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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 2, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thousands travel to the state capital to demand an end to stay-at-home others. others, to the opening of beaches and workers rights. many frustrations beginning to bubble over, but changes could be coming. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, may 2nd. i'm liz kreutz. thank you for joining us. we have a lot to unpack this weekend with governor newsom saying changes to the stay-at-home order could be coming as soon as monday. let's gate check of the weather
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with lisa argent. >> good morning to you, liz. fog is beginning that fog footprint will be expanding, allowing for cloudy skies in response to this system coming down from northern california and oregon. could bring us a few sprinkles. 34 santa clara, degrees warmer this morning. that sun is up about 11 minutes after 6:00. we'll call it mostly cloudy to start out. upper 50s coast to near 70 inland. liz? >> thank you. happening today, the battle over beaches will be keeping an eye on state beaches that will be closed over the weekend to avoid large crowds showing up. it is a point of one of the many protests we saw erupt.
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one rally drew dozens of people who are angry with the governor's decision to shut down orange county beaches. governor newsom was upset with those sorts of scenes that we saw last weekend. thousands who showed up to beat the heat. this decision may not be final to keep these beaches closed. an orange county judge says he will be holding a hearing on a challenge to the governor's order later this month. also today, closer to home, santa cruz county is ketaking action to keep people away. all santa cruz beaches will be closed unless people are swimming, surfing or boating. during the hours the beaches are open, people will be allowed to walk, run or exercise. in the east bay, more roads are being closed off to cars to give people enough space to get exercise outside, but continue to stay socially distanced. we put together a map here to show you where this is happening. there are five miles of closures along six routes in several
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oakland neighborhoods. you can see the closures on the map. this is the third round of closures during the stay-at-home order and the city plans to close many more miles of streets next friday. better conditions for workers and the homeless are at the forefront really, as much as ever before, but one protest in san francisco took an unexpected turn with two homeless women attempting to move into a vacant home in the castro. it's attracted crowds and police. >> reporter: san francisco firefighter and a dog walker both have one thing in common. they're homeless and this is their cryout for help. >> i don't have any housing. >> reporter: locked inside this vacant home in the castro neighborhood. cooper arona and jessica gonzalez refused to come out while san francisco police asked a crowd of supporters and
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navigates to disperse. inspired by the housing movement we saw last year with oakland moms for housing. this group hoped to send a message to mayor london breed and san francisco supervisors. >> with 62% of the vote. london breed was supposed to open 4,000 units for housing. she's failed to implement prop-c and the emergency order that supervisors passed to put homeless people into hotels. >> reporter: as to how they found this empty house, they found it on several real estate websites where they noticed it had been vacant for three years. according to supervisor manldman, there are 35,000 vacant hotel rooms that can be used to house those in need during this pandemic. >> there are practical challenges around doing that. it's not just a matter of getting a hotel room. it requires staffing and so it's not something that you can make
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happen overnight. but i actually believe that the mayor is trying. >> reporter: for now the office is looking into different solutions. as to the woman inside the home, they exited the property peacefully after three hours. >> i don't know what could happen, but i took a gamble and it's better than nothing. >> reporter: this group is planning to take over other empty homes in this city. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. news sky 7 was over the state building in san francisco where dozens of people gathered to demand that the government use its power to cancel rent and mortgage payments. others joined a caravan that circled the building in their cars. most residential evictions are banned through july 22nd. new this morning, san francisco supervisor shaman walton is calling on the city to increase its response to covid-19 to communities of color, saying they face a higher risk of infection due to economic disparities. he wants to create asymptomatic
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pop-up testing, protective equipment for workers and residents and placing all homeless people in susceptible areas into hotels. abc 7 news is dedicated to covering these very important issues closely this week. we are proud to hold a virtual hour-long town hall on race and coronavirus. panel of experts focused on how the african-american community is disproportionately affected by the virus, both in the number of cases and deaths and the large economic consequences. we're continuing this conversation this upcoming thursday, may 4th at 4:00 p.m. where we will focus on issues that the latino community is facing. you can watch this week's race and coronavirus, bay-area conversation online at abc 7 and on the abc 7 news app. >> those protest seem to pale in comparison to the intense crowds rallying in the state capital this week. dozens of people were arrested as thousands urge governor
