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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 19, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we're expecting that there will be a lot of discounting going on out there. >> retail trouble. deep discounts for shoppers as stores try to do everything they can to lure you back. this as retailers around the bay area slowly start getting back in business. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. abc7 is committed to help building a better bay area. we're focusing on education, health, the changing workforce and the economy. and one of the big issues right now with the economy is retail. with curbside pickup beginning this week in the bay area and governor newsom's announcement that phase three could be just weeks away, there is hope that retail which has been devastated by the pandemic could start to pick up. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. but first, new projections released just this week show just how bad the situation is. the numbers indicate the retail sales this year could be three times lower compared to the great recession.
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abc7 news anchor liz kreutz is live now to give us the big picture perspective of what this means. liz? >> hi, kristen. we've been talking a lot about our local businesses and how they're doing, but these numbers out today give a really big picture look at the overall toll retail is taking right now because of this pandemic. we spoke to the president of mountain hardwear based in richmond to get his take on what all of this means moving forward. >> we've all seen it, the crazy online discounts. 80% off ann taylor, 60% off j crew, macy's. while it might sound nice, something detrimental is happening to the retail business. but just how bad it is? what is the state of the retail industry right now? >> it's at a stand still. >> the president of richmond-based mountain happ hardwear. despite curbside pickup beginning this week in the bay area, even at places like rei
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which sales their products, he says he is not holding his breath. >> i don't see that changing anything significantly. i don't think consumers even understand what means or why they would do that versus being at ecommerce and having it shipped to their house. >> new data this week shows just how dire the situation. according to euro monitor international, a market research provider retail sales in the u.s. are projected to be down 6 positive 5% this year. in 2009 during the great recession retail was down just 2.2%. in april, last month clothing saleses were down 78.8%. so is what the trickle down impact? merchandise. lots of it. >> the entire marketplace is giving discounts right now in order to incentivize the consumer to allow the retailers and brands to move through inventory. inside the industry that. >> talk about black friday in july. >> he says for them may is typically when people start
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buying camping and climbing gear, but that's mostly been put on hold, although not everything has been hard to sell. >> i see more and more people going out on the trails and things like hiking pants are selling like crazy. but that doesn't mean that the consumer isn't expecting a discount. >> and that leads to another challenge. how do you as a retailer plan for what's to come when none of us even know? >> how will people shop? will they shop? there is no way anyone's guessing how much inventory they need. >> exhibit a, who could have predicted their number one selling item right now would be their most expensive down sleeping bag. >> we're not sure what people are doing with $500, $600, $700 down sleeping bags right now, but if they're camping in their backyard, they're very comfortable. >> sounds nice. mountain hardwear despite the uncertainty has donated $80,000 worth of clothes to first responders in the bay area and across the country. i did ask him what his
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prediction is for ski season. he says if there is any sport that lends itself to wearing a mask, it is skiing. he has high hopes. liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> that's a good point. when you look at the pipeline, what has been the impact on manufacturing of these retail products? >> yeah, you know, for the case, chris sten, with mountain hardwear, the president said they were calling their manufacturers in asia during the beginning of year saying are you still going to be able to ship out. and when coronavirus came here, they were calling back saying stop the press, stop the inventory, stop. that flow has been fine. it's really just the challenge of getting the consumer in the store. and even once a consumer can get store, the question is will they and will they feel safe? >> interesting. liz, thank you. starting today, the economy will get a boost in the east bay. contra costa joining seven other counties in phase 2 of the state's reopening.
