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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 6, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. next at 5:00, the reality on e bay are mtrter regulations stay in place. coronavirus and homelessness. the new crisis in a san francisco neighborhood and the new plan to target more than a thousand tents on city sidewalks. also tonight, from the elevator to the hallway to desk configures, we have new insight into what offices will look like when the economy re-opens. plexiglas becomes a booming business. the north bay company now creating chat changing workplace. plus the gym of tomorrow. what fitness centers are doing to get you back when the lockdowns ease. now your health, your safety, this is abc 7 news. >> going to take a lot longer
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than people are saying. this is serious. never experienced anything like this in our lifetime. >> the long road ahead. as california begins to re-open, finally, we're getting some answers as to which bay area counties might move forward into phase two. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daitz. we're breaking down what we learned today about the pace of progress into phase two. >> this staying at home thing is rough for me, too. >> reporter: despite excitement that california will begin entering phase two later this week, today it became clear the bay area for the most part will not be. >> let me clarify. the san francisco and bay area health orders currently in effect through may do not permit curbside pickup from nonessential businesses. >> reporter: abc 7 news reached out to the 9 counties if our region. san francisco, san mateo, santa
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clara, alameda, contra costa, alameda counties, don't expect to start phase two on friday possible napa and solano counties told us they do plan to do so. san francisco mayor london breed explained it this way. >> the numbers are still going up. the number deaths are still going up. and we have not lowered the curve. so we have to be mindful of that and we have to be responsible when we look at ways to bring various industries back. >> reporter: even as parts of the state begin phase two, a bleak outlook today from governor newsom what said it's still a long road to a full re-opening and full recovery. >> going to take longer than i think a lot of people think. going to take a lot longer than people are saying. this is serious. never experienced anything like this in our lifetime. this is depression era numbers. in terms of the unemployment you'll see across this country. not just in the state of california. >> reporter: still, as we all try to get through this together, a reminder, even the governor has some relatable challenges. >> i think it's pretty obvious
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to you i have not had a haircut. i'm a little embarrassed having this conversation as publicly as i am having. there was an experiment with brooklyn, my daughter, where she did offer because she was a bit embarrassed, quote/unquote, with her father. she offered to cut it, but she brought out some of her craft scissors which certainly weren't up for the task. >> everyone's just doing what they can to get by. dozens of employees with the city of napa could soon be losing their jobs because of lost funding caused by the pandemic. according to the napa valley register," staffers have proposed a new budget to balance a projected $20 million shortfall. if approved by the city council, 39 current city employees will be laid off and another 31 job vacancies won't be filled. according to the report, parks and recreation would be disso e dissolved as a standalone department and folded into two other agencies. covid-19 could shutter most
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small businesses here and across the country. a new survey from the society for human resource management finds 52% expect to be out of business within six months. meanwhile, we are getting an inside look at what life will be like at the office when people do go back to work. let's go live to abc 7 news reporter david louie with more on that. david? >> reporter: it's a big job ahead. you know, blue shield of california created a task force that's getting input from its thousands of employees to consider systemically what needs to be done to ensure everyone's safety. now, it does include whether to screen or restrict visitors and even how to recreate work space. the office is normally filled with 7,000 employees wo s at bl shield of california are eerily quiet. plans are under way for a return to work. >> won't be a flip of a switch. not a chance. a slow to go fast return to work strategy. >> reporter: july 6th is the earliest date although will depend on the work of a task
