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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 12, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> it starts with health. and today governor newsom rev l revealed that california has conducted more than a million coronavirus tests. nearly 70,000 people have tested positive. also today, the cal state university system announced it will all but cancel in-person classes this fall, and it will teach students remotely. four of the 23 campuses are in the bay area, where most counties have still not relaxed restrictions to match the state's shelter in place restrictions. but the state as a whole is moving forward, and today the governor revealed rules for places like restaurants and shopping malls that will allow them to reopen under this phase. >> none of this means anything if customers don't feel safe. and none of this matters if employees don't feel safe and don't want to come back to work. >> well, the economy is bearing some of the most visible impacts. new data shows exactly where in the bay area the retail industry is being hit the very hardest.
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abc7 news i-team reporter stephanie sierra is live with the story tonight. stephanie? >> dan, tens of thousands of retail employees across the bay area are facing the same question. are we going to make it? and as we found out, two counties in particular are most likely to be impacted. mark taylor is the general manager of mike's bikes in sausalito. >> been hectic. >> his bike shop is deemed essential. >> people have been told to stay at home or go for a walk or ride a bike. >> so it's no surprise sales are skyrocketing. bu county. according to an abc7 i-team analysis, marin county's retail sector is expected to be the second hardest hit across the bay area. roughly 15% of all private employees countywide work in retail jobs. whereas san francisco has the lowest with roughly 7%. >> yeah, of course i'm
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concerned. yeah. it's going to be hard on a loft businesses. retail will be particularly hard. >> so what area is bracing for the worst? it's solano county. abc7's data analysis found nearly one in five employees across the county work in retail. that's the highest rate in the bay area. and despite the county getting a head start on lifting restrictions last week, consumers made it clear they concern what the new normal will look like. >> imagine you're going into a store. there is lots of people, hardly any are circulating. think of the people that you are going to get infected. >> still killing people. >> a real fear felt across the bay area. >> here it is may. it's going to be june soon enough and rent will be done. and there is a lot of businesses that haven't been open for two months. >> according to the data, retail employees make up roughly 10% of all those privately employed across the bay area. for the i-team, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> very interesting. thank you so much. new at 6:00, sonoma parks are going to open up little bit
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more. starting tomorrow, parking lots will open at inland parks. you still can't drive to the coast. you can only get there by walking or biking. park visitors need to wear masks if they're within six feet of other people and practice social distancing as much as possible. tennis courts, basketball courts and disc golf courses may be reopened determined on a case-by-case basis. the 57th day of the shelter in place in the bay area. another step forward today on california's road to reopening. governor newsom announced that malls can open for curbside pickup, and some office spaces can reopen if counties choose. but the bay area just isn't there yet. abc7 news anchor liz kreutz is live to break down all the new updates from the governor. liz? >> hi, ama. we did get a lot of updates today from governor newsom, including those guidelines for restaurants for when they open for in-person dining. when the bay area does get to the point where this can happen, it's clear that things are going to look and feel a lot different.
