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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 7, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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county, contra costa, marin, san mateo, san francisco, and santa clara counties are staying with the current restrictions. they've agreed to jointly. sonoma county is making decisions independent of other counties and says it is not ready for phase 2. today is thursday, may 7th, and it's day 52 since most of the bay area began to shelter in place. here is a look at the impact that's making. this is a graph showing the number of coronavirus cases in the greater bay area. since march 1, nearly 10,000 people have tested positive. >> today governor newsom outlined california's phase 2 restrictions, which can take effect tomorrow if counties approve. the new phase extends business opportunities to three sectors in particular. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live with details. melanie? >> dan, the three sectors that we're talking about here are retail, manufacturing, and logistics. today we also got a glimpse at what could be opening later during stage 2. governor gavin newsom outlining
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phase 2 of modifying tonight three legendary players california's stay-at-home order today. >> we're moving forward, but will battle it out for $1 million on "jeopardy!" we're doing it always with an eye being led by the data, by no one has won more games than ken jennings the science, by public health in or won more money than brad rutter these public health indices. >> extending opportunities in or set more records than james holzhauer. three sectors with retail, expect to see increases in pickup and deliveries with but only one will be crowned the greatest of all time. contactless payment. manufacturing will see closed break rooms, outdoor break areas and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ad physically distanced seating. and for logistics, warehouses alex trebek! will carry sanitation materials during deliveries and use [ cheering ] personal protective equipment for each stop. a glimpse of what could be opening later in phase 2 thank you, johnny gilbert. includes shopping mall, offices, thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and good evening, seating at restaurants, and outdoor museums. and welcome to match number two when asked why salons are in in our "jeopardy!" greatest of all time tournament. phase 3 and not phase 2, the governor said community spread if you were watching yesterday, you saw ken jennings edge james holzhauer by 200 points. of covid-19 in california began in a nail salon. we have previously reported the first community case was here in today james won the toss. the bay area. he gets to select first in the "jeopardy!" round, the governor said industry-wide guidance will be provided. so let's reveal the categories for his selection,
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>> we'll get through this. >> as well as regional variance starting off with this category... that'll sound familiar to everyone. criteria for specific areas that includes no more than one case followed by... per 10,000 people in the last 14 days, no covid-19 death in the past 14 days. i like that. a minimum testing of 1.5 per one thousand residents. protection of stage 1 essential and finally... workers. at least 15 contract tracers per 100,000 residents, and the notice the quotation marks. each correct response will either begin with "gold" ability to temporarily house at least 15% of the county's homeless. or end with "berg." hospitals will need to be able to accommodate a minimum surge james. the crown, 800. of 35%, and skilled nursing facilities must have more than a 14-day supply of ppe. what, we've met? most bay area counties have said we have. they will enter phase 2 on may where have we met? 18th. >> we'll come back stronger, perhaps it'll come to you. more vibrant, more resilient than ever. - brad. - who is lord snowdon? >> governor newsom said one of lord snowdon or antony armstrong-jones. yes. the biggest restrictions for business also be regaining their crown for 1,000. customers' confidence. and the governor also said that the next specific set of guidelines for counties to move
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into phase two will be released on tuesday. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you, melanie. at the same time the governor was announcing the easing of some of the restrictions, a small group protested outside santa clara county office. some held up signs demanding california businesses be allowed to reopen. one member of group says the government has overreached by asking people to shelter in place. for the second time in a week a crowd gathered in front of the state capitol to continue to protest coronavirus restrictions. >> in the bay area as we said at the top, only napa and solano counties plan to match california's move to phase 2 tomorrow. just hours ago, we spoke with solano county health officer bella m >> in addition to permitting outdoor activity, we will also begin to permit retail and manufacturing of nonessential goods. we believe through the use of physical distancing, people can be protected from the
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transmission of disease. >> dr. matyas says he believes the businesses that are reopening will do the right thing and require social distancing. if not, he expects to hear complaints from police and customers. napa county is modifying its shelter at home order as it moves into stage 2 of reopening. starting saturday, businesses and workplaces will require everyone to wear a face mask. napa county has not mandated face covers until now. other things making a comeback include drive-in business, outdoor recreation and construction, all with appropriate social distancing, keep in mind. a berkeley flower shop will be open for business tomorrow, even though it doesn't fall into the criteria for stage 2 reopening in hal alameda county. ashby flowers will start curb idaho pickup. the owner tells abc7 news that she got a call from alameda county earlier in the week saying the shop could open ahead of mother's day, of course. a huge day for flower shops. sidewalks out front are marked with tape so customers can stay six feet apart.
