice first, there is a fair amount of cloud cover overhead, and we are tracking our next weak moving storm, already moving onshore, and you can see a couple of returns on live doppler 7, in the north bay right now, so we're going to zoom in a little bit closer, and show you where a couple of sprinkles are at this moment, and you can see live doppler 7,
11:18 pm
showing drizzle around cloverdale and middletown and the showers over the next 12 hours, going to be very scattered in nature, and very light. we're talking rainfall on the order of less than a tenth of aen inch as the storm moves through and not el see the rain tomorrow morning. right now, temperatures are in the mid to, if not upper 50s, ahead of our storm, kind of a mild southeast wind. 58 in oakland. 55 in the city. 56 in san jose. the same in concord and vallejo right now is down to 50 degrees. would he have a beach hazard statement in effect until 11 p.m. tomorrow. our ocean current is a active r m approaches. there is an increased risk of sneaker waves along the coastline. here is live doppler 7, the bigger picture, an initial line of light showers about it move onshore the next couple of hours, and that's about it. and not giving the storm, a number on the storm impact scale.
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that's how weak it is and many of us will wind up dry early tomorrow morning. and overnight tonight, a lot of cloud cover, some coastal drizzle as well, light scattered showers, too, in the north bay. and mid 40s, to lower 50s, and you can see, our temperatures, not dropping too far from where the current numbers are, even at this moment. let's go hour by hour, show you future weather, and early tomorrow morning, and just a few hours, most of the wet weather is still off our coastline. and before many of us are awake tomorrow at 4:00 a.m., you can see scattered showers in the picture, similar setup, by 630 in the morning, and we will keep that chance, even through 9:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. and then that's about it. those rain chances drop to about zero in the afternoon. and throughout the evening tomorrow, those clouds will really be on the decrease. so highs tomorrow, will find the cooler afternoon, thanks to a lot of cloud cover, that early morning scattered rain chance, and only 57 in the city tomorrow, about 52 in oakland. and 63 in san jose.
11:20 pm
and then about 65 in santa rosa. and 66 in concord and these are below average for this time of the year. we should be in the upper 60s, to lower 70s, for this point in april. and so here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. cool tomorrow. scattered showers. and then you can see it's nothing but sunshine. the temperatures really take off. it is a warmer pattern midweek. and by friday, and especially the weekend next weekend, we're talking 70s to mid-80s, and our warmest cities away from the water. >> all right. drew, thank you very much for that forecast. stay-at-home order isn't getting the bay area down, look closely, you'll find
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>> happy birthday. >> sports, it's
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frustrated that clean clothes you want to wear always seem to need an iron? try bounce wrinkle guard dryer sheets. the bounce wrinkle guard shorts have fewer wrinkles and static, and more softness. it's the world's first mega sheet that does the job of three dryer sheets! bounce out wrinkles. sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. our gummies contain a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. hi, everybody. chris alvarez working from home. over the last month, we've seen a lot of people step up to try to fight the coronavirus. michael ruben the executive owner of fanatics and part owner of the philadelphia 76ers
11:29 pm
started a social media trend growing called the all in challenge. >> we want to start with what we're going to call the all in challenge. >> with that, a social media challenge was started and accepted, 49ers stepping up with an away game experience. >> we're going to have two lucky 49ers fans coming with us, on an away trip, to travel with the team, we're going to get to stay in the team hotel. >> the next day on the field pre-game, we will hang out and get a picture with the head coach kyle shan shan and get some players and get some pictures as well. >> the warriors, dubbing the championship ring, tom brady, and others, all in. >> i'm all in for coronavirus relief. and i hope we can reach our goal of raising $100 million. >> we are going to do a virtual brunch. where we do it by zoom. and you guys can ask me questions and i'll be able to pass some secrets on to you about the game of football. >> jennifer and i, along with
11:30 pm
