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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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wednesday. there were small increases in the number of patients hospitalized, and the number of people in intensive care. he says we must continue to take this seriously. >> but it's not gone away. don't be fooled by that. i know we want it to go aye away. you have that power and your decisions have helped us flatten the curve in the state of california. but we haven't bent that curve downward. we just flattened the curve. it's stable. >> this is what that curve looks like right now for the bay area's nine counties and five neighboring counties. new at 6:00, anni-team exclusive. we are getting new accounts from workers inside a east bay nursing home that suffered one of the earliest coronavirus outbreaks, and the battle continues there tonight. they tell the i team another patient has died after contracting covid-19. abc7 news i-team reporter dan noyes is live with a report you will see only on 7. dan?
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>> dan, they don't want to use their names or show their faces because they want to keep on doing this important work. but they want you to know what they're dealing with, and how they think these patients can be better protected. dealing with the end of life was always part of working at orinda care center, or any nursing home, for that matter. but for these staff members, the rapid spread of coronavirus and its devastating effects are especially tough to witness. they tell me a sixth patient has died after contracting covid-19. >> cause i've seen the negative people go to positive. and i know it shouldn't have been like that. >> how could all the residents get infected when they're not moving? they're not leaving out their rooms. they're not going nowhere. >> so you're saying it was the employees? >> it was the employees that was spreading. >> they say all but one of the 30 remaining patients have contract coronavirus, and more than two dozen staff have been infected. check out these signs. these bathrooms are reserved for negative staff.
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point of view have to go to another floor. the workers tell me some of the staff are not taking precautions. >> i don't want to work with positive workers who are being irresponsible, not wearing proper gear, walking around with no ppe circumstances that happening? >> yes. and i don't want to catch it. >> the workers tell me they've been instructed to reuse personal protective equipment because of a shortage, but managers aren't consistently enforcing mask usage. >> and you use them again and again? >> yes, sir. >> proper training and adequate staffing are very important to control, august of last year, the california department of public health found they failed to meet minimum staffing requirements on 16 of 24 days checked. in july, the state cited orinda care for failing to properly sanitize table ware and cookware and for use of anti-psychotic drugs. in may they failed to keep a resident with meant thia safe
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from sexual abuse by a house keeper who had two previous complaints of sexual abuse. in our interview two weeks ago, orinda care owner crystal solarzano called those incidents unacceptable but isolated and said they are doing all they can to ensure it won't happen again. right now would you put your own family member in your facilities? >> without a doubt. >> solarzano owns 11 nursing homes, but in december she had three applications for new homes denied because the state concluded that the violations at her current properties posed immediate danger for residents. >> what is going on? how are your clients in immediate jeopardy in those homes? . there is a lot of things that i would like to speak about, and when the time is right, dan, you're going to be the first one to talk with me about them. >> solarzano shared me this video with me of her addressing staff. >> i promise you, i promise you when we get through this, we're going to take care of you all. >> do you believe that?
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>> i was promised $50 a day work and food. haven't received that. >> workers provided text messages they say came from an orinda care supervisor saying they were offered an extra $50 a day in hazard pay to work with coronavirus patients. a text one week later stated the hazard pay was canceled. why not walkway from this? >> it's hard for me to leave the patients because i build relationships with a lot of them. and it's hard to just give up on them. >> i called and texted crystal solarzano for comment on these new complaints from her worker, but she did not respond. in our first interview she said she is working with contra costa county to obtain ppe and train workers on their proper use. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> thank you. good work as always. dan and the i-team have been digging into issues at many local nursing homes, not just this one. you can read all of those
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reports on our website, and if you have a question or concern, that's also where you can contact them. a potential coronavirus vaccine has entered preclinical testing at uc davis. the vaccine is being developed by verndari. it use as skin patch with a metal microneed toll deliver the vaccine. it eliminates the need for refrigeration. it allows for rapid production and can potentially be self-administered. it is the last day of the month, and as of today we have been sheltering in place for 45 days in the bay area. people are getting tired of it. in fact, a well-known san francisco civil rights attorney has filed several lawsuits calling into question the state rules and restrictions. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow joins us live with the story. melanie? >> ama, attorney harmit dillon has filed six of those lawsuits and says there could be more.
