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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 24, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news.
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coming in as a warehouse fire, it's at the end of the pier, repeating involved. >> you may want to back out, this thing is really taking off. >> you heard it here. we brought it as breaking news as flames first shot out of pier 45 at the iconic fisherman's wharf, quickly becoming much more. this morning, firefighters still at the scene overnight as the investigation continues for a possible cause. the fire's destruction the last thing the fishing and tourism industry needs. good morning, everyone. it is sunday, may 24th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we'll have the latest in a moment on that fire. but first we want to start with a quick look at your bay area forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. it's pretty nice out there right now. skies are clear, temperatures in the 50s. live doppler 7, nothing to report. you can see a few high clouds here from mt. tam. isn't that beautiful, sun coming up, ten minutes ago or so. 53 downtown, as well as oakland. it's 50 on the coast. 54 in san jose and check out sutro, you can see a little bit
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of low cloudiness there into the lower valleys. 50 in santa rosa, 54 in concord, so that patchy fog will be giving way to mostly sunny sky and right now in santa cruz, it is 50, mid-70s later on today. so mid 80s around the bay should do it for us around fremont, around concord, and livermore, about 90 and half moon bay, pacifica in the upper 60s. so beautiful day today. where is the heat? it arrives tomorrow and going to stay around for a while. liz? >> sounds good, thanks, lisa. we were the first to bring it to you at breaking news live on "abc 7 mornings," the images absolutely stunning. sky 7 was overhead to show it all, an early morning four-alarm fire that sent smoke across the bay area and this ean longlasting impacts. while the cause is under investigation still, crews say the integrity of pier 45 is up in the air, it's synonymous with seafood and critically important for the fishing industry and tourism in the bay area. as lauren martinez explains,
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these places are already trying to get by because of the pandemic and now this. >> you might want to back out. this thing is really taking off. >> reporter: in the heart of san francisco's fishing industry, pier 45 at fisherman's wharf was engulfed in intense flames. >> all units of the building. we're going defensive on this fire. >> reporter: 150 firefighters battled the ground and the water. one of them taken to the hospital with severe cuts. the fire was reported around 4:40 and took nearly eight hours to contain. >> our hearts are broken for the fishermen. we are glad there was no loss of life. >> reporter: the pier built in 1926 is split into four structures, one was destroyed. it houses museum space, office space and storage units for fishermen and seafood companies. >> to me a lost day of business, a lost good day of business meelivery customers aren't loo going to be able to, you know do what they were planning on doing for their memorial day picnics or barbecue. or whatever. >> reporter: a crucial day of
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selling was lost and expensive equipment. >> i lost probably $15,000 worth of fishing equipment, maybe two trucks and looks like you know, one or two more might be damaged. >> reporter: the fire destroyed corporate office space for red and white fleet, a family owned tour boat company since 1892. >> sort of feels like the triple whammy. > reporter: they ceased operating their boats on march 16th under the shelter in place order from covid. >> we unfortunately ended up having to let go of the majority of our staff shortly thereafter, and now this. we'll get through this, what we really need, frankly is to get back out on the bay, get people back out on the bay again. >> reporter: part of the pier is used for commercial fishing, where fishermen sell their catch to fish processors, but as the investigation into the structural integrity of the pier continues, those fishermen have to wait. >> any vessels that are out there typically are equipped with ice to keep them for at
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least a couple of days. we want to work with the fishermen and we want to work with everyone in the area to bring the area back, but in order to do so, we need to do it safely. >> reporter: in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> as we told you, this fire was just feet from an important piece of history dock there, the "s.s. jeremiah o'brien." fire crews saved the world war ii navy vessel using the fire boat "st. francis." the firefighters managed to hold off the flames this memorial day weekend. the ship's captain is beyond grateful. >> it sounds corny but the first reaction is it's a miracle and it's because of the fire department. >> up until the pandemic, it was still offering tours. it is a rare survival of the d-day storming of normandy. another world war ii naval vessel is docked next to that was also undamaged. the port of san francisco says pier 45 houses the largest number of commercial fish processors and distributors. when the news broke yesterday morning, we sent a breaking news about the fire through the abc 7
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news app, there you could watch the newscast live, and the livestream of the fire fight, it's free to download for your local news and weather. just be sure to enable push alerts. new this morning, san jose firefighters are investigating what they call a suspicious fire involving 20 new port-a-potties. flames broke out just before 1:00 this morning on hillcap avenue. crews say this is the second fire at this same location within a week with port-a-potties being burned. pg&e crews briefly shut down the power because flames got close to cables in the area. no one was hurt. arson investigators are looking into the cause. the memorial day weekend of warm weather isouraging or maybe pushing a lot of people to go outdoors in the bay area. amid the coronavirus, abc 7 is focussed on how the virus is affecting our health, which is one of our pillars. luz pena spoke to a ucsf infectious disease doctor who explains what it means to get outside in the age of covid-19.