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abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has that part of the story. >> lauren plateau opened her store doors today. her boutique luck is offering curbside service as contra costa county is the latest county to move into phase 2 of reopening. >> i'm excited because i think it's symbolic of what's to hopefully come. >> lauren has been connecting with customers during the pandemic by showing clothes in her instagram feed and delivering orders to customers' homes. so she isn't really expecting a rush of customers today. >> i don't know if the curbside is a bigger incentive than me bringing it right to their house. so i don't anticipate today being like any different. >> but she is still offering the curbside service, which means bringing back her employees. >> and it's allowing me to staff my store again, because i need to have someone here all the time in case a customer comes to pick up. so it's -- we're on schedule again. that was kind of fun to crazy the schedule. all the girls are super excited
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to come back in. >> she wishes the county would take it one step further and allow for safe and socially distant browsing. >> i would love. i think it would be a game changer if i could offer one-on-one appointments. if i could offer one-on-one, sanitize when you come in, have i the bottle, i'm the only one that touches the bottle. i sanitize, allowing people to come in, you have to wear a mask. >> we did see one customer come first thing this morning and bought a piece of jewelry. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> what does curbside shopping look like from the buyers' perspective? we'll have that part of the story coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. san francisco officials will talk later this week about the potential for summer programs and camps to open up for kids. abc7 news news anchor dan ashley live in the newsroom with more. dan, i got to think for parents who are busy home schooling, this has to be an unexpect and hopeful surprise. >> yeah, i think they're getting a little frantic understandably. san francisco mayor london breed
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made that announcement that you're talking about today. she says the city is cutting back on news conferences and will focus instead on conversations with leaders and having more of those individual conversations. in fact, she held one yesterday with health director dr. grant colfax. as a result of that dialogue, the mayor will have another conversation with leaders this week, centered this time on children's activities. >> i know many parents are anxious to not just get a break from their children, but to get back to work and to get their kids involved in activities, and i know kids are anxious to play with their friends. so this friday at 11:30, i, along with phil ginsburg, who is and maria su will have a conversation around some of the options that we have available and what we can expect for the future. it will center around opportunities mostly for the
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summer in transitioning kids into, you know, a place where we can allow in some cases summer activities. and we'll be able to speak more details about that on friday and hopefully get to many of the questions that so many of the parents had. >> so many parents worried about the rest of the summer for their kids. and yesterday san francisco allowed retail stores to open for curbside pickup, as we talked about. that's part of phase 2-a of the state's reopening plan. officials say they will watch the data over the next two to four weeks to decide if they're ready to move into phase 2-b. there is a progression under way now. >> so where does the city stand with respect to moving towards 2-b? how close? >> well, that's a good question. and again, it's all based on the data that comes in. the city is meeting some of that criteria, including a weekly
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positive test rate of less than 8%. there is also enough hospital capacity. they're concerned about any kind of surge and increasing that hospital -- or decreasing the hospital capacity, increasing people that have to go to the hospitals. but officials stress that progress could be lost if people stop social distancing and wearing masks. so in so many respects, larry, we begin at phase 2-a of this transitionary area, a lot of the results are in our hands, if we continue to cooperate and do the best we can to protect ourselves and others, we can continue to move to the next phase. >> yeah, staying the course. all right, dan, thanks. >> you bet. oakland mayor libby schaaf is praising the city's testing efforts following yesterday's opening of a third free testing site. she appeared with us today on midday live. >> just yesterday we did almost 600 tests. so thank you, oakland. i feel like i've been the testing nag, but you are listening, and you are taking advantage of these free testing sites.
