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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 23, 2020 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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d streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. ♪ the more we get together the happier we'll be ♪ now from abc7, live breaking news -- thafrjts major fire, one warehouse at the iconic pier 45 a total loss. flames have only been more destructive since then. seeing sky 7 overhead of what firefighters have been working on. this really is nothing and good news to be able to see how well this is coninedpad to what wwe seeing earlier thind llorking onhr tckly started mov toward the "ss jeremiah o'brien" ship earlier this morning, the world war ii era liberty ship.
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thankfully firefighters were able to save it. that four-alarm fire destroyed a warehouse at pier 45. that housed the "ss jeremiah o'brien" historical boating groups and crabbers. nearly 150 firefighters responded to the scene and abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is at pier 45 live for us and has the latest developments. cornell was are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: hey, liz, we got an update from the fire department. they say the fire is close t co where as you said 150 firefighters have been battling this blaze since about 4:15 this morning. the fire broke out in the rear of the pier 45 warehouse where fishing companies, the blue and gold fleet and the "ss jeremiah o'brien" have offices. flames shooting into the morning sky. smoke could be seen for up to 15 miles away.
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luckily, no injuries have been reported. a san francisco fire department fireboat was able to save the historic world war ii liberty ship "jeremiah o'brien" from ruin and told some peeling paint was the only casualty there. nobody hurt and it's believed that no one was inside the warehouse at the time of the fire but the firefighters now looking into the possibility of transients that may have been inside. >> our fire investigators will be looking at the possibility that we could have homeless individuals sleeping in that building, which is at this point no indication showing that but it's something that we want to make sure did not occur and that's only something at this point we'll be able to do during the investigatory phase of this fire which will take some time to come up with the cause and origin. >> reporter: yes, lieutenant baxter said the investigation does continue. there are a lot of fishing companies that have offices
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here, have operations here as well. a lot of companies were counting on a big memorial day business here for restaurants, being sold to supermarkets, all of that is on hold. a lot of tourists may recognize this area. this is the same building that houses the museum. it appears not to have any damage because it was really the opposite side of the building. anybody coming down to fisherman's wharf urged to stay away. in fact, swimmers have been told to stay away from aquatic park as a precaution as firefighters continue to get this fire under control. we're live at fisherman's wharf. i'm cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. earlier we spoke with lieutenant baxter during the height of this fire and here's what he said about his crew's battle. >> we are told this building is not occupied during the evening,
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however our investigators and company groups are actively doing researches and reinvestigate briory interviews. during the fire which evolved rapidly to a four-alarm fire bringing 145 firefighters and about 50 fire apparatus at this time to the scene, it's still an active fire. we've had portions of all four corners of this building collapse at one time or another. fire truck company number 13 which owns one of the first fire truck companies on scene did obtain some structural damage to the fire truck itself. no injuries to the firefighters. this is something that we don't hope happens but we have to have plans in place to make sure we don't use the entire pier and the truck company placed it in a safe position at the beginning of the first alarm fire to actively protect the fire from
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spreading to other warehouses which it did. we had other hoses that were used to help protect the truck company as its water pipe operation was placing hundreds of gallons if not thousands of gallons of water on this fire. when we had other companies within the four-alarm to assist, we pulled that truck company out and replaced it with another one. we're anticipating we will be here throughout the afternoon fighting this fire. we're ask the public to please avoid the area. we're asking private vessels to please stay out of the area. we had the united states coast guard and san francisco police department units keeping a perimeter so our fireboats can help the fire and put this out safely. we do have our newly acquired rescue -- fire rescue boat number 1 which is on the other side of this building that was helping protect the fire from spreading to the warehouses as well. currently again we have no injuries to this fire. we have multiple agencies assisting us with determining if