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>> reporter: it's not officially summertime yet, but today's weather gave us a hint with the upcoming heat wave the bay area is set to experience. inland temperatures hitting the 100 degrees by tuesday. >> if the virus doesn't kill me, at this point the boredom is going to kill me. >> reporter: many share the same sentiment. lisa came out of shelter-in-place to hike in lafayette. this monday lives near the reservoir. >> more and more people are d se >> reporter: isan francisco's dolores park, these circles were painted to help crowds practice social distancing. according to research sunlight might not only be good for mental health and exercise and also to kill the virus. >> in the lab and the uv rays in sunlight can kill the virus, also the heat kills the virus, but if you're on waikiki beach and everyone has covid-19, it doesn't matter how hot it is.
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>> reporter: ucsf doctor says even though we're in phase two of reopening we're still not out of the woods and need to practice social distancing. >> when you're outdoors there's a lot of wind and you know, the various elements of outdoors that make it very, harder for the virus to make a dire>>r: m,a searching for ways to cool off in the midst of this pandemic. but here's the thing. prior to covid-19, libraries turned into cooling centers. and malls became shopping and ac destinations but now they're all closed. san francisco's department of emergency suggests to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities but many would rather be somewhere else. >> towards the beach. >> missing the warriors game. >> we want church, we miss church. >> reporter: i get it, but we're all getting used to this new reality. in san francisco, luz pena, ab while churches are closed
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throughout the state today it could be the last sunday this happens. tomorrow governor gavin newsom will be laying out guidelines for places in worship for modified in-person services and next steps for phase three. >> this is not months and months of a permanent state, it's a dynamic state and every week, every week we will be making modifications we anticipate to that stay-at-home order. >> his comments came after president trump deemed churches and other houses of worship essential and called on governors to allow them to reopen immediately. governor newsom is expected to announce professional sports and hair salons may be able to resume as early as next week and added casinos and card rooms would be able to reopen if the state can hold the rate of transmissions. happening today, it's back to business in wine country.ews restaurants in sonoma county are opening back up to outdoor crowds just in time for the holiday weekend. sonoma, napa and solano counties were recently approved by the department of health for the revised shelter-in-place order.
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only outdoor dining is allowed and only one household per table. both kendall jackson winery and la crema are two places reopening today. la crema is bringing back its rocking tour. kendall jackson is offering a four-course meal with wine pairings. >> we do our wine and food on our back patio, and it's long before all this happened, we already had tables nice and separate because of course we want people to enjoy with each other but you want to feel like you're doing your wine and food pairing just with your party. >> sonoma county's covid-19 cases remained consistently low as reasoning they've given for easing the restrictions. if you're looking for help on what to do for your holiday weekend, feeling like a hike, we have a list of 13 bay area trails with wide walking paths to enjoy while socially distancing, that is one of our top search stories right now on and there you'll find a full list of ideas for things you can do on and the abc 7 news app. lisa, we were just talking
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about t even though things are easing a little bit we have to try to remember we have to social distance, we need to wear our masks, those have not been lifted. those requirements. >> yes, that's right, liz, and a lot of folks perhaps outside today enjoying the weather, because it gets less enjoyable as we get towards the holiday tomorrow and into next week. so look at the sun out there right now, beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-50s in concord. we will see mid-90s, low to mid 90s today so getting there in terms of the heat. i'll be back with a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast? just a moment. >> thanks, lisa. shocking, hateful messages stuck to homes in a east bay neighborhood. the racest notes now leading to a suspect. and cap and gown controversy this morning. the photos from a northern california group of graduating seniors choosing to deny health defy health guidelines. plus -- >> absolutely surreal. look, we know we were fortunate to be in this position. >> we're there as a couple's dream wedding comes to life at chase center, the story of what they had planned before the pandemic.
