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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 11, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> they're working to focus on the health and safety of the employees at that facility, and my lebelief is as early as next week, they will be able to resume. >> tesla defying local orders, taking a stand and ordering employees back to work. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. a lot going on today. abc news learned a new policy requires white house staff members to wear facemasks while working in the west wing. it coming after two staffers tested positive for coronavirus last week. five western states, including california, are now asking the federal government for $1 trillion in coronavirus relief money. cases in california today surpassed 68,000. acco hopki 73% of cases are reported in five counties in southern california. now, tesla's ceo elon musk is defying the shelter in place order by reopening and
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restarting production at his fremont plant. it comes days after he filed a lawsuit against the county and threatened to move his factory and headquarters out of california entirely. "abc7 news" reporter laura anthony is outside the plant. laura? >> reporter: a lot has happened in the last few days. all surrounding plant here behind me. the reopening comes after a war 06 words on twitter. and despite talks between the company and county, reassuring words from the governor, elon musk decided to defy local orders. but the proof was in the parking lot before he confirmed it. the parking lot at tesla's manufacturing plant was teeming with cars, a sign that a good number of employees were back at work. the ceo confirmed it. tesla is restarting production today against alameda county
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rules. i will be on the line with everyone else. if anyone is arrested, i ask that it only be me. >> it's a bit disappointing that it appears that they're going forward. i can tell you that the communication between the health department and the public health officer who makes these decisions are ongoing still. >> reporter: tesla's restarting production is a violation of the health department order, requiring factories to remain shut down. except for essential departments like payroll. over the weekend, tesla released photos of coronavirus safety precautions, including masks and temperature checks. the reopeninges after musk threatened to remove his operation out of california. and after tesla filed a lawsuit against alameda county over shelter orders that are stricter than the statewide directive. >> i have great expectations that we can work through at the county level the issue with thi
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days. >> reporter: the prospect of such a big company and more than 10,000 jobs leaving is frightening to bay area business leaders. >> let's get to a solution, and get to it soon and let's not have lawsuits, let's have people working safely. >> reporter: one industry analyst cautions against taking musk's threats too seriously. >> i would take it seriously that he is looking to continue to negotiate for a better deal from the state. >> reporter: now, late this afternoon, the alnida county public health department issued a statement about tesla's reopening. "we have notified tesla they can only maintain minimum basic operations until we have an approved plan that can be implemented in accordance with the local public health order." the statement from the county health department went on to say that they hope that tesla will
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comply without further enforcement action. kristen? >> laura, so you said the company was talking with the county about putting precautions in place. what kinds of things were they talking about, anything specific that they have implemented some of that? >> reporter: well, we know that the county and tesla officials have been talking for the better part of almost two weeks since april 30th. i'm told some of those actions, some of the safety precautions would include the plexiglas, masks, and a request by the count wy than rather do temperature checks here at the plant, temperatures of ty buses, because the employees come from all over the bay area, and that they would like the county for them to be tested, their temperatures long before they reach the plant here in fremont. we understand that is happening. but, again, the county was caught off guard and wanted to have further discussions with the company before they reopened.
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>> all right. laura, thank you so much. today is the 56th day of the shelter in place in the bay area. so coming up rapidly on two months at home. california had a $6 billion surplus. that was 90 days ago. now there's a deficit of tens of billions of dollars. today, the governor announced a new request for aid from the federal government. and dan ashley is here live in the newsroom with more on that. hi, dan. >> how are you today? as we all knew, the bill is going to come due for this shutdown that's happened in the last couple 06 monof months. with each passing day, the tab seems to get worse. the governor says california and the four other states in the western pac, oregon, washington, nevada and colorado, have asked for $1 trillion in federal aid. without that support, states whether be forced to really make impossible decisions. >> this is the requirement of this moment.