our co-host, ronnie lott and his wife karen, would like to offer up dinner for six at our ranch in the middle of the wine country. >> i'm asking all my friends, ex-nba players, like michael jordan, charles barkley. >> i'm going to challenge two goats and two great friend, mr. warren buffet, and mr. tiger woods. >> we can all do our part here and it's a tough time for everyone. but there's no doubt we will get through this like we always do and do our best part to help people in need. >> good stuff there. now tonight was the long-awaited beginning of the last dance, and espn documentary, chronicling the chicago bulls dynasty. now, warriors head coach, he was a player back on that team during the dynasty games and he hit the game-winning shot in game six of the '97 finals assisted by michael jordan. during the championship parade that year, he took a swipe at
11:31 pm
the greatest player of all time. >> when we called time-out with 25 seconds to go, and went into the huddle anmichael, i want yo last shot, and michael says, you know, phil, i don't feel real comfortable in these situations, so maybe we ought to go in another direction. why don't we go to steve. so i thought to myself, well, i guess i got to bail michael out again. >> michael jordan. he has the shot. >> the shot went in. and that's my story. and i'm sticking to it. >> the person who will continue on and take that last place in the top 20 is grace. grace, congratulations. >> congratulations to danville native and former cal soccer star grace lear, on the
11:32 pm
"american idol" top 20 after winning a vote-off.icvod and th doing that. ee hhe coming rounds, as she es. tries to be the next "american idol." we'll work on getting an interview with her this week on abc 7. send it back to you guys. >> there are signs that the tide may be turning in new york's fight against the coronavirus. the encouraging stats from this weekend. >> and while california has far more people than new york, why aren't we seeing as many cases? we've done a comparison
11:33 pm
whaso let's do the rightver chanthing, today.ow. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive.
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(engine revving) (tires squealing) (music swelling) (engine revving continues) in tonight's headlines, ucsf
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will begin free covid-19 testing at a drive through site tomorrow in bolinas, nearly half of the community is over 60 years of age and a small group of venture capitalists and tech founders are creating the test. london breed has made it clear 4/20 gatherings will not be tolerated tomorrow, including at golden gate bridge park.k.k.. the san francisco supervisor mark hany and an army of volunteers gave away 1,000 phasic masks and hand sanitize ners the tenderloin today. san francisco is one of six bay area counties requiring face coverings in public. he has a gofundme campaign to pay for the masks and haz raised
11:37 pm
close to $10,000. a stimulus package comes as there is another round of protests at of the stay-at-home orders in several states. nbc news reporter tells us there is a glimmer of hope coming from new york. >> reporter: president trump beginning sunday's briefing with good news with the amount of people out of work with the covid pandemic. >> we are continuing to negotiate with the democrats to get our great workers and small businesses all over the country taken care of. i think we're getting close to a deal. it could happen. it could happen. a lot of good work has been going on. >> the stay-at-home order is taking a devastating toll on the economy, protesters in colorado, calling on the governor to reopen their state. >> so the coronavirus is very real, it is very scary and affecting a lot of families and very tragic. but the means that we are implementing are not justifying
11:38 pm
the end. >> similar protests in california, florida, texas, and washington. michigan's economy hit particularly hard, reports indicate a quarter of the state's workers have filed for unemployment. >> i'm the one who has the roof over my head and gets my own groceries and if i don't have an income, how am i supposed to do that? >> in new york, the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak, signs the curve is starting to go down. >> we control the beast. we apex, plateau, it is coming down the other side. but the beast is still alive. >> with more than 36,000 confirmed cases in massachusetts, the state has now had more than 100 deaths a day for the past five days. >> people are right in the middle of the surge now. >> this is a public health emergency. >> police in boston using sound trucks to relay messages, urging everyone to stay home. >> and governors of virginia and maryland say their states are still bracing for the peak. many experts say testing is the key to reopening. the president shifting focus on the lack of testing to the
11:39 pm
states. >> we must remember that the governors wanted to have total control over the opening of their states, but now, they want to have us, the federal government, do the testing, and again, testing is welcome. >> adding the governors can't have it both ways. los angeles police officers arrested several people after breaking up a rooftop party with more than 100 people. it happened friday night in south l.a. residents are under the same social distancing order from governor gavin newsom and the city's health department. it is not clear what charges those arrested will face if any. neiman marcus has set to file for bankruptcy as soon as this week, because of the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. that's according to reuters. sources say the retailers in the final stages of negotiating a loan, and filing for bankruptcy protection. the already debt-laden company was forced to close all of its stores and furlough roughly
