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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 7, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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traffic is expected to pick up. the newern wai warning about th post-pandemic commute that might have you asking if you can keep working from home. don't get too excited, i miss you guys. can you guys come back? >> if you'll come get me. >> it was exciting to see you in person. >> i know. i am the only one in the studio and so i do miss you guys. but i know, mike, you have a long commute. you might get a pass. >> i know that 42 minutes isn't going to be at the time i commute in the morning but i'm thinking in the afternoon and evening just as bad. so, yeah, i could see a lot of people staying home and not taking mass transit. let's take a look at what is going on and focus on the weather. hi, everybody. about 6:00 on a thursday and you can see the winds just nonexistent and that refreshing sea breeze not happening this afternoon. just a few more moments to watch that full moon set off to the east just a little bit of that
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moon shine still glistening on the bay this morning. temperatures 47 to 52 in my 1-hour day planner. notice that by noon we're warmer than average except for the coast mid 60s and rest of us at the 80s and 90s and still some 80s around at 7:00. pretty warm evening. even hotter tomorrow in some neighborhood. i'll have that coming up next. back to you. governor newsom is expected to announce guidelines today for beginning phase two of reopening the state tomorrow. but most of the bay area won't be starting phase two. only napa and solana county plans to start. santa clara, contra costa, marin will not. >> the numbers are still going up. the number of deaths are still going up. we have not lowered the curve. we have to be mindful of that and we have to be responsible when we look at
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various industries back. >> governor newsom says we still have a long road to a full reopening and a full recovery and he says it will take a lot longer than people are saying. the governor is expected to speak at noon today and give us an update. some california beauty salons and barbershops say they plan to sue the governor so they can open back up. they are small businesses that hire contractors so that means they're not eligible for the paycheck protection program. governor newsom said late last month it could be months before places like hair salons can reopen. coming up today on "mid-day live" tom steyerererer about california's recovery task force. you can watch this interview live on "mid-day live" starting at 11:30 right here on abc7. so what happens when more of us are able to go bac toy increase in t
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compared to last month and now there's a new warning that traffic could actually be worse than before this pandemic started. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us at the bay bridge toll plaza with the reason why and the numbers. amy? >> reggie, i got a number for you to think about. 42. 42 minutes longer in the morning commute is what experts are predicting your life will be like when this shelter-in-place order is lifted and when it's going to be 42 minutes longer than it was during the pandemic. based on a study of the bay area traffic out of vanderbilt university. they think traffic will be worse than it was before with the bay area being impacted the most and new york and l.a. second and third. all because they think people with ils will shy away from public transportation because of the v i. . >> the big uncertainty is how people will behave. people will behave the way
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they're going to behave and people when they do need to go back to work decide that they prefer to drive or car pool as opposed to going back on public transit is something we'll likely learn when it happens as opposed to being predicted. >> the metropolitan transportation commission or the mtc released some numbers comparing week day bridge this year and last year. 2020 numbers, obviously, down from 2019 but starting to creep back up. so, the hope is that this study will help everyone with their recovery strategy. commuters and transportation planners. i think one wildcard, though, in all of this is the work from home factor. will people decide they prefer it and stay home? that could help but the big take away is expect changes when this is all over. reporting live from oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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now an abc7 news live desk update. reopening the u.s. economy is in part dependent on widespread covid-19 testing. here at the live desk this morning i'm looking at rite aid's effort to triple capacity and jim peters spoke and rite aid will deliver 171 tests per day at 71 testing sites. >> at this point up until now largely health care workers and emergency responders. but, you know, we are now deploying this testing model to include all adults both symptomatic and asymptomatic. no testing sites in california yet, but peters believes 10,000 tests per day to start will be more than enough to meet the demand. you can catch that interview right here on "gma" after "abc7 mornings." stanford health care workers
