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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 25, 2020 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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two big steps this evening. places of worship can reopen with limiteding, but not everybody in the bay area likes these new guidelines judge in-store retail shopping can also begin statewide. just like target stores have been doing all along. but the bay area has the final say here, and so far they are holding off on any change. a heat wave hitting the area. some places could see the hottest week of the year, and this is only the beginning. >> so many people go to the nerves afraid of spreading covid-19. tension building up in tourist hot spots. people head to alameda beach to beat the. where the international guard hit the bay area. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us.
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>> i'm larry beil. several big storie in the headlines to want. state officials releasing new guidelines for reopening and holding in-person worship. but some church leaders today said it might be too much too soon. >> state officials say in-store shopping can resume across the state as long as county leaders agree. right now the bay area is saying not so fast. >> memorial day in the heart of sonoma county brought out a lot of people, but what's good for the local economy may not be good for keeping people health. >> also tonight, the hot weather has a lot of f eerltin tempebegiing. and memorial day all around the bay, events honoring the nation's veterans. but the men and women who never had the chance to become veterans because they sacrificed their lives during their service. we honor them all today. churches, synagogues, and mosques, the take the is now saying they can reopen, but with restrictions. big news today.
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abc 7 news reporter will you lus the story. >> after mounting pressure and three days after president trump designated places of worship as essential, governor newman newsom revealed guidelines for places of worship to reopen. >> we reserve the right ourselves to determine the things that we should do that would be in the interest of our people. >> bay area black preaches opposed the reopening of churches in the state, citing data that points to the african-american community being disproportionately affected by covid-19. >> 3,000 confirmed cases in our zip code. east oakland has been hit hard by this pandemic, and so, therefore, i stand in support of not opening our church doors at this time. it's not safe. >> the extensive list of guidelines include social distancing, wearing face masks, screening for temperature and other symptoms, frequently cleaning highly trafficked areas, and singing or
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performances need to be modified. >> what choolallenges do you anticipate with these guidelines? >> okay, but you are teaching me for a long time that we have a god that heals, but now you send me home because i'm sick? that's the only thing for me, i'm not 100%. >> this pastor says he will continue having services for now. >> the muslim prayer requires an individual to stand shoulder to shoulder, so we're going to actually institute that people should be at a distance of six feet within the mosque. >> in northern california, islamic council is considring reopening next month after making changes which could include outdoor prayers. the pastor at celebration church in livermore says they are ready to open by maypenane>>heal depaf public health put out new guidelines today that will allow for in-store retail shopping for the state but not yet in the bay
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area. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow went to san francisco's fillmore street to explain. >> of course most of the shops here on fillmore street are closed today for memorial day. we saw a lot of them move to curbside pickup last week. governor newsom announced this new directive over a tweet today. it applies to retail stores and it enables them to open up for in-store shopping again. as ais statewide and even includes malls and department stores. however, it is up to the individual counties if they have stricter guidelines to impose those, which means here in the bay area we are likely to see curbside pickup continue until those individual counties are ready to move to in-store shopping. something else that's important to note about the new directive is that it does not apply to personal services like nail salons, hair salons, or barbershops.
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on fillmore street, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. here's one way to beat the heat. people got outside early today at sycamore grove park in livermore. it was open but with limited access because of the coronavirus pandemic . that limited people really just to the trails. meteorologist sandhya patel is joining us from the comfort of her home with our first look at today's weather. sandhya, it is beautiful today, if you like it warm, right? >> absolutely. it is gorgeous out there. but definitely steamy, especially in the inland areas. this is day one of the heat wave. camera.look at our santa cru i know many of us are wishing we were there because at least there's a breeze that's keeping the coast comfortable. 67 in pacifica, but you're feeling the heat while inland. 100 in fairfield. 96 in livermore. i have four records. san jose, oakland downtown, kentfield and also sfo.
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i'll have those records for you in just a moment. it's warm around san jose and santa rosa, 92 degrees right now. we have a heat advisory that covers virtually all the bay area except the coast. and an excessive heat warning for solano county. the heat wave will last for a few days, dangerous indeed. i will be back with a look at how much hotter, you heard right, how much hotter it's going to get tomorrow with the possibility of records agin coming up. >> sandhya, thank you. in sonoma county there's a push and pull this evening between the small business owners in a tourist destination in dire need of outside dollars and residents concerned that visitors may leave the virusman reporting from the russian river. >> let's take a moment to appreciate solitude along the russian river, but on this memorial day it's all you're going to get. >> we went on a motorcycle ride and ended up here.
