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common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness, decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. ask your doctor about piqray. a brand new beginning for local businesses in the bay area, desperate to reopen, the places with they are getting the go ahead next week. plus a stanford task force calls it a game changer in the covid-19 battle. what they're developing that could completely change the way we get tested. >> uber is updating its policies tonight, how your first ride since the quarantine started will be different, plus this. >> did you see it? what health care workers are saying about today's special salute from above. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure feature, this is abc 7 news. aereeks of waiting, weeks of job lnds, to reopen ma
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non-essential businesses. san francisco and san mateo countys are now leading the charge, saying monday, may 18th, is the day so many small businesses have been waiting for. retail shops will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickup, but many questions remain as several other bay area counties are holding pat. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, liz kroits has been closely following our reopening timeline and now different counties are taking different approaches, live with more on what we'll be seeing next and, when. liz? >> reporter: hi, ama and dan, all the different bay area counties seem to be splitting off a bit in terms of gradual steps to reopening. we learned today san francisco is taking big steps next week, other counties as well. here's what we know. . when it comes to reopening the bay area, it's baby steps
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toward. >> i am kpiexcited to announce e good news for a change. >> london breed said the city will formally enter phase two on monday and allow streetside businesses to open for delivery and curbside pickup and manufacturing and warehouses to reopen with modifications. >> last week we made an announcement it would be a limited number of stores, and locations, and now we've expanded that. >> breed says this means 95% of businesses in san francisco will now be able to reopen, even if it is just partially. >> i'm sure that since your kids are probably at home driving you crazy now the toy stores are available for pickup, here's an incredible opportunity to get a distraction for them. >> where do all the bay area counties stand on phase two? in addition to san francisco, san mateo county announced today they're moving forward into phase to on monday. alameda and contra costa county
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entering sometime next week. napa, sonoma and -- are already into phase two. across the state, some regions continue to move much faster, 15 counties in rural parts of northern or central california have now been approved by is it state to move faster through phase two, including opening dine in restaurants and schools, but all with modifications. >> this is a dynamic process, we hope in the next days, weeks, not just months, we'll continue to see more progress, but that's up to each and every one of us. >> but the picture varies throughout the state. los angeles counties, public health director said this week that l.a.'s shelter in place order will likely last for three more months. mayor eric garcetti clarified what that means. >> no so-called open state or open country that doesn't continue to have health orders, telling us to cover our faces, physically distance, that's all that the county health director was saying. >> as different regions take different approaches, the
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question also about how to prevent too much cross county travel, governor newsom today with this reminder that people not travel for non-essential reasons. >> and going in and out of the counties would defeat the point of having county variations. >> reporter: and in san francisco, next week, malls will not be allowed to reopen. for the retail businesses that can reopen, they will need to keep to at least ten employees or less, if the businesses very small for manufacturers and warehouses they'll have to keep to 50 employees or less. >> liz, thank you. tonight mayor breed sat down with abc 7 news to talk about other aspects of san francisco's reopening. she calls on the city's billionaires to donate to the city's recovery fund. >> we have to make sure that they understand their social responsibility of being not only a san francisco an, but somebody who should be contributing to society in this way. a lot of the money that's being made is off the backs of a lot of folks we need to help right
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now. >> mayor breed did recognize some families and organizations that have donated, like the getty's, twitter and sales force. san francisco has the most billionaires per capita of any city in the world. 75 live here. city records show only a few have donated. $26 million has been members of the juried to the fund so far. >> as we see these signs of progress in reopening the bay area we know we'll all collectively have to adapt to a much different world when we fully return. abc 7 news is committed to helping us get through those changes in our workplaces, our economy, your health, and the future of education, for our kids. today we're getting a much better idea of what our schools will look like when they reopen. most likely students, teachers, librarians, crossing guards will all have to wear face masks moving forward. the superintendent, tony thurman, made the announcement today. as for when classrooms reopen, it's letting each school district decide depending on its health situation and academic
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calendar and we may see a mix of virtual and in-person learning. new details about the california state university's plan to keep classes online for the fall semester, the president of san francisco state says there are advantages to staying virtual. >> in some ways it gives us more flexibility to offer more because we don't have the temporal or physical boundaries we had on campus. it certainly allows us to create educational experiences that are plr fluid for students' needs. >> the transition to online learning during the pandemic went better than expected and now the goal is to become more consistent with it by the fall. there are 23 schools in the csu system, and making the announcement now gives professors time to build remote learning experiences and students time to plan their home learning setup, not having those students in on campus housing though will mean the schools will lose millions and they'll have to trim the budgets for other services, like mental health, counseling and tutoring.