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comcast business. the front page of the "new yo,"od's entire page is a grim and somber tribute in remembrance of the lives lost to coronaviruop alied on te page. the front page alone is just 1,000 of the names, 1% of all the deaths. the very first on the list is patricia dowd, the san jose woman who died the first week of february, the first known covid-19 death in the united states. the list continues on multiple pages inside today's "times" and it's not just names, each person's age, city and a small fact about them is included. "the times" writes of the people listed, none were near numbers. shocking string of racest letters was found on some homes in the east bay, posted in
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public, it's put an entire community on edge. video of police helped catch and release the person who did it. >> "you have until may 23rd, 2020, saturday, 10:30 a.m. to leave this country, no asian allowed." >> reporter: this is just one of several hate-filled letters found by residents in san leandro, herron bay area. one of them was found on this tree, another found by trinh's brother friday evening. >> it was really shocking and the whole family was really shaken up by it. i can't comprehend the hatefulness. reading this letter sends chills down my spine. >> reporter: san leandro police say there were at least five letters posted on homes or other locations by this woman, nancy araciga. the letters suggest those not native to america leave the e te d en. >> obviously there's been a spike in attacks towards the asian community due to this pandemic, it's sad to see that.
6:16 am
i just, you know, at the end of the day we have to be strong, resilient and speak up. when we see something. >> reporter: police arrested the woman for inappropriate posts toward minorities but released her from jail because of the current state bail schedule, something that does not sit well with trinh, who always considered her neighborhood a quiet and safe place. >> it tells me that they don't take hate crime seriously. >> reporter: while trinh knows speaking out like this can be scary, it's why she's choosing to use only her first name. san leandro police tell me speaking out is why they've added more patrols in the area. trinh has this message for nancy. >> we're a strong family. we're able to move forward and very forgiving. we pray for this woman, whatever she's going through, she'll find peace at the end of the day. >> reporter: in san leandro, dionne lim, abc 7 news. >> the woman was found with a backpack full of letters. police ask that anyone else who has seen one in the community to come forward. abc 7 news has been hosting town halls focusing on how the virus
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taking a disproportionate toll on communities of color. pwatch them on our website and find resources on okay, a group of graduating high school seniors are finding themselves in some controversy this morning. they honored a pre-pandemic tradition by posing for a group picture together. you're looking at that image that has divided people in the town of lincoln and placer county. more than 90 seniors and their families organized the photo shoot just like previous classes have done, but this is a new era coming together to celebrate us. >> people should be at home social distancing so this thing doesn't keep going around. >> placer county's health official called the picture "recipe for virus transmission." despite the warning, lincoln high's class of 2020 says they have another group photo shoot in the works. to maj mon savingsrng ing de
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car,utomakers are ng big abc news reporter deidre bolton has more on the specials you can cash in on. >> reporter: car companies are offering unprecedented incentives to kick off memorial day weekend. experts say the best deals on crossover suvs and leftover 2019 trucks, a dodge ram classic up to $9,000 off, some dealers offering 0% financing for up to seven years. >> this is the strongest we've ever seen it in terms of the number of automakers offering ai 0% interest rate as well as the length of time. >> reporter: thousands of now cars have been sitting at ports waiting to be delivered to dealership. honda and hyundai offering at least $500 cash back to health care workers. >> in terms of what the outlook is for 2020, i think that's a bit shaky as people financially recover from the pandemic. buying a car is a big purchase. it requires a lot of money. >> reporter: companies are
6:19 am
adapting to the new normal, online sales are up 170% in the last five weeks. >> this is a special moment in the auto industry, where the future has become kind of the present. >> reporter: the auto industry employs about 7 million americans. you can bet they are hoping for strong summer sales. deidre bolton, abc news, new york. all right, lisa, we're tracking the heat and it's going to get hot. >> it is. yesterday we had lo to mid 80s, building on that today for some 90s, but nothing too extreme yet. that's certainly above average and our microclimates, but as we get into your memorial day, that's when we have our excessive heat watch in effect from the national weather service, 11:00 tomorrow, right through thursday, and we're looking at certainly some records being broken around the bay area. here is a live look at live doppler 7, just a couple clouds, well north of santa rosa. there is a little bit of patchy fog out there, and as we widen the view, you can probably know this perspective the big dome of high pressure pushed to the
