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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 22, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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loosens restrictions, it is building an tracers. looking for volunteers to serve as resources for covid-19 patients and help trace people they have come in contact with. at least 50 county employees trained for the job so far. health officials expect a lot more workers will be needed. contact tracing is critical to easing restrictions on reopening and tracers can work remotely. happening today, solano county becomes the second county in the bay area to move further into stage two of reopening. at 6:00 this morning, dine-in restaurants, shopping malls and swap meets can open up with social distancing requirements. the county got the go ahead from the state late wednesday night and vaccaville summer camps and other recreational activities are scheduled to start on june 15th. napa county was the first county to go further into phase two earlier this week. one of the top experts is
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warning of a second wave of coronavirus and this comes as all 50 states are starting to move back to prepandemic life. jobina fortson is at the live desk with details on this. jobina? >> thank you, kumasi. dr. redfield is saying it is very likely there will be a second wave of the coronavirus. he is pointing to the cooling temperatures in the southern hemisphere and the spike in cases there. he's not ruling out a second lockdown either. he does say the cdc is committed to using the time that we have right now to get the nation as overprepared as possible. dr. anthony fauci is encouraging americans to take precautions. >> as you open up, even under normal circumstances in the best of circumstances, you are going to see infections. the critical issue for a successful opening is how effectively you address those blips. >> a big part of fighting covid-19 are antibody tests to protect consumers the fda has come up with a list of 27 tests
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that it views as problematic and they have that posted on their website. kumasi? >> thank you, jobina. education is one of four key areas that abc7 news is committed to in the effort to build a better bay area. it along with our health, economy and changing workplaces are really reshaping the bay area. oakland parents are being asked if they think their child is academically ready to move to the next grade? many organizations working with oakland unified on this is survey. >> families need that information and schools are, too. to let them plan around intervention and knowing where to allocate resources to make sure that we recover from this pandemic in the most like equitable, just way possible. >> just as important for the district is knowing how parents feel about reopening schools. some of the options include continue with distance learning. students start classes earlier in july or have kids in school for half a day with some remote
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learning. and a landmark decision, the uc system is getting rid of s.a.t. and a.c.t. requirements. the plan phased in over several years with the plan being optional next year. uc will develop its own test. they plan to completely eliminate the use for in-state students by 2025 but critics worry it will move to grade inflation and admission of less prepared students. abc7 news is dedicating more resources to building a better bay area and we're laser focusei with. for college students, the pandemic is upending summer internships but as amanda del castillo found out, you can make your mark. >> back from purdue university distance learning and looking forward to a summer internship. he was supposed to be in washington state settling in for
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a summer internship starting june 1st. in late april he learned the internship was going remote. according to the executive director, the move is now common practice for interns during the covid-19 pandemic. >> of the players that we surveyed about 83% of them have made adjustments to their internship programs for the summer. 46% of the employers would go to a virtual environment. >> reporter: of the more than 400 large employers surveyed, they found other changes included shortening the length of the summer internship or canceling the opportunity altogether. he has concerns about how his virtual experience might impact real-world work experience. >> with me not being actually at the studio, i feel like i wouldn't be able to show them all that i have to offer. >> we brought that concern to vanderzeal to maximize, adaptability is key. do not isolate yourself. make sure you're effectively communicating with your managers
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and colleagues. he says clarify expectations and, remember, the situation is unexpected for everyone involved. employers included. >> these students are seen as being more resilient and adaptable and more agile and they will have a leg up in the end. >> reporter: i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. helping you cope with the stress of our stay-at-home orders as part of our effort to build a better bay area. a panel of experts on a virtual town hall. the executive director of open house explained what happened when the organization reached out to lgbt seniors at the start of sheltering in place. >> proactively calling people to say i'm here, i'm connected to you and keep checking in. that first round of calls, that first week of shelter-in-place said definitely call me back next week. a week later it was above 60% saying i definitely want you to
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call me back. >> so, our experts say when you are checking in with friends and family, it is important to ask them how they're doing emotionally. a lot of times people say, i'm fine. i'm fine. but they may mean their basic needs are being met. make sure you let them know there is help available. you can check out the entire conversation online on and abc7 news app and all our big social media platforms. coming up next, we're getting an inside look at how different the casino will be when it does reopen. coronavirus has put a stop to traditional a plan to give students the sendoff they deserve. excited about both of those stories, but also excited about this weekend forecast. some people might say it's too hot, but, you know, i'm ready for the warm. >> oh, the hottest temperatures will be monday, tuesday and
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wednesday. so, the weekend is just kind of a precursor, kumasi. hi, everybody. welcome to friday. it's about 4:38. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures. we have some clouds especially across the southern half of the east bay shoreline and temperatures running in the mid 50s. 57 in oakland. that's the warm spot. let's take a look else where. upper 40s in the north bay valleys and low to mid t50s everywhere else. look at this. yes, we're within a degree of yesterday's temperatures. here's a look at san jose where 56 and we'll see increasing clouds and up until about 9:00 and then a whole lot of sunshine. so, looks pretty quiet for our essential workers and their commute. so, letser talk abo let's talk peninsula and low 70s for a couple hours and 64 if you're heading out at 8:00 and almost as brisk as it was yesterday. for the south bay 56 this morning and 68 at noon and low to mid 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. 64 at 8:00 and our east bay valleys will be our warmest, temperatures nearing the upper