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you could just sense the thrust of the needs that we are all feeling as states, as regions, as cities that are required to get through this pandemic and to make sure we're doing justice to you, to your public health and public safety, to our education system. >> last week, the governor allowed a move into stage two of reopening for some businesses and manufacturing. but much of the bay area is under a stricter order. today, the mayor of san francisco reiterated that businesses like florists, music stores and more are on track to open for pickup and delivery one week from today. >> san francisco is in a better place than most cities. but we're still not in a place where we are seeing a decline. and i think that's important to remember. the more access we provide people with, where there is a contact with another human being, the more the possibility
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that infections can spread. so the fact that we are offering a delivery and a pickup service is a big step. and it is definitely a big risk. and we hope that the types of systems that we put in place in order to protect you as you're able to support and use these places as a resource that we will continue to see the curve not only flatten, but decline. >> mayor breed talking about the risk of reopening, which is what everyone is so concerned about. tomorrow, the governor is expected to announce more guidelines for more businesses to reopen, includie ining dine- restaurants. so little by little, step by step, a slow, slow return to a new normal. >> yeah, dan, trying to balance health and the economy concerns on both sides is really
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challenging. some places are just diving in, and who knows what the consequence also be. >> it's all going to come out. we'll have to see. there have been some rebounds taking place. so it's a calculated risk. we'll have to see what the results are. >> thank you, dan. a top world health organization agency is saying countries are flying blind if they reopen economies without setting up contact tracing first. dr. michael ryan says some companies are just inviting flare-ups of the coronavirus. while he did not name any countries specifically, france and belgium are the most recent to emerge from lockdowns. he praised south korea, which has set up more than 500 free drive-through testing clinics. in oakland, a man was caught on camera vandalizing a 7/eleven half an employee asked him to wear a face covering. our reporter joins us live with details.
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>> reporter: kristen, there are signs like this one inside and outsize of this 7/eleven reminding customers to wear a facemask or covering when shopping. this man refused to do so. >> the customer refused to wear a mask. >> reporter: it's a sign of the times, a customer was refused service at this 7/eleven because he was not wearing a face covering. >> we have signs everywhere, but he was very aggressive. >> reporter: according to the manager, the man was blocking other customers, pushed the plastic protective shield and made racist remarks. >> he said, i am american citizen, i can do in my country whatever i want. if you're going to tell me -- >> reporter: at least four similar incidents have been reported in los angeles. in this one on may 1, a fight broke out inside a target after several customers refused to
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wear facial coverings. >> one of the security guards fell to the ground and then the suspect was on top of him and he sustained a broken arm. both suspects fled the location, and just recently arrested over the weekend. >> reporter:la lapd has categorized this as a disturbing trend happening nationwide. >> he left the store, he broke my window. >> reporter: we contacted oakland police and they saidfol incident. just how important are those facemasks? we'll check in with contributor dr. patel. plus, the possible connection between covid-19 and what looks like kawasaki disease. and a new place the weather's perfect... family is all together
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a bay area baby is believed to be infected with corp. and a mysterious illness linked to it. the girl, known as czzara, was t to be released from the hospital for can ykawasaki disease, then tested positive for coronavirus. doctors said she would get better in five days but it can't happen. >> the fever was still there, even though we were giving her tylenol. the rashes were also getting worse and her hands and legs started swelling. >> to be fors are warning parents to seek care for children displaying any of these symptoms. zara is now home, and no longer
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sick. but joining me now live right now for us to understand a little bit more is dr. patel. good to see you again today. so what do you know about the kawasaki disease connection to covid-19? >> we don't know a lot, but the report you were talking about earlier from stanford was the first concurrent case we know in literature of kawasaki disease and covid-19. what we're seeing, doctors have called inflammatory syndrome, and it has features similar to kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. just a quick overview, saw khaki disease is rare, it affects the blood vessels around the heart and can cause the symptoms described. toxic shock, you can have low blood pressure, organ damage.
