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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 5, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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business hours. we're not going back to normal. it's back to a new normal with adaptations and modifications. >> as the state prepares to reopen retail, the governor makes it very clear there is no going back to the old normal. >> bay area-based airbnb is feeling the heat with travel at a virtual standstill. the company is making big layoffs. >> burlingame businesses, what they are doing to survive the lockdown. where's the beef? the growing concern for meat shortages. what that means for the local economy expanding to meet the need. >> and thieves targeting your stimulus check as it sits in your mailbox. now your health, your safety, this is abc 7 news. >> raring to reopen. some california businesses say they are ready. for others, there's still a lot
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more work to be done. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. governor newsom says stage two could begin friday but it's still unclear whether bay area counties will decide to take things slower. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz is live with the latest on the restart plan. liz? >> reporter: that's right. we're waiting to get more guidance from bay area counties to see if they'll decide to move forward with phase two this week. some of you really want to. others saying it's too soon. work is being done across the state to make sure when businesses can reopen, they are ready. as california prepares to enter phase two later this week, questions still about whether bay area counties will choose to be part of it. on midday live today, london breed said friday may be too soon for businesses in the city to reopen. >> it doesn't mean that we can't, you know, provide permission. again, this is going to come from our county health officer.
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so we're not going to just make this decision unless it is okay to make the decision. >> reporter: even if the bay area doesn't begin phase two this week, work is under way across the state to help businesses get ready for when they can reopen. governor newsom visited a small gift shop in sacramento today that's planning to begin curbside pick-up on friday. >> this business display california is personification of the businesses all throughout the state and across the rest of the united states that are struggling to make ends meet to hold things together. >> reporter: latest, newsom held this roundtable with manufacturing workers and small business owners. included on the call, pamela khan. owner of a manufacturing company based in pittsburg. she said keeping social distance can be a problem with heavy machinery. >> in terms of what we can do to be helpful to you as we roll out guidelines and we really try to navigate the next month or two
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as we hopefully move into a new phase still. >> i think, first would be to have really clear guidelines when there's county guidelines coming out, there's state guidelines coming out. it's tough. >> reporter: as california begins a gradual reopening, it is with caution. despite protests and pressure to reop reopen, some say it's still too soon. a new "washington post"/university of maryland poll says a majority of americans feel uncomfortable shopping at a retail store or eating at a sit-down restaurant. california is not yet at that point but it reveals another major hurdle businesses will face when they reopen. >> people are really concerned and scared to actually come back to work. >> reporter: some more good news for small businesses. governor newsom said in this next round of ppe, california should get at least three times as much loans as it did in this first round. that's good news for small businesses, too. live from marin, liz kreutz, abc
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7 news. airbnb is laying off a quarter of its workers. nearly 1900 people. the san francisco company made the announcement today and blames a drop in revenue and a need to cut costs. airbnb has employees in 24 countries. it's unclear how many in the bay area will be impacted. the company also says it will halt projects involving luxury stays, hotels and developing a transportation division. airbnb was expected to go public this year. san francisco's largest private employer is expected to get people back to work in the next few weeks. salesforce ceo marc benioff said they have to prepare for a new kind of workplace. >> every company has to have a reopening team. every company has to have experts in reopening and managing the reopening of the facilities. this is going to be an incredible workforce just right there. >> benioff says at salesforce, eemps will probably be caring masks and social distancing.
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the company will likely check the temperatures of workers before they enter the office. coronavirus contact tracing will play a critical role in businesses reopening. to giant corporations like salesforce, to small family-run retail shops which continue to struggle, some don't qualify for governor newsom's phase two plan to reopen and say it's really do or die time with no revenue coming in. abc 7 news reporter david louie has more on how some are reinventing themselves in order to survive. >> these are challenging times. small shops were a long time shunned selling online. they consider themselves boutiques or specialty stores with a special niche. on the peninsula, some store owners figured out what they sang way to beat amazon at its own game. some restrictions have been eased bringing a little life back to places like broadway burlingame. but closed signs remain at others. it's been 53 days at nuts for candy owned by ron and his wife.