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there's any damage to the pier itself or the structural integrity of the pier. we'll have some information on that at a later time and our fire investigators are on scene. this investiation will take some time and we'll have information on the cause and origin at a later date. >> amazing work on all those firefighters' part. lieutenant, what do you know about evacuations? we heard reports there were some evacuations in the area overnight. early this morning. did that happen and how many people? >> they were for firefighters and starting to see that when the walls started to collapse and evacuated firefighters from the perimeter or the outside of this fire. at which time we positioned a few apparatus that were not damaged and continued to aggressively fight the fire. there are warehouses that have personnel working in them, night
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crews adjacent to this and did also evacuate and these are buildings that are commercial occupancies only. no residential occupancies. >> okay, and what do you know about the cause of this fire? i know you said you're investigating whether or not there could have been anyone inside that warehouse overnight. any sense of what started this fire? >> again, our cause and origin will be determined by our joint fire task force, which is the task force comprised of seasoned san francisco firefighter investigators and seasoned san francisco fire investigators within the police department. this takes some time as we're actively fighting this fire. when the fire is completely out, they'll be able to start the process of going through the building for cause and origin. at this time they are interviewing individuals that may have witnessed this and looking at other dynamics with this fire to step them lead them to a potential starting point for the cause and origin. we placed our fire apparatus again -- we have to come up with
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evaluations of safety of our firefighters and the ability to protect the iconic structures here on the pier. these commercial buildings and ensuring that there's no danger within those buildings. we call them exposures during the fire but they are technically the buildings around the fire building and lucky and happy to say that we were able to protect the exposure buildings or adjoining buildings from being damaged from this fire. >> that was lieutenant baxter with the san francisco fire department with a lot of good updates there. we've been getting incredible viewer photos and videos inch showing us the flames up close. more than 100 firefighters or 145 firefighters were racing to keep up. take a look at these shots here. sent to us from joe conte, the owner of the water 2 table building in these photos that you're seeing. just stunning. i mean, just really -- i mean that's what a four-alarm fire looks like and he says his building is somewhat untouched
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but check it out. he said it looks like his trucks are almost completely melted. water 2 table is a seafood distributor to local bay area restaurants, of course, many of the places in this area fill the same function. these are longtime businesses with deep ties to the seafood and service industry and we're going to be speaking live with conte to get insight on what he saw from the scene. that is coming up at 9:15. abc7 news viewer darren, i want to show you these shared video as he was walking near the whatever this morning. here's what he saw. >> i assume they got the fireboat over there. i think that's the fireboat.
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earlier you could see lots of flames, but now it seems like they've got the flames out and now it's all steam. it's been burning for a good hour or so. not sure there's much more of pier 45 left. >> and as you heard from lt. john than baxter with the san francisco fire department, this fire could have been much more disastrous. take a look at this. the "ss jeremiah o'brien" saved from flames by firefighters. a true memorial day miracle posting this to facebook just a few hours ago, they say the o'brien remains intact doing well. this is only because of the rapid response of our amazing san francisco firefighters and fireboats. the "ss jeremiah o'brien" is still operational today. it has a distinguished wartime duty including seeing battle in the d-day invasion in 1944.
