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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 13, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> small businesses and various neighborhoods where you see many of those shops that are closed, they will be able to open for pickup and for curbside pickup and delivery, which is going to be incredible. >> that is good news for retailers. san francisco is set for most stores to oh open on monday. good afternoon. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm larry beil. san mateo county's health officer this afternoon says she plans to issue a new shelter-in-place order on monday as we run down these coronavirus pandemic headlines, and that will bring the county in line with phase 2 of the governor's reopening plan. marin officials are moving a little slower but say they will allow monday for businesses to provide curbside pickup. and london breed says bar any changes in the caseload numbers, most businesses in the city will be allowed to do curbside pickup as of monday. dan ashley joining us live from the newsroom with what's about to happen, and there is a lot
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going on, dan. >> mayor breed came out today saying there is good news for a change. starting may 18th, next monday, the city will allow all street front businesses to open for pickup and delivery. >> what this means now for our city is incredible. because we're talking about many of those small businesses and various neighborhoods you see many of those shops that are closed. they will be able to open for pickup and for curbside pickup and delivery, which is going to be incredible. this does not include malls, for example. but it does include in san francisco. and we're talk close to 95% of businesses which have unfortunately been closed. this is not only going to support the jobs that hopefully
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many will return as a report, and people who love these businesses and want to see them continue. it's a continued step. we also will be allowing warehouses and manufacturing as well to open under certain guidelines. and i want to also caution everybody. even though this is exciting, we still need to be very careful. it's because you all have been following the social distancing order and wearing masks and doing your part that we're even here in the first place. >> and of course everyone hopes that we can stay in this space. she also says the city will face some major budget issues. that's no surprise. every local and state government around the country is going to be in that boat. but for san francisco, the mayor says it could mean possible cuts to police, fire, muni, and homeless services. larry, she says it's all open for discussion.
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>> and the budget ramifications could be quite painful in some areas for sure. for the moment, dan, did the mayor say what was behind her decision to open most retail in this city? >> she did, larry. and the mayor was able to make the decision because the number of new covid-19 cases are flat. hospitalizations are flat, and hospital capacity is stable at this point. she says she hopes that by next week the city will be able to test a 1600 people per day. that would be a big change. city health director dr. grant colfax also made the point of san francisco's mortality rate for covid-19 is four times less than los angeles. and are you ready for, this larry? more than 35 times less than new york city. so that's why san francisco and the bay area is in the position it is in. the question will be as we begin to reopen, can we stay many this position or will we face a rebound of coronavirus cases. >> right. let's hope those numbers stay where they are right now. thank you, dan. >> thanks, dan. protesters took a stand
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outside tesla headquarters today, even though the battle between tesla and alameda county is over, at least for now. the two sides have announced an agreement that will allow the fremont plant to legally reopen its manufacturing process. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live outside the tesla plant. laura? >> well, hi, kristen. under this agreement, tesla can resume producing cars here at the plant on monday. that happens to be the same day that automakers in detroit also can resume production. besides that, though, the protests who stage their efforts just down the road here, they want the governor and the local counties to virtually allow all businesses to reopen. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> these protesters could celebrate that tesla got its way as tesla's largest employer reached a deal with alameda county that will allow the company to officially restart manufacturing.
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tesla's already touted various safety measures like masks and temperature checks on its website. but county officials want additional precautions as part of the deal. the agreement comes two days puic de county elon musk shelter order and brazenly restarted the plants. >> as many people know, they have -- made public announcements that they have worked with tesla and they have put together a process where they will reopen. >> alameda county is allowing tesla to restart while the vast majority of other businesses in the county must remain closed. >> in the case of other manufacturing plants, i think that they have the right to say look, as long as we do similar kinds of things in order to protect our worker, then they should b. demonstrators want alameda county and governor newsom to allow more businesses to reopen, and soon. >> we don't have to just open up everything like that, but we do need to look at why do we have
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home depot open. we have 200 people in that store when we can't even put ten people spacing properly in a mom and pop shop or a restaurant. >> now at this point, tesla's only supposed to be having its workers be ready to resume production next monday, and they must be abiding by all the safety precautions that have been agreed upon in this deal. and we understand from the release from alameda county health department that it's actually fremont police who will be monitoring whether those precautions will be in place. back to you, kristen. >> well, laura, do we know if elon musk and tesla will face repercussions in any way for violating the county health order? from the town last night, it doesn't sound like it. >> right, kristen. there has been no word on that at all. musk would face fines of up to a thousand dollars per day or 90 days in jail, but at this point, we're hearing nothing about those punishments being imposed.
