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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 13, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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san francisco's director of public health today pointed out that sheltering in place has made a difference. >> san francisco's mortality rate due to covid-19 is four times less than that of los angeles. and a remarkable 35 times less than new york city's. >> what it looks like when you put all of the coronavirus cases from the greater bay area on to a graph. for 14 counties, the bay area and beyond, there are close to 11,000 cases, but the curve is fairly flat. the total number of cases includes patients who have recovered and are no longer sick. now today is wednesday, may 13th. and most of the bay area has been sheltering in place for 58 days. as we mentioned, san francisco and san mateo counties are officially moving into phase 2 on monday. the six bay area counties that have been adhering to the same order are taking slightly varied approaches. elsewhere in the state, several rural counties received approval
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to move even faster. liz kreutz is live to break down what we learned today. liz? >> hi, ama, that's right. a lot of the bay area counties seem to be splitting off a little bit from each other when it comes to these gradual steps to reopening. we learned that big news from san francisco today and san mateo moving into phase 2. here is what we know about all the counties in the bay area. when it comes to reopening the bay area, it's baby steps forward. >> i am excited to announce some good news for a change. >> san francisco mayor london breed today announced that the city will formally enter phase 2 on monday and allow for all street side businesses to open for delivery and curbside pickup and for manufacturing and warehouses to reopen with modifications. >> last week we made an announcement that it would only be a certain limited number of stores and locations. and now we've expanded that. >> breed says that means 95% of businesses in san francisco will be able to reopen, even if it is just partially.
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>> i'm sure since your kids are probably at home driving you crazy now that toy stores are going to be available for pickup, here is an incredible opportunity to get a distraction for them. >> so where do all the bay area counties stand on phase 2? san francisco is moving into phase 2 on monday. alameda and contra costa said they'll enter phase 2 some time next week. marin and santa clara counties have not given abc7 news a firm date. napa, sonoma and solano counties are already into phase 2. across the state, some regions continue to move much faster. 15 counties, all in rural parts of northern or central california have now been approved by the state to move faster through phase 2. this includes open dine-in restaurants and schools but all with modifications. >> this is a dynamic process. we hope in the next days, weeks, months we'll continue to not just see more progress, but that's up to each and every one of us. >> but the picture varies throughout the state.
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los angeles county's public health director said l.a.'s shelter-in-place order will probably last for three more months. mayor eric garcetti was on "good morning america" this morning and clarified what that means. >> quite frankly, there is no open state or open country that doesn't continue to have health orders telling us to cover our face, physically distance. that's all that the county health director was saying. >> as different regions take different approaches, a question also about how to prevent too much cross-county travel. governor newsom today with this reminder that people not travel for nonessential reasons. >> and going in and out of the counties would defeat the point of having county variations. >> and i just want to give an update. we've learned in the past hour that 17 counties in the state have now been approved to move faster through phase 2. as for san francisco and next week, malls will not be allowed to reopen there, and for the retail businesses that can reopen, they'll have to have ten employees or less at a time, or less if it's a very small
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business and for manufacturers and warehouses, 50 employees or less at a time. live in marin, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> liz, thank you. now the ability for bay area cities and counties to move into phase 2 of the stay-at-home order is dependent on their ability to meet six key indicators. and abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow breaks that down. >> san francisco's scorecard is looking good. on the six indicators needed to move into the early stages of phase 2, mayor london breed says this. >> it's whether or not the number of cases are flat or decreasing. and we see that they are at least remaining flat. >> the mayor also says hospitalizations are flat, and san francisco's hospital capacity is stable. >> we want to be able to at least get to a place where we could at least test over 1600 people a day in our city. and the good news is we are almost there. >> mayor breed says the city has a comprehensive contact tracing program. the city is also working to make sure it has sufficient ppe.