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although most of the bay area has yet to move into phase two, the statewide order for california is loosening up and moving faster. governor newsom today with this. >> today we're announcing additional modifications statewide for our stay-at-home order. >> the modifications include opening up malls, but only for curbside pickup and allowing office spaces where employees cannot work from home to respacing for social distancing. >> mauls to pickup and car washes, pet grooming, making some clarifications. there has been some of this happening already on dog walking. all of these areas also are a modified statewide. >> to help businesses prepare, the governor also announced new guidelines for various industries, including for restaurants. when in-person dining is allowed, restaurants should offer health screenings for guests and employees, disposable
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men use and discontinued shared food items such as salt and pepper. so the salsa bar, no more. tables should be six feet apart or be separated by a barrier like plexiglas. face coverings should be worn. don't worry, not when you're eating. no, that's not all. there should be no pre-set table settings. and if is there a table linen, it must be removed after each customer and transported from the dining area in a sealed bag. if it sounds like a lot, it is. on abc7 news' 3:00 p.m. show getting answers, george chan of eight tables told kristen sze this is going to be particularly hard on fine dining. >> if you have a plexiglas barrier, that certainly doesn't feel right for fine dining experience. and really don't want to go to a restaurant where the next table has a big x on it or table over
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it. i think it's going to be a challenge for sure. >> but newsom says there are other states that have been even more restrictive. >> some have said well, it should be opened in the first phase at just 25% capacity. others said 30. some said 50. we decided not to be prescriptive in that respective. >> and it's important to keep in mind that these changes do not yet apply to most of the bay area. this is part of that regional variance that governor newsom talks about. so we will kind of stay tuned to see that. we do know the two counties have been able to move faster through phase 2. they've been approved by the state, and that is butte and el dorado counties. liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> and liz, the governor also announced a big milestone for this date in terms of testing. so what can you tell us about that? >> i heard you mention it in the beginning of the show that california has reached a million tests, which is a great milestone and pretty symbolic, given that california has been
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lagging behind. it's so critical for us to be able to reopen the state. but there are about 35,000 tests a day that are happening in california right now. the state has a goal of getting to at least 60,000 tests a day. so we still do have a long way to go, but progress, ama. >> absolutely. all right, liz, thank you so much. 7 on your side's michael finney spoke with chefs at some michelin star restaurants in san francisco about how they envision the future of fine dining. he'll join us live with that story at 6:30. now for the second day, tesla's fremont plant is up and running, despite orders from alameda county public health to remain shut down. abc7 news reporter kris reyes was at the plant today during what appeared to be a very busy day with cars coming and going all afternoon. no signs of elon musk, but the ceo did get a tweet of support from the president. >> the president tweeted this morning, california should let tesla and elon musk open the plant now. kit be done fast and safely. alameda's county health
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department sent this letter to tesla on monday, informing the company that it is in violation of the health officer's order by engaging in work beyond minimum basic operations. the mayor of fremont, lilly may said she is hopeful no arrests or citations will have to be made. >> there are other manufacturers that are essential that are working right now. so they're trying to figure out the guidelines in the next step. but i'm very confident that i'm going to be hopefully hearing some good news or some good direction in terms of what the next steps are moving forward. musk tweeted on monday that he is on the production line, even writing if anyone is arrested, i ask that it only be me. supervisors meeting, they only said this. >> i would like the thank supervisor haggerty for his leadership in officiating the differences between tesla and the county. thank you so much for representing us so distinguishedly, supervisor haggerty. >> at the meeting, supervisors voted on retaining outside counsel to address tesla's lawsuit against the county. supervisors were not available for comment.
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one employee willing to speak up as he left the plant had this to say. >> i'm happy to come back to work. i think we are very well prepared. i mean, i spent the last couple of weeks making sure the social distancing is in place. we are following all the cdc protocols. and doing the best we can. >> alameda county public health officials told us they have received tesla's safety plan. they are reviewing it before making a decision on how to respond to tesla's reopening. in fremont, kris reyes for abc7 news. with more companies opening up, the question of liability is being brought up by employees who are not comfortable going back to work based on risk factors. abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke to experts about who would be responsible if an employee gets sick with covid-19 and what their options are. reopening their factory in fremont in defiance of local orders, but now the question that many employees have is what are my options if i get sick with covid-19.
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>> often workers really have to be careful to document where they think the exposure has occurred. >> laura stock, the director of the labor occupational health program at uc berkeley says employees could qualify for workers compensation with this proof, and workplaces also need to make changes. >> they are required to have a detailed injury and illness prevention program. >> but some tesla employees are concerned about the possibility of their unemployment benefits getting suspended if they decide not to show up. is that legal? >> i think it's legal. whether it's right is another question. they are now going to be denying people those benefits. and that's a great concern. >> workers rights tern alejandra aquesta urges employees to voice concerns. >> showing that they are having protective ppe, they are having
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social distance, they have to take public transportation, i think they have a strong argument if they fire them -- >> in a smaller scale, the owners of green apple books in san francisco are working with their employees on based on what makes them comfortable. >> a number have said they are not comfortable coming in yet. so they have been assigned work to do at home on internet orders. >> putting employees' safety before profit has helped this business retain their employees during this pandemic. >> to make staff feel like we care about them, because we do. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. liability is just one issue that's getting new attention these days. privacy is another. next, a live look at the legal battles between health safety and personal privacy. i'm dan noyes. coming up, the state takes action against the owner of a nursing home, site of one of the deadliest coronavirus outbreaks in the state. i'm spencer christian. the chance of isolated showers will remain with us for at least
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fighting covid-19.