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>> welcome to guerneville. tis restaurant can only serve customers outside. >> what's the wait right now? >> are you hungry? >> would you like to rent a kayak? at king's sport, steve jackson had plenty to spare. he's happy to see the dollars coming in again. >> the worst i've ever been through. >> because? >> well, we closed down for two months with zero business. >> but it's here now in droves. the question is, are these visitors bringing t >> y aol i didn't see the beaches. >> in guerneville, the beaches are closed. but in monte rio -- >> this is a step to loosen things without being onble. >> technically this beach is closed, open open to locals for walking. but all these folks are from out of town. it seems they never got the
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message. >> what happened was the rec and park district barricaded the parking lot and put tape up. people pulled them down and pulled in anyway. >> that's the fire chief. he saw the scene and gave up try to contain his frustration. >> look around, social distancing going outs the door. >> you're concerned? >> concerned? i'm beyond concerned. >> well, that's one person, anyway. along the russian river, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. definitely hot in the east bay as we take a live look at mount laany live c been here all day, mid-80s, nice breeze, perfect beach weather. you can see folks are taking advantage of it by the hundreds.
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now, this shot can look like they are pretty close together but we can tell you we've been up and down this beach all day. people are doing their part to keep their distance. with police on atvs keeping a watchful eye, thousands of people descended on alameda's crown beach for the memorial day holiday. a day that also marks the start of a heat wave. >> i'm glad to report we have not had to issue citations. >> for the most part beachgoers respected the rules, wearing masks where proposed and physical distancing. >> as you can see, we have a lot of families out here, but for the most part people are abiding by the social distancing guidelines. we are really focusing on education over enforcement. >>ithpele police decided against strict enforcement of one rule. the one that requires people to keep moving, not sitting or sun bathing. at walnut creek, this guy chose to work on his fly fishing technique. >> we started early.
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we were here at 9:25 because it's going to get hot. >> is there fireworks or something? >> no. nope. it's fire season. >> people we talked with said this memorial day amid a global pandemic is one they'll never forget. >> i think we'll definitely remember and also remember some things that we're grateful for too that we're not able to enjoy currently. but that we look forward to enjoying in the future. >> we're back live here. as much fun as this looks like, it is for these folks. i'm told by regional parks police this is the last day for a while that folks will be able to enjoy the beach. there was a drop-off here of ty call sand restoration. they bring in sand and level out this beach. we're told that work will begin tomorrow, and the beach will be
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closed for a month. live in alameda,thony, people are going to be happy they were out there today. thank you, laura. stay ahead of the blazing temperatures during this heat wave on or the abc 7 app. a lot of buzz in the bay area. the air national guard making a repeat performance today thanking health care workers on this memorial day. plus, the celebration for a man who's turning 107 years old. and how one town kept memorial day alive at a time when
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[ "taps" ] covid-19 didn't stop veterans from honoring their fallen comrades this morning because large gatherings are canceled. marin county's annual ceremony was streamed live on facebook. those attending the ceremony
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followed social distancing guidelines. this event usually attracts as many as 1,000 people. in san jose, members of american legion post 99 in campbell honored the fallen with a 21-gun salute. the post along with the campbell and los gatos venture memorial foundations hosted this event which was live streamed so that others could watch. the event also featured comments by local leaders, including the mayor of campbell and three santa clara county supervisors. ♪ up the of us is at the mayor mar island cemetery in vallejo this morning. it allowed people to pay respects and remember the fallen. officials closed it down last october after a series of
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wildfires, but the preserve will reopen again starting next weekend with limited hours. one of the many bay area towns that had to cancel its memorial day parade is mill valley, but the town kept tradition alive starting with a flag ceremony that was shared online. ♪ >> although we haven't able to have our usual memorial day parade, we still honor the sacrifice of those who brought us here to this day. ♪ er gng to do distant bike parad >> people were cheering on their frontgetoa little bit normal, anything that makes us remember that we can all be engaged together is a good thing. >> kids out having fun.