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planes, trains, all, all of them are examples of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the changes we've made as a society to slow the spread of the virus. let's take a look at drivers on the road right now. we are getting used to views of light traffic over the past several weeks. public transit is nearly empty with ridership on many agencies down 90%. as restrictions are lifted, how will people choose to get to work? abc7 news anchor dion lim is live in san francisco with the story, because it may not be the way it was before, dion. >> ama, definitely it will not be the same. in fact, that is exactly why bay area transit leaders gathered today to discuss the changes that will happen in the bay area and the ways they plan to keep you safe. as phase 2 of california's beg and more people make plans to go back to work, an eye-opening study from vanderbilt showing if three out of four workers
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chooses to take a car very public transportation, drive times would increase a whopping 42 minutes. it's one of the issues discussed during thursday's bay area counsel webinar with heads of various transportation agencies. one change already implemented march 20th, the bay area toll authority decision to switch to all electric tolls on area bridges could continue. >> it will be something we'll be working with our commission as to how to potentially transition into an all electric toll future. >> the most sweeping changes will be for public transit. sfmta is working with learning from asian countries who have successfully flattened the curve. >> one of the things that taipei realized is social distancing doesn't work on public transit. we don't like rules in the united states, but it's going to be necessary. >> on bart, 95% of riders already wear masks. the agency is studying european cities is doubling down, wanting
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to make mask wearing as common as remembering wallet. sanitation is also a priority. . >> we want to get to the point where we can fog every train every night. so and we're working on that. >> one positive agreed on by several agency, that in their highly regulated agency, the pandemic has hastened the speed of getting things done. >> we have made some changes to our services in a matter of hours or days, and we have survived. and my staff is getting used to that kind of pace. >> back out here live, another question i asked, the future of carpooling. casual carpooling to be exact. now the executive director of mct tells me because this is a voluntary program, they cannot issue rules or guidelines. it really is up to the driver and the rider and their comfort level whether or not they want the take part. in san francisco tonight, i'm
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dion lim, abc7 news. >> yeah, that's a good point, dion. can we go become to the vanderbilt study for a second. drivers aren't all going to experience 42-minute increases. please tell me there are a number of variables that go up with that. >> yeah, and i'm ealy glad you asked this. there are so many factors to consider. in the study it showed if four people who usually take public transportation, out of those four, one of them decides to drive, that increases the drive time by ten minutes, not 42. something else to of course consider is the number of people in the workforce who plan to continue working from home. back to you. >> all right. thanks, dion. well, starting next week, all passengers on amtrak will have to wear a mask. the requirement begins monday, may 11th. amtrak, like many transit providers, has reduced service. that affects the capitol corridor and san joaquin routes. after talking automobiles and trains, let's talk planes. what is it going to take to make
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airlie passengers feel safe again flying with strangers in such close proximity? airlines are individually coming up with their own procedure, and that is an approach coming under fire by the pilots association. abc7 news reporter david louie took a lock at this very complex issue and how it will impact the future of airline travel, which has been so devastated during this pandemic. he joins us live. david? >> it is very complex, dan. the airlines have a great deal of flexibility to decide what safety measures are best. the bottom line is how confident are passengers while there is no vaccine before jumping back on planes for business trips or vacations? >> stay safe! >> there are no standards and practices for health and safety, so passengers are deciding what makes them feel protected. >> united said if i didn't have a mask -- clearly i am prepared -- they would provide one for me. feeling relatively okay, but clearly going through all the necessary precautions just in case. >> some airlines require masks
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while others don't. some are leaving middle seats open when possible to provide distancing. while one airline was going charge for empty buffer seats but backed off when criticized. >> you can't take this piecemeal whac-a-mole kind of approach. you have to have a standardized methodology in dealing with the crisis that we have in front of us. >> the president of the airline pilots association would like the faa to regulate and enforce coronavirus safety measures. but faa administrator steve dixon sent a letter saying airlines are responsible for the occupational health of their workforce that means for now there is no industry-wide game plan to protect passenger, flight attendants, and pilots. another unresolved issue is who will pay for new safety protocols. henry hartvelt is a leading industry analyst in san francisco. >> it's not like we can build a clean room, if you will, at an airport. but i expect you will see airlines support a health screening. what they'll say, though, the passenger will pay for that.