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doctors aren't positive that it feets either one of them -- fits either one of them and doctors are not positive fit's linked to coronavirus or if it's an association that might just happen because of the timing, or something specific happening to children. >> so we don't know if one causes the other or makes you more likely to get the other or if this is an association that is not causal, or we just don't know right now? >> absolutely. that's why it's so important for doctors to be communicating, reporting cases. d as youmentioned,e now are abo across the country, including a few deaths. parents need to be on the lookout for these symptoms. >> we heard about cases in michigan. obviously a whole bunch in new york. the one case here and cases in pasaden pasadena. tell me about the woman in pasadena, were they linked to a
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party in march? >> you're referring to the case -- the coronavirus outbreak that happened because someone was coughing at a birthday party. this sounds like a run of the mill, very poor decision by somebody who went out in public. but the reason why this is so important to highlight is somebody went to a birthday party. i've heard reports there were about 30 to 40 people at this party. she was coughing, joking about having coronavirus. and then it was all traced back to this one birthday party. in those cases, they were traced back to the birthday party because of contact tracing. that is extremely important process. now, that's only five people. she could have very well have spread this to the 30, 40 people there. they could have spread it to others and we could have a new outbreak from one person. that's why it's so important for people, even if you're asympt
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asymptomatic and tired of being stuck indoors, we can spread this with no symptoms and it can spread like wildfire. >> and that asymptomatic period varies from person to person. talking about that, and the fact that they're doing more contact tracing. we have to talk about the white house. for the longest time, there wasn't a strict protocol with contact tracing and making sure everybody is wearing masks. that changed this weekend with the discovery a couple of staffers have covid-19, including the vice president's own media secretary, i think. katie miller. >> what's noteworthy about her case, is she had no sytoms, e td positive. and that just goes to tell you, these tests can vary day by day. you could test negative and not technically be okay in two or three days from now. the white house says they're testing regularly, every day. but, again, that's not rational
4:18 pm
for everyone across the country. people can't go out and get a test every single day. in addition, the mask policy seems a little late. people are looking, you know, patients i talked to, colleagues, everyone is looking at the white house for national gu guidance. so when they respect consistently wearing masks, that doesn't send the right signal. we know some of the most important scientific voices, the head of the fda, the cdc, are all social distancing. >> national model and maybe a little modeling, as well. dr. patel, thank you for clarity on that, as well as the kawasaki disease, possible links to coronavirus. a lot to study. thanks for joining us. people in one neighborhood in hayward got quite the scare today. the wind ripped off part of a
4:19 pm
roof. sky 7 shows the debris over the spanish ranch mobile home park. you can see wind tore up the roof of a carport there. a woman who was outside gardening at the time says those pieces went almost 20 feet into the air. >> all of a sudden this really loud noise, and i saw all these metal pieces, which are laying down here now. they were flying above the roof, and i thought the whole roof was coming off. >> some siding from the carport was scattered close to the nearby b.a.r.t. track. thankfully nobody was hurt. all right. what do you think about the weather today? to me it feels cooler. let's bring in spencer christian. so can't complain about the little cooling and rain today. >> true. we did have a nice mother's day weekend. this is an unusual pattern.
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we have some showers, widely scattered as you can see on live doppler 7. windy conditions in some spots. 38-mile-per-hour surface winds blowing through san francisco. 32 miles per hour in san mateo. 29 in concord. we have this spring wind blowing, scattered showers, as you can see from the droplets on the camera lens. currently only 60 degrees in san francisco. 66 in oakland. redwood city, and san jose in the upper 60s. 66 in gilroy. 56 at pacifica. on we go to other temperature readings. 56 degrees right now in santa rosa. 59 in petaluma. 60 in napa. 63 in conkord. 71 in livermore. looking across the embarcadero, i'll give you a look at the forecast features. we will see a pattern of light rain and scattered showers through tomorrow and winding down tomorrow. unsettled weather pattern the
4:21 pm
next two days and then warming and drying later in the week. the current storm ranks level one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity. trough tomorrow, we can expect to see more scattered light showers. it will be breezy at times. here's the forecast animation, taking us into the late night hours. another batch of showers through the north bay in the wee hours of the morning. 5:00 a.m., a bit wet in some spots, but notice how the system falls apart and tapers off late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening. by 11:30 tomorrow night, rainfall totals will be generally under a tenth of an inch. about a quarter of an inch at ben lowman. a overnight lows, mid 50s. highs tomorrow near 60 at the coast to upper 60s around the bayshoreline.