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>> the newest drive-through testing site is located at the allen temple baptist church on international boulevard. the tests are free and available to all residents regardless of insurance or immigration status. the mayor also praised the new restrictions put into place to reduce weekero a merritt. it's been a real problem. the new rules limit food trucks and parking availability along the lake on fridays, saturdays and sundays. parking lots are partially reopening at some of california state parks. the governor ordered all 280 to close to keep visitors away and prevent overcrowding. five of the parks where the lots will reopen are in sonoma county. they are armstrong red woods, austin creek, jack london, sugarloaf ridge, and trione-annandale. ride share future. what is changing because of covid-19 and what it could look like very soon. plus, teens and stress. how are kids dealing with the
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takeout. the orders have to be ordered online and picked up at the st. john's street entrance. time for 7 on your side's michael finney. today's headlines, including a staggering price tag of how much the pandemic might cost the global economy. michael? >> this is going to be a figure we'll be talking about what we'll be talking about 50 years from now. this is expected to cost the economy $82 trillion. that's from a brand-new study out of cambridge university. the more optimistic number is 3.3 trillion. that's if the economy recovers really fast and right away. for the u.s., the risk ranges from $550 billion to 19.9 trillion. the study is not a forecast but a projection of what may happen. airbnb is warning customers not to throw r this coming memorial day weekend. the platform says people who violate this rule will be banned
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permanently from renting airbnb. it notes the state is officially still in shelter in place mode. that means large gatherings and parties with people who are not in your household should not be happening. the irs has added 3500 additional phone representatives to answer questions about stimulus payments. the number is on your screen. you can call that right now. the service is currently extremely limited, but the irs said it is bringing back additional assisters as state and local advisories permit. now 7 on your side tried to reach a representative today. he tried calling the number, but we couldn't get through. however, that's to be expected. it's brand-new. they say they're bringing people in as they're allowed to and as the people are willing and able to go back to work. >> all right. thank you, michael. >> sure. so monterey county is clearing the way for recreational boaters to head back to the ocean.
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officials are reopening launch ramps at moss landing and monterey harbor as long as voters obey health orders which includes social distancing and the wearing of face covers. only household member, so if you're in a family, are allowed on the same boat. all right. let's bring in spencer christian back in his normal spot where we're used to seeing you, and kind of getting used to. >> we are. but now it's about to change, just as we get used to this cooler than usual unsettled may pattern. it's finally getting ready to warm up. here is a look at doppler 7 with quiet conditions across the bay area right now. o days was d unusual brought by the upper-level low which is pushed to our east. it's centered over nevada right now. but the circulation around that low is still bringing pockets of moisture into the bay area. in fact, a couple of isolated showers occurred in the higher elevations of the inland east bay and north bay. it's pretty breezy out there. wind speeds range from 20 to 25 miles per hour in the windiest
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areas. but it is milder in most places as well than it was 24 hours ago. about 2 to 5 degrees milder generally. here is a look at current temperature readings. 61 in san francisco. mid- to upper 60s in oakland, redwood city, gilroy, pacifica and 70 in san jose. other locations are checking in at 70 to 71 degrees at santa rosa, petaluma, napa and concord. 74 in fairfield, and 67 in livermore. and here is a look at our forecast features. we'll see sunnier and milder weather the next few days. slightly milder. much warmer pattern comes in for memorial day, and there will be summer-like heat developing in our inland areas as the warm-up occurs. here is the forecast taking us into the late night and overnight hours. partly to mostly clear skies early. but later in the night and overnight, we'll see low and high clouds developing in parts of the bay and along the peninsula coastline. but by midmorning, we'll see the clouds moving out, giving way to
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bright sunny skies and a rather pleasant day tomorrow. overnight lows will generally be in the low 50s, and tomorrow's highs will range from low to maybe even a couple of mid-60s on the coast to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay shoreline to upper 70s in the warmest inland spots. let's skip ahead to saturday. 70s around the bay on saturday and mid- to upper 80s inland. sunday we'll see some low 90s in the warmest inland locations. lots of upper 80s inland on sunday, right around the bay shoreline. upper 70s to low 80s. and upper 60s on the coast. and then comes monday, memorial day,ably be the warmest day we think in the forecast period with some low to mid-90s likely in the very warmest inland spots. places like concord, livermore, napa, we'll see low 90s. mid 90, perhaps a little higher in antioch or fairfield. let's take a look at the complete accuweather seven-day forecast. pleasant weather the next few days. it will just get sunnier and sunnier, gradually milder
4:19 pm
through friday. and then the more forceful warm-up comes our way over the weekend, leading us through monday, which is memorial day. and then on tuesday, not much change. still quite mild to warm in most locations. kristen and larry? or larry and kristen? >> thank you, spencer. both of us, in either order. bart heading south. after months of delays, we finally know when service is going to open to passengers in santa clara county, plus the future of those hide-hailing apps. what is changing in the wake of the coronavirus. and abc7 has launched new streaming app. so wherever you are, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more with our new bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire i wanted my hepatitis c gone. i put off treating mine. epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure.