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on the picket line protesting cuts recently made to their medical staff and trying to send a clear message to management. they say it is shameful to punish front line care givers by cutting their pay after they just put their own health on the line during the pandemic. it described the cuts as a difficult, but necessary decision. the justice department is now investigating a company that tried to sell california 100 million face masks. blue flame medical was only in business for three days when it cut the half billion dollar deal. the owners claim they could get n95 masks and other personal protective equipment through a chinese company. hours after wiring the money, the deal fell apart and the money went back into california's account. an attorney for blue flame says the firm acted in good faith. the pandemic is compounding the homeless crisis here in san francisco and all you need to do is take a drive or a walk
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through the and you'll see a jump in homeless tents, according to the city. many people are coming from out of town after learning the city is moving homeless people into hotel rooms during our shelter-in-place. >> basically trying to get themselves on a list for housing. some are being released from jail and coming here. i know couple folks from sto stockton and lake county. so, they're coming from all over. >> mayor london breed says there is a plan to address the problem. the city will move people to a sanction encampment in a parking lot and enforce social distancing between tents. part of one of the most iconic places in fremont is set to remain closed over concerns over social distancing. the entrance to mission peak will remain fenced off through the rest of the month. fremont leaders say it's necessary to make sure the
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public maintains a safe distance. the college entrance is still open. getting people back to work is one way to build a better bay area. coming up next, how one unemployment. how long before you see clorox wipes back on store shelves. temperatures today up to 19 degrees above average, but not quite record levels except for livermore. you're pretty close at 92. your record high is 95 back from 2001. even hotter tomorrow before that chance of rain next week. we'll talk about it coming
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with contactless equipment drop off. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity for thirty four ninety nine a month for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc7 mornings." 47 in menlo park and
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pacifica 49 and some of our warmer spots or cooler spots. everybody else around 50 to 52. mix of mid 40s to mid 50s under a clear sky. 53 in san jose and any outdoor activity best to get it done early this morning between the heat and strong sunshine take over. caution during the afternoon hours if you have to be outside. east bay jump from 54 this morning and low to mid 80s from noon all the way through at least 5:00. 74 at 7:00. a mix of high clouds and sunshine across the north bay. 52 this morning but mid to upper 80s for several hours this afternoon. even parts of san francisco will reach 80 today. most of us in the upper 70s for several hourses. jobina, good morning. good morning, mike. thank you. hello, everyone. good morning to you. just a heads up, it is over now but for tomorrow our essential workers that take 101 through san francisco at alemany boulevard and that project has,
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yes, wrapped up but some maintenance work and 6:00 a.m. and overnight work and it will stop at 6:00 a.m. full closure of 101 and traffic diverted to 280 and then southbound side there will be just one lane open and that will be until 6:00 a.m. live look outside right now showing you our 880 camera at the coliseum. a number of construction projects happening around the bay area this morning. things are definitely to pick up more and more as we see people start to head back to work slowly but surely and vehicles out on our roads and traffic is beginning to get busier and give yourself extra time just in case and take it slowly because the chp continues to see high levels of speeds out there on our roads. and that's what i have for traffic. new at 6:00, toilet paper is coming back to our store shelves but turns out it could be quite a while before you see cleaning supplies there. that is what clorox says. it saw demand for its products spike 500% when the pandemic began. they're ramping up production.