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she's now open to visitors at pier 45 for tours and cruises of the bay. amazing. also a familiar sight to many at fisherman's wharf and pier 45, the nearby "usspampanito" as a world war ii vintage submarine and floating museum. a tweet from the bay area national weather service showing you the black squares that represent a heat map using satellite imagery from space. check out how widespread that square footage is for the heat to register. as we saw the smoke spilling out across the san francisco skyline and smelled it as i was telling you some of you earlier, we smell it here in the newsroom. as this was happening, we did let you know about it from our abc7 news app. our team has been constantly updating the story with breaking updates, photos and information as this plays out. we're actually streaming this newscast right now live on facebook and on our website so you can check us out while we're
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in commercial break on tv, ask us questions, interact with us in realtime. a quick break and move over to weather. lisa, you're tracking the heat. >> yeah, today it's going to be a warmer day out there, liz. you can see how hazy it is. the wins are light. some of the smoke just settling over san francisco. we do have our sea breeze to look toward to today. it'll be breezy along the coast but 80s return inland. my accuweather 7-day forecast is next. and after the break we're joined by the owner of water to table who took these incredible photos and said the company's seafood delivery troubles are looking melted after the fire and joins us live to
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welcome back. sky 7. pier 45 in san francisco, if you're just joining us a four-alarm fire broke out just after 4:00 this morning at a warehouse on pier 45. now, some good news from this, firefighters were able to save
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the "ss jeremiah o'brien" ship that had been threatened.bu di warehouse this fire was in is a total loss and it housed the ship's historical group, boating groups and crabbers. so here's what we know, 145 firefighters responded to the scene this morning with about 50 engines and 2 fireboats. portions of all four corners of this warehouse collapsed. at one point while the flames roared, there was damage to at least one fire truck but thankfully no firefighters were hurt. crews able to protect all surrounding buildings from any damages. we know there is a lot of attractions there and tourist attractions well known, thankfully none of those buildings are now threatened. but they will remain on the scene all day to watch for any flare-ups and firefighters are asking all tourists and anybody who is going to be in the area to please stay away. here is a map showing you exactly where pier 45 is. i'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it. it's behind jefferson and taylor
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streets near the popular seafood restaurant there. as we mentioned crews were able to protect buildings nearby so there was no other damage. and here are some photos. abc7 news viewers sent us this morning, when those flames broke out. you can see big flames there shooting into the sky and that big plume of smoke. it's unclear at this time what sparked the fire. that's something firefighters will continue to investigate. but we do want to thank our viewers who sent in photos and videos and help us share and tell the story. video as the sun came up this morning. you can just see the heavy smoke by fisherman's wharf. our tower camera captured video of the smoke billowing into the air as you can see and i was sayien our studio. we're on the embarcadero and front street and could smell it. lisa, i know you smelled it as well and were saying the lack of wind made a difference in how that smoke distributed and dispersed. >> it's just sort of sitting over the bay with very little wind.
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sort of lingering over san francisco and there's a slight push from the north to the south but without a lot of wind and high pressure overhead putting a cap on the atmosphere. it's going to sit here for awhile. but we will be looking at clear conditions and that sea breeze cranking up throughout the day for better air quality. a live look right now and live doppler 7 where we are looking at clear conditions and a big dome of high pressure set to take hold over the bay area, drifting over it and getting strongest come tuesday and wednesday when the national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch. we're talking about triple-digit temperatures for perhaps four days in our inland valleys. that's next week. right now the air quality looks pretty good. here from the golden gate bridge, as you look closer to the east you can see some of that at the surface, the smoke, it is 60 in san francisco, 61 in san jose and pacifica so a mild start with a light wind and fog here in santa cruz. low 70s on the way.