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only that he needs to follow the agreement. also, no word from tesla on whether they plan to continue to pursue that lawsuit they filed against the county last weekend. ⌞> it sounds like both sides trying to de-escalate. laura, thank you so much. fresno city council president has been cited on charges of assaulting protesters who showed up at his home. miguel arias faces three counts of assault after a group of protesters came to his front door yesterday afternoon. they were urging him to reopen businesses and lift social distancing restrictions in fresno. police say they're adding extra security to the homes of other city leaders as a precaution. governor newsom says the state's budget shortfall caused by the pandemic will not dramatically impact the funding of firefighting efforts. >> the budget i will announce tomorrow will include enhancements for a wildfire preparation and preparedness across the board as well as suppression strategies and opportunities to be more
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resilient in our recovery strategies. >> newsom says his revised may budget will include $127 million office of emergency services, as well as $85 million more for cal fire. that money will be used to manage a surge in wildfires as well as to hire 600 new seasonal firefighters. the governor's budget also provides $50 million to local governments to prepare for possible power shutoffs once again during extreme fire danger situations. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman went digging a little deeper into what that money will mean for wildfires. >> california's golden land, so beautiful, so potentially dangerous, even on this rainy day. >> we could have a potentially very busy fire season. >> it is that time of year again with an added complication this time around, covid-19. what acombat>> we're focused on. we're focused on coronavirus mitigation, trying to do our
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best to suppress the spread at the same time. we've got to mitigate and suppress these fires as we move into wildfire season. >> but it will not be easy, especially in terms of protect firefighters, who often work in close proximity. today when we asked cal fire about their plans, we heard about a work in progress. >> you know, this is something that we've never done before. none of us have ever done this before. so we're going to be figuring it out a little bit as we good along. >> begin with a place like this, yolo county in 2018, a base camp for 3,000 firefighters. >> they need a place to shower. they need a place to sleep. they have to have food, proper nutrition, medical care at times. >> but what worked in the past will not be appropriate this year. >> we do have plans in place on edg lines, more wash ase stations. >> inmate firefighters are another concern. quote, prior to being transferred to the conservation
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camp, inmates who finished their training are isolated from the general population for a period of 14 days and screened for covid-19. the department of corrections told us today. now what about evacuees? >> i don't really know what to think, you know. i just know my home is gone. >> remember this evacuation center in a chico walmart parking lot following the campfire? how will the red cross handle it? a tragedy then could be a potential disaster in the midst of a pandemic. >> what are you going to do with 50,000 people homeless all of the sudden. >> that is a very good question for this rainy day. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. a scaled down version today of an annual ceremony in oakland. [ bagpipes playing ] an honor guard laid a wreath at the oakland police department memorial in honor of the 53 officers killed in the line of duty in the city's history.