6:20 am
north of us, the storm track allowing for that ridge to really take hold and dominate our weather today, tomorrow, into several days of next week. isn't this pretty? fog forming over the hills here, otherwise it's a clear and cool start out there, with low 50s san francisco, and oakland, redwood city 52. it's 54 in san jose. gilroy dropped down to the mid-40s and looking at 50 on the coast, and gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge there, and probably the last day we're going to see any fog. with the sea breeze intact throughout the afternoon, it's 50 santa rosa, 47 petaluma and napa, 53 by the delta. 54 in concord. livermore 52 and low 50s in santa cruz with low 70s on the way with light winds, maybe five to ten miles an hour out of the west today in santa cruz. a little stronger than that closer to home. ocean beach at about 15, maybe 18 miles an hour but still lighter than yesterday, so sunny
6:21 am
and urm withwarmer today, hotte tomorrow memorial day and record temperatures coming into play tuesday, wednesday, possibly thursday so just along the coast, you will be spared the next several days, because we're not talking an offshore flow and temperatures well above average at the coast, but not extreme. so from marin county down through pacifica, we will see some 80s so that's warm, certainly at the coast, but elsewhere, we're talking 90s, 100, 103, and on memorial day, tomorrow, looking at 101 by the delta. plenty of 90s up towards the north bay. 80s around the bay, and into your tuesday, it gets hotter so usually we cool off with that fog after a couple days, but notice the pink here, just building, 103 perhaps, 104 in antioch on wednesday. widespread 80s, possibly 90s in oakland, and we're looking at some 80s in downtown san francisco. highs today very pleasant, downtown 73. 79 in oakland.
6:22 am
peninsula warming up, plenty of 80s here. low 90s in santa rosa and tonight it will be in the mid upper 50s, possibly a few 60s, higher elevations. the accuweather seven-day forecast, heat wave begins tomorrow, and the excessive heat with us pretty much the entire week. the coast, though, comfortable in the 70s and much cooler by the end of the week. liz? >> thanks, lisa. it's the wedding for the ages in the age of coronavirus. how these newlyweds were able to say i do at the chase center when it wasn't even their first
6:23 am
that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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tan harris joins to us tell us what's coming. on "good morning america." >> >> coming up as people head outside to celebrate officials are worried about safety and social distancing with some states reporting troubling new number this is morning. plus could pro sports be ready for a comeback? leagues taking tentative steps toward a return and the nba teal
6:25 am
that could bring back basketball. severe weather slamming the south and midwest bringing dangerous conditions and potential tornadoes. it's all coming up on "gma." see you soon. dreams really do come true even during a pandemic. a couple got to tie the knot this weekend right in front of chase center as their fairytale wedding. it might be the ultimate wedding for a warriors die-hard, this actually was the couple's plan b although they like the barrors. but the bride was not about to let the outbreak put love on hold. this morning, abc 7 news anchor dionne lim shares the love. >> this is surreal. look, we know we were fortunate to even been in this position. our heart is full. our hearts are full. orr: lay hirsch anddus l ben r rance ayear and arealaga' bo r a we ju love quick and when it's right, it's right and just feels right. had at dneworld in the fall,se, everything going on, it got canceled. >> reporter: undeterred, lindsay sprung into action.
6:26 am
>> i thought why don't we see if we can get married at the chase center no, sports, it's beautiful and home to so many memories. we come to games all the time and love it out here. >> reporter: this new magical day thanks in part to the and the rshemselves.vendors whoe even a member of the team to as a witness. >> as a michigan alum, i could not be happier to see jordan here. it was a special touch. >> reporter: one more surprise. on behalf of abc and the dizzy fairytale wespl edion pair of glass slippers in your size. a cinderella moment dustin and >> we appreciate everyone's support, everyone being here donating stuff for us, could not be happier so thank you. >> yes. we're husband and wife! >> woo! >> reporter: in san francisco,
6:27 am
dionne lim, abc 7 news. >> our congratulations to lindsay and dustin. may 23rd was the day they really wanted to be their anniversary, that was supposed to be the day of their wedding. they wanted that as their official anniversary. they still plan to hold a reception at disney world in the fall. and honeymoon in peru. disney is the parent company of abc 7. visitors flocking the beaches on memorial day weekend. where crowds are showing up around the country as president trump pushes to reopen places of worship. hundreds of people rallied at the state capitol for what they call liberty fest. the changes they are demanding to see. a historic rocket launch at home this week. why these astronauts will be doing something not done in decades.