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patchy fog south of the bay area, mid-60s, santa rosa. warm start there. livermore checking in at 60. east bay hills camera looking back out over the bay it will be a warm one today with some 80s. yesterday all in the 90s in our inland valleys so numbers coming up about three to eight degrees today with that warming trend beginning today, the heat intensifies for memorial day and that's when our excessive heat watch begins taking us through thursday. now, as for everyone except the marin county coastline and san mateo coast, look at the huge area of people encompassed with this. this is going to be an issue because not only is it the first real heat wave of the season, but we're going to see overnight lows stay pretty warm after sunday and that's when we get our cooling, but it's not likely as we get into the heat building day after day with several days of this very warm weather. so looking at our high temperatures on the holiday
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monday, how about 90s to 100 degrees from napa to fairfield so certainly warm to hot, 70s in the city but as we get to % tuesday, could see 80s in san francisco, upper 80s to near 90 in oakland and we are well over 100 degrees in our inland valleys, this is just the beginning of the peak heat tuesday into wednesday, could be even hotter here but by thursday, we're looking at this ridge to shift slightly to the east and that could bring a little bit of a sea breeze back to san francisco. now, we're talking about a light sea breeze day to day, winds will not go offshore but the ridge so dominant that we will be warming up at the shoreline throughout the next several days. even today mid and upper 60s out there but with the healthy sea breeze, 74 richmond, 78 fremont. mid-80s in livermore. tonight back to cool 40s and 50s around the bay. clear sky and the accuweather 7-day forecast. warming up, taste of summer tomorrow with 90s arriving inland. 80s around the bay. by monday, tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday, we have excessive heat inland. dangerous heat, even in the 70s at the coast. liz. >> lisa, thank you. all right, water to table fish company calls this a true historical disaster for the local fishing industry. joe conte works for water to table joining us on the phone to talk about it. good morning, joe. i'm so sorry to see what's happened there. tell us what you know so far and how you found out about the fire this morning. >> what i know so far is that there's, you know, we have four buildings on the pier and the northeastern corner building apparently is completely collapsed. the walls were already caved in while i was still there before they evacuated us. and, yeah, i mean, the situation is is that we've got, you know, the only eight hoists down there to unload boats between half moon bay and bodega. if we can't get onto that pier
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it's going toly with everything, you know, that's been going on. >> yeah, and a lot of the pictures we're seeing your trucks, what is the condition of your trucks? have they been destroyed? i mean, are you going to be able to use them still? >> well, actually from footage on your news network i saw that 2 of my trucks were parked up against that building, so those are definitely gone. and from what i saw of the ones that i see before we left, they were, you know, literally 50 feet away, so i'm guessing they're pretty melted. >> yeah. and talk to us a little bit more. we all think of this area as a place we would go to eat seafood but talk to us more about how critical the pier is for the distribution of that food that we all eat throughout the bay area and what this impact will be. >> oh, it's huge. i mean especially when the local food system sailing right now, i mean we're ordering online and going into safeway and different stores and you protein know, i
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just lost joe, unfortunately. we'll try to get him back because he was saying something pretty interesting but how critical it is to our industry which is hurting so much because of everything going on with coronavirus. but let's go back to sky 7. our live picture there over the scene at pier 45 as firefighters continue to fight this fire, which we are told is almost contained at this point but they're going to be staying there all day to look for those hot spots. 145 firefighters on the scene including 2 fireboats that were able to save that world war ii ship. so some good news but still a lot of economic impacts that we're going to see and hear about, i'm sure, in the coming days and weeks now still because pier 45 is such a historic iconic part of san francisco and so critical and vital to our
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shipping and fishing community so we'll try to get joe back on the line as soon as we can and much more coming up in a few minutes. stick with us.
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fisherman's wharf. firefighters saved the "ss jeremiah o'brien." s historic liberty ship launche. a memorial day miracle and the cause remains under investigation, though, investigators are looking into the possibility that homeless people could have been sleeping in the building. they believe no one was inside when flames sparked just after 4:00 this morning. all right, water2table fish company calls this fire a true historical disaster for the local fishing industry and joe conte, he works for farm2table joining us. we lost him earlier. good morning, joe. you're back and let's pick up where we left off. you were talking about how important pier 45 is to the shipping and fishing community.
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>> yeah, it's water2table but, yeah, no, it's critical. the eight hoist there is, the only hoists between half moon bay and bow dadega so the entire fleet relies on that pier to unload their fish and especially in the times right now where protein and the distribution system isn't working with covid-19, we're able to get protein right out of the ocean onto our docks and straight to people's home answer that's what most of these businesses are doing right now is direct to consumer because all the restaurants are closed. so this is critical. so i'm just hoping we can get onto that pier soon and get bacy thk pp, you knhe prknow, demolition equipment is going to interfere with our business so i'm not quite sure. i'm down here now trying to get some answers, i'll probably know more soon.