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force of ten top executives and input from employees at 22 locations across the state. it meets weekly. blue shield is focused on the health and safety of its wo workforwork source. >> the biggest risk, if we inadvertently have somebody in the workplace who's not known to be infected is, in fact, infected and infects other people. >> reporter: blue shield might break up employees into smaller units to limit the impact of an infectious outbreak. like other companies, temperature checks and testing are under consideration. so is social distancing. court business services, a major office furniture contractor, has created prototypes of how to provide six feet of spacing for employees. a major change could involve conference rooms and casual areas. limiting numbers who can assemble. some companies may phase in the return of employees, factoring in underlying health conditions, availability of childcare and the re-opening of schools. that might help to extend time to reconfigure work spaces. >> the concern's going to really be around how quickly can they bring these products to market? by the time they reimagine, reengineer, get them on the
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assembly line and out to the consumer, it could take a period of time. >> reporter: while cost implications are still unknown, blue shield mentioned its budgets have been helped by the suspension of business travel. now, blue shield also says it plans to share its playbook with other companies. it anticipates the companies of different sizes and different kinds of operations will come up with individualized approaches. we're live, david louie, abc 7 news. >> interesting. thank you. a north bay company is working hard to help create the new work environment. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman had a look into the future in petaluma today. >> reporter: of all the places to fight covid-19, how about a nondescript building in petaluma? leave it. though not even the people at architectural plastics did it first. >> not in a million years. >> reporter: it took a pandemic after blake, a rapid pivot of technical skills from fabricating acrylic wine racks and display cases to the stuff
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of fighting a virus. covid-19 changed everything for this company. they began by making face shields. 80,000 of them. at last count. blake designed that shield on his computer and now his small company of 13 people produces it. here is a tireless cnc machine cutting out the straps. it will keep going as the virus progresses. >> i don't think we've seen the peak of it yet. >> reporter: they're already working 18-hour days, 7 days a week, and, yet, these masks take less than one minute to assemble. >> where does your mind go while putting together 20,000 masks? >> you put on the radio and you just think that you're, you know, you're doing it for a good cause and just kind of get in the zone and crank them out as fast as you can. >> reporter: while the masks came first, barriers have followed and countless practical iterations for banks, for restaurants. >> these are for slot machines. >> you can't just put up a piece of plastic and call it a day? >> apparently not.
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it's -- part of it is the protection, but it also needs to be aesthetic. >> reporter: how ironic that after humanity spent millenniums trying to break down barriers, now we can thank covid-19 for putting them up again everywhere. >> i hope when the vaccine comes into place that a lot of this stuff would be supurfulous at that point. >> reporter: in petaluma, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> look into the crystal ball. san francisco is launching a new plan to protect the health of some of city's most vulnerable. the pandemic has brought on an influx of people living on the streets in tent cities. like this one. sky 7 captured this video at civic center plaza in the tenderlo tenderloin. that neighborhood is the focus of the plan that aims to improve conditions within a 13-plot stretch that's been identified as high need. the city's so-called care ambassadors plan to offer the homeless a safe place to sleep as well as access to food and health care. they will also make sure that people who have homes and businesses in the tenderloin
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will have a safe way to get where they're going. >> the departmet is committed to purgering with other city agencies and communities and business organizations to help improve the situation. >> the care ambassadors will also be walking the 13 blocks to encourage social distancing and street cleaning. we have much more to get to tonight including how purell is getting knocked down from making false claims about its hand sanitizer. what will life look like when gyms and clubs re-open? some are hoping by the end of the month. also here, digital mooching. how either you or someone you know is doing it right now. and sidewalk sound-off. the bay area neighborhood charming people who live
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starting gun won't be sounding for san francisco's rock 'n' roll half marathon this year. organizers announced today it's been postponed until next year.
