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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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with many restaurants allowing dine-in eating and shopping, the numbers indicate it might be unwise to hit the road. let me show you a graph of coronavirus cases in the bay area's nine counties. each blue bar represents one day. the yellow line is a rolling average. it's lower. it's mostly flat. according to the state, the number of cases of this virus up by 2.5% to more than 86,000. and deaths continue to rise as well. up 3%, surpassing 3500. now these are sobering statistics, and we're sharing them for a reason, just to try to bring some perspective, in case you're thinking about plans that you're making for the upcoming memorial day weekend. there is another factor to consider, a trip just to visit south lake tahoe could get you a thousand dollars fine. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra live with that story. stephanie? >> well, larry, it's certainly beautiful out today, and it's looking like it will stay that way into memorial day weekend. and for people outside who are itching to head up to lake tahoe
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for a visit will face consequences. m get away to the beautiful shores of south lake tahoe, the pristine mountain views are only accessible to property owners. >> if you are a second homeowner, it is okay to come here and live in your house. while we definitely love visitors, right now is not the time. >> the el dorado county public health office issued an ordinance back in march, prohibiting visitors in an effort to help enforce shelter in place orders. if violated, any visitors are lodging facilities will face a $1,000 fine. >> that would effectively fine either guests and property or business owners in the city of south lake tahoe who offer lodging and actually have people stay. >> jerry vindel is forest suites resort at heavenly village. his 115 suites spanning the
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five-acre property remain empty. >> this is very difficult for someone in the tourism industry to say this, but we do ask that you not come up until we're ready. >> but a few miles past the nevada state line, some small hotels not affiliated with casinos are open. >> there are just a few of those, but they are open. >> he says it's unlikely that will happen in south lake until june at the earliest. and even when it does -- >> certainly at the beginning, we're looking at 50 plus percent occupancy losses. >> no crowded beach, and hotels and lodging facilities will have new restrictions. >> there are standards that you may even have to have time in between departure and arrival to allow a room to sit vacant and then we go in and clean. >> but until then, the rules are clear. >> we don't want to say don't come to tahoe, but we also need to recognize we need to be safe right now so we can move into the next stage as quickly as possible.
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>> so far, four fines have been issued to hotels and short-term rentals in south lake tahoe for violating this order. we did learn that police say they will be out patrolling, of course, again, in south lake this weekend. reporting live, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> stephanie, thank you. santa cruz county is keeping its beaches closed over the long holiday weekend. this is a live look at our santa cruz beach cam. you see a couple of boats out % there. surfers are allowed in the water, but no one is allowed to sit or sunbathe on the sand. you can exercise on your own or walk at a social distance. speaking of social distancing, san francisco is making sure people play by the rules. crews painted circles six feet apart on the grass. they're intended to keep people safely separated. the same circles were painted at dolores park yesterday. san francisco borrowed the idea from brooklyn which rolled out the social distancing circles at one of its parks last weekend. it's a pretty good idea because
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we're starting to get really warm outside, and spencer, that means we're going to be wanting to get outside. >> that is for sure. spencer, we spent a couple of months wanting to go somewhere. after a few days of this heat, we might want to run back inside. >> i think you're right about that. we have some pretty intense heat coming our way. but it will take a couple of days to get here. let's look aton as windy across the bay area right now, especially at the coast, where we have a 35-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco and winds above 25 miles per hour in other locations. current temperature readings, though, are on the mild and pleasant side. 65 in san francisco. low to mid-70s at oakland, redwood city, san jose and gilroy. and 65 in pacifica. other temperature readings under sunny skies, mid- to upper 70s at santa rosa, petaluma, napa, concord and livermore. 81 at fairfield. but here's what's coming our way. this is just a little taste of the beginning of the memorial day warm-up. saturday upper 80s inland.
