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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 4, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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restrictions. this phase will happen gradually however and could vary across regions, meaning it might be different in the bay area. >> liz kreutz is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: hi, dan and ama. good news for all of us, especially those eager to see the state reopen. it's going to vary by region. on friday, according to the state order and this new phase, retailers will be allowed to reopen with curb side pickup. it's not the full phase 2 but it's a good start. in this full first week of may, a move forward. >> we're entering into the next phase this week. >> governor newsom announced today that phase 2 for reopening california will begin on friday. but exactly how is somewhat complicated. >> we mentioned phase 2 included an earlier and a later consideration. >> here's the thing.
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as newsom announced last week, phase 2 will include the reopening of low-risk businesses. retailers and manufacturing. but to date he said only part of phase 2 can begin on friday. for instance, malls and office spaces cannot reopen and restaurants cannot do in-person dining. retailers, like clothing stores, florists and bookstores can reopen with curbside pickup. logistics and manufacturing can reopen too. on top of that, there's also this. >> we are announcing today the capacity for these other counties and regions to move further into phase 2 with plans that need to be locally certified. >> newsom will allow for regional variance. counties that feel ready and have the capacity to follow protocols, can potentially move faster through phase 2 than other counties. if a county wants to move slower, they can do that, too. >> for example, the bay area, northern california, they have guidelines where they're a little more strict than these
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guidelines. if they choose not to come into compliance with the state guidelines, they have that right. >> newsom says the decision to begin phase 2 has been guided by the data. for instance, daily testing numbers are going up and plans are in place to increase contact traci tracing. still, there's growing pressure to reopen. we saw the protests at the capitol and tlie california counties are defying the stay-at-home order and already reopening. >> let's not develop amnesia. let's not forget why we're in this position in the first place. >> here in the bay area, where our modified shelter in place order ends in -- london breed is working with the governor and health officials to come up with a plan. >> we're really excited about it. we want to see people get back to work, especially but we want to do so responsibly. >> reporter: governor newsom will lay out guidelines for all of this on thursday. i also want to bring up child
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care, something we're getting a lot of questions about. it's unclear whether or when child care will be expanded beyond just for children of essential workers. we'll try to get answers soon. liz kreutz, abc 7 news. a big part of being able to reopen is making sure that we as a state have reliable testing capabilities. what are you hearing about california in terms of testing for covid-19 tonight? >> reporter: yeah. dan, testing is critical. and up until now or even now california has been lagging behind on this front. good news, numbers are increasing. california is testing 30,000 people a day. that's up from -- 30,000 tests a day up from 25,000 tests last week. we need to get to 60,000 a day. we have a long way to go, but other positive news, san francisco, for instance, announced that they are expanding free covid-19 testing for aulie sengs workers regardless of if you have any symptoms or been exposed. that is good news and progress is being made. >> great to hear.
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liz, thank you. in the bay area, it is the first day of slightly relaxed shelter in place restrictions for six of our nine counties. it means places like a garden park are allowed to reopen today in saratoga. it was closed since march 17th. social distancing rules apply. low-risk outdoor activities, like golf courses, skate parks, construction sites, home tours, car washes and landscaping companies. child care can expand beyond families of essential workers to include those whose parents work in outdoor businesses. restrictions for shared equipment, playground, picnics and dog parks. real estate open houses are off limits. all other restrictions like dine-in restaurants remain as before. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live after visiting businesses that did open today. cornell, what was it like? >> reporter: ama, it was pretty
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crowded. a lot of people anxious to get back to whatever normal used to be. get out, get their car washed. shop for some spring plants. you wouldn't bloof how many people showed up at this nursery today. >> tons of people were excited to come back and do their gardening. >> reporter: check out the long line of cars to get into orchard nursery in leaf yet. only 50 cars at a time were allowed in the parking lot. this couple filled up their car with all the plants they could buy. >> everybody is like we are. anxious to get things in our garden. >> this nursery is reopening now that shelter restrictions are being eased. it hasn't been easy. >> we lost a ton of money being closed through most of the spring. >> there are new rules for customers when it comes to social distancing. >> on the x. i'll take care of you. >> the key isn't finding what she needs. >> a lot of the vegetables are
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filled out. there's a resurgence of the victory garden going on right now. >> across town, cars are getting clean after a very long wait. >> how dirty was your car? >> filthy. sitting in the garage for eight weeks, getting dusty. filthy. >> that's the first time in six weeks that we've been able to wash cars. >> lafayette car wash owner is happy to get his two dozen employees back to work and taking precautions. >> every employee is wearing a mask and gloves. they wash their hands after every car. >> i'm happy to come back to work today. >> car wash supervisor, victor, says it's been tough not having a regular paycheck. but today he and his crew are back at it, cleaning car after car. >> i'm happy for them. i've known the employees here for years. they're wonderful people. >> reporter: on a regular day before covid-19, that car wash might clean about 300 cars.