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in interview with yahoo! finance the company's five factories now operate 24 hours a day and they're contracting with third-party factories to increase supply. many of us have put on a few pounds during this covid-19 outbreak. now, an entire city is taking action to stop the quarantine 15. plus, frontier airlines has heard the backlash amid the pandemic and now changing a program that would
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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now an abc7 news live update. at the live desk i'm following the process of a possible covid-19 vaccine. what we're learning this morning is that a woman is taking part in a human trial of a vaccine in seattle and this happened back in march and this company mederna gave its vaccine to a small group of volunteers and now we learned the company has been approved to enter phase two of testing. that means the fda is allowing
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the company to expand human testing to 600 people. mederna says it will begin its next round of human testing shortly and is finalizing plans for phase three, which could happen as early as this summer. that means the vaccine could be approved by 2021. kumasi? >> all right, promising. thank you, jobina. abc7 news is committed to getting back to whatever normal may be. a contact tracing program starting in san francisco is being expanded across the state to help thousands of californians get back to work. abc7 news spoke with a librarian stuck at home since the library closed and using her skills to reach out to those who came into close contact with people who tested positive for covid-19. >> it's really well set up. there were some substantial conversations to find out this is what is happening in this household. >> they're used to talking to
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people and used to interviewing people. we have tremendous need for people who speak spanish. >> ucsf are working toorking too 3,000 contact tracers per week. new at 6:00, we heard of the freshman 15 now there's the quarantine 15, some people are calling it the covid-19. that's the amount of weight some people are gaining right now because they're sheltered at home and, you know, trying their best but still gaining some weight. to battle the bulge, one town in long island, new york, is -w diet. oh, no. the nutrition exercise guidelines were put out on facebook. officials hope it will help curve an unintended health consequence for people who are trying to survive coronavirus. look, i'm all for people being healthy, but can this town please mind your own business. >> stay in your lane and let me
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deal with the pandemic with how i see fit. >> that's what i'm saying. we are doing our best. >> not now. >> not now. mike? oh, sorry. what were you going to say, kumasi? i want to hear this. >> people already have enough to deal with without the town giving you a diet. >> are they trying to be controlling? >> i mean, the intention is good. >> i don't know what they're trying to be. >> the intention is good, but, no, just leave me alone. >> thank you. you'd be like, bless their hearts. i'm good. >> thank you. here's a look at what is going on from the east bay hills cam. the sun hiding behind the haze where the moon is and that is the last of the full moon for today. it's 70 and that's a reoccurring
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thing and in the hills 60s and 70s the next couple nights while the rest of us in the 50s and definitely more comfort and moderate heat risk today and tomorrow. more clouds and the heat easing over the weekend. really a two-day push of obnoxious, warm weather. if you don't like it, will change. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s down in the south bay and low 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. spread on the peninsula with san mateo at 82 degrees and check out the upper 70s or upper 60s to low 70s at the coast and upper 70s confined for downtown, suth san francisco, sausalito and a few 80s are possible in these neighborhoods. mid 80s to near 90 up across the north bay today. and along the east bay shore, few upper 70s richmond and berkeley. nd everybody8 84 des and widespread heat low to mid 90 check out the tpetures toght thf lai
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but get up about 800 feet or more and we'll be in the 60s and 70s. today and tomorrow our hottest days but check out what will happen for mom's day. mainly 60s and 70s and then the wet weather will bring us even cooler temperatures monday and tuesday. i'll have more on that coming up next. >> thanks, mike. now we are turning to ginger zee for a look at what is ahead on "gma." good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. hey, reggie. great to be with both of you this morning. coming up on "gma" the states that are reopening and, of course, all the relaxing of some of those restrictions and then the cases still rising across so much of the nation. we have a top executive from pharmacy aid rite aid talking about how they are ramping up testing. also this morning, growing concerns over the nation's meat supply. with thousands of workers getting sick at work and we're
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going to see that the nation's largest pork plant is reopening today. we'll talk to the ceo of mcdawn tooldz s about what they're doing about covid and how to keep their restaurants safe. we talked a lot about financial tips, but what about tips for your relationships and what happens after you're all in this crisis mode. we can't also wait to get "gma's" resident chef michael simon back with us. this guy knows how to cook. he will give you a twist on a breakfast classic and it's muffin week. because that's what we do here. it is a week of muffins. you'll see that and also see brandy, a little throw back for a thursday performing and talking to us right here on "gma." >> all right, everyone. your favorite brandy song. kumasi, please. ♪ sitting up in my room >> ginger zee.