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by sunday, we'll see low to mid-90s inland, about 80 degrees around the bay shoreline. monday, memorial day, it will be sizzling inland with upper 90s, maybe even 1 hundred in some spots. here is the intense heat -- or i should say the intense heat is coming our way after memorial day. we are likely to have a couple more days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. i'll give you a closer look at that a little later. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. solano county is the second area to receive permission from the state to move further into stage two of reopening. effective 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, dine-in restaurnts, shopping malls about, and swap meets can all open with social distancing modifications. the city of vacaville summer camps and other parks and recreation activities are scheduled to begin on june 15th. napa county is the first bay area to go into phase 2 earlier this week. 43 of california's 58 counties have filed paperwork with the state to move deeper
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into stage 2 addition to napa and solano counties, they include yolo, lake, the last bay area county to take the stage 2 step. as chris nguyen explains, officials in san jose could soon take it a step further with even stricter regulations enforcing it could be an issue. >> in the bay area's largest city, the san jose city council is expected to vote in early june on a proposed ordinance that would require almost everyone to wear a face covering whenever they're in public or when interacting with anyone outside their immediate household. >> we certainly want to make sure that when you're actions are sort of getting into the space of others and putting their livelihood and their health in jeopardy, that's when the city and any governmental agency needs to step in and really be very thoughtful as to
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how we do things. >> the proposal does make room for kpengss such as not having to wear a face covering when exercising outdoors. children under the age of 6 as well as those unable to breathe while wearing a face covering or those who can't put one on themselves are exempt. however, there are concerns about overreach. >> we're trying to protect one another and encourage people to wear masks. and i'm all for that, but i don't want this to turn out to be a big gripe session and a big burden on our police department. >> san jose police say they don't are the capacity to enforce the entire ordinance because of limited staffing. the police chief is also concerned about the potential for 911 to be overloaded with unnecessary calls, saying that enforcement would impact the area's most vulnerable populations. city and county leaders aren't expecting full enforcement, but hope to convey that wearing a face covering must ultimately become a social norm. >> we're not trying to give them a citation or cite them. we want them to have the best information they can to keep themselves, their employees, their employees' family and
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their customers safe. >> to help, a proposal going before the county board, also in early june, calls for the creation of a health and business engagement team who would receive special training to provide basic covid-19 education in the community in multiple languages. >> we think by having these conversations and really educating people that we're going to increase compliance. >> this community working to build a safer and healthier bay area as it continues to debate how to do just that. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. also in santa clara county, health officials are asking for your help to perform contact tracing. they're looking for at least a thousand volunteers to be a resource for covid-19 patients and help trace who they have come in contact with. contact tracers can work remotely. other headlines, after suspending standardized test requirements in march due to the pandemic, the uc system is permanently getting rid of sat and act requirements. it's been this the works for some time. next year the tests will be optional. by 2025, use of the sat and act
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will be fully eliminated for in-state students. guidance for out-of-state students would be determined. the goal is for the uc system to develop its own testing. and as this unfolds, university of california president janet napolitano says she estimates most if not all uc campuses will operate on a hybrid learning basis in the fall, also planning for remote work in the future, facebook. >> i think it's quite possible over the next five to ten years, about 50% of our people could be working remotely. >> that was ceo mark zuckerberg. he was live streaming a company meeting today. in the short-term, he says employees can continue to work from home for the remainder of 2020. a worker at a nursing home that's suffering a deadly coronavirus outbreak has been escorted off the property by police. he says that happened because he is a whistle-blower who raised concerns about the facility. dan noyes joins us with an update to anni-team investigation. dan, you have been all over this.
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>> well, ama, the owner of the nursing home implies he was suspended for some other reason, as you'll hear in just a moment. but the worker tells me the pressure began to build after he appeared in anni-team report last month. >> when i first met devon green, he didn't show his face or use his name because he wanted to keep working with the elderly at orinda care center. but he wanted to raise issues about the nursing home where dozens of patients and staff have been infected by coronavirus and at least four patients have died. >> how can all the residents get infected when they're not moving? they're not leaving out their rooms. they're not going nowhere. >> and so you're saying it was the employees? >> yeah, i believe it was the employees that were spreading it. >> complained about a shortage of personal protective equipment. in the days after that report, green now tells me a pressure campaign began by managers. >> went around in the building, told everybody that i did a news story against them a few weeks back, and it's been a hostile work environment ever since. >> this past tuesday, green says he talked to orinda care's
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manager about not getting paid for some hours he worked. >> they put me in the office to talk to the payroll lady. the police came, escorted me out, saying i were suspended. >> i arrived within the hour and flagged down the officer who had escorted green out. he wouldn't answer any questions. i interviewed orinda care owner crystal solarzano one month ago. >> we feel for every single patient, family member that's passed. >> but today she declined to go on camera. i asked her by text, did you discipline him for raising concerns about orinda case. her spokesperson added while we can't discuss personnel matters, our first concern is always for the safety of staff and patients. devon green tells me he had no conflicts with staff or patients, but they laughed and joked every day. and he provided this tiktok video that he and some nurses recently made. >> the whistle-blower laws are there to protect whistle-blowers because whistle-blowers are there to protect us.