11:40 pm
14,000 employees. for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began, pope francis held sunday mass away from the vatican today. he delivered the service in a church just downed road from saint peter's square. today marked divine mercy sunday and pope francis delivered his certainly ton an empty sanctuary. worshippers were kept away from the church. why does california have fewer cases of the novel coronavirus than new york? it's not just a matter of a difference in population. we put the states side by side for comparison and what we found was california's quick action made all the difference. here is abc 7 news-- nia saw t first coronavirus case on january 26th h new rnia. t the empire state saw nearly ten times as many cases of the coronavirus. why? an interactive time line now available at abc 7 lays out day by day the difference in how two of the country's largest
11:41 pm
states handled the outbreak of the coronavirus differently. >> we need to take an official action. >> while san francisco and other counties were declaring states of emergency, days later, new york governor andrew cuomo told cnn there is no reason for concern. both leaders setting the stage for the pandemic that would sweep across the country. you can now follow along, day by day, as each state waged a war against covid-19. we included videos of news coverage from the day. >> i want to remind everybody, that this state continues to take advantage of every hour of every day. >> watched, as the number of reported cases grew. >> and tracked what city and state leaders were saying as the pandemic unfolded. >> we are now the epicenter of this crisis. >> the pandemic is not over. but as californiater m sheltserring in place, it isth
11:42 pm
sweeping and quick action saved lives while new york struggled to reign in the coronavirus. developing news in canada tonight. 16 people are dead following a a shooting ramp in nova scotia making it the deadliest shooting in canadian history. the 51-year-old was arrested by police at a gas station. he later died. but his cause of death has not been revealed. police say he disguised himself as a police officer and made his car look like a police cruiser. one of the victims includes constable heidi stevenson, a mother two of and 23-year veteran of the royal canadian mounted police. the man shot and killed inside a san leandro walmart yesterday is identified as steven taylor according to the almeda county coroner's office. police say taylor threatened them with a baseball bat and refused to drop them when they were responding to a possible robbery. the officer who shot the suspect, a 20-year veteran is under administrative leave. at least 20 people are being interviewed as witnesses of the
11:43 pm
shooting. an east bay little league already hurting from a canceled season because of coronavirus is hit not once, but twice by thieves. the volunteers and players for the treeview little league in south hayward were already bummed their 2020 season got postponed. then about a week ago, they discovered the clubhouse was broken into, and all their snack bar food was stolen. to make matters worse, a few days later, thieves hit again and took all of the league's equipment including uniforms. the league has been operating since 1962 and in recent years had been hurting for funding. the league's president says this has been a hard blow to take. >> we worked hard for our community and we, we've tried really, really hard to give kids an opportunity to grow. we've developed such skill sets that you get in the baseball
11:44 pm
environment. >> the league has set up a gofundme page to help recover the co uniforms a equipment. abc 7 california has a couple of "american idol" hopefuls. ♪ >> francisco marten from san francisco is one of them. we'll follow his journey tonight. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma, a couple of scattered showers out there, right now, but we're tracking warmer weather ahead. i'll have the details in the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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a speed park in venice beach was filled with sand to stop people from gathering, sand was left in the popular park because people were not listening to the shelter in place order. all of the parks were shut down for the coronavirus and the shelter in place order. the boston marathon was officially canceled and this is jenny silvag 26.2 miles while her friends and family cheered along the way from a safe distance. she had been tranning f, traini kalamazoo marathon since october and her fiance created a course near their home. >> had is a great way to number one achieve a goal that i have been working toward for six months and number two, get the love and support from my friends >> she made it across the finish
11:49 pm