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la t station extension into san jose has been decades in the making. service will be extended from the current terminal at the south fremont warm springs station to milpitas at the berryessa station. they're awaiting final approval from the state and utilities commission. >> for the people of the bay area, what's so exciting about actually having transit now that connects five counties is that people, real people are going to be able to be connected. >> in its 55-year history. phase 2 of the santa clara county extension will eventually bring trains to downtown san jose and into the city of santa clara. uber and lyft have laid off thousands of employees over the past month, but these layoffs don't take into account drivers, which uber and lyft don't consider employees. thousands of them have stopped working during the pandemic. we talked to a few about what
4:23 pm
the future may hold for ride sharing. it's the morning commute on bush street heading to downtown san francisco. the typical bumper-to-bumper traffic does not exist. uber and lyft passengers have also sappeared. i started at i only got two pa. >> after two hours of driving around, he came to sfo hoping to pick up fare. yet this was waiting for him. not a single person waiting for a ride. >> the future of ride share is weak. >> carlos ramos is an organizer for gig workers rising. when business was booming, he would drive from his home in bakersfield to san francisco for weeks at a time. he says three things made ride hailing profitable. the community, tourism, and special events like conventions and music festivals. the pandemic has devastated all three sectors. >> the ride share industry just kind of dried up. >> adon alba someone of the drivers who saw his earnings take a huge drop. >> to the point i stopped
4:24 pm
working, the earnings were at the level of $5 an hour. >> they have been working with changes for some time. uber and lyft don't consider them employees. that means they couldn't get unemployment insurance when work dried up. the federal stimulus bill changed that temporarily, but not for everyone, especially undocumented immigrants, i also talked to a lo of drivers who are still working, who are still driving. and those drivers are primarily immigrants, primarily people who do not qualify for any sort of assistance. >> wu is still waiting to hear about his application for the pandemic unemployment assistance program. in the meantime, see forced to keep working. >> i have a whole bunch of bills that i need to take care of. i got car bill, house rent, so there are a lot less riders in the future. people feeling less comfortable in public environments, unless they come up with some vaccine. shifting gears now from cars
4:25 pm
to planes. three foreign airlines plan to resume san francisco flights next month. that's according to sfo. all nippon airways plans to resume flights from tokyo to narita, swissair from zurich and lufthansa plans to bring back flights from munich. each plans to operate flights just a few times a week. sfo has not seen nonstop flights from europe since april 1. qantas says social distancing wll not be part of its strategy to resume flying once travel restrictions are eased. qantas says it plans to introduce a range of safety measures which include masks on board, hand sanitizing stations, and enhanced aircraft cleaning. the airline is not including social distancing on planes saying its medical experts don't believe it's necessary. australia's transport union say these measures are not good enough. the border between the u.s. and canada will remain closed a while longer for nonessential travel. prime minister justin trudeau announced another 30-day
4:26 pm
extension that will run through june 21st saying provinceal leaders and many canadians fear a reopening of the border. this is the third extension so far. president trump confirmed the extension, saying he is looking forward to its eventual end. so the shelter-in-place order can hit teens especially hard. coming up, how to help your kids cope. and the future of education. what some universities are planning to do to keep kids on campus theand we want to thank times, the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you have any questions at all, call us, email us, visit us online.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> president trump held a cabinet meeting at the white house today. members social distanced, but
4:29 pm
nobody had a mask on. the president immediately defended his use as the drug hydroxychloroquine as a way to ward off the virus. >> a lot of doctors swear by it. i think we can say that, mr. secretary. a lot of doctors think it's great. but the one thing that is true, one way or the other, whether you like it or not, it's been around for 70 years. what has been determined is it doesn't harm you. it's a very powerful drug, i guess, but it doesn't harm you. and so i thought as a frontline defense possibly it would be good, and i've had no impact from it. i feel the same. i haven't changed i don't think too much. >> across the country, high schools are holding unique graduation ceremonies, mostly virtual. they're trying to honor their seniors without put egg their health at risk. how will those schools prepare for college?