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>> a top san francisco employment attorney can't pass judgment on devon green's case, but says he might be able to sue for lost wages, damages, emotional distress and to restore his reputation. >> i think in these times of covid-19, we want employees to speak out. that's the purpose of these laws is to encourage people to speak it. >> green's girlfriend was a nursing assistant at orinda care, but she resigned because of how he was treated. for the i-team, dan noise, abc7 news. >> and dan noyes and the i-team have looked into the situation at a lot of local nursing homes. you can check out those stories on our website, thrift stores shut while we shelter in place. if you have a pile of donations at your house waiting to go out the door, you might not get to drop them off where you used to. new at 6:00, the future of places like goodwill. and see what it takes to make it safe to travel thanks to
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a big
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there is more imlegal dumping than usual going on in oakland and a big backlog of requests to clean it all up. oakland's department of public works was down to 30% at one point during the shelter in place, but now nearly all employees are back in work. at march they faced about 100 requests a day. last month it was up to 400. crews set a city record this month by clearing 291 dump sites in one day. you can call 311 to report any illegal dumping or go to the city of oakland's website to do it online. donation centers run by big bay area nonprofits, they're still probably a few weeks away from reopening. when they do get that clean light, at least one big name operation will not be around to accept what is expected to be a big surge in items from residents who have spent the last several weeks cleaning out their closets. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story from the east bay, which is new at 6:00.
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>> closed now for more than two months, the very existence of the goodwill's bay area donation centers and thrift stores is in jeopardy. >> we don't know yet. we don't quite yet which goodwills will close. >> goodwill gets 80% of revenues from the sale of donated goods in its stores. right now those sales amount to zero. and because they each employee more than 500 people, most of goodwill's 14 california locations do not qualify for federal aid. >> if we can't figure this out to get some federal assistance, i think that we will see some sites closed definitely. we'll also see potentially some goodwills having to file for bankruptcy and restructure. >> we're going to open it up in phases. >> like goodwill, the salvation armyis also preparing for a tremendous influx of donated goods as many of the bay area's sheltered residents have used their time to clean out closets and garages. the salvation army will welcome the goods, but with a host of new protocols in place to make
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sure everything that's received is safe. >> once we have donation attendance again at the donation stations, they will have masks. they will have gloves. we'll practice social distancing and follow all regulations as advised by the cdc and local governments. >> as an additional safety measure, the donated goods will be placed in a separate area for at least 72 hours to allow for the dissipation of any potential covid-19 contamination. laura anthony, abc7 news. the oakland international airport is reporting a dramatic decline in air travel amid the coronavirus pandemic. between march and april, the airport saw a nearly 90% drop. april air travel was down 95% compared to last year, with restrictions starting to be eased, the airport hopes to see some recovery by summer. the largest airline at san francisco international airport, united, is instituting safety property kohls to convince
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flyers to return to the skies. they believe it a product developed by clorox will make a difference. >> united says the majority of flights at san francisco arrive and depart less than half all fall. they're hoping new safety procedures will increase confidence in flying. they'll receive individual hand wipes as they board, and more of them in on board snack bags. sneeze guards will help to protect employees. behind the scenes, employees are required to do thermal temperature checks. at the large maintenance base, they've been busy making hand sanitizer. the biggest change is disinfecting the aircraft cabins. it's already done for all international and overnight flights. soon every aircraft will be electrostatic sprayed before takeoff. >> they move from the front or back and spray or fog the entire aircraft, letting it rest for just a minute or so. it's a very effective tool and has immediate effect. >> tray tables in the galley are also sanitized.