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>> the largest carrier at sfo, united, is implementing new cabin cleaning, electrostatic fogging of each plane before each flight. while plexiglas barriers are common, they're not under consideration right now. united is open to new industry-wide protocols. >> if those sorts of efforts materialize, we'd love to be a part of that conversation. but, frankly, we're not waiting around for other people to make decisions what we should do. >> a major obstacle is fear among passengers. a passenger said another passenger yelled at her when she took her two children to the lavatory. >> on the plane there were people really afraid. and if you went and used the rest room, they would push you back and tell you not to come near them. >> be respectful and kind. we're all losing our patience right now. the best thing we can do is be kind. >> good words of advice. with some passengers definitely on edge and no single approach,
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passengers will be able to select which airlines they think is taking the best safety measures. but that also makes the comeback of airline travel all the more confusing. we're live, david louie, abc7 news. >> boy, i'm sure it does, david. one more note about air travel. frontier just became the first u.s. airline to add temperature checks for all passengers and crew on flights. this takes effect on june 1. anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed on the plane. starting tomorrow, all passengers on frontier have to wear a face mask. governor newsom says the state needs federal help with its budget shortfall. some bay area cities say they need the state's help with theirs. we'll look at the numbers next and show you what they translate to in terms of lost services. this is a scene last week where a south bay neighborhood threw a frontline workers parade. fast forward, these celebrations are no more. i'm dustin dorsey. why santa clara officials are putting a stop to these parades, coming up next.
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i'm spencer christian getting ready for another warm to hot day tomorrow. even hotter in some spots. i'll have the
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a first in alameda county. authority there's today filed price gouging charges against a store owner. the complaint alleges authorities singh illegally raised prices in excess of 300% on some essential food items after governor newsom declared a state of emergency. state law prohibits increases above 10% once an emergency is declared. other apna bazaar locations in the bay area were not part of this investigation. more on the impact of this pandemic. city governments all the way up to the state capitol are finding surpluses turning into huge deficits now because of the pandemic. and now they're looking at some painful budget cuts.
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abc7 news anchor eric thomas has more now from walnut creek. . >> these nearly empty walnut creek streets don't just show that people are staying home, their money staying home too. no sales for businesses, no revenue for is the city. >> we've seen an 80% drop in sales tax money. >> city manager says sales tax is the single biggest revenue for the city. it's running a $10 million deficit for the year that ends june 30th, forcing officials to make $6.5 million in budget cuts and pulling $3.6 million out of the rainy day fund to balance it. other cities will have to do the same as will the state of california. we're pje tens obilo shortfalls, all specifically related to covid-19. >> specifically, the state is looking at more than $54 billion in red ink with some tough choices to make, especially when it comes to k through 12 education, which eats up 40% of the general fund bunt.
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california lawmakers are already making plans. >> these financial hauls are very big, and it's going to require a lot of creative thinkings, a lot of partnerships with our employee groups to really get through this. >> that may mean cuts or tax hikes or both, and they hope for some help from the feds. >> so i think everything is on the table, frankly. with that big a number, we're not going to be able to just raise revenue and cut our way there. we'll probably have to do a combination of that. >> if there is another stimulus he hope there's is money for cities so he can keep staffing at normal levels. don't expect things to get better for a while. he is projecting a year, possibly two of continued budget woes. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> tough and will get tougher. california's economic recovery task force is co-chaired by tom steyer. the san francisco billionaire and former democratic presidential candidate.