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some of governor gavin newsom's stay-at-home orders are now at the center of several lawsuits. civil rights attorney harmin dillon says over the last weeks she has filed six lawsuits. >> the governor is overreaching on a number of grounds. >> the lawsuits center around protests. >> the governor has chosen to limit protests to zero. and this is outrageous and absurd. >> small businesses. >> no appeal process, no selection criteria. >> the closure of houses of worship. >> going to worship communally is a first amendment protected activity. and while it is not the same as protests, petition, the press, other forms of speech, it is protected under the constitution, and we believe that it is unconstitutional for the governor to impose restrictions on communal worship that are broader than necessary to achieve the government's interests. >> and now possibly state beach. >> today's orange county beach shutdown is almost certain to
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yield legal action. >> the governor announced beaches in orange county will be closed. >> the application of these rules has to happen at the local level. but when it doesn't and the enforcement can't, we want to be supportive and provide guidance. >> humboldt county sheriff announced his opposition to beach closures in his county on special media, writing he believes it violates constitutional rights and he would not enforce it. later he said in a statement he was grateful the governor didn't unnecessarily and arbitrarily restrict access to our coastline. and dhillon says she anticipate there's will be some sort of lawsuit or lawsuits based on those beach closures. she did not want the say whether or not she would be the attorney to file that lawsuit. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> all right, melanie, thank you. and governor newsom is getting strong reactions from orange county residents after he announced the closure of their beaches. >> i think there is a happy medium, and we need to find that
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together collectively. i think for the government to be telling what's to do or where we can go is a big mistake. >> don't hang out on the beach. go out and workout and then go home. >> the order starts tomorrow, may 1. during last week's heatwave, a number of beaches in the county were visibly crowded with thousands of people. te governor said large outings like this could delay the state's ability to reopen and slow the spread of coronavirus. the governor's decision to close only beaches in orange county was met with relief for some coastal communities here in the bay area. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has reaction from pacifica. >> we're going the do a hard close in that part of the state, just in the orange county area. >> and with that announcement from governor gavin newsom, a big sigh of relief from bay area residents who thought they were going to lose access to local beaches. >> i do think it's really iportant that people be able to get out and get fresh air, and exercise, especially since we've been shut up since march. >> the confusion began wednesday night after a memo released by the california police chief's
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association said that the governor was planning to close all beaches throughout the state. that information would turn out to be wrong with only orange county singled out due to concerns about overcrowding over the weekend. >> we have been clear. we have been transparent. we've been talking about this every day. many days in a row, and we were very, very focused on this in the last two days in particular, reaching out to all kinds of stakeholders. >> the police chief association responded with a statement thursday afternoon saying in part, we sent out information regarding decisions that were still evolving, which was regrettably shared out of our police chief membership and we apologize for the concern. in pacifica, officials say more than 70% of people approached by the police on the beach in recent weeks have been out of towners. beach parking lots have been closed for weeks to discourage people from traveling and gathering here in large groups. >> i don't really like rule breakers, but i also understand because try to picture if i'm
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living in a little apartment somewhere in hayward, do i want to get my kids out of the apartment and come to the beach? yes. >> no cooler, no beach chairs, no umbrellas. that really you should be there to get some exercise, walk your dog, surf, hike, run your children. >> a reminder from some not to ruin it for everyone else. >> the virus is everywhere, and we've done an amazing job flattening the curve, and we need to continue to maintain that. so just a little bit longer. >> in pacifica, chris nguyen, abc7 news. the shelter in place rules at both the state and local level are evolving every day as you well know. a golfers have been itching to get back on local courses. and when that happens next week, there will be changes. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman explains. >> pretty as it looks, there is nothing more depressing to players than a closed golf course. if there had been a golfer around today, he or swhhe woulde