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newsom to ease stay-at-home restriction. [ horns honking ] we heard from some who said they traveledn on chartered buses to take part. small business owners were included, who claim they are headed for economic ruin. >> our business owners want our opportunity to serve our customers in safety and economic value. the government is not going to pay all of our rent. >> it's time to stop scaring people and use common sense. >> let's not make the mistake, pulling the plug too early as much as we all want to. >> some protesters also questioned whether governor newsom can legally force private businesses to close. may day has historically been about workers. this is the first may day i've done something good for. this is really making may day special for me. >> abc 7 news was outside the
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amazon warehouse in richmond where workers gathered for a different may daypro tests. lots of protests yesterday. better protections and hazard pay. amazon has promised to add extra protections nationwide. the company says it's spending $800 million for masks, gloves, sanitizing spray, and hand washing stations for employees. happening in the south bay, a fun fitness challenge put on by high school students, bringing together family and friends to help raise money for second harvest food bank. participants will walk or run one mile every 20-minute period and setting up zoom calls as a way to practice social distancing. the challenge starts at 9:00 this morning. lisa says it's going to be cooler today. >> that's right. that's due to a breezy onshore flow, from our explorexplorexplr
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camera, 54, a few degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll call it partly cloudy. sunnier skies for the second half of your weekend and a warm-up in the extended outlook, coming up. >> thank you, lisa. the coronavirus treatment and first to get the green light for emergency use. what is it exactly and what does it mean in defeating the virus? stanford expert will explain. how to get your hands on those out-of-stock items and whether it's necessary to wipe down your items when you get home. plus this. getting back on the greens. golf returns to some counties on monday. there hasn't been
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welcome back. a major breakthrough in the fight to coronavirus thanks to several stanford doctors, the
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fda granted an emergency appoval for remdesivir. 30% of patients who take the drug imapprove. kate larson has the details. >> we want to thank all the collaborators that have brought remdesivir to this point. >> reporter: the foster city bay's pharmaceutical company developed remdesivir, the first drug approved for emergency use. >> it works by preventing the virus from making more copies of itself. >> reporter: the co-lead on g gilead's remdesivir study. more patients can take advantage of the current drug supply. she worked on aids clinical trials and explained why remdesivir, which does not cure covid-19, is a critical milestone. >> our first drug was htc in hiv
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and then we added more drugs to give an antiviral cocktail that really worked very, very well. >> what they'll now do is use remdesivir as the new placebo or standard of care and fold in other drugs along the way. >> reporter: the primary investigator on a larger remdesivir study which showed patients taking the antiviral recovered faster, in 11 dasz versus 15 days without the drug. the mortality rate was lower, too, 11.6% with the placebo and 18% with remdesivir. >> what if we look at how we interfere with the immune response triggered by the virus? >> reporter: the government will decide how it's distributed. >> we want to make sure nothing
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gets in the way of these patients getting the medicine. so we made a decision to donate about 1.5 million vials of remdesivir. >> reporter: before the emergency approval you could only get it through a trial. now doctors can prescribe the drug right now but can only be administered via iv to patients in the hospital. obviously, most patients will need medication at home. so more studies about the delivery mechanism are in the works. pill would be ideal, nazal sprays and self injections, the way you give an insulin shot, all of that being discussed for outpatient use. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. >> that is encouraging news. president trump is aiming to get a vaccine in the u.s. by the end of the year, calling it operation warp speed, pushing drugmakers and the military into production and ensure its safety and have enough doses for every american. >> i don't know who said it, but whatever the maximum is,
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whatever you can humanly do, we're going to have. and we hope we're going to come up with a good vaccine and we're going to fast track it like you've never seen before, if we come up with a vaccine. i think they probably will. >> right now there are eight possible extraction evens in human trials and two of them are stateside. there are concerns even if a vaccine is ready by december it may take longer to have the vials needed to share that medicine widely. grocery stores are undergoing changes every day to keep us safe. shortages and bare shelves still tend to pop up. how to track down the products that you want. >> reporter: it's a new normal day at the grocery store. shoppers waiting six feet apart. faces covered in marks. carts getting cleaned after every use, all to stop the coronavirus attack. what about those groceries