9:27 am
but until then we're all very concerned. >> absolutely. and how important is this weekend specifically? i mean i know things are a little different right now because of coronavirus. but it is memorial day weekend and how important is this weekend to you specifically? >> well, you know, the weekend is important. i'm sure everybody was going to have a big day today and be closed on sunday and monday like most fish companies are on sundays but, you know, we were going to take monday off also. but i mean that's peanuts in the long-term scheme of things. we're worried about what this means more long-term here. >> absolutely and i know you're there on the ground. how many businesses are there like yours on pier 45? >> i would say about 15. but, you know, tons of businesses that come in and depend on us like all the fish companies that are down by the airport or off of third street or south san francisco or brisbane. they're all coming in and getting their fish from the pier here so that infrastructure being lost is going to affect, you know, people as far as
9:28 am
sacramento, tahoe, i mean, you know, this fish goes all over the state. it gets shipped across the country even. it's terrible. we'll see what happens here but hopefully we can get back on the pier soon. >> yeah, i'm so sorry to hear that for you, especially given everything else going on right now. did you have product in those trucks that we were seeing in the video? >> no, there wasn't products in the trucks but the other concern right now is that i understand power is off on the pier. there's millions of dollars worth of fish down there in people's refrigerators and so that's a big concern right now too. that's why i'm still kind of hanging out in the area. i'm trying to get some answers on that. >> yeah, absolutely. well, i thank you for joining us and giving this perspective and this insight. and we are wishing you all the best right now, thank you so much, joe, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, bye. all right, back out to skyn5 as those firefighters continue to fight that four-alarm fire at
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fisherman's wharf. pier 45, stick with us. we'll have more in a minute. that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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now from abc7 live breaking news going to go defense on this fire. repeat, all units out of the building. >> an early morning fire breaks out at the historic pier at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. it grew quickly to a four-alarm fire with crews battling disabled world war ii vessels. here is a live look at the destruction right now from sky 7. you can still see it there. smoldering with smoke billowing into the air. if you're just joining us, we want to give you an update on the fire here in san francisco. cornell barnard joins us live from the scene at pier 45 with the latest. hey, cornell. >> reporter: hey, liz, a bit of good news. we got an update from the san francisco fire department. they say the four-alarm fire is being -- is almost contained
9:32 am
here on the historic pier 45. although the rear of the structure is a total loss. it's where 150 firefighters have been battling this blaze since about 4:15 this morning. the fire broke out in the rear of pier 45 warehouse. this building is huge. it's about a quarter mile long and it's where several fishing companies have offices, flames were shooting into the morning sky. the smoke could be seen for miles and miles. luckily, no injuries reported here but a bit of good news, the san francisco fire department fireboat was able to save the historic world war ii liberty ship "jeremiah o'brien" from ruin docked on the opposite side of the building. the fire department says there were challenges to fighting this fire in such a historic pier. >> we have heavy timber in the old structures. it's a large building. we drill out here almost weekly
9:33 am
with our partners, police department, sheriffs department, port authority, business owners that really helped us have a grasp and a plan before we even got here to put this fire out.out. >> reporter: now the cause of the fire remains unknown but firefighters are looking into the possibility that homeless people may have been sleeping in the building overnight. a lot of fishing companies concerned at this hour and say the power is out to this pier. that means that a lot of refrigerators are not working. it's where tons and tons of fish are being stored at this hour. live in san francisco, cornell barnard, axe 7 news. >> all right, thank you, cornell. as you heard from lt. john than baxter earlier with the san francisco fire department this fire could have been much more dangerous and disastrous. take a look at this. the "ss jeremiah o'brien" saved from flames by firefighters posting this to facebook just a
9:34 am
few hours ago. they say "the o'brien" remains intact doing well only because of the rapid response of our amazing san francisco firefighters and fireboats. it is a remarkable job they did and we are all i'm sure very thankful for them this morning. the "ss jeremiah o'brien" is still in operation today. it has a distinguished wartime duty including seeing battle in the d-day invasion in 1944. she's now open to visitors at pier 45 for tours and cruises of the bay. and all morning long we have been quick to give you the latest developments to this fire online at and on your abc7 news app. we're streaming this newscast right now live on facebook. so you can check us out while we're in commercial break on tv. but, lisa, let's head it over to you. i know we're also tracking memorial day heat. >> yeah, that's right. we didn't see any 80s yesterday. that changes today with low to mid 80s inland. right now live doppler 7, you
9:35 am
can see our sweep. no low clouds and big dome of high pressure building in. that will aid in our warmth today. a live look outside here where you can see just a bit of haze and that's exactly what we're seeing from the remnants of the smoke of that fire drifting over the bay area. but a sea breeze will allow for good air quality today. 60 in san francisco, 61 in san jose and there's a look at the roof camera where you can see a bit of a breeze, 64 in napa. 74 by the delta so as we get into the later morning hours the numbers climb through the 70s, 980s arrive and inland valleys, by the afternoon you're going to feel the difference, anywhere from three to eight degrees warmer today. so it's a nice day today. a cool night tonight and then we're talking about the heat building day after day for much of the upcoming workweek and we'll take a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast in a little bit. >> thank you. all right, stick with us, we'll have much more on the four-alarm fire in a minute.
