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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 22, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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this is abc7 news. >> we are going to be out in force regulating during memorial day weekend. >> san francisco's mayor with a warning as summer-like weather comes just in time for the holiday. across the bay area, calls txced abe and all t yet. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start to the summer season, but this year will be vastly different from past years. going into the weekend in the east bay, plenty of people will be taking out boats, but with restrictions. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the martinez marina. leslie? >> well, we all have cabin fever. it's been an ultra long marathon of staying at home, and now what would normally be a wonderful holiday summer weekend. ♪ he's a real nowhere man
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>> what's wrong with this picture? people enjoying a day at larky park in walnut creek. a lot, according to contra costa health services. sure, they're distancing, but nc tables. >> we don't want congregation gathering of people from different households, which is why picnic tables, playgrounds, and other communal areas aren't open. 50 to 80% of people with this virus don't have any symptoms or haven't got them yet. that's really scary because you don't know if you have it or someone else will, and could easily pass it on. >> by land or by sea, the same county health orders apply, according to a statement from the contra costa sheriff's department. here at the martinez marina, fish and game are also making sure people play by the rules. >> so we haven't really had too much restriction as far as, you know, fishing goes, as long as they go out with their family members on the boat only and no
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gathering of other households on their boat. >> that same restriction applies to recreational watercraft. welcome to memorial day 2020. >> other years was with family and friends, a picnic and barbecue. this year i'll probably be staying home and doing some house projects. >> last year i actually went out into a lake to livermore. it was actually pretty fun. i got to hang out with all my family members and get together. but this year it's more like my roommate and i and the dogs. >> some people told us today they've kind of noticed fewer people wearing masks in the last few days. and we did see at one of the parks we stopped by a social distancing sign kicked over. what no one wants to see is a spike in cases a week from now. back to you. >> all right, leslie, thank you. before you go, do you have any sense for what the plan is for enforcement? inheriff's ckg are some, asou
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department saying they're going to be checking up on things. carertociaatns. plfeoere i' se tt will continue over the weekend. bottom line is that it all comes down to kind of an honor system. everybody doing what they should do. reporting live in martinez, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> let's hope that honor system works, leslie. thank you. san francisco mayor london breed issued a warning today for anybody who is thinking about violating social distancing rules during this holiday weekend. >> as much as we know people would want to use the parks, we are going to be out in force regulating during memorial day. we, again, don't want to shut down any parks, but if it comes to that point where things are out of control and people are not following the guidelines, we
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won't have a choice. >> people are encouraged not to travel to parks outside of their own neighborhood and stay within the painted circles at dolores park and marina grown. hundreds of rangers will be on patrol. they'll be doing education and large picnics if need be, and masks of course are encouraged. >> so you've seen the circles that san francisco is creating in public spaces to create social distancing. but now there is a call to expand your own circles and allow limited social gatherings involving small groups of friends or relatives, forming so-called social bubbles. here is abc7 news ankle or eric thomas. >> social bubbles are n included in governor newsom's phase 2 reopening plan. but in a news conference today, he said that could soon change. >> it's a dynamic process, and all of this will begin to change. every single point of reference specific and general is reflected in that stay-at-home
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order. we expect to change. so the answer is yes, we expect that to change, by definition. >> translation, we're looking at it. >> it feels good to have some space. >> oakland'sde and her husband brought their 3-year-old son out to lake merritt to kick the ball around this holiday weekend. if done safely. >> a louing small groups of friends to hang out could be a good thing. >> we are opening to that possibility. i think i feel like a lot of people are starting to do that. they've sheltered in place for eight weeks, nine weeks, and they're starting to feel like a bubble, as people call it is starting to feel appropriate. >> people have different names for it. your squad, your cohort, your bubble. but it all comes down reconnecting with people in your life. and researchers say it is good for your mental health. but experts say when such gatherings are allowed, there will inthave to be rules. the groups must be small, preferably no more than five relatives or friends. there must be social distancing and meeting up with people outside your group is