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today's event attended by mayor libby schaaf,mealifornia of sta honored coronavirus victims as well as frontline workers. oakland officers did not attend due to shelter in place orders. the ceremony is part of national police week. coming up, after the coronavirus, why the pandemic could get people actually to leave the cities and head out to the suburbs. also, investigating the origins of the coronavirus and how people first got it. we'll seek some answers from our medical expert. i'm pensacola spenspencer c. here is the deal. showers will end and a warm-up will occur before the weekend. but the weekend not so great. we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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a report by the online real estate database company says covid-19 could lead to new suburban boom. according to a survey commissioned by zillow, 75% of those now working from home would like to continue doing so, at least half the time. if given that flexibility, 66% of those working remotely say they might consider moving. zillow analysts say this could lead a drive and drive buyers to the outer suburbs. only 24% overall say they've thought about moving as a result of spending more time at home. commercial construction is getting back under way in silicon valley, but what it will look like after covid-19. a lot of thought have gone into ways to make major office products suited for changes in how we work. david louie looks at what lies ahead. >> construction sites across silicon valley are coming back t life with modifications to restrictions. sky 7 was over the site atre ise
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about 100 out of 150 tracepeled santana west. >> there is no more tool sharing. gloves and masks are required on-site. social distancing in the minimum six feet is required. >> even at this stage, design considerations are under way to provide dedicated terraces and outdoor space to replace dense conference rooms and small break rooms. also under consideration, smart elevators that stop only at preset floors to minimize people contact. however, this shift of working from home has also prompted a reevaluation of the need for large office complexes. carol gordino is comoderator of the recovery round table moderated by san jose mayor sam liccardo. >> we are already deep into discussions about whether or not as covid continues and even past
4:16 pm
covid, whether we need to return to the worker relations we have. >> if there is a surplus of office space, ily lower eost of devel optimistic that there is demand for major office projects. >> it is our complete confidence that large office buildings where we can accommodate the new requirements inside those buildings safely and conveniently is still where people are going to want to invent the next great thing. >> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. . all right. time now for consumer news and 7 on your side's michael finney with some advice for parents. hi, michael. >> hey, you guys. we're cleaning up our homes, disinfecting, disinfecting our workplace, and even our cars. but if you have a child safety seat in your car, you need to be very careful. it's different.
4:17 pm
parents are following public health recommendations using bleach-based and other disinfectants to kill the coronavirus on surface around their homes. everything from countertops to cabinets. ead with the harsh chemicals is a child's car seat. >> when it comes to car seat, each component needs to be able to withstand high forces and repeated use in order to keep kids safe during a crash. you don't want to use any cleaners or disinfectants that can compromise the seats a performance in any way. >> so what should you use? to find out what you need, refer to your car seat's owner manual. there you'll find washing and drying instructs that are specific not only to your car seat model, but for each of the seat's components. if you no longer have your manual, many offer an online version, or you can get a replacement from the manufacturer's customer service. most manufacturers say it's okay to wash and air dry, but never
4:18 pm
put the harness in the washing machine. instead, follow manufacturer instructions to clean the harness by hand. most specify using a mild soap and water mixture. plastic components can also be wiped down with soap and water as well. if you have already cleaned your car incorrectly, reach out to the manufacturer for covers and parts. >> so with all of us stuck at home with our kids and not traveling anywhere, it really is the perfect time to clean our kids car seat and make sure the seat still fits them properly. so review the height and weight guidelines and make the appropriate adjustments necessary. >> you can visit consumer reports for a car seat installation checklist so you know your child is safe. another item you should be very careful cleaning is a bicycle helm helmet. harsh chemicals can degrade the materials, and of course that means it would not work as well when you're in a crash. hopefully you wouldn't be in one, but there you go.
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chris and dan, i know yoouch had plenty of those helmets around your house. >> yes. i can never find mine because the kids always take mine for some reason. but yes, it's great information for me. >> all right. thank you, michael. apparently even goats are getting tired of quarantine. hundreds of goats used for fire suppression in one san jose neighborhood, they are back on the job where they're supposed to be after making a break for freedom last night. the goats got loose around 7:00 last night, breaking through a street in the silver creek neighborhood. hey, hey, hey, get back in line over there. stop nibbling on my plants. some grabbed the snack that you saw right there. neighbors trying to corral thes landscaping. oh, goodness. can you imagine just looking outside at this scene? sky 7 flew over the neighborhood today to see if the goats were
4:20 pm
behaving themselves, and they were back eating, doing their job, keeping the weeds down. i can't even imagine what it must have looked like if you are a homeowner right there, kristen. >> i know. however, it is the only violation of social distance rule that i can only look at and be amused by. so there you have that. >> yes. >> hey, spencer. >> even the goats are tired of isolation. tired of nibbling in place, i guess. >> yeah. >> let me give you a look at what's going on right now. it is pretty cool and breezy, and we've got some very, very light isolated showers moving through the north bay. but generally right now, we just have lots of clouds and breezy and dry conditions. give you a look at our three-day rainfall totals this week. over half an inch up in parts of the north bay, which has been our wettest region. over half an inch at santa rosa and napa. close to a tenth of an inch at