4:22 pm
about 70 degrees in the warmer inland areas. wednesday will be just as cool. perhaps cooler in some spots. we'll start to warm up on thursday. friday temperatures will be back in the average range for this time of the year. so gradual warming later in the week. but when the weekend comes, we see it getting cooler, cloudier with a chance of rain late saturday and sunday with another system ranking one on the storm impact scale. so it will probably be a week or more before we get into a more typical may pattern. larry and kristen? >> all right. thank you, spencer. so over the weekend, you probably heard about some busy flights, packed flights. coming up, what airlines say they're doing now to keep you safe. plus -- >> while a legendary north bay restaurant needs your help to keep its doors open, other restaurants are opening up for the very first time. i'm dion lim in san francisco with
4:23 pm
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it appears major league baseball is moving ahead with a plan to start the season. numerous reports indicated that major league baseball owners agreed to send the proposal to the players union for approval. this would offer teams to start practicing in june and begin playing games around the fourth of july. clearly without any fans at the outset and probably for a long time. each team would play about 82 regular season games. the owners also want a revenue sharing plan, because no fans means no revenue. but the players union is saying that is ata. at risk of ever opening up again, and other eateries are opening up for the first time. dion lim has the tale of three very different restaurants, all just trying to survive. >> the restaurant is our life,
4:26 pm
and she wants to get back to it. >> reporter: sense 1979, jacqueline has been at the helm of her institution, serving up sweet souffles to loyal customers, including steve jobs. that is until the covid-19 outbreak shut down her restaurant and something worse. >> i had to look at her with a tube in her mouth. he was emotional and rough. >> reporter: for three weeks, she battled an infection not related to coronavirus, but one that put her on life support. >> i'm just blessed and happy that she came out of it, and i was able to talk to her. >> reporter: but the problem of securing the small business loan for her bills and employees persisted, pivoting to a different business model wasn't possible. >> people always asked for takeout. and she laughs it off, because for her, she's like no, no, that won't work. it's a ssouffle. >> reporter: and new restaurants
4:27 pm
are hoping their doors for the first time. >> we tried to come up with something new. >> reporter: this restaurant relying on roman dishes, selling pantry items to keep going. >> we understand how much the people, they care about us. >> reporter: in the east bay, the this cocktail bar and steakhouse secured some loan money. their strategy, taking a risk on creating joy. >> it was a good opportunity for us to put people back to work and spread a little cheer. >> reporter: ariel hopes a go fund me will help save the cafe and until then, this heartfelt message. >> thank you for all the support you're giving me for the past and the future and for the present. i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> reporter: in san francisco,
4:28 pm
dion lim, "abc7 news." >> and she told dion she hopes to be cooking at the restaurant. she's already getting back into her home kitchen. find the link to her go fund me account on abc news is partnering with i-heart radio to support local businesses. thousands of bay area stores and services are still open, offering to help with essential needs and many are hiring, as well. go to to find resources. innovate or get out of the way. "abc7 news" goes inside lockheed martin to see how they're adapting to make a difference during this covid-19 pandemic. plus, a growing tent city in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood that is now on the move. that's coming up,
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safety. this is "abc7 news." lockheed martin, a globarie valley, is now on a special mission to help frontline workers in the fight against covid-19. chris nguyen is in palo alto with the story you'll see only on "abc7 news." >> reporter: inknow ration is under way, as -- innovation is under way as scientists work to create technology to help those in the thick of the novel coronavirus crisis. >> we've been indesigning and have to perform all the different tests to make sure these are work in a hospital environment. >> reporter: within a matter of weeks, the company produced a powered air purifying respirator, that they will soon send to the federal government for approval. the process, from conception to authorization, would normally take years under normal circumstances. but the fda is making sepgss on a case by case basis. >> the workers will received a
4:32 pm
get air flow and have something that will stay clean. >> reporter: with limited supplies, the goal is to take advantage of easier-to-find pieces that can be put together to deliver the same functionality at a lower cost. >> you've seen respirator bags on any medical show, where the patient is going down the hall on a gurney and someone squeezing the bag to keep them breathing. so we have a device that will mechanically do that. >> reporter: in this case, an inexpensive bag that can be a stop gat for pp for patients. the company has already produced and donated more than 30,000 protective gowns, and 25,000 face shields, along with temperature scanners and other essentials to dozens of other medical facilities across the country. >> we never forget who we are working for at holockheed marti.