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sharing a sound bite right about here. but with covid-19 most california courses have been closed for weeks. it's been tough on management too. >> it's a learning experience for all of us. >> patrick ahern at the bay club, they're making adjustments and learning to interpret the latest muses of governor gavin newsom, or trying anyway. >> things like, well, golfing, and whether or not that's appropriate, inappropriate, bay area put out some additional guidance on that. we want to clarify where the state stands. >> today's wrinkle that while courses may open on monday, the governor recommends they allow single players only with no carts. the single players part is new. but it's not an order yet, said lany hendricks who specks for marin county health. >> if the governor's announcement today turns into a legal order that is more restrictive than what we have in place, then yes, we would be implementing those things. >> across the bay area courses
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have been trying to reopen. we were in napa county last week. there we saw how courses turned their holes upside down. rigs and bunker, gone. expect that at most courses, ball-washers will disappear as well. at the country club they'll allow only one player at a time in the clubhouse, along with other social distancing measures. general manager ralph freightman has been in constant contact with contra costa and exercising patience. >> the county for us has always been pretty straight forward. no, you can't golf. as of yesterday, they said yes, we can. the state was saying no, we couldn't. >> technically speaking, golf is a simple game. some also say it's a four-letter word, or these days, at least, inspiring a few. in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. this is eric thomas in antioch, where a public official writes about the benefits of covid-19 thinning the herd, and
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it may cost him his job. that story is straight ahead. i'm spencer christian. the cooling coastal breezes continue to blow. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and abc7 has launched new streaming apps. so wherever you are, you can get live newscast, with our new abc7 app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku. just search abc7 bay area and download i
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- [female vo] restaurants are facing a crisis. and they're counting on your takeout and delivery orders to make it through. grubhub. together we can help save the restaurants we love. happening today, alameda becomes the latest bay area city to close streets to through traffic so residents can have more room for social distancing. the streets are pacific avenue between grant and oak and versailles avenue between central and fernside. san francisco and oakland have also closed some streets. also today, it's the first day in monterey county that face
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covers or masks are required for people out in public. santa cruz county today extended its shelter in place rules indefinitely. the order was set to expire on sunday. the new rules are similar to many bay area county, allowing construction to resume, gardening stores to reopen, and golf courses to get back in business. thanks to an executive order from the governor, adults can get a marriage license and have a civil ceremony all through videoconferencing with county clerks offices. usually those services have to be done in person. and governor newsom unveiled a new portal today on the state's covid-19 website that will help parents locate child care programs by simply entering in their zip codes. >> you'll learn about the hours of operation, the size of the facilities and other information that is now being made available all throughout the state of california. >> newsom says the idea for this portal has been decades in the making and is especially important now with 63% of licensed facilities in the state
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closed. the antioch city council will meet tomorrow to vote over removing a town official over controversial facebook posts. in the post the head of the planning commission suggested that covid-19 be allowed to weed out the elderly, weak and sick to the benefit of society. eric thomas is in antioch. >> i guess i am now formally the chairperson of the antioch planning commission. >> he was notified today that the city council will vote friday night on whether to remove him from the post. >> i didn't think so many people would be offend by an opinion. >> but that opinion suggested it could be nature's way of weeding out the old, sick and weak. that post has since been deleted. you don't think people would be calling for your head
6:18 pm
afterwards? >> not calling for my head, no. i got my first death threat today so i guess it did big-time. >> this is somebody that represents antioch. >> monica wilson is a city council member who is leading the charge to remove turnidge from his post. >> i asked for the resignation and the removal. and he's had every opportunity to come and say sorry. >> he says he is only sorry that his words became a lightning rod for controversy instead of starting point for discussion, but he doesn't regret putting the idea out there. >> people took what i wrote and they're reading omore into it. >> the city council will meet tomorrow night at 7:00 in special session. that's when turnidge will find out if his words have cost him his job. in antioch, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> there is a very slim chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. you're more likely to notice