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we spoke with him on midday live today about the balance between health and the economy. >> everybody wants to preserve each other's health and lives, and i think that when people understand how impactful it is to follow those protocols, people are going to buy into it and people in california are going to keep each other safe. >> the protocols he mentioned include social distancing, wiping down distances and wearing masks, as you've heard many times. abc7 news is partnering with iheartradio to help support local businesses being hit so hard during this pandemic. thousands of bay area stores and services are still open offering to help with essential needs, and many are hiring as well if you're looking for a job. go to to find resources. just click on support the bay. drive-by parades have become a common sight, but there is a growing battle over them in the south bay as abc7 news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey explains, santa clara
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county officials and the san jose police department aren't seeing eye to eye. >> drive-by parades are the new way to celebrate during lockdown, but they're actually not allowed in santa clara county. officials are pushing for enforcement after questions about graduation and other parades came. in. >> our job is to educate folks, to tell them what the order says, what is included in that order is up to the public health officers, in this case seven of them that issued this order. thinking instantly drew criticism, including from the county's biggest police department. >> since this began, it seems like the goalposts are not just moving for our community, but for law enforcement. i don't know how any police chief in this county can look at their community in the face and say while people are being released out of bail on zero bail, serious criminals, that now we're going to stop people from holding signs, driving around and wishing individuals happy birthdays or happy
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graduations. >> the east side union district planned to hold a drive-through graduation at the bay area flea market parking lot. not anymore. >> this has been a really tough year and now they may lose their ceremony. it was very disappointing because we wanted to do something that wasn't just a virtual graduation. >> just last week this street was filled with frontline workers driving through a parade as the neighbors thanked them. but these celebrations are no more. a disappointment to those who were involved. >> it was more than six feet. you're staying healthy as can be. it doesn't really make sense that these would get shut down. >> the enforcement of the rules falls on the police department. but chief garcy said his department will do what he thinks is important. >> these decisions have never taken place from any of the input from the police chiefs. the enforcement we are going to do will be warnings to our community. >> in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. a lot more to come here. we are getting summer sizzle right now, but rain is on the way.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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some sad news to report. terrible news. a deadly crash in oakland today claimed the lives of two children. it happened about 11:30 on westbound 580 near the lakeshore avenue exit. the chp says for some reason a honda accord lost control and slammed into a pickup that was being used by caltrans. no one was in that truck. moments later a toyota minivan slammed into the honda. two children in the honda were killed. the driver and a third child were hospitalized. no one else was hurt. san leandro police say this is what happened when a drug lab exploded just before 5:00 this morning. look at that scene. sky 7 was over the building on timothy drive, where you can see a large section of the roof collapsed. inside investigators found a honey oil lab where the alternative ingredient in cannabis was being extracted using a highly flammable process. four men were arrested. two were sent to the hospital. all right. it's time to turn our attention
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to the weather. we're starting to feel that heat up. >> we are big-time. and spencer christian is here with the forecast to take us through mother's day and beyond. spencer? >> okay, dan and ama. that heat is going to be even bigger time tomorrow in some places. we have sunny skies across the bay area right now, and it's breezy once again, especially near the coast. we have 22 miles per hour wind shields across san francisco right now. it's a little lighter in other locations. and the warming continues. this-hour temperature change shows that most locations are warmer right now than at this time yesterday. nine degrees warmer at novato, san carlos and san jose, and 7 degrees warmer in concord and 6 degrees warmer in hayward. on we go to current temperature readings. in san francisco it's 66 degrees. it was above 70 earlier today. 88 redwood city. 84 at san jose and gilroy. 63 at pacifica. on we go to some even warmer readings at 84 at santa rosa. 79 at petaluma and napa. that's not quite so warm.
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92 in fairfield. fairfield hit 96 earlier today. it's 90 in concord and 86 in livermore. and on we go to our forecast features. it will be warm around the bay shoreline and hot inland again tomorrow. perhaps slightly cooler at the coast. cooling trend kicks in for mother's day weekend and spring showers will arrive early next week. moving along, we'll take a look at overnight conditions. skies will be mainly clear, except perhaps a patch or two of low clouds near the coast. overnight lows generally in the mid 50, each some upper 50s in some locations, and a few upper 40s in some coastal regions. then tomorrow look for mild conditions at the coast as low clouds and fog begin to return with a bit of an offshore flow developing. hotter in spokeswoman spots. mid 90s at concord, livermore, antioch, fairfield. 90 down south at san jose and right around the bay shoreline we'll see low to mid or maybe even some upper 80s.