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here's that live picture from sky 7. stick with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. here is sky 7 video looking out above pier 45 in san francisco. we're just getting breaking news in that one firefighter has been injured in this warehouse fire to the hand but is expected to be okay. we'll also want to show you some video we have thas come in from viewers able to see this fire throughout the morning. people woke up to this -- i know we saw someone could see it from daly city. we could smell it at our studio on the embarcadero and front street. it made its way throughout the bay area. again, looking at sky 7 video right now of what's believed to almost be a contained fire so a
9:39 am
lot of good progress has been made. 150 firefighters are fighting this fire and abc7 news viewer darren shared video with us as he was walking near the wharf this morning. i want to show you that. here's what he saw. >> i assume they got the fireboat over there. i think that's the fireboat. there's smoke everywhere. you can see it all over. earlier you could see lots of flames, but now it seems like they've got the flames out and
9:40 am
now it's all steam. it's been burning for a good hour or so. i'm not sure there's much more of pier 45 left. >> all right, what stands out most in that video is hearing the sea lions there. that was one of the first things i thought as well, those poor little animals probably very freaked out. hopefully none injured. we haven't heard of any being injured. fire officials say they were familiar with the pier which helped them battle the flames. it's pretty interesting. here's more from abc7 news reporter cornell barnard's interview with lieutenant baxter. >> we have heavy timber. in the old structures, it's a large building. we drill out here almost weekly with our partners, police department, sheriff's department, port a busiss owners that really helped us have a grasp and a plan before we even got here to put this fire out. including our marine assets, fireboat 3 and rescue boat 1 and
9:41 am
the 50 fire apparatus and 150 firefighters and can you see behind me the vast hose lengths we have throughout the majority of the fire hydrants that are spaced on different grids to give us pressure. off to my left we have the high pressure hose tender or aboveground fire hydrant system that we brought in from an adjoining battalion which brings in basically a complete independent water source from a high pressure hydrant over a quarter of a mile away supplying it on the west side of th >> the "ss jeremiah o'brien" is on the other side. >> yes, the east side. >> it is extremely amazing that the "jeremiah o'brien" is saved. at the beginning of memorial day weekend we were able to save a very historical piece of world
9:42 am
war ii not deliberately throwing a tribute to all those who sacrificed almost everything if not everything for the freedoms that we enjoy at the beginning of memorial day so it's nearly amazing to me visually seeing the flame lengths over 100 feet lapping over that vessel with no damage to that vessel and, again, hat's off to the crew of fireboat 3 who did an aggressive and strategic attack placing their boat almost in harm's way to make sure that those flames stayed off of that vessel. >> fascinateing there and also lieutenant baxter was also telling us, lisa, you may have heard earlier they do trainings on theseoy figure out how to get the hoses access to these piers. it's a challenging job and they succeeded today. >> uh-huh. it was pretty quick as well and good work by them. thank goodness. all right. good morning, everyone.