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inside? can the virus live on those boxes and cans? what about shoppers handling the fresh fruits and veggies? >> i'm sure researchers are looking at whether people coughing on fruits or vegetables that the droplets carry a viable virus. >> reporter: we posed the question to james rogers, food safety expert at consumer reports. he says research is just beginning, but so far no known covid cases are linked to groceries. >> what i've seen from our federal regulatory agencies such as the fda, they have no evidence to suggest that people are picking up this virus from packaging and getting sick. >> reporter: many hands may touch these packages and that fresh produce even before it gets to the store. then it's stocked on shelves, picked up and put back by shoppers. so what if someone along the line was infected? >> we just have to wait for the research to be done and give us the data on this. >> reporter: however, he says, it seems unlikely that groceries
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could carry enough virus to make you sick. even if someone sneezed on that pile of fruit. >> you would have to have viable virus on the package, touch that virus right where the virus is and there would have to be enough virus right on that spot that you touch and then you would have to transfer it to your face or mouth. it's not a likely scenario, so the risk is low. >> reporter: that's a relief. however, he says, it can't hurt to wipe down your groceries when you get home. he does it himself. >> my wife is making us wipe any item that comes in from the outside down with these wipes. so i'm right there. >> reporter: pour the contents into your own containers and throw out the package. scrub produce in plenty of cold water. cook foods at least 160 degrees to kill any viruses. although risk appears low, the virus is still a mystery. >> a big well of unknowness about this whole situation.
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>> reporter: i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> if you have any questions, drop that at michael finney or abc 7 news website. heads up if you're making any essential flights in or out of the bay area next week, there are new changes starting next monday, you will be required to wear a face mask at any bay area airport, these can include homemade masks, bandannas as well. some airlines will now also block some or all middle-row seats to make more distance. the number of people flying and going through tsa checkpoints has steadily risen in the past weeks, raising new concerns about the need to fly aduring the outbreak and how to do it safely. it will include on-site testing.
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emirates has started conducting blood tests in dubai. it reportedly returns results in ten minutes. fascinating stuff. institution will get back to business. presidio golf course has provided a refunlg for families looking for space during the lockdown. the course will be reopening to golfers. >> reporter: on a friday sunny, it could have been mistaken for the world's largest sand box. the course was jammed with families, and not a golf ball in sight. just plenty of beach towels, frisbees and even the occasional kite. >> it's surreal being here in the middle of the fairway, people playing soccer, frisbee, having picnics. >> reporter: they've maintained a much-needed good neighbor policy, and a safe and fun environment for cooped up
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families. in a few days, being safe will mean staying off the course itself. >> yeah, unfortunately walkers and flying golf balls don't mix too well. >> reporter: managing director says the course will be returning to its mission of providing recreation, being one of the few sports that is able to control social distancing. >> we're taking reservations and payment over the phone, so clubhouse will still be locked down. nobody will be allowed in the golf shop. people will come out after they've already paid, they'll check in with the starter. starter will get them off the first tees. >> reporter: he says crews hit the turf a little after 4:30 this morning, mowing lawns, smoothing greens and getting the course back in playing shape. the green fees golfers pay will contribute a welcome boost to the budget, including maintenance and upkeep. parents like bridget denning has been greatful to play through as it were. >> i know my husband would rather be here golfing but it's
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great getting out with the kids. we're cooped up all week and these sand traps have been great for the kids. >> reporter: dion lin, abc 7 news. >> i know people are looking forward to get out. can we golf, can we not golf? newsom did clarify yes, golf courses can open with social distancing. >> yeah. i did hear that napa was open recently. so, definitely some good news out there. and the weather today, coolest day out of the next seven. weak cold front to the north will be influencing us today with more cloud cover and cooler than we had yesterday. a look at doppler 7 where we have fog along the coast. extreme northern california, oregon border. as this slides to the south, it will fall apart. we could see a few sprinkles down andersonoma county, far north bay, the coast and even looking at those clouds as well to start out. 55 in san leandro. good morning, berkeley.
