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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 18, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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building a better bre for a sece is i7 news collectiv significantly reduced the spread in our county, and we now have a little bit of head room to cautiously take another ten forward. >> we are moving forward to allow some of the larger counties to continue to make progress deeper into phase two. >> moving forward, both in the bay area and all across the state, good news from officials today. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. as you can see on this map, san francisco, san mateo, marin and alameda have all gone green, meaning many businesses can start reopening so customerks do curbside pickup. contra costa county will start phase two tomorrow. santa clara will move to phase
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two on friday. education, your money, your health are areas tt "toabc7 i effort to build a better bay area. as we see progress opening the bay area, we know we'll have to adapt to a much difficult world. chris nguyen is live with a look at today's announcement. chris? >> reporter: hi, kristen. some businesses will be allowed to reopen as you said. and now county wide, you'll start seeing signs like this one indicating that an establishment has a social distancing plan in place that they are taking seriously. this afternoon, signs of progress in santa clara county making way for certain parts of the economy to get back to business. >> our effort has significantly reduced the spread in our county, and we now have a little bit of head take another step forward. >> reporter: starting friday, the updated health order will allow retail businesses to open
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for curbside pickup. it also allows warehouses supporting retail to reopen. >> the number of new cases in our county is stable and decreasing significantly reducing the doubling time for new cases. >> reporter: the announcement comes as retailers across the region struggle to adapt to a new reality. >> i miss my employees, my clientele, the community. it's all just been really hard to actually put into words. it's very surreal. >> reporter: brook ramirez with bombshell boutique in downtown campbell says business is still down 80%. she's unsure if offering curbside pickup will help. >> it's a big reminder that no day is promised, and you have to fight for everything that you want or believe in, and in this case, it's bombshell boutique for me. >> reporter: although positive steps are being made to reopening the local community, a good amount of people remain at
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risk for contracting the virus. >> the more we do to protect those people, the more we're protecting a neighbor, a family member, a dear friend. >> reporter: this pandemic has impacted all facets of life, but many say our collective actions have made a difference, sacrifices that allowed this county to flatten the curve. >> retail business is hard on a regular day, so you have to work for it, you have to have that passion inside you still. >> reporter: in addition to curbside retail, outdoor businesses, outdoor gardens, historical sites and public gardens, as well as museums can be open, as long as visitors remain in outdoor areas. i'm chris nguyen, "abc7 news." >> chris, thank you. san francisco today officially moved into phase two of reopening that allows for retail stores to provide cu curbside parking as well as manufacturing. based on trends, san francisco could possibly move into the second part of phase two, phase
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two-b, if you will, in two to four weeks. that would allow for restaurants to reopen, for dine-in service. but mayor london breed stressed that nothing is official and it all depends on what the data shows. > the goal is to get people used to this new normal as well, to get used to the mask and the social distancing and those other things that will help get us through this, not just today or tomorrow, but long-term. >> the mayor added that there is a possibility that summer camps may be able to open this year with strict social distancing measures. so not what you like you see in those pictures. good news from the governor today. he says church services, haircuts, yes, finally, coming back soon. and professional sports without fans would start up again in a few weeks' time if counties meet the criteria to move along into the stages of reopening. dan ashley is live in the newsroom with more. dan? >> a couple of big ifs in there.