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>> we have to make the dhinchano survive. it's essential we all retailers work together to see what best for our community. >> reporter: he has decided to start selling online on a marketplace site called live shop which is offering delivery in as fast as 20 minutes to compete against giant e-tailers such as amazon. >> what can we do to replicate this experience but to do it for local shops for the family and friends we know, for the city we care about. for the community we care about? >> reporter: patrick spent two days talking to uber and lyft drivers discovering how many embrace the idea of making local deliveries over dealing with rideshare passengers. his platform showcases local merchants that can fill orders immediately. the sales tax revenue benefits burlingame. >> i believe the next several months, it will be about 25% of our sales and it will grow. >> reporter: for now, live shop is waiving its commission to give small businesses the jump
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start they need. however, that's not the only way family run stores are reinventing themselves. on the same street, potpourri, a gift shop and business over 50 years also closed since mid-march has started selling over zoom. >> you know, we do have to show everything and get it in a camera frame. it allows us to get to know the customer better, what they like. you know, what they're looking for. >> reporter: customers have adjusted to buying arts and crafts, jewelry and accessories without touching or trying them on. trusting what they see on camera and getting feedback from the owner. chris diaz sees this as a longtime solution to visitors not wanting to visit the shop even when restrictions are eased or lifted. merchants are hoping the burlingame city council will set up outside tables and chairs to entice shoppers. david louie, abc 7 news. of all the impacts from covid-19, no more cheeseburgers?
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the wendy's fast food chain which made its name with big patties has had to cut back. more from wayne friedman. >> reporter: if wendy could talk she'd not want to be answering this question -- >> where's the beef? >> reporter: at 1 in every 5 wendy's, beef is limited. after covid-19 struck meat processing workers, beef and pork production are down by 25%. and they are feeling that impact at a wendy's in petaluma. do not order a double or triple. >> every sandwich that comes with two meats it's only one meat right now. >> how come? >> there's a beef shortage. >> reporter: beef suppliers are currently facing production challenges said wendy's in a statement this morning. some of our menu items may be temporarily limited at some restaurants. the fast-food chain is working hard to minimize impacts to
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sometimes skeptical customers. >> i think it's a hoax that way they can double the price of the beef. >> reporter: but there is a flip side to this burger and brief crisis. in santa rosa, sonoma county meat reports a sales jump so high. >> i haven't had time to look at the numbers. >> reporter: jeannine runs this small operation with her husband ryan. they buy and sell local which seems to matter a lot now. people like knowing where their meat comes from. >> they are looking for a consistent meat, high quality meat source. >> eave. slammed but it's also been a pivot because we did a lot of service to local restaurants. >> reporter: clearly, they are not selling to the nearby wendy's. >> same thing with chicken? >> chicken is fine. we have an abundance of chicken. we're trying to push chicken. >> bad for the chickens. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc 7 news. according to the usda, in the last week, pork production has plummeted 22% in the united states. beef production has dropped 9%. and since this time last year, pork production is off 34.5%
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with beef production tumbling 35.2%. according to the centers for disease control, 115 processing facilities in 19 states reported covid-19 cases as of last friday with more than 4900 cases and 20 deaths. redwood city based impossible foods is working to fill the void. the company's ceo says the interruption is an opportunity for people to give their products a try. >> when they try it i think they'll be blown away by how delicious it is. and i actually think many of them are never going to want to go back to the old-school meat from slaughterhouses. >> he says his company enjoyed record sales last month in grocery stores and through food delivery services. the total should grow even more with today's announcement of an expansion into 1700 stores in the kroger supermarket chain. >> the post office along with some bay area landlords are warning residents about an increase in mail theft, especially with those stimulus and unemployment checks in the
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mail. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is on the story. >> reporter: they granned this package in oakland just 20 minutes after it was delivered. two days prior in oakland, a woman broke into this apartment building and grabbed armfuls of mail from a 66-unit complex. she left with all that mail in a basket. >> at this time, there are many things of an attractive nature moving through the mail system. >> reporter: u.s. postal insp t inspector jeff fitch -- >> tax refunds, or you're ordering medication. >> reporter: they say this theft was one of five their properties experienced between april 27th and may 4th. mailbox break-ins for more than 200 units and approximately 300 residents. elise kay gets it. >> it definitely triggered a whole bunch of emotions that nobody needs right now. >> reporter: the mailboxes outside kay's san francisco