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53 in san francisco. there's the fog around pacifica. 52 santa rosa, loss gatos with 57 in san jose. emeryville, there is a marine layer out there that's been building, expanding. it's a cloudy and cool start with drizzle, isolated shower in the north bay, the coast. definitely will see the clouds out there, feel a bit of a cooldown today and then sunny and breezy tomorrow on the back side of this system. high pressure builds in monday and tuesday from southern california by the end of the upcoming workweek. we will see 90s in our inland valleys. a look at the fog footprint in the high, mid-level clouds as that fog dissipates throughout the morning hours, we'll see an increase in the clouds the upper levels of the atmosphere. 3:00, partly cloudy skies, east bay, south bay. in the north bay, you'll notice there's some precip getting a little bit closer. system is going to fall apart. we could see a few sprinkles.
5:23 am
as we get through the week, notice what happens. first let's look at the north bay, though. san rafael, out in the 50s. mid 60s for you. farther up to santa rosa, some upper 60s. here is what i wanted to show you for the rest of the bay area, the rest of the week ahead. we're in the low 70s in concord. mid 70s tomorrow. as we get through the workweek, notice the warming trend monday, tuesday, upper 70s, low 80s. here is where the heat really begins to build during the end of the week, inland valleys near 90 degrees. back to today, your saturday, 62, breezy winds, koudy skies at the coast or city, i should say. upper 50s, half moon bay. 72 in concord. 74 in san jose. so, a cooler day. monday, that warm-up with low 80s inland. tuesday we're in the mid 80s and 70s around the bay. by wednesday, it's getting hot. accuweather seven-day forecast, cool one with breezes today.
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upper 60s around the bay. mid 60s inland. gradua gradual warming trend. lot more sunshine but breezy for the second half of your weekend. liz? >> thank you, lisa. get the s'mores out. boy scouts are doing virtual camping for you
5:25 am
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happening now, you're taking a live look at highway 101 in san francisco near alamini boulevard. fantastic news for drivers there that crews are done with the deck construction. both sides of the freeway reopened at 4:20 this morning. cloud crowds around that deck. this was supposed to be a major traffic pain but was moved up to take advantage of the lack of drivers on the road right now. happening today, make some s'mores for a virtual camp-in, hosted by the boy scouts of america. there will be tutorials on
5:27 am
construction, wilderness survival tips, camp sing-alongs. it's open up to all families, including those families whose children are not scouts. just head to the scouts' website for more information. governor newsom saying we may start to slowly ease restrictions as soon as this week. but before that economy returns to its feet, some shuttered restaurants are taking this time to get ahead. what one bay area restaurant is doing that gives us a glimpse at a post-covid-19 future. >> what one northern califonia company is choosing to reopen anyways. coming up.
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we are, i said, weeks, not months about four or five days ago. i want to say many days, not weeks. >> reopening of california may be closer than we think, but the governor says it's only on one condition. we must all keep following by the rules. a major sign of progress this morning, we're seeing more bay area businesses get ready for the comeback. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, may 2nd. thank you for joining us. much more on the possible next steps of reopening the state. if you're just joining us, we're going to take a quick look at the weather. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. we have some cloud cover, that fog bank. it's moving in. more clouds. cooler day today, 58 oakland, 52 santa rosa. there's fog at the coast. cloudy and cooler morning for y you. although with the blanket of cloud cover we're warmer than we were yesterday, anywhere from 3 to 11 degrees warmer. we'll have a slow warm-up as the
5:32 am
high clouds will be moving in as well as low-level clouds. by 11:00, we're in the 60s. notice to the north a little green up there, a chance of showers later on in the day up toward sonoma county, maybe along the coast, staying cool here in the upper 50s. highs in our warmest inland valleys will be around 70. liz? >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. a significant sign of hope for our future return to reopening. governor gavin newsom saying he may introduce sizeable modifications as early as next week, possibly on monday. it's based on promising declining in covid-19 hospitalizations and cases, in thanks to our collective and continued need to stay home to save lives. with those indications from governor newsom, preparations for post covid-19 businesses is already under way. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castilio shows us in burlingame