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however, the cooling is on the way, as i mentioned. a look at the forecast animation starting at noon tomorrow, notice how areas of fog come back to the coast tomorrow as that onshore flow that i mentioned developed. and that will bring some cooling to the coast and cooling to all areas on saturday. so let's move along and take a look at what's coming our way after tomorrow. we'll see still warm conditions on saturday, but nothing like tomorrow's highs. upper 70s to low 80s on saturday where today -- tomorrow, rather, we'll have 90s. then on sunday, mother's day, there will be further cooling. it will be a pleasant day but quite a bit cooler than the weather we're having right now. and it gets even cooler on monday as clouds move in and showers develop. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. looking at monday and tuesday, we have a system coming in that ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. it will bring cool showers late monday and a rainy day on tuesday. and then we start to clear out and get some clearer, sunnier
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and milder weather by midweek next week. the important thing is mother's day is looking really, really nice. dan and ama? >> yeah, it looks great and nice to have some rain after that. thanks, spencer. teachers really do an incredible amount to support their students. during this time of distance learning, it's even harder. >> coming up, an interview you'll see only on 7. how priscilla chan and her husband mark zuckerberg are supporting bay area teachers. she spoke with our kristen sze. financial rules are changing, and you can make it work for you. i'll show you how. but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, a treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc.
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piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and helps people live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had severe allergic reactions to it or any of its ingredients. piqray can cause serious side effects including severe allergic and skin reactions, high blood sugar levels and diarrhea that are common and can be severe, and pneumonitis. tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of severe allergic reactions or high blood sugar while taking piqray. your doctor will monitor your blood sugar before and during treatment, and more often if you have type 2 diabetes. before starting, tell your doctor if you have a history of diabetes, skin reactions, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. ask your doctor about piqray.
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now your health, your safety. this is abc7 news. [ closing bell ] >> encouraging news on wall street today. the market had its best gain in a week as investors seem hopeful that the worst economic damage from the coronavirus may be passing. the dow and nasdaq were each up
6:30 pm
over 100 points. the s&p had its third gain in four days. unfortunately, it is a very different story for the american workforce. >> new jobless numbers show unemployment is continuing to hit record numbers. here in california, governor newsom says we're on the brink of numbers worse than we saw during the great recession in 2008. the governor is predicting a jobless rate of 18% in the wake of statewide stay-at-home orders issued in march. on a national scale, the labor department reports 3.2 million americans filed for unemployment last week that brings the total to more than 33 million since the pandemic began. >> your choice is do i pay my rent, do i pay my bills, do i feed my children? >> another sign of trouble, consumer confidence is plummeting. bloomberg reports the largest drop in seven years. in the retail industry, nieman marcus filed for bankruptcy today. it's the first department store chain to do so during this crisis. the retailer has not announced
6:31 pm
the closing of any stores. in a sign of how truly painful all of this is, the greeting card industry is selling out of sympathy cards. experts say with online orders up and gift stores closed, it's difficult to keep up with demand. >> that is a sign of the times. well, the pace of change in the financial sector is really stunning, and it is hard to keep up. 7 on your side's michael finney is live with a group of new rules, michael, that can make your financial life really shine if you put your mind to it. >> yeah, i got to tell you, the rules are changing quickly. it's hard to keep track of all of this, like you just said, dan. but if you do take the time, you can make the system work for you. and that means money in your pocket. if you can't pay your bills during this pandemic, most credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions will work with you. you know that. but did you know they can't tell anyone you had a problem. >> the law has changed. they cannot report you as delinquent if you were on time
6:32 pm
in your payments when you made a deal with the bank. the founder of consumer he says the credit reporting agencies are involved too. they have all agreed to give you one free credit report each week. it used to be one a year. >> you do it by going to the same old place you have been going for the past few years, annual credit you can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the bureaus once a week. that way you can double-check to make sure they're not dinging your credit if you have made a deal with the credit grantor. >> the next change comes directly from the federal reserve board. it is a change to regulation d. deposit explains the regulation limited the number of withdrawals from bank and credit union accounts. >> the old version said you could not make more than six transactions on your savings accounts per month. now that has been eliminated so
6:33 pm
