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ty for thirty four ninety nine a month for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. where's the proof? we're all lost, we're still waiting. >> lost and still waiting. industry insiders want the governor to explain why he's now saying the first community dev county starts to get back in business. curb appeal there is taking on a whole new meaning. in san francisco shops are still waiting to open up. in the meantime confusion may be the new currency as owners figure out what they can and cannot do. san jose has a new plan for eating out. it may come down to closing streets and taking over sidewalks. also here tonight, the kitten whisperer. how a south bay woman is coming to the rescue.
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how do you respond to critics who say those comments through threw the industry under the bus. >> the governor gets grilled on his statement that a nail salon was the first case of community spread of coronavirus in california and now the industry is fighting back. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz.a let' gappened a nail salon. he said it was a factual statement but it was not meant to be an indictment of the industry. as parts of california move into phase two of the stay-at-home order, hair and nail salons remain closed. when asked thursday why salons are part of phase three and not phase two, governor gavin newsom said this. >> this whole thing started in the state of california, the first community spread, in a nail salon. >> i think my brain stopped working and i was saying what the hell? i never heard anything like that before. >> reporter: kelvin pham is the
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producer of the documentary "nailed it." the impact of this remark, what it can have on not only the nail industry, but particularly the vietnamese nail industry. we came here to this country as refugees. left our country. not because we want to, because we have to. >> reporter: today when asked to clarify the origin of california's first community case, governor newsom called the nail salon industry noble and said factual statement. it was not to be extrapolated as an indictment, quite the contrary, of an industry i deeply respect. >> reporter: but some say the damage is already done. >> i don't know how you take that back. how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube. >> reporter: fred jones is counsel and public policy advocate for the professional beauty federation of california.
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he issued notice that he would file a lawsuit against governor newsom to allow for the safe reopening of nall salil salons barbershops in california. >> the timing is what's suspect. >> reporter: the governor suggested it wasn't a bombshell. >> i mentioned it on a couple of occasions in the past. >> where's the proof? we are lost. we still waiting. >> reporter: the governor would not say. >> there are health and personal privacy obligations that are bigger than any public statements that have to be abided by, legal parameters as relates to that first case. >> i hope people will not take this remark and use it to -- you know, to bring down, to take down an industry that is so amazing that provides so much opportunities for this group of
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refugees. >> reporter: governor newsom said to the extent legally and with health considerationin mind, tt abo t rst la tnk you. now to today's phase two of the reopening of the state. napa, sonoma, solano and santa cruz counties say they are ready for this limited opening of retail stores. the rest of the bay area will wait until at least may 18th. eric thomas is live in downtown santa rosa tonight with today's first day, eric, of curbside service. >> reporter: and, dan, it was limited in more ways than one. as we drove through downtown santa rosa, we didn't find a whole lot of shops that reopened curbside or not, fat d wer hopg bunel pickp. >> if we coul tnkyou h the firse mid-march that customers could
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visit the citrus vape store. there's tape marking the required six feet of social distance and even how far you can reach over the table. >> when this all started i really feared that i would have to let a lot of people go. i didn't want to do that. hem squeak by.nline sales and randall doesn't think business will returning to normal any time soon, but curbside should mean extra revenue after governor newsom announced the easing of restrictions around the state, sonoma county alerted local businesses. >> businesses included in this category are something like bookstores, jewelry stores, toy stores, for example. >> reporter: timothy patrick jewelers was one of the stores offering a walk-up window er's orderopen. >> i haven't been down here in weeks, so i'm happy to see some of them are open.
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i'm glad some of them aren't, like the beauty salons. >> reporter: store owner tim hassler says the shutdown gave him a chance to catch up on the big backlog. >> the money hasn't been good. >> reporter: many are choosing to pops the limited reopening for now but the county says it will keep an eye on those that are working. >> so if we do have to put back restrictions in place, we'll be able to do that pretty quickly. >> reporter: and as far as law enforcement is concerned, i reached out to the sonoma the way they have been playing it. when there are reports that businesses that are not eligible to reopen are operating, what i. if that requires a citation, they will consider it at that point in consultation with the health department. live in santa rosa, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you so much. the governor has said some retailers can open today for
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curbside service. clhing stores, bookstores, flower shops, music stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores. he was hoping to allow some manufacturing and logistics businesses to reopen, all with social distancing and safety rules. lyanne melendez caught up with some that are trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: the owner of m mendel's in san francisco was disappointed that her shop which sells fabrics and art supplies remains closed. >> i would have liked to have been open and i think we sell a lot of stuff that's made -- you know, that people use to make masks. >> reporter: this store had its windows repaired, anticipating ing soon. >> there was confusion. my employees, my customers all kind of were confused about it, but i knew that it was -- local jurisdiction was going to take precedent. >> reporter: here's how the confusion began. on monday, governor gavin newsom