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san mateo county's health officer announced he will issue a new shelter-in-place order effective may 18th that would bring the county in line with early phase 2 guidelines. the county sites encouraging updates in the data, including stability and covid-19 cases and hospital capacity. alameda county says based on the progress of its indicators, and barring any big spikes in cases over the next few days, it anticipates moving into stage 2 next week. a county spokesperson tells abc7 news alameda county's trend of new cases per day, an epidemic curve, has continued to decrease over the last two plus weeks. also that the trend for covid-19 hospitalizations is flat with mild decreases over the last two and a half weeks. the county says it has sufficient bed capacity to handle a surge of cases. it is also monitoring its testing capacity goals, contact tracing and ppe availability. marin county says of the six
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criteria, it's accomplished three. covid-19 cases are stable or declining. medical facilities are able to handle a surge and a dashboard is in place to establish a realtime monitoring system. the three criteria still in progress in marin county are covid-19 testing capacity, contact tracing, and capacity to practice covid-19 safety in all sectors. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. oakland mayor libby schaaf is praising local leaders for taking a slow approach to reopening the economy. >> mostly the bay area has stuck together on taking up a bit of a more cautious and early set of actions than the state of california. >> mayor schaaf announced today two new walk-up testing sites in east oakland. one is at the roots community health center on 99th and international. the other will open friday at allen temple baptist church. today peralta community college
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district announced that the majority of classes in the fall will be held online, not in person. the district includes lany college, berkeley, and merritt college. yesterday as we reported to you, the csu system made a similar announcement. education is just one area where we're focusing on how to build a better bay area. the others include our health, our changing workplaces and the economy. economic issues are what drew a group of people to rally near tesla and fremont. the electric carmaker resumed production this weekend in defiance of alameda's public health order and shelter in place restrictions. let's go live to laura anthony who has the latest on this saga for us. laura? >> well, hi, ama. under this new agreement, tesla will be allowed to resume producing cars here at its fremont plant starting on monday. that happens to be the same day that automakers in detroit can resume production. in the meantime, we met some protesters today who want california, the governor, local counties to get the business of
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♪ and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> these protesters could celebrate that tesla got its way as tesla's largest employer reached a deal with alameda county that will allow the company to officially restart manufacturing. tesla's already touted various safety measures like masks and temperature checks on its website. but county officials want additional precautions as part of the deal. the agreement comes two days after tesla ceo elon musk publicly defied the county shelter order and brazenly ts >> as many people know, they have -- made public announcements that they have worked with tesla and they have put together a process where they will reopen. >> alameda county is allowing tesla to restart while the vast majority of other businesses in the county must remain closed. >> in the case of other manufacturing plants, i think
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that they have the right to say look, as long as we do similar kinds of things in order to protect our workers, then they should be able to open too. >> these demonstrators want alameda county and governor newsom to allow more businesses to reopen, and soon. >> we don't have to just open up everything like that, but we do need to look at why do we have home depot open. we have 200 people in that store when we can't even put ten people spacing properly in a mom and pop shop or a restaurant. >> now at this point, tesla's workers in the plant behind me are only supposed to be getting production ready. it will be fremont police who are making sure that tesla is complying. live in fremont, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> and thank you, laura. uber is adding ways to ensure the safety of both riders
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and drivers. that as it anticipates more people on the move again. starting monday, drivers must wear masks and agree to an online check mask of safety measures. drivers will have to verify by sending a selfie. rider will have to agree to a safety checklist. drivers can cancel without penalty if a rider shows up without a mask. both drivers and riders must confirm they don't have any symptoms and passengers aren't allowed in the front seat. lyft is also providing cleaning supplies and masks. a lot more to bring you here tonight. new at 6:00, the i-team introduces you to a coronavirus survivor. he is a man who has made a career out of saving life, and now he can make an even bigger difference. even on a rainy day, it is not too early to think about wildfires and the complications of covid-19. that's coming up. i'm spencer christian, and that rainy day has not ended
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stay well and keep it golden. new at 6:00, the owner of lefty o'doul's has agreed to plead guilty to wire fraud. he is charged with attempting to bribe a san francisco international airport commissioner so he could run a restaurant in the airport. bovis is accused of offering money and free travel. he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine on each of two counts. investigators looked into bovis in connection with san francisco's former public works director muhammad nuru. nuru is facing corruption charges and could also get prison time. the first san mateo county firefighter to contract coronavirus has recovered, returned to work and is now potentially saving lives in another way. our dan noyes first met this hero two years ago and reconnected with him today for anni-team interview. >> knock the heat out of the head really quick.