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today the manager said they did about 200. not bad for a first day back. live in lafayette tonight, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. not bad at all. cornell, looks like business at the nursery is brisk. are all of the employees back? >> reporter: yeah. super busy. actually, no. the manager said only about half of his staff are back. many still choosing to stay away and shelter at home. >> all right. cornell barnard, reporting live tonight. thank you. new at 6:00, an update from the i-team. the second round of funding for the paycheck protection program is quickly running out with more than half of the fund, about $175 billion, already distributed. the i-team is looking into how much money is really getting to small businesses in the bay area and how it is to be optimistic. stephanie sierra is digging into that. >> dan, more than 320,000 loans
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have been approved under the paycheck protection program in california. we're looking into how many of those are actually going to small businesses who employ ten or less. cleave and clippers is not a priority for jeff silver man. the only real cuts he's preparing for are from his paycheck as he retapes this closed sign in the window of his salon, uk car. >> devastating really. because as i say, my whole team, we're all affected. >> silverman who employed three is part of the 72% of micro small businesses in the area that employs ten people or less. >> i'm waiting to hear from them. >> he applied for a ppp loan through bank of america and is still waiting for approval. >> there would be a lot of people who would lose their jobs. >> bank of america reported processing 184,000 ppp applications. but because of new changes
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implemented from the fda, only 1,000 loans were approved. >> julie, where does the backlog stand today and what's being done to prevent it? >> we have been working with the larger banks in particular to a slightly different process so we wouldn't bog down our system. we've tried different pasting techniques. i don't believe that we have the big backlog that was reported earlier last week. >> according to data from the sba's second round of funding, 850,000 loans have been approved from smaller lenders. while big lenders approved well over a million. >> what data are you seeing that suggests smaller businesses are getting more attention now? >> our average loan size is $78,000. that says to me that the smaller businesses that have smaller financial needs are getting through the system and are getting these loans approved. >> the bay area bank of america branches has approved more than 1400 loans with the second round of funding.
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according to an abc 7 data analys analysis, 76% were processed in the north bay. 71% were processed in san francisco, the east bay, the peninsula and santa clara county. giving silverman hope. >> we want to get back as soon as possible. >> the second round of funding is moving faster. it took the sba two weeks to process 1.6 million loans in the first round. but now just over a week, more than 2 million have been processed. >> that's progress. stephanie, based on the data you're looking at, what would you tell small business owners who have yet to see any of that money? >> dan, the best thing to do is check with your lender. they'll be able to confirm where you are and the internal process or verify if your application has been submitted to the sba. stephanie, thanks. stephanie sierra reporting. abc 7 is partnering with iheart radio.
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thousands of bay area stores and services are still open the offering to help with essential needs and many are hiring as well. go to to find sources. click on support the bay. college students count on summer internships to get real world work experience. for many, it could be a lost summer as companies weigh whether to create virtual program. david louie is live with what's at stake for students and how various companies are adapting. >> david? >> well, ama this is a problem for college students. the number of internships could fall in half as a result of covid- covid-19. some companies unsure how to employ them virtually. >> competition is fierce, ask jake lenry, a sophomore at cal. >> i applied to 40 or 50 places and that wasn't an experience that was unique to me.