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity for thirty four ninety nine a month for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> the memorial day weekend holiday rushwith the pandemic-sized health warning this year and beaches across the
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country scenes like this, in santa monica as states ease restrictions. is it too much too soon? good morning everyone. it's sunday, may 24th. i'm liz kreutz. we have much more to get to on how states are handling memorial day weekend in the midst of a pandemic. first if you're just joining thus half hour, let answer get a quick look at the bay area forecast. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. it is cool with numbers in the 50s, even a few 40s. as we look at our exploratorium camera a few high clouds. 53 in oakland, san francisco. 54 in san jose, another vantage point from emeryville, where you can see the clear sky, a bit of haze, and there's a little bit of patchy fog. 50 santa rosa. 47 pet luna and napa with 5 it in livermore. by 10:0070s widespread, six around the bay and the darker shades of orange and red coming into play, 1:00 we're flirting with 90 degrees by the delta. low to mid 80s midafternoon but
6:31 am
we will reach the 90s by about 3:00/4:00, and then numbers will still be warm by about 6:00 tonight. our excessive heat watch starts tomorrow. details on that in a few minutes. liz? >> thanks, lisa. all new this morning, thinking of going to the beach this weekend? what about this one? take a look. memorial day weekend in daytona beach, florida, looked absolutely packed. nearly every county fully reopened their beaches ahead of the holiday and clearly people are taking advantage. officials asked visitors the m i video, not one person was wearing one.lo tht ofe. anwhlling on places of worship reopen. abc news reporter karina mitchell has all the details. >> reporter: after months of stay-at-home orders, many americans are anxious to get outside and enjoy the memorial
6:32 am
day weekend. states have been rolling back restrictions on beaches, parks and golf courses. in california, while some businesses have been allowed to reopen with modifications, gyms, salons, entertainment venues and hotels have not. along this santa monica beach, many visitors chose to not practice social distancing saturday. president trump, who was golfing today for te first time in two months, but without a mask, has called for states to allow places of worship to reopen. this video from the boston archdiocese shows what services could look like. minnesota will allow places of worship to resume at 25% starting wednesday. the announcement coming even as some hospitals in the twin cities are nearing capacity. arkansas which is now seeing a second peak is one of eight states with an increase in cases. >> increased cases indicates that there's more arkansans out there than we knew about before that are positive and could potentially spread the virus. >> reporter: but some former hot spots are seeing positive trends. new orleans hasn't registered any new deaths since wednesday.
6:33 am
new york's death toll fell to 84 saturday, the first time it fell below 100 in two months. >> under 100. doesn't do any good for those 84 families that are feeling the pain, but for me, it's just a sign that we're making real progress and i feel good about that. >> reporter: karina mitchell, abc news, new york. >> coming up on "this week" anchor martha raddatz is joined by dr. deborah birx to discuss how to safely visit beaches, parks and houses of worship as well as the government's response to the pandemic. watch the full interview on "this week" at 8:00 on abc 7. meantime up north in california tensioning bubbling over. hundreds showing up at the state capitol in sacramento to stay-at-home orders. organizers called the demonstration liberty fest. one person in the group said citizens and not elected leaders should sky what services and activities are essential.