4:30 pm
trevor ault sharing some of the plans. >> for the class of 2020, graduation day is even more memorable this year, kept apart by sweeping covid-19 restrictions, school districts are getting inventive, leading to ceremonies like this in california. colony high school's drive-through graduation. >> we are not allowed to have mass gatherings, so we had to become creative. >> and for graduating seniors headed to college this fall, the future could be just as nontraditional, at least for the first semester. the university of arizona plans to reopen in the fall. they converted their research labs to process covid-19 diagnostic andy antibody tests, promising everyone a test if they want it. >> if we can get them on campus an it's safe, we'll be here. >> they're looking at making changes to class, residence halls and dining areas to  protect students and faculty. >> our students in overwhelming numbers are saying they want to be here. we think we can do it, but we don't pretend to have all the answers. >> the university of south
4:31 pm
carolina and notre dame university have both announced plans to start the fall semester in person. but they'll switch learning after thanksgiving, anticipating a possible second wave of the virus in the winter. an university system, which has half a million students has already committed to remote learning through the entire fall semester. chancellor timothy white and the board of trustees saying in-person learning sadly just isn't in the cards right now. both the university of south carolina and notre dame will also be starting their fall semesters early and skipping their traditional fall break in hopes of minimizing their students' risk of exposure to the virus. trevor ault, abc news, new york. abc7 is working to build a better bay area. and one of the areas we're focusing on is health, and that includes mental health. the stay-at-home order is hitting some teens especially hard. most are studying from home and being asked to refrain from doing the one thing they love most, hanging out with their
4:32 pm
friends. abc7 reporter lyanne melendez took a personal look at the issue. . there is a lot of frustration. even loneliness. what else are teens feeling these days? i went to the source. i talked to my three kids. so come on. follow me. >> hey, guys. hi, how you? thanks for doing this and being so candid. just to clarify, we're not wearing masks because we all live together. so if i were to ask you one word for one word to describe the stay-at-home order and how you're feeling, baxter? >> boring, really. i just want to see my friends and stuff like that. >> i feel like i'm counting down the hours. the days go by, just waiting until i can see my friends and do things outside the house. >> so let me tell you that you're not alone, and i want to invite sahara lake from do she is going to zoom was. >> hi, guys. i'm sahara.
4:33 pm
i'm at do all your feelings of frustration and anxiety and just going a bit stir crazy, you're definitely not alone. young people across the country are feeling the exact same way. >> that's right. hold on to that thought for a second. we'll be right back. now let me ask you this. so what do you guys miss the most about hanging out with your friends or being at school? >> i just miss the connection with my friends. >> i really miss the freedom i had. >> so what have you guys been doing to keep yourselves entertained? >> when i leave the house, i go skateboarding because it's the only fun thing to do outside. >> let's bring in sahara one more time. what do you recommend? >> exercising, taking a walk, journalling, singing, writing poetry, painting. >> all good advice. so there is a lot of things to do. and do has a whole list of things you can do because it's going to be a
4:34 pm
really long summer. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. i need to go to work. bye, guys. >> bye, mom. >> they are lucky to have lyanne as mom, that's for sure. abc7 news will be hosting a town hall on mental health and coronavirus. you can watch it this thursday at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc7. the son of two san francisco frontline health workers received a special gift for his birthday today. 4-year-old connor walsh could not believe his eyes as a long line of trucks paraded past his home. his parents said they wanted to do som who was born prematurely and suffers from some chronic health issues. connor loved it so much he was blowing kisses their way. >> this became something so much bigger than what i originally had thought it could be. so i'm just a ltlit overwheld, i e hmed.