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>> i first met chief joe novelli during the camp fire november 2018. i shared the story of how he rescue addis abled man who refused to leave, even as flames reached his home, about helping the animals he and his crew came across, the horses and the little dog they rescued after his family left him behind. i called the chief this morning as he wrapped up a 48-hour shift, back to work after becoming the first firefighter in the county to contract coronavirus. tell me than moment when you realized i've got coronavirus. >> yeah, it was about midnight. i had night sweats, as if somebody took a garden hose and hosed you off. it was that severe. >> he went into quarantine. the night sweats continued with the 104-degree temperature and episodes of shortness of breath. >> you're living it. you're going through it and praying and hoping that, you know, it's not your time. >> those were a tense two weeks where firefighters at station 23
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and their families. >> we had worked out together, used the same equipment where folks are sweating. there are six or seven of news the room. i was nervous and so were theyh. >> but none of the other firefighters contracted covid-19. and once he rebounded, chief novelly contacted stanford blood center to supply plasma for a clinical trial to treat coronavirus. >> the thought is if you collect plasma from recovered patients that contains these antibodies, and you then give it to a patient who is currently sick, that those antibodies may be effective against the infection. >> tiny, tiny. >> as he donated today, the process took about an hour and a half. that bright yellow plasma will help three to four coronavirus patient, some critically ill here or across the country. >> the centrifuge then spins down the blood and separates out the plasma component into a separate bag. >> it turns out chief novelly is ab positive. that makes him a universal
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plasma donor. so every 14 days he'll be back to donate again. >> maybe this is my calling. i don't know. maybe this is why i was supposed to get corona early. but i feel lucky to be able to help out. >> so much to learn about covid-19. joe's partner kyle has not contracted coronavirus. neither did their three children. for the i-team at stanford, dan noyes, abc7 news. an important message. if you have tested ipo for coronavirus and are recovering, the stanford blood center really wants to hear from you. we're posting a link at help someone else who might not be handling coronavirus as well as you did. veterinarians are calling on california to make a change so they can practice telemedicine. the state's veterinary board put tight restricts in place when the shelter in place kicked in. the only way vets could connect with their clients if they already made a specific diagnosis in person for someone's pet in the last ye.e
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actually putting public safety at risk because people have been forced to bring their pets to the hospital during the pandemic. >> have a lot of clients who are home bound, who are immunocompromised, where coming to the veterinarian is actually a big risk for them. >> veterinary medical board leaders plan to meet tomorrow to consider changing the regulations. mental health workers picketed outside the willow rock center in san leandro today. it's a behavior health facility for teens. sciu members claim their employer telecare hasn't given them clear guidelines screening and training on covid protocols. they say that puts them and their families at patients at risk of infection. >> we have families throughout telecare that are staffed with inadequate numbers of nurses and counselors to patient ratios. we've got inadequate numbers and types of ppe, protective equipment. >> in an email, telecare says it's doing everything it can to
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keep people safe, it says its facilities are fully staff and it has prioritized ppe for staff members working with patients. janitors say they have been left out of the federal response to the pandemic. union janitors in san francisco today launched an essential worker caravan as part of a national day of action for janitors. the union's president says there have been cases in san francisco where janitors were exposed to coronavirus and not informed by their employer. >> how dare you tell us that we are essential when you won't even give us a mask, when you're not giving us gloves, but more importantly, you're not telling us when we're exposed. we want to know so that we can go get tested. >> the union says its getting h protection of health care benefits. workers want lawmakers to include protection for essential property service workers in the next pandemic legislation. sometimes it feels like the pandemic is really all we can handle right now. but that's not how life works.