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they hope to rescue the event originally scheduled for april 5th but decided against it after discussions with the city. those who signed up will be receiving an email with more information. meanwhile, gyms and clubs around the bay area are getting ready to re-open their operations. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has a preview of how your workouts might be changing. >> reporter: what will it be like to walk into your favorite club or gym when they re-open? >> you're really going to see a reimagined experience as a member. >> reporter: there are 65 24-hour fitness clubs around the bay area. two out of three cardio machines will be closed to maintain social distancing. they're planning on touchless check-in systems as members schedule time at the gym on their app. >> you'll have the ability up to the date before to make a reservation. these reservations will be for one-hour workout increments and after every one hour worth of workout increments, we'll close for a kcorresponding half hour o
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clean facilities. >> reporter: at the bay club in walnut creek, staff zoom training sessions are under way on new sanitizing protocols. they moved a lot of equipment for cycling and rowing outdoors into zones by the pool. >> inside all of the machines have been spaced between six to eight feet apart. you'll see taping off of pods for people that are 10 x 10 spaces and the other piece of it is a reservation system. >> reporter: capacity limits may start at 25% at the 14 bay clubs in the bay area. spas and saunas will remain closed. eventually lockers and showers would likely be limited to use of every third one. gyms and sport courts have been repurposed with cardio equipment and with room for limited child recreation activities. for group classes like yoga, there are taped boxes on the floor. and you would no longer be able to bring your own mat. you'd have to use a club-issued sanitized one. so gyms and clubs right now are working county by county to re-open, a phased approach, and some even hope by memorial day
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things like lap pools and outdoor rec areas could get a green light. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a federal judge is criticizing the fda over its handling of a hand sanitizer case. we want to bring in 7 on your side's michael finney with more on this. michael? >> wow, those judges really blasting the fda administration. says iing purell, get this, to make false claims about its hand sanitizer for 15 years. the company that makes purell claims its products prevented diseases like ebola and the flu when a smaller hand sanitizer company made the same claim, the fda took action against them but not against purell. the fda now says purell's claims are not true and could put consumers at risk by giving them a false sense of security. the judge called the fda's oversight of purell a total lack of enforcement. uber eats is introducing a new feature allowing those being sent a meal to track the
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delivery. now in the past, only the sender could do that. so how does it work? well, let's say you send your grandmother a meal via, via, uber eats. until now, you had to let grandma know when the food was on its way. now she can track it on her own phone. more and more of us are using streaming services like netflix, hulu, and disney plus and it doesn't cost some of us a dime. a new study from estimates 44 million viewers are getting video services by borrowing subscriptions from friends and family. the services haven't cracked down on password sharing yet. when they do, it could potentially generate more than $2.5 billion in additional revenue. i first reported on this a couple of years back. you guys may remember, i couldn't get any of the companies to say this was an issue or a problem. however, now i'll bet you they're beginning to think of it in a different way. >> yeah, no doubt.
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>> yeah, most definitely. thank you, michael. well, today silicon valley leadership group ceo carl gardino used a prop to make a special announcement. a local executive anonymously donated up to a million face shields for front line medical workers. the medical equipment will be first deployed to bay area hospitals with any extras going to other hospitals across the country. he says local companies have donated nearly $6 million in cash and ppe since the crisis started. a beautiful, quite literally, gesture today in honor of national nurses day and week. delivered hundreds of flowers to st. mary's medical center in san francisco. the southern california grower plans to hand out more than 60,000 orchids to local hospital workers this week. westerlay says its msi to spread joy and let the health care workers know that they are valued and very much appreciated and they surely are. as we continue here, banding together. musicians putting on a porch concert to the delight of the neighborhood.
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that's coming up. plus, sandhya will be along with the sun and maybe, maybe, some sprinkles in your accuweather forecast. and here at abc 7, we're honoring the class of 2020 who have had to forego graduation ceremonies and other milestones because of the coronavirus pandemic. kelsey opp, a woodside native, is graduating from uc santa barbara. kelsey earned her degree in financial math and statistics. kelsey's mom says kelsey is bummed about missing graduation but organized zoom calls
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now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> good evening, everyone. it is just such a lovely spring day. i want to sew yhow you a live picture from our kgo roof camera. blue skies. 66 in the city. in the mid 70s around oakland. san jose, 79 degrees. 82 in gilroy. yeah, as you take a look from
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our east bay hills camera, a little hazy looking across the bay. low to mid 80s from napa to santa rosa. yeah, it's getting warm in fairfield. 88. the high so far. 84 in livermore. compared to 24 hours ago, up 10 degrees in napa, up 11 in livermore and it's only going to get warmer. but we've also had the breeze picking up. right now gusting, or sustained, excuse me, at 31 miles an hour in san francisco. that has prevented us from really getting too warm today. skies are favorable for the full flower moon tonight. moon rises at 7:30. if you get a chance, you'll want to check this out. it's nicknamed for the flowers in bloom in the month of may. live doppler 7, other than a few high, thin, wispy clouds, skies are clear. as you take a look from our san jose camera, we're seeing warm clouds. warm bay, hot inland tomorrow and friday. much cooler for mother's day weekend and a chance of showers early next week. yeah, we're going to keep it all interesting, so tomorrow morning, 40s, 50s.