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that's almost all the engineers at cal, most likely. >> he was one of 59,000 who applied at procter & gamble. only 570 were hired. but for the first time ever internships will be virtual. >> there was no playbook in taking on this effort. we just had to adapt and kind of test some different things out to feel confident that we move forward at 110% to be able to deliver it. >> procter & gamble isn't alone. a survey indicates half of all internships will be done virtually because of the coronavirus situation. that means the other half are likely canceled. the largest declines in hiring interns were in travel and tourism. information technology, architecture and civil engineering and telecommunications. >> going to get sent to a computer with all the different programs can be done virtually, thankfully. >> he and his fellow interns will be getting laptops from procter & gamble. as for creating the virtual program, that was entrusted with younger employees with two to
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ten years experience. after work social hours will go virtual. the company founded almost 183 years ago can be nimble. >> trusting your newer workforce with those ideas and leaning on them in this time and moving to a digital world is huge for us. >> reporter: now, we did reach out to several tech firms in silicon valley about the status of their internship programs. by deadline, we heard back from facebook and google. they're planning to run their internships virtually. live, david louie, abc 7 news. the covid-19 pandemic brought telecommuting to the forefront. now a county proposal aims to keep it around. i'm chris nguyen with that story coming up. i'm wayne freedman in sonoma county. if you think construction was slowed down, uyou'd be wrong. we'll tell you why. i'm spencer christian. warming trend underway. it's going to feel like
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midsummer by the end of the week. the forecast coming up. this thursday at 4:00 p.m., we'll focus on the issues the latino community is facing during the pandemic. catch race and coronavirus, a bay area conversation, may 7th at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. you can watch it live on television, stream it on, download the abc 7 news app. that's this thursday.
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and it doesn't just drag hr down. it drags the entire business down -- with inefficiency, errors and waste. it's ridiculous. so ridiculous. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own data in a single, easy to use software. visit, and schedule your demo today. derek almena out on bail waiting for trial. he has an electronic ankle monitor. he's awaiting a trial for the 36 people who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland 2016. almena was released to lake county where his wife and children live. his release is tied to judicial emergency orders intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus in our jails. taking a live look at
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drivers in santa fe. this is 101 there. despite light traffic that you see because of the shelter in place orders, traffic fatalities are up in the past two months. police say there have been 17 deadly crashes this year compared to 15 last year. the number of tickets given out to speeders going more than 100 miles per hour has nearly doubled compared to last year. lighter traffic in the bay area started with the shelter in place orders. even as restrictions lifted, traffic might not return to the gridlock we once saw. chris nguyen joins us live from san jose with that story. >> reporter: hi there, ama. it's estimated that more than 100,000 people drive more than three hours to and from work every day under normal circumstances. but this county proposal aims to change that. in santa clara county, board
6:18 pm
president cindy chavez is laying the groundwork for what some are calling a visionary plan. >> let's be as creative and innovative as we can. let's not let all the suffering we had for the last eight weeks go to waste. >> after the covid-19 pandemic is over, chavez is looking for a commute-free commitment from large silicon valley companies when and where possible. the proposal will actually start with the 22,000 employees countywide and if approved by the board, county departments would be asked to look at ways to support as much telecommuting as possible. >> i didn't realize how quickly and how dramatically it would reduce the pollutant levels that we're all exposed to. >> they've seen a drop in black carbon aerosol, super tien particles suspended in the atmosphere that contribute to health issues. some days have seen a drop by as much as 75%. >> supervisor chavez has provided us with a clue here as to oh, maybe we can rethink the workplace environment and that
6:19 pm
could dramatically impact how clean the air is. >> silicon valley leadership group, a diverse public policy organization representing more than 350 companies supports the idea and says the more participation the business sector can have in formulating the plan, the more it will be embraced by others. >> this plan has to be implemented in a way where we're not adding to the bottom line of government agencies, companies or family budgets which will just be a red line during such a difficult economic time. >> you want to leave enough flexibility so that businesses can do business in the way that's best for them. >> an opportunity to not only look at ways to be more productive but to do our part to better the environment. >> we have a lot of businesses that understand this could increase the quality of life for the people who work for them and make sure that all of us have much more time to spend with our families. >> reporter: that proposal goes before the county board tomorrow morning. we're live in santa clara county, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7