you can more than six payments and withdrawals to your -- from your savings accounts. >> with fees, usually $10 each. that forced many consumers to get checking accounts. >> typically, savings accounts earn more interest than checking accounts. so if you can keep more in your savings accounts, make more payments from the savings accounts, use the savings accounts more, you can earn a little more interest. >> another rule change helps those who are receiving ssi disability checks. if the stimulus money isn't spent within a year by those recipients, they could be hit with a financial penalty. but there is a work around. a state sponsored cal able account. dante allen is executive director of cal able. >> you can put actually up to $100,000 into a cal able account and social security will disregard counting all of that money as a resource. >> that means those most in need
6:34 pm
won't be hit with a financial penalty for having too much money. think of it as a kind of ira for those receiving ssi. it's run by california state treasurer fiona ma's office. i will put a link to cal able on our website. it's a very important program. if you know anyone on ssi, you need to them them about this. it could really save them a lot of money. and dan, ama, and everyone else, it is so easy and free to check your credit report. if you take about five minutes tomorrow and do it, you'll thank me later. >> all right, michael, thank you so much. we always thank you now as well. an update to some news we first reported 30 minutes ago. the owner of ashby flowers in berkeley now tell us she will not defy alameda's orders and will not open for curbside pickup tomorrow. the owner was hopeful. she even taped off social distancing marks on the sidewalk. but since her county says no
6:35 pm
curbside sales tomorrow, she is hoping for another orders to deliver all of other mother's day inventory. today we continued our abc7 listens virtual town halls on race and coronavirus. this one focused on the latino community. part of our discussion was about undocumented immigrants, including making sure they get access to financial help from the state. >> it's not enough to simply have the program in place. you actually have to figure out how you can communicate to people, because people are afraid. and that's one thing that the county has done in santa clara. we have actually partnered with this community for years. this is not just a last-minute thing. we had a campaign to protect immigrants. and so there is a lot of trust. but we also know that you have to understand the challenges. so let's take the issue of testing. it's not enough to provide a test and say latinos should come and get tested because we know from talking to some of them that physical you are the bread winner in your family and you
6:36 pm
get tested and are tested ipo, that you are terrified that that means you're going be quarantined and that you're not going to be able to provide for your family. so you have to not only provide the testing, you to provide a means of helping that individual in the family financially. >> according to a new associated press poll, 61% of latinos say they've experienced some kind of household income laws compared with 46% of americans overall. you can watch this town hall and our other two town halls on the asian and african american communities on and on the abc7 news app and anywhere you stream. it is national nurses week, and we're going to take you to one local hospital where a bay area favorite is showing the love with what's inside these boxes. >> water is light. the sound of the water, the fish that we have in the water, those are the things that bring a garden to life. >> water, flowers, trees. they're the highlights of san
6:37 pm
francisco's japanese teagarden. without any visitors, these features are being made each better. here at abc7, we're honoring the class of 2020, who have had to forgo graduation ceremonies and other milestones because of the coronavirus. nath nathan nguyen is graduating. nathan is student body president, volunteer, has an internship and is also a fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do. mom she's she is especially sad about graduation because nathan was going to give a speech. congratulations on graduation, nathan. and if you want to honor a graduate, share the details on our website. we may give them a shout out on tv or online. please, no professional photos. on the site you can also check
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we are destined to do something meaningful. what do you think a private, christian, education looks like? gcu offers over 175 high quality online programs. find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan are helping
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teachers and students do distance learning better. chan spoke exclusively with kristen sze this afternoon. the nonprofit chan-zuckerberg initiative announced a grant to donors choose. teachers can request donations for resources to help students learn better from home. >> it can be art supplies, no books, books, even groceries for kids who need it. and we're focusing on the low income schools in the bay area counties. and so we're just thrilled to be age to help our heroes in the classroom extend their reach at a time when it's so hard to stay connected. >> $750,000 of the grant funds are going to projects by bay area teachers who teach at schools where 50% or more of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. one donation went to a teacher in the west contra costa unified school district. >> in richmond put together a really cool project around frogs
6:41 pm
and her classroom's interest about learning about animals and getting hands-on and exploring the idea in all different ways. >> if you're interested, you can also head to donors and donate to projects on your own. for projects outside the bay area, czi is providing $500,000 to match donations from members of the public. it is mother's day this
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tonight a building a better bay area project thanks report. this is national nurses week, and i don't remember a time when it's been more appropriate to honor and recognize their service. the same is true of our doctors who share the dangerous front lines in the battle against coronavirus. they deserve our thanks, and see's believes they deserve their county. the venerable bay area candy is on a mission, and i tagged along yesterday.