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discouraged. tommy bush of oakland can't meet with his buddy garret at the pub right now, so they hang out, properly at lake merritt these days. bush plans to attend a sunday memorial day gathering. >> i'm going to hang out with five other people. but we are going to be social distancing. it's going to be in a backyard. so we'll be social distancing to a degree, you know. >> but keep in mind, and we can't stress this enough, that bubble or no bubble, health officials would still rather you stayed home at this point. in oakland, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> your health, education, changing workplace and economy all areas that abc7 news is committing to in an effort to build a better bay area, as we see progress in reopening the bay, we know we'll have to adopt to a much different world. today santa clara county joins the rest of the bay area entering phase 2 of reopening. stores can reopen for curbside pickup. one of those stores is the three
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e rd u wit, theuto n,spially w stace.woies a how much she'll eveeo fly survive doing curbside. and i can't survive just doing a couple of days a week. most retails are anxious to get back. it's what we have to do to get ready for the public, to make them feel safe. and will they come out? >> as for major retailer, stores with in an indoor mall like westfield valley fair won't be able to pickup. santana row will be allowed to open for pickup. to the north bay now. rking lots. sausalito is its city officials say there has been an increased need for parking as stores open f lice wl b keeping close op f quicktripse
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poll the lots plent to now if you're wondering what's open, what's not open and you're counting this weekend, we have all the details this week. all bay area counties are now in phase 2. sonoma county now has approval to move into expanded phase 2, which would allow for dining in restaurants. napa and solano counties have already moved into an expanded phase too. pope valley school is planning to open july 20th, four weeks earlier than it originally planned. in the north bay, napa has opened its restaurants and retail stores, but not its wineries. in solano county, in-store retail is aloud. dining restaurants are now open. sonoma county planning to allow outdoor restaurant dining. however, breweries and wineries are closed. ? san mateo, santa clara and alameda counties, retail stores are open for curbside pickup. restaurants are open for takeout and delivery only. beaches are open in san mateo county, but parkin lots,
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they're closed. in san francisco, contra costa and marin county, restaurants and stores are open for pickup only. parks and beaches are open in san francisco, but beach parking lots are closed. marin county beaches are closed. president trump today urged governors to reopen churches and other houses of worship, calling them essential and saying he would overrule them if necessary. governor gavin newsom says california has been working on a plan, and the state will make it public no later than monday. >> you take the issue very, very seriously and to heart, and we have been very aggressive in trying to put together guidelines that will do justice to people's health and their fundamental need and desire to practice their fate. >> when newsom was asked about the president's comments, he sidestepped the question and reiterated the state has been working with faith-based groups. the centers for disease control put out its own guidelines today that includes limiting singing
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and chanting during services to prevent the spread of saliva droplets. president trump is pushing for america to reopen the economy. but a new poll shows americans are not quite ready to go along. according to the associated press, norc survey, just 42% of those who went to concert, movies, theaters or sporting events at least monthly before the outbreak say they would do so in the next few weeks if they could. only about half of those who regularly went to restaurants, exercised at gyms or traveled would feel comfortable doing so again. california's unemployment numbers that. >> continue to skyrocket. and for teenagers looking for summer jobs, it's going to be more difficult than ever. but there is some new hope, virtual jobs. and what about summer camp? parents looking for a little guidance. what we're hearing from officials today. i'm spencer christian. we're all getting ready for memorial day weekend. but are we ready for next week's excessive heat?