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today in napa county, the governor announced california is relaxing its criteria for counties that want to reopen faster. but local officials can continue to move at their own pace. some of the new criteria include no more than 5% weekly increase in hospitalizations, and a weekly positive test rate of less than 8%. the governor today says there's been a 7.5% decline in hospitalizations statewide over the past 14 days. >> we expect if we hold the rate of transmissions, we hold the positivity rate down, we continue to do justice with the hospitalization and icu numbers, that we'll be making announcements statewide, not just with the regional variances, that would allow for retail, not just to be picked up, but in-store retail to be loosened up, in addition to that, sporting events, pro
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sports in that first week or so of june without spectators. and modifications and very prescriptive conditions. also can begin to move forward and a number of other sectors of the economy will open up again, if we hold these trendlines in the next number of weeks. and that includes, for example, getting a haircut, which is very meaningful. and that can be done on a regional variance, but will be able to be advanced in the next few weeks. >> the governor says churches may be allowed to hold services in a few week it is the trends hold. that's the key. officials had been working overtime with religious leaders to come up with guidelines for reopening houses of worship across the state. let's go back to sports for a moment. the governor said games without fans could resume, but with deep modifications, deep stipulations
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in terms of protecting players and support staff, even with fans not in the arena. larry, he talked about if the trendlines continue. that's a big if. i would be interested in your take. i know you've been talking about the sports teams about their optimism of going again but also their reservations. >> i was excited when i heard june 1st, because remember, just a few weeks ago, we heard officials saying, there's probably not going to be any live sporting events in the state of california even into the fall. so just now june 1st is much more optimistic. but everything is going to look so different from what we're used to. and baseball has 67-page proposal from the own toers the players, that every little minute detail is spelled out in terms of even like where you sit during the game. you can't sit in the dugout, you can't be too close together. and also spring training, they'll have to decide if the giants, if san francisco is not
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ready, do they go to arizona to hold spring training? also, football, they're talking about redoing the facemasks with protective, perhaps n95 type materials to further protect the players. one thing that is pretty obvious, it's going to look completely different, the sports world from what we're all used t seeing. >> absolutely, larry, exactly right about that. that's interesting about the facemasks integrated into football. but for sports fans, beggars can't be chooser, people will take whatever they can get. but i would also remind everyone that he mentions the trendlines continuing. the governor today, it's going to be very interesting to see as we begin to reopen and people start to congregate once again, what will happen to the number of cases. the other day in texas, the largest spike they have had in quite some time because of -- or not necessarily because of, but right after they kind of reopened the state. so we're not out of the woods
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yet by a long shot. >> yeah. one step forward, we'll see if we're going one step back. this is basically a huge science project that we're all taking part in, whether we want to or not, dan. >> good point. thank you very much. napa county is speaking permission to move deeper into stage two, to allow people to go into stores and restaurants. wayne freedman joins us live from downtown napa where the announcements by the governor were certainly welcome. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. the governor simply knew what he was going to find when he came to napa today. for weeks we've been hearing residents talk about the balance between the benefits and risks of reopening. after the governor spoke, they were encouraged. in napa county, even vagaries from the governor can sound encouraging. so when he said this today -- >> there's a reason we're here. that's the spirit of
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collaboration and cooperation. >> reporter: it sounded like a signal for hope, that office building and restaurants might be opening soon. >> thumbs up. now turn everything back on. >> reporter: in napa, that cannot happen soon enough. covid-19 has already cost them sold out crowds. >> it's a huge loss personally and professionally for a lot of people. >> reporter: hotels and bnbs now empty. >> this could be the nalt in ile coffin for a lot of people. >> reporter: this is to keep people from knocking until napa opens up. >> until the wineries can reopen, it won't do us any good. >> reporter: wineries remain off the list, davies, because restaurants are likely to open up first. >> what's the difference sitting at a winery and being served a