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these are frontline health care workers showing up for their shift at regional medical center in the south bay this afternoon, and cheering them on are members of the san jose police department. chief garcia says they just wanted to show their support and thanks during these unprecedented times. we echo that thanks. the state department of public health is taking action against the owner of an east bay nursing home that has suffered one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks anywhere in the state, denying her license to operate nine more facilities. abc7 news i-team reporter dan noyes has been on this story from the very beginning. he isive with the new developments tonight. dan? >> dan, they are taking action, but nursing home advocates say there are serious problems with state oversight, even in this case. 37-year-old crystal solarzano
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told me in our interview last month that she owns and operates 11 nursing homes, including orinda care center, where dozens of staff and patients have contracted coronavirus. workers tell me at least six patients have died. >> our condolences. this is such a terrible, terrible virus that is going across the world right now. >> but now the state department of public healths that denied her license to operate nine additional nursing homes from san jose to central and southern california. the state says she submitted a fraudulent transcript from touro college and cited dozens of violations at nurses homes others the l.a. years, among them patient ravened by paent fellnursing assistant. fredents.ggressive patient who stabbed another with a fork. i questioned solarzano last month about violations the state said placed patients in immediate jeopardy. what is going on? how are your clients in immediate jeopardy in those
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homes? >> there is a lot of things that i would like to speak about, and when the time is right, dan, you're going to be the first one to talk with me about them. >> today she emailed a statement. the allegations in the cdph letter you reference ready false there will be a hearing in september on the matter, and we will publicly respond to these baseless allegations at the appropriate time. >> make no mistake it is common throughout the nursing home industry in california to see very serious violations, meaning violations in which people's lives are at risk. >> mike dark of the nonprofit california advocates for nursing home reform tells me this pandemic is exposing problems in state oversight that have lasted for years. >> they don't stop them from operation. those operators can simply denial any denial of their application, and they can even lose that appeal but the state department of public health's position is they can go on running nursing homes with people's lives in their hands. >> i heard from state public health late today.
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they said they can't comment on any specific case, but they say they do all they can to safeguard clients in these nursing homes. dan? >> okay, dan, thank you very much. california's hospitals are pleading with the state for help because of mounting losses from the coronavirus pandemic. during a conference call today, one official said they've lost a total of 10 to $14 billion. hospitals ramped up at the governor's request because of the expected surge in patients infected by the disease. they also stopped doing elective surgeries. however, emergency department visits are down an estimated 50%. it's estimated revenue is down 20 to 30%, and at some hospitals higher than that. >> we have damaged the long-term financial strength of california's hospitals. not just their liquidity, but their ability to borrow, their ability to undertake capital projects in the future. this will have very long-term implications. >> they've asked the state for
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$1 billion to get through the end of june. they also want matching funding from the federal government. making offices and stores safe for employees to return to will be challenging because of privacy concerns. some laws make specific health questions off limits. a changing workplace is one of the areas we're focusing our efforts to build a better bay area. david louie joins us now live to look at this legal mind field. david? >> and indeed it is. reopening any business or office from small to large is going to involve new procedures. now some -- some of these questions may seem very deeply personal, but it's all part of making the workplace safe. it might be a simple questionnaire, possibly a temperature check. in this era of privacy concerns, companies are turning to consultants and legal experts to determine what questions they can ask. >> the employer ask ask certain questions that would not necessarily be entitled to ask more than is needed to make the appropriate determination.
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hillary winedel is a privacy expert at san francisco's trust arc. screening is important to determine an employee and visitors alike have been ill or expose to someone with the coronavirus. it may seem invasive, but the goal is to minimize the risk of spreading infections at work. labor groups have been collaborating with employers on these protocols. >> we want to work with employers and work with health officials to ensure that workplaces are safe and part of the way to do that is with appropriate screening. >> health officials have identified people with underlying conditions are at greater risk, conditions such as diabetes and compromised immune systems. under the americans with disabilities act, accommodations must be made. but can an employer ask you if you are at risk? >> it's a violation of their privacy to ask any employee very specific questions about their health. if the employee wans to volunteer that information, that's a different story.