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news. a decrease in traffic triggered a decrease in gas prices. as states reopen, prices are starting to trend upward. but not here in california. gas prices continue to go down according to aaa. the average is $2.74 ts. it's higher in the bay area, of course. $3 in san francisco. 2.84 in oakland. starting today, sfmta is bringing back the m-bus as a shuttle between balboa park and west portal. it's only running core service routes. starting today, they're requiring face coverings for all riders on buses and light rail vehicles. they're currently fare-free. there is one place, an industry where the pandemic restrictions felt a little less look a financial hit, more like a ding in truth. those would be the construction trades in sonoma county. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has more on a strange twist of fate that turned a
6:21 pm
disaster into a guarantee of work. >> reporter: when you see all the construction work going on in sonoma county, it begs the question. how did they get going so fast after governor newsom allowed construction to resume? the answer may surprise you. >> we started the week that sonoma county got shut down. >> walter kept working through the lockdown because the county deemed this additional housing unit as essential. >> i've been lucky. >> lucky in one way at least. in the rest of california, the coronavirus shutdown cost 11h 600 construction jobs. not here, though. you can thank, of all things the tub fire. >> she's put up some 130 homes here since the tubbs fire roared through. on it went as an essential project. >> contractors and workmen may
6:22 pm
have seen a short-term drop of 10%, mostly from projects in nonfire zones. they also tell us there was a lot of looking the other way. >> people have to pay their bills. i haven't received a stimulus check or a payment protection program aid package. so the bills don't stop coming. >> as to the future, with this economy, that's another part of this virus no one can predict. until then, they'll take it a board at a time, a day at a tim and deal with it then. >> the implications will be years down the road from all of this. >> in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. all right. well, get ready for some warm weather this week and what about mother's day weekend? i didn't choose this exact type of metastatic breast cancer. but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, a treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc. piqray is taken with fulvestrant
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it does help us save. ♪ round and round! ♪ with love we'll find a way, just give it time. ♪ ♪ round and round! ♪ what comes around, goes around. ♪ for bundling made easy, go to congratulations in order for restaurants who found out hours ago they are finalist for james beard award. that's the oscars for the food
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industry. they've been waiting months to find out. this was supposed to be revealed in late march. but the pandemic pushed things back. the announcement was delayed. but now these great awards are out. there's a lot of love for san francisco. restaurants including verjus. quince, trick dog and others. core son winery and st. george spirits in alameda are finalists for outstanding wine, beer and spirits. a restaurant in berkeley is nominated for the design icon award. nine individuals in the bay area were also named finalists in categories including best chef, outstanding baker and outstanding pastry chef. the winners will be announced in september and, of course, we will let you know. i know one person who loves a good restaurant as much as the next. >> that would be -- i do, too. i think we're talking about spencer here who has the weather.
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>> yes. you guys are making me hungry. let me get through this right now. it's been a sunny and mild to almost warm day. also quite breezy. looking at current wind speeds, you can see 25 mile per hour winds along the coast and half moon bay. 23 miles per hour in san francisco. and breezy everywhere else as well. now, it is getting warmer, just in case you hadn't noticed yesterday. 24-hour temperature change shows it's 6 degrees warmer in san francisco right now than at this time yesterday. 13 degrees warmer in san carlos. lefrn degrees warmer in livermore. all around the area, we're enjoying a warmup. live view from the rooftop camera, 64 in san francisco. low 70s in oakland and san jose. upper 70s in redwood city. half moon bay, looking across the bay from the east bay hills camera, temperatures of 78 at santa rosa. 72 at petaluma. 74 at napa. we have more warm, even warmer
6:27 pm
weather coming our way. a big ridge of high pressure is building to our south. that's going to bring us summer-like heat later this week. i'll give you a closer look at that in a little bit later. dan and ama? >> all right. we look forward to that. thank you, spencer. beaches and parks are some of the best parts of california, we know. but what happens when they get too crowded? in san francisco, it may come down to an ultimatum. can't pay your mortgage? you're in good company. i'm michael
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let's take a quick look at the headlines today from the coronavirus pandemic. >> a lawsuit has been filed to reopen the beaches in orange county. governor newsom ordered them closed last week because of large crowds. more legal action out of southern california. a lawsuit has been filed in los angeles federal court against
6:30 pm