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♪ proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> a show of support for tesla today for people who want businesses to resume operations, tesla's fremont plant reopened on monday, in violation of county health regulations t two sides announced an agreement that will allow the plant to reopen its manufacturing processes on the condition that tesla maintain minimum business operations and follow additional safety recommendations. new at 5:00 p.m., uber says it has new technology to ensure safety measures are in place as it anticipates more people on the move once again. uber announced today that drivers and delivery people will have to agree to an online checklist, that they've taken safety measures, including wearing a mask. starting on monday they'll have to verify their face covering by sending uber a selfie. riders will have to agree to a sift checklist. lyft is also implementing similar safety measures. in the south bay, two months
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after receiving trailers to house the homeless, san jose is finally putting them to use. 90 trailers have been set up at story road next to happy hollow park. according to to our media partner mercury news, nunding to operate the site, specifically for homeless people with covid-19 or preexisting conditions putting them at high risk for the virus. wherever you might have watched or heard, cloudy skies would not ruin this, sky 7 was flying right alongside, as they moved in formation across the bay area skyline, a fabulous image. the comic books, heroes can fly, but the real heroes wear scrubs with their feet firmly plabted on the grount. the air national guard did the flying for them. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas
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has more from richmond. >> do you see them? >> reporter: they started off as specks on the horizon. then came the distant roar of powerful jet engines. finally, the whops and yells of appreciation from the people being honored. >> i've never seen a jet that close before, to see them fly that low and that slow is absolutely amazing. >> reporter: air national guard squadron flew over a number of hospitals in the bay area and elsewhere to honor the doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and policeofficers on the front lines of caring for people with covid-19. >> it's tremendous that they would pause and recognize the work that has gone on in california with health care workers. >> to make sure that everyone had a chance to see on this cloudy wednesday, the planes flew low and slow, about a
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thousand feet in altitude, a little more than 300 miles an hour. lieutenant colonel benjamin -- even made the trip up to richmond to admire the flyover. >> my hats off to everyone who's been working the long hours and doing good work. >> reporter: it was an amazing sight of support for all the staff working tirelessly. >> reporter: you may wonder how much the symbolic flight cost the taxpayers of california, the air guard says this was considered part of the normal flight hours each pilot has to log to stay qualified so it didn't cost anything more than regular training. in richmond, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a lot more to come. with now know it's key in our road to reopening. a major change in how we test for covid 9, what stanford researchers say they are developing, a look at what it could be, next. plus, the 12-year-old boy
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who came to town for an emergency organ transplant, then a pandemic hit. how he and his family have been coping ever since. also here, the future of the grocery store. see if you can guess what new trend shoppers
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your house will be standing and we also got a discount on our earthquake insurance. if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in. much has been said about covid-19 testing kpasfy and how our ability to ramp it up will be a crucial component to reopening parts of the. new at 5:00, chris nguyen has more on the innovative work being done locally to help make that all a reality. >> reporter: at the moment getting tested for covid-19 can be an invasive process in most cases a medical professional sticks a sweshl swab up the nodes flexible enough to get all the way to the back of the throat. it's uncomfortable and can put a health worker at risk of getting infected. >> if we can do something like this where a person can spit into a cup and find out if they