4:33 pm
these are our frontline defenders, so feels good to help keep them safe. >> reporter: stepping up in this time of need in their pursuit of making a lasting impact. chris nguyen, "abc7 news." the president of oakland based clorox says the company is working overtime to produce more disinfectant, especially wipes. the company released this video from its fairfield plant, a plant operating 24/7, seven days a week since january. the president of the company appeared on "good morning shelves by summer.nd is up 500% year. >> we have seen so many people buy wipes that haven't in the >> sheays implemented safety measures like
4:34 pm
face coverings and social distancing as manufacturing facilities. last week we showed you the increase in homeless temperatures and structures in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. the number of tents has increased 285% in just the last four months. here to talk about the issues is abc 7 news contributor phil matire. some of the people we were talking about on friday are being moved. >> i haven't seen it, i've got to tell you. the people we talked about friday, the plan by the city was to move them. but abc 7 went to the sky and took a look over the area that has been made ready for the tents. i think if we can roll that video, we can show everybody what we're talking about. this is by the asian art museum in san francisco, between the asian art museum and the library. the idea was to take some of the
4:35 pm
estimated 400 tents that have popped up in the tender loin and move them on to a sanctioned or safe camp ground. there are some of the tents that have popped up on the right. on the left, the camera is on the markings that look like blocks. those are socially acceptable distancing tent sites. but here's the catch, first of all, there's no tents on them and second of all, there are some 400 tents estimated around the tenderloin. i was there about an hour ago and i counted about 40 spots. so i'm not sure how the math will work out on get thing problem solved. >> would it even really make much of a difference given the numbers involved here? >> they're going have to find a lot more sites and move faster if they are going to make an impact. as we have shown in our videos that you have seen, something really needs to be done. not only for the campers and for the general public, the health
4:36 pm
question there, but for the people that live in the hotels and the apartments that make up the tenderloin and have to live with the tents every day on the sidewalk. we're keeping an eye on this. >> let's move on to another topic here. we're starting to get the numbers on the impact that this shutdown has caused businesses in san francisco 166,000 people losing work. 879 million dollars lost in one month. that was in your up-to-date column today. >> that's right. when we talk about the 160,000, that's jobs that have vanished, shut down or partially. say you worked in a restaurant and now it's down to takeout only. you might be working a couple hours, but not near what you were doing before. that's just in san francisco. tough to get a real handle on where we're going with unemployment. it's like termites. a lot of it is behind the ball, you don't see it until you knock on it.