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glass of wine? >> reporter: at sweetie pie's bakery, the owner compared covid-19 to floods, fires, earthquakes and recessions. pardon the pun, but covid-19 takes the cake for her. and the governor walked in here tonight, here's what she would have told him. >> i would say i think we did a fantastic job in our state. but now we need to lessen up a little bit. >> reporter: we're still waiting to hear from napa county for its interpretation of what the governor said today. the county has been waiting since thursday when it asked the governor to ease restrictions here. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> wayne, thank you. the directr of the department of motor vehicles paid a visit today to one of the agency's field offices in san jose. steve gordon toured the office on west alma avenue. it's one of five dmv offices open in the bay area, and one of 25 statewide. walk-in customers who need to get their licenses reinstated
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are welcomed. gourdson says each office is taking steps to keep people safe. >> we're wearing ppes in the office. we're making sure we have space in the office. we're using every other window to space out the reps and so customers aren't too close together. >> the dmv expanded its virtual offerings. the shelter in place has take an toll on a lot of people's mental health. dr. patel will join us to help you deal with issues you may be having. and it's still unknown what colleges will look like this fall. that has some colleges considering taking a gap year. why one university says that may not be a good idea. i'm spencer christian. still cool, breezy, isolated showers. could this be the weather for the memorial day weekend? maybe not. i'll have the accuweath
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reports of further economic stimulus money and progress in a coronavirus vaccine trial sent financial markets soaring today. the dow jumped 912 points, 3.9%. the s&p 500 and nasdaq rose 3.2 and 4.2% respectively, the largest gain if weeks. we told you at the top of the news cast, the bay area will be entering phase two of reopening this week. san francisco chronicle insider and abc news contributor phil matir here to talk about what that means. let's start with small retail business and the significance of this move as everybody heads into phase two. >> that's right. it's different how people are going into phase two, larry. it's one of those give people an inch and they'll take it as far as they can. what we have is the agreement that people can do curbside service. if you want a book or a shirt from a small shop, phone ahead
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and go down there and maybe pick on thesi e problis, in aso wt we're seei this morning, people are going down to the shops. i found one sales person today in front of west coast leather, down by union square that set up a counter in the doorway. and you could talk to him and they said if you were looking for something, they could bring it out to the sidewalk for you to take a look at, as well. so we're going into phase two, which says curbside service. the question is how long we're going to be in phase two until we move to the next one, which is allowing people to move into stores and moving more freely. >> we're showing video of best buy and other big-box retail companies. obviously, they have more resources to deal with whatever changes there are in the marketplace. >> they do. but understand those are still like the specialty ones. and they're going to have to
4:17 pm
readjust. they have taken a hit as well as everybody else on this. it's going to be interesting to see what the nature of retail is. you have small retail and then medium and large, what it's going to be coming out of this. and it's going to be different, because here are some of the dominos. think about it. let's say more -- the bay area council did a survey of about 150 i think top ceos in the bay area and ask what is the place going to look like when they come back to work? they said for tarters, eight out of ten will be encouraging people to work from home. that means fewer people coming into town, fewer people going shopping, fewer people in the restaurants, fewer people all around. it's going to be a different sort of economy. we're not sure how it's going to land. we've never seen it. i've got a question for you. the governor went from sports, you might see it in the next lifetime, to now he's talking june 1st we'll have baseball possibly in june without fans? how is that going to change
4:18 pm
things? >> well, not so fast, because london breed said later on san francisco is not ready by june 1st. so every day is a whole new experience as to what's possible, what's likely. you know, i was talking to dan a few minutes ago. a little while ago, we didn't think there was any chance of football this fall. and now in california, there is that chance. i got one more for you, though. real quick. you wrote in your column about this store that sells newspapers deemed to be non-essential. what are the rules? who knows what the rules are? this poor guy with his store. >> exactly. the rules change, the interpretations change, and then what turns around is that the officials make the change too. and say oh, by the way what we said wasn't going to happen, now we decided it can happen. so it's all very much up in the air, and we're going to take it one day at a time, because that's all the advanced warning you have on some of this. >> yeah. baby steps, baby steps.
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thank you, phil. you can read phil's column in the stran francisco chronicle every sunday and wednesday. >> that was a great conversation. fire season is declared open in san bonito and monterey encouraging people to maintain a minimum of 100 feet of defensible space around their homes by clearing dead or dying vegetation and using fire resistant plants in their yards. check this out. it is showing in tahoe city. the sheriff tweeted out this video today, writing they already have about one inch at lake level. winter just kind of hanging on a little bit there, or trying. >> unbelievable. spencer, what's going on, spencer christian? >> yeah. well, it's an unusual pattern for me, isn't it? yes, it is snowing in the sierra. in fact, a winter storm warning is in effect until 5:00 p.m.