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>> yeah. see, i have to go back. i have to go back because i think there's a lot more than i remember. >> yeah. she was also, you might remember she was in cinderella. >> and the boy is mine. >> with miss whitney houston. h. >>. ♪ this boy is mine >> they're all good. >> they're good. all right. i'm looking forward to that, ginger. you just took me way back. we'll see you on "gma." >> see you then. well, the street artist is paying tribute to britain's national health service by leaving a piece of art at a hospital in the city of southampton. in this piece, a young boy picks a nurse over batman and superman. the painting was left with a note. thanks for all you're doing and i hope this brightens up the place a bit. they plan to auction the artwork
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all right. let's take a look at what's going on. here we go. monday. you can see that area of low pressure, the green meaning some rain moving into the north bay and then spreading south during the evening hours and then another chance of some wet weather due to that low just parking to our north. tuesday, good news. the medium range models have increased the potential for rain across us from a tenth of an inch in the south bay to a quarter inch around the bay to even a half inch in the north bay. got my fingers crossed. >> all right, thanks, mike. the cost of a plane ticket, it could spike more than 50% after the pandemic. this is a warning from an airline industry group that if social distancing measures are enforced, this is going to be what happens. the international air transport association says if they are forced to leave middle seats
6:26 am
empty, airlines will struggle to break even. they are expected to deliver a $314 million blow to airline revenue this year. frontier airlines is ending its plans to charge extra to sit next to an empty middle seat. mounting pressure from congressional democrats who accused the airline to profit from passenger's fear of covid-19. they plan to charge $39 per flight to guarantee an empty middle seat. the offer was slated to begin with tomorrow's flights and run through the end of august. a kansas city family wanted to bring some theater magic to their neighborhood and, so, they put on a little production of "wicked" with some real special effec effects. ♪ >> so, i guess the perry family drives all over kansas city and
6:27 am
do these little pop-up performances. turns out mom is an arts education director for arts asylum. she says her daughter is playing and that is the song "defying gravity" and she is flying with the help of a crane and harness. and the smoke machine. neighbors, of course, giving them a big round of applause as she flies in the air. >> that little boy is so happy. look at him. >> does she have the green makeup on, too? it's kind of hard to tell. i don't know who that is if that's her dad. he's wearing the face mask, too. so we have that covered, as well. >> they spared no expepswinse w this. i feel like she has the full face on. >> the green makeup. it would be disappointing if she didn't. congratulations to them. next at 6:30, how llamas could help find a coronavirus treatment. plus, this is a mall here in california welcoming customers
6:28 am
back in. the county says it has a good reason to defy the governor's order to stay closed. entering into phase two here in california's reopening. we expect governor gavin newsom to lay out his plans for phase two today and those things could go into effect as early as tomorrow. what will really be changing here in the bay
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now your health, your safety. this is abc7 news. now at 6:30, reopening confusion. today governor newsom will lay out phase two of getting businesses back open, but bay area officials say we may not be ready yet. also the opening bell on wall street. investors are expected to react positively to another horrible jobs report. jobina is tracking what is happening with the economy. a live look now from mt. tam as the sun is coming up this morning. get ready for the heat.
6:31 am
mike says some areas could get into the 90s today and when we get anywhere close to the 80s in san francisco, then you know this is some serious business. >> and that will happen today, reggie, too. i'm going to officially 78 but you know other neighborhoods that will get well into the 80s like the castro and mission and places like that. a toasty one for you and almost warm tomorrow. getting ahead of ourselves a little bit there. let's talk about what is going on. hello, everyone. welcome to thursday. pretty quiet on live doppler 7 and gorgeous shot from pier 15. temperatures, yeah, 82 in oakland and look at the upper 80s. 88 in san jose to 90 in morgan hill and low to mid 90s in our east bay valleys and 8 in napa to near 90 in santa rosa. this will be our warmest day along the coast and 73 in half moon bay and talk more about that heat and chance of rain in the accuweather seven-day foreca forecast. happening today, governor
6:32 am