carnival and princess cruise lines after a passenger on the grand princess died from the coronavirus. starting today, united, delta and jetblue are requiring all passengers to wear face coverings. american and southwest will follow suit next monday. >> travel is not going to get easier. it's going to get harder and stay harder for years to come. >> the crisis is hitting the united states in the wallet in a staggering way. the treasury department says it will need to borrow nearly $3 trillion this financial quarter to deal with the pandemic. after being down for most of the day, stocks staged their biggest rally since march and finished in positive territory. the dow jones gained 26 points. the s&p 500 picked up 12 points. 3.5 million americans have contacted their mortgage company saying they can't afford their monthly payment. the mortgage bankers association says that's an astounding 7 out
6:31 pm
of 100 mortgages in america. 7 on your side's michael finney has a bit of good news for anyone in danger of being in this situation. >> reporter: yeah. anyone who has got a mortgage listen up. stop what you're doing and listen to this. a new survey has found that those who miss payments when they talk to their lenders they get misleading information. that's the bad part. the good is it's beginning to change. mark has been a realtor since 1979. he's seen home prices dip in his territory of los gatos since the pandemic. >> the prices have been depressed slightly, maybe 3 to 5% of where they would have before covid. >> he recalls the pain the '08 recession had on -- he immediately picked up the phone for his clients. what he found out did not make him happy. >> christina is manager of financial policy for consumer
6:32 pm
reports. she says what mark has been told by his bank is similar to what consumer reports has heard from dozens of homeowners. >> we were told when -- they were told when they requested forbearance any skipped payments would need to be paid back in a lump sum. >> the care act allows those with federally backed loans up to two forbearances of 180 days each. 63% of loans are federally backed. most private lenders are offering them up to 90 days. what happens half that wasn't immediately clear. mark says requesting full payment after the forbearance wasn't realistic. >> if you've got nothing coming in, you're not going to be able to pay off a balloon payment and catch up. you're underwater from day one. >>both lenders and borrowers agree, no one wants a repeat of the '08 mortgage meltdown but
6:33 pm
saw a huge spike in foreclosures. freddie mac and fannie may clarified the rules. >> there's no requirement that the miss -- skipped payments be repaid in a lump sum. >> those could be tacked on to the end of your mortgage. borrowers can negotiate lower payments or a loan modification. the last option is foreclosure. mark says his bank also has clarified the rules. >> they'll add the balance due to the loan balance and potentially extend the term of the loan to make it manageable. >> a loan servicer by law must tell you if you have a federal loan. so if you dew point know, be subversive. ask. dan, ama? >> all right. thank you so much, michael. okay. if you need help keeping track, i know i do, it's monday. may 4th.
6:34 pm
we have sheltered in place for 49 days here in the bay area. san francisco is expanding coronavirus testing for anyone living or working in the city. essential workers don't need to show any symptoms in order to get tested. the city recently spent four days trying to test everyone in the mission district where there's been a high concentration of cases. results came out today, only 62 positive results out of nearly 3,000 tests. more than half of those, though, with coronavirus reported no symptoms. this is video of lots of people in san francisco's great meadow park at port mason on saturday and delores park yesterday. mayor london breed warned the parks could be closed if crowds don't -- >> if we see that that behavior has not changed, we will close the park. >> in the east bay, crowding continues to be a problem at lake merit. for the first time, oakland
6:35 pm
police officers were on duty to discourage large gatherings. on midday live today, we asked mayor libby schaaf about the situation. >> i will say that we saw a slight die crease of usage this weekend, but still a lot more vigilance needed. continue to say, give the lake a break. >> off the peninsula, pacifica police are tightening the rules after some crowd were spotted at the beach over the weekend. officers asked nearly 300 people to live. they issued eight warning citations. i'm laura anthony in the east bay where at least one hospital is telling us they're seeing a surge in rattlesnake bites. murder hornets. threatening the honeybee population. i know it sounds like a horror
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i thank you so much for what you're doing. their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine. appreciate all that you do. here at abc 7, we're honoring the class of 2020 who have had to forgo graduation
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ceremonies. madison kirkpatrick a morgan hill native is graduating from u krfrmt santa barbara. she's earned a degree in sociology. she started in junior college and battling illness during her college years. the family is proud of madison beyond words. congrats to you, madison. if you want to honor a graduate, share the details on and we may give him a shoutout on tv or online. it's more fun. on the site, you can check out a photo gallery that we're honoring. we have breaking news. juul is planning to leave san francisco. the "wall street journal" reports juul will move headquarters to washington, d.c. the journal says the move is part of a broader restructuring plan that includes reducing the company's workforce by roughly a third. it was founded locally in 2015. the pandemic seems to have exacerbated the homeless problem in san francisco.