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united partnered with clorox a with thelevela cni totandard fo disinfecting the cabin. >> certainly our partnership with clorox and the cleveland clinic sets us apart and hopefully instills the confidence that it's not just united determining the best path that we're going to take forward, but we're working with true experts in the field. >> united was criticized earlier this month when a san francisco cardiologist tweeted a photo of a packed plane as medical volunteers returned home from treating patients in new york. today passengers heading to chicago were switched from a smaller 737 to a larger 757 so there would be empty seats to allow for social distancing. united says this will happen more frequently, along with allowing passengers to change flights if theirs is heavily book. with covid's impact on airlines so severe, they're hoping hygiene will provide the lift they seek. at sfo, david louie, abc7 news. air travel is one of the eight areas in which we've created an immersive interactive experience online to explore what the future will look like.
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you can check it out on coming up next, get ready for the heat. spencer has our seven-day
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a san francisco restaurant owner has pleaded guilty in federal court and has agreed to cooperate in an ongoing corruption case against the city's former public works director. nick bovis, the owner of lefty o'doul's restaurant pleaded guiltied the to two criminal fraud charges. the hearing was done by videoconference. details about the charges are sealed. bovis and muhammad nuru were originally charged in january for an unsuccessful scheme trying to bribe an sfo airport commissioner for help in obtaining a restaurant concession in 2018. bovis now faces 20 years in prison for each count and a $250,000 fine. all right. let's turn to the weather, because the holiday weekend is about here, and it's going to get close to scorching, spencer? >> i would say even above
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scorching, ama. it's going to be pretty hot. so let's take a look at what we have right now while it's still comfortable. we've got sunny skies and breezy conditions all across the bay area right now. in fact, we have wind speeds, not even the gusts up to 35 miles per hour in san francisco. and 25 miles per hour in many other locations. we still, though, have had some warming today. it's about 4 to 5 degrees warmer in most bay area locations right now than at this time yesterday. now tomorrow might have a little bit of a drop in temperatures. but today was warmer. we've got 59 degrees right now at half moon bay. 64, san francisco. we've got a couple of low 70s around the bay shoreline. and a couple of low 80s inland right now. 81 right now at fairfield and brentwood. on we go to view of our forecast features. we can expect gusty wind tomorrow. just a little bit cooler than today. by only a couple degrees or so. temperatures will rebound quickly over the weekend, and we can expect triple-digit heat early next week, maybe more than one day of it. this is our forecast animation taking us through the overnight
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hours. notice we'll see some passing high clouds, but generally, worry going have clear skies during the overnight hours. and of course into tomorrow. even during the day tomorrow, we'll see some more passing high clouds. but that won't drop the temperatures very much at all. overnight lows will be generally in the upper 40s to low 50s in our inland valleys. and mainly low 50s elsewhere. and then tomorrow, look for windy conditions at the coast, breezy in other locations, and mild inland with highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to mainly low or low and mid-70s around the bay shoreline to upper 70s inland for the most part. but then the heat cranks up. let's start with monday, memorial day. we can expect upper 90s inland. fairfield and antioch right now we're saying will top out at 99. could easily hit 100 or 101. around the bay shoreline mid- to upper 80s on monday. how about tuesday? well, we expect temperatures to reach 102 degrees at fairfield and antioch. other locations may very well hit 100 degrees. certainly we'll see some upper
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90s at livermore, san jose, concord, napa, mid-90s. low 90s around the bay shoreline at hayward and redwood city. on wednesday, this model, this forecast model, computer model i should say is calling for a little bit of a drop in temperatures from tuesday. but it could very well be just as hot on wednesday as it's going to be on tuesday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, the heating begins over the weekend, memorial day weekend, going into memorial day, we'll certainly be close to 100 degrees in the warmest inland spots. tuesday and wednesday, we're likely to hit or exceed 100 inland, and then the heat will begin to ease up a bit on thursday. by the way, that heat we're expecting next tuesday and wednesday, those two days will be the hottest days of the year so far. previously, the hottest days telephone year in the bay area had been may 7th and 8th. i think we're going to top that easily. larry and ama? >> yeah, it looks like. thank you, spencer. >> it does qualify as scorching for sure. the current school year just about over for most students.