9:43 am
happy memorial day weekend. you can see some haze out over the bay, yes, some of that is smoke lingering from the fire. winds are light to nonexistent right now and the fog is way south of the bay area so we'll talk about better air quality this afternoon. a comfortable day around the bay. the heat builds inland and a look at
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family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish!
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there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! we'rgonnit onl btewhndavwi . welcome back. a live look from sky 7 there. can you see a firefighter right there still continuing to fight this fire. they've been pouring thousands and thousands of gallons on this warehouse here and look at this perspective. there you can see the "ss jeremiah o'brien" ship and just how close it is to the warehouse so now we have that perspective that shows why it was so threatened and how amazing it is that they were able to so quickly stop that massive fire from reaching that ship. it really was -- we keep saying
9:46 am
it -- a memorial day miracle for this ship. just remarkable and this perspective here just for the first time i'm seeing this perspecti perspective. it really hits home what a miracle this was this morning and that is some good news although we know there's lot of the of businesses still that will be very much impacted by this. power is off we're told in the pier leaving lots of fish to be left not refrigerated and destroyed and so lots of businesses still going to be the at a loss but one good silver lining of this, you can see they were able to save that ship. again, we'll have much more in just a minute but meantime, i want to move on a little bit to some of the memorial day events happening this weekend becauseh weather is sure to draw crowds to bay area parks and local officials will be on the lookout for any packed areas. police in san francisco making sure people practice social distancing and this is what it looked like at marina green and dolores park.
9:47 am
the city is painted those circles that are six feet apart. officers will also be giving out masks to people who don't have any and it's not an excuse to break rules. >> we don't want to shut down parks but if it comes to that where things are out of control and people are not following guidelines we won't have a choice. >> the same social distancing circles in place at the jackson playground picnic area at 17th and arkansas street. getting a check now of the bay area forecast as well because, lisa, it is going to be very hot this weekend. >> it certainly is, liz. today, you know, we'll get relief from the sea breeze but winds are light and that's why we have stagnant air over the bay area from the fire, but it will pick up. the onshore flow and that will clean out the air. right now live doppler 7 and yoll tt it quiet widen the perd we have a big dome of high pressure that is going to move into the golden state then it's going to take hold by tuesday and wednesday and then slowly
9:48 am
shift to the east and that's when we get relief just on the coast perhaps on thursday. so this is a prolonged event with the warmth headed our way. what a gorgeous view. it is warm already around parts of the bay, 60 in san francisco. 62 in redwood city, low 60s in gilroy. the flag here with just a very light breeze. our roof camera with mid-60s, santa rosa and petaluma, mid-70s by the delta so that's four to 11 degrees warmer this morning and then we'll look for the fog here, the low clouds from santa cruz with highs today in the low 70s so the patchy fog from the central coast and we're not going to see much of it at all, in fact, we're going to see the heat build day to day and that's going to take away our very cool overnight lows and that's going to be a factor in why the heat gets so oppressive as we get into next week. the warming trend begins today.
9:49 am
the heat intensifies monday and record temperatures should be with us tuesday and wednesday. so everyone except the marin county coastline and san mateo montero. pacifica, you'll stay comfortable but it's going to get warm here into the 70s to near 80 by tuesday and wednesday. the rest of us, 80s, 90s, triple digits with the risk of heat illness for sure. now, today looking at san jose, nice and sunny, numbers coming up about 8 degrees. here's a look at the holiday monday where concord will be in the mid-90s, average high is in the upper 70s so we should see 60s and upper 70s but get anywhere from 12 to 20 degrees above average. 90s on the peninsula so that's just in 2 days so we'll add to the heat tomorrow on sunday and that's when i think you'll begin to feel the heat. today pretty warm and pleasant, 81 santa clara. 81 in sunnyvale and millbrae and upper 60s and pretty breezy
9:50 am
downtown. in the north bay look for the 80s. mid to upper 70s. a beautiful day, head inland everyone is in the 80s, even upper 80s by the delta. the 7 day forecast a taste of summer with 90s arriving monday and excessive heat watch then tuesday, wednesday, thursday perhaps a little relief into friday. liz. >> all right, thank you, lisa. we'll have more on the four-alarm fire in just a minute. we have updates but let's take a little break. it's been a rough morning for a lot of people. with this story, a set design studio putting their skills to good use during this pandemic normally monster city studios is tasked with building worlds beyond imagination. they were designing pieces for theme parks and museums but this morning, they're busy turning out face shields for frontline workers all over the u.s. take a look.