6:34 am
>> if you break your glasses, you can't get them fixed, you can't get them replaced so this deciding of what's essential and saying walmart is essential, people can line up but can't go to church, you have to have a president override governorsthio an this is now about control. >> saturday's rally remained peaceful. demonstrators marched around the edge of the capitol grounds because highway patrol officers blocked access to the building's lawns and steps. historic space launch ahead this week. two u.s. astronauts will be blasting off into space from american soil. the team of bob bencan and dug doug hurley are in the final stages of the mission. saturday they held a walk-through dress rehearsal and wednesday they'll soar to the international space station aboard a rocket built by elon musk's spacex. >> we view it as an opportunity but also a responsibility for the american people for the
6:35 am
spacex team for all of nasa that put this opportunity together and entrusted us with it. >> it's incredibly humbling to be here to start out the next launch from the united states. >> both nasa and spacex urge spectators to watch wednesday's launch from home. abc news will bring it live on the abc news youtube page, in partnership with "national geographic." liftoff set for 1:33 our time. that should be very exciting to watch. new this morning, the home pool business is seeing record sales as people stay home during this coronavirus pandemic. public pools across the country do remain closed and businesses that sell home pools say families are looking for something to entertain their kids especially with summer coming up. some companies say they are hiring new workers to help keep up with the demand, and if you're looking to buy, owners say be prepared to wait a few weeks for the pool to be installed. if you're missing america's past time right now, here is a deal for you from airbnb that mght appeal to baseball fans. for $1,500 per night you can rpresent the pensacola's blue
6:36 am
wahoos ball park in florida. access to the clubhouse, batting cage and the field, bats, helmets and balls are included, too, and when it's time to sleep, you get your choice of ten different beds. as our world shifts with these changing ideas and environments we put together an immersive experience on what life could look like after covid-19. it might not be all airbnb baseball parks, sporting events, concerts or your next date night, at and here is the ruler of a small fast food empire in the bay area hoping to make a difference. >> we have benefited so much as first generation immigrants, and this is a good time to give back. >> how a local mcdonald's franchise owner is going from happy meals to help for front line workers. plus, was bigfoot just spotted in northern california? where the creature may have been caught dwelling as a creative
6:37 am
advertisement in quarantine. and here is a live look from our mt. tam camera. just another very pretty view looking out over the bay and the san francisco skyline. eight now 53 degrees in san francisco. it's going to heat up fast especially tomorrow and later this week. we'll check in with lisa, when we get back.
6:38 am
6:39 am
after decades of elusive searching, bigfoot has been found and in northern california of all places. turns out he's just like us. the creature seems to be doing what we are all doing during the stay-at-home order, zoom calls, not sure who he's zooming with, baking, some reading, photos from a real estate listing on zillow for a home in felton, a little north of santa cruz. realtor daniel oster wanted to make people smile and adds we
6:40 am
could all use a bit of levity these days and hoped the photos would draw up buzz about the property and so far, it seems to be working. we probably wouldn't know about this property otherwise but big foot seems to be having a nice life right now. >> made it on the news, for sure. good morning, everyone. our iconic golden gate bridge where you notice a few high clouds around but a mostly sunny day on the way. a little bit of a breeze out there, light, many in the 50s, some in the 40s but highs today will be warmer than yesterday, everywhere, for more 80s and 90s, but still pretty nice at the beach, with the seabreeze. that changes tomorrow.>> srts s return we wonder which will be back first. news making waves this week, could the stars of the nba return to play in the happiest place on earth? we dig into that possibility. plus in the meantime heavyweight meeting between the titans of two sports, tiger, phil, brady, manning and a golf match for charity. next you'll se
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board of governors has a call scheduled to provide more details to teams on a timetable and plan to resume the season. here is chris alvarez on the details with where play could resume. >> disney's wide world of sports in orlando continues to gain traction, as sports tries to make a comeback in the u.s., reports of major league soccer returning this summer and now the nba, they're also trying to get their season back started in florida. according to espn, the nba spokesman says the league entered ex-moretory conversations with disney about restarting the season as the complex in orlando in late july. it's still unclear if the nba would try to play regular season games or jump straight into the
6:45 am
playoffs but with three arenas and plenty of hotel space it is a viable option. the nba season suspended on march 11th, disney is the parent company of abc 7. phil mickelson and tom brady versus tiger woods and peyton manning in a foursome for charity. lefty is ready to go. check out the trick shot he pulled off with a man in his face, flops it right on over him. ars you kidding me?of s from phil. we'll have highlights of this great golf event. the mls season was shut down otten the season under way, o-1-1 when the season began. the midfielder discussed the possibility of restarting the season in orlando along with the first time he played a game against david beckham. >> landon donovan and david beckham stand next to me and about to take the field and i remember sitting there in awe of them like this. and my teammate behind me noticed and he slaps me on the back of the head and goes "focus, kid." i remember chasing david beckham around and every time i got
6:46 am
close to him, oh, i might be on espn right now because surely the camera is on david beckham. if i could get close enough to him i'm on tv. he'd kick it and i'm come late and shoulder bump him like yeah, i just shoulder bumped david beckham. >> good stuff there from shea salinas. eric byrnes was also a guest on the with authority podcast quarantine series. he had this message on twit ter recently about getting in the game. >> we got to go experience whatever it is that we're chasing, because just like indiana jones said, look, dude, you're not going to become a good archaeologist without getting into the field! >> i maintain byrnes is one of the greatest follows on twitter. that's your look at sports. let's send it back to you. >> all right let's get a check of the forecast with lisa. it's really tomorrow you're saying that things are going to start to heat up.