4:21 pm
concord, and oakland just under 0.2 at redwood city and 0.04 in san jose. wind speeds near the coast between 20 and 25 miles per hour in san francisco. and half moon bay pretty breezy in other spots. let's take a look. 63 in san francisco. upper 60s at oakland, redwood city, san jose, 66 at gilroy. 59 at pacifica. and cooler readings in a few other spots. only 57. petaluma 59. mid-60s at fairfield, concord and livermore. these are our forecast features. we'll see showery and unsettled conditions again tomorrow. a mild and sunny break will come our way on friday. but a wetter system arrive others the weekend. the storm impact scale ranks a 1. a storm of light intensity. for tonight and parts of tomorrow, we'll continue to see scattered or isolated showers, breezy at times. rainfall totals generally under 0.2. starting at 7:00 this evening,
4:22 pm
we'll probably see a bit more rain and shower activity than we have right now. it will wind down rather quickly in the late night hours, but another surge of showers will develop in the early morning hours and push onshore, mainly in the north bay. and then in the late afternoon, we'll see haschel clearing. and the skies clear soon enough, we'll see a little bit of a warm-up tomorrow afternoon as well. the rainfall totals first. we estimate just a few hundreds of an inch in most locations of additional rainfall. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-50s, and tomorrow's highs, assuming we get enough of a breck of sunshine will range from low 60s at the coast to near 70 around the bay shoreline to upper 60s and low 70s in the mildest inland locations. it will get even warmer on friday. mainly sunny skies on friday. dry, high temperatures closer to average for this time of the year. but that won't last long. we get minor cooling on saturday as clouds increase. and on sunday, even cooler as rain develops. and this is our forecast animation going into the
4:23 pm
weekend. notice saturday evening, we've got a wave of rain coming through. it continues through the day on sunday, followed by a second wave on monday morning, which may continue into tuesday. so we've got a fairly wet pattern coming our way. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the approaching storm for the weekend for sunday, monday ranks only 1 on the impact scale, but it will be wetter than our current storm. be prepared, larry and kristen. >> thanks for the heads-up, spencer. in the comic book, heroes can fly. but during the covid-19 pandemic, the real heroes wear hospital scrubs, badges, and fire gear. today they were honored in a way today they were honored in a way california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit they're our neighbors, and our friends. but now, they are forever our heroes, too.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit wow, what a sight. a special salute for first responders and health care workers. f-15 fighter jets from the air national guard made a bay area
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flyover today, part of their statewide tour to say thank you to doctors and nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. abc7 news anchor eric thomas with a closer look. >> do you see it? >> there are four of them. >> they started off as just specks on the horizon. [ cheering ] then came the distant roar of powerful jet engines. finally, the whoops and yells of appreciation from the people being honored. >> i've never seen a jet that close before. to see them fly that low and that slow is absolutely amazing. >> four f-15 eagle fighter jets from a fresno air national guard squadron flew over a number of hospitals in the bay area and elsewhere to honor the doctors, nurse, paramedics, and police officers on the front lines of caring for people with covid-19. >> i think it's really tremendous that they would pause and recognize the work that has
4:27 pm
gone on in california with health care workers. >> to make sure that everyone had a chance to see on this cloudy wednesday, the planes flew low and slow, about a thousand feet in altitude, a little more than 300 miles an hour. benjamin bonnes, the flight surgeon even made the trip to richmond to admire the flyover. >> my hat's off to everyone who has been working the long hours and doing the amazing work. >> i thought that was an amazing sight for all the staff here who have been working tirelessly for the past few weeks. >> in the bay area, the planes also flew over hospitals in oakland, milpitas and san jose. you may wonder how much the symbolic flight cost the taxpayers of california. the air guard says this was considered part of the normal flight hours each pilot has to log to stay qualified. so it didn't cost anything more than regular training. in richmond, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> and the wave of support for front line health care workers made it to novato today.ceofte,
4:28 pm
and others gathered outside community hospital and cheered the more than 125 nurses, doctors, and staffers as they arrived for work this morning. the hospital's chief administrative officer hailed the work team members are doing as well as their commitment to their patients. we invite you to join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> restaurant restcting is our
4:31 pm
ju o of the four areas abc7 is committed tote in orde b are. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield spoke with one restaurant owner who is really feeling overwhelmed. >> these haven't been opened in about two months. >> restaurant owner tony dudem was pretty surprised when he read the new list of requirements restaurants must now meet in order to reopen. >> i was overwhelmed to be honest. i knew there was going to be strategic planning they were going to mandate, but that was a huge laundry list of stuff. >> the list includes spacing tables out six feet apart, disposable menus, and plexiglas between tables. but the big one for his restaurant, no one allowed to sit at the bar, a huge part of his sales at 1515 restaurant in walnut creek. >> not having the bar, that's going to really, really handcuff people a lot. >> last night i called our restaurant supply company, east bay restaurant supply in oakland to start pricing out plexiglas.