4:35 pm
organizing the parade from aaa, which provided a vehicle, as did the san francisco fire and police departments, pg&e, c mex and others. even neighbors were getting into the act. connor even got the chance to sit on a real police motorcycle. how cool? >> best thing ever, right? that's awesome. >> okay. when you're ordering food online, do you really know what you're getting? the big pizza switcheroo, if you will, coming up in the four@4. and abc7 is partnering with i heart radio to help support local businesses being hit hard during the pandemic. thousands of bay area store s services are still open offering to help with essential needs, and many are hiring too. go to t
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
all right. time now for the four@4, this is awesome because ama is here with us. >> hi! >> now we can do
4:38 pm
boy-girl-boy-girl. hi! you guys ready? here go. this is not something you might have thought about when it comes to reopening the economy, public bathrooms. stci and them nfectetacle ndably,eopl m be reluctant to use a public toilet, which could ultimately keep them from going to a restaurant or mall. businesses may need to resort to having a bathroom monitor to make sure people are distancing and the rest room is not only clean, but sanitized all the time. ama, what do you think? would you take your little one in a public bathroom, even if it were open? >> i actually hadn't even thought about that. i mean, i would if i had to, but i already cleaned out everything, but i would be super all over it, i think. >> yeah, spencer, what about you? i know you probably don't have baby wipes on you all the time. what are your thoughts about that? would that keep you from going to a public venue?
4:39 pm
>> i do keep sanitizing wipes with me all the time, though. boy, i'd have to be awfully committees separate to go into a public toilet these days, even with all the sprays and sanitizers in the world. >> larry? >> i think it's one of these new scenarios that we're just not accustomed to thinking about, the virus is forcing to think about. some people across the country, they were surprised to discover chuck e. cheese is delivering pizza under a different name, oh my. it's listed as pasquale's on grubhub. that's the name of one of the c. pascually's shares kitchen space with chuck e. cheese restaurant, but the pizza is not exactly the same. it has a thicker crust with new blends of cheeses they tell us. chuck e. cheese was founded in san jose in 1977. it's got several bay area locations. by the way, applebee's also delivered under a different name, neighborhood wings. so ama, you'd be in the chuck e.
4:40 pm
cheese market given a 2-year-old. would you feel deceived or no big deal about chuck e. cheese or pascally's? >> i'd say a little deceived. i mean, if i could go to the website and it would say somewhere that it was chuck e. cheese, but hey, we've upgraded the pizza, that would be one thing. and by the way, i feel bad that i'm from san jose and i didn't realize that chuck e. cheese was founded in san jose. i feel like a poor san josan. san josan? >> yes. and because of that, that will be your last four@4 appearance. >> oh, no! >> spencer, no! >> it's normally her show anyways. kristen, a little switcheroo going on here. i don't know if it's intentional or not, but if you were the mind-set that you want to order local and it looks like neighborhood wings sounds like it's in your neighborhood, then it's -- >> i'm totally fine with it.
4:41 pm
i don't see it as deception. you go to chuck e. cheese for the ambience, the mouse. you don't go there for the pizza. if it's a grubhub type of thing, i think they're more likely to buy under a different thing. and things are put under different lakes all the time. it's fine. a restaurant worker in the uk is giving a hilarious demonstration on how to serve customers their food while keeping a safe distance. >> hi. check? >> yes bless. >> thank you. >> there you are. >> lovely. thank you. >> lovely, thank you. this funny video on this facebook page along with the message, training for reopening, #stay alert. in the video, the wtrs member o who poses as a customer. somehow that feels so civilized and polite when they have the accent.
4:42 pm
spencer? >> it's true. >> actually, it kind of looks familiar to me because there were a couple of legendary old delis back in new york in the days when i was there. and the joke used to be that the old waiters would throw things. so i feel like i'm going back in time a couple of decades. but yeah, it's quite entertaining to watch that. >> ama, what do you think? >> it's funny. i don't think that's going to be reality. unless it's a cold cappuccino and you don't mind getting it spilled all over your lap. >> what do you think, larry? >> be careful ordering the chili would be my advice. it's not going to be lovely. >> that's right. >> bagels are okay. you can kind of chuck the baseballs like that. >> yeah, yeah. they're having fun. this is not lovely either. video we're about to show you. amazon customers, nor the company will enjoy this. andrew of trujillo of richmond shared this video showing an amazon delivery man throwing packages at customer doors.