newsom will reveal new details about phase two of the state's reopening which is set to start tomorrow but different countie on different timelines. julian glover is live with more on this. >> we're getting an idea of what those different timelines could look like. many of us are excited and waiting with anticipation of what governor gavin newsom has to say. i referenced restrictions on the nonessential businesses. we'll hear that in his daily news conference at noon today and here's what we are expecting from it. this is what phase two could look like. some stores will beo all allowe open for curbside pick up and music and toy stores and florists and similar shops. but in order for this to happen, it must be signed off on the local county level and then be approved by the state. >> the stabilization of that curve is one of the foundational indicators to allow us to move
6:33 am
forward in this second phase. the indicators on ppe, another critical indicator allows moving to phase two and the tracing work that now is being done in realtime. >> so, those are some of the things that have to be put in place. let's talk about what could be changing here in our bay area counties. abc7 reaching out to nine counties to see if they plan on moving forward with phase two come friday. san francisco, san mateo santa clara, alameda, contra costa and marin saying no and napa and solona saying they will be. low-risk activities could resume on friday. we're also hearing this morning a little bit of good news from alameda and marin counties hearing they might be ready to engage in phase two in just mid may. so, a couple weeks from now perhaps. reporting live, julian glover,
6:34 am
abc7 news. >> thank you, julian. a northern california shopping mall is back open despite our statewide shelter at home order. yuba sutter county fl os gave the green light because they have a low covid-19 infection rate. there is a bit of confusion. a bar and restaurant in wheatland was ready to open when alcohol beverage control agents showed up. the business was ordered to close the inside dining room. >> so, we're getting conflicting stories. so, county wants to do it one way, government likes to do it another way. so, both of them fighting against each other is putting all the small businesses at risk and it's making it difficult for us. >> now, at the mall, shoppers were supposed to wear masks and maintain social distancing but look at this video. i don't think everybody was onboard with that. the yuba health officers warned more restrictions if people
6:35 am
don't wear their masks and stay six feet apart. >> you think they would want to respect the workers of them there in the stores. testing for coronavirus is key to reopening california and the state is now making it easier for you to find a testing site in your area. all you have to do now is put your zip code on california's coronavirus website. it will show you the closest location. i just did this for myself. i do have to warn you, you have to scroll. it doesn't always show you the closest one first. governor newsom says we are making tremendous progress in getting people tested. >> we have been able to increase our testing capacity substantially over the course of the last couple weeks from over 2,000 a day to over 25,000 tests a day. over the last six or seven days, those numbers have increased roughly 30,000 tests a day. >> toic iaccess the test'state'g
6:36 am
site, i jt tweet it and you can click on the link. this is a walk-up testing site that opened yesterday in east oakland in the parking lot of ruth's community health care. this is one of the first walk-in only coronavirus testing sites in the bay areas. open mondays, wednesdays and fridays 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. health insurance is not required. for those of you in napa county, if you just live in napa and work somewhere else, you can get a test. in san francisco, any person who is working right now is considered an essential worker can get a test regardless if you have symptoms. if you are just a regular resident and are not working outside of the home right now, you can still get a test if you do have symptoms. well, former head of the cdc dr. tom fr
6:37 am
the u.s. will have 100,000 deaths before the end of the month. >> unless we have a vaccine or something unexpected happens, the viral enemy will be with us for many months and even years. >> brought in after the white house prevented dr. anthony fauci from testifying. the house didn't give a reason to why fauci should testify. he will answer questions from the republican-led senate next week. now, breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> at the live desk. i'm looking at more bleak numbers from the labor department. the latest weekly jobless report was released this morning. last week 3.1 million people filed for unemployment benefits. that means more than 33 million have filed for aid in the last seven weeks since the shut downs began. tomorrow morning the labor department will release april's unemployment rate. economists expect the unemployment rate to be at least
6:38 am
15% or higher. easily the worst it's been since the great depression. kumasi, i'll send it back over to you. >> thank you, jobina. right now a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange as the markets react to the new unemployment report. you can see the markets are up about 275 points right now. a little boy with a need for speed. the 5-year-old who got pulled over for taking his parents' car is now getting his wish. >> we have a lot to say about that one. i bet you have something to say about this. keeping tabs on employees with more people working from home, a cyber security expert explains the software that may be monitoring you. the ceo of mcdonald's reveals the changes they' making to keep customersafe as they plan to reopen their dining rooms. today at 4:00, join us for "race & coronavirus a bay area