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moved up and ahead of schedule. you are looking live at caltrans work on 101 in san francisco near alp emany boulevard. the northbound side will be all done by 3:00 p.m. saturday. construction work started less than a week ago. the project was supposed to happen in july but was moved up because of the lighter traffic during the shelter-in-place order. and crews have gotten the work done faster than planned. >> the last sierra snow survey of the year is in, and it doesn't look good. the department of water resources said there was just an inch and a half of snow at echo summit. the snow water equivalent was just 3% of average for this time of year. on the whole, measurements taken
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by 130 electronic sensors throughout the sierra reveal the average snow-water equivalent at 37% of average. as i said, not great. the new map of california's drought is similar to last week, but look how much worse our conditions are compared to last year. a section of far northern california in dark red is in extreme drought as you can see. here in the bay area we are mostly in drought, the dark orange. quite different from last year. >> we didn't get the rain we wanted to see this year. spencer? >> we certainly did not. nor do we have the snowpack obviously. it's hard to know how that is going to impact our water supply. let's hope for the best. it's a pitfall amount. sunny skies across most of the bay area, although the marine layer is building along the coast. and it is windy again. can't remember the last time we
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had a non-windy day. wind speeds right now 37 miles per hour in san francisco. 30 novato. 33 at fairfield. 28 at san mateo. just about everywhere right now, got some strong winds blowing. 24-our temperature change is a bit of a mixed bag. it is 2 to 4 degrees cooler in most inland locations right now than at this time yesterday. near the bay we have warmer conditions at oakland, hayward and san carlos and 5 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday in palo alto. okay, a look at current temperature readings. 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland 65. redwood city didn't post a reading this hour. 66 at san jose. 5 at half moon bay. and in other locations right now, 73 degrees north of santa rosa. 66 at napa and petaluma. 71 fairfield. 70 at concord. 65 in livermore. and woken go to our forecast features as we look at that building marine layer along the coast. early morning coastal fog will be with us tomorrow, but we'll have mainly sunny skies by
6:24 pm
afternoon. it will be gusty and cooler over the weekend. and a warmer pattern will develop next week. overnight, look for some clouds near the coast. low clouds and fog. and a few pushing inland as well. overnight low temperatures will range from upper 40s to low 50s for the most part, and then tomorrow we'll see breezy conditions once again, especially at the coast. but it will still be relatively mild tomorrow across the board. look for highs of 61 at half moon bay. 65 in san francisco. oakland 70 degrees tomorrow. in san jose a high of 76. inland east bay will be our mildest region, 81 degrees at antioch. 79, concord. farther north, 81 will be the high at fairfield. and up in the north bay, 78 at santa rosa. 75 at napa. but temperatures are going to drop rather sharply on saturday. we'll see highs of only maybe 60 at the coast. mid-60s around the bay shoreline, and upper 60s to only about 70 in most inland locations, although it may be a
6:25 pm
little warmer than that at fairfield and antioch. not much change on sunday. still quite cool near the bay shoreline and along the coast, and even our inland areas will reach only 70, 72 degrees on sunday. however, warm-up begins on monday, and we'll see temperatures inching back up to more seasonal range up to upper 70s inland and a few low 70s around the bay shoreline. here is our forecast animation for the weekend conditions. starting at 9:00 a.m. saturday, notice the increase in clouds on saturday morning. and all through the day, we'll see some clouds lingering. and saturday evening around 7:00 or 7:30, we expect to see light rain developing in mendocino county and perhaps as far south as northern sonoma county. but it won't last long. we expect the rain to sort of taper off and fizzle late saturday night, and going into sunday, it will get windy and clearer conditions. here
6:26 pm
the warm-up begins on monday. by wednesday, we'll see upper 80s inland, and on thursday, the old summer spread which is not something you put on crackers and crostini. 80 around the bay to 90 degrees in the warmest inland locations. enjoy the summer spread. it's mighty tasty. >> with a little glass of wine perhaps. spencer, thank you. president trump has a theory about the coronavirus and where it came from. we'll share his comments, next. millions are still waiting for their stimulus checks. i'm michael finney, and i'm finding out why. 7 on your side is coming up. >> abc7 is partnering with iheartradio to support local businesses hit hard during the pandemic. thousands of bay area stores and services are still open, offering to help with essential needs, and many are hiring. go to to find resources.