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70s for several hours this afternoon with increasing sunshine. the thing i learned yesterday, jobina, i can ask you how you are and you'll tell me but i'm supposed to ask you, how are you really feeling today? >> yes, yes. how are you doing really? same goes for you, mike. i am doing well, i hope you are, too. i hope that forecast gave you some great feelings because it did for this georgia girl with heat. >> yes, fantastic. >> yes. and mike has some georgia connections, too. we love to talk about that off the air. goodern moi morning, everyone. happy friday to you. 880 and the camera near the coliseum there in oakland. you see things are moving smoothly. we don't have any major crashes or anything going on right now. bridge work on northbound 880 between 980 and union street all in oakland. you'll expect various lane closures there until 6:00 a.m. today.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. let's open up that weather window. pretty quiet morning out there. notice no may gray to speak of. a few high clouds out there and temperatures from 48 to 55 degrees at 7:00 and 50s and 60s at noon. so, that's a little bit cooler than yesterday. but the afternoon hour will be a lot like it was yesterday. if you're heading out during the
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evening, 50s and 60s. look at this, already a high fire danger and red flag warning for the desert and that is today because it is windy and hot there. 97. that 97 is coming to us. in fact, we won't stop there. how about some hundreds in the forecast. i'll show you that coming up next. here's jobina. abc7 news live desk update. >> thank you, mike. the santa clara fire department is trying to figure out the cause of a vegetation fire that spread to a nearby strip mall. the fire started around 11:30 last night on el camino real. they found flames burning the adult world store there and a gas meter was on fire. crews were able to safely shut off the gas line and douse the flames. they were using a thermal imaging camera to make sure no one was inside the building. officials say the adult book store has minimal damage inside. kumasi, i'll send it back over to you. >> thank you, jobina. get this, two-thirds of tech workers will consider leaving
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the bay area if they could permanently work from home. surveyed 2,800 bay area workers and they were asked if they would consider relocating if they could work from home as much as possible. 66% in this bay area survey said yes. 18% said they would consider moving but would like to stay in california and, listen, about 16% said that they would consider moving out of the country. wow. 34% said they want to stay in the bay area. being able to move has potential cons for employees. >> we're seeing a lot of sentiment around job security, as well. because now the competition for talent has just become much more wider than before. >> that's true. well, the survey found similar results for seattle and new york city. focuses on work-related issues. a casino is showing how covid-19 does business. wayne friedman went up to yellow county to check it out.
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>> this is what is going to happen now when you decide you want to go gambling in cash cre creek casino. they check your temperature and this is just a start of the changes. you can't help but notice the relative quiet. no gamblers on this 1,700 square foot gaming floor. just a few of the 2,400 employees getting paid with tips and health benefits from a casino that has been closed for months. heerd general manager manager mr stout-smith. >> we could be open but we don't think it is time yet. >> reporter: that is only after their covid-19 modifications. here's one change you'll notice immediately in the casino. more. one on and one off and no chair. that's one way of social distancing but this is the ideal. putting those machines in a circle. >> we'll be cleaning all the time. it will be a never-ending
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blackjack? still can. six feet apart and instead of having seven players, three. for three weeks they have been moving machines around and taking some away and 500 gone at this point. when they are open, they will have half the machines they used to. bottom line, it is all a gamble and then, again, we are in a casino. cache creek has not said when they plan to open. wa wayne friedman. san jose university will launch graduate recognition website in lieu of a graduation ceremony. it includes their name, degree and any honors. the websites for each of the mmenme .ty's eight college arepe gruas will have the
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opportunity to return to campus and walk across the stage at a future commencement ceremony possibly in december or next spring. that's nice. is your son going to have the opportunity to do that, too, mike? >> eventually. we don't know the exact date and with everything kind of getting compressed, weekends are getting more and more, i don't know, busy. overscheduled, if you will. yeah, we have a wedding in august, we have somewhere else to be in september. we're hoping that it's not on one of those weekends but we think everybody may start to be feeling that anxiety. great question, kumasi. hi, everybody. welcome to friday. the ferry building from our roof camera. onshore breeze today and not quite as stout as it was yesterday but help us stay mostly sunny and seasonal. our last comfortable afternoon. moderate to high heat risk starting memorial day and lasting through the better part of next week as our hottest and
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longest heat wave of the year so far is coming at us. here's a look at the high clouds from a little trough of low pressure. that is going to reinforce the mild temperatures for today. in fact, let's go down to the south bay where we have 73 in sunnyvale to 79 in gilroy and san jose 76. you head up the peninsula, a lot of low to mid 70s and millbrae a little breezy and cooler at 69. we'll have low 60s along the coast today and then mid to upper 60s. 66 in downtown to 67 in south san francisco and 69 in south sausalito and very brisk at your beaches. low to mid 60s there but a lot of sunshine. 70 in richmond to about 74 in castro valley and newark and 75 in fremont is the warm spot and oakland checks in at 72. as you head into the east bay valleys, maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday. 76 to 81.he's a looktghs our det valleys and upper 40s to mid 50s
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around the bay. tomorrow the sea breeze, it collapses back to the coast and that's where it's going to stay and it's going to keep you relatively cool compared to the rest of us. even when you hit the mid 70s monday and tuesday. the rest of us are in the 90s to even some 100s. three days of 100 possible and i'll touch more upon that coming up in the next weather, kumasi. facebook mark zuckerberg says employees will be able to work from home permanently and the new device could check temperatures up to 1,500 people every hour. here's techbytes. >> facebook is the latest tech giant giving workers the option to work from home permanently but ceo mark zuckerberg says those who do may have to take paycuts. it looks like prime day is being delayed. amazon is reportedly pushing back its two-day discount sales event from july to september, according to "wall street journal." being delayed because of delivery and staffing strains
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brought on by this pandemic. this no-contact kiosk could be the answer of taking the temperature of large groups quickly. it uses thermal imaging to check up to 1,500 people an hour. they hope to sell it to movie theaters and sports arenas. have a great day and even better memorial day weekend. coming up next, sheltering at home with the currys. also -- wow. we're taking a look at what it takes to make it safe to travel thanks to that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use...