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california's unemployment rate nearly tripled in april because of the economic fallout from the pandemic. the state's jobless rate jumped to 15.5% and the actual number is likely even higher since the report is based on a survey conducted the week of april 12th. overall, the state lost more jobs in one month than it did during the great recession a decade ago. now for many teenagers, summer jobs just don't exist right now. but two moms in the south bay developed an app that's created an opportunity for teenagers through virtual gigs. abc7 news reporter david louie shows us how the changing workplace is being reinvented a area. >> teens are hurting, looking for jobs. >> have a great day! >> teenagers have a lot of spare time on their hands while they shelter at home. traditional jobs at fast food restaurants and baby-sitting don't exist. yet they need to earn money for
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college and other expenses. an app created by two working moms in mountain view has been a game changer. it's called my kumbahyah. it allows parents to market their teenagers' skills for virtual work. 16-year-old aitan got a summer gig. >> got an email wake up early tomorrow. you have a job. and just like that, i had the first listing, and it went great and i really enjoyed it. >> matan is a musician and an aspiring filmmaker. he is tutoring four students in english and math. >> virtual baby-sitting, virtual tutoring. they become very creative. >> privacy and protection of teenagers are built in by having the parents be the point of contact. depending on the skills involved, teens can earn far more than minimum wage. >> it's been from 20 to $30 per hour for like 45 minutes even. so it's really solid money as a teenager you're making, especially in this time when you have nothing else to do.
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>> he used to earn money performing with a jazz group, but that door is closed right now. if and when restrictions are eased teenagers may be able to switch from virtual to in-person wok over my kumbahyah. david louie, abc7 news. >> well, we have some good news for san francisco parents. all summer day camps are on. the announcement was made this morning by mayor london breed. the programs begin on june 15th with some modifications, of course. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the details. >> san francisco parents wondering what their kids' summer will look like got some good news today from mayor london breed. >> june 15th. we're going start programing, and we're going to extend the number of kids that we're able ive cas th opete i rec and the city. every program will be modified to meet health requirements. children will be in pods of 12.
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and instead of the regular one-week session, those same 12 kids will be together for three weeks at a time. this minimizes commingling of children. >> for each pod, each pod requires a minimum of two staff people and staff cannot circulate between pods. so, again, for all you private camp providers out there, hire kids to help you this summer. >> priority will be given to children of parents who are allowed to work under the health order and the low income youth and those in vulnerable populations. >> we're going to reach out to those populations first, and then citywide registration for rec and park camps will begin on june 6th. >> parents like clifton zito welcomed the announcement. >> i'm really excited because the kids have been cooped up at home with me, and also i have a newborn at home. so just to be able to get them out of the house and burn off some energy, i'm really excited and happy about that. >> all of this comes with a
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warning. the san francisco health officer will continually review notifications to the order. when your kids are home this summer, how do you keep them in tip top shape for school? khan academy is a free online learning platform for ages k through 12. founder sal khan joined me earlier today on abc7, and he says don't worry about your kids studying eight hours a day. >> if your children at least can get depending on the age group, 20, 30, 40 minutes a day of math, 20, 40 minutes a day of reading and do a little bit of writing every day, it can be as simple as some journalling, if they can do that now through the end of the school year and through the summer, you can feel pretty confident that your students are going to be well prepared and their skills wouldn't have atrophied. >> and sal khan also tells me they are launching new courses
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by june 15th designed specifically to help kids prepare for the next grade. police booked hundreds of students in tg, i aoo e np sado organizers say sharp dg the po literacy and critical thinking skills. to date, this nonprofit has distributed over 3,000 books to local kids in need through a donation from abc7 disney and the magic of storytelling. spencer christian in normal times, you were very active out in the community with a lot of the need to read programs. >> well, you do the weather too. >> that is true. i've always been a great champion of literacy, of visiting lots of schools and reading to and with kids. it's great to see that kind of program going on. i can't wait to get out and start participating again. oh, by the way, i thought i would dress up a little bit today because i haven't done that in so long, and i miss presenting a little bit of an