6:39 pm
the city secured more than 2700 hotel rooms to get people off the streets. but what happens in the future? abc 7 news contributor and san francisco chronicle insider, phil ma tier talked about that today on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> what are you going to do with the tents and the people in the hotels once this is over? because you're still going to have a homeless crisis and a housing crisis and it's not going to be easy to take those tents away or put people back on the street. >> you can read the columns every wednesday and sunday in the chronicle. tomorrow oakland is launching an isolation trailer program near the coliseum. it can house homeless and medically vulnerable people in east oakland so they can avoid contracting coronavirus. the people who live in the trailers will get three meals a day. this is the first day in the bay area that some shelter in place restrictions relaxed. abc 7 east bay community journalist, melissa pickscar
6:40 pm
took a drive to see what looks different? >> we're closer to a sense of normalcy. businesses that were forced to shut down because of the coronavirus are able to reopen on specific conditions. this includes construction businesses. i've been driving around the east bay a lot during the lockdown. i've notice td a lot of con trus on the road. today, i'm trying to see if there's new signs of life in the construction industry. so we're a few hours into the search. i've been to many spots in dublin, san ramon and alamo. honestly, there's not a whole lot of action going on. only a little bit of life in the construction industry. i am currently in dublin at a location and you can see that the houses have been left half built. but i did speak to a worker earlier who said that the construction workers will be back on site on wednesday. currently, i'm at a toll
6:41 pm
brothers location in san ramon and spoke to a landscaper who said that he is recently back to work. >> hopefully soon this all comes to an end. i think we all need a little bit of some normalcy in our lives right now. >> overall, we'll be seeing more construction workers on site in the near future and slowly things will be getting back to normal. in the east bay, abc 7 news. melissa pixcar. temperatures will reach into the 90s this weekend. it will be cooler on the coast where we're looking now. spencer has the weather forecast where you live, next. may is mental health month. if you're looking for resources to deal with stress, depression or anxiety during the pandemic, go to action. we've curated a list of local resources to help you get through this tough time. again, that's action. do that when you have a
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there's a new threat in america coming from mother nature. an invasive species known as the asian giant hornet or murder hornet has been spotted in the united states. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has the story. >> i've been a beekeeper 50 years and been here 43. >> oliver frank makes a living tending to 150 private hives around the bay area and is all too familiar with the damage, disease and pesticides have played on the pollinators. >> the average bee loss every winter is 40% of the hives in the united states. i was affected by them in the mid '90s. almost all of my bees died for several years in a row. >> now there's another threat, spotted in washington state. the largest hornet hailing from asia, dubbed the murder hornet for its massive 2-inch size and
6:45 pm
a sting that kills around 50 people a year in japan. the insect's appetite for the honeybee could have other dire consequences. >> right. the increased cost of beekeepers, the increased cost of food production. >> invasive species aren't new to california and scientists say terms like murder hornet can be debt remt al and incite fear. >> more are killed by the honeybee. they're more common. the reason people are -- they're allergic to them. >> instead of being fearful, experts say the dubious nickname should bring awareness and the need for more education. >> we should be looking at this as a wakeup call. we need a system to monitor them and cut it off before it establishes. just like we weren't prepared for covid, we weren't prepared for a lot of invasive threats. we should be in the insect world. >> oliver, in the meantime, will keep an eye on his hives and others, especially with more
6:46 pm
people than ever finding new hobbies while sheltering in place. >> there's a lot of interest in going back to the land and raising your own food and being self-sufficient and protecting pollinators. >> in san mateo, dion lim, abc 7 news. i promise we're not trying to frighten you here, but if the hornets aren't getting to you. how about rattlesnakes. as we try to endure the shelter in place order, the ability to get out and exercise in crucial. as laura anthony explains, involves hiking or biking, these pictures tell the tale. rattlesnakes are on east bay hiking trails and at least one local hospital is seeing the impact. >> usually a year we see 11 or 12 all told between the campuses, we've seen four already. >> while people are flocking to trails to get exercise and escape the doldrums of the
6:47 pm
shelter orders, they're running into a different threat. regulars here have seen the rattlesnakes on these trails. others haven't seen them yet, but they're aware. >> i'm not paranoid about it. i can see. i can run. >> it's beautiful. it's worth it to me. to be out. >> what do you do if you see one? >> i stop. i stop. i back up. and sometimes i'll stamp my feet a little bit so they can feel the vibrations and they try to skedaddle. >> if one suffers a rattlesnake bite? >> keep the extremity bitten as level to the heart as possible. don't try to suck the wound or using snakebite kits. if you're not in an easily accessible area, call 911. our fire, ems people will pick you up and bring you to us >> the treatment may include anti-venom like this. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. you have to be careful.