5:33 am
what one business is putting in place. >> reporter: at this restaurant in burlingame, owner is preparing his dining room for the day customers return. no doubt, business will be much different. >> we cannot be very italian anymore. we cannot hug each other. >> reporter: eight feet of separation, glass partitions between each dining table. >> i can only say this. we're getting very, very close to making some announcements that i think will be very meaningful to people, in retail sector, hospitality sector, that includes in that second phase restaurants. >> reporter: switching to paper menus, napkins and other material meant for one-time use. standard reservations and staff and masks and gloves. he's also introducing no contact payment. >> they can already, you know,
5:34 am
order, preorder and pay online. they can just come here and eat. >> reporter: since the pandemic hit, they've had to lay off 18 employees. staff is now down to six. his application for the paycheck protection program sits unanswered. newsom pointed to protection of a different kind friday, repeating ppe is fundamental when considering reopening guidelines. this is the new look for the long-time burlingame business. >> for sure it's going to be for the long time. i think at least for next summer for sure. >> a temporary solution to get over this tough time. in burlingame, i'm amanda del castilio, abc 7 news. already moving to that next phase of reopening, defying the governor's orders and returning to normal. very northeast corner of the state. of its 9,000 residents, there have been no confirmed coronavirus cases so far. county leaders are allowing people to go back to the county's only movie theater, go
5:35 am
back to barbershops and dine inside restaurants. despite the possible dangers of further spreading the virus, local businesses are ready for a comeback. >> kind of like a wildfire came through, cleaned everything up here and now we're back to getting going again. so that's exciting. >> reporter: the county is still imposing strict social distancing guidelines. businesses will only be able to have half their full capacity, number of patrons inside their establishments. interesting sight on one florida beach. a man dressed as the grim reaper showed up to protest its reopening. a lawyer who also filed a lawsuit against the governor of florida in march to close allstate beaches during the pandemic. he says he feels compelled to urge people to think twice about crowding the beaches. >> people are going to get hurt. i wish i didn't have to do this, but nobody else is doing it. >> now he says he actually loves
5:36 am
beaches but thinks they should be empty for the foreseeable future. largest supermarket in the u.s. says it's limiting the beef and pork you can buy in its stores. kroger says it doesn't expect meat shortages but is adjusting to the high demand. some plants have closed as workers were tested positive with covid-19. we've reached out to kroger stores in the bay area for comment but have not yet heard back. bay area 7's gratitude for people giving back during this pandemic. we'll go to lake county where a strugg struggling business owner is helping one meal at a time. >> reporter: even in quiet kelseyville, lunchtime means
5:37 am
busy time. it's one reason why mike lindall and his staff began at 5:00 a.m. for a one-person takeout order. loading them up before noon. can't let lake county down. >> you can't leave this community. we put our chin up, put the shovel to the ground and go. >> reporter: mike fills this order three times a week and delivers to a place where they take his temperature every time. and where the staff lines up early, knowing what's coming, another donated lunch from mike to the hard-working covid stressed staff at lakeside hospital. >> helps us keep going. >> reporter: clearly, as you look at the results, it is an emotional mission. if you ask mike why he does it, he says it's the right thing to do. but if you drill deeper -- >> my mom and dad always told me sometimes it's not about making money. it's about doing the right thing. >> reporter: deak and patti
5:38 am
lindall drilled that into him, do the right thing, no matter what. >> we're losing money but, you know, we decided that if there's a good chance we're going to go down, we were going to go down, doing the right thing. >> reporter: here it is, words becoming deeds again and again, reliable as clock work. >> we're grateful, thank you. >> reporter: if only mike's mother was here to see it. but he lost her just before covid-19 arrived. >> i would hope she would say she's proud of me. >> is there any question? wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> share your gratitude for people helping in the covid-19 battle. use the #betterbayarea and we will share the love. bay area senior day done distance. special idea to put on to help
5:39 am
high school seniors. one north bay group is sparking friendship with something as simple as a phone call. and here is a live look from our roof camera this morning. still dark out there at 5:39. about 53 degrees in san francisco right now.