9:51 am
♪ >> they didn't choose their career to be in but they are switching gears and i'm proud of them for that. two or three months ago we were making things for universal studios and disney, no, i had no idea we would be making face shields. not even a clue. we got deemed nonessential. we have all this equipment and we can do a lot of different stuff. why don't we try to help out in some way. so we came up with the idea of creating a face shield that isn't just the type of face shield you see where it's just a sheet over the face and it comes up to here so we wanted to create a face shield that wrapped up around the forehead to cover the whole area,
9:52 am
something that was cheap but fairly effective and really easy to clean. we make things for amusement parks so people that do that, artists are not used to standing on a production line making 500, 600 pieces in one day. we're here and we're working away and making as many as we can and the response has been unreal. nurses are wanting to try them out. we have them at the hospitals. they're trying them out. we have groups all around the country, procurement group, purchasing groups for medical supply, we've had probably orders from easily every state. i mean i had to turn off the notifications on my phone because they were just, ding. five seconds later, ding. we're not makeabing a whole lot money just trying to provide. the people working here are pitching in. it's different than your everyday painting, sculpting
9:53 am
carving. you're literally standing in one place loading a machine over and over and over and over. you know, they didn't get a career to do what we're doing. they didn't choose their career to work in the manufacturing plant. i love the fact that they're willing to help out and we can help out the community and help out the united states. and you can watch more stories like this on the new localish network available on these channels you see. 7.2 if you use an antenna and find them on the local social media pages. next a return to the latest developments in this fire at fisherman's wharf. again we learned one firefighter injured battling this fire. one of hundreds helping to tame this from spreading any further. back in a mome
9:54 am
9:55 am
all right. welcome back. if you're just joining us, update, four-alarm fire
9:56 am
completely destroying at pier 4 heart of fisherman's wharf. in the past half hour we learned one firefighter was injured. he was taken to the hospital and is expected, he or she expected to be okay. crews were able to save the historic "ss jeremiah o'brien" ship. it was launched during world war ii. the building that burned down, a warehouse, housed the ship's historical group, boating groups and crabbers. investigators believe the building was not occupied and they are working to make sure that that was the case overnight. so those are the major headlines right now. we do -- are continuing to follow it online as well but before we head out, lisa, let's get another final quick check. the weather because it is going to be a hot weekend this memorial day weekend. >> that's right. tomorrow hotter than today but today warmer than yesterday with low 80s inland. the south bay, 82. look for about 86 over in concord, 76 in oakland. so a pretty day there with an upper 60s in san francisco. that sea breeze kicking inthrou
9:57 am
check out the accuweather 7 day forecast. we've got 90s in our inland valleys tomorrow. 80s around the bay. still pleasant at the coast but by monday our excessive heat watch will take us through most of the workweek with triple-digit heat and relief comes late on thursday. liz. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. thanks for joining us on "abc7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. and will continue updating the story throughout on and our facebook and instagram and twitter accounts as well as our app. here's a live picture of sky 7 there. that remarkable image seeing the "ss jeremiah o'brien" ship so close there to the warehouse, amazing firefighters were able to save it. truly a miracle this memorial day weekend. all right, stick with us for all right, stick with us for more onve gay
9:58 am
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