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elegant image. maybe i missed it today too. 'vun skies and breezy conditions across the bay area right now. a nice sea breeze is blowing down with wind speeds from 20 to 25 miles per hour in many locations near the coast. and that cooling sea breeze has given us an interesting 24-hour temperature change. it is several degrees cooler right now than at this time yesterday in most bay area locations. so let's move along as we take a look at santa cruz beach and give you a look at current temperature readings. it is 64 in san francisco. we have low 70s at oakland, redwood city, san jose and gilroy and 61 at pacifica. on we go, looking out across san francisco, alcatraz from sutro tower. 83 degrees the warm spot. other locations are in the mid- to upper 70s at santa rosa, petaluma, napa, concord and livermore. and as we view from the east bay hills camera, a look at mount
4:20 pm
diablo, these are our forecast features. it will be turning much warmer beginning tomorrow. triple-digit temperatures will prevail in many inland locations early next week. and there is an increased risk of heat-related illness in this period of excessive heat. overnight clear skies and mild conditions with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-50s. then tomorrow, look for highs under sunny skies of 66 at half moon bay. 69, san francisco 76 at oakland. santa rosa in the east bay, concord 86. antioch 87 and fairfield 88. if you look ahead to the excessive heat coming our way monday, tuesday and wednesday, here is a look at the temperature range we can expect. highs will be in the mid 90s up to 100 degrees in many inland locations. with eexpect to see 100 or higher at fairfield and antioch. then on tuesday, it gets even hotter. we may see 104, 105 degrees near
4:21 pm
antioch and fairfield. certainly we'll see 102 degrees. the heat will hold on wednesday. so the first three or four days next week will bring us some rather excessive and potentially dangerous heat. so bear in mind, limit your exposure to heat if possible. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a nice memorial day weekend shaping up. as i mentioned, it's going to get really hot inland on monday, and that heat is going to hold on until about thursday of next week before we can expect any cooling. larry and kristen? >> too hot to handle. >> at least the weekend is nice, though. >> thanks, spencer. a vacaville man with a fast food empire is helping out during the pandemic. what he is now serving up in addition to all those burgers. abc7 is partnering with i heart radio to help support local businesses being hit hard during this pandemic. thousands of bay area stores and services are still open, offering to help with essential needs, and many of them are actually hiring too.
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that's why usaa is giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can pay for things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. discover all the ways we're helping members today.
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a bay area mcdonald's is stepping up big time. an immigrant who wrote his own rags to riches story is giving back by giving ppe to frontline workers throughout this pandemic. as part of asian pacific islander heritage month, you may not have heard of the name cc yen, but chances are you've been to one of his restaurants. the vacaville resident runs a fast food empire with 30 mcdonald's branchs in northern california. 16 in solano county. now in addition to happy meals, he is serving up ppe. >> so much as first generation immigrant. and this is a good time to give back. >> and the help is enormous. millions of surgical masks, goggles, gowns, face shields, hand sanitizer, a gift from yen's nonprofit to front line workers everywhere.
4:25 pm
vacaville, vallejo, fairfield, suisun city, sacramento even seattle and new york. >> the environment and because mcdonald's, we working with them in the past. we continue to do that. >> the 83-year-old entrepreneur says his desire to give back stems from his gratitude for the opportunities that america has given him. born in china, he fled to taiwan during world war ii and emigrated to the u.s. in the 60s with $100 in his pocket. yen worked as an engineer until getting laid off at age 48. that's when he stumbled on a chance to buy a failing mcdonald's in oakland. >> mcdonald's didn't want me because i was not qualified. wasn't good speak english. mcdonald, you cannot judge the immigrant as your standard. the guy might be good for it. >> it turns out, he was good. a year later, yen turned that branch profitae and more mcdona
4:26 pm
followed. the entrepreneur says the key to success was and still is working with local organizations and supporting the community. last year when yen's vallejo branch had a grand reopening, he donated to the local humane society. >> he has provided employment for our local youth, scholarships through his foundation for college bound seniors, and he has just been nothing but generous to our community in times of need. >> the community is often invited to yen's thriving ranch in vacaville. it's his home, but it's also a conference center, wedding venue, and amusement park, complete with a mcdonald's racetrack. here yen often hosts events for his nonpartisan apapa association, asian pacific islander asian affairs. with 30 chapters across the nation, its mission is to increase asian pacific leadership. >> for easy being those leaders in our community and giving folks like me the opportunity to network, to be educated, and to
4:27 pm