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what happens if there is an earthquake or a wildfire breaks out? ac7 news reporter wayne freedman looks at what firefighters could face. >> california's golden wild lands, so beautiful, so potentially dangerous, even on this rainy day. >> we could have a potentially very busy fire season. >> it is that time of year again with an added complication this time around, covid-19. what a combination. >> we're focused on c-19. we're focused on coronavirus mitigation, trying to do our best to suppress the spread at the same time. we've got to mitigate and suppress these fires as we move into wildfire season. >> but it will not be easy, escial iterms of prorete, o oft today when we asked cal fire about their plans, we heard about a work in progress. >> you know, this is something that we've never done before. none of us have ever done this before. so we're going to be figuring it out a little bit as we good go along.
6:20 pm
>> begin with a place like this, yolo county in 2018, a base camp for 3,000 firefighters. >> they need a place to shower. they need a place to sleep. they have to have food, proper nutrition, medical care at times. >> but what worked in the past will not be appropriate this year. >> we do have plans in place on how to spread those base camps out. feeding lines, more wash stations. >> inmate firefighters are another concern. quote, prior to being transferred to the conservation camps, inmates who finish their training are isolated from the general population for a period of 14 days and screened for covid-19. the department of corrections told us today. now what about evacuees? >> i don't really know what to think, you know. i just know my home is gone. >> remember this evacuation center in a chico walmart parking lot following the campfire? how will the red cross handle it?
6:21 pm
how will counties and cities cope? a tragedy then could be a potential disaster in the midst of a pandemic. >> what are you going to do with 50,000 people homeless all of the sudden. >> that is a very good question for this rainy day. in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> now the fire risk is pretty low today, and the rain, it isn't done with us yet. spencer tracking
6:22 pm
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a special salute today for local first responders and health care workers. f-15 fighter jets from a fresno air squadron soared over. we spotted them as they soared over richmond's kaiser hospital thrilling doctors and nurses and other staffers. [ cheering ] >> i think it's really tremendous that they would pause and recognize the work that has gone on in california with health care workers. >> i've never seen a jet that close before. to see them fly that low and
6:24 pm
slow is absolutely amazing. >> today's flyover is part of a nationwide national guard salute to our frontline workers. and fortunately, the weather cooperated, for the most part, that flyover. >> it wasn't sparkling out there, but we could see the jets clearly. spencer? >> exactly. that's a good way of describing it. not sparkling, but okay. and that's pretty much what we have right now. here is a look at live doppler 7 there. just a few spotty showers scattered around the bay area. and it's still breezy. we've got wind speeds right now basically about 15 to 20 miles per hour across much of the bay area. and temperature readings are not quite so chilly in some spots as they were earlier. it's 62 in san francisco and 66 at oakland, red coordinatewood city and san jose. 61 at gilroy in pacifica. santa rosa is down to 59 degrees. 63 petaluma and livermore, concord 64. and these are our forecast features. spotty showers will remain with
6:25 pm
us during the nighttime hours and tomorrow, for a while tomorrow. a mild and sunny break is likely on friday. and then a stronger storm comes in over the weekend. let's deal with our current storm, though, the one that will be with us tonight and tomorrow. it ranks one on the abc7 news impact. light intensity. we can expect spotty showers tonight and tomorrow. breezy at times. most locations will receive under 0.2 of an inch of additional rainfall. here is the forecast animation. notice in the evening hours going to the late night hours, we'll don't see the spotty showers. and then a bit of a break until early morning. just before 6:00 a.m., we'll see a fairly large area of showers offshore just moving onshore during the morning commute. and into about the midday hours. but by early to mid afternoon, we'll see the system falling apart. a little sunshine will break through, and it might warm the afternoon up a little bit. on we go to rainfall estimates. mainly just a few hundreds of an inch of rain from this system expected tomorrow. overnight lows will be generally in the mid-50s, and tomorrow's
6:26 pm
highs will range from about 60, 62 at the coast to mainly upper 60s near the bay shoreline, generally to upper 60s and low 70s inland. it gets quite nice on friday, with sunnier skies and high temperatures near 80 inland. some 70s around the bay shoreline. cools down a little bit on saturday as clouds thicken and rain approaches and gets even cooler and a bit breezier and wetter on sunday as the rain arrives. here is the forecast animation starting saturday afternoon. the rain arrives the first wave saturday night into sunday morning. that passes through. another wave comes through monday morning into monday night. and some showers will linger into tuesday. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a nice little break on friday. and then a wet pattern through monday and into tuesday before we start to get drying out again, midweek next week. dan and ama? >> thank you, spencer. restrictions on office construction have been lifted in