4:43 pm
he could work at this previous restaurant we were talking about. one of the passengers didn't make to it the second story so he gave it a second try. in addition to posting the video, trujillo wrote this is getting a little out of hand now. not only are we not getting a discount on membership during covid-19 and having to wait longer for packages, but now we have to accept actions like this. terrible. that was a quote. i have a feeling that this gentleman is going to be a former amazon delivery person as soon as they figure out who he is. but spencer, what's your reaction? >> it's disturbing. you know, you're order that you're waiting for could be damaged. it's uncalled for. i think that gentleman needs to be spoken to by his supervisor. >> yeah. i'm sure that will happen. ama, this is taking social distancing to a new level where you're tossing it up to the second floor. come on. >> yeah, not cool. i mean, come on.
4:44 pm
a, it's your job. b, if i'm the one getting that and something's broken and i've been waiting for it, you know amazon is not going to stand for that. they'll easily figure out who that person was and they're definitely going to be out of a job. you're just going to return it and then amazon looks bad. they're not having it. >> i'm just thinking there is a lot of throwing going on these days. people are frustrated and stressed. all right. that's going to do it for this
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
♪music) researchers in new york say they've discovered a possible predictor for covid-19 mortalities. patients with enlarged right ventricle in the heart were more likely to die. the doctors studied health records of 105 patients last month. 31% had an enlarged right ventricle, and of those 41% died by the end of the study compared to 11% without right ventricular
4:47 pm
enlargement. the heart plays a large role in a citizens project in the bay area that's already paying dividends in the fight against covid-19. in fact, researchers have added an extra wrinkle that could shed light on one of the virus's most dangerous effects. abc7 news anchor dion lim has the details. >> for week, researchers at ucsf have been leaning on an army of volunteers. more than 20,000 people tracking their health data with a special app. >> from all over the world, more than 50 countries, every state. >> dr. greg market says the covid-19 citizen science study has been so successful they're now expanding it with a second piece of technology. it's designed to home in on the way the virus attacks the human heart. >> dangerously slow heart rhythms where there is an electrical block has been observed and very dangerously fast heart rhythms have been observed. in fact, there are cases of individuals dying suddenly. >> the device looks like this. goes on the patient's left side
4:48 pm
of their chest. >> now a number of willing volunteers who tested positive for covid-19 are being asked to wear a special monitor. the device is known as a zio patch. it was developed here in the bay area by san francisco-based i-rhythm. once in place the patch is able to detect and record heart rhythms. chief medical officer judy lanane says the patch stays in place for two weeks. >> we extract all the data from the device itself. we use our algorithms that are deep neural net. it's deep learning. >> any rhythms that are unusual or abnormal, we will take a look at those strips. >> he believes the cell phone tracking combined with the sophisticated data retrieved from the zio patch could help bout both the virus' short and long-term effect on the heart provided in part by an army of volunteers dedicated to fighting back against covid-19. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news.
4:49 pm
>> now, of course, you don't have to wear the heart monitor to participate in the citizen science study. just go to to learn how you can download the app and begin contributing to the covid research at ucsf. if you happen to notice cleaner air during the height of the stay at home orders, you're absolutely right. according to a new study, the world cut its daily carbon dioxide emissions by 17% last month with the u.s. recording the biggest drop, cutting levels by a third. scientist says global emission levels have not been this low since 2006. they say while pollution is kind of inching back up, they predict levels for the year will end up between 4 and 7% lower than 2019. the biggest annual drop since world war ii. one of the unexpected positives of the virus situation. but it's a reach. it's a reach. >> so the air is getting cleaner, and now spencer is air is also going get warmer, right?