grow as leaders. >> yen says developing community-minded leaders is now more important than ever. to the next generation, the man who realized his american dream through the golden arches offers up his golden rule. >> taught me out to give back, how to work with community. everybody shows this. step up. and everybody is here, good or bad. >> everybody should step up. everybody should share, good or bad. yen's philanthropy extends from here all the way to china, where he has opened up multiple schools, a dream and legacy built on happy meals and a desire to help. so abc7 salutes c.c. yen and apapa for their work during this api heritage month. >> what a great story. i love cc, love. >> got to go to mcdonald's and check out the ranch. a changing workplace. what does that mean for the
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pop my 100% all-white-meat classic orpicy poprn building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> the covid-19 pandemic is an uncertain and bumpy ride for the real estate market in the bay area. with so many of us working from home, the future of office space is uncertain. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> much of san francisco's union square remains a plywood coast town. benson sees it every day. feel guilty myself because are
4:31 pm
i am working. >> this was juice space. they were here for 20 years. >> we're here at market and battery with louis. he shows us several spaces including the former specialties bakery restaurant. >> you'll never see vacancy on this intersection. it really tells you a lot what's happened. >> the effects of the coronavirus could be long lasting as restaurants close and retailers file for bankruptcy. and companies that occupy retail space rethink their entire work space. bay area tech companies like facebook, twitter and square have told its employees they can keep working from home indefinitely. the commercial real estate vacancy rate in san francisco is low. 5.3%. but that's expected to surge over the next several months. it's an uncertain time here in san francisco, to say the least. especially if you happen about the a landlord. imagine being the owner of this, one of the largest buildings in the city for office and retail
4:32 pm
space. the flood building is so large it spans an entire city block and takes about five minutes to circle. >> we're starting to see some signs of life. >> landlord says some renters have plans to return. >> short-term it's going to be a little slow. but i think long-term, after a year or so, things i think will start to pick up. >> louis cornejo says many businesses may need additional space to allow for social distancing. >> instead of being on the top floor, they're on the ground flor because it's easier. >> many are optimistic the real estate market will return. how long it takes is unknown. >> it is two months? is it four months? six months? >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we have now been sheltering in place in the bay area for 67 days. the current order is set to know d'tan to heare month.t co.
4:33 pm
th is a ssibility. we'll se what pps. so many changes that we're seeing and about to see as we continue. joining us now is a friend of the program, with civic maker, a group focused on helping cities and organizations find solutions for common problems. so we've got nine counties. you've got nine different responses. earlier in the newscast, i was going down the whole list of who's open, what are the rules. it's so confusing. why aren't the counties in sync on this? >> yeah, well, the good news is as of today, they all in sync. santa clara took a couple more days to get to. napa, solano, now sonoma are a little ahead of the game. they're allowing dining in options. i mean, the system was designed this way, was designed to give counties local control to relate to what's happening on the ground. so for example, napa has about 4% of the cases that santa clara has. so they want to have that more local control. the trade-off is that some of the conditions are a little bit
4:34 pm
more confusing. that's the rub. >> it makes sense. what's the climate like inside varsity halls now, and how is the business of rung local governments changed from let's say six months ago? >> yeah, well, two months ago, it was like a mobile mash unit. they had to learn how to work remotely. they'd never done that before. the next two weeks they were all getting their sea legs. and now they're starting to have an eye towards innovation. what they say is that necessity is the mother of invention. there is a lot of necessities. so governments are starting to look towards what can they do differently. >> so what are the positive changes that you've seen? or the innovations. because everybody has to kind of come up with their own solution for problems that they never imagined. >> that's right. imagine is a great word there. so we're seeing a lot of paper-based processes that had to do in person now go to digitally and virtually. so for example, you can attend
4:35 pm
your local city council meeting by just zooming in online. court documents that you had to make a hardcopy that online as well. governments are adopting new technologies. contact tracing is adopting new technologies and adopting business practices, something called first contact resolution. something that's well ingrained in business call centers that governments are now starting to adopt. >> i know we're going miss trips to the dmv. when we look back on all this a year from now, do you think we're going to take a look at all the small businesses that were never able to reopen and ask why did it make sense to allow a costco and big box quote/unquote essential services to stay open when you have a bunch of people as opposed to mom and pop stores, where fewer people are going in and out.