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said this about some businesses reopening. >> but it can begin as early as the end of this week. >> reporter: meaning today. but only for curbside pickup. but newsom also said that counties would have the last word, and that's what san francisco did, moving the date to may 18th, ten days from today. >> we have not lowered the curve. >> reporter: adding to that confusion was the fact that the guidelines for reopening low-risk workplaces came out just yesterday. >> on thursday, the 7th, we will put out the guidelines. >> reporter: many businesses here say they haven't had a chance to look over those guidelines. therefore, they have no idea of toal bunees not poeyopen. >> but if we' minimal contact, suppose gloves are advised but not required. >> reporter: so basically you
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don't know what the guide is? >> i don't know. >> reporter: but some deemed essential like this phone service store are still having issues with the easiest of mandates. social distancing. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. today san jose city leaders shared a plan to let restaurants and other businesses serve customers outdoors as well as enter the next stage of reopening california. supporters the idea al fresco san jose. it would let restaurants set up tables in parking lots, along city streets and on public parkland. the mayor also believes it can revive a very hard-hit industry. >> more than 1 million restaurant employees in california have been laid off or furloughed since march, since the beginning of this coronavirus outbreak. that represents about 70% of those restaurant employees who were working. >> and our small businesses, especially those restaurants, really need to survive. our al fresco plan will help
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them to do just that. >> the mayor says it will take several weeks before permits can be issued so businesses can serve cusoutdoors. governor newsom is taking unprecedented action related to the november election. today the governor signed an executive order calling for mail-in ballots to be sent to the 21 million registered voters. california becomes the first state to respond to the pandemic by committing to sending mail-in ballots to everyone. it is important to note those who still want to vote in person will be able to do so. still ahead here, a lot to come. the high-tech system being used to keep seafood virus-usee. neo animal foster parent by night. the kittens that kept her sane. also here, the new optimism
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the safety of food is a major concern as people worry about coronavirus infections.
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just as we wipe down doorknobs and kitchen counters in our homes, companies are doing what they can to keep things sanitized. david louie is is doi in this regard. david? >> dan, interesting story here. you know wipes, sprays, fogging, there are many options to sanitize or disinfect surfaces but it can be a never-ending process that has to be repeated often, and then, maybe not. >> we're looking at the mexican red grouper. >> every day fresh shipments of fish alive at the wharf. >> halibut, salmon and yellow tail. >> reporter: the pandemic emplo. mike willing was worried for the health and safety of his team as virus infections rose but this put his mind at ease. a system that helps kill pathogens that can contaminate
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food and make workers ill. >> it's very important because, you know, as far as food safety, all it takes is one time for somebody to get sick and your reputation is done. >> reporter: the system disperses billions of molecules into the air, sanitizing every surface, keeping food processing facilities, even schools and hospitals antiseptic is difficult. >> contaminants come in with people, products and processes continuously. it's not a matter of just wiping down a surface and coming in and spraying or fogging. >> reporter: the ionized hydrogen peroxide is released continuously. >> we're 50 times lower than any epa or osha acceptance of the levels we put out. you know, in an ionized state. so it's very safe. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: while its effectiveness against covid-19 is still being evaluated, aloha seafood and others have seen
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employee illness drop by 90%. workers say the air smells fresh and they no longer get complaints they smell fishy when they go home. >> it's probably the best level of protection during these times. >> reporter: now, we reached out to county health officials to see what they know about ionized hydrogen peroxide but have not heard back yet by deadline. david louie, abc 7 news. >> all right, david, thank you. millions of americans are struggling to pay their bills, and new information i at least their rent. 7 on your side's michael finney joins us with more. michael. >> yeah, it's not just a few that are paying their rent, it's the vast majority are finding the money and turning it over to their landlords. a national group looked at rent payments due for more than 11 million apartments, and landlords report 80% of their tenants made either full or
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partial rent payments by may 6th. that compares to 78% for last month during a historic surge in unemployment.ks. uber is considering using existing security technology to asure tre wearing masks or face coverings. uber already requires drivers to snap selfies every now and then to verify who they are before picking up customers. well, now realtime i.d. check could be modified to detect masks. lyft announced today that de canstard riders must a they mustgree to wash thean theo fron. >> moreuyin after l unveilandorl tiets surge by, get
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ou after last year's schedule was released. many fans may have chosen to buy through seat geek because it offers a generous of md during these uncertain times. i would tell you anyone who's buying any tickets to anything to check the refund policy before you lay down that money. there's still a lot unknown out there. >> yeah, for sure. michael, thank you very much. the alameda county sheriff's office says one of its deputies saved a man's life. on facebook the office said today that deputy anthony chorondo found an inmate unconscious. the inmate had some material tied around his neck. afterwards the inmate said he regretted what he did and was thankful that the deputy saved him. the deputy is a military combat veteran. job well done. it's the hottest day of the year so far in parts of the bay. it will be a cooler weekend,