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>> reporter: lori constanzo is an advocate in san jose. she and others say it's an a balancing act to make the workplace safe and accommodate special needs without violating privacy. both employers and employees have rights, but if they end up on a collision course, costanzo thinks workers may have an advantage. >> i think the courts and the injuries in particular are going to be very different, you know, moving forward, having gone through this. and i think they're going to be very sympathetic to employees who may have been forced to work in unsafe conditions. >> now there is something called contact tracing that is a new area that also has privacy concerns. that's when mobile phones can be used via bluetooth to track who you have been interacting with and who might be infected. that kind of data privacy is still being debated. we're live, david louie, abc7 news. >> thank you. we're wrapping up one storm, but there is another on the way. spencer shows you in the
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seven-day forecast. that's next. >> thank you. and abc7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you are, you can get our life newscast, breaking news with our abc7 news bay area app, on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. ♪ i'm passionately waiting, every expectation, every action ♪ >> great news for fans of the hit broadway musical "hamilton." the movie version is being fast tracked by 15 months because of the pandemic. "hamilton" will premiere on disney plus on july 3rd. disney is the parent company of abc7, and now feels like a really good time to stay inside and watch a movie. it's kind of gloomy out. >> it is a little bit today, ama. more rain may be coming. spencer christian has the forecast. >> you are both right, dan and ama. it was much cooler than average most of the day. it wasn't until very late in the
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day when it became a little sunnier and started to get milder. it's still breezy out there. it feels chilly. you can see that the showers that were here earlier are mainly gone now, but more are on the way. it's still pretty breezy with wind speeds right now ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour across the region. so let's take a look at current temperatures. 61 in san francisco. oakland 64. the city did not report this hour. san jose, 67. and low to mid-60s at gilroy and pacifica. on we go to the north bay and east. 61 at santa rosa. petaluma 65. 60 at napa. 67 at fairfield and mid-60s at concord and livermore. and these are our forecast features. we'll see scattered showers coming through again tomorrow, and possibly one or two showers lingering into thursday morning. it will be dryer and milder friday through most of saturday. but then rain returns late saturday into sunday, and we have more wet weather on the way. let's talk about the storm for
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tomorrow. it ranks only 1 on the abc7 storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. but it will produce periods of showers, and there may be some brief downpours at times. it will be breezy at times as well. most locations will receive less than .15 of additional rain there, but could be wetter spots over the north bay in particular. here is the forecast animation taking us through the late night hours during which time we'll see clouds but probably no rainfall. then early tomorrow morning, more showers arrivig onshore just as the morning commute is beginning. mid morning, 10:00 a.m. or later, we'll see a steadier batch of rainfall pushing onshore with possibly brief downpours. and then start to wind down going into the evening hours tomorrow. but as i pointed out, there may be a lingering shower or two on thursday evening. estimates generally under .15 for most telephone bay area. perhaps a few wetter spots up north. glover dale may get closer to 2/10. upper 40s to low 50s.