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back. in the east bay we wanted to show you what one school is doing to send off its senior class, all done at a distance, of course. >> cougars! go byu! >> clayton valley charter high school's commitment parade with yesterday being national decision day for graduating seniors, each got to drive through the parade route, lined with decorations. in the end, students got to take photos with their families and
5:42 am
were given a special class t-shirt. >> you're getting ready to graduate and go to your next career, and you're like basically starting your life when you're graduating. but this year, we're not in school anymore, so it's different. so, this is pretty much all we can do. >> school organizers were able to get clearance for the celebration from the city of concord. and here at abc 7 we've been honoring the class of 2020 who have had to forego graduation ceremonies and other milestones due to the pandemic. riley owe roorks is graduating from campbell. she lo he loved playing on the school football team and will be receiving the boy scout rank of eagle scout in a few months. congrats, riley. we're rooting for you. share details on our website at and we may give them a shout out.
5:43 am
please, no professional photos on the site. check out the gallery of all the seniors we're honoring. lisa, let's get a check of the weather this morning. cooler today. >> yeah. this morning with our blanket of cloud cover, we are milder, live look outside from our exploratorium camera. you can tell there is fog there, the top of the bridge there, obscured. look for the low cloud this is morning, the layered clouds throughout the afternoon, making for a cooler saturday. my accuweather seven-day forecast is on the way. >> thanks, lisa. up next, warriors fans are in for a treat. steve kerr chats with us on what he thinks is in part in ♪ wild thing, ♪ you make my heart sing ♪ but i wanna know for
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or pay bills from here. so when someone asks you, "where's your bank?" you can tell them: here's my bank. or here's my bank. or, here's my bank. because if you download and use the chase mobile app, your bank is virtually any place. visit welcome back. in sports, the nba is discussing
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not restarting until december. no decision has been made on whether this season will resume. >> episodes five and six of "the last dance" will appear on espn. and steve kerr was interviewed with the anxiety of seeing his younger self. >> we turn to "the last dance" if we're looking for hoops, episodes five and six will air this sunday on espn. michael jordan allowed a film crew to follow the bulls around during the '97, '98 season. for steve kerr, a member of that team, now obviously coaching the warriors, this is bringing back some memories but also some anxiety, as he told us on our podcast, because he has absolutely no idea what will be shown. >> when i see the footage, it's brand new for me, but it's great reminders of, you know, that
5:47 am
season and that run with the bulls. and then there's a little bit of a feeling of self consciousness, too, because you know, especially right now, the whole country is watching. the sports fans in our country are watching. and you just -- you know, when you watch your younger self, i don't know. most people probably feel a little self conscious. >> 49ers tight-end george kittle has a brand new toy, getting ready for the upcoming season with a fancy robot con trapgs that fires passes to him in his own backyard. how cool is this thing? customized for the people's tight-end, number and joker, tattoo of the joker on his arm. he has to love this device. sean maniya, providing more than 200 meals from pod pied paradise and deli and subs,
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#abc7callmyplay when you send in your video. who knows, next week, we may see you on tv. we've got a lot of cats, dogs. we need more humans. send us your videos. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a good day, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> dogs are so cute. more dogs, more humans, more of all of that, all around. it's really fun. people may be out playing more sports, social distancing. >> a lot of people out, for sure, enjoying the sun today, a little less of that as we get going in the morning. skies will become partly cloudy in parts of the bay area today. doppler seven, weak one to the north of us and will slide to the south and fall apart as it does. a few sprinkles along the coast and perhaps in the north bay day. a look at the peninsula. we do have some fog from pacifica to half moon bay. low 50s here. a little milder this morning with the cloud cover. mid 50s, san mateo, belmont, in
5:50 am
the north in the low 50s. temperatures kind of uniform out there, except toward concord. 57 there. 57 in san jose. here is a look at san rafael. nice-looking clouds here, scattered about, and looking at a cloudier and cooler saturday for most with drizzle, and an isolated shower as we go through the afternoon in the early evening hours. tomorrow it is breezy. it is bright for your sunday. summer-like sizzle late in the upcoming workweek as temperatures will soar to near 90 inland. here is a look at the fog and the high clouds expanding throughout the day today. 9:00, we're going to see low clouds dissipate. mid and high-level cloud also take their place. that will allow for cloudy skies for some, partly cloudy in the east bay, south bay, peninsula throughout the afternoon. in the north bay, could see an isolated shower, also along the coast. weak cold front allowing for a few sprinkles out there. 73, santa clara. 71 in sunnyvale.