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so what will learning look like in the fall? the man in charge of california schools has some ideas that he shared with us today, and school districts are being so quiet. the quietest casinos have ever been, maybe. empty for most of the pandemic. today we got an inside look at the changes. there are plenty, that will allow hem to reopen. is an international crime ring working in the bay area, trying to steal your unemployment check? i'm michael finney, and this is a story you'll see only on 7. >> abc7 is partners with iheartradio to help support local businesses being hit hard by this pandemic. go to to find resour
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. [ closing bell ] >> stocks ended down today amid
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more dismal economic news and rising tensions with china. the dow lost 101 points. the nasdaq down 90. the s&p lost 23 points. unemployment numbers also released today. there were more than 2.4 million first-time filings last week. >> it's well above anything before the pandemic, but still the seventh straight week of declining pace. total unemployment filings are now at 38.6 million in the nine weeks since the virus hit the economy. global coronavirus cases have now surpassed $5 million. today president trump visited michigan and continued to call for governors to reopen states. >> i think a lot of the states, the ones that are sort of sticking to a certain very rigid pattern, i think they're going to stop. i don't think the people are going to stand for it. >> the president did not wear a mask in front of cameras, despite ford's policy. he later said he d wr a mask during parts of the tour, but,
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quote, didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. our efforts to building a better bay area are focused on four key areas right now, health, education, the economy, and our changing workplaces. with an eye on reopening classrooms in the fall, school districts are asking parents to weigh in on what that should look like. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez examines the options that oakland families are being asked to consider. >> oakland parents are being asked if they think their child is academically ready to move up to the next grade. the nonprofit go public schools is one of many organizations working with oakland unified on the survey. >> families are going to need that information, and schools are too. so let them plan around intervention and knowing where to allocate resources to make sure that we recover from this pandemic in the most equitable, just way possible. >> just as important for the district is knowing how parents feel about reopening schools.
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here are the seven options. continue with distance learning. students start classes earlier, in july. have kids in school for half a day with some remote learning. make in-person learning optional. have in-school instruction one day and distance learning the next day. district changes to year-round school to make up for lost learning. students in certain grades will be expected to start the school year earlier. other districts are also asking parents to weigh in. >> we actually have to be very flexible with our school models. >> but as the superintendent of public instruction indicated today, school districts will not have the final word on how and when they will reopen. >> being formed by science, by health and safety and experts. will be informed by best practices of people who know. >> thurmond says there is no playbook for how to reopen schools given the current situation.
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what is certain is that any kind of social distancing in the classroom will be an unavoidable expense for school districts throughout california. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. also coming up with a new plan for the future, casinos. covid-19 is changing how they do business. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman went up to cash creek casino resort near the small town of brooks in yolo county to check it out. >> this is what's going to happen now when you decide you want to go gambling at a place like cash creek casino. you get your temperature checked and they open the door for you. in you go, and this is just the start of the changes. for now at least, you can't help but notice the relative quiet. there are no gamblers on this 107,000-square-foot gaming floor. just a few of the 2400 employees still getting paid with tips and health benefits from a casino that has been closed for months. here is general manager carrie
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smith. >> we could be open right now, but we're not. and that's because we don't think that it's time yet. >> that will happen only after all of their covid-19 modifications. here is one change you'll notice immediately in the casino. not all of these machines are on anymore. one off, one on, one off. and no chair. that's one way of social distancing. but this, they say is the ideal. putting those machines in a circle, which leads to a question. why isn't there plexiglas between these games? >> the more surfaces you add to the casino, the more we have to clean and sanitize. >> slot machines, one of the biggest money makers and also maybe one of the biggest risk. this one has 14 buttons and front and a pull arm. that's they need to be cleaned constantly. >> we're going to be cleaning all the time. it will be a never ending chore. >> table games have always been very social. this roulette table, san francisco people on both sides in the old days. in the future, six. do you like playing black jack? still can.