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tomorrow's highs will range from about 60, 62 degrees on the coast to mainly mid and upper 60s around the bay shoreline. upper 60s to low 70s inland. on thursday, it will be a little bit brighter, a little dryer and a little bit milder. we'll get sunnier and warmer weather on friday. but it will be pretty much a day -- a one-day warm-up, or maybe a day and a half going into saturday, it will remain mild but quickly get cloudier and cooler saturday night. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. you see that brief warm-up on friday. and as i mentioned, the early part of the day saturday will be relatively bright and mild as well. but showers come in late saturday night. there will be rain on sunday and rain on monday, and maybe even a lingering shower or two next tuesday. we're still waiting for mid-may-like weather in mid-may, and it's not here yet. dan and ama? >> well, we'll keep waiting. spencer, thank you. i'm wayne freedman on grant avenue in novato. is covid-19 the final straw that will get some people to leave california for good? that's coming up.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> there is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you might not be able to control. >> scary thought. a warning from the nation's top infectious disease expert on the risks of reopening too quickly. dr. anthony fauci testified virtually before the senate today. >> and he says states should not relax stay at home orders too much until they know they have the capabilities to handle an uptick in case, which is the fear. that includes having enough tests. senators from both parties say the trump administration should continue to ramp up testing to help states allow businesses and schools to reopen. in los angeles county today, officials recommended the stay-at-home order be extended
6:30 pm
for the next three months, 90 more days. l.a. county beaches are reopening tomorrow, but with restrictions like no pick anybodying or lounging on the sand. house speaker nancy pelosi has revealed a new coronavirus relief package, this one more than $3 trillion. >> we must put more money in the pockets of the american people. this is not only necessary for their survival, but it is also a stimulus to the economy. we must think big for the people now, because if we don't, it will cost more in lives and livelihood later. not acting is the most expensive course. >> the bill is set for a vote in the house on friday. republican senators warned the bill won't pass in their chamber. [ closing bell ] >> a drop today on wall street with concerns over coronavirus recovery prompting a late-day sell-off. the dow lost 457 points, ending at 23,763.
6:31 pm
the nasdaq closed down 189, and the s&p tumbled 60 points. national geographic has a new map showing where coronavirus cases rose and fell over the last week. the teal color indicates a decline. red means cases are going up. six of the nine bay area counties are trending down. the map is interactive. you can access it on >> very instructive. governor newsom today unveiled details about what it will take for restaurants to reopen for customers to come in for a meal once public health conditions allow that to happen. 7 on your side's michael finney is live tonight taking a look at the changes that we are likely to see. michael? >> there is much still to be decided, but there is one thing most agree on. things are going to be different. this is hardly what he expected following a remodel. his san francisco restaurant aziza has been awarded a michelin star on multiple occasions. but now it's reduced to being a takeout restaurant.
6:32 pm
>> we've been building this house for the longest time, since i could remember. and now everything fell down to the ground. >> glory thomas owns two restaurants in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood, rosa's cafe and tirza. the director of the golden gate association points to a survey taken by the california restaurant association which estimates only 30% of restaurants will reopen. >> it goes to how many of us can access the help, the personal or the payroll protection policeman. >> thomas has been meeting with city health officials, hoping to get a timeline and guidance on reopening. >> because we have to get those workers back to work, or we have to figure out how to provide for them and give them a time frame too. it's not just the business that needs the time frame, its families. >> there has been talk about the continued use of personal protective equipment, and limiting capacity to ensure social distance. partitions have also been
6:33 pm
discussed as well as outdoor seating. the customer experience will certainly be different. >> i don't think we can define fine dining anymore. the environment is not fit for fine dining anymore. >> he believes the safety precautions, while needed, will significantly alter the relationship between diners and those who serve them. >> we provide the exact thing that we are told not to do anymore, which is socializing. >> one outcome of all of this is that we have limited seatings. those seeking reservations will have to eat dinner as early as 5:00 and as late as 9:00. >> that's one thing to look at that's fairly toes implement. if we are the customers. >> thomas doesn't expect restaurants here in the bay area to open before the end of this month or maybe early june, and many in the industry do not see things getting back to normal until we have a vaccine. and of course i think that's what most of us are thinking about when do we want to go out
6:34 pm
to eat. >> absolutely. when do we all feel comfortable. michael, thank you very much. tonight we have good news about one restaurant that was hoping for help and got it. cafe jacqueline, an institution in san francisco's north beach neighborhood has raised more than $50,000 on gofundme. we told you yesterday about the place. it had only raised $15,000. so what a difference a day makes. the owner and chef, jacqueline margolis is 84 and recently had some health issues not related to coronavirus. but the pandemic has forced the restaurant the close, of course. with the donations she is hopeful they will be able to reopen one day. you can find a link to donate on and not every restaurant will be able to reopen successfully. on abc7 news at 4:00, chronicle insider and abc7 news contributor phil matier shared his perspective on this. >> there is also a question out there that's about the customers themselves. how many are going to actually feel comfortable going become to a restaurant at this point?