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now, your health, your safety. this is abc7 news. >> there are signs of a coronavirus recovery across the country tonight, even as millions more americans filed for unemployment benefits. >> in fact, ama, another 3.8 million people filed for those benefits, bringing the six-week total to 30 million americans. the united states navy ship comfort is leaving new york city after treating only 182 patients. it was brought there to handle a surge in patients. and in a rare move, the city's subway system will start shutting down overnight so crews can do more cleaning to prevent infection. nascar is set to resume its season without fans starting may 17th. and president trump said without offering any evidence that the coronavirus outbreak originated from a laboratory in china. >> we're going see where it is. we're going see where it comes from. and, you know, look, you know every theory, whether you had
6:30 pm
the theory from the lab, you had the theory from many different -- the bats, the type of bat, and the bat is 40 miles away, so it couldn't have been here and it couldn't have been there. >> u.s. intelligence officials say they have concluded that the virus, which causes covid-19, was not man made or genetically modified. [ closing bell ] >> stocks closed out april with their best monthly gain since 1987. likely a rebound from march which was the worst month since 2008. despite the gains, all three finished in the red. the dow finished 288 points lower while the s&p 28 points down and the nasdaq 25 points down. gilead sciences closed up 28.6 points. they announced today that they are working with international partners to expand production of an experimental coronavirus treatment. >> nearly 90 million americans have received their stimulus payments. for many, that is a huge financial relief.
6:31 pm
however, another 80 million people have yet to receive their money. folks from all over the country came to the one place they could find help. all over the country. not just the bay area. our own 7 on your side's michael finney, who is live on the story tonight. michael, people all overreached out to you. >> yeah, i have heard from people from coast-to-coast looking for answers. they desperately need this money. so i've been looking for answers too for you. and the news right now, some of it is good. some of it not so good. it was supposed to be quick cash to tide over american families as the pandemic crippled the economy. millions lost their jobs, and no relief in sight. >> i'm definitely waiting because i've been laid off my job. >> reporter: we told you about sharon broussard of san leandro. the irs sent her payment to a closed account by mistake. >> it's an invalid card. it has nothing on it. >> now she is not sure if she will ever get it.
6:32 pm
>> it would be nice to know it is coming, you know? >> the irs confirmed that he is eligible for payment but he has received nothing. >> it would be nice if they said well, okay, it's on its way. >> a lot of people are out of work. my husband lost his job last week. >> she keeps getting locked out of the irs website. she is not sure a check is ever coming. >> we're just curious if we're a family that's fallen through the cracks. and so i tried to find out information on the irs website, but it said there was no information. >> the government said people need emergency money to respond to a pandemic and a national emergency. and it's been a month since the c.a.r.e.s. act, and half the people haven't even seen their money yet. >> the c.a.r.e.s. act allocated billions of dollars for this emergency. more direct deposits are scheduled to go out today. but millions of families are waiting for paper checks, and that's the big holdup. >> we were told that it could be as late as september. so you don't want to wait that long.
6:33 pm
>> bay area congresswoman jackie speier says everyone should enter direct deposit information on the irs website, although she acknowledges many have trouble doing so. >> stimulus means you're going get it quickly. and unfortunately, the system within the federal government is how can i describe it, it belongs in the ice ages, not the swoy 21st century. >> the irs will spend out 5 million per may starting in may. it will take five months to get them to everyone. >> i'm frustrated. where is my money? >> the irs website has received a huge upgrade. so if you haven't been on it lately, and it's, go back and check it out. now, if you're still bumped off and it still doesn't give you the information you need, well, congresswom congresswom congresswom
6:34 pm
congresswoman speier says, it's worth the try, absolutely. nothing ventured, nothing gained. you can also go to our website, on your side to see all of the work that michael finney is doing, and it's quite a bit. you'll find a calculate they're will tell you how much your stimulus payment will be, and a link to the irs payment tracker. congresswoman jackie speier helped distribute food to families in daly city this morning. the line for the food drive stretched for more than a final. the second harvest food bank says it's serving more than a thousand households every day. it underscores the economic impact of the pandemic. speier helped load boxes of food into the waiting cars. >> i could not believe my eyes, the lines of cars waiting. the number of families that are going to be helped. and second harvest food bank is doing this on a wing and a prayer. >> speier is encouraging people to help by either volunteering or writing a check. the food bank is also offering
6:35 pm
lunches to students at daley jefferson city high. mayor libby schaaf is holding her virtual tone halwn . even people not showing symptoms can get a test, but only if they're in a high risk population. >> testing is going to be a really important part of when people can get back to work. so the more testing we do, the better it is for everyone. >> she also talked about giving the lake a break this weekend. ambassadors will be out at lake merritt saturday and sunday, educating people about the shelter in place rules and social distancing because a lot of people have been going to lake merritt in the last couple of weeks. the pandemi has brought new challenges and also new opportunities. next, new at 6:00, see how san jose state students are taking advantage. plus, a special tribute we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower...