4:32 pm
>> gary vacone thinks the changes will think it will add about 25% to his bottom line. especially brutal when you add that on top of what is already lost in sales. >> only being open for one week when the shelter in place was ordered, the budget is basically scrapped. and we're working on a new budget on a daily basis. >> dudeem says it's tough to know whether to start making the changes or wait for a different set of instructions from the county. he is worried about what this slow reopening process will mean for some restaurants. >> there is a lot of people that are already talking about closing up. and this could be the nain the coffin. it's a lot of stuff to do. ramona's is hoping to have people out on this patio in june. of course he doesn't know for sure whether the county is going to allow that by then. that's just his hope. he says even though he is new, don't count him out. he is determined to make it. in walnut creek, amy hollyfield,
4:33 pm
abc7 news news. oakland mayor libby schaaf is asking locals to be patient as leaders figure out how and when it's safe to reopen. >> i know that it's frustrating for people to be in this state of uncertainty, but that is going to be the state we're in for a while. >> mayor libby schaaf was on midday live today with me and reggie aqui. she says the early action in the bay area has saved lives, and she is hoping to continue that trend. two new walk-up testing sites are opening i e one is at the roots community health center on 99 international. and the other will open friday at allmayor schaaf is also look ahead at how to minimize impact on city services. she is looking to use $31 million of oakland's rainy day fund to keep things up and running. schaaf will unveil her full budget proposal next friday. we're getting a better idea what the school year might look for california students. state school superintendent tony
4:34 pm
thurmond says teachers and students will likely have to wear a face mask. some schools may offer hybrid instruction with a mix of in-person and virtual. as for the timeline, thurmond says there is no statewide mandate on an opening date. >> some districts have made the decision to open early. there are some districts in the state that operate on a year-round calendar. and so some of those are planning to open in late july if that can be accommodated safely from a health standpoint. >> thurmond also says the state is hoping to hand out more laptops and expand internet access for the one million california students still without it. >> i think what's gone well is a lot of innovation and a lot of people patiently learning how to do new things in order to keep each other safe and well. >> that's the president of san francisco state university talking about the success of virtual learning during the coronavirus pandemic on the 3:00 p.m. news today. remote learning will continue
4:35 pm
this fall is what they announced for whole csu system. all 23 universities in the system have announced they'll cancel in-person classes for the upcoming semester and will keep everything online. in case you have lost count, we've now been under the shelter-in-place order for 58 days in the bay area. >> coming up on two months here. so where did the novel coronavirus actually come from? we know it first showed up in humans in wuhan, china. but the question is how did people get it? so much speculation about this. and that's the question we pose to abc7 news special correspondent dr. alok patel. a member of our team of coronavirus experts. abc7 news morning anchor reggie aqui explains. >> the novel coronavirus was first discovered in china. it wrappedly spread around the globe. but where did it come from? >> based on everything scientists have looked at the genetic material of this coronavirus, the similarity is the closest to the virus in a bat.