4:50 pm
>> that's true. it is going to get a whole lot warmer over the weekend coming up. here is a look at live doppler 7. we've got mainly sunny skies across the bay area right now, but it's been cooler than average the last few days. overnight we'll see a few clouds gathering mainly in the south bay and over the peninsula, along the coastline. overnight lows in the low 50s for the most part tomorrow. mainly sunny day. breezy at the coast once again. highs will range from low 60s at the coast to low 70s around the bay shoreline to upper 70s inland. but here comes the warm-up. as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast going into memorial day weekend, good timing. high temperatures inland. upper 80s over the weekend. low 90s by monday, memorial day. we'll see low 80s around the bay shoreline sunday and monday, and mid- to upper 60s on the coast. so if you were hoping for warm weather for the weekend, you got your wish. >> yes. all right. >> larry, and kristen? >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. 67-year-old great-grandmother is graduating from uc berkeley with big plans
4:51 pm
for her future. jules patrice means is getting her degree in sociology. she is graduating with almost all a's, just one b. jules survived two strokes and started her higher education by earning five associates degrees in 2017. she now plans to get her masters in social welfare and work as a counselor. miss jules says it is never too late to achieve your aspirations in life. tremendous. >> definitely. all right. talking about graduation. such a special time. so abc7 news is celebrating the bay area class of 2020 by featuring as many high school seniors as possible. you can get your grad or senior class featured by posting candid pictures with the #grads on 7 or going to congratulations to you class of 2020 at benicia high school. ♪
4:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:53 pm
♪ >> all right. so don't forget, send in your pictures. okay. you've heard about the future of retail and education, but what about museums? they have plan too. up next, some unique ideas to get places like the pinball museum back in action. and dan is here with what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, the local effort to find a treatment for coronavirus and how experts say the research shows we can conquer this disease. plus, the future of child care centers. the longer the shelter in place, the bigger the financial cracks. we'll explain. and the dad making the most of his downtime. those stories and a lot more when ama and i see you for abc7
4:54 pm
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. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's after the dance with steven smith, a sports center special. at 9:00, the story of soaps, the impact of soap operas and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. museums have been forced to shut their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, museums are trying to come up with a plan to keep customers and employees safe. east bay community journalist
4:57 pm
melissa pixcar visited the pinball museum in alameda to see their plan. >> the pacific pinball museum has been known for their cleanliness, but the nonprofit is worried about the financial crisis that the pandemic will leave them in. >> we're probably going to be in trouble if we have to keep it at this minimum capacity and if we have to keep people safe and everything and social distancing and keep our staff safe and comply with all of the new rules that are probably going to come out, it really depends on how long we have to do that. >> the museum survives on membership fees as well as field trips, birthday parties and summer camps. the norofi ag b they have been using their time wisely by having a plan to keep customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic. >> we're starting a new reservation policy, so you won't be able to just walk in off the street and play. you have to make the reservation so we can keep track of how many
4:58 pm
people we can have in. >> the museum's plan is to also enforce social distancing rules by having every fourth or fifth pinball machine on. >> we have three places where people can wash their hands. we will wipe down the games. we'll keep a good air flow in. we keep the doors open. >> they have received kind donations from people, but their future is still uncertain. >> the pacific pinball is worth preserving because it's a really special place. you don't get places like this a lot, and these are the kind of places that go away when things like this happen, you know. we're a big family here, and i want to see us survive. >> in alameda, melissa pixcar abc 7 news. and you can get the latest news anytime with the abc7 app. it has enhanced features, more customization, and personalized push alerts to get the news you want delivered to your phone in realtime. thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00
4:59 pm
that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. trto hmprove for people with heart failure yo heartlityresto, to p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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next at 5:00, the fight against coronavirus, a bay area doctor now moving closer to finding a viable treatment. his hunt for antibodies to treat this disease.the fate of our faw push tonight to help food producers stay afloat, ands new campaign to buy california grow. it's a buyers market when it comes to retail. discounts are everywhere, but business owners are still hurting. why curbside pickup may not be the pick me up everyone want it to be. the new era in santa rosa, the city is about to open its first sanctioned homeless camp complete with social distancing. building a better bay area. this is abc7 news. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. thank you so much for joining


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