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though. meteorologist sandhya patel will have the forecast next. here at abc 7 we're honoring the class of 2020 who have had to forego graduation ceremonies and other milestones because of the pandemic. she was nominated by her form erp principal who says rada is a scholar
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good evening, everyone. boy, it was hot outside, especially in our inland valleys. i want to show you the highs so far. close to 100 degrees in fairfield, got up to 99. 64 in half moon bay, though, so 35-degree difference between half moon bay and fairfield. you know this is summer-like weather that we are heading into. 94 in napa, 76 san francisco, 82 in oakland, 91 in san jose. we did have one record, that was gilroy at 96 degrees tying a
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record set back in 2001. here's the relief coming. the fog is rolling in from our emeryville camera and here's a look at the temperatures. 90 in santa rosa, 82 petaluma. still hot in fairfield, concord, livermore, mid to upper 90s at this hour. eploratorium camera showing a few high, thin clouds in san francisco, 64 in the city. it is 75 in oakland. those are the places that are going to feel the relief first. redwood city, san jose upper 80s to low 90s. pacifica is a nice, cool, refreshing 60 degrees. live doppler 7 showing you the advancement of the fog near the coast and high clouds overhead. here's a view of that from our sutro tower camera. it is going to be lovely but cooler for mother's day and scattered showers next week. at 7:00 the fog is socked in along the coast. that advances locally over the bay. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning more areas wake up to gray skies. for the afternoon we hang on to
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some of that fog near the coast. temperatures in the morning mostly 40s, 50s, unless r out toward antioch in the 60-degree bay a mild day, 83 in morgan hill, 81 in san jose. still nice on the peninsula. mid-70s around menlo park, redwood city. 61 in half moon bay, downtown san francisco 64 degrees. the breeze will come in. daly city down to 60 with lingering fog. 74 in san rafael, 78 napa, 80 in santa rosa. you mike it milder, you got it in the east bay. 71 oakland, 76 castro valley. inland valleys, 82 in livermore, 83 in concord. now, if you're wondering abo sh coming in monday afternoon. it is going to get gusty as well monday night into tuesday. we'll have a few more showers, some snow showers over the sierra nevada mixing in with rain. light amounts for most of you exem except the north bay could get heavier amounts. cooling relief just in time for
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mother's day weekend. mother's day upper 50s to low 80s. even cooler weather with wet weather and slight chance of thunder on tuesday and near average middle to latter part of next week. dan and ama. >> very nice, looking good. happy mother's day to you, sandhya, you, ama and everyone watching. >> thank you. happy mother's day
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news at 6:00 -- >> there's tents right down there. there's people passed out. there's tents down there. >> take a walk through the tenderloin with chronicle insider phil mattier and witness a situation that has gone from bad to worse. >> zero credibility. zero credibility. >> and a history of problems comes to a head on a zoom meeting of publicly elected officials in san mateo county. new at 6:00, see what they were fighting about all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally, though, this evening, a new look at how people are stepping up to give back during the coronavirus pandemic. >> dustin dorsey introduces you to the kitten whisperer. >> reporter: diane foxen is a hero. not only is she a registered nurse at el camino hospital,
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she's also fostering kittens. >> i like helping those that are less fortunate that can't help themselves. it gives you a good feeling. it lets you know that you've done something good at the end of the day to make the world a little better. >> reporter: she has fostered hundreds of kittens with the humane society.atith ringworm which requires even more attention on top of the stresses of fighting on the front lines of the covid-19 crisis. she even had a scare recently about contracting the virus. >> i had a possible exposure so i sheltered in place in my bathroom. i was sheltering just to stay away from my sister in case i was going to become sick or asymptomatically contagious. coming home and not being able to visit with my sister and working 16-hour shifts and bein >> reporter: she felt alone but she wasn't. the same kittens that she works to save, saved her. >> i slept in here with them and
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loved on them and they loved on me. they say that nurses are heroes and doctors are heroes. and these little kittens, they have been my heroes more often than not. they have helped me get through really hard days. they helped me as much as i helped them. >> reporter: thank you, diane, for building a better bay area. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> that is great. all right. really cute. >> a wonderful story. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. fiey, tdia patel, michael
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let's read a book-don't come behind the teacher's desk this is going to be so hard. ♪ so what we're going to do
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is we're going to make our own hand sanitizer. i'm going to teachou w tof .(giggles) oh, no- i'm so sorry is we're going to make our own hand sanitizer. i'll be making my first birthday cake from scratch. happy birthday make two stitches all the way around. i'm going to show you how to properly soak your nails off. ew. ew. ew. today, were going to talk about how to groom your dogs. (laughing) he looks like a fried chicken leg. i have some key tips that will be helpful in working from home. dada! daddy's gotta work. today i'm going to show you how to plant some seeds grow things you're going to eat you guys, ok? ok! how to make a simple loaf of sourdough bread. i forgot to score the tops, ya'll. testing positive for coronavirus.
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the press secretary for vice president pence, just 24 hours after word the military valet who serves president trump also tested positive. and tonight, the urgent warning for parents. the virus and children. a child dies from the dangerous condition being tied to the virus. new york governor andrew cuomo talking about the death of a 5-year-old today, urging parents to seek immediate care if they start to see certain symptoms. we'll go down the list. similar cases reported in at least six other states. some doctors saying the condition attacking weeks after children


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