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unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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well, as you know, this coronavirus pandemic has created more problems than answers, but that's not stopping young minds from addressing those issues. abc7 news reporter david louie joined a class from san jose state on zoom creating mobile apps to solve very important issues. >> student life at san jose state has gone from this normal though reality, online classes, along with many new challenges. >> i can see definitely people are suffering from all these kind of social issues, but i'll never think about oh, i can come up with some solutions there. >> professor lu chen's class divided into teams. >> what's up, guy, i'm jonathan? i'm totally bummed out about this whole quarantine thing. i just lost my job too. >> this is pitch day where the 11 teams showed off their projects. the projects provide insight into what they're struggling with, such as food insecurity. >> hot pockets are delicious and everything. don't get me wrong. but it's getting kind of old. >> this team developed an app that generates recipes of a
6:39 pm
photo of ingredients on hand. another called strive helps with finances by generating analysis by scanning key words in their tweets. >> your activity level, how busy, your pace of living and taking pleasure in life, likely to save money and how impulsive you are to spend. >> another focused on helping people measure the intensity of symptoms when sick. ibm's third call for code is trying to address problems created by covid-19. last year the competition focused on wildland fires. the winner developed a mobile device for firefighters to track their exposure to hazardous conditions. >> when they submit, they give a road map along with that which shows where the maturity level of the solution is as where as well they want to go with it. >> some of the san jose state entries could end up being submitted to the ibm global challenge. two of the entries made the finals l.a. year were from university teams, from cal and ucla. david louie, abc7 news. high school seniors across
6:40 pm
the bay area are dealing with the difficult reality that their academic year is done. prom, graduations and other activities are all canceled. but a group of parents don't want their children to go unrecognized. abc7 news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey tells us how a san jose high school is showing that nothing can hold them back. >> the coronavirus pandemic has canceled all schools for the rest of the year, including santa teresa high, a devastating reality for seniors and their parent. >> i can't put my arm around my daughter and say it's going to be all right. i know what you're going through. i don't know what you're going through. no one in our lifetime has gone through this. >> they can still offer a sign of encouragement to the seniors through an actual sign. throughout the santa teresa community are these decorations created by parents honoring their students that have been through so much. thinking group of kids, they're so resilient. and they -- they really know what it means to be independent and to fight for what's important for them. >> it's just a tiny thing, but
6:41 pm
if it makes a little smile in the midst of tears, it's a good thing. >> the signs are important for parents to honor their kids, but it also has a strong message for the students as well. every time that they see these reminders in front of their home, they'll know they're part of one of the unique graduating classes. >> i'm still proud to be a saint. and we're still sad, but it makes us happy that our school colors are around our neighborhood. >> other san jose parents have followed suit and started putting out their own signs highlighting seniors. the hope is despite what has been taken away, the students' accomplishments are never forgotten. >> it just makes me happy to know that our name is out there. our seniors are out there. the parents are super proud. whether they have a sign or not. we're proud. and we want the kids to know that. >> congratulations to the class of 2020. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> and here at abc7, we are honoring the class of 2020 who have had to forgo graduation ceremonies and other milestones because of the pandemic.