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apartment building were broken into a couple of weeks ago. >> you see how it's taped right now. that was pried open. >> reporter: kay was expecting a stimulus check, unemployment benefits and past payments from clients. >> then i had to question, have i received them? were they in that day's mail? as well as what else did they get from me that maybe i didn't know was coming? >> reporter: for now the building's mail is being dropped in this slot. a neighbor found much of the discarded mail dumped at ft. mason. >> my gut tells me that's why they were opening up anything that looked like it was from the government. >> reporter: kay reported it to the united states postal inspection service. >> these are federal offenses, potential penalty up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they also reported the theft from their properties. but the oakland woman who shared this video said initially she didn't because it was only a shower curtain stolen. >> fitch encourages people to make the report no matter what is taken. >> they're probably not just
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hitting that one house or apartment or condominium. they are hitting others and attacking their neighbors as well. the reporting makes all the difference. >> reporter: file a report on the usps website. you'll find a 24-hour hotline. the postal inspection service also suggests filing a report with local law enforcement. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a lot more to come. a neighborhood fed up, now suing san francisco. residents say lives are in danger because conditions are only getting worse. we'll explain. plus, the sunnyvale barn yard that needs your help after thieves take a critical piece of
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u.s. hastings school of law is joining residents and business owners in suing san francisco in federal court over what they say is a desperate crisis unfolding on the streets of the tenderloin. the group is full of drug dealers and homeless encampments. attorneys say the squalid conditions have only grown worse
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during the coronavirus pandemic because homeless people are exempt from the stay-at-home order. the lawsuit alleges that the situation is putting lives in danger because many homeless likely have covid-19. the groups do not want any money. they want the city to be forced to clear the sidewalks, clean it up. the city has tried to clean up the area but the mayor yesterday said the challenges of the tenderloin are, in her words, complicated. in the south bay, an update on a farm we told you about. animal assisted happiness in baylands park in sunnyvale. not only is it dealing with changes brought on by coronavirus but it's dealing with a burglary and its normal need for donations. dustin dorsey has the story. >> reporter: these animals at animal assisted happiness smile farm in sunnyvale may not realize it but covid-19 is changing the world around them with shelter in place orders. the farm has had to close its doors to volunteers and guests, leaving a majority of the work
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to be done by a small group of people and the animals without the normal love they receive. >> they are definitely lacking the touch, the noise, socialization. >> reporter: how do they cope? zoom meetings with farm animals. without the ability to take their animals on classroom visits like normal, this is a way for them to socialize and spread smiles. >> we create smiles for the kids on a virtual tour. and they love it. because they get to see the bigger animals that they normally don't see in the classroom. it's just so cool. >> reporter: these animals survive on volunteers and donations. since you can't visit the farm right now, donating is your only way to help. giving tuesday gives you that opportunity. the farm hopes the pnl gives back on this international charity day. local donors will match up to $19,500 in donations. much-needed funds in these trying times. >> we just had our big generator stolen three weeks ago. we're hoping to get that back through giving tuesday. >> reporter: there's a lot more challenges in life right now,
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but they'll always have reasons to smile. >> we will always create smiles. we'll always have the animals that help us create smiles. why would it stop us? there's nmore good than bad in the world. >> reporter: we've provided the information on how to donate on our website. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> more good than bad indeed. still ahead -- the new drive-ins in the bay
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well, look at this traffic mess in the east bay. a big rig overturned near the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. the trailer landed on its side along the westbound interstate 80 flyover to west grand avenue. drone view 7 caught workers unloading it. the driver of the big rig was not hurt. listen to this. you can now go to the movies. the drive-in. west win drive-in is opening all
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four locations in california, including two in the bay area. anyone going to the drive-in must follow what westwin says are strict rules that include wearing a face mask, staying in their cars except to visit the rest room and parking at least ten feet from other vehicles. they're opening the capitol drive in in san jose and on soleano way. screenings start tonight. >> fun. >> yeah, and it's going to be a nice night, i think, to go out to the drive-in as long as you practice your social distancing, sandhya. >> yeah, it's going to be a beautiful night for that. and as we take a look at a live picture, you will see how lovely it is. we have a little bit of fog at the golden gate from the emeryville camera. filtering the sunshine. a summer preview is coming. our hottest day will be friday. you look at those temperatures, concord going up to 93 degrees on friday. a good 19 degrees above its average of 74. 10 degrees above average in san francisco.