4:36 pm
>> scientists believe a bat likely infected another animal before it infected humans. the intermediary animal is still a mystery, but some scientists suspect it's likely a scaly mammal called a pangolin. >> then the virus evolved. it mutated. it changed form and it became ready to infect humans a at large scale. >> how it got to humans is still unknown. >> scientists are still trying to figure it out right now, as well as trying to figure out where exactly that animal origin is, because understanding this could help us prevent the next pandemic. >> the novel coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, meaning an infection that can jump between different species. >> both sars and mers are also examples of coronaviruses that came from mother nature. in the case of sars, scientists believe the coronavirus came from a bat and went to a and then went to humans. in mers they believe the
4:37 pm
intermediary animal was a camel. >> humans have been fighting off zoonotic diseases forever. >> the world health organization estimates around 60% of all pathogens have a zoonotic origin. you might be saying i've never heard of a zoonotic disease. yes, you have, because rabies, salmonella, west nile virus, ebola and coronavirus, this one are all examples of zoonotic diseases. >> some zoonotic diseases cause a mild illness, but others can spread quickly, infecting and potentially causing a lot of death. sometimes the disease shows up, and our immune systems have never seen it before, making it difficult for our bodies to fight it off. there are many ways for a zoonotic disease to be passed around. animal to person, person to person, in food, even in water. in fact, the flu is a zoonotic virus. >> we suspect the 1918 influenza was an avian flu. >> the 1918 flu pandemic is
4:38 pm
believed to have killed 50 million people and infected a third of the global population at the time. though it was called the spanish flu, researchers now believe it started in the u.s. on a pig farm in kansas. here's what some experts believe happened. a bird with the flu and a human with a common seasonal flu infected a pig. the two flus mutated in a pig and created a new virus. >> now the reason the 1918 flu was so deadly, similar to this coronavirus, is humans had no immunity against it. >> that's why understanding where the novel coronavirus came from is key to understanding how we got it. one clue might be the spiky proteins that allow the virus to infect you, and these specific proteins work dangerously well and have never been seen before. >> this is important, because this is why every single major scientific journal and authority believes that the virus came from nature and not a lab. >> reggie aqui, abc7 news. >> a survey commissioned by a
4:39 pm
san francisco public relations firm shows how many americans plan to take a vaccine for covid-19 once it's released. according according to bospar says 69% will vaccinate when they can, but 37% won't. age plays a factor. those 65 and up were the most likely to vaccinate at 78%, but those 18 to 24 were the least likely at just under 58%. coming up, masks required just about everywhere, but that requirement is not thanks for sharing your diy haircuts. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term.
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a change in your heartbeat, dizziness... yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. it's our time. to continue to shine because we are the thrivers. ask your doctor about kisqali, the only treatment in its class proven to help women live longer in 2 clinical trials. drew tuma and spencer christian join us for the four@4. the top three u.s. airlines have told flight attendants not to force passengers to comply with policies requiring face covers. american, delta and united airlines crews were told they can encourage passengers, but not force them to wear covers while they're on the plane.
4:42 pm
however, employees can deny boarding at the gate to anybody who is not wearing a mask. as of noon today, palo alto residents are required to wear masks. this after an emergency declaration by the city's mayor. so the question is, what do you think about these mask? i think it should just be like your id. you can't get on a plane without showing your id and your ticket. and i feel the same way about the masks. spencer, you travel frequently, or did before this. your thoughts. >> yeah. larry, i feel exactly the same way you do. it should be a requirement to even board the flight. and i know they're there are going to be people who resist it. but we're in a serious situation here, and you just need to follow the rules for a while. if you want things to get better. >> i mean, it's not forever. i'm not saying this is going to be for the rest of everybody's life. >> right. >> that's my thought, anyway. >> by the way, palo alto is doing its own because it's in santa clara county, and the county doesn't have that mask
4:43 pm