6:39 am
conversation." focusing on issues and challenges facing the latino community during the pandemic. leann and larry there hosting it. you can watch it right here on abc dr abc7 and online and on our app and facebook page where you can submit questions as it is going on. that is today at 4:00 and we hope you'll join us. here's mike. >> thank you, kumasi. about 5:39 on this thursday. microclimates 57 and we'll have more microclimates this afternoon from 60s at the coast to near 80 on the bay side. temperatures else where right now 40s and 50s and we do have 66 out in tracy. here is a look at your commute. my untrained eye sure looks like a lot more cars out there than we've seen lately. 50 in emeryville and now as far as the commute goes. all about staying comfortable during the afternoon and evening
6:40 am
as we need air conditioning as these temperatures look at them soar in the east bay valleys from comfortable 57 this morning to already 80 at 11:00. look at those low and mid 90s and 7:00 it's still 85 degrees. how about the south bay. 54 this morning. 80 at noon and mid to upper 80s for several hours this afternoon. a little more comfort here this evening. 78 degrees. and how about the peninsula. 53 this morning. about 78 at noon and low to mid 80s for the rest of the afternoon hours. and about 77 at 7:00. that does look more comfortable than some of the other areas. we'll talk more about the heat coming up and talk more about that commute with jobina. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, mike. thank you very much. so, so far things are looking much better this morning. we started off with some issues on our roads, construction. still had that construction but just looks like a lot more traffic. so, let's get to it.
6:41 am
live look right now showing you the san mateo bridge and our conditions there this morning. just waiting for the camera so i can see. there we go. i'm on a delay at home. here we go. we have a good amount of people making their way towards the peninsula and across the bay area, clear conditions right now. just a few slow spots as the morning commute for our essential workers begins to get under way and that is all i have going on for traffic right now. should be good as you head out the door this morning. i'll, of course, keep you posted if anything
6:42 am
6:43 am
rnlsh you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we'll start in san jose where it's clear and 53 degrees and as far as your planner 47 to 52. that is the key the next couple nights pretty comfortable in the 60s and 70s. already by noon warmer than average and top out by 70 before
6:44 am
a sea breeze kicks in late afternoon and the rest of us in the 80s and 90s and 70s and 80s around by 9:00. most dangerous heat still down well south of us in the desert. 108 possible on this third day of heat for them. mid 90s through the central valley and 71 in tahoe for today and record high temperatures in tahoe tomorrow and saturday. we'll talk about our chance of seeing some records next in the accuweather seven-day forecast. kumasi? >> thanks. a new report points to the covid-19 outbreak in new york city as the primary source of infections around the country as infected people traveled from there. according to "new york times" research indicates a wave of infections swept from new york city through much of the u.s. before the city started setting their social distancing limits. and that helped fuel outbreaks in louisiana, texas, arizona and along the coast. an epidemiologist at yale estimates virus spreading from
6:45 am
new york accounts for 60 to 65% of the infections identified across the u.s. all right. a llama named winter could be the key to fighting coronavirus. now you are looking at video o . we don't know where winter is right now. the real belgium. we don't have that video. but researchers say winter the llama produces a special class of disease fighting antibodies. blocking the coronavirus from entering and infecting cells. fast food chains are facing new challenges because of covid-19 impact on the meat industry there is a shortage of beef and pork because workers are getting sick at the factories where they are produced and the plants have to close. jobina fortson joining us at the live desk of what mcdonald's ceo is saying about food supply and safety. jobina? >> thank you, reggie. good morning. mcdonald's ceo on "gma" this
6:46 am
morning and saying the fast food chain is taking it day by day with all of this. we'll continue to follow it as they are. mcdonald's is closely watching the beef supply and seemed to have managed so far. the fast food chain has taken extra precautions to keep its workers and customers safe. 50 new procedures include using gloves and masks, changing how restaurants are cleaned and implementing social distancing. >> we brought in in the u.s. alone 100 million masks for our crew. so a variety of things that we're doing there. in the case of the customers, you know, most of our business now is happening through the drive-thru which has a natural, built-in social distancing element to it. >> you can hear from the head of mcdonald's on "gma" coming up right here after abc7 mornings and i enjoyed the look, reggie. instead of the pocket square, he
6:47 am