6:48 pm
with the weather warming up, a lot of people are going to be heading outside if they can. >> wow. >> i have a lot of friends and people i know spotted those snakes on the trails. >> spencer, gorgeous weather to enjoy. >> but i feel like i want to stay inside now. hornets and rattlesnakes and virus, oh, my. these are challenging times. let's take a look at what's happening with the weather. sunny skies right now. you probably know it's been a pretty warm day and even mild in the evening hours now. and breezy i might add. 23 miles per hour winds through san francisco right now. just about everything else. the temperature change shows you about it's 5 to 11 degrees warmer across most bay area locations than at this time yesterday. more specifically, 64 at san francisco right now. 72 in oakland. 72 in san jose. santa rosa, 78. 80 in napa and 79 in brentwood. on we go to a look at our forecast features. it will be sunny and mild the
6:49 pm
next two days. then it starts to get much warmer. we'll have summer-like warmth on thursday and friday with high temperatures well into the 90s in some places. and it will be mild and breezy for mother's day. that heat will recede a little bit over the weekend. overnight, the forecast animation shows that low clouds will approach the coastline. but won't get much farther than the san mateo coastline. that's about it. expect mainly clear skies overnight and a bright start to the day tomorrow morning. under clear skies, lows dropping into the mid to upper 40s along the coast. right around 50, 51 degrees along the bay shoreline. cooler in the north bay valleys. lows drop into the mid-40s. tomorrow, look for highs of 64 half moon bay and 83 at concord. 81 santa rosa. 71 san jose. 73 with san mateo. 75 at fremont. looking ahead to wednesday, it sarts to heat up a bit. we'll see mid-80s inland and
6:50 pm
upper 70s around the bay shoreline. thursday the heat cranks up again. more upper 80s to low 90s inland. upper 70s to low 80s along the bay shoreline. 70 degrees in some coastal locations. on friday, the heat peaks with highs of 93 at livermore. 94 antioch. 96 at fairfield. 90 at napa. 88 santa rosa. 84 hayward. 77 in san francisco. after that, we'll see temperatures moderating a bit. here's a look at the seven-day forecast after a couple of days of dancing in the -- thursday and friday, we'll see high temperatures dropping a few degrees on saturday. although it may hit 90 in inland spots. it will be breezy and cooler at the coast and along the bay. on sunday, mother's day, we expect beautiful weather. mainly sunny skies. maybe a patch or two of morning fog. highs in the mid-70s around the bay and low 80s inland and there may be pretty much a steady
6:51 pm
pattern holding into monday. couple days of rather summer-like heat and then a lovely mother's day weekend. enjoy. dan and ama. >> sounds great. thank you so much, spencer. >> does look nice. let's turn to our sports director larry beil who has boxing news tonight. larry? >> well, sort of. it's a story that we've heard about for years. now we hear about the fight from the two actual combatants. steve kerr against michael jordan. how they went punch for punch years ago at practice. i didn't choose this exact type of metastatic breast cancer. but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, a treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc. piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and helps people live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had severe allergic reactions to it or any of its ingredients. piqray can cause serious side effects including
6:52 pm
severe allergic and skin reactions, high blood sugar levels and diarrhea that are common and can be severe, and pneumonitis. tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of severe allergic reactions or high blood sugar while taking piqray. your doctor will monitor your blood sugar before and during treatment, and more often if you have type 2 diabetes. before starting, tell your doctor if you have a history of diabetes, skin reactions, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. ask your doctor about piqray.