rule. los angeles county officials recommended that the stay-at-home order be extended for the next three months. just today, los angeles county reopened its beaches in the latest easing of restrictions. that's about 75 miles of coastline. social distancing rules still apply, though that can make an extension just a little more palatable for residents there. what do you think, drew, could you handle another three months? >> mentally, i think it would be really tough. i feel like a lot of people are in the same boat where just thinking about three more months is mentally taxing. however, i do think it is necessary. but giving us some little leeway here and there, like opening up a beach, maybe that just helps you one day a week you're able to go to the beach and have that social distance experience. just kind of help you through the next couple of months. so i think that find that middle road where we obviously know we can't do much without a vaccine, but are there things that aren't open right now that could potentially be open to kind of
4:44 pm
help people mentally? and i think opening up the beaches is not a bad idea if you just wear your mask and you're also doing that six feet distance between you and other people. you got to help yourself not only physically but mentally. >> i want to say one thing. messaging from government has to be a lot better than what we saw yesterday where the health director says three months and then eric garcetti, the mayor of l.a. says don't freak out. it may not be three months. come on. come on. it's your job. >> would you rather have them be like you know what? we're going to open up on christmas. would you rather know the end date for sure or the patchwork of another month here, another two months there? >> we don't know. >> you can't really set a date. that's the whole problem. it's all depend on social distancing and the numbers. so sorry. it's going to stay murky, drew. sorry. >> that's okay. as long as we understand that. a new survey shows no longer going into the office means
4:45 pm
employees are putting less effort into their appearance, even for video calls. more than 10,000 employees answered questions on workplace social network site fish bowl in california more than 75% of women say they've either stopped wearing makeup entirely, or they're wearing it less often. i still wear my makeup. just to point that out. more than half of all men have either stopped shaving or shave less often. and more than 75% of all workers say on video call, they're only wearing their pajamas or sweats or shorts or leggings below the waist. spencer christian, what are you wearing right now? >> stand up! stand up. oh, nice slacks. >> jeans. i'm wearing some jeans. >> fancy jeans. >> i like the fact since we're working from home, i haven't had to get dressed up and put on a jacket and tie every day, although i do enjoy that occasionally. but i'm really enjoying the comfort of this more casual mode
4:46 pm
of dress while working at home. it's easy. it's comfortable. >> drew? >> do you want to stand up? >> what do you mean yeah? [ laughter ] >> i have shorts on. and these nice comfy slippers. >> i'm so jealous. >> i've not been jealous of you guys up until this point. but now i am. >> that's great. >> i have a question. >> comfortable. >> would we recognize larry without his makeup? >> ooh! >> he only wears a little bit. >> i would say yeah. i would say yeah. >> payback will be coming. you know that, spencer. >> move on. remember spot? it's the bizarre looking boston dynamics robot dog. now spot has a new purpose. it's patrolling the streets of singapore. the robot is controlled remotely
4:47 pm
and plays an audio recording, reminding people to adhere to the robot is also designed to be used in other areas like telemedicine, electric power, construction sites, and nuclear facilities. yeah, larry, if spot comes for me, i'd be like i don't know what else he got there, an arm to grab me and arrest me? yep, i would listen. >> yeah, wait until spot is weaponized, okay. and then it gets real in a hurry, y'all. i'll do whatever you want. i'll put the pants on. makeup, no makeup, whatever you want, spot. >> anything. >> drew, you want to see that in san francisco? >> yeah, why not? make him more palatable. >> spencer, what about spot as a dining companion? what do you think about that? >> if he keeps a good social distance, okay. >> yeah, yeah. >> all right.
4:48 pm
that's going to do it. what you like to see? >> far away from me. far away. >> yeah. >> all right. that's it for the right now, you need and endless entertainment. xfinity has you covered, with reliably fast speeds, the most in-home wifi coverage, and advanced security included. plus, access all your streaming apps in one place, including peacock. and now you can get up & running quickly with contactless equipment drop off. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity for thirty four ninety nine a month for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today.