6:44 pm
we're at john muir hospital in walnut creek where on this day sweet surprise indeed for staff working around the clock. >> work across the country that nurses and doctors have seemed ever more important. do you feel appreciated by the public? >> absolutely. it's been overwhelming. and never before have we seen such a public display of appreciation and acknowledgment for the work we do. so we are -- we feel that appreciation. >> this time that appreciation comes in the form of chocolate, lots of it. see's has a store in walnut creek, so they cleaned the place out of easter candy and brought it to john muir hospital. that must be a lot of fun for you to play easter bunny here with see's candy. >> it has been. we're so thrilled to be able to support our front line workers and to put this to good use and thrill some people with our product which we absolutely love and would love to sell, but in this case we get to give. >> this is a remarkable effort
6:45 pm
that see's candy is making. this is product they can't sell because they're closed and has no previewtives. they don't want it to go to waste. ra hundreds of thousands of boxes of candy all across the west. >> an organization that usually supports families of fallen police officers and firefighters helps coordinate this donation. why do you want the 100 club help? >> 100 club, that's what we do. we are 100 club of contra costa, help survivors of police and fire killed in the line of duty. and that's what we do. we care for people. we care for the families. >> caring for families is what medicine is all about. and john muir nurse linda making people nervous about getting that care. what would you tell people who need treatment or need to be look at? >> please don't he's take to come in. we're taking every precaution to keep this place as safe as possible. and we don't want anyone to hesitate to receive their kay here. >> see's is donating candy to roughly 500 organization,
6:46 pm
hospitals, police and fire departments, charities and more all across the west. here at john muir hospital, they're grateful for the kindness. >> i like the milk chocolate >> i'm with you. this is great, you love it. >> in love it. >> it's a really nice gesture. >> yes. thank you. so appreciated. >> thank you, see's candy! >> woo-hoo! >> we invite you toe join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you, and we will share the love. ama, not bad thank you with candy. >> yeah, definitely. well, a destination designed to inspire tranquility could be more calming and beautiful than ever when it finally reopens its gate. garner's at san francisco's japanese teagarden have taken advantage of the shelter in place as a rare opportunity. abc7 news anchor dion lim shows us the results.
6:47 pm
>> along the zen-like paths of the japanese teagarden, the new silence seems to fit. maybe even echo a much needed sense of calm in these troubled times. >> to have it empty the way it is right now, i think i experienced the garden more the way that a visitor might. >> it's a strange experience for gardner steven and also a rare opportunity. since the garden opened in golden gate park more than a century ago, it's evolved many traditions, including keeping its doors open 365 days a year. >> typically, really, really busy. sometimes so busy in here that you can't get a whebarrowthroug cris, he and aac that's helping to revitalize the garden and its delicate balance. >> the stepping stone path here. all the stones had sunken into the ground. >> that means relaying stones and resculpting gravel beds and pruning trees that had been shaped into geometric angles by
6:48 pm
careful cuts. >> as you can imagine, that kind of work is difficult to get done when there is a lot of people around here. we have to close off a part of the garden and not drop branches on people's heads. >> he says the use break to patch the stunning maze of ponds and streams that provide a home to the multicolored koi and perhaps much of the garden's eternal feel. >> water is life. the sound of the water, the fish that we have in the water, those are the things that bring a garden to life. >> on some mornings, birds are the first sound to break the silence. but for all its tranquility, he is actually anxious for the return of the noise, the faces and the wonderment that the crowds bring. >> why i want to make the garden perfecter, or as close to perfect as i can get it is for the peple that come to see it. if nobody is coming to see it, i feel like we're all dressed up and not going anywhere. >> in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news.