6:42 pm
alex bury burrquist is graduating. he is a straight a student and has competed on the cross-country team for four years. he series also captain of the tennis team this year, but the season was cut short of course. alex is headed to college in the fall. hey, alex, congratulations. well done. now, if you want to honor a graduate, share the details on our website, we may give them a shout out on television here or online. please, no professional photos. on the site you can also check out a photo gallery of all the seniors that we are honoring. one elementary school student is going beyond what his teachers are assigning him to do at home. next, see how he has managed to make 100 face shields for local health care wo these are extraordinary times, and we want to thank the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable.
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today on abc7 news at four, we held a virtual town hall on race and virus.
6:45 pm
jobina fortson, kumasi aaron and myself talked to a panel of experts about how the african american community is disproportionately affected by coronavirus. >> black people have not fared well in our health system, and in fact we see mistreatment, really, it kills black americans. so the truth of the marine is the pandemic has done nothing but exacerbate what was already in existence. >> we have to have at the state and federal level targeted resources to the most impacted communities. and if we don't do that, we'll never deal with all of the issues in this emergency. . >> we also took viewer questions live through our facebook page and youtube channel. karen holder jackson asked how parents are supposed to educate their kids at home if they didn't finish high school or didn't go to college. charles collins, president and ceo of the ymca of san francisco says his organization is helping tens of thousands of young people. >> trust your community-based organizations to work with your public organizations. the school district, our
6:46 pm
phenomenal mayor, our public health system, because this is about how we come together, community-based organizations understand the context of their communities. they understand who is where and what is where. so it's about leveraging the strength of that to the benefit of the children so that we begin to break these cycles. >> and we thank all of our panelists for participating in this really, really important discussion. and the conversation will continue next thursday at 4:00 p.m. we will focus on the issues the latino community is facing. catch "race and coronavirus: a bay area conversation" may 7th at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc7 news. you can also watch it live online at and on the abc7 news app. many students across the bay area have been out of school for six weeks because of the pandemic. and abc7 news east bay community journalist melissa pixcar shows you how an east bay kid is using his free time and tech skills for good. >> this is 9-year-old jaden, and
6:47 pm
he has been hard at work during the shelte-in-place order making 3-d face shields for medical frontline workers. >> i want to help people that work in the hospitals. >> jaden got into 3-d printing at the age of 5, making toys for hymn and his brother. jaden and his father came up with the idea to make face shields to protect their families members who were on the front lines of the coronavirus. >> i want to protect them from getting it so they can take care of the patients. >> jaden has made 1003-d printed face shields and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. >> after i wake up, when i go downstairs and make some every few one hour and 45 minutes. and then i do my homework while i'm waiting for them to finish. >> he has never stopped since april 2nd. it's always on constantly. it only stop when at night while we're sleeping. >> jaden's father has delivered face shields to five medical facilities in the bay area and
6:48 pm
to local churches. many nurses have sent jayden selfies showing their gratitude for the face shields. >> he has always been very helpful. he always want to help out in any way he. >> jayden hopes that his story will encourage other kids to give back. >> i hope i can inspire other kids that have 3-d printers to make more face shields for our community. >> in antioch, melissa pixcar, abc7 news. >> and we invite you to join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for people helping out during the covid-19 battle. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you, and we will share it with the community. all right. we're going share some time with spencer now. >> back with the forecast, spencer. nice outside today. will it continue into the weekend? >> well, it will continue through tomorrow, but it's going to get much cooler over the weekend. and the windy conditions we have now will be not much compared to
6:49 pm
what's coming our way on sunday. here is a look at live doppler 7. mainly clear skies right now. we have low clouds building near the coastline. we'll see the low clouds and fog push over the bay. overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. and then tomorrow we still have a relatively mild day coming our way. we'll see highs up to about 61 at half moon bay. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shoreline. mainly upper 70s to near 80 inland. and here sour look at the forecast animation for the weekend. starting saturday morning. notice we'll have lots of clouds building saturday morning. beginning later in the day. and then in the evening hours, we may get some light rain to the far northern -- in the far northern part of our viewing area up in parts of mendocino county and probably northern sonoma as well. but sunday brings strong gusty wind and clearing conditions, and that leads us to the accuweather seven-day forecast. look for another warming trend beginning on monday. and it will be almost summer-like by tend of next week. dan and ama? >> sounds good.