4:36 pm
i feel so badly. we do all these stories on local businesses. they're not allowed to open up, but we can go to these other stores freely. >> yeah. i think shelter in place was a blunt instrument. we didn't know -- we didn't know what to do. and that was effective. and now we're getting more refined with some contract tracing and other tools. and that's why you're seeing those businesses open. what i hope we do, what i hope happens now is that we use this time to sort of reimagine the future so that we are prepared for the next wave. for example, we're really encouraging our clients to ask how might we questions. how might we redesign the classroom and the school day to allow children to go to school but keep them safe? or how might we redesign the mass transit experience so that people are safe but they're not packed in like sardines. and so we want our government clients to go through this visioning ideation and
4:37 pm
prototyping session now so that we're not asking those type of questions in the future. >> so what should viewers keep in mind as we continue along here, let's say with phase 2- and then to 3 and 4? >> i don't want viewers to get tripped up in phase 2-a, 2-b, phase 3. what i want them to do is take responsibility for their own health care, right? so if government opens up churches or faith-based communities and they go in and they don't feel comfortable, they should trust their own gut and intuition and maybe sit somewhere else, or go home. right? the reason this has worked is not because of government enforcement or a hard line on this. it's because we have voluntary complied with it, and used our own brains. i want people to continue to take responsibility forbe their own health care and those of their families. >> excellent advice. thank you so much for your time and have a safe holiday weekend. >> you bet. all right. unficial kickoff
4:38 pm
summer, but the summer will have a very different look. and if you're planning to travel, you'll see some big changes at the airport. 7 on your side's michael finney has z3w6kz z1s6z
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y3w6ky y1s6y ♪ ♪ ♪ theand we want to thank times, the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you have any questions at all, call us, email us, visit us online. we're here to help support you when you need us.
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take care, and be well. to learn more, call one eight four four cosentyx or visit all right. time for the four@4. spencer christian rejoining us and chris alvarez as well. it's memorial day weekend. obviously this memorial day weekend is going to have a very different look. social distancing rules means fewer barbecue, staying away from friends, social distancing circles at the marina green in san francisco. and for those who are thinking about heading to south lake tahoe, do not go unless you are prepared to pay a $1,000 fine. all right. so what are we all planning to do this weekend? let's start with spencer at chateau christian. >> well, actually tomorrow and sunday my wife and i plan to go
4:41 pm
out and take nice brisk walks and enjoy the mild to warm weather the next two days. as you know, it's going to get hot starting on monday. so i don't know. we don't even have a plan for monday. try to stay inside and maybe binge watch some series on tv. that's about it. >> chris, i know you're working so you're out. and chris you've got the kids. what do you plan with the kids? >> two things. one a little exciting, the other not at all exciting. oh, we're out of time. sorry. >> with our producer on friday. i'm going to do, going to play some family pickle ball at my god mother's home court over in your neck of the woods, larry, where they do allow courts to open. but it's private. she is going to clear out. we're bringing our own ball, keeping it really safe. and the boring thing is i'm going to sell a couple of pieces of furniture in a socially distanced way. >> the kids will be excited
4:42 pm
about that. a new study shows very few americans are planning to travel this summer. according to travel website the points guy, just 31% of those survey ready considering taking a vacation between now and the end of summer. the top destinations will be a state or national park by the beach or a hotel resort. another 15% say they're considering a getaway in the fall or later in the year. 28% say they'll wait until at least 2021 to travel. all right. chris is working this weekend, so he is not going anywhere then. but what about later this summer? what are you thinking? >> i have a wedding. one of my best friends is getting married at the end of august. so we're hoping fingers crossed in santa barbara that we can go to that. i know a lot of people have been affected by weddings and planning those. so fingers crossed going to santa barbara in late august. >> spencer, what about you? boston? >> well, my wife and i have already canceled our annual september trip to italy, which we're really going to miss. but i do have a trip scheduled to the east coast in mid- to late june to visit my grandsons, and i'm hoping that it will be
4:43 pm