6:35 pm
so even if you do accommodate this, which is going to be strange, because one of the requirements is that you keep a mask on. i'm really not sure how you're supposed to eat with all that going on, maybe you take a break from it, it's still something that's got to be worked out. but they do have time because all of these recommendations and stuff that we're seeing om out of the state, remember, have to be cleared by the county. and the counties in the bay area have been going slower and been more astringent than the states. we'll see how it works out. >> a bit of a push and pull with the state and counties. you can read phil's columns in "the san francisco chronicle" every wednesday and sunday. california can be a tough place to survive, whether you're trying to run a business or just make a house payment. dissatisfied residents have left in a minor exodus in recent years. last year more than half a million of them moved to texas alone. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman explains how coronavirus is playing into that. >> grant avenue in novato, a local iteration of main street usa. but behind some of the glass in this picture-perfect scene, the
6:36 pm
coronavirus has brought pain and doubt to the american dream. >> it's hard to keep up with the bills right now. >> tim lamb, an immigrant from vietnam. his family arrived with next to nothing 30 years ago, and now this restaurant called bacon is what they have to show for all of their work. but with his doors still closed, profits have dropped 90%. the family is ready to move to texas, which is opening up, and already more affordable than california. >> i blame the state, yes, i do. >> he is not alone. up in the hills, lauren pritchard prepped this morning for a move to florida. you don't like california >> i the trash, the homeless. >> that was before the pandemic. >> but the pandemic was the last straw, because they shuttered businesses which i believe could be safely opened. >> one business in particular hits close to home. it's her husband's film to digital transfer service. when we asked mike pritchard about what role covid-19 plays in their decision -- >> it's challenging.
6:37 pm
shall we say? >> and that from a man who wants to leave california despite living 40 years in this state. can you live better somewhere else? >> quite possibly. >> all this talk of an exodus from california, it's nothing new. but with covid-19 and its affect on commerce, we have essentially a perfect storm. at least for people who might already have been inclined. >> now i feel like the cure is worse than the problem. i mean, a month of shelter in place is enough. >> if you use your common sense and social distance mask, there is no -- i don't see any reason to not open up. >> and so the difficulties are striking that balance to find a greater good. the sweet spot remains a mystery. in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and abc7 is partnering with iheartradio to help support local businesses being hit hard during this pandemic. go to to find
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resources. just click on support the bay. gyms are closed, but people are still open to working out, but where and how? and with what equipment? we're going to answer some of those questions, next. and we know schools are closed right now. cal state campuses are not even planning to reopen in the fall. tonight a look at the future that students are facing.
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16. (laughter) how many pints of iced tea are left in the pitcher? times... ten... so, wait... (errhhhhh) do you want to show us the continents on the... no. it is not going good. my mom is getting stressed out. (speaks hebrew) momma's tired. i, i'm, like... woooo... (screams) (sighs heavily) so, starting just quickly by breathing in...
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i never thought i'd say this, but i kind of miss school! the teachers, i mean, y'all are gifted people! i thank you so much for what you're doing. their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine. appreciate all that you do. an east bay garden oasis is open again. the 3.5 acre ruth bancroft garden and nursery in walnut creek. people were so excited to visit, they were lining up at the gate. >> we're really happy that our members can come out and enjoy the garden. it's looking really beautiful
6:41 pm
right now, and start working on their own gardens. it's a wonderful way to stay grounded, no pun intended, in what's going on right now. >> only garden members are allowed to visit through friday. the general public will be welcomed starting on saturday. masks are required, and the number of visitors allowed is limited. well, with gyms closed, people have been finding ways to carve out new fitness routines. for some that's buying new gear. for others maybe going virtual. leslie brinkley looks into the changes in the fitness industry, changes that could become permanent. >> precore home fitness says dumbbells are the new toilet paper. they can't keep them in stock. >> yeah, i can see that. like i said, i waited a month for these. >> oliver perez was thrilled to finally pick up his set of home weights. he is also eyeing home fitness machines. >> we've been hiring staffing, buying additional delivery trucks. it's been hectic since day one.