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most of you are going to start off clear skies but there will be a couple patches of fog possible near the coast and then in the afternoon in the south bay, talk about hot. 92 in gilroy. 9 in morgan hill. 87 in milpitas. 88 in san jose. on the peninsula, temperatures from the low to upper 80s. 86 in mountain view. if you're going to do some yard work, definitely have the sunscreen and shades. 71 in pacifica. 73 half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 77 degrees. 70 in daley city. pretty warm there as well. in the north bay, 84 in san rafael. 90 in santa rosa. east bay communities, anywhere from 79 in berkeley to 86 fremont. 82 in oakland. inland areas, 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. 94 fairfield. 92 in livermore and also in walnut creek. now, looking at early next week, rainfall potential. about a tenth of an inch in san jose to a third of an inch in santa rosa. we'll take those spring showers. we certainly need them. the accuweather seven-day
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forecast featurie ining big swin the temperatures. warm to hot the next couple of days. 60s, 70s, coastside. mid 90s inland. cooling trend for mother's day weekend. still very pleasant then we'll bring in the possibility of showers monday and tuesday. we'll be
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abc 7 has launchd new streaming apps so wherever you are, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. now, coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, what the city of san francisco is saying about alcohol and tobacco products funded by private donations being distributed to homeless people under quarantine. also new calls to shut down bay area live animal markets in light of coronavirus. the i-team looks into what risk, if any, they actually pose. that's at 6:00. but finally here tonight, musicians serenading their neighbors in alameda. abc 7 news east bay community journalist melissa pixgar shows how porchfronts are becoming the hottest spot in town. ♪ >> reporter: sweet sounds of live music under a
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shelter-in-place order. it's not your imagination but the imaginative idea of musicians in alameda who are turning their front porches into stages. >> really neat way to kind of unite all of us and at the same time let us each individually in our communities feel as close as we can at this time. >> reporter: the alameda porch concerts came together on facebook. out of work musicians volunte volunteered to play music on their porches. organizers made a list of their address and invited neighbors to walk around and enjoy the music. keeping social distance, of course. >> i love the idea of these concerts and getting together, but we have to get together in a new way right now so that everybody can come out and feel safe. >> reporter: due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many live gigs and concerts are canceled indefinitely. but alameda porch concerts are providing a sense of hope for the city. >> getting out here and pushing some sound vibrations through the air. et even if we just do it once a week on fridays and just for fun. nobody's paying us. it doesn't matter.
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it's just so we can make music right now. >> reporter: with so many talented musicians in alameda, residents are able to sing multiple genres of music from jazz, cover music and latino rock. >> the way humans respond to music internally and emotionally is what really can kind of unite us. >> reporter: with everyone suffering from cabin fever, the concerts are a welcome break from the monotony. >> we have to keep our distance. we're able to see our neighbors and enjoying i think a stronger relationship with our neighbors because here we all are, right? we're all kind of in this together. >> reporter: in alameda, abc 7 news. >> just brightens the mood and brings everyone together. all right. that will do it for tonight. "world news tonight" is next. >> it sure does, ama. you right about that. i'm dan ashley, for sandhya pat patel, michael finney, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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tonight, the new and growing concern involving the coronavirus and children here in the u.s. the urgent call from new york's governor cuomo. what to look for. and reports of similar cases in other states. we have been reporting on a rare and dangerous condition linked to the virus, first seen in the uk. doctors there sounding the alarm. now affecting children in the u.s. more than 60 cases here in new york state alone. doctors warn the condition can attack the heart, described as being like toxic shock syndrome. dangerous inflammation. doctors are being told to report any signs of possible symptoms. tonight, president trump appearing to reverse course just 24 hours after our interview, after his team confirmed to us the coronavirus task force would be changing. talk of it winding down.
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tonight, the president now saying it will continue am t


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