line in five hours and 26 minutes. and she said even though she was the only runner, she wasn't alone thanks to all of the love from her supporters. while the shelter in place order has forced the temporary streets in san francisco, today, they were returned to a virtual addition and while people were not able to roam the streets they got the same entertainment and interaction at home it was hosted on zoom and there were live cooking demies and dance parties and an interactive pet parade. a san francisco nate serve hoping to get a start in hollywood. tonight, he really wowed the judges. ♪ i've been moving around, ♪ looking down, all all ♪ >>
11:50 pm
♪ >> that is could be the winner. unfortunately, we won't know for a while. because the coronavirus pandemic put the show on hold. and "american idol" will return with a virtual competition, and you can watch and cheer on francisco, sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. now a chance for some morning rain but then the forecast is great for the rest of the week, right? >> yes, that's exactly right. showers first thing on our monday morning tomorrow. and then we will find warmer weather moving in after. that live doppler 7 right now, combined with the satellite, overcast skies and you can see a little bit of green on the screen, some light returns, that is our storm, it is very weak and quick moving and not even a number on the storm impact scale
11:51 pm
and future weather, early morning hours, 6:30 tomorrow morning, light scattered showers, and this storm is out of here after that. in the wake of the storm, we will see warmer air move in. so we will fast forward into the future tracker temperatures on thursday. and you can see a lot of 70s and 80s by the afternoon. and it looks like right now, our warmest day this week will certainly be on friday. you can see our warmest spot, well into the 80s, even around the bay shoreline. 60s to 70s. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will have an isolated shower tomorrow morning and then brighten up the forecast, warm it up as well, and a warm day friday, it looks like a warm weekend, next weekend, eric? >> all right, drew, thanks. it's a sign of the times. messaging takes on new forms during the pandemic. and art evolves with. it but we're also seeing what bad side effects, as people try tone courage others to do the right thing. and abc 7's partnering with i heart radio to help support local businesses being hit hard during the pandemic. thousands of bay area stores and
11:52 pm
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whaso let's do the rightver chanthing, today.ow. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive. is so irresistible, you'll wanna eat them anywhere, so don't resist! pop 'em outside, or on the go, or on the way home! pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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now, a story that reflects the best and perhaps also the other side of human nature. isn't that what art is all about? more from abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: in urban life, messages can inundate us. no parking. no parking. but drill deeper, they reflect the times. like her at the corner of 18th and castro. >> people are doing that to adjust to living. >> reporter: all things get better in time. take care of each other. >> have you seen the bes, sincee artist noticed they have images on boarded up windows. >> i think he's taking his iconic image, and he's transferring it to our current situation. >> what does that say to you? >> that it's on everybody's
11:56 pm
mind. >> he is notoriously difficult to reach but he has an instagram feed and he give a bit of an explanation, those boarded up stores are depressing, i want to sit down in a restaurant again, get my haircut again, go to the art supply store again, but until that happen, we might as well use these boards as a canvas of art. >> can someone explain how the last few day, the reassuring honey bears have been unwrapped, stolen and defaced at a time when we look for the best in human nature, we're seeing the opposite. >> i think that's uncivil. i wish people wouldn't do that. >> steven polk knows san francisco better than most of us. he's a tour guide. >> people eithery something that someone else has created, or want to create over someone else's creation. >> one could argue that this is the true nature of public art. that once it goes up, it belongs to the world. we allow that. but when it happens to such gentle messaging, shouldn't we expect better?
11:57 pm
>> i think a lot of human nature is changing, but it's not going to come fast. >> that's too bad. in this singular historic moment when patience already feels like it comes at a premium. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. we're learning a lot about ourselves and each other during this pandemic but we will get through it together. that's a fact. and that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for dion, drew and chris and the rest of the abc 7 news team, thanks so much for joining us. have a great evening and a better morning.
11:58 pm
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