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but instead of being three feet apart, the tables will be six feet apart. instead of having seven player, three. for three weeks the casino has been reconfiguring this floor, moving machines around, taking them away. 500 gone at this point. when they open, they'll have about half the machines they used to. fewer tables, fewer customers. do the prices go up? >> not in this economy, no. >> bottom line, it's all a gamble. but then again, we are in a casino. cash creek has not yet said when they plan to reopen. at cash creek, wayne freedman, abc7 news. happening now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is giving an update on what reopening the city will look like. she says as they move deeper into phase 2, the focus is on helping small businesses. one way they're doing that is waving fees on stores using the three feet of space in front of their doors. >> during this time, you don't need a permit or to pay a fee to use that frontage zone if you need to set up table or do something so that you can
6:35 pm
facilitate drive-by or curbside retail. >> mayor schaaf says oakland is also partnering with business districts to streamline permits for sidewalks and roads. it's an expansion of its slow streets program as more stores and restaurants hope to open parklands for people to use outside. fears tonight that an international crime ring may be making its way to california, trying to exploit the pandemic and defraud taxpayers out of millions of dollars. 7 on your side's michael finney joining us now. there is this concern, michael, in a half dozen states and maybe we'll get copycats here in the golden state. >> we certainly are. let me tell you what we know right now. there is evidence of this international crime ring targeting bay area families. i know of at least two, one of them hit twice. tory horn holds up the letter his wife unexpectedly received from the edd. it was a claim she did not file. you see, the school teacher is still working. >> it's got all of her correct
6:36 pm
information. it's got social security number. it's got her current employer, which is a private school. >> it's a scheme similar to one being purposed from stolen information purchased on the dark web by an international crime ring known as the scattered canary. armen from the security firm agari out of foster city has been tracking its activities for years thinking pandemic has introduced a new opportunity for the fraud ring to exploit capital and take cash. >> scattered canary is accused of filing unemployment claims and for money under the c.a.r.e.s. act using the identities of other people. and then somehow steering the money into their own pockets. >> effectively diverting funds that would have been otherwise paid to a citizen. >> the scheme has so far been tracked as far east as massachusetts, rhode island, north carolina, and florida. and all the way west to washington state and hawaii with wyoming and oklahoma in between.
6:37 pm
just like his wife, horn also received word his identity had been used to open a fraudulent unemployment claim. in both cases, edd loaded benefits on to a debit card. >> we think they could put a change of address in place at the post office and just say oh, i didn't receive the card. could you send me another one. >> the secret service tells us the scammers may have also intended to intercept the horns' mail before they received it. but najarian says the scam peretrated on the horns was not as sophisticated. it was more likely carried out by local copycats. >> the preferred cashout method is certainly going to be some sort of a digital transfer, even into some sort of money mule account. >> it's not just the state that is getting ripped off. here's the problem. any of these people we just talked to, if they become unemployed in the future, they could apply for benefits, and
6:38 pm
they would already be exhausted. they would be fighting to get their money back. larry, ama? >> that's a real problem, michael. thank you. more than six months after man was kidnapped and murdered, four suspects have finally been caught. today we get our first look at them and a possible motive. also ahead -- we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks. >> another cost of the coronavirus pandemic. tonight a look at the toll sheltering in place is having on mental health. if you or someone you love needs help, reach out. the number of the national suicide prevention lifeline is on your screen, 800-273-8255.