4:37 pm
we've had an increase in unemployment, but some people are filing benefits because they're only partially unemployed. governor newsom today was estimating the unemployment could rise to one quarter or one fifth of the working force in california. that would be like 25% of people out of work. if there is a good side to it, he said that shows also that 70% of the state is still up and running and working. they may be working at home, you may not see them out on the street, but they're working or getting back to work. the big question is what will happen if we ease out of this, and the people getting benefits, will they go out and get back to work or will this go past when the benefits run and we start to see people, and that could be a real problem. >> also in your column on the topic of unemployment, highs
4:38 pm
dropped to about 5,000 a week in may. is this because more people are able to work from home? >> yeah. initial people got -- remember, this was unlike any other recession we've had where business drops. but everything dropped and everyone filed for the unemployment. that's the difference. and then it slowed down. what that shows is like traffic and everything else, we sort of hit a certain level and we stayed at that level for the last couple of weeks. and now, it's going to be the effect of the shutdown rather than the shutdown itself going forward. >> thank you, phil. read phil's column sundays and wednesdays in the san francisco chronicle. thanks, phil. all right. flying the unfriendly skies. i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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time now here with dan and spencer. new concerns about flying of a photo of a packed flight snapped on board a united airlines plane. passengers on american and frontier flights also shared photos of really crowded cabins, raising questions about social distancing. the flight in question was 85% full. the frontier flight 66%. airlines say they're trying to leave the middle seats open so people are safe. the exception is when families who are flying together want to sit together, which is understandable. so spencer, you take a lot of cross country flights, or at least you used to. do you want to be on a flight right now, and b, do you want to be that crowded next to people you may not know? >> well, i certainly don't want to be that crowded, but i want to be on a flight soon, because i haven't seen my grandsons on
4:42 pm
the east coast since christmas. prior to this pandemic, i had not missed more than eight weeks of seeing them. i'm thinking about going next month if it's safe to go. but i don't want to be that close to nip. kind of scary. >> i emailed that picture to united and asked them about it. just this afternoon in the last half hour, they emailed me back to say starting next week, and through june, they're going to let customers on flights expected to be close to full capacity to choose to rebecoook a different flight or get a travel credit to make sure they're comfortable. we don't know whether this policy change is in response to that photo, but a lot of people saw it and had a strong reaction. >> this is the dilemma for the airlines. they've been hit by 95% drop off in their business. it's going to be interesting to see how they adjust, but we
4:43 pm
can't fly in close prom imty like this. >> a study by a uc berkeley scientist claims wearing a face covering slows the spread of covid-19. according to research conducted by computer scientists, if 80% of americans wore a face covering, we would have a 12 fold drop in cases. japan has suffered just 624 deaths during the outbreak compared to 80,000 in the u.s. yeah, what do you guys think, dan? >> well, i would say that this reflects a little frustration i have, i'm not surprised to hear this. you know, we were told early and often that facemasks don't necessarily make a difference. yet instingtively many of us believed that wasn't the case. that's why health care workers wear them all the time. i know we didn't want to have a
4:44 pm
shortage of informatiomasks for care workers. but covering our face doesn't hurt. >> do they know about this in washington, d.c.? have they read this study? >> well, they do now. it's now a requirement to quaer fa -- wear facemasks in the white house starting now. >> an ohio restaurant owner is getting creative to comply with social distancing orders, n the t citrus, urin that's the name of the place, outside of cleveland, shared the photos on and drapes down, acting as a protective shield. i think it's a creative and relatively thrifty way to try to
4:45 pm
get people where you want them and limit the spread of germs. i'm not sure, dan, you and spencer, how the lysol, how that will affect the dining experience. dan, want to join in? >> anything goes, probably. but look, we have to be creative. restaurants have been hit so hard. it's a little strange to see a shower curtain, but it's probably 234089not a bad idea. >> spencer? >> i think it's a pretty good idea, and just to add a little touch of humor, to take you back long before this crisis. i wished i could pull a shower curtain between some other diners and me. [ laughter ] >> that's funny.
4:46 pm
>> spencer, those curtains are clear, it's not going to stop the paparazzi from chasing you around. >> maybe you can choose whether you want a clear or opaque one. a modesto man is facing charges in one officer are calling one of the most bizarre things they've ever seen. dash cam shows that the man in the car that got the truck to pull over, emerges wearing nothing but underwear. the truck driver pulls away, but notices the man jumping on the side of his rig. if that wasn't strange enough, he disappeared under the truck, where he unscrewed a valve and chugged as much as he could. he was arrested a short time later. >> wow! >> spemse spencer, that's now would go about getting a little wine action. >> i can't imagine being that
4:47 pm
desperate for a sip of wine. >> strange. >> that guy should be a stunt double for tom cruise in "mission impossible." it looks like movie stunt. he's unscrewing the thing, drinking it up. these are really weird times. >> seems like he had a little bit before he took that action. >> probably. >> that's going to california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right... ... and staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease.