4:20 pm
tomorrow. here in the bay area, we have had some rather wacky weather today as you can see, thunderstorm activity to our east, all the way out into the sierra as a matter of fact. we have had some isolated showers here in the immediate bay area, mainly because of this upper he feel low, centered just off the northern california coast. and the circulation is sweeping cold air into the bay area and producing instability in the atmosphere, which is allowing for the possibility of isolated showers and thunderstorms. right now, we have a brisk, robust breeze. wind speeds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour across the bay area. know fit it's 3 to 7 degrees cooler in most bay area locations than at this time yesterday. so let's take a closer look. excuse me. my allergies are acting up today. maybe it's the breeze. current temperature readings are 62 in san francisco and pacifica. mid 60s oakland. redwood city, san jose and gioy we go to look across the bay
4:21 pm
from emeryville. 71 in fairfield. 34 and look at it across the city. these are the forecast features. still a chance of isolated showers tonight. sunny and drier, milder beginning midweek. we have a warmup coming our way for memorial day weekend. right now, though, the remnants of this current system, still rank one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. for tonight, we could see isolated showers, remote though it may be of an isolated thunderstorm or two. only 0.02 inches of of of of so. most of the shower activity remains offshore, but some could move on shore, but they will be isolated or widely scattered and produce little in measurable rainfall. rainfall totals, 0.02 of an
4:22 pm
inch, that's about it. in sierra, a winter storm warning. and travel will be difficult. but who should be traveling out there right now anyhow, right? overnight lowing, mainly low 50s. tomorrow's highs will be in the upper 60s to low 70s inland. low 60s on the coast. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice how much brighter it will be, going into memorial day weekend, high temperatures soaring up to almost summer-like levels. it looks like it's going to be a great holiday weekend. >> larry and kristen? >> larry, i'm just admiring how nice it's going to be. so spencer, we thank you for that. >> i'm speechless. >> all right. if you think it's hard to hear through masks, think about what it's like for the hard of hearing. the nurse stepping up to help. it's like a video game but only ♪
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probably the last thing you want someone to do is to lower their facemask it is you can't understand them. voiceks be difficult to understand going through fabric, so david louie looks at the growing problem and a possible solution developed by a san francisco nurse. >> reporter: facemasks have created imagines to many to communicate clearly whether or not hearing impairment has been an issue. >> i broke up some concrete, i didn't want them to, because i had misunderstood something they said. >> reporter: it's a growing problem that audiologists say is caused by the muffling of voices. steve egan directs a hearing aid company based in the south bay. >> what happens is that our ability to even more finely distinguish the high-pitched parts of speech, so ss, th, f, sh, if he say the word ship for example, that would be misconstrued a number of ways.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: could be a collusion. a mask with a transparent panel that allows a mouth to be visible. people with hearing loss often rely on lip reading to clarify what is being said. the mask also provides visual feedback about the speaker's emotional support. >> when they feel their caregiver is genuine and cares about them, they're more compliant. miscommunication is one -- can cause serious medical problems. >> reporter: jeannie hahn developed the mask backed by a research grant from the national institutes of health. she believes the see-through panel adroess hearing difficulty and human connection. >> with covid-19, people are sick and critically ill and they need to have their family members be able to have those moments where they connect emotionally. >> reporter: the transparent masks have been tested by
4:27 pm
surgeons. orders are pouring in. in the meantime, if you're having difficulty understanding someone, stop and ask them to repeat themselves. but as a backup, carry a note pad with you and write down any critical details that you don't want to be misunderstood. david louie, "abc7 news." well, it's more than just your physical health. the effect this pandemic is having on your mental health. we'll get some advice from dr. we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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company is reporting some encouraging data of a coronavirus vaccine. moderna says its vaccine triggered positive responses in eight healthy volunteers. it generated antibodies similar to those people who have recovered from covid-19. the next test will be to determine whether the low or medium dosage is best. it's now been 63 days of shelter in place in the bay area. and you know, spending those 63 days in one place generally not going out too much can be very difficult for many of us. so that's tough mentally and socially. so all we can long we'll do stories about your mental health leading up to a town hall on thursday at 4:00 p.m. joining us is dr. patel is a look at how to deal with some of these issues you or your loved one may be struggling with. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, kristen. >> i want to start with this.
4:31 pm
what kind of data have you seen that shows how widespread these concerns may be right now? any groups affected most? >> kristen, it seems to be widespread across all groups. which is not something people associate with mental illness. people who are afraid on the front line, people who are buy themselves. you know, some early studies have shown that up to 40% to 50% of americans are reporting some type of mental distress. in previous times, there's an estimate -- that one in four americans will experienceme mental illness tha their lifetime. so that's before everything we're going through now. so we're worried about a new epidemic of mental illness. >> so what are the different ways this stress is manifesting itself? >> it's manifesting itself by
4:32 pm
two kind of variables. we see when it comes to economic instability, job loss, people losing their control, that's one risk factor. there's also the loss of social connection. this is coming through in reports of depression, anxiety, increase in substance abuse, reports of child abuse, domestic abuse. so it is hitting people in a huge spectrum. one thing i want to highlight is the worry about ptsd. i'm talking about people out there every single day and worrying about themselves getting sick or getting their family and friends sick. this is an ex-tra amount of fair added on to everything else. studies have shown there's a lot of mental illness associated with pandemics or natural disasters. we saw this with katrina, 9/11 and other outbreaks. this time it's worse than all of those and it's going on longer and affecting our economy bigger. >> doctor, thank you so much.