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coroner's reports for the 34 victims who died in a scuba boat fire off the southern california coast last year show they died of carbon monoxide poisoning before they were burned. all 33 scuba divers and one crewmember died in the september 2nd fire aboard the conception. the santa barbara county sheriff's office says some were wearing clothes and shoes. one held a cell phone while another grasped a flashlight. but experts say it is not evidence they tried to escape. the only survivors were the captain and four other crewmembers who were asleep above deck. felony charges are expected soon against four suspects arrested in last year's kidnapping and murder of a santa cruz county entrepreneur. these are the four men, 23-year-old joshua kemps, 22-year-old steven lindsay, and two brothers, 22-year-old curtiss charters and 19-year-old
6:42 pm
kaleb charters accused of kid p kidnapping tushar atre. they say robbery was the motive for the crime. the weather is warming up for memorial day
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z3w6kz z1s6z y3w6ky y1s6y
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. may is mental health month,and health is one of the main areas where we're focused on building a better bay area. today we're shining a light on the issue of suicide so people can get help and hear the message that you're not alone. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield found the doctors at john muir medical center are sounding the alarm. >> staying at home helped flatten the curve. and because of our effort, bay area medical teams say hospitals have not been overwhelmed by covid-19 cases. but they have been surprised by something else, a sharp rise in suicides. >> the numbers that we've seen are sort of unprecedented.
6:45 pm
we've never seen numbers like this in such a short period of time. i mean, we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks. >> it has shocked even employees. kasey hansen has worked here for almost 33 years. >> what i've seen recently, i've never seen so much intentional injury. >> the trauma team here says they are mostly seeing young adults die by suicide. they are worried about the mounting effects of loneliness and job loss as this quarantine continues. >> social isolation has a price. and i know why we've done it. it just has a bigger price tag than even i thought it would have. >> right. >> they decided to speak out to inform the community and encourage us to watch out for each other and to get help.
6:46 pm
>> people are there 24/7. we have staff and volunteers ready to answer those calls. everything is free and confidential. >> tom tamura says calls to their hotline are up, but not dramatically. possibly he says because people aren't seeing their regular support network, those who would normally encourage them to call. >> i think people found themselves disconnected from the normal social and supportive networks that they have. churches and schools and book clubs, you name it. >> i can understand that. >> he says with help comes hope. and a call to 1-800-273-talk can make a huge difference. >> generally speaking, the vast majority of people believe that they feel better after they call, and that they get to resources that they need. >> doctors agree. a call to a hotline is crucial right now. not only are they seeing more suicide attempts, they say they are not able to save as many patients as usual. >> they intend to die.
6:47 pm
and i've sometimes people will make what we call a gesture, meaning that it's a cry for help a lot of times and we're able to help them. and we're just seeing something a little different from that right now, and it's upsetting. >> doctor deboisblanc thinks this shows the county needs to end the shelter-in-place order. >> i think mental health is definitely suffering, and we have unfortunately the data to prove it. it's definitely had an effect. >> county health officials.out that sheltering in place has saved lives. county officials say they will continue to look at the science of their indicators as they decide to how to move forward. currently the shelter-in-place order is set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on may 31st. in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> and today we hosted an hour-long virtue you'll town hall on the topic of mental health with a panel of experts, including doctors, psychologists and community leaders.
6:48 pm
the executive director of open house explains what happened when the organization reached out to 3500 lgbtq seniors at the start of sheltering in place. >> we proactively started calling people to say i'm here, i'm connected to you, i'm going to keep checking in. and the first round of calls, that first week of shelter in place, only about 20% of the people said definitely call me back next week. a week later, same calls go out. a week later, it was about 60% saying i definitely want you to call me back. >> our experts say when checking in with friends and families, it's important to ask how they are doing emotionally. many times people are saying they're fine, but that might just mean their basic needs like food or safety are being met. be sure to let them know there is help available if they're not feeling okay. you can check out the entire conversation online. it's ourn website,, our abc7 news app and all the big social media platforms.