6:49 pm
>> the crew is also hoping to finish a face-lift on the garden's pagoda now that the moratorium on construction has been lifted. and it's been nice to get outside, but it's going get really hot. >> it sure is. spencer christian is here with the forecast. spencer? >> okay, dan and ama, it was pretty toasty in some spots today. tomorrow will be hotter in some of those areas. we have sunny skies right now. going into the evening hours and overnight hours, we'll have mainly clear skies. maybe a patch or two of fog near the coastline, but it won't push onshore. overnight lows will be mild, mainly in the mid, maybe even upper 50s. tomorrow a hot day inland with mid- to upper 90s livermore, concord, antioch, fairfield. 80s around the but shoreline and upper 60s on the coast. noticeittl w all av return ofe a sort of marine layr tomorrow. an onshore flow develops and that will bring coastal cooling tomorrow that will carry over to the weekend. speaking of the weekend, saturday, as you can see, will be a lot cooler than tomorrow. still mild. and sunday, mother's day, bright
6:50 pm
skies but cooler still. monday really gets a bit cooler. as you can see on the accuweather forecast here, once we get through that lovely day on sunday, mother's day we have clouds and some showers coming our way on monday and tuesday. and then we'll start drying out midweek next week. dan and ama? >> all right. sounds good. thank you so much, spencer. all right. let's move on the sports. sports director larry beil is here. and the nfl may be giving us a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. >> cautious optimism. assuming we have football in the fall, we now know who the 49ers will be playing. the nfl releasing its schedule. we'll show you the obstacles
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the nfl released their 2020 schedule today, assuming they'll be able to play through whatever challenges the coronavirus brings news the fall. the 49ers have five prime time games. the niners open at home against nfc west rival arizona with kyler murray and the newly
6:53 pm
acquired deandre hopkins. weeks two and three are in new york against the jets. the niners will stay on the east coast for that. the schedule gets a lot rougher in november after playing at seattle. the niners face the packers saints, rams and the bills. all of them possible play-off teams. just like last season, the niners closed things out in week 17. a possibly very tense matchup with the seahawks. reaction now from the red and gold. >> we do a lot of traveling in the nfc west and where we are. and last year we had great success. we opened the season in tampa and went to cincinnati. in between we stayed out in youngstown. that was god to us. the 10:00 a.m. starts, if you allow it to be, can be tough on your team. well don't make any excuse, but we do try to prepare. and a great way to try to counteract some of those negative effects is to stay out there. so believe me, as soon as it came out, we started looking at spots. >> yeah, you aumz want to look at how good the teams are and whether the ball matches up and
6:54 pm
whether you're playing in the beginning, middle or end. no one knows what your opponent is going to be until that time comes. because the nfl changes too much. >> that is for sure. and the raiders will open at carolina. the nba is allowing some team facilities to reopen tomorrow, but only in areas that have eased stay at home orders, which means the warriors are not going to be returning nor will the lakers or clippers who will be play-off bound if the play-offs happen. players will have to stay 12 feet apart. head coach is not allowed in the sessions. teams will remain prohibited from group workouts. only three teams are planning to reopen tomorrow. the nba is planning on holding an all player conference call tomorrow to get and discuss details. major league baseball expected to waive their own return to a week. the season starting in july. oserprop ile,nd e optimistic th that
6:55 pm
80 and 100 games, but there are so many hurdles that still need to be cleared. all right. time for tonight's edition of abc7 call my play. you send the video, i call the action. this is the water kicking challenge. >> kids from sam montgomery's west coast tae kwon do in hayward. azalea montgomery, miguel granados, marcellus montgomery, alex gonzalez, philip gonzalez, ooh, spinning back kick, alissa frano, andre reeve, jr marcelo. oh, kicking it! hey, kids, we just called your play on abc7. >> send me your videos and use the #abc7 call my play, and who knows, we may see you on tv. and i'll just tell you, the water kicking challenge there, as a former karate guy, it is more difficult than it appears. i was going do my own video just tack it on. but then our producer casey
6:56 pm
started taking bets on how soon before i tore my acl. so i'm just continually mocked and all i say is still got it. . >> oh, boy. >> come on, come on. >> medic! medic! >> who wants some of this? nobody. >> nice job, larry. thanks, larry. >> somebody help him out of the studio. join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> governor newsom says the first case of covid-19 community spread came from a nail salon. now local shops are working on safety measures ahead of reopening. i'm amanda del castillo with that story at 11:00. fighting wildfires during the coronavirus pandemic. the dramatic changes fire crews will be implementing. and coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, it's who wants to be a millionaire, followed at 9:00 by station 19. at 10:00, catch how to get away with murder, and then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> "jimmy kimmel live!" comes on
6:57 pm
at 11:35. "nightline" airs after at 12:05 a.m. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc7 news news app. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, who seems to be holding up okay, we appreciate your time. >> for now. >> join us tonight at 11:00.
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