6:53 pm
we are destined to do something meaningful. what do you think a private, christian, education looks like? gcu offers over 175 high quality online programs. find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit good evening. steve kerr told us on our recent web authority podcast, he was concerned about some of the footage that would be shown in the last dance documentary on michael jordan and the '97-'98 bulls. a preview on the infamous story of mj punching kerr in the face. this was in the middle of a
6:54 pm
bulls practice. >> we were on opposite sides in a scrimmage. he's talking all kinds of trash. >> phil sensed my aggression. but he was trying to tone me down. he starts calling these tack plays. now that [ bleep ]. >> i have a lot of patience as a human being. but i tend to snap at some point. because i'm extremely competitive, too. not good enough to back it up usually. but i'm going. i'm going to fight. >> he hauls off and hits me in the chest and i haul off and hit him in the [ bleep ] eye. more on that next week. the winningest coach in nfl history. don shula passed away today. he won 347 games, coached the dolphins to the league's only undefeated season in 1972. the late bum phillips said he'd take his and beat yours or vice
6:55 pm
versa. don shula was 90 years old. major league baseball discusses ways to start the season, there's rumors of spring training on june 10th and the season starting july 1st. the korean baseball league is going to return tonight. strict set of guidelines, temperature checks, empty stadiums and social distancing. if successful, this could help the major leagues here. espn will air six games a fwrwe from south korea. we caught up with evan longoria eager to be part of the process. >> they're therapeutic in a way. i'm happy to be a part of that industry and a part of a group that can bring some entertainment and some enjoyment to people. i think us as a whole are really looking forward to being kind of that relief when the time comes. >> hopefully soon. time for tonight's edition of abc 7's call my play. you send in the highlight. i call the action.
6:56 pm
>> from a wheelchair in his 49ers hoodie channeling his inner steph curry. using our prized possession, toilet paper. you can see the confidence right here. splash. got to take one more look. this is from way downtown. bang. hey, frank. we just called your play on abc 7. love the steph cameo there. remember to use the #abc 7 call my play so we can find our video. hey, who knows, we might see you on tv sometime soon. love the steph curry cameo there. that was good fun. keep your videos coming everybody. >> thanks, larry. love that and love the t.p. swish. that's cool. >> be sure to join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm in east san jose. coming up at 11:00, you'll hear from concerned neighbors who saw crowds in these parking lots ahead of the cinco de mayo celebration. that story at 11:00.
6:57 pm
and a stunning act of kindness in santa cruz. hospital workers will split a $1 million bonus from an anonymous donor. jimmy kimmel at 11:35. nightline after that at 12:05 a.m. he digs into the airline industry. when will people feel safe to fly again. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we'll see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
hey, "jeopardy!" fans. ken jennings here, and i'm excited to tell you that over the next two weeks we're gonna be presenting the "jeopardy!" greatest of all time tournament in which brad rutter, james holzhauer, and i went head to head for $1 million. i don't want to spoil anything, but i for one had a really good time. but before we get to that, we want to show you something very special right now. this is the first time that i was ever on "jeopardy!" it was a tight game, it all came down to final jeopardy! as you'll see, and i've had a lot of amazing experiences on the "jeopardy!" stage, but none more memorable than the moment at the end of the show when i realized that i was gonna be a "jeopardy!" champion for the rest of my life and nobody could ever take that away from me. let's watch. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a fundraiser from new york, new york... a software engineer from salt lake city, utah...
7:00 pm
and our returning champion-- a freelance educator from studio city, california... originally from california, missouri... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] i came out quickly because i'm eager to get the game going. we have an excellent champion. today he faces julia and ken and we're delighted to have you with us. good luck to all three of you. here we go into the "jeopardy!" round. ♪ categories, check 'em out. we have... followed by... and finally, some... ...e-p-i in quotation marks. all right, champ, you go first. let's try "epi"sodes for $200, please. - jerry. - what is an epidemic? - correct. - "epi" for $400, please.


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