4:33 pm
what we want to do is offer resources for people and give them ways to help each other, help the people around us, and maybe help themselves. so that's why we're having our town hall. that's going to be this thursday. it's on mental health and coronavirus. thursday at 4:00 p.m., right here on abc 7. and many thanks to dr. patel. now, because of the pandemic, our efforts to build a better bay area are focused on four key areas, health, education, the economy, and our changing workplaces. high school seniors, they're pursuing higher education, now debating where and even whether it makes sense to go to college this fall. because there are some other options out there. lyanne melendez explores the idea of maybe taking a gap year. >> reporter: graduating seniors wearing a cap and gown, has been a spectacular scene. just as they face uncertain times, so do some of their younger classmates, who are not
4:34 pm
sure what the fall will bring. meena, who just completed her sophomore year at the university of san francisco. >> i just don't know how to plan, and i'm 20, so i kind of have to get started on like my life, you know? >> reporter: how are other students feeling about continuing with online learning? take the california state university system, which was the first to announce it will continue to teach students remotely in the fall. in a survey, 790 students were asked if they plan to stay or transfer. 62% said they would stay. 37% were undecided. and 2% planned to leave. in fact, not all colleges within the cal state university system are on board with online learning. for example, in a letter addressed to students already accepted to cal poly, that university wrote -- >> reporter: she has a leave of
4:35 pm
absence letter ready to fill out in case she decides to take a gap year. the president of san francisco state university is not recommending that students there take a gap year for fear they might step off the academic ladder. >> they generally off are the first in their family to go to school, go to college. and a pause in their education can sometimes mean they don't return. >> reporter: most four-year colleges are expected to see a decline in enrollment in the fall. but not community colleges. in times of economic downturn, their numbers tend to go up. some college advisers are telling client it is online classes are the only option, a community college may be a smart investment. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." the booming business of hand made. why so many people are turning to makers right now. plus, if you want to get creative in your own home, michael finney examines two top food processors. that's coming up.
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all right. time now for spencer joining us. four bay area counties started easier restrictions. so marin, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties are starting phase two. this will allow for the reopening of child care, manufacturing, and retail stores for curb side pickup only. some store owners said they aren't for sure if it is worth it and will stick to online transactions. dan, i'm wondering how many store also do this. >> it's always difficult for my
4:39 pm
business, particularly smaller businesses to retool the way they operate. and much of these small businesses don't have many employees, they don't have sophisticated systems in place. it's difficult to change the way they do business. they have to weigh whether or not it's going to be worth it to try to open under difficult circumstances. this is all part of that learning curve, as people figure out how to proceed with this new normal and how to still do business and stay in business. >> spencer, what is your initial reaction? >> yeah. all that dan said is true. but it's encouraging, even though it's going to be a challenge, because any little baby step we make towards getting back to normal, i think makes us feel freer and more optimistic. i'm hopeful, despite the fact that it is going to be very challenging for these small businesses. >> yeah. but baby steps hopefully we can
4:40 pm
put a few baby steps together and that makes a big step, like the return of sports in the bay area. the governor said games would resume next month but without fans. there's rumors of the season potentially starting around july fourth weekend. the warriors still have several games left. the nba appears to be moving towards finishing its season. ten teams have reopened practice for voluntary workouts. the lakers opened their facility over the weekend. the clippers opened theirs today. it depends on what the local regulations are, and san francisco is not quite ready. so we'll have to kuwawait and s. i'm cautiously optimistic. i know you guys are huge baseball fans. i just want to see a televised game with players that -- i mean, korean baseball league is
4:41 pm