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74 on friday. 64 is what you typically see. get ready. brace yourself for some hot weather coming up. right now the sea breeze is definitely helping to keep those temperatures in check. it's slightly cooler than yesterday. upper 50s to the low 80s so far. 31-mile-an-hour wind in fairfield. and as you look at live doppler 7, we do have some fog right near the coastline. roof camera showing you a nice breeze along the embarcadero. 67 in oakland. low 70s for redwood city, san jose. another live picture from the east bay hills picture. looking at mt. diablo. 74 in santa rosa. 77 degrees in concord. and from our san jose camera, the shark tank is glowing in the sun. coastal fog tonight will clear away early tomorrow. summer-like heat coming your way thursday and friday. and for mother's day, it is going to be cooler for the weekend, but definitely still very pleasant. so here's the hour-by-hour forecast. 6:00 tonight, we'll see that fog right along the coast.
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even pushing locally inland for a few hours. but then really peeling away quickly, which will allow that warming to get under way again tomorrow. in the morning, four40s, 50. in the south bay, 85 in gilroy. 79 in palo alto and redwood city. 66 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. still a little breezy right around daley city but pleasant. in the north day 80 in san rafael. 85 in santa rosa. east bay temperatures anywhere from 75 in richmond to about 80 in fremont. 79 in oakland inland areas. walnut creek and livermore, 84. warm out towards antioch. 87 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a warmer one tomorrow but at least it's a modest warm-up. by thursday and friday, forget it. it's going to be sizzling inland. mid-90s inland. upper 60s to low 70s along the coast.
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comfortable there. enough of a breeze. and cooling for mother's day weekend. on mother's day, low 60s to low 80s. here's the interesting part. monday night into tuesday, we may be talking about showers. who said we were done with umbrella weather? stay tuned, dan and ama. >> the plot thickens. thanks. it might not just be the best viewing out there. it really is fantastic. we're
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find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit abc 7 launched a new streaming app. wherever you are, get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, we're going to introduce you to the virus hunters. fascinating. researchers traveling the world connecting the dots between viruses moving from animals to people. why they say the animals are getting a bad rap. also -- >> it's one of those things you don't expect to just come out of nowhere. >> it's a shock. people receiving stimulus checks for family members that have passed on. do they have to give the money back? 7 on your side's michael finney
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has the answer coming up at 6:00. finally tonight, something to help us feel a little better during this tough time courtesy of a bay area-based nonprofit. >> canine companions for independence is providing a live webcam of some adorable four-week-old puppies. these golden lab retriever mixes are trained to become assistance dogs for people with disabilities. canine companions hopes watching the pups will make people feel better and help raise money for the program. >> in times of crisis, disability doesn't disappear. there are still about 400 people on the waiting list nationwide. so giving tuesday now is a really important way for us to bring in more money to make our great work continue. >> they should keep that camera up all the time. you can watch the puppies by logging into it's up every weekday from 8:00 to 5:00. great thing to see. thank you for joining us. "world news with david muir" is
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next. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan
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tonight, from phoenix, arizona, the abc news exclusive. one-on-one with president trump. his first major trip out into the country in almost two months. the coronavirus death toll now topping 70,000 in the u.s. as we ask the president, is there a risk? could lives be lost if we open the country too quickly? the president at the honeywell plant here in phoenix, converted now to make n-95 masks. we ask, amid the raging debate in this country, is this the reality? will america lose lives as the country tries to reopen? president trump and his very candid answer. also, the president on testing. on the vaccine, will it be ready by year's end? and tonight, the president on those two new and alarming studies suggesting a spike in the death toll if we do not proceed with great caution. and we ask why the president's


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