6:49 pm
get outside and get some fresh air. maybe feel a little bit better. >> yes. until they start sweating, spencer christian. >> good point. >> that is true. the first part of the weekend is the better part you get out and enjoy the weather. we've got clear skies and very breezy conditions. clear skies. it will remain windy near the coast and breezy elsewhere. overnight lows in the low 50s for the most part. tomorrow another fairly mild day, even a couple of degrees cooler than today was. if it will be quite breezy to windy tomorrow. highs will range from low 60s to the coast to low and mid-70s near the bay to only upper 70s inland. but as we get into to have quite a warm-up. 100 inland, and tuesday and wednesday we expect highs to reach or exceed 100 degrees in our inland areas. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. nice and warm through sunday,
6:50 pm
but getting hot, really hot inland, monday, tuesday and wednesday. try to enjoy the weather that's coming our way. larry and ama? >> all right, will do. thank you, spencer. >> yeah, it's looking good. enjoy the weekend. all right. i'm in for dan. chris alvarez handling sports. and chris, slowly but surely, leagues are making their plans to get back in business. >> yeah, you're exactly right, larry. you've heard a lot about basketball, baseball. but what about hockey? could the nhl be coming back this summer? we'll describe the details on >>plur quarantine.
6:51 pm
family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this?
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dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> sports are slowly making a comeback here in the united states. we've seen the ufc, nascar, pga tour is going to tee off next month. but baseball is trying to get their season started while basketball and hockey hope to
6:53 pm
finish the season they had under way before coronavirus. according to the espn, the nhl players association discussing a 24-team conference-based play-off format for a potential restart to the season this summer. the report sites the use of two hub cities for the play-offs with cities like las vegas, minnesota and vancouver being considered. logan couture told me he would be down for hockey this summer. defensive lineman dj jones suffered a season ending ankle injury this summer, but says he is 100% healthy now. >> he is an animal. he is going through the same ranks i've gone through. he has gone to junior college. but i think he'll add versatility to the d-line. i won't feel like anybody is just one dimensional. he is adding on to that puzzle. and eventually it's all going to show. and we'll finish next time.
6:54 pm
>> unfortunately, we haven't seen steph curry or the warriors or anybody on the court since march, but curry has been very active on social media, as you know. today he tweeted a link to a quarantine. ♪ >> what? >> hey riley, is this as close as you're going to get to outside in a while? >> yes. >> enjoy your walk outside in golden gate park. >> good, go, go, run, run, run! >> the curry kids, man, they are growing right before our eyes, aren't they? the four-minute youtube video is must-watch. you can see riley, ryan, cannon, ayesha and stef making the most of shelter in place. good stuff there. season 2 of "holey moley" debuts tonight on abc79:00. steph of course an executive producer of this unique mini golf show. here is curry on "good morning aerica" from earlier today on what you expect to see on the show.
6:55 pm
>> it's a mixture of comedy, it's great family fun, but it is miniature golf at its root. i want as many bumps and bruises, i want as many oohs and ahs. >> rob wriggle, is he a guy you should be talking to? >> he is always the guy. he knows how to articulate in a pretty entertaining way how to -- oh, you're setting me up! >> you can see it coming. you can see it coming. >> i don't even know what's going on. i just popped out of my cast toll see what's happening. >> all right. you know what time it is? time for abc7 call my play. you send in the video. larry calls the action. here is daveon berry, a little inspiration from one steph curry. >> daveon barry is a bad man. confident, watch him turn around with the ball in midair because he knows it's going in. steph-like. oh, that was good. this is better. the 9-year-old from hayward back to the basket, top of the key, yes.
6:56 pm
wee going see that again, don't we? daveon berry. we just called your play on ab >> that is some good stuff. send your video. use the #abc call my play. i thought of doing my own individual yes videos, but i don't want to be shown up by 9-year-olds in the bay area. i'll leave to it the kids and sometimes the day, absolutely. when you start hitting back to the basket shots or blindfolded or whatever, we'll certainly do your video. thank you, chris. i'm amanda del castillo in the south bay. we're entering summer internship season. like many navigating today's normal, companies are going virtual. that story at 11:00. it's not just the sky-high rents of the bay area. what tech workers say may motive them to move away. coming up tonight on abc78:00, it is who wants to be a millionaire. and then at 9:00, the season
6:57 pm
premier of "holey moley." you saw some clips just a few moments ago, followed by the tonight premier of "to tell the truth" at 10:00. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> "jimmy kimmel live!" comes on at 11:35 followed by "nightline" which is in the midst of a three-night special event called "pandemic: a nation divided." that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for the news any i'm on the abc7 news app. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil, for spence, chris alvarez and all of us here at abc7 news, have a good night a
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