fine, but i would like to see somebody is known. >> taiwan is doing it, too. >> yeah, i feel exactly the same way. i've been watching some of the korean baseball league. but even if -- as larry said, even if we have to watch baseball with no fans in the stands, that's tyfine. i just want to see baseball. >> i found myles watching bull riding this weekend with cowboys wearing facemasks. no kidding. >> larry, i was wondering how is that going to work? what if your opponent is in a place that hasn't started things up yet? >> that's where it's complicated. the giants have to decide whether do they hold spring training? do they go to arizona where the rules are easier to deal with or wait for san francisco? every team has to decide this stuff. i mean, the one question, nfl teams, if you're socially distancing, your defense will give up about 100 points a game. it's hard to social distance and tackle somebody at the same
4:42 pm
time. >> great for offense right now. >> yeah. >> let's talk about travel. that's awfully difficult right now. so why not try the next best thing? denmark is offing tours of the islands in the north atlantic through remote tourism. by logging on, you can view the chain of 18 islands by controlling a tour guide wearing a live camera. look at that, touristks direct the guide to go left, right, forward, run, jump. guideks go sailing, fly in helicopters. each tour is free and lasts one hour. it's available for multiple people with each controlling the guide in one minute intervals. who is up for this? >> that's clever actually. another unique way to try to solve a problem. i don't know if the tour guides are going to want to be spin around to jump too often. >> spencer, would you do it? >> like a vicarious vacation for us. anything that will lift our
4:43 pm
moods now and give us hope for, you know, being there ourselves is a great idea. by the way, regular viewers may notice i'm not in my usual spot today with my granddaughter's play area in the background. i had to move to another room for just one day. right now i'm in the ali memorial room. >> i'm impressed with how neat that room is. all right. >> yeah. a maryland restaurant trying out new tables to maintain social distancing. fish tails bar and drill was only open for take out over the weekend. they're preparing to start serving customers with the help of these unique tables. the giant tubes on wheels force customers to remain at least six feet apart. i like the creativity. look, we're talking about mental health earlier. anything that makes you laugh, brings a smile in your face, and in this case could be effective
4:44 pm
in keeping people -- i don't know how you go to the restroom with those things on, but whatever. anything that's positive. dan, you like the tube restaurants? >> i was amazed, the ingenuity you need to rig those things up. that's pretty clever. and it's fun and practical and it's good advertising. >> spencer? >> look at those humans, right, spencer? >> yeah, exactly. maybe we'll try that when we're back together in the studio. at least when we're near larry. >> sounds good. we'll give it a go. that's going t right now is a time for action. that's why usaa is giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can pay for things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. discover all the ways we're helping members today. [music]
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nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief ♪music) all right. kris kristen, let's get to some consumer news. >> michael finney is taking a closer look at food processors. michael? >> we want you guys to feed yourself better. if you're stuck at home and
4:47 pm
cooking a bunch more, food processor might seem like a good idea right now. so here's what you need to look for. lauren has been using her food processor almost daily since her company implemented a remote working policy. >> so i've been using it to shred cheese, which is bay quicker. >> reporter: she's not the only one. consumer reports perry santana covers small appliances for consumer reports. sin and her processor has been a huge help while she works for home. >> you cook for a crowd, a larger food processor can handle a lot. in a smaller food chopper, those are helpful when you need to prep only herbs or nuts. >> reporter: consumer reports runs a food prepping test to find the best. testers grate parmesan cheese, running it through these shivs
4:48 pm
to check consistency. onions and almonds are used to check chopping. different tasks pose different challenges and yield different results. if chopping, grading about pure raying is your priority, save some money and consider this ninja master prep professional. it scored very well in tests and costs just $60. if you want capacity and performance, you'll have to pay a lot more.more. this outperformed all of the other processors, but cost $400. and they recommend this $180 cuisinart custom. many food processor parts are dishwasher safe. the consumer report says you should wash them all by hand, which proves that consumer reports can take the fun out of nearly anything if they put their mind to it.