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today, france lifted strict lockdown measures that had been in place for more than eight weeks. paris b there were. mo26,0 people have ed died from the virus in france since the beginning of march. shanghai disneyland back open. the first disney park to welcome back the guests since the pandemic started. the park is implementing temperature checks, strict
4:50 pm
social distancing requirements, and increasing cleaning efforts and allowing only a third of the normal number of guests inside the park. despite the requirements, tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> that pent up demand. are you feeling guilty about what you're feeding your family during the shelter in place? well, don't. this is a unique time, and you need to cut yourself some slack. >> reporter: we've been getting greated a vils to help feed our families. megan says there's a lot of guilt because people are having to work, teach, and be parents all at once. different jobs that are not meant to be done at the same time. >> i just keep reminding myself and our followers and friends that right now we're in survival mode and just doing what we can. if that means that you're doing nuggets and sweet potato fries from the oven, which is what i
4:51 pm
just served my kids for lunch, if that's what you're serving, that's great. everyone is fed and satisfied, and that's the best you can do right now. >> you're looking to feel a little more in control of your day, judy suggests creating a schedule that the whole family can follow. >> using a black board or a chalk board or something, especially for the older kids with a routine of checking things off, they like that feeling. and it's a feeling of accomplishment. even if it just means you got -- maybe you watch a movie, but what's next? scheduling something, having a routine is so incredibly helpful. >> we love the ladies at feeding littles. they make feeding our families a whole lot easier. hang in there, everyone. we're all in this together. >> thank you, ama. princeton university has named its first black valedictorian in the school's 274-year history.
4:52 pm
nicholas johnson is a canadian student in financial engineering and a former google software engineer. he says the honor is empowering because of the university's historical ties to slavery. graduation has been canceled because of the pandemic, but the school is still holding a virtual ceremony. abc 7 is celebrating the bay area's class of 2020 by featuring as many high school seniors as possible. get your grad or senior class featured by posting candid pictures with the #gradson7 or by going to congratulations, class of 2020. ♪
4:53 pm
congratulations, gilroy st. up next, the community pulling together to help a family and their business recover from more
4:54 pm
than just coronavirus troubles. and dan is here with what we have coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, if you're still waiting for your stimulus check, the irs has a deadline to get it faster. we'll have that. plus, oakland students with a simple but powerful message for protection from covid-19. and -- >> they are right there on aisle 12. aisle 4, they are -- >> a store that is so much more. how it is leading by example. that's when ama and i our members understand social distancing. being prepared and overcoming challenges. and we'll be here to serve you for a hundred more. ♪ that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. and we'll be here to serve you for a hundred more. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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4:57 pm
pulled together again to show they are gilroy strong. >> the gilroy donut shop is family ran favorite if the city. known for donuts and charm. >> i talked to them and ask them about their day. >> if customers were tosk how they were? the answer is not positive. the wife suffered a stroke. the husband is on dialysis. and the daughter passed from a brain aneurysm. >> the family couldn't even say good-bye. >> customers flocked to the store. this was the line last week. the shop sold out of donuts every day in matter of hours. a customer of 20 years started a go mund me. in oneeeks t t raised ov$90,000. >> it's crazy to see so man care.eomutnd sho they
4:58 pm
over here. i always feel like i don't know what we did to deserve this. >> donations from at the store. >> last year we had the shooting at the festival. and the community rallied together to raise funds for all kinds of people. people do have compassion. >> as an added positive. her kidney was used to safe her father's life. >> as long as we stay together. and keep our eyes on the prize. we'll make it out. things are hard now. >> we have the go fund me information on our web site. >> we invite you to join better bay area project thanks. share your gratitude for earn on the front lines of the covid-19
4:59 pm
battle. >> thank you for joining
5:00 pm
defying the health order and reopens tesla production line. is he headed for a show down with the county? >> also today's take from the governor on reopening the economy. one model isn't painting a good picture. >> the small businesses taking a big step in the north who help each other out. >> music video by local students sends a simple by powerful message about protecting ourselves from covid-19.we spil boo sacramento. musk threatened to move production of the cars out of state over stay at home order that kept tesla closed. today the parking lot


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