6:47 am
>> yes, that's right. we have our excessive heat watch today, that begins tomorrow at 11:00 and the national weather service likely upgrading that to a warning, when we are right at that time, but since we are 24 hours or more away from it, that's why it's a watch. as we look live outside, there's a few high clouds. picked antioch for one of the hottest regions that we're going to see over the next several days. today a high of 92, look what happens for the holiday, 100. 104 on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. no relief, looking at widespread cooling around the bay on friday, could see a possible shower as we get into next weekend. so if you're a fan of the heat, well, then you will like the next several days. if not, hopefully you have the fans out there, and you can sort of mitigate some of that warmth as we get into tonight, as we'll see those cool temperatures, keep that circulating but as tomorrow arrives, we're going to see some pretty warm overnight
6:48 am
lows in the upcoming days, as we look at this ridge of high pressure it's well to the north of us. the ridge is building over the golden state and as we look live notice how pretty it looks out there. it is comfortable, 54 in san jose, 51 redwood city. it's 50 on the coast. a beautiful day at our beaches, that sea breeze will be with us but it will be less gusty than yesterday and from mt. tam some haze, a little bit of fog. 50 santa rosa. some 40s petaluma and napa, with low to mid-50s so very nice in our inland valleys and look how saturated the colors are, good looking start to the day in santa cruz with low 50s. mid-70s later on, sunny and warmer today, even hotter memorial day, this begins our heat wave, and it's going to last right on through thursday, records tuesday, wednesday, likely, maybe even thursday. here is a look at tomorrow, memorial day, we should hit about 101. we saw that around antioch, fairfield, 99 there and looking at mid 90s for concord. today we will reach the 90s, but we're going to build on that
6:49 am
heat for your holiday. 80s around the bay, looking at 70s, but then tomorrow, i think this is a little underdone here for tuesday, we should be well into the 70s in san francisco, maybe even approaching 90 in oakland, and with those pinks in the sacramento valley, that's where that heat is going to slide over westward, and going to bring the warmth across the bay, so the sea breeze, it will be weak, it will be with us, but we're talking just right at the coast. you're going to feel that relief, so come thursday, we could see a little bit of cooling on the coast, elsewhere it's going to be warm. look for 88 today in los gatos, and 86 palo alto. low 80s for you in san mateo, san francisco 73. 69 in pacifica, 91 santa rosa, 83 vallejo. look for about 81 in hayward. 83 castro valley. 90 san ramon, so a warm day inland, the accuweather seven-day forecast the memorial day holiday where the heat
6:50 am
begins and on cue with the unofficial start of summer. 70s at the coast. near 90 around the bay. cooler friday, could be talking showers next weekend. liz? >> thanks, lisa. a bay area mcdonald's entrepreneur is stepping up big time in this time of need, a trending story on an immigrant who wrote his own rags to riches story is giving back by giving ppe to front line workers. abc 7 news anchor kristen zee has the story. >> reporter: you may not have heard of the name c.c. yen, but chances are you've been to one of his restaurants. the vacaville restaurant runs a fast food empire about 30 mcdonald's branches in northern california, 16 in solano county. in addition to happy meals, he's serving up ppe >> we have been benefited so much as first generation immigrants, and this is a good time to give back. >> reporter: and the help is enormous. millions of surgical masks,
6:51 am
goggles, gowns, face shields, hand sanitizers, a gift from yin's nonprofit to front line workers everywhere, vacaville, vallejo, sacramento and even seattle and new york. >> i'm giving to the firemen, the police, because mcdonald's, we are working with them in the past, we continue to do that. >> reporter: the 83-year-old entrepreneur says his desire to give back stems from his gratitude for the opportunities that america has given him. born in china, he fled to taiwan during world war ii and immigrated to the u.s. in the '60s with $100 in his pocket. yin worked as an engineer until getting laid off at age 48. that's when he stumbled upon a chance to buy a failing mcdonald's in oakland. >> mcdonald wanted me, but i was not qualified, i wasn't good speaking english and you cannot judge the immigrant as your standard. the guy might be good for you. >> reporter: turns out, he was
6:52 am
good. a year later, yin turned that branch profitable for the first time, and more mcdonald's followed. the entrepreneur says the key to success was and still is working with local organizations and supporting the community. last year, when yin's vallejo branch had a grand reopening, he donated to the local humane society. >> he's provided employment for our local youth, scholarships through his foundation for college bound seniors and just been nothing but generous to our community in times of need. >> reporter: the community is often invited to yin's thriving ranch in vacaville. it's his home but also a conference center, wedding venue and amusement park complete with a mcdonald's racetrack. here yin often hosts events for his nonpartisan apapa organization. with 30 chapters across the country, its mission is to increase asian-american civic engagement, and political leadership.