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have covid or not it really could be a game changer. >> reporter: researchers at stanford may be able to show a saliva test would be as accurate and effective as a swab. >> having slay have a testing fives you a window into what's going on in your community. >> reporter: the physician -- a nonprofit startup accelerators associated at stanford, keeping tabs on the work that's being done. in the past week rutgers university received emergency approval from the fda to allow people to collect their own saliva at home, and then send it off to a lab for a results. similar to a genealogy test. >> you can test a lot of people with saliva, it doesn't take any special person that has to draw blood, or has to use a swab. >> reporter: that's not the only item on the innovation front, ucsf is working on a new crisper based covid-19 test kit that can diagnose infection in less than an hour by using gene targeting
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technology. >> for the crisper tests it can use reagents already in most laboratories. so it's a lot easier, and probably a lot less expensive. >> reporter: the stanford and ucsf tests are currently going through trial runs but if aprufd by the fda both could play a role in getting america back to work. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. getting through tough times for families. >> new at 5:00 lyanne melendez takes us inside a san francisco health center to see how social distancing has impacted their lives. >> reporter: the next two weeks can't come fast enough for 12-year-old samuel may nard and his family. >> i'm kind of waiting so i can get home. >> reporter: home is in idaho. samuel came to san francisco in october for a kidney transplant that didn't happen. meanwhile, his kidneys kept
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deteriorating so doctors put him on dialysis. >> we felt the best thing for him would be to stay here in san francisco, receive the dialysis therapy here at ucsf while we found him a donor. >> the wait lasted five months. >> he got his kidney on march 17th, which was the first day of the lockdown in san francisco. >> samuel and his family stayed at family house, which provides free temporary housing to families whose children need treatment at ucsf children's hospital. it continues to help families during the stay at home order, but with restrictions on socialization. >> it is the exact opposite of the way that we've run. we want families to come together, and share their life stories when they're going through the worst time of their lives. >> reporter: common rooms are closed. face masks and social distancing create barriers that weren't there before. >> you can't really see someone's face. it's a health, you know, concern. you're not able to readily reach
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out like you would before. >> reporter: this is the second time morgan delgado has stayed at family house. her 1-year-old son just had a second open heart surgery. >> this is not normal, to raise a child in the hospital. but to find someone else who understands that is incredibly important. >> reporter: after seven months samuel is ready to go home again. >> we're excited to get him home. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. also new at 5:00, we all learn to improvise during this time, a dad in england proves there's a clever way to overcome obstacles. he created this contraption to help his athlete daughter chain from wheelchair basketball. it allows her to train without leaving the house. yesterday marked 14 years since she had her leg amputated due to a condition at birth. she says she knows her life
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would be different if she had chosen not to amputate, but she says it certainly wouldn't be better. wow, good for her. >> great attitude. tonight encouraging news for families in california when it comes to federal stimulus checks. bring in "7 on your side's" micha michael finney with the latest. >> reporter: plenty of issues with the stimulus checks and their distribution. we've been reporting on that extensively. let's take a moment tonight and talk about what's going right, and how it's going to help you in the upcoming months, or at least could. california has received more stimulus checks than any other state, 13.6 million of them, the total dollar amount more than $22 billion, with talk of another set of checks being sent out, just talk in washington now, but it's good to know that the system for getting checks from washington to the west coast is, indeed, smoothing out. the new report by adobe says
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online sales jumped nearly 50% in april, mostly because of a srge in online grocery shopping which saw a 110% increase between march and april, wine, beer and other drinking accessores saw the highest increase, purchases of electronic gear online also jumped substantially. not only are we shopping online, the way we shop online is changing too, stuck at home and needing supplies has caused americans to try out new subscription services. a report has recently found, 55% of shoppers ordering food and beverage subscriptions, first timers, why is this going on? most likely because consumers had a hard time with out of stock items at their brick and mortar store. other popular prescriptions -- subscriptions are health and beauty and paper and cleaning products. we are learning how to adapt here. that's what it's all about now.