safe to travel then. i haven't canceled that trip yet. >> a lot of hope for something in the summer. life really tough for a lot of people. now even the paparazzi are complaining. since california issued the stay-at-home order back in march, there is fewer celebrities to spot. i know this is a crisis like us, they're spending more time at home in their mansions. before the pandemic, a paparazzi would get 200 sets of photos a month. but in the past month they're getting only 30 to 40. plus, celebrities are harder to spot because so many of us are wearing face masks or coffers. i forne am thankful. at least for a short time, these guys are not following me around constantly. i mean, it's been a welcome relief. spencer, how about you? >> i've seen all those paparazzi walking around yelling "larry,
4:44 pm
call my play, call my play." >> way to get the plug in. i appreciate that. >> what was the question? i forgot. >> it doesn't marry. we were all focused on the fact that we celebrities are going out there with our face covers. chris and i don't have that problem. >> let's go to the next topic already. >> appreciate it. to a cool visual now out of seoul, south korea. check this out. a design company installed this public art exhibit depicting incredibly realistic wave sloshing inside a glass box. it's an exhibit called wave on the largest screenrea. itlmt makalmost if you did not tell me that that was a digital display, i would have thought they had water in there and it was some sort of turbo generated thing with the
4:45 pm
waves splashing. i'd be worried about the cracking. i could watch that for showers with spencer's wine and sit and stare at it. we ought to have these everywhere, don't you think? >> yeah. i think we should talk. >> it's beautiful. i love it. >> to put something equally mesmerizing. >> what is your impression of that? could you see that? >> i couldn't see it. but what i saw on google, i just looked it up in the break. it looks very cool. but you guys seem to see it a little better than i did. i'll take your word for it, larry. you're larry. you're a celebrity. >> this is going to follow me around. i make one little joke and now i'm going to be hearing this. but very resourceful for pulling it up on google. >> larry, can you sign my autograph before you go? >> i don't know. it depends. i got to be in the right frame of mind. >> okay.
4:46 pm
this did not go the way at all i thought it was. anyway, that's it for the four@4. the most ♪ special delivery ♪
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
applications for free food for california kids opened online today. the program is for children who qualify for free or reduced priced meals at school. the state is sending out emergency pandemic benefit cards worth up to $365 per child. some kids are getting the cards in the mail automatically, but the families of an estimated 1.8 million eligible children will need to apply online. so if you did not get a card and think your child is eligible, you have until june 30th to apply. time for consumer news now. 7 on your side's michael finney here with a look at the headlines. hi, michael. >> michael. >> hey, you guys. got some bad news here. homeowners, the number of homeowners that are not making their mortgage payments has hit the highest number since 2008.
4:49 pm
and you remember what happened then. 3.6 million homeowners did not make their mortgage payments as of the end of april, doubling the percentage of delinquencies seen in march. now the national delinquency rate now stands at 6.45%, just less than 6.5 as compared to 6.0 in march. the number of foreclosures has hit record lows, mostly due to government moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures. those still traveling by air will need to go through new procedures to get on an airplane. the transportation security administration issued new guidelines today to limit physical contact and prevent cross-contamination. travelers must scan their own boarding passes and hold them up for a tsa employee to inspect. food and carry-on bags must now be placed in clear plastic bags that can then be placed simply on a conveyor belt. the tsa is encouraging travelers
4:50 pm
to put items like keys and wallets into their carry-on bags. yelp knows why folks in quarantine are craving, state by state. the online review and delivery platform analyzed its data to see what dishes were ordered the most. while pizza ruled across the country, yelp found californians have been ordering bubble tea the most, a craving shared by those in hawaii and michigan. oregonians have been ordering loaded burgers. nevadans favor spam wasubi and arizonians are asking for tacos. what are celebrities mainly liking? >> oh, here we go. why do i even do this? i have no idea. not being one, obviously. but personally, i'm a huge pizza guy. and so i would say pizza. but spam is excellent and sushi. that's what i would be going for
4:51 pm
if the restaurants were open. how about you? >> spam, but i don't need it delivered on a silver platter for celebrities. >> can we get off of this? the whole show. >> no, we can't. >> we're not. we're not. >> thanks, michael. see's -- i'm craving see's candy, right? transition to the next story. the san francisco-based company temporarily shut down in late march for only the second time in its 99-year history. see's released a statement saying its bay area and l.a. kitchens are back open. it's taking online orders with pickup at selected stores. giving customers a heads-up. they may not have everything in stock, but they're encouraging people to give other flavor flavors a try. be open to new experiences. right, kristen? >> absolutely. here is someone who doesn't think of himself as a celebrity, yet he is dressed in a very celebratory way that is spencer. looking good.