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if you were outdoors enjoying a great weather, you may have looked up a caught a glimpse of military flyover. it wasn't a memorial day event but part of the "operation america strong" flyovers, the ongoing initiative by the navy and air force works to support health care workers on the front lines against covid-19. this was the view in castro valley. kris reyes got a behind-the-scenes look just before takeoff. >> we are flying two h 860 golf helicopters and two hc 130 j combat king 2s. 18 crew members in totalith own personal connection to health care workers all over the country. >> we're honored to do this, basically to show the military's appreciation for the people on the covid battle for lack of a better term. >> from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., more
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than 50 locations would have looked up to witness that salute. the flight pattern tailored to passovers to facilities where vets looked on. >> they are appreciated by military and as you know our military has given us all the freedoms were afforded but now our health care have answered to bell to make sure everybody is safe. >> the u.s. air force launched the campaign america strong in april, conducting flyovers all over the country to show solidarity with health care workers at the front lines of the pandemic. this flyover extra meaningful for some because it lands on memorial day. >> the primary purpose of memorial day is to actually honor all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines that did not make it home from combat. that's what the real meaning of the day is. but to couple it with this very beautiful and meaningful flyover was certainly a very nice gesture. >> in san jose, kris reyes, abc
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7 news. warm and getting warmer. meteor
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because if you download and use the chase mobile app, your bank is virtually any place. so visit check this out a fire erupted this afternoon at a landfill in milpitas off i-80. it started just before 1:00 at the republic services landfill on dixon landing road. you can see the thick smoke that could be seen foriluttay. ntlas.told firefighters from fremont and san jose came in to assist and it was contained about an hour ago. there is no word on the cause and there are no reports of any injuries. >> now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. hi there, everyone. it has been a hot first day of this heat wave and it's going to get hotter tomorrow, so brace
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yourselves. san jose airport tied its record, 95. oakland downtown surpassing its record at 91. kentfield, 95 degrees. sfo was 90. these are obvious things, but i think it's worth mentioning once again. stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks. remember, don't ever leave pets or people in vehicles. it can get a lot hotter. apply sunscreen and wear lightweight, loose clothing. here's a look from my sutro tower camera. sunny skies, 78 in the city. it got up into the 80s today. oakland, 85. san jose, 92 degrees. a look from our east bay hills camera looking towards mount do i believe right now. it's a scorcher in fairfield. 96 in livermore. we look at live doppler 7 and you will notice there is no fog as we take a look at a wider perspective here. it's an area of high pressure
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that is sending the storm track well to our north. we're going to continue to see the heat building as a result. so emeryville camera showing you the haze in the sky. a look at the forecast, dangerous heat the next two days. record highs expected again and a cooling sea breeze arrives friday through sunday. air quality definitely deteriorating. another spare the air alert. temperatures first thing in the morning anywhere from the mid-50s to 60s. it's going to be pretty mild. hard to sleep at night, especially if you don't have the ac and not all homes here in the bay area have the ac. so definitely take precautions. afternoon highs in the triple digits. milpitas. 77 in half moon bay, warm. 84 downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures, 94 in san are you familiar. triple dijtsz around cloverdale. 99 in santa rosa.
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91 in oakland. 103 in concord. 104 degrees in antioch. call it a scorcher or a torcher, either way it's going to be hot. dangerous heat the next two days, 104, 102, coast side in the 70s. still sizzling inland thursday but not quite as hot. by friday, cloudier, foggier, cooler. chances of showers on the weekend. monday trending wet. larry and liz? >> sandhya, i like scorch ertee. in pres tonch u.s. astronauts int nearlecade. nasa and elon musk's compa spac era of space travel with a successful launch on wednesday. that would be the first attempt by a private company to send
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astronauts into orbit. nasa veterans spent approximate weekend completing a final dress rehearsal. they like so many americans have been under quarantine because of the pandemic. >> we have been in quarantine probably longer than any other space crew has ever been in the history of the space program. this is still something we're still going to be successful at and do it in the face of the pandemic. >> and then they will be in another quarantine in space. they will be tested before the launch to the 19-hour trip to the international space station. what do you get
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take care, and be well.e,ale or visit coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> you wake up you and realize that everything you did your whole life is gone. >> poor guy. at 6:00, the devastating emotional and financial toll from saturday's fire at pier 45 in san francisco. the impact it could have on d g season this fall. how to get a broken appliance fixed even if you don't want a repair person coming to your house these days. that's coming up at 6:00.
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amid our uncertain times, there are still moments to celebrate, and a big one today, we wish a very happy 107th birthday to gaes shu. he was raised in san jose and then spent the in the east bay. today his family gathered outside his home and threw him a party. his daughters say that he loved to play tennis and that he enjoyed dancing. ♪ happy birthday ♪ happy birthday to you >> very social, he's just a great guy and a great dad. he spoiled me rotten. >> he's still enjoying life. he has has all his capacities, so he'll enjoy this day with us all year. >> great smiles. he'll have a birthday meal of chinese
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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tonight, as america marks al day, e holidacrd grim milestone. the troubling images from across this country. social distancing defied, as americans hit the beaches and the boardwalks, many without masks. restaurants packed. tubing in close quarters in texas. back-to-back full-blown pool parties in missouri raising concerns. 300 complaints about social distancing in houston alone. many cities cancelling memorial day parades. others moving forward. and president trump. at the same time he salutes service members who paid the ultimate price, recognizing the price paid by amer


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