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> tonight we have new numbers about the impact of the stay at home orders on the coronavirus pandemic. >> drexel university school of public health estimated the stay at home restrictions led to more than two million hospitalizations being avoided nationwide. they estimate the orders also saved more than 200,000 lives. the kaiser family foundation has a new report out estimating close to 27 million people nationwide have lost their employer-based health insurance. most will be able to sign up for
6:30 pm
other coverage. a change for students starting their career. harvard medical school will hold classes online for first year students this fall. and tonight san francisco's mayor london breed is telling abc7 news more of the city's billionaires should be donating to the city's relief fund. >> if i think you can afford it, number one, you should be taking care of your workforce. and number two, you should be doing everything you can to support the kinds of causes that are going to lead to actual results for people. >> about 75 billionaires live in san francisco. city records show only a few have donated to the recovery fund. [ closing bell ] >> u.s. stocks finished down. here are the numbers. the dow lost 516 points ending the day at 23,247. the nasdaq closed down 139 and the s&p tumbled 50 points. the sound of heavy construction activity is returning to silicon valley after health orders stopped work in mid-march. over the weeks that followed, thought has gone into ways to
6:31 pm
make major office projects better suited for changes in how we work. abc7 news reporter david louie looks at what lies ahead. >> construction sites across silicon valley are coming back to life with modifications to restrictions. sky 7 was over the site at nasa ames where google is building a new complex. and over san jose where the site of the old century movie theaters will be transformed ito one million square feet of office space. about 100 out of 150 trace people idled in march are back at work in phase 1 called one santana west. >> there is no more tool sharing. gloves and masks are required on-site. social distancing in the minimum six feet is required. >> even at this stage, design changes are under consideration to make lobbies larger to accommodate social distancing, and to provide dedicated terraces and outdoor space to replace dense conference rooms and small break rooms. also under consideration, smart elevators that stop only at preset floors to minimize people contact. however, this shift of working
6:32 pm
from home has also prompted a reevaluation of the need for large office complexes. carol gordino is co-moderator of the recovery round table created by san jose mayor sam liccardo. >> we are already deep into discussions about whether or not as covid continues and even past covid, whether we need to return to the worker relations we have. >> if there is a surplus of office space, gordino thinks that will help small startups by so important to the innovation economy by lowering the cost of leases. on the other hand, developers such as federal realty remain optimistic that there is demand for major office projects. >> it is our complete confidence that large office buildings where we can accommodate the new requirements inside those buildings safely and conveniently is still where people are going to want to invent the next great thing. >> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. a new survey commissioned by
6:33 pm
real estate company zillow finds 75% of those now working from home would like to continue doing so. at least half the time. two-thirds might even move if they could continue to work from home sometimes, and would be willing to move farther away from their workplace, which could mean an increase in population in the suburbs and other communities. the main motivators for moving are for a house that's bigger, has more rooms, more dedicated office space. millions of americans have had to cancel travel plans of course during this pandemic. on top of the disappointment, many are struggling to get money become for prepaid vacations. flow is a push to require airlines to give passengers cash refunds, not just vouchers, your actual money back. 7 on your side's michael finney is live with that story tonight. michael? >> airlines receive $25 billion from american taxpayers, and yet some airlines are still hanging on to some of the cash their passengers are owed. well, consumer advocates and
6:34 pm
lawmakers are saying stop it. >> she said i would love to go to england and scotland. >> andy vanderschoot of napa made reservations last november for a family vacation in may. >> three weeks all over scotland, wales and england. >> of course, he had no idea what was about to happen. >> the covid-19 pandemic started ramping up, and things were looking very serious. >> as the world stopped, united airlines canceled the family's flight to london. so andy asked united to refund the $5400 he paid for the tickets. so his shock, united said no. >> basically, that i know you're very frustrated. we're very sorry, but we can't give you your money back. >> united said he could get a voucher good for two years, but andy said he may never get the chance to travel again. >> i don't know whether i want to fly again under the present circumstances. i don't know whether i'm going to want to fly within two years from now. i'm 73 years old.
6:35 pm
>> andy isn't alone. today two consumer groups submitted petitions with nearly 150,000 signatures demanding airlines give cash refunds for canceled trips. >> we must give this money back to passengers. give it back to consumers. >> senator ed markey of massachusetts introduced legislation to require airlines to refund money for all unused tickets during the pandemic, even if the passenger is the one to cancel. >> the airlines are keeping it when the passengers as heads of families need this money in their pocket for our food, for our rent, for our mortgages. >> the u.s. department of transportation just issued a warning to airlines saying if they cancel a flight that. >> must refund passengers in cash and not force them to accept a voucher. the industry group airline for america says giving everyone a cash refund would bankrupt the airlines. however, consumer advocates
6:36 pm
point out the industry already received a $25 billion bailout, and now are hanging on to about $10 billion paid by passengers who badly need the money right now. >> i didn't get a bailout for anything. i haven't gotten a stimulus check, and i'm living off my own means, and they're hanging on to my money. >> now this just in. we reached out to united. we've been working with them. they looked at andy's case and they are now giving him all of his money back. united airlines telling us as they missouri through this pandemic, rules are changing and they changed for andy. so there is some good news to end my wednesday, anyway. thursday, pardon me. thursday. >> all right, michael, thank you so much. being able to do a coronavirus test at home could be a game changer in managing the pandemic thanks to some
6:37 pm
silicon valley innovators. one is in the works right now. coronavirus cut short many sports and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term.
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the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. [music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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the definition of pandemic is a disease that's having a worldwide impact. so here are some global headlines tonight. today new zealand lifted most of its lockdown restrictions. the country of 5 million people hasn't reported any new cases for two days in a row. so that's very encouraging. the president of mexico promises his country will start to reopen on monday, even though cases continue to rise and testing remains inadequate. britain's economy shrank by 5.9% in march. for more headlines let's go to
6:40 pm
james longman in london. >> russia is now second only to the united states in its number of confirmed covid-19 cases. they've seen more than 10,000 new cases a day for the last ten days, bringing their total to something in the region of 230,000. a number of people close to president putin have also tested positive. now the death toll does remain quite low, somewhere in the region of 2.5,000 people. there is some question to the truth of that. russia is starting to reopen. people started heading back to work yesterday. in china, wuhan, the epicenter of the crisis, they've started to see clusters of new infections. and for that reason officials want to test the entire population of wuhan. that's 11 million people. an extraordinarily, they say they want to do this in just ten day, although there is no word when that will begin. james longman, abc7 news in london. >> thank you, james. national geographic put together this map to show the trend of coronavirus cases in each county. it's very interesting.
6:41 pm
red means that those cases are increasing. green means they are decreasing. in the bay area, most counties are either flat or decreasing, as you can see. this map is interactive. you can find it on our website, >> yeah, it's worth taking a look at. much has been said about covid-19 testing capacity and how our ability to ramp it up will be a crucial component to reopening parts of the economy. abc7 news chris nguyen has more on the innovative work being done locally to make that all a reality. >> at the moment, getting tested for covid-19 can be an invasive process. in most cases, a medical professional sticks a special swab up the nose that's flexible enough to get all the way tock the back of the throat. it's uncomfortable and can put a health worker at risk of getting infected. what if there is another way to test? >> if we can do something like where a person can spit into a cup and find out if they have covid-19 or not, that could be a game changer. >> that could soon become a
6:42 pm
reality if researchers at stanford are able to show a saliva test can be just as accurate as a swab. >> having saliva-type testing really gives you a window into what's going on in your community. >> dr. ruthanne crystal is the lead physician at startx, a nonprofit associated with stanford. she has been keeping tabs on some of the work being done to innovate covid-19 testing. in the past week, rutgers university received emergency approval from the fda to allow people to collect their own saliva at home and then send it off to a lab for results, similar to a genealogy test. >> you can test a lot of people with saliva. it doesn't take any special person that has to draw blood or has to use a swab. >> and that's not the only item on the innovation front. ucsf is working on a new crisper-based covid-19 test kit that can diagnosis infection in less than an hour by using gene targeting technology. >> for crisper test, it can use
6:43 pm
reagents in most laboratories. it's a lot easier and probably a lot less expensive. >> the stanford and ucsf tests are currently going through trial runs. but if approved by the fda, both could play a role in getting america back to work. in silicon valley, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> and as we continue, you're looking at a foggy tam cam. more rain is in the do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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6:45 pm
and welcome back with a live look at san francisco international airport. there aren't many passenger there's now because of the pandemic, but the airport has just been awarded the best airport in the u.s. by sky tracks passenger choice awards. the grand hyatt at sfo was also the best airport hotel in the u.s. starting in june, travelers using the sfo bart station will have to have a clipper card. no more paper tickets will be sold at the airport station starting on june 1. bart is gradually moving its system away from paper tickets.
6:46 pm
most travelers already use a clipper card. bart ridership is down because of the coronavirus pandemic and the shelter in place orders. it used to carry more than 400,000 passengers per day. now it's fewer than 30,000. bart faces a $600 million budget deficit because of the drop in ridership. well, as the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of professional sports, youth sports across the country saw closures as well, including a league in the south bay with some really special athletes. abc7 news news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey tells us how the major changes affected a team and its chances to play this the little league world series. >> the fields of came briann park in san jose are like the rest of the countries right now, empty. >> we practically live at the fields. and not to be able to have that right now is really heartbreaking. >> the season was canceled one game into the schedule pour the challenger squad. the adaptive baseball program designed for children with disabilities.
6:47 pm
>> our challenger division is the crown jewel of what we do for kids in our community. >> it's bigger than just the game. it's about spreading awareness and inclusion in our community. so regardless of abilities, we all just want to play baseball. because bottom line, we just want to be like everybody else. >> for their efforts, the team was invited to play a special exhibition game in the 2020 little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. the first time in san jose history that a team has been invited. then the coronavirus happened. and for the first time in the 74-year history of the little canceled. >> every kid dreams about williamsport and the little league world series. when we announced it at opening day parade, it was electric. the crowd was crazy. and you could just feel it. and the players were excited. and it was going to be a great moment. >> the good news is despite the turnout being canceled this year, the team has been invited to play in williamsport in 2021. >> just you saying that again
6:48 pm
gave me chills. we are thrilled for this oneself in a lifetime opportunity, and to promote inclusion and awareness and just to get out there and show our community how amazing our players are. >> the team is already working on fundraising for the 2021 tournament, and we've provided that information on our website. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> all right. let's turn our attention to our weather. a little gloomy lately, dan. >> it is not at all like it should normally be in may. spencer christian has the forecast. >> i keep checking my calendar, thinking maybe it's march. maybe i made a mistake. but it's may. and it may continue to be like this. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have some spotty widely scattered spritzles and sprinkles around the bay area right now. during the overnight we may see more isolated showers with lots of clouds, and overnight lows will generally be in the mid to low 50s.
6:49 pm
and then tomorrow, another cloudy start to the day with more showers likely mainly up in the north bay and perhaps across the santa cruz mountains. but they could pop up just about anywhere. whoops. almost lost my earpiece. highs tomorrow will range from low 60s at the coast to upper 60s around the bay shoreline to upper 60s and low 70s inland. and we get a little bit of a change on friday as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be the sunniest, driest, warmest day in the seven-day forecast period with highs getting up to about 80 degrees and the warmest inland spots on friday. mid-70s around the bay, low 60s on the coast. it gets cloudier and cooler over the weekend. our next storm comes in. it will be a wetter, stronger storm than the one that is winding down now. and cold showers could linger into monday with even still a chance of a shower or two on tuesday. so this is a very unsettled pattern we're in. if you look at this, that's what unsettled means in weather talk. dan and ama? >> definitely. all right, thanks, spencer.
6:50 pm
all right. we have some 49ers news to talk about. larry beil is live with that. hi, larry. >> hi, dan. hi, ama. 49ers lost their best receiver in the off-season. so the question is who will step up to fill the void left by emmanuel sanders?
6:51 pm
for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
6:52 pm
now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. if and when we actually do have a football season, the 49ers are talking about going on a revenge tour after coming up six minutes short of a super bowl title. receiver deebo samuel says he has been training the off-season in houston along with his trainers alongside new niners tackle trent williams. deebo's production increased dramatically last season. you can see jimmy garoppolo having more and more confidence in the rookie last year. and part of his rise, he credits
6:53 pm
to the leadership of emmanuel sanders, now with the saints. >> man, as you can see, when we got emanuel, you can see like kind of like the whole room changed. i mean, he brought the leader mentality, like the vet mentality that we needed in the room. any time we needed advice or anything, he was always there. just like the things that he told us about the game, whether it's on the field or off the field, taking care of your bed and things like that. but the loss of him, i think it was kind of big, but, you know, we knew that we wasn't going to be able to keep everybody. so we had to find a guy that would kind of like step up and take his role or whatever. but i just think it was very helpful to have him as part of the team last year. >> for sure. now if things were normal, tiger woods and the very best golfers in the world would be at harding park in san francisco this week for the pga championship. but the pandemic has pushed that event back to august.
6:54 pm
event director barry deep says they're hoping that fans will be allowed if they play almost three months from now. >> you know, the big decision of playing and continuing ten weeks ago was the big hurdle. we have always since that time concentrated on two tracks of plan a which was a new championship with spectators and plan b with covid. so we've been working really hard nationally and locally in partnership with all of our partners here, within the city and county of san francisco and the state of california. >> we should mention that the pga tour plans to restart play next month, june. so it will be welcome relief for all of us that are just dying to see live sports. time for another edition of abc7 call my play. you send the video, i call the action. and tonight the focus is on a young man who is silky smooth on the court. >> rider king castro is a
6:55 pm
10-year-old with quick hands. and look at the up and under. hey, ref, where is the foul called? he is confident. this young man has some range. on the stepback from deep, splash! and watch the reaction from the coaches. easy rider. we just called your play on abc7. >> steph-like, dare we say? hey, send me your videos. be sure to send th the #abc7callmyplay so we can put you on tv. well, we though what action movie star jason momoa has been doing while staying at home. practicing his ax throwing. the big man from hawaii really good. these are no-look tosses. i mean, bang. aloha means it's time for your haircut, and don't flinch.
6:56 pm
dan, i think -- i think this could work. jason momoa, dan ashley, when get back the normal? you know that's -- i see huge numbers ratings wise. it could be big. >> i'll throw the axes. i'm keeping my shirt on with this guy, though. >> i know, i know. ama is a big jason momoa fan. so she would pay to see the momoa ashley haircut video. >> thanks, larry. >> i don't know why you say that. louie is appalled. i can hear him barking inside. be sure to join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> how would you feel if your kids went to school just two days aweek and then did social distance learning for three? one district is talking than possibility. more tonight at 11. >> it pays to be liked. eight local restaurants get a $100,000 check from two of the bay area's wealthiest residents.
6:57 pm
all right that is this edition of abc7 news. look for news any time you wish on the abc7 news app. as always, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for spencer, larry, the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
tonight, three legendary players will battle it out for $1 million on... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome once again to our tournament. if this were a sporting event, i would feel very comfortable in saying we are about to go into sudden death overtime because if ken jennings manages to win this match, he'll be going home $1 million richer, carrying this trophy, and having earned the title the greatest of all time "jeopardy!" champion. so there's a lot of pressure on him. [ applause ] [ applause ] here are the categories for the "jeopardy!" round in the first game of this match. they are... uh-oh, there's a trend.
7:00 pm
[ laughter ] each correct response will end in i-s-h. james, you won the honor of selecting first. knight line, 800. - ken. - who is roland? - yes. - knight line for 600. james. what is "murder in the cathedral"? - you are right. - stump town, 800. - ken. - what is ashland? - yes. - stump town, 1,000. - james. - what is pine bluff? - right. - stump town, 600.


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