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or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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all right. let's take a look at the temperatures. i said i would expand upon it and here you go. take a look at some neighborhoods and the highs next week. look at this, memorial day from 76 in san francisco where some neighborhoods hitting 80. dolores park, remember those circles. try to use them. those upper 90s in the east bay. you think that is pretty hot. look at the triple digits taking over in the east bay valleys and 93 in santa rosa and 87 in oakland and more 80s around san francisco and more triple digits inland wednesday. we go from having none so far this year to possibly two to three days consecutive of heat. i hope you have some air conditioning or a way to stay cool.
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kumasi? >> thanks, mike. drivers are seeing the cheapest prices at the pump over memorial day weekend in over 20 years. the national average is $1.87 's$2.80 here in california. the last time the price went under $2 a gallon leading up to the holiday was 17 years ago. gas now is about $1 less than it was last memorial day. the largest airline at sfo is implementing new safety protocols to convince fliers to return to the skies. passengers flying with united will be using these touchless check-in kiosks starting today. they will receive individual hand wipes as they board. sneeze guards will be put in place to help protect employees. behind the scenes, required to do thermal temperature checks. the biggest change is disinfecting the aircraft cabins. pretty soon every aircraft will be electrostatic sprayed before takeoff. >> they move from the front to the back of the aircraft and
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spray or fog the entire aircraft letting it rest for just a minute or so. it's a very effective tool and has immediate effect. >> okay. well, united partnered with oakland-based clorox and the cleveland clinic to set its own standard for disinfecting the cabin. we haven't seen steph curry on the court since march, but the warrior star has been pretty active on social media. he tweeted a blink to a blog and here's a look at the currys in quarantine. >> dad. >> is this as close to outside you're going to get in a while? >> yes. >> enjoy your walk outside in golden gate park. >> so the entire four-minute youtube video is so cute. you have to watch it. the currys and the kids are growing right in front of our eyes. making the most of our
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shelter-in-place. yes, ayesha. make the most of it, right, mike? >> right. looks like they're practicing for holey moley when they're 10. the sequel. let's talk about what is going on weather wise. our beaches mid to upper 60s tomorrow but look at monterey and santa cruz. 70 to 77. and it just gets a little bit hotter sunday and on to monday. but the sea breeze. look how localized it is. it is going to be boiling hot. 80s 90s everywhere but along the immediate coast other than santa cruz at 83 and enjoy your local air conditioning. kumasi? >> all right, thanks, mike. coming up next at 5:00, mask battle. why the president said he chose not to cover his face during a factory tour. the dos and don'ts if you're planning to spend time outside. and a popular san francisco taco shop reopening.
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with no payments for 3 months. plus, we'll cover your payments for up to 2 more months. or get 0% financing on 13 models for up to 84 months. z3w6kz z1s6z y3w6ky y1s6y building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> now at 5:00, navigating your memorial day weekend. the weather is warming upnd
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lot of you will probably want to head out issed. we what you need to know about the restrictions that are still in place this morning. but, it's friday. let's not worry about all of that. it's friday, may 22nd. and julian is here with me this morning. >> on a friday no less and beautiful day in store and warming up around here, too, right? let's go ahead and check in with meteorologist mike nicco to talk about the hot temperatures we have on the way. >> good morning, julian. nice to see you. about the breezes along the coast, they are brisk, once again. leddi leading to less coverage and they will back down just a little bit and starting off windier than we did yesterday and with a lot more high clouds out there as you can see. winds gusting up to 33 miles per hour at sfo and a lot of that is high cloudiness and here is our vantage point from the e


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