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daly city's francisco martin is one of seven contestants remaining with a chance to win "american idol" this sunday right here on abc7. danville's grace leer did not advance to the season finale, but i think most people who have heard her sing would agree the former cal women soccer star's future in music is really really bright. chris alvarez caught up with grace who is pretty excited about her future in country music. chris? >> yeah, and larry, she really should be. we've been covering here for a while now. weekly for about the last month or so. and while she is disappointed to not be the next "american idol," she is very excited for the road ahead. >> in that top seven, which means we do have to say goodbye to jovan, sophia, grace. >> when you think about your time on the show, what jumps out
4:51 pm
to you? >> oh, my gosh, this h be opportunity. honestly, this feels like a launching pad for me. ♪ make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> all right. so what's next for grace leer? >> what's next for me is getting back to nashville. i am hoping to get back as soon as it's safe and getting back to my music. have i some singles and some music in the works that's already finished. >> how has "american idol" changed your life? >> it's taught me a lot an changed my life. i think in most ways that my voice has been heard and i've been seen now. ♪ some day i'll wish upon a star ♪ >> i'm 28, and i've been doing this since i was a little girl. and its first time where i'm being noticed. and i think as an artist and as a singer, that's what you want. you want people to appreciate what you're doing in the art that you're doing. men "aio mys andtrongollowingha
4:52 pm
llow me.going nuto would be a place she'd like to perform, she told me she would like to sing the national anthem at a 49ers game at levi's stadium. put that out in the world. let's get grace at a 49ers game. how fun would that be? . that would be awesome, chris. thanks. >> that would be a total treat. all right. and this one is too. oprah fans are going to love this. she is going back on tour virtually, and you can watch free of charge from the comfort of your home. winfrey says the 90-minute sessions are designed to help audiences, quote, reclaim their path to self-care in the face of unprecedented change. it's inspired by her arena tour that ended in march. the sessions will take place over the next four weeks starting saturday morning at 8:00. abc7 is celebrating the bay area's class of 2020 by featuring as many high school seniors as possible. you can get your grad or senior class featured by posting candid
4:53 pm
pictures with #grads on 7 or by going to congrats to you class of 2020. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:54 pm
. >> congratulations. all right. a daily jog can keep you healthy. but an east bay coach is doing more than just staying in shape. his runs are helping keep a community from going hungry. and dan is here with what we have coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> just ahead, brand-new at 5:00, stanford university leading the way in groundbreaking research. but tonight it's coronavirus task force says it has found something game-changing to get more people tested and quickly. plus we take you inside the halls of one of san francisco's centers to meet one very brave 12-year-old boy. his transplant ordeal amid a shelter in place. you're going to want to hear it. it's a
4:55 pm
managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right... ... and staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection... the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection,...
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4:57 pm
11:00. a danville soccer coach is raising money for his local food bank so families are not left feeling hungry, all through a daily run, up mount diablo. melis melissa pixcar has the story. with the pandemic everything's changed. when we realized we were going to be shelter in place, a whole other month i started thinking about things i could do more with my running with, and i did the las vegas rock and roll marathon and i ran under the st. jude sponsorship and it just really opened my eyes to how i could help other people with my running. we thought about he food bank and being in this pandemic it's goanhe san families. i thought, what is something that mentally, first, would really, really challenge me, and physically, i'm just drawn to this mountain. it's a challenge to get up there one day. i thought, i'm going to do this for 30 days. i named it the 30 in 30, #april
4:58 pm
summit crush, just because i wanted to crush the mountain for 30 days in a row, doing 30 summits. i think i ended up doing 31 summits over the 30 days. i didn't ever run less than 13.3 miles, and i had to climb at least 3,400 feet each day. you set a goal of $1,000. i didn't know what was going to happen. the next day it started going and we were past the goal within 12 hours. this has taught me you can dig so much deeper into yoursf find out what you're capable of, i think, and i think people don't realize what kind of potential they have until they really, really do something like this. >> we invite you to join project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use the #betterbayarea, to show us how you're saying thank you. thank you for joining us
4:59 pm
i didn't choose this exact type of metastatic breast cancer. but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, a treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc. piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and helps people live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had severe allergic reactions to it or any of its ingredients. piqray can cause serious side effects, including severe allergic and skin reactions, high blood sugar levels, and diarrhea, that are common and can be severe, and pneumonitis. tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of severe allergic reactions or high blood sugar while taking piqray. your doctor will monitor your blood sugar before and during treatment, and more often if you have type 2 diabetes. before starting, tell your doctor if you have a history of diabetes, skin reactions, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness, decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. ask your doctor about piqray.
5:00 pm
a brand new beginning for local businesses in the bay area, desperate to reopen, the places with they are getting the go ahead next week. plus a stanford task force calls it a game changer in the covid-19 battle. what they're developing that could completely change the way we get tested. >> uber is updating its policies tonight, how your first ride since the quarantine started will be different, plus this. >> did you see it? what health care workers are saying about today's special salute from above.


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