has the mask in the pocket. 2020. back to you. >> that's how we're doing it. however you can carry it around. all right, jobina, thank you. and as california begins to reopen slowly, we are already seeing more traffic on the roads. and i'm not sure if you're prepared for what at least some analysts say is coming down the road. here's a live look at some of our bay area freeways and bridges. of course, it still remains light and not a lot of people have to go into the office now. but amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll plaza and has the forecast and looks like we're getting ready for some really long commutes, amy. >> brace yourself for this number, reggie. imagine adding 42 minutes to your morning commute. that is the prediction that the morning commute is going to take 42 more minutes than it did before the pandemic. and this is based on a study of bay area traffic by vanderbilt university and that studyhe aa
6:48 am
het the ahe d snk to get on to b.a.r.t. or other public transportation. they also think people will skip the car pool. >> when we reopen we know we'll not have packed transit. we know that. and that's because there's going to be social distancing or other requirements. people may not wish to come back. so, i think the one thing we'll get for sure is packed freeways and the question is, what does that mean and what does that look like and we just don't know yet. >> the metropolitan transportation commission or the mtc released some numbers comparing week day bridge traffic for a week in march this year and last year, 2020 numbers down from 2019 but starting to creep back up. the hope is this study will help everyone with their recovery strategy. i like that term. recovery strategy. commuters and transportation
6:49 am
planners. traffic issic l ilooking heavie as we stand here than it did earlier in the shelter-in-place order. it does look like people are come back out. i think the wildcard in all of this is working from home. will people like it? continue to do it. just be prepared for lots of changes when this is all over. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. santa clara county has banned car parades even if everybody stays in the vehicle. parades were never allowed in the shelter-in-place rules but wasn't made clear until now. some schools planned drive-by celebrations as an alternative and san jose's police chief says unless there's a blatant violation, officers will just issue warnings. here at abc7 we're honoring the class of 2020. they had to forego graduations and other milestones because of the pandemic. nathan nguyen is graduating and
6:50 am
he volunteers, has an internship and fourth degree blackbelt in ti tae kwan do. he was set to give a speech. maybe he can do it online. either way, of you, nathan, and congratulati congratulations. submit details on our website but, please, we ask that you not send any professional photos. you can also check out a photo gallery of all the seniors that we are honoring. okay. back to this story. a utah boy that was caught taking a joy ride in his parents' car is kind of getting what he wanted. earlier this week, officers pull over the 5-year-old. his name is adrian zimmarpia and he was on his way to california because he wanted to buy a lamborghini. so you could imagine how excited he was when jimmy offered him a ride in his lamborghini.
6:51 am
>> it's fast. >> so, he says that, listen, he sees potential in adrian if he's pointed in the right direction. >> yes, absolutely. i'm not encouraging kids to go out and take their parents' car and do anything else that is illegal but i'm absolutely inspired by the principles he displayed of success and knowing what he wants and going after it. >> adrian's family was thankful he wasn't heard during monday's joy ride and are grateful he had a chance to ride in his dream car. i don't know what to say. >> where is the seat belt? where is the mask? where is the sense? >> first of all, i thought adrian -- >> that story -- it's going to
6:52 am
drive me to have a supreme court moment i'm drinking so much over here. >> it just makes absolutely no sense. adrian is going to be a handful from now on because now he knows i have to go after what i want as that man said. >> and i can put other people in harm's way when i do it. i mean, he stole a car at 5. >> i know. >> did he tip him his $3? >> if he wanted to. >> all righty. in all seriousness, i guess it's time for me. we're on the single shot and i'll take it ahead. here we go. let's start with a live look from the east bay hills camera where it is warm the next seven nights at 70 up there and the rest of us settle into the 50s and 60s. moderate heat risk during the afternoon hours today and tomorrow. saturday starts our transition bck to cooler weather. here's a look at our average or high temperatures i'm forecasting today and our
6:53 am
records. yo can see livermore is the closest about three degrees shy of it and no one is even close to a record high today. so, we've got mid 80s to low 90s from 86 in sunnyvale to gilroy at 82. check out the low to mid 70s at the coast today. upper 70s to low 80s in the bay side of san francisco. and mid 80s to near 90 up through the north bay valleys and upper 70s in richmond and berkeley and everybody else in the mid 80s and low to mid 90s in our east by valleys. except for around highway 4 you can see some 60s there for some warm spots. tomorrow even warmer than today. especially inland. you can see the cooling 60s, 70s and 80s saturday and 60s and 70s for mom's day. the compute models are forecasting more rain which i hope comes to fruition for monday and tuesday.