6:53 am
>> for being the leaders in our community and giving folks like me the opportunity to network, to be educated and to grow as leaders. >> reporter: yin says developing community-minded leaders is now more important than ever. to the next generation, the man who realized his american dream through the golden arches offers up his golden rule. >> an american ought to be how to give back, how to work with community. everybody should step up and everybody should share, good or bad. >> reporter: kristen zee, abc 7 news. >> yin's philanthropy extends from here to china, where he opened up multiple schools, a dream and legacy built on happy meals and a desire to help. abc 7 salutes c.c. yin and the apapa organization for their work during this asian-american pacific islander heritage month. on our website is where you'll find a bunch of resources if you or someone you know needs
6:54 am
help. has more information on supporting those in struggling times, a list of food banks, financial help or people to talk to. it was supposed to be wine country's biggest weekend, but bottle rock postponed by the pandemic. next, there's a way you can still feel like you're there, we'll tell you, coming our house was built in 1926. we saw the earthquake grace in bold was offering a grant program. i signed up and i was actually selected it leaves the house in tack. you now know that in the next earthquake your house will be standing and we also got a discount on our earthquake insurance. if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in. ♪ if thefeel like getting back out there? nissan is ready to help you
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or credit card bills. that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. what should have been the perfect, bright sunny weekend for a music festival in wine country, bottle rock napa valley was supposed to be happening this weekend but got postponed until october. happening today you can get your fix, bottle rock is streaming past performances from the music festival on its youtube channel. you need to subscribe to their page to get notifications when the episodes go live. the party started yesterday with imagine dragons and muse. after this weekend the online series will continue at 5:00 p.m. on fridays for the next 18 weeks.
6:57 am
lisa, a time for a final check of the weather. one more day and it will be hot. >> disappoint being bottle rock and certainly the beach situation here but we get to enjoy the weather anyways. emeryvil emeryville, temperatures in the fifth, sun ye and warmer today, even hotter. this begins our heat wave tomorrow and then it gets extreme as we get into tuesday, wednesday, potentially thursday. low 90s today in concord, 90 in livermore. 73 san francisco. 81 in santa cruz and the accuweather seven-day forecast we have our sea breeze today that will keep the coast in the upper 60s, low 80s around the bay, low 90s inland and tomorrow, near 100, antioch and fairfield, upper 80s around fremont, low 70s half moon bay, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we hold on to that heat inland around the bay, 90s, even oakland could see 0. san francisco easily in the 80s, and then at the coast, it's relief, everyone cools off by friday. liz? >> i got to be honest with you, lisa, i bought a blow-up pool.
6:58 am
i'm acknowledgingoee if it works. >> i'll come over. >> please do. >> at a distance. >> thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. americans emerge from lockdown to celebrate memorial day weekend. with the hope the worst is behind us. beaches and parks attracting crowds. long lines at this waterpark. restaurants and businesses slowly reopening. >> happy to be able to see some friendly faces. >> but will cautious customers return? why arkansas may be seeing its second peak of infections. and the one business seeing a sudden resurgence. bouncing back? the hopeful news from the nba. talks under way that could restart the season. where the games could be held.t. plus, the young players who are back on deck. missg


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