5:51 am
breezy and mid to upper 60s from milbrae to san mateo. winds up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. 58 in pacifica. 62 downtown. few degrees cooler in the city. north bay, more clouds with 68 santa rosa, 67 in vallejo. east bay, mid 60s and partly cloudy afternoon on the way. fremont, it will be about 70 with the high and mid-level clouds heading inland and we'll see highs fairly uniformed from the 70s, 72 in livermore. overnight lows then will be clearing out, looking at temperatures from the mid 40s up in the north bay to about 50 san francisco. coolest numbers north and getting set for a sunnier sunday. it will be breezy along the coast. slightly warmer. accuweather seven-day forecast shows the warming trend taking hold on mondays and tuesdays as high pressure builds in, 60s
5:52 am
coast, 70s around the bay. by the time we get to late in the workweek, we'll see the 90s arrive in inland valleys by thursday and friday. certainly feeling like summer. liz? >> thank you, lisa. many senior citizens are feeling isolated during this pan d demic. talking with a senior every day. check it out. ♪ >> normally there's usually 45 to 50 seniors here every day, having lunch. it's so bizarre for us not to have this room full of people. and today would be bingo day. there would be not an empty seat. we are one of the few nonprofits tht still provides a hot meal 365 days a year to homebound seniors. te meal prep happens here. they get packaged up.
5:53 am
we have a team of volunteers who deliver those meals to our meals on wheels recipients and then on a normal day, that same meal is then served at our senior cafe. we decided to ask our seniors not to come to the senior cafe. that they could pick up their lunch. >> it's nice to get a hot lunch in your hand and walk away. >> reporter: those who need access to food are getting access to the food that they need. nutrition is very, very important but the connection with other individuals has always been the key to the program. >> it's nice to talk to the people. it helps us. >> the seniors said to us, but we're going to be alone. we're going to be alone.
5:54 am
>> i have cats at home. >> basically on the fly we built a program called "you're not alone." this is an opportunity for other people in the community to reach out and speak to a senior every day. >> hello, katie. >> hi! how are you? >> for many of our seniors being homebound, not being able to be connected to other people, it starts to build on this loneliness piece and, you know, that leads to anxiety and the anxiety leads to depression. and so we're hoping with our "you're not alone program" now county wide, we'll be able to touch community members every day, especially in these scary and anxiety-built times. >> that was my favorite childhood memory? let me see. >> my thing is always forward, never back. so "you're not alone program" it is not going to be a program that will end after this. we're going to expand it. >> a fun part to my life. >> ah, thanks.
5:55 am
>> that's just the nature of who petaluma people's services is and who our staff and all of our volunteers are, too. >> fantastic organization. you can watch localish all day long on channel 7.2 over the air and comcast xfinity 715. and and on facebook and instagram. >> everyone is video chatting to stay connected. one family is trying a new game out. the dorable way this young boy is keeping in touch with his grandmother, coming up next.
5:56 am
that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
5:57 am
welcome back. one family has found a fun way to connect while social
5:58 am
distancing. one young boy plays peek a boo with his grandmother. >> peek-a-boo. peek-a-boo. >> cutest laugh ever. the boy's mother captured this video chatting with his grandmother in new york. they've been having phone dates to stay connected since the family, of course, can't be together. every date they each have a cup of hot chocolate, they talk and play and they peek-a-boo with each other. that was their main game of choice. clearly, he gets a kick out of it. and they're having a grand time. i love that. very sweet. could watch that over and over again. all right. we're back with a full new hour of abc 7 mornings, as it could be a tense weekend at state beaches in what could be a sign of what's to come, protests
5:59 am
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♪ ♪ don't feel like wearing pants? okay who drank all the milk? enjoy the great taste of dunkin' at home.


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