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back to you guys. >> yeah, absolutely. all right, thank you so much, michael. as we continue, cloudy, cover overhead in the bay area today and backyards with a chance of showers tomorrow. sandhya patel is california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. one of the true life bloods of los angeles, beaches are now back open in the county. officially reopened today for exercise and surfing. seeing the surfers who jumped in right boy. sun stans and barbecues are still banned. orange county beaches were allowed to reopen last week. not really having any beach weather here, unless you don't mind it being a little bit blustery, grainy. >> blustery, cooler. sandhya patel is here with our forecast. yeah, it has been cloudy, and cool, a little breezy as well. not a beach day today. but perhaps you might want to consider it once the shelter in
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place is lifted and you can go to the beach. dan and ama. let me show you live doppler 7 right now and you will notice there are some showers around, they're not everywhere. but where they are falling, pockets of showers redding into livermore. it moved on as you look northeast of a clayton we're seeing a few spotty returns, and down around the santa cruz area, seeing light returns around scotts valley and santa cruz. san jose cameras show kroing you a lovely view. .6 inch of rain in santa rowia. half an -- san jose only .4 of an inch of rain. it's absolutely gorgeous with the clouds layered up. temperatures 62 in san francisco, 68 in san jose, 62 in pacifica. upper 50s to the low 70s. seeing blue sky from our exploratorium camera.
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58 in santa rosa. 66 in livermore. you can see the camera is shaking a bit. mild sunny break on friday. this one right now for tonight and tomorrow is a level one, scattered light showers, less than .2 of an inch of additional rain is expected. damp roadways. 9:00 a.m. north bay seeing a few showers. at 11:30, anywhere they could pop up. at 2:00 p.m., very spotty at best. by evening this the as all winding down tomorrow. not a lot. enough to water your garden. a few hundredths to two tenths of a quarter of an inch at best. cloud cover, 40s, 50s for your temperatures. low 60s to the low 70s a few mid-70s, a few showers around as well. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, level one
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for tomorrow, borderline. spotify showers, dry, warmer for your friday, with 80s showing up and then saturday night we get more rain in here. that storm for sunday, and monday, is going to be wetter, and could produce even higher totals in terms of rain. still a chance for tuesday. winter is not quite giving up yet. we need the rain. dan a dan. >> sandhya, thank you very much. well, they tell you you don't play with knives around the house, but one family turned it into a
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theand we want to thank times, the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part.
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as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you have any questions at all, call us, email us, visit us online. we're here to help support you when you need us. take care, and be well. to learn more, call one eight four four cosentyx or visit coming up tonight, the i-team, a coronavirus sure vooir, made a career out of saving lives and now trying to do it in another way. >> a look at the design changes already being made to make office spaces safer in this age of covid-19. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. we know parents are working overtime to keep their kids busy and challenged while at home, and dan what you know florida family is showing us a clever new game to entertain and clean the house at the same time. >> it's clever, isn't it?
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they call it a roomba challenge, each of the with a alones has the name of a family member. the roomba does its floor
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i forgot to score the tops, ya'll. ♪ tonight, president trump late today taking on dr. anthony fauci, who urged the country to be cautious when reopening. dr. fauci warning 24 hours ago, if we're not careful, we could cause outbreaks. tonight, the president saying to me, it's not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools. adding that fauci wants to play all sides of the equation. this all comes tonight as the cdc now prepares to issue a national alert to doctors about that dangerous condition affecting children. many doctors believe it is linked to coronavirus. tonight, at least 16 states now investigating cases. what parents need to know if they start seeing symptoms. and tonight, the doctor treating a 14-year-old girl. recognizing the signs, and immediately having her rushed to the hospital. tonight, nearly the entire
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country, including parts of new york state, now easing restrictions by this weekend.


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