6:42 pm
we've been selling a little bit of everything. treadmills, ellipticals, free weight, benches. if it's not bolted to the floor, people are buying it. i think people are going to make a major shift to work out at home. and long-term i don't think that's going to change. >> here is my garage. we hung a curtain. >> change is engulfing the world of small fitness studios as well. >> as of march 17th, we've been live streaming on zoom, facebook, instagram offering at least two, sometimes four classes a day. >> but the owner of catalyst fitness in concord is giving up her physical storefront, deciding to not renew her lease. she is going to stay open as an all virtual business. >> it's sad. i had a lot of friends that are business owners within the fitness industry. they'll open it up, but i feel like there is a lot of fear in the clients to go back and work out next to one another. my heart really goes out to people that are still able -- are kind of trying to keep a physical location and keep the classes going.
6:43 pm
virtual fitness is here to stay. >> so after months of sheltering in place, there are those who can't wait for the gyms to reopen, and those who are going to stick with their home fitness routines permanently. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. here is a live view of the golden gate bridge. stunning out there. but we're not finished with the rain just yet. spencer will have an update on when more rain is coming, as we continue. thanks for sharing your diy haircuts. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. so thanks again. one good share deserves another. so thanks again. i of metastatic breast cancer.e but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment
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[music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us. abc7 news was in pittsburg today when a donation of 2,000 thermometers was distributed to parents of students in the pittsburg unified school district. the thermometers are from startup kinsa, and they do more than give you a readout. they connect to an app on your phone. it can track temperatures and outbreaks with the data. school officials hope parents will use it as a tool when school is back in session. all public school students in san francisco can expect to get a wellness check call from the school district. san francisco unified says it
6:46 pm
plans to contact every one of its 54,000 students' families to conduct wellness checks. the district has been coordinating care and offering resources to students. staff members are starting to reach out to families they haven't been in contact with since the shelter-in-place order went into effect in march. and on the subject of education, the california state university system is the first to formally announce it will cancel all in-person classes in the fall and will instead teach exclusively online. education is one of the main areas where we are focusing our efforts to build a better bay area as we move through this pandemic and beyond. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> san francisco state is one of 23 campuses that make up the california state university system. that's 500,000 students. chancellor timothy white and the board of trustees thought of bringing people together in close proximity amid the coronavirus and concluded that that approach sadly just isn't in the cards now. today appearing before congress,
6:47 pm
dr. anthony fauci was asked how university presidents would navigate reopening schools. >> even at the top speed we're going, we don't see a vaccine playing in the ability of individuals to get back to school this term. >> dr. fauci did not recommend cancelling in-person classes, but instead said that testing will likely play more of a role in helping schools reopen safely. a concept shared by president trump's testing czar. >> we expect there to be 25 to 30 million point of care tests per month available. it is certainly possible to test all of the students. >> the uc system said it will make key decisions in mid-june.p with three scenarios. one, full remote instruction in the fall. scenario two, in-person with certain restrictions. and this third and most unlikely, campus operations will largely return to normal.
6:48 pm
some other colleges are already anticipating starting in-person classes in the fall. one of them is purdue university. >> we'll be testing people and tracing those who do prove to have caught this infection. >> dr. fauci did acknowledge that the college situation will vary from region to region, depending on the outbreaks reported. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. all right. let's go back and touch bases again on the weather forecast and the chance of more rain, ama. >> yeah, spencer christian is here with the timeline of it all. spencer? >> okay, ama and dan, we've got a little bit of a chill out there and a strong breeze. and as you know, we've had showers today. at the moment, as you look at live doppler 7, you can see there is nothing hitting the ground here. but we may get a few showers during the overnight hours. overnight lows mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. so we're still expecting a period of isolated or scattered showers through tomorrow, as a matter of fact, even though
6:49 pm
there may be some breaks of sunshine tomorrow. high temperatures will range from low 60s a the coast to mainly mid and upper 60s near the bay. upper 60s to around 70 in our inland areas. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will get a bit brighter on thursday, although a shower or two could linger into thursday morning. friday will probably be the sunniest day in the week, and the milest as well. high temperatures climbing up little bit closer to normal levels. but then over the weekend more rain comes in late saturday through sunday, into monday, and the winter-like pattern just doesn't stop, at least in the next seven days, dan and ama. >> strange may indeed, spencer, thank you. let's turn to sports. larry has big names and big questions for us. >> yes. the questions loom. i can tell you for sure about the names, though. steph curry and lebron james among others. they have been talking on an nba superstar call to play or not to play, that is the question. sports is next.