6:50 pm
thank you so much, spencer. let's turn our attention to sports director larry beil talking to steve kerr today with the warriors. larry? >> it was lot of fun. the coach on life in lockdown. the one thing that he's not doing right now. and what he wishes he could do.
6:51 pm
for over 80 years, nissan has been with you through thick and thin, and now is no different. we're offering payment options for current owners. ♪
6:52 pm
our service departments are here to help. and now we're offering more help. no payments for three months. plus, we'll cover your payments for up to two additional months. this is help when you need it. now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. warriors coach steve kerr is at home in san diego, waiting to see if or when this nba season will resume. he joins us today on our with authority podcast. kerr has been busy watching tape of possible draft picks and not shaving. >> you going grizzly adams here? what is happening? how many days? you're starting to look like tom hanks on the island. are you talking to a volleyball named wilson? >> i have a basketball named spalding, but the same concept. larry, you should know this. there are no rules anymore.
6:53 pm
nothing applies, what time it is doesn't matter, what day it is. whether i had a razor or not. none of it matters. so, you know, we just here we are. and we have to survive. >> you're a renaissance man. >> what are you really terrible at? is there something you're just awful? i want to know just for humanity sake to make us feel better about ourselves. >> my whole family would burst out laughing at you calling me a renaissance man, but thank you. if i can perpetuate that myth, he will be. i am absolutely horrible around the house at fixing stuff. i can't figure out the remote control to save my life. we have some of those systems there is a couple of different remotes because you got to do this and that. and i can't even figure out how to turn the tv on. so if anything around the house breaks down, my wife takes care
6:54 pm
of that. i have no idea. >> with authority. >> steve lucky he's got family members around to help. new 49ers offensive tackle trent williams. he sat out all of last season. he was in a dispute with the washington redskins. that gave him a lot of time on the couch to watch the san francisco 49ers. joining the red and gold is joe staley's replacement. he says it looks like a perfect fit for him. >> the reason i was drafted to washington is a way that me and this offense kind of marry up with my skill set. i think that's the still the same. so i think it's a hand in glove fit. and obviously i kind of notice often it's like the back of my hand. kyle shanahan was the offensive coordinator in washington. so the little league world series unfortunately was canceled today. but nascar is coming back.
6:55 pm
darlington raceway in south carolina may 17th. no fans will be allowed, but crews will wear masks, and they will practice social distancing. tonight's call my play video sent in by jennifer in larkspur. proud mom watching daughter zoe kicking it. check out 13-year-old zoe flint in the rain. this seventh grader made varsity at del mar burk school. her touch told the kids come up with a trick shot that ball looks like it's glued to her neck and dribbling for the finish. hey, zoe, we just called your play on abc7. >> send me your video. be sure to use the #abc77 call my play, and who knows? tomorrow night we may see you on tv. we got so many videos, all kinds of pets. just keep them coming, keep them coming. we'll try to get to everybody
6:56 pm
just as soon as we can. and one more note on this the steve kerr podcast. it is posted, available on itunes, available on youtube, wherever fine podcasts are heard. and not so good podcasts as well. we have a few of those out there. but watch and listen to steve kerr. that's the good one. all right. thanks a lot. >> all right. be sure to join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> all across the state and the country, but some want to change that. on friday, 11 reopened california rallies will be held across the state. deals on that tonight at 11:00. and demand grows for virtual baby-sitters as more parents work from home. we'll explain how it works. >> coming up at 8:00, it's who wants to be a millionaire, followed at 9:00 by station 19. at ten, catch how to get away with murder. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and "jimmy kimmel live!" at
6:57 pm
11:35. "nightline" after at 12:05. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for news any time on the abc7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian, larry beil, the entire 7 news team, we hope you a great evening. >> we'll see you again at 11:00.
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