6:54 am
coolest day. let's get back to kumasi. >> i'll take it from here, mike. no doubt the covid-19 pandemic has more of us working from home. have you thought about how your company is doing so while you are doing so? there is growing interest in digital surveillance tools. these are tools that help companies make sure employees are actually working. >> 16% of companies they order these kind of software because they like to monitor their employees and companies on the other side who provide these kind of services 40% increase from their current customers asking for more licenses. >> the use of digital surveillance is raising privacy concerns and experts say companies should be transparent about the activity they're monitoring. >> watch out. >> are they seeing you lotion, friend? >> i'm about to.
6:55 am
because it is 6:54 and it is time to make sure that our hands are nice and supple. >> what are you using today? this is a different one. >> this is about to be out. >> you need to throw that away. >> you know see how i have to like fold it. >> let that go, friend. i got enough lotion for you. i can send you some lotion. >> i ordered some more. we'll be right back with the seven things you need to know today. also, i need to let you know that abc7 has launched a new streaming app. wherever you are, you can get our live newscasts and breaking news and lotion updates. download this on your apple tv, fire tv and roku and search
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[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
6:57 am
that could mean an increase mabyin energy bills..nia you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. it's 6:57 if you're just joining us. seven things to know. at noon governor newsom is planning to announce guidelines for beginning phase two of re p reopening the state and that goes into effect tomorrow but most bay area counties say they will not be starting this new
6:58 am
phase. number two, a live look at the big board right now where we are up 358 points. about 90 minutes ago the labor department said 3.2 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week and more than 33 million have filed for aid in the last seven weeks. the fda has approved a possible covid-19 vaccine for phase two of human testing. mederna will expand round two of its trials to include 600 people and then if everything goes well, that vaccine could be approved by 2021. number four, imagine adding 42 minutes to your morning commute. a new study projects a dramatic rise in traffic will happen after the shut down because more people may be more comfortable driving instead of taking public transit. oh, goodness. number five. we are going to take a live look now showing you our emeryville camera there. overall clear conditions this morning for our commute. i just want to let you know a number of construction projects
6:59 am
going on out there, so, please, take your time. number six. check out this innocent-looking start to our day from the exploratorium camera. bay looks refreshing. the temperatures a cool 53 and then look what happens by 4:00. 70 at the coast. 85 around the bay. 92 inland. it's going to be hot. >> all right, mike. number seven. look at this. this family in kansas city are cheering up their neighbor this. they set up their own production of "wicked." yes, that is fog. yes, she is defying gravity as she flies with the help of a crane and a harness. and neighbors seem to be pretty happy as they watch from the front lawn. >> that's actually more than they do in the show of "wicked." she doesn't actually ever fly in "wicked." she took it up to the next level. >> come to the bay area on the tour.
7:00 am
i love it. >> yes. we would love to see that. >> nice production effort. reversing course.n effort. president trump now says he's keeping the coronavirus task force. >> i had no idea how popular the task force is. >> as 38 states ease restrictions with infection rates still rising across much of the country. striking new mortality numbers in florida days after opening beaches, restaurants and stores. anger still brewing over social distancing laws. overnight a shooting in oklahoma city after a customer's refused seating. a dallas salon owner now in jail for refusing the ban. the texas governor weighs in. all this as the top executive from rite aid joins us about a new ramp-up of testing and when some hard to find products w


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