4:52 pm
>> oh, thank you, kristen. i thought i better dress up now before the heat comes our way next week. it feels pretty comfortable today. tomorrow as we go into memorial day weekend, look for sunny skies and mild to warm weather. it's just going to be a beautiful day. but as we get farther to the forecast into the weekend, in fact, we'll see quite a warm-up taking place. highs mid-90s inlanded on sunday. up to 100 on monday, memorial day in our inland areas. and on our accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see tuesday, wednesday and thursday, little change in that excessive heat pattern inland. we'll see temperatures above 100 degrees certainly for a couple of days next week. larry and kristen? >> all right. thanks for the heads-up, spencer. san jose state university is honoring the spring graduating class of 2020 in a whole new way. >> san jose state spring class of 2020, you inspire us. >> hey we know that guy, tim
4:53 pm
cook, apple. today the university launched graduate recognition sites, one site for all eight of its colleges. the videos contain messages from a who's who list of leaders in business, politics and more. according to the university, the sites showcase the accomplishments of san jose state's more than 7,000 spring graduates. abc7 celebrating the bay area's class of 2020 by featuring as many high school seniors as possible. you can get your grad or senior class featured by posting candid pics with the #grads on 7, or you can go to our website, abc7 has already shown pictures of more than 2,000 deserving high school graduates. so we say congrats to you all. ♪ snoeft ♪
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen an over flow of gratitude towards everyone who works on the front line. a small group of teachers is switching gears and thanking their students for all their
4:57 pm
hard work and resilience. east bay community yournlist has the story. >> earlier this month we celebrated teacher appreciation week. but math teachers in livermorene students>> we mis tm. >> a group of teachers are taking to the streets to express gratitude during covid-19. they're doing it in style. in a week they are stop by for a visit for over 100 students. leaving candy and a special thank you note. >> we started receiving some nice e-mails and messages. we decided students weren't getting recognized even though they were thrown into the same situation. we want to put a smile on theiro distance learning through zoom and other platforms. this group of teachers wanted to let students know their hard work isn't going unnoticed.
4:58 pm
>> it feels great to be appreciated. we're working hard at home. having appreciation is nice. shi like this -- it would them. they always look out for us. >> for this group of teachers their dedication is beyond the classroom and want to help students get through this pandemic. >> i think our job is important right now. reaching out to students and let them know just because we don't see them every day it doesn't mean we're not thinking about them and car ming sure they're doing okay. emotionally and mentally as well. >> and we invite you to join better bay area project thanks. share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of covid-19 battle. use the hash tag better bay area. show us how you're saying thank you and we'll share it with the community. that'll do it for now.
4:59 pm
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dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. than closed. tr trying to keep our heads above water sfwl some worry it won't be enough to keep them in business. >> how well are retailers doing with curb side pickup in san francisco? we're getting a first look. >> paying the price for defiance. why a non-profit says it deserves to be an essential business. >> what happens if you can't pay the rent? tonight new tips on getting relief during the crisis. >> when zooming and face timing goes only so far. a new look at staying social during the shelter in place. >> we


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