6:50 pm
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now abc7 sports are larry beil. >> good evening. stars like steph curry of the warriors want to play and crown a champion this season. yahoo sports reported there was a correspondence call involving the best players in the league, steph, lebron, giannis, kawhi among others. put together by chris paul ahead of the players association. who is also polling players league wide about restarting. the stars agreed to take the court at some point with proper safety measures, but it's unclear when this might actually happen. a day after baseball owners agreed on a proposal to start the season in july, commissioner rob manfred presented that to the players today. according to reports, the proposal focused on health and safety, not so much the financials. and the league believes that they will have adequate testing available to start the season, but still many hurdles to clear. would you believe actual fans at a sporting event?
6:53 pm
it's happening in taiwan. monkeys versus nui lions. chinese professional baseball. look at that, the home run and a fan who is actually the only fan i can see in the outfield, he caught it. the first game with attendance allowed. the rakuten monkeys win. ronnie lott stepping up during this pandemic. the pro football hall of famer teaming up with steven silver fine jewelry to benefit east side preparatory school in east palo alto and the eat real campaign. the campaign started last week. they have a goal of raising $100,000 to feed, educate and help with urgent needs for local bay area families. >> and that is success in life is when you find yourself serving others. and so that's what i love about this huddle. we've got some really talented people making some incredible plays. i mean, obviously our first
6:54 pm
responders, obviously the nurses, obviously all the people, but then to see people like this stepping up, doing their part in making it happen is very valuable. >> nice to see vintage ronnie lott footage crushing people. speaking of secondary help, the raiders looking for some. they think signing prince amukamara who was cut by the bears. amukamara started 99 games in 9 seasons and could end up starting for the silver and black. all right. time for tonight's edition of abc7 call my play. you know the drill. you send me the video, i call the action. now it's time to meet king arthur. >> dogs love to play fetch, but how many can play goalie? meet king arthur from union city, a lot like archer's the great sharks goalie who was like wall. king arthur will occasionally
6:55 pm
give up goal, but he is tis ten. great glove. a lot going on there, arthur. king arthur, we just called your play on abc7. >> woof! send me your video using the #abc77 call my play, and we may see you or your pet on tv. hunter pence has so much time on his hands, he and wife lexy working on their choreography, dancing to the song blinding lights. hunter looks like he's got some "dancing with the stars" potential, i think. maybe they can do a couples things on "dancing with the stars" on abc, of course. i'd like to see him dancing in the outfield. but dan, this got me thinking when i saw that video, imagine how big we could be on tiktok right now. if we put something together like that. you don't want it? ama, you don't want in on this?
6:56 pm
[ laughter ] >> i don't want to show you guys up. >> who says no? who says no? >> no, come on. >> as soon as we get off the air, we'll start choreography right away. >> join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> because of the shelter in place, child vaccine rates have plummeted around the world. i'm kate larsen in the newsroom. coming up tonight at 11:00, the new concern about a measles outbreak, and what pediatricians right here in the bay area say you can do about it. april saw the sharpest spike in grocery store prices in nearly 50 years. what you can expect the next time you go shopping. now coming up on abc7 news at 8:00, the happy days of garry marshall, and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. that is our report. as always, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian, larry beil, the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening.
6:57 pm
these people are all at the front line, and i think we can all do a little bit to make their lives easier right now. they're not able to be with their families, but to be out there for other families. if we can just give them one day of food from the plate they like and bring something to make them feel better and that they're not alone in this, then i feel we did something.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
tonight, three legendary players will battle it out for $1 million on... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. we are about to begin game number 2 of match number 3. let's get rid of these scores now. brad, you earned the right to pick first in the jeopardy! round in game 2, so take a look at the categories, please, before you make your selection. cagories a next, it's close enough to the holidays to enjoy some... [ laughter ] ...isn't it? we'll deal with... ...followed by... o-k in quotation marks. we know what that means-- those two letters are coming up
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