4:49 pm
>> they're so good at that. michael, thanks. now to the latest on the surging popularity of the online marketplace known as etsy. so many people are using this thing now, buying everything from masks to baked goods. here's rejecta jarvis. >> reporter: it's known for crafts, but now consumers are flocking to etsy for things they need. baker, owns the shop "chickens in the road" and says she was worried at first when quarantine hit. >> i didn't think people would be spending money, i just didn't think about the fact that food is comfort. so right now people want biscuits. >> reporter: her biscuits and mixes are such a hit, she's waking up 2:00 a.m., working 15-hour days just to keep up. >> it's been off the charts. like christmas on steroids every day. >> reporter: the marketplace is
4:50 pm
being led primarily by female entrepreneurs. about 85% of sellers are women, and 95% are working from home. alifeline for small business. what have you seen o pdec >> there's bee an explosion of demand. you can find so many things you need and support a local business, as well. it's such a great opportunity for small bakies who have been so hard hit to move on to etsy and find buyers who are really passionate about their product. >> i think, spencer, i can just mind meld with you. you're thinking heavens to etsy. [ laughter ] >> that's really good, larry. i'll just leave it alone. it is rather spencer-esque. here's a look at what's going on with our weather. thunderstorms to the east in the
4:51 pm
central valley. but here in the bay area, things are settling down just a bit. as we go overnight, clouds thicken, there is still the possibility of a couple of isolated showers, maybe some thunder. but mostly cloudy with lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, a few clouds and possibly a lingering morning shower, best chance up in the north bay. by afternoon, lots of sunshine, highs in the low 60s at the coast, to low 70s inland. seven-day forecast, a nice little drying out period middle of the week. a warming trend begins going into memorial day weekend. what timing could be better than that? looks great. larry and kristen? >> nice. nice. >> just a straight toss-back, no pun, spencer? >> nope. i can't top larry today. >> gotcha. >> larry's the king. >> larry wins. >> save that clip. >> we'll do that. you know abc is celebrating the
4:52 pm
class of 2020 by featuring as many seniors as possible. you can post candid picks with this hash tag or by going to congratulations to you, class of 2020.
4:53 pm
congratulations. and you know flowers bring joy to a lot of people. graduates for sure. but one south bay teacher took her love of flowers online to bring a little skrjoy to her community. and dan has more. >> odds are you heard that specialties cafe is closing. they cannot survive the financial fallout from the pandemic sadly. new at 5:00, what city officials are doing about other businesses also facing a very uncertain future. plus, the woman who put her heart and soul into making life better for the homeless, a look at how she died and her legacy. that and much more when we see
4:54 pm
you at 5:00.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
stay with us for the news at 11:00. as way spread smiles, a south bay elementary schoolteacher had a one of a kind idea. how love for flowers is bringing
4:57 pm
joy to the community. >> she'sso duri t c9 ndemic throu shings beautiful. what's not to love about flowers. >> her other passion. combining teaching and flowers through flower arranging classes. like all small businesses the pandemic impacted her lessons. >> it completely stopped. but when i was thinking about away that i could put my name out in the community and bringing joy and beauty into peoples life. the flower idea came to me. >> neighbors take flowers from their garden leave them on the doorstep and she arranges them and gives them back. >> they were giving them to neigorhoad t
4:58 pm
het quarantine. i thought it was so nice that they got to enjoy it before they pass it along and give it to somebody else to love. >> if there are extra flowers they don't fwo to waste. she hits the road and delivers to people who could use a smile. >> shelter in place can be lonely. getting deliveries helps you remember that we're all still together. even though we're separate. >> there wer about the flower -e people will see this and might be inspired to do something similar. >> we do invite you to join better bay area project thanks. share your gratitude for everyone on the front line of the covid-19 battle. we'll share it with the community.
4:59 pm
great ideas. thank you for joining us tonight. stick around for the news at 5:00. lots of news coming up. for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
5:00 pm
low blood pressure, kidney problems, e ha he nowhere else in the country. >> new optimism allowing some businesses to reopen in the south bay. car parades and celebrations are also coming back. >> also tonight big updates from the governor. time line on sporting events and church services. >> what could be a new restaurant row. a look tonight at reimagining the main street and age of coronavirus. >> remembering a woman who made a better place. helped so many people. but couldn't help herself. >> we are encouraged by the progress and the only thing that
5:01 pm
will set